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How to stop domestic state terrorism - the A,B & C

Tony Gosling | 04.10.2006 19:16 | WSF 2006 | Analysis | Anti-militarism | Social Struggles | Terror War | World

Webster Tarpley's revelations about 'Able Danger' the terrorist exercise team on 911 organised by US Special Forces, mean that we are beginning to identify the true planners, inside the US military, of the 911 attacks. Yet these facts are being deliberately kept from the European public by a Western media who apparently refuse to listen.
So how can those of us who understand that 'False Flag' 911 type attacks have been going on for many years’ work to change that?

SInsignia of the NATO far right Gladio troops
SInsignia of the NATO far right Gladio troops

How to stop domestic state terrorism in the UK

A strategy to stop state terrorist attacks being wrongly blamed on Muslims - Expanded version of Tony Gosling’s 911/media presentation from the Brixton meeting of UK911Truth on Sunday 10th September 2006

Webster Tarpley's revelations about 'Able Danger' the terrorist exercise team on 911 organised by US special forces, mean that we are beginning to identify the true planners, inside the US military, of the 911 attacks. Yet these facts are being deliberately kept from the European public by a Western media who apparently refuse to listen.
So how can those of us who understand that 'False Flag' 911 type attacks have been going on for many years’ work to change that?


With the reporting of 21st Century terrorism the British press has let the public down catastrophically. It is as if Allan Francovich’s three Timewatch ‘Gladio’ documentaries of 1992, showing far-right NATO Special Forces gunning down and blowing up hundreds of innocent European civilians, had never been made.
Through systematic bias and a criminally complicit government the BBC, which the public is legally forced to fund, has turned on us and become an accessory to the crime. Despite the wealth of evidence to the contrary, the corporation’s misleading and partial coverage is that of the discredited Metropolitan Police and MI5 anonymous ‘narrative’ line of unproven but 'obvious' Islamic guilt. After London’s most devastating attack since the blitz, Londoners are told there will be no enquiry and to: ‘trust us, they’re suicide bombers’.
The Corporation crossed a lethal professional line when it decided to refer to the four 7/7 suspects as 'suicide bombers'. By rubber stamping Muslim guilt here in the UK, ignoring Peter Power/Visor Consultants' parallel exercise; the Netenyahu/Scotland Yard warning and other hard facts, the corporation has taken on a leading role in an anti-Muslim pogrom. BBC actions now fly in the face of its motto carved on Broadcasting House, 'Nation Shall Speak Peace Unto Nation', as its one-sided presentation of the facts of modern terrorism assumes a NeoCon/Zionist case for a religious war against Islam and for Islamic oil.
The fact that such an extraordinary proportion of the corporation, and other mainstream media's senior staff, are Jewish begins to look less a result of ‘fears of another Jewish holocaust’ or ‘individual merit’ and more a Pro-Israeli, anti-Arab bias which has urgently to be corrected.
A professional journalistic blunder is committed with almost every new story of a 'suicide bomber'. Whether a bomb explodes accidentally, by remote control or if a ‘bomber’ believes he has a shipment of cocaine in his bag he’s still likely to be termed a ‘suicide bomber’ in the news. In April 2004 Bush’s Iraq chief Paul Bremer initiated the Iraqi insurgency by closing down the Al Sadr newspaper. The reason? The editor had printed a front page lead story that a 'suicide bomb' in a bus queue was, according to eyewitnesses, actually a missile fired from a helicopter. The newspaper was closed down by the US Army the next day.
The simple lie, referring to a ‘suicide bomber’ on the say-so of military ‘contacts’ with little or no evidence, is a propaganda narrative of which Josef Goebbels himself would be proud. It sends out a clear message demonising the target racial or religious group as 'insane', dangerous and impossible to reason with. Condemned with no proof, no court case the lie of the 'suicide-bomber' is not only bad journalism, it seeds genuine terrorism. When a racial or religious group, after false flag attacks, becomes demonised and targeted by racists it begins to fight back and give rise to real terrorism.
False flag or domestic state terrorism is proving a horrific but successful tool both to persuade MP's to wage war, and cow populations into accepting a stripping away of civil liberties. The horror 'serves well' to dissuade almost everyone, including police and investigative journalists from addressing the truth and pursuing the true criminals. The aversion to believing states can kill their own people means that everybody wants to believe ‘official lies’ … but what sort of world does that leave for our children?

Identifying, fighting and stopping false flag attacks – be prepared!

Horrific unprovoked massacres at Supermarkets and Railway Stations, no wonder people want to forget them. But we do so at our peril as they explain many oddities with terrorism 'spectaculars' today. ‘Gladio’ False Flag ‘Strategy of Tension’ attacks have been going on throughout Europe under the watch of NATO Intelligence’s Clandestine Planning Committee (CPC) since the 1960’s. It all became public with an Italian Parliamentary Enquiry in 1990 followed by one in Belgium. Make sure your local politicians, soldiers, journalists and police force are aware of Gladio, maybe by giving them a DVD copy of Allan Francovich’s BBC Timewatch series.
2nd SS Panzer Korps Oberstgruppenführer Paul Hausser said after the war that NATO was "formed from the international brigades of the SS". Gladio, which was organised by NATO, is alleged by Belgian journalist Rene Haquin to be "a secret army on the model of the SS". Hundreds of innocent people have been killed in false flag terrorist attacks, particularly in Belgium and Italy, where Prime Minister Aldo Moro was kidnapped then assassinated for inviting Communists to join the Italian Government. These attacks were blamed on leftist groups such as Baader Meinhof, Red Brigades etc. which came out of the 1968 student uprisings. So be on your guard, the rogue network looks increasingly to be an ‘ODESSA’ organisation and there is no reason to think the 7/7 attack on London will be their last.
Be vigilant for warning signs such as drills or exercises, ‘power failures’ or unusual delays including unusual announcements on tube or rail station platforms or other public places. Carry recording equipment, camera and notebook with you at all times and keep contact details of all those you question. Use your right to take pictures of or film anyone who approaches or follows you and do not be afraid of arrest. If the police are either too embarrassed to admit their failures or complicit in false flag terror it is up to us ordinary people to gather evidence and find ways round them if necessary.
Much interesting information comes out in the hours immediately following a false flag attack. Set your radio cassette, computer, and DVD/VHS to record as much output as possible for later use. It is interesting to note that almost all London’s Indymedia (IM) reporters were away from town covering the G8 in Gleneagles on the day of the 7/7 attacks. If you find strong evidence that points to a false flag attack, check the source then contact every newsroom you can immediately. If you found the info. on the Internet, save it immediately as a PDF file for later use as much material evidence was published on the net, noticed by the rogue network and removed after legal threats. Remind all publishers that legal threats and/or polite requests to remove 'inaccurate' articles will probably originate with the rogue network.
Choose your favoured method, writing, photography, audio or video and practice until you know you can turn up at the scene of a ‘terrorist attack’ able to gather evidence by talking to survivors or eyewitnesses or simply taking pictures. Familiarise yourself with how to upload files to IM and remember, if their editors tamper with or hide your material you can make a fuss about it, republish it as many times as you want on IM and there are always other places you can publish too along with the fact that it’s been hidden on IM.
Keep a list of newsdesk phone numbers for your favourite news services so you can become a freelance journalist for the day. You can telephone TV news or the papers before publishing your pictures or copy free on the net but don’t let them faff you about. If they do, get their name and politely ask to speak to the editor. Remember, if you come across a scoop or take a good photograph you may be able to sell an exclusive for a five-figure sum!

Mainstream mass media

The battle for public opinion

Centuries ago the Egyptian state mislead its people by censoring anything which showed its leaders in a bad light. Today, the battle for public opinion is much more subtle and being fought by a secret ‘rogue network’ of which researchers, producers and media managers are largely unaware. With tentacles in the secret state, police, the City of London, politics, press etc. the network keeps several steps ahead of the game. It uses the vacuum of information immediately following ‘spectacular’ false flag terror events to disseminate lies, which soon become myths. The rogue network then acts through its media owners and agents to discredit anyone who comes close to gaining enough exposure to challenge that myth and there is a reluctance amongst production staff to backtrack, a reluctance to admit professional mistakes. The rogue network also like to infiltrate our movement so that they can have pieces ‘on both sides of the chessboard’.


0500 909 693, 0207 224 2000, learn these phone in numbers and use them. Phone-ins are the least used and most obvious way by which anyone can simply pick up a phone and present thousands of people with evidence (or just opinion) that 911 was an inside job, or point out misconceptions with any attack. Challenge the assumption that ‘suicide bombers’ were behind the 7/7 attacks, and remember, millions of people have simply not been posed basic questions like 'where was the US Air force for 1 hr 45 minutes on 911?'
Having worked on these shows I can tell you that some days there is a distinct lack of people calling in and that those producing the programme are only too happy to have someone make a controversial point to get the show going. Some phone-ins are on specific topics and others are an 'anything goes' so try to choose your phone-in sensibly. Particularly if you can move a stale debate on terrorism on by pointing out the lack of evidence that the four so-called 'London bombers' actually did it. A list of eight or ten ‘killer questions’ to hand might be helpful to have handy while you’re on the air, see if you can get them all the questions in!

Why so little critique of the 911 tissue of lies?

Mainstream media is moving closer every day to the monolithic multinational model. Safeguards such as guarantees of regional ITV news and locally produced programmes have gone out of the window to benefit shareholders. These are some of the main reasons the media has failed us over 911 and terrorism as a whole.

1. Long time lag as evidence emerges - journalists don’t know the facts
2. Journalists’ fear - job insecurity is exacerbated by low wages
3. ‘Burden of proof’ is skewed in favour of government
4. Downing St./NeoCon/Zionist/MI6 (I/OPS) penetration of editorial process - journalists’ copy scanned & censored before publication
5. High cost of investigative journalism – pressure of time means journalists don’t leave the office
6. Ideological influence of media’s financial backers, banks and shareholders
7. Young and/or credulous candidates employed as journalists because they’re cheap and don’t ask too many questions
8. Reluctance to backtrack – “sorry everyone we got it wrong!”

Personal relationships

Behind the scenes journalists discuss at length the reliability of sources and contacts. Whispering campaigns abound which is why it's essential to speak to journalists personally, and build up a list of contacts (see 911 truth PR - below).

911 truth alternative media

Webster Tarpley – Able Danger

Brilliant –Tarpley identifies US Special Forces exercise Able Danger/Able Warrior as at the heart of 911 – drills and exercises that ‘turn real’ are clearly the preferred MO of Gladio, 911 and 7/7 – see and read - nuff said

Mad Cow Productions – case study

If you haven’t seen all Daniel Hopsicker’s various 911 and related DVD’s then do please have a look. His professional experience has taught him to travel to the scene of the myth creation to do primary research which blows that myth apart. For example in Venice, Florida where the 911 ‘hijackers’ supposedly ‘learned to fly’ Daniel interviews witnesses who pour scorn on the official version of events.
Many of these local witnesses want to explode the myth. The lies they see in the mainstream press coverage can make them puzzled and angry. They often feel a necessity to ‘unburden themselves’. You may remember that people who were in key positions as witnesses to 911 ‘hijacker training’ in Venice found that crucial evidence was either ‘lost’ by the FBI or never gathered in the first place. The same happened in London with at least one witness to the killing of Jean Charles De Menezes at Stockwell contacting the anti-terror ‘hotline’ only to be told later that his contact details and statement had been ‘lost’. This leaves people feeling let down and undervalued by a criminalised or otherwise inadequate law enforcement system and often only too happy to talk on camera.
Through a lot of original hard work and determination Daniel has built up the credibility to get well known public figures to front his productions and shown beyond a shadow of a doubt how much more fruitful the ‘inside job’ line of enquiry is than the barmy conspiracy theories!

911 truth radio – case study

Back in 2004 I came across Simon Aaronowiz’s internet radio site. He put together a 14 hour continuous audio loop of mostly telephone interviews with key ‘witnesses for the prosecution’ for 911 being an inside job, interspersed with music. At the Dialect Radio Co-op in Bristol we were relaying that audio stream off the London Indymedia server at Rackspace when it was famously seized, without explanation, by the FBI.
To build 911 truth radio Simon bought an eight channel audio mixer with clean feed for £150 and a Telebalance unit for about the same price. These are available from Canford Audio, Broadcast Warehouse and other radio equipment stockists. He also used two computers, one to stream the audio using Shoutcast software and the other to play in music and pre-recorded interviews. The end result was streamed at 8-16k bitrate so that it could be heard uninterrupted on a dialup account. It is also possible to have an extra 32-64k bitstream to give broadband listeners an FM rather than AM sound quality. On top of this £350 a relay server costs about £20 a month or you may be able to use Indymedia which is free. Most importantly this unique 14 hour loop of evidence was produced with minimum time and manpower.

911 truth UK press relations

Journalists are very busy people but they appreciate being forewarned of significant events and informed of significant stuff they don’t know in the immediate aftermath. As a movement we need to absolutely sharpen up and focus attention on our eight killer questions of 911. These are the points and questions which will persuade people to take our cause seriously rather than ridicule it. We hold our movement up to ridicule if we don't insist on discussing 911 on solid ground.
We need a London based team to build on contacts within the mainstream press and independent production companies to get articles placed and documentaries commissioned. This team should have an identifiable logo for all press releases and well trained spokespeople who have the discipline to stick to hard facts and the confidence to think on their feet during a live interview.
Windows of opportunity
There are times when news programmes are much more likely to cover issues we are concerned about. And we must identify and use those windows by following the news and proactively contacting newsdesks with our point of view. “Who is working on the X story, we may have something for them”

Psychology and spirituality

Opposing what is probably the best financed and technologically advanced rogue network in history is an intimidating task. Sometimes it can be difficult to see how the ultimate triumph of truth, righteousness and justice will ever materialise.
There are powerful psychological forces at work when challenging an earth-shattering lie like the 911 myth. Adolf Hitler knew this well and used it to his advantage cowing much of the German population and that of occupied nations with his myth of the German ‘master race’ the scapegoating of the Jews, Gypsies etc. and the ultimate threat of the concentration camp.
The rogue network appears to have, at its core, a Nazi-like ‘death cult’, possibly linked to the Skull and Bones club at Yale University, that accrues power from spilling innocent human blood and from the knowledge that the more evil it becomes the less anyone will dare to take it on. Put bluntly, the fact that press and public ‘don’t want to go there’ is an essential psychological element in the rogue network’s depraved plans.
Spiritual beliefs and an understanding that we are not fighting alone are essential if one is not to give up in the face of apparently overwhelming odds. But the forces of darkness know this and are certain to be preparing their own man-made phoney spiritual solutions. Beware of spiritual paths promising ‘hidden knowledge’. Freemasonry, Scientology or Spain’s ‘Nuevo Acropolis’ are examples. Truth is pure and simple stuff, it neither thrives nor is it disseminated in a secretive way. As Carl Jung said: “The maintenance of secrets acts like a psychic poison that alienates the possessor from the community.”
The most powerful weapon we have may simply be our own love of righteousness expressed through prayer, meditation and spiritual fellowship.

It is not enough to curse the darkness … it is also necessary to light a lamp

As well as dismantling the 911 myth with hard evidence it we have a responsibility to point the way, as a sort of ‘deep-ecology’ 911 truth policy, towards a world where cataclysmic fraud like 911 can never happen again. George Monbiot’s The Age of Consent begins to address international politics.
Nationalisation of money, land, water, energy and even the railways would all massively thwart the rogue network’s private plan to own our world. We have to show we’re clear about what exactly would make the world a better place, however ‘impossible’ people tell us those reforms are. Humour and ridicule of idiotic puffed-up ‘leaders’ plays a crucial part in this.


We cannot entirely blame the mainstream press for not dealing with our issues for one central reason: Few people have a good enough grasp of the facts of 911 and 7/7, even fewer are able to ‘go public’ and articulate those facts with any confidence, therefore nobody but the 911 truth movement can make a case for producing a 911 sceptic documentary. i.e. They don’t know what we know!
We assume too easily that the facts which brought us to a 911 sceptic point of view are known about, so when making our case we must bear two things in mind.

1) To aim as much of our material as possible at an audience that believes the official version of events covering all the questions they are likely to have about our evidence and never assuming any audience knowledge other than the official version.

2) We must allow as our spokespeople only those who stick to the territory which we are sure of such as eyewitness accounts of explosions or hijackers inability to fly, not get side-tracked with techno-babble we can’t prove such as ‘holograms’ or ‘pods’. This stuff should be for internal discussion, a kind of peer review, only. Anyone who breaks ranks with easily discredited speculative stuff is ‘pissing in the pot’.

Links and further reading

Exemplary media

Daniel Hopsicker -
Webster Tarpley -
Operation Gladio - – DVD available from


Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom - - 0208 521 5932
Monetary reform - The Bromsgrove Group - - 0141 332 2214
Monetary reform - Green Economics Institute - - 07990 590463
Sustainable Economics Magazine -


NATO's Secret Armies: Operation GLADIO and Terrorism in Western Europe - Daniele Ganser
Radio Production by Robert McLeish - Focal Press
McNae's Essential Law for Journalists - Butterworths
Media Law for Journalists - Ursula Smartt
The Brotherhood, the secret world of the freemasons - Stephen Knight[/b]

Tony Gosling
- Homepage:


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