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US vs THEM - A Johnny Commentary

Johnny Wizard | 17.10.2006 18:50 | Anti-militarism | Repression | World

Johnny Wizard has been arrested by irrational bushite for
threatening the life of antiChrist enemy George W. bush, and
with the bogus warrant made to undermine the true FBI, used
the action to make fraudulent accusations in respect for
Johnny's love of Children. Don't miss out in the trial of the

Johnny Wizard has been arrested by irrational bushite for
threatening the life of antiChrist enemy George W. bush, and
with the bogus warrant made to undermine the true FBI, used
the action to make fraudulent accusations in respect for
Johnny's love of Children. Don't miss out in the trial of the

We've Been Overturned?

A Delay in proceedings doesn't have to equate to only
prejudice to defend on made 'public' accusations, it is also
the time pressured away from the UNDISPUTED demand for Justice
on behalf of DYING Canadian soldiers. Justice delayed, is
Justice denied from US falling undefended People victims.
Whose lives, OURS, the Crown in my case is arguing as
irrelevant. YOUR LIFE.

I'm not accused, nor do I accept I was seeking to possess
argued illegal materials, and I can easily prove that, as does
Canada's Sharp decision, upon any reading, grant allowing the
defense to explain intent. Again, I can only urge you re-read
my motions in respect to what can be a difficult subject.
Without intent alleged, the crime, if it occurred, is in those
who are responsible for such expressions. A place of
knowledge about the real crime scene, OUR child exploitation
units seem to have little on no interest in concentrating on.
Likely because they're not required to understand why we have
laws, only to implement them half hazardly as idiots
sometimes. Defending children is what this action against me
is truly, for, where was/is the two, boastfully proud,
pro-bush accusers so called by law, interest in defending
these 20 year olds they as LIARS claim to be a ridiculous ten
or twelve? I need a right to defend the false allegations of
the Crown in relationship to the conclusions they have
unbelievably drawn, typically, from what I understand, rarely
exposed to the public as sexually sadomasochistic, and
certainly upon any public review, a detriment to defending
real children left unprotected by such ungodly belligerence
for my, let's all get irrational bushite instead with a godly
true, argued defense for US, the fair minded Public.

As you've successfully argued, the Prosecutor/Crown's purpose
for existence in Our court rooms, is to defend the Public.
Instead, the Crown is moving to assist the mass murder of
literally hundreds of thousands of innocent souls, because of
her personal contempt for Justice, her well paid job, our
Country, and all of Humanity's lives who continue to die for
"intelligence failure" George W. Bush, and his thoughtless
disciples who publicly demand evidence is no longer a
requirement to imprison anyone who is good or evil. So, I
want access to all evidence the two pro-bush 'police' officers
have official plans to sell - as my legal STOLEN gear - the
two therefore THIEVES!, no...? Huh? We need real leadership
right about now. Justice for Johnny.

Lend a Hand.




"If not for me, do it for Yourself."

Christ Crossed


/ / According to U.S. intelligence sources, at the end of
June 2001, the FBI intercepted two phone calls from Grossman
in which he told the called parties to "stay away from
Brewster Jennings . [Plame's TP SCRT Cover to nab REAL
terrorist WMD proliferators by using GOOD policing freedom
skills - with logical arguments, warrants, and everything!] .
. they're the government . . . they're nothing but a
cover." One of the calls was to a Pakistani Inter Services
Intelligence (ISI) top agent in Washington. \ \

So, the ISI was warned by the White House clandestinely, in
June 2001, 'some do gooder cops are on the prowl defending our
interests, looking for REAL terrorists who jeopardize
Freedom's cause, so, you'd better watch out for America's will
power, US might get US, and boy, then we'd be in for one big
hell of a surprise!,. eh?. Are you still with me? Hello?
Is someone else on this line? ... Yyyou'll never catch me.'

Marc "Johnny America" Grossman "Any country that doesn't go
along with US will be paying a very heavy price."


Well, my friends, the pro-bush enemy faction seems to be
losing more of US to their demonic con game. America's ENEMY,
George W. Bush has still escaped public condemnation, for
fear America would see itself apparently. Unholy is the
heinous war criminal, America's George W. Bush. PERSONALLY,
responsible personally for 9/11 [Ahmad], Iraq [UNrestrictED
access BEFORE a god's child was needlessly murdered by
mindless bushite cancers for curious George’s (["'secret
Intelligence failures.'"]- unRESTRICTed..!), or, how about,
give'em weapons to kill whomever "dat's what a Jew would do"
Israel, interspersed with officially sanctioning lawless
kidnapping and torture while just saying it's not feeling
anything, denying Humanity, HUMANITY!, a RIGHT.! to a fair
hearing of 'public' condemnation in our Courts of Thee. THEE
!#!# UFk$! DO NOT LET 'them' DO THIS T-O Y-O-U-! When the
demon bush tells US he supports treating all Humanity unfairly
to defend "democracy" by 'trumping' Our troublesome Magna
Charta, or wordy worthless Constitutions, while claiming to be
a believer in Evil while he 'grabs' for absolute power, YOU'D
BETTER Believe you have something more than idle concern, for
REAL. As Life, I am committing to hunt the 'lawless' bushite
terrorists down to teach US all about a real freedom in the
silently dying Universe we share. Suffering unjustly, all
yous EQUALLY dying. I take mostly pity in the DYING JUSTLY
falling bushite, too cowardly to kill IT'S commanders [like
from in the now mostly brain dead Tenth Mountain Division of
Afghanistan, or Saudi Wahabbi Buford Blount's, Third Infantry
of Iraq, or Elvis desecrator AEGIS' godless TRAITORS] who
order it to murder the INNOCENT to thieve from instead as our
enemy. To Forsake god, and freedom for America, by supporting
the escape of the demon antiChrist George W. Bush by it's
cowardly betrayal of speaking no defense for those who
continue becoming more bushite victims. Blind stupid, and
intolerable are the cowardly muttering self destroying
'lawless' bushite murdering rapists and torturers. Enemies of
America, enemies of God and Johnny, and enemies to themselves.
For real. Arrest for Public Trial, George W. Bush AND CO.,
the demonic, thieving enemies of America. And then maybe, we
can move on to something greater with a much needed rest from
all this death and suffering wrought on by YOUR, your personal

Your Forsaken King,

Johnny Wizard

P.S. Please, a child to God begs, phone Winnipeg's CJOB and
ask them if they shall allow US in Manitoba to honestly speak
the facts on why Canadian kids continue to die for their
deliberate treasonous lies as a willful betrayal to our dying
communities. ASK THEM. No? Too much trouble to phone a
1-800 number? Fuck you too then.


/ /Sure we can be counted lucky that only so few Canadians
have died thus far, but when will the sacrifice of Americans,
Afghanis, Iraqis, and soon to be Iranians with the Syrians,
along with more than fifty other countries officially marked
for death by the lawlessly irrational bushite terrorists, be
more than YOUR willing to bare? \ \

/ / The Crown's interpretations of my possessions are not my


The Judge through this whole thing out for the defense without
any consideration offered to OUR COURT!


Since I am representing myself on these particular criminal
matters, Legal Aid is not required to lend assistance on the
grounds that I'm not co-operating with the system as it
operates through professional Barred representations. [I am
eligible for walk in consultations but nothing of the sort of
assistance I am requesting] Considering the complexity of my
judicial matter, I would request legal assistance from the
Court in these following areas. \ \


/ / On the same day that President Bush lectured the United
Nations on democracy and threatened Iran and other countries,
[..] White House and congressional leaders continued their
negotiations over the exact language of new legislation to
legalize torture by the CIA \ \THE SAME DAY!!!

The demon enemy of Creation, Our Mr. bush Jnr., the FOR REAL
antichrist ENEMY of GOD and Johnny, also mentioned with HIS
OWN treasonous WORDs, such action AS HIS would work to destroy
America's soul. And that he'd never do what he did that VERY
SAME DAY.. . under cover! Evil is the deceived disguised.
Support our suffering God, or go to 'paradise' in bushville,
where lawless bushite illiterates will decide your meaning of
dying for it's sadistic pleasures and stolen comforts.

Please, help me gain some recognition man oh man, for, I got a
good plan to get ourselves out of this mess, but, do YOU want
to hear such needed considerations?

/ / So yes, George, Your Highness, please, take your torture
and go. It isn't working. While you're at it, take your
signing statements and all the cute titles for programs that
mean the opposite of what you name them, and give us back our
Constitution and our country. \ \


/ / He said Rumsfeld at one point threatened to fire the next
person who mentioned the need for a postwar plan in Iraq. \ \

/ / The Army's budget this year is $98.2 billion, making
Schoomaker's request a 41% increase over current levels. \ \

Not possible therefore, right? Unless there is some huge
increase in evil bushite lawless impropriety, thieving furthermore

/ / This whole idea of putting our hopes and energies into
"leaders" who tell us to seek common ground with fascists and
religious fanatics is proving every day to be a disaster, and
actually serves to demobilize people. \ \


'The applause for Hugo went on and on, so much so, that US,
The People, had to be quieted down..' For fears, pretty soon,
The People would be seen arising against the un-elected war
mongering demon tyrant.



/ / PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH, 'the DEVIL': We do not condone
torture. I have never ordered torture. I will never order
torture. The values of this country are such that torture is
not a part of our soul and our being. \ \

/ / we can already hear [the antichrist liar demon bush
regime] saying that in order to defeat the terrorists and end
the turmoil, he may again have to [continue to] resort to
death squads, torture, and covert operations. \ \

Aegis is found completely responsible, according to the
Pentagon [see Nick Roberts at CNN with video tapes available
where they proudly DESECRATE ELVIS] for murdering innocent
PEOPLE for 'free' cash from bush's 'America'

Hugo Chaves "What happened in Iraq?, in Lebanon?, in
Palestine? [..] What a capacity to lie!, the empire and
Israel firing on The People! [..] You can wonder if those
People were granted the right to speak what they would say, if
they were given a microphone"

The Demon witch 'no cease fire against the INNOCENT' Condi,
speaking of Hero Hugo addressing Our World,

"The address was not becoming a head of State."


"Al-Qaida" = "General Mahmoud Ahmad" = "bush's ungodly partners in crime"

American soldiers are being terribly mislead by the Bush
administration to undermine freedom for Americans, by
suggesting an effective war strategy is to ignore all the 911
evidence, and go off instead to blindly blame bad Afghans or
badder Iraqis, is an insult to all honorable police services.

/ / The decision to go to war was taken without a indictment
by the US Justice department and corroborating statements by
the FBI to the effect that Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda was
behind the attacks. It was taken without an indictment issued
by the Justice Department.

At eleven o'clock, on the morning of September 11, the Bush
administration had already announced that Al Qaeda was
responsible for the attacks on the World Trade Center (WTC)
and the Pentagon.\ \ While according to Senator Dashle, the
demon bush and chainy were PERSONALLY working to CLOSE
outstanding criminal investigations. DIRECTLY ACCOUNTABLE FOR
OBSTRUCTING Justice. (Not puppets without free will as some
detractors would allege.)


/ / With those personally responsible for making those easily
verifiable faulting surmises with the evidence the Crown holds,
in all likelihood, still blabbering corporately un-accosted, the
completely blind support of indiscriminate mass murder, in
thoughtless praise for war criminal traitor George Bush Jr., their
supreme no nothing about squat leader. \ \


And they say Johnny is crazy..

/ / George Bush needs to be removed from office for being
medically and psychiatrically unfit for office under the 25th
amendment. Then he needs to be tried for war crimes. Only
the profoundly irrational can fail to understand that we as a
culture are now normalizing torture. What a sick and scary
world he has created, and he needs to be removed from office.
NOW. \ \


Latest Johnny Jesus pronouncement against the Cult forces
of the real evil demon antiChrist, Your Mr. bush Jnr.,
don't miss it!


"Al-Qaida" = "General Mahmoud Ahmad" = "bush's ungodly partners in crime"

"Al-Qaida" = "General Mahmoud Ahmad" = "bush's ungodly partners in crime"

American soldiers are being terribly mislead by the Bush
administration to undermine freedom for Americans, by
suggesting an effective war strategy is to ignore all the 911
evidence, and go off instead to blindly blame bad Afghans or
badder Iraqis, is an insult to all honorable police services.


Bush Goes Retro to Avoid Prosecution

/ / Under the Nuremberg standard, Bush is definitely a war
criminal. The US Supreme Court also exposed Bush to war
crime charges under both the US War Crimes Act of 1996
and the Geneva Conventions [...] The fact that retroactive
law is prohibited by the US Constitution adds to Bush's shame.\ \


/ / Even worse than impermissible, any retroactive law
(technically known as ex post facto law) is in direct
violation of the Constitution, Article I, Section 9, and
Paragraph 3 and is illegal.\ \


UNCOVERED: The War On Iraq

This movie is exceptional in respect to what the bushited
forces are blindly doing in Iraq absent true leadership.


Know Thy Enemy - Christs Comedy of Error - Truly amazing audio performance!!!


/ / "What we did was insane and monstrous, we covered entire
towns in cluster bombs," the head of an IDF rocket unit in
Lebanon said regarding the use of cluster bombs and
phosphorous shells during the war.

/ / Quoting his battalion commander, the rocket unit head stated
that the IDF fired around 1,800 cluster bombs, containing over
1.2 million cluster bomblets. \ \

In addition, soldiers in IDF artillery units testified that
the army used phosphorous shells during the war, widely
forbidden by international law. According to their claims,
the vast majority of said explosive ordinance was fired in the
final 10 days of the war. \ \

These crimes demand war crimes trials leading to public executions
of those directly responsible. (Condi, Bush, Rumsfeld, Perez the
Devil, ect.. Remember these children they continue to MURDER, are
innocent, and loved by God and me. Death to the bushite, death to
Our enemies.)


28-Year Career CIA Official Says 9/11 An Inside Job
Highlights missing Pentagon trillions as potential motive


"Al-Qaida" = "General Mahmoud Ahmad" = "bush's ungodly partners in crime"

American soldiers are being terribly mislead by the Bush
administration to undermine freedom for Americans, by
suggesting an effective war strategy is to ignore all the 911
evidence, and go off instead to blindly blame bad Afghans or
badder Iraqis, as an insult to all honorable police services.

"Al-Qaida" = "General Mahmoud Ahmad" = "bush's ungodly partners in crime"

Bush undermines freedom for America by not supporting US
following the crimes scene leads at the real 911 murder scene.
Instead, blinded soldiers are being led to undermine the
apprehension of the actual terrorists, by suggesting the
Taliban's demand to bring forward evidence to form Mr. Bush's
conclusions on who is good or evil, is a freedom stand they
don't have the real courage or strength to uphold. So, they
lie to God as enemies of Man; unholy are, the bushite enemy.

"Al-Qaida" = "General Mahmoud Ahmad" = "bush's ungodly partners in crime"

Blind soldiers are being made to believe evidence is no longer
a requirement to form someone's guilt for something, a
conclusion on whether someone's good or evil.

Johnny Jesus, "Can't have freedom without justice, sorry."


/ / BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (Sept. 7) - The owner of DataUSA Inc.,
a company that conducted political polls for the campaigns of
President Bush, Sen. Joe Lieberman and other candidates,
pleaded guilty to fraud for making up survey and poll results. \ \

/ / "We challenge this official conspiracy theory and, by God,
we're going to get to the bottom of this." \ \

/ / [...} "one official who called for Israel to respond to
Hezbollah rockets strikes against the strategic port city of
Haifa during the 34-day war by "getting rid of a village in
Lebanon". \ \

/ / "But the United States does not torture. It's against our
laws and it's against our values. I have not authorised it
and I will not authorise it." \ \

This is a terrorist act, no? It says later, 'but dishonorable
CIA 'officers' can forgo all American law as dedicated
disciples of the ungodly REAL ANTICHRIST.

/ / At the NSC meeting held on February 1, 2001, Rumsfeld
disputed Secretary of State Colin Powell's advocacy of
"targeted sanctions." "Sanctions are fine," Rumsfeld said.
"But what we really want to think about is going after
Saddam." \ \

No interest from day one to follow the crimes scene leads to
defend American "freedom".

/ / Should we Americans fail to disassociate ourselves from
the racist, genocidal, warmongering nation of Israel, the
world will be forced to subvert our economy, attack our people
and pray for our demise. We gain nothing from helping Israel
to attack humanity. \ \

/ / Moreover, there were 79,691 ballots cast on Election Day
and, according to the minutes of the Board of Elections, the
unofficial results were certified at 12:40 AM, only 5 hours
and 10 minutes after the polls closed. The “mentally retarded
man” would have had to examine, and clean as needed, four or
five ballots per second, which calls the whole story into
question." \ \

Voids the verdict it does. But what importance does corporate
America hold evidence as a requirement that the
disenfranchised are being denied fair representation?


Coast to Coast

I challenge the Coast to Coast radio network staff on behalf
of America, demanding free open line communications on these,
life and death issues of Americans held in contemptible
silence. Art Bell and George Norry are enemies of American
dying soldiers as a matter of FACT. Art and George are
America's ENEMY. They want to get killed American kids for
the liar neocon, I say f-ck you zionist nazi whores. America,
take back America.


Op-Ed: Rumsfeld Declares War on Us

/ / The "who" Rumsfeld is talking about is himself.

Rumsfeld is the "who" that is right, and everyone who disagrees
is not only wrong, but a danger to freedom. \ \


Blanket Immunity from War Crimes
When Criticism of Cluster Bombs is "Anti-Semitic"

What is a war crime among ungodly nazi enemies anyway right?


- Statement by the Patriarch and Local Heads of Churches In Jerusalem

/ / "What does the Lord require of you, to act justly, to love
mercy, and to walk humbly with your God." (Micah 6:8)

This is where we take our stand. We stand for justice. We
can do no other. Justice alone guarantees a peace that will
lead to reconciliation with a life of security and prosperity
for all the peoples of our Land. By standing on the side of
justice, we open ourselves to the work of peace - and working
for peace makes us children of God. \ \

See?, they got some Lord fellowed in the Book too. Violets
are blue.


/ / Supreme Jurisprudent Khamenei's pledge of no first strike
against any country by Iran with any kind of weapon, and his
condemnation of nuclear bombs as un-Islamic and impossible for
Iran to possess or use, was completely ignored by the Western
press and is never referred to. \ \

See?, forces for the bushite necon peenackers, don't want
Justice for Peace because as the cowardly treasonous, they
mindlessly pronounce the assisting in the escape of the
bushmob for the crimes of 911 - by war mongering our Humanity
for irrational sacrifice. Unholy are the bushite enemy.

/ / Stars and Stripes reported that as Ford's tank left the
area, US Army Captain Michael Bajema "ordered another three
rounds fired from his own tank, gutting the structure".

"There's a psychological effect of going into an area the
enemy owns [residential buildings] and causing so much damage.
I think that will pay dividends", Bajema was quoted as saying. \ \

Yeah, kill a bushite, to save the lives and property of our
innocent selves. This Bajema guy seriously needs to be
arrested, tried, and executed for treason. It confesses that
murdering innocent people in residential communities will pay
dividends in more dead Marines. Who really cares right? EVIL
is Dumber than dumb.


Israel Condemns Israel

Millions of land mine cluster duds ungodly Israel has thrown
into 170 towns of Lebanon to murder innocent children with for
decades. Along with radio-active toxic waste that will suffer
G-d's Humanity indiscriminately for untold generations.
Terrorist Crimes the Israeli State with corporate bushite News
america claimed repeatedly, are worth targeted execution of
themselves for.

Where are the free to love Humans stole to I ask you to join
me in demanding the execution of the bushite zionists
responsible for releasing millions of American made land mine
cluster duds that will murder as TERRORISTS do,
indiscriminately for decades. Perez, the DEVIL, along with
corporate news zionists, hold those crimes deserve immediate
executions with targeted strikes against the purveyors of true
EVILNESS. Please I beg, give G-D mercy. Don't forsake
ourselves. Hunt the zionists by sacrificing a few moments of
your busy day to call Coast to Coast radio hosts for respect
of dying American soldiers lives, and every time those zionist
enemy traitors hang up on YOU for TRUTH TELLING, will be yet
another call for ALL able bodied Americans to rise up against
the murderous enemy traitors for crimes against GOD in
Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, and elsewhere.

Demon bush has funded the rape, torture, and enslavement of
millions of innocent people. Please the Son to God begs,
don't let those responsible escape Freedom's demand, we're all
the good guys from The Book don't you know.

I am angry with American cowardice to face down these bushite
terrorist enemies on our
magic TVs. I am angered with American refusals to support the
protections of our Human species by denying war criminals
further weapons to kill our children with. I am angered with
American corporate news professionals who forbid the support
of Justice's FBI, and their conclusions on who masterminded 911.

"Al-Qaida" = "General Mahmoud Ahmad" = "bush's ungodly partners in crime"

/ / "If Hizballah fires Katyushas, we have to deliver a severe
blow to Lebanon's infrastructure, black out Beirut, cut off
electricity, turn off the water, destroy bridges, halt
industry and flatten entire villages. If there is horrible
damage in Lebanon, they will say, 'The Jews are crazy,'"
Yishai explains. \ \

This is EXACTLY what I've been writing on. The zionist god
haters, want Humanity to blame the unrepresented Jew for their
treasons against God, their betrayal to Life.

/ / Would not allegations of murder substantiated without
evidence, be false? And would not therefore, the slaughter of
innocents, blamed for terrorism without a shred of evidence
being known universally, be acts of mass murder committed
against US interests? Or for the true believers, terrorism
inflicted against G-d? (And, is this not why defining
"Terrorism" was forbidden in the recent "Terrorism" conference
in Saudi Arabia?) \ \

/ / The bushites are sorrily, simply not qualified under the
dire circumstances they've assaulted ourselves into for mugger
war profitizing, as leading US to be dying undefended while
failing miserably on my behalf to demand Justice as freedom is
truly. \ \

/ / Many Palestinians are arrested arbitrarily. For example,
from February to March 2002, approximately 8,500 Palestinians
were arrested arbitrarily. In many cities, all Palestinian
males from the ages of 15 to 45 were rounded up and detained
or imprisoned. Palestinians were blindfolded, handcuffed
tightly with plastic handcuffs and forced to squat, sit or
kneel for prolonged periods of time. Mass arrests and
detention of this type have been condemned by Amnesty
International as a breach of human rights. \ \

/ / What can the bushites do now in Iraq, that they couldn't
do before the needless murder of untold thousands upon
thousands of innocent people with loving families? Before
dumping thousands of tons of radio-active toxic waste as
enemies of God's children? Only to rob, maim, and destroy
God's great work through Love. We had complete unrestricted
access throughout Iraq, and Saddam was offering the national
media for bush to pontificate, while not refusing dialog for
any suggestions. \ \



ATTENTION: All American Patriot Warriors

/ / Nazi zionists don't provide evidence, because we all know
they're thieves and liars as the primary function of their
illegitimate existence. \ \'02/July%2029.htm

/ / "It would be ... accurate to say Israel has never been
required to repay a U.S. government loan. The truth of the

matter is complex, and designed to be so by those who seek to
conceal it from the U.S. taxpayer," writes Richard H.
Curtiss, [...] But the so-called Cranston Amendment, which has
been attached by Congress to every foreign aid appropriation
since 1983, provides that economic aid to Israel will never
dip below the amount Israel is required to pay on its
outstanding loans. In short, whether U.S. aid is extended as
grants or loans to Israel, it never returns to the Treasury." \ \

Did you know that many people in Israel, live in abject squalor?
I've seen people needing to live in what could only be described
as a garbage dump because the BILLIONIARE Zionist American welfare
takers, don't think they should be provided help. And 'giving'
Jews in Israel, are extremely hard to come by. For who would
willing intend to suffer others as an enemy to life and G-d?
WEll, the tyrannies of zionist Israel would without apology.
And so, where are the voices of Jews in Israel demanding
fair treatment of the innocent?, the ungodly 'State' steals
from? We are all Jewish victims then therefor.


ATTENTION: All admirable soldiers and police officers

The demon antichrist enemy of GOD rushed illegal wmds to
Israel to bomb cars and apartment buildings among other war
crimes. KNOWINGLY. Now, today, the demon has determined that
American tax payers will dole out the tax money to rebuild
what was destroyed only weeks ago. Hundreds of millions
of dollars given to the likes of a Halliburton? So, why do
Americans let this demon war criminal get away with murdering
so many innocents like themselves left forsaken? Support US
TODAY you idiots.

Again, I will remind all admirable soldiers and police
officers: CNN, CBC, and FOXNews has forbidden our truths to
be broadcast in support of Justice for ourselves. WTC7.
Zionist corporate medias are deliberately working to mislead
our kids to have them willingly sacrifice their lives in
further blind support of the real terrorists that committed
the crimes of 911. As according to the FBI.

"Al-Qaida" = "General Mahmoud Ahmad" = "bush's ungodly partners in crime"


Israeli Soldiers "Shoot to Kill" at Israeli Anti-war Demonstrators

This "bilin.wmv" video from depicts true nazi
grunts, enemies of the Jew, indiscriminately shooting our
family in the town of Bil’in. We need American Jews to assist
Johnny in hunting each and every IDF soldier visible, so to be
brought to Justice for war crimes against our Humanity, then,
gloriously executed for the love of God. The routine inhuman
callousness expressed by the IDF, witnessed for the World of a
complete void in human empathy for the innocent they victimize
like the nazi SS did, expresses these ungodly Israeli goon
enemies truly worth gassing. Enemies of the Human race.
Enemies of all religious faiths. Enemies to the King of Jew.
When the world learns of the criminality of theiver Israel,
will be the day, that soldiers of the world together will
demand, a freedom for all Peoples found through just causes,
not dying victim for the liar, nazi zionist enemy forces who
claim we, the Public, don't deserve evidence to form their
ungodly criminal conclusions. What would an atheist "Jew" be
doing living in Israel, but to openly except itself, as a
criminal betrayer to all alike?

America's national radio program, "Coast to Coast", had yet
another, atheist, pro-bush guest to spew their hatred for the
human species on recently, and the neocon zionist said that he
was an atheist, pro-Israeli who supports stealing Christian
land unjustly as a thief to , all because he was born with
Jewish features. [The nose he told was a dead give away.]
Again, zionists are not Jews, but enemies to all of life
itself, enemies of a freedom they can't comprehend for their
contempt of our Humanity is rightly their unjust condemnations
against we, YOU god means. False accusers. NOT JEWS. NOT
JESUS. They, Nazi WAr Criming Israelis state, 'we were all
secretly vying to destroy the criminality of nazi Israeli
occupation', therefore 'they're' justified in indiscriminately
murdering anyone. The censoring corporate news zionist nazi
is an ENEMY of freedom to be America, and fighting it, is to
love yourself as worth something.

All you got to insist is in having our measured thoughts
heard, but realize, CNN, CBC, and FOXNews won't acknowledge
that we're listening for our betterments. They refuse to read
our emails, take our calls, or acknowledge what is widely

Example 1:

"Al-Qaida" = "General Mahmoud Ahmad" = "bush's ungodly partners in crime"

Example 2:

Nazi Israel, as per-usual, dishonorably failed to live up to
their word in respect for our lives. Alleging Hezbollah’s
violation of the agreement on cease-fire, that they broke, was
someone else's fault. While, TYPICALLY not providing one
shred of evidence for their baseless allegation. Which does
not prove their claim outright false, it just leaves US
unsubstantiated as worthy of convictions in our beliefs on
fairness for all parties. But the corporate media refuses to
hold our rights in respect. Against war crime behaviors like

in Qana, or when the bush regime war crime party sent more
American paid for weapons to kill innocent people with. Mass
murder these nazi enemies are responsible for don't you know
who you are my friend? Where is the evidence Nazi Israeli
enemies pronounce against YOU as the innocent victim censored
then over and over? Christ wishes to defend US by killing you
un-arrested MURDERING zionist nazi demon liars.

How can a "High Court" conclude in Israel to absolve itself of
all responsibility to do the right thing?, the just thing? It
should be realized this following article is printed in
Israel's largest national newspaper, and the writer sees no
reason to respect yourself enough to query further with the
demanding questions. Why? Because real Jews know the actions
of a zionist thief are criminal, it's just the Humans don't
get easy ready access to the, they'll fire anywho, national
zionist media reducers. (I'm the Son of Man and I!, can't
even get a fair shake.)

/ / At Tuesday's High Court debate, the state said it had no
objection to extending the construction ban, but said it was
opposed to razing the illegal structures that had already been
completed or were near completion. The state also said it saw
no cause to evict individuals who had already moved into their
apartments. \ \

/ / the council's legal advisor warns the council engineer that
entrepreneurs are constructing "entire buildings without permits,
with your full knowledge and in total disregard for planning
process and the law." \ \

This building was done on stolen grounds, admitted even by the
Nazi State's own legal council. A lawyer claimed, the mayor
of Bil'in, sold him 60% of the town, so he's perfectly within
his rights to rip off as many jews as possible. [hundreds of
millions in total it is said the pro-bush zionist scored from
the stupider '"Jews"'] Never considered in judgment that the
mayor never did such a thing, or could, for land is managed
collectively owned by the communities, so nothing short of
widely deliberated - publicly - with an honest paper ballot
voting process would be the least first step to make such
things really happen with community consultations. But not
from the EVIL foreign land of Nazi Israel with their UNGODLY
zionist judges. No, the "Judge" has let the American welfare
recipient land squatters, take up possession until America
pays them, a 100 or two thousand dollars to re-vacate to
someplace else’s, while the "Judge" works it out for sometime
later by sending in IDF nazi grunts now to fight back the
unarmed godly freedom believers with real bullets from Satan.
Enemies to God, enemies to Humanity. Let's put Ourselves in
Power, then send the real Marines in there to take these
lawless UNGODLY bushite nazi savages OUT!~.

I challenge the Coast to Coast radio network staff on behalf
of America, demanding free open line communications on these,
life and death issues of Americans held in contemptible
silence. Art Bell and George Norry are enemies of American
dying soldiers matter of FACTLY. Art and George are
America's ENEMY. They want to get killed American kids, I say
fuck you zionist nazi whores. America, take back America.


/ / Since then, the idea that any of the victims were
insurgents has been challenged, both by Iraqi survivors and by
some American military officials familiar with the case,
noting that the victims included 10 women and children and an
elderly man in a wheelchair. \ \

Bush bitch enemy forces, child killing women haters, are still
mouthing off to humanity about their complete guilt regarding
the war crime accusation that is firmly established by their
own ungodly confessions, and yet, somehow, not yet PROUDLY
executed by an American Patriot law giver. Get to it brother.
To kill a 'lawless' bushite, is to save the lives of innocent
people they openly target for murder as Our enemies. Death to
the bushite, death to America's TREASONOUS enemies who war
America to assist in the escape of the bushmob for 911.

/ / Riyad Awad, director of the Gaza-based Health Information
Centre, the killings of Palestinians is becoming a "macabre
daily routine". "Not a day passes without the Israeli army
killing an average of five or six Palestinians, mostly
children and women and other innocent civilians. Israel feels
the world is giving it a mandate to kill and maim at will," he
said. \ \

But, but, but.. CNN, CBC, and FOXNews never said so though.

/ / Yet a secret list compiled by the Lebanese authorities, and
leaked to the Lebanese newspaper al-Safir, has revealed the
names of 67 men known to have been kidnapped by Israel and its
allies during 18 years of occupation. Thousands of others are
missing. \ \ Along with more than ten thousand innocent Palestinians.

But, but, but.. CNN, CBC, and FOXNews never said so though.

/ / How South African hit men, Serbian paramilitaries, and other
human rights violators became guns for hire for military
contractors \ \

But, but, but.. CNN, CBC, and FOXNews never said so though.



"Don't turn you back and look the other way. Shoot a wolf in the chicken coop today!"


Losing its morals and marbles: Israel's fight in Lebanon - Losing


The De-Zionization of the American Mind

/ / One is that God gave that land to the Jews, and the other is the Holocaust.
The first one is deeply insulting to people who are profoundly religious, \ \




/ / Israeli activists with International Solidarity Movement (ISM)
have uploaded a video of the shooting of Lymor and the initial
violence of the Israeli military in Bil'in on Friday, August
11th \ \

These demon zionist nazis are not Human! To think zionists
would proclaim these American made monsters were god loving
Jews! Let US, as the Humans, hunt each and every zionist
visible in this video down for prosecution. Do it for Christ,
do it for Love, do it for God and Family. Death to the bushite,
death to the enemies of our Humanity.


/ / Think: Any real man would kill an enemy bushite to save
the lives of the innocent they admittingly target for plunder
to please the neo-con God haters. \ \

/ / 11.00 - an hour before Dan Halutz decides to sell his stocks,
an IDF tank drives over a large explosive. Two hours after
the start of the event, a second major tragic event is taking
place. A Merkava II tank with its crew of four drives over a
very powerful explosive just 70 meters north of the border.
The lethal explosive is estimated around 200-300 kg. The four
soldiers are declared missing in action. 12.00 - the IDF
Chief of Staff, sells his stocks. \ \

Halutz is not Jewish! Would a Jew kill a Jew for financial
gains? A neocon zionist, sure, a bushite American cop killer,
well of course, but not a REAL Jew. No-way.


/ / (Beirut, August 16, 2006) - Massive amounts of unexploded
ordnance (UXO) resulting from 33 days of heavy fighting in
Lebanon threaten civilian life and limb, Human Rights Watch
said today \ \

What is a war crime?, and is it possible that a war crime
could be committed by an American funded nazi zionist neocon
God hater right in front of everyone as some kind of ungodly
dare - that Americans are too weak to defend themselves from
lawless tyranny? Oh really.?


/ / Ramon added, "In order to prevent casualties among Israeli
soldiers battling Hezbollah militants in southern Lebanon,
villages[/ers] should be flattened by the Israeli air force before
ground troops move in." \ \

Demon Ramon MUST by executed by the Jews as a nazi war criminal.



/ / In addition to antiquities, the Israelis went so far as to
"steal fertile Lebanese soil and transport it to settlements
in northern Israel," a brazen act investigated by UNIFIL's
leadership. "Israel has admitted the removing of Lebanese
fertile soil from some areas inside the occupied border strip
of South Lebanon to settlements in the occupied Galilee," \ \




/ / Islamabad neglected to blacklist Jamaat-Ud-Dawa (JUD) or
freeze its assets, allowing the al-Qaida front to continue to
operate legally inside Pakistan's borders. Authorities have
traced money for the British sky terror operation back to the
JUD charity.

Sources say Scotland Yard is furious that terror-war partner
Islamabad failed to dismantle the Pakistan-based terror
infrastructure that supported the London bombings. \ \


Israel comes to America: ADL-TRAINED LOCAL POLICE

/ / "I was harassed, beaten, and shocked with a Tazer-like gun
in my front yard before my wife and children, and then abused
for 6 hours by the ADL-trained local police," explains
American Free Press journalist and Republic Broadcast Network
talk show host Christopher Bollyn on the RBN website. \ \

This is what America will further go to, if YOU, PERSONALLY,
make no effort to defend ourselves from zionist tyranny. Justice
for God, Justice for Johnny, Justice for America - SoldieRS:
let's now get the bushmob for 911 - please. Or, die as cowards,
we'll decide.


/ / It would be great disservice to millions of those who raised
their voices against the war to punish Ehren. He symbolizes
the conscience of majority of our humanity. A guilty verdict
would be immoral and unnecessary. No justice would be served
by sacrificing one more innocent human being at the altar of
War Party. \ \

Do not let the bushite enemy forces deny such a brave patriot
warrior his cherished freedom and beliefs in a great America.

/ / Carter: I don't think that Israel has any legal or moral
justification for their massive bombing of the entire nation
of Lebanon. What happened is that Israel is holding
almost 10,000 prisoners, so when the militants in Lebanon
or in Gaza take one or two soldiers, Israel looks upon this
as a justification for an attack on the civilian population of
Lebanon and Gaza. I do not think that's justified, no. \ \


Bombed Ambulance driver miraculously survives to tell humanity
about the secret aims of the nazi imperialists.

/ / Shaulan, who has worked with the Red Cross for 13 years,
is also training manager at the headquarters. He said that
minutes after his ambulance was bombed, another ambulance
nearby that was collecting injured people was
also bombed. \ \

/ / The articles goes on to describe how Israel, as part of this
agreement, initiated a series of low-key attacks in Gaza and
Lebanon to provoke reactions from Hezbollah and Hamas. \ \

/ / Israel's assault on Lebanon was planned before Hezbollah
attacked and was aimed at driving a wedge between the
different faiths in the country, a delegation from the World
Council of Churches says. \ \

/ /when Bin Laden was in Sudan, and the government there wanted
to turn him over to the US, Madeleine Albright argued that the
US could not take him, since there was no criminal indictment
against him. \ \ No evidence for anything she meant.


/ / First of all, not all terrorists are muslim. Second, Islam is
a religion, not a race. Anyone of any race can choose to
follow Islam and to commit Islamic Jihad. Let's not make the
situation worse by pointing fingers at the color of someone's
skin. \ \






Church body condemns Israel

/ / "We came back from Lebanon sharing the impression that this
destruction was planned. And if the action by Hezbollah was
the trigger, this was a planned operation all ready to go,"\ \


A Real One of All Things

/ / The corporate news media is force feeding the notion that
Pakistan's ISI helped prevent the terrorist bombings of U.S.
aircraft. In fact, as our sources have confirmed, ISI
supported the very groups that are said to be behind the
plot[...] \ \

Others too have come out with this, 'it looks like this last
big terrorism bust, was actually a real one of all things’.
It's too sloppy with the blatant ISI-Qaeda-ISI hanging all
over it. The bushmob might actually go down on this one, if
more evidence should arise linking the let escape ISI from 911
to carry on, with yet another attempt at murdering undefended
Americans left dying forsaken.

Give finally, Justice for Johnny and the nine-eleven victims

/ / Here's our proposed "new normal": [...] 3. An
International Criminal Court trial in The Hague with indicted
George W. Bush, Tony Blair, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and
all their neo-con advisers and facilitators in the docket. \ \

We also need a massive overhaul in Our news channel
prioritizing, including to add censorship free, open line
public communications. Done to gain value in learning from
the art of conversations. We need still to appreciate the
values of a free society where Justice is above all, the
measure of our success to communicate openly. It's like we,
the TV'ed People, aren't even alive enough to care we're
treating ourselves unjustly; by the rich TV peepals having no
reflecting concern, about what you or me with the poor dead
soldiers truly think about further dying victims enslaved by
the intellect of the demon antichrist, Our Mr. bush Jr.. I
demand CNN, CBC, and FOXNews explain themselves on why they
have forbidden America's Sons and Daughters to learn from the
FBI: Ahmad funded 911's Atta. Why do they not care for US
soldiers suffering losses to life I ask you seriously? People
are actually really dying for the bushmob’s lies. While we’re
told we’re doubtful on forming any conclusive conclusion about
definitely supporting evidence to form our decisions about
something so serious as waging war on the backs of the who
cares dying poor. Bastards. Ozzy rules.


Fatal Strikes:
Israel’s Indiscriminate Attacks Against Civilians in Lebanon


I'd like to nominate for some kind of award
regarding this news broadcast. Only one of many others, that
provide us a dedicated production to values in respect for
ourselves, the interested party.

Democracy Now

Human Rights Watch has fully documented crimes against Christ
by Nazi Israel. IDF Nazi commanders must be arrested, tried,
then executed for their war crimes against our Humanity.

They, the Zionist pirates of Israel, the nazi antiJew enemies
of God's Creation, have targeted the innocent Peoples of
Lebanon with willful indiscriminate attacks using land mine
cluster duds, and hundreds of tons of radio-active toxic waste
that will suffer our Humanity with cancers in the region for
millions of years. Please, I beg, I plead you to support my
calls for Justice regarding the antiJew bushite losers. The
criminal actions of the Pentagon's re-arming of the zionist
neocons, are crimes against us, the Peoples of the Jew, and I
demand a voice for our grievances. Now.

A Just cause can be achieved where it is practiced. Join me
in joining others to this masquerade of wonders, and then
let's get the work that needs to be done to make ourselves
better. We need a coast to coast radio broadcast where we can
talk directly on what needs to be done to end the stupid man
wars, and also, assist in the direction of making the arrests
of those responsible for the terrorist crime cover ups of 911,
and other things outstanding. Just do it.


ISRAELI Labor MK: Stop fighting at once,7340,L-3290265,00.html

/ / "I don't want to get into it," he said. "Don't drag me
into the political battlefield. There were pressures applied
via the media. Writers, and I don't know who sent them or who
gave them the moral authority to push the fighting, said that
Hizbullah must be defeated. First of all, Hizbullah won't be
defeated, and second, it can't be done in three days," said
Yatom, who served as head of the Mossad in the past. \ \



Largest US Church says Bush behind 9/11


A Just God

Again, it's the most wicked evil I've ever heard of. "These
kind of situations are completely untrue." And yet, no they're
not. They just say that, and expect YOU to fall into doubt.

A Real One of All Things - Terrorism by the Bush Administration


Again, I will remind all admirable soldiers and police officers:
CNN, CBC, and FOXNews has forbidden our truths to be broadcast
in support of Justice for ourselves. WTC7. Zionist corporate medias
are deliberately working to mislead our kids to have them willingly
sacrifice their lives in further support of the real terrorists
that committed the crimes of 911.


IDF Nazi general: Troops lacking food can steal from Lebanese stores



/ / This has led to fiery rhetoric on the part of Hezbollah and
its supporters, which has been exploited by Israel and the
United States to paint Hezbollah as an organization dedicated
to the destruction of Israel. Nothing could be further from
the truth. Hezbollah has stated that its goals are the
removal of all Israeli forces from Lebanon, the Golan Heights
and the return of Palestinian refugees to Palestine.
Hezbollah also continues to demand the release of Lebanese and
Palestinian prisoners from Israeli jails, some of whom have
been imprisoned for nearly 20 years. It was the prisoner
issue that led to the most recent outbreak of violence between
Israel and Hezbollah. \ \

/ / Events since escalated into a mass conflagration when
Hezbollah resistance fighters captured (again, not
"kidnapped") two IDF soldiers who apparently illegally crossed
the UN-monitored "blue line" into Lebanon as they've routinely
done almost daily after withdrawing from the country in May,
2000. \ \

/ / But the whole of Isaiah 58 is a reminder that God requires
charitability and respect for all people, especially the less
fortunate. It is clear that the State of Israel is not the
same as the spiritual Kingdom of Israel promised to believers
regardless of their ethnic background. \ \

Four short clips of things Americans never see on TV

/ / It wasn't and someone with courage ran it on TV - in Israel.
Then, thanks to Canada, it was aired in North America. You
will never see it on a US network \ \

/ / Shortly after 9/11, Odigo was taken over by Comverse
Technology, another Israeli company. Within a year, five
executives from Comverse were reported to have profited by
more than $267 million from "insider trading." \ \

Shelters for Jews, None for Israel's Arab Citizens

/ / ..the well-known Israeli historian Benny Morris acknowledged in
a 2004 interview with the Israeli daily Haaretz, "A Jewish
state would not have come into being without the uprooting of
700,000 Palestinians. Therefore, it was necessary to uproot
them. There was no choice but to expel that population. It
was necessary to cleanse the hinterland and cleanse the border
areas and cleanse the main roads." \ \

Cleanse Humanity of our Humanity for the ungodly zionist
anti-Jew Love hater.

/ / obtained by The Nation, reveals that Blackwater included
profit in its overhead and its total costs, which would result
"not only in a duplication of profit but a pyramiding of
profit since in effect Blackwater is applying profit to
profit." The audit also found that the company tried to
inflate its profits by representing different Blackwater
divisions as wholly separate companies. \ \

/ / Cluster bombs, incidentally, are only illegal when used
against civilians, not against military targets. And since
Israel has declared that there are no civilians in southern
Lebanon anymore, the problem is solved. \ \


911 war criminal Condoleezza Rice 'no cease-fire against the innocent'

Reason to rid Condoleezza Rice for our decision making process.

/ / "We are very afraid from all the bombings," said Ramadan,
a 12-year-old boy in the park. "I hope they stop. This is all we
want now." \ \

/ / "We left our house because they are bombing everything in
the civilian neighborhoods," she told IPS. "They are killing
all our children. What human would ever do this kind of
thing?" \ \

911 war criminal Condoleezza Rice 'no cease-fire against the innocent'


George Galloway Blasts Sky News as a Pro Zionist Media Outlet.

/ / Al-Mash'hadani accused the American forces of standing behind
terrorist attacks in Iraq, saying: "The occupation is the first
and last cause of the problem, it has overthrown the [former]
regime without a plan, it has suppressed the state with no
reason, it has led to the resistance and it has infiltrated
it, it has brought Al-Qaeda to Iraq..." After approving the
statement that "American occupation troops stand behind some
of the terrorist attacks," he described today's Iraq as
"Americastan." \ \


Bush said. "Millions of Lebanese civilians have been caught in
the [indiscriminate] crossfire of military operations because of
the unprovoked attack and kidnappings by Hezbollah."

It is Israel who instigated this war with lawlessness, and keeps
it going by refusing cease-fire, to murder the godly and innocent
as enemies of God's Creation.


Israeli children sending gifts of hatred

I beg armed American men, to hunt religiously ungodly zionist
bushite nazi vermins to save the lives of our precious loved ones.


They go, "Yah, but we were elected.", yah, but you didn't tell
us you were going to be a traitor when you took office.

/ / ``Defense officials told the Post last week that they were
receiving indications from the US that [bushite] America would
be interested in seeing [Nazi] Israel attack [Syria] Syria,''
the newspaper reported. [for some whatever never tried
negotiation 'unattainable'.] \ \


Hizbullah “is not anti-Jewish. I repeat, they are not anti-Jewish.”


On The Zionist Israeli Nazi Liar

No democracy or religion is going to vote in rights inferior
to the supreme nazi zionist enemy. A "Jewish State" is a
State where all GODLY people are treated equally with respect
and honor. As according to Hillel. That is not the practiced
tyrannies of the zionist Israeli liar, therefore Israel is not
a Jewish State. John has spoken in our own image, while
Israel continues to victimize the innocent unjustly.

Enemy of the Jew Israel, demon liars who kidnapped innocent
people prior to beginning these most recent ISRAELI war crimes
against Humanity in Lebanon, has repeatedly committed UNGODLY
acts of first degree murder by TERRORISM. In Qana, we say,
they have footage, shot from GROUND LEVEL at about 356 yards
from the event, that someone unknown shot from that sovereign
area somewhere a rocket at sometime, nowhere near where they
admit deliberately hitting our children with bombs. So?
Demon enemy zionists say, Hezbollah is present in Lebanon as a
proven liberating force that brought about true democracy,
while opening schools and hospitals that served everyone
equally. So? Death to the zionist nazi Jew haters for
killing OUR God's LOVED children with their blatant DEMON
LIES. The twenty plus Syrian farmers that zionists say were
top secretly weapons dealers worthy of first degree murder, we
say, G-d says, zionist LIARS are enemies to Freedom and
America. Now, antiGod Israel is bombing dense residential
districts without even bothering to warn anyone, while
barbarically, trumpeting unchallenged on CNN, CBC, and FOXnews
on how despicable their terrorists acts are of indiscriminate
warfare AGAINST HUMANITY. CHALLENGE to ANY corporate amerikan
zionist nazi celeb, who states those crimes don't deserve war
crime trials followed by the RIGHTFUL public executions of OUR
ungodly enemies. Death to the bushite, death to the enemies
of Jewery. FOXNews is clearly to all, an enemy of America.
FOXNews looks to deceive "Marines" who don't have the
intellect to defend America from 911's bushmob. Ask the
"lawless" demon enemies of Creation what is a crime anyway?
Targeting cars?, apartment buildings?, power plants? ASK
THEM! Look, what good are U.N. forces if they're not
prepared to defend the innocent of Lebanon? Nazi zionists
don't provide evidence, because we all know they're thieves
and liars as the primary function of their illegitimate
existence. When the multinational forces come in, are they
going to hunt down the ungodly purveyors of injustice and
lawlessness? We can only hope the King of the Jews, Johnny
Wizard rules - forever and always, Right?

Trial for Treason to Sean Hannity for alleging HIS lie again,
that Iran states the Holocaust never happened.

FOXNews "We read all your email."
(realize this con.)

/ / But who talks of the Israeli abduction of a Palestinian
doctor and his brother from Gaza that led to the eventual
capture of these soldiers? Who even bothers to mention the
fact that 10,000 Palestinian prisoners languish in Israeli
jails? \ \

The UN resolution doesn't contain wording to include the
kidnapped innocent People ungodly Israel holds captive, for
Bolton's UN, doesn't want to the truth to come out that
Israel's attack against God was/is completely unjustified.
This didn't start with the capturing of criminal IDF
antiJews on lebanon soil, it started when Israel victimized
the innocent to steal or torture from US as the ungodly.
A free democacy doesn't vote to victimize themselves as the
enemy. Zionist nazi holocaust deniers do though as enemies of
the Jewish State of Israel To-day.


/ / Look, CNN, CBC, and FOXNews KNOWS the bushmob did 911,
[VIDEO of WTC7 is forbidden on all OUR corporate news
broadcasts] and will smile to us ALL while lying to American
Soldiers who die cowardly as teenage dumfuks for the satanic
neocon LIAR enemies of God. \ \

American Commanding General Casey has pronounced that American
Marines are now on the hunt for those who run death squads in
Iraq. Aegis. P2OG. Aegis is remember, a rumsfeld favorite
to, down and around through destabilizing the region, death
squad American Marines too for huge financial profit at their
made purposefully costly failures, paid for by Foxnewzed
American citizens who rightly, just don't know any better
about the murderous war profiteering tactic of truly demonic
enemy savages. Hoar-yah. Death to the bushite, death to our

/ / So do some others: Iraq is slipping towards a civil war
which could see the division of the country, Britain's
outgoing ambassador in Baghdad has warned the government. \ \

Poppycock. The terrorist attacks are almost always done
indiscriminately in support of the enemy bushmob continuing.
Killing Marines. Oh well, who really cares anyway, right?
They killed more of US, than they of them.

/ / Trust me please. CNN, CBC, and FOXNews corporate
managements know, bush and the neocons did 911, but as the
contemptibly ungodly, it's only YOUR LIFE they are willing to
sadistically sacrifice for more criminal ill gotten gains as
the TRULY Satanic. \ \


911 Bush "We must bring Justice to those who would attack US."

/ / “Everyone in southern Lebanon is a terrorist and is
connected to Hezbollah,” roared Israeli Justice Minister Haim
Ramon on July 27. \ \

No, Israeli Justice Minister Haim Ramon is a nazi war
criminal, who will be tried for execution publicly by US, the
Kings and Queens of Jewishness. Makes you think what other
crimes against G-D zionist nazi Haim Ramon is a part of in the
UNJUST cover ups eh?

No democracy or religion is going to vote in rights inferior
to the supreme nazi zionist enemy. A "Jewish State" is a
State where all GODLY people are treated equally with respect
and honor. As according to Hillel. That is not the practiced
tyrannies of the zionist Israeli liar, therefore Israel is not
a Jewish State. John has spoken in our own image, while
Israel continues to victimize the innocent unjustly.


A enemy bushite terrorist threatens to kill a waking American Patriot Warrior.

/ / One of them, a Sgt. Raymond Girouard, has been accused by
Private First Class Bradley Mason of threatening him before he
testified about the May 9 incident: "If you say anything,
I'll kill you." \ \

Easily kill the ENEMY bushite instead my brave American
Patriot Brothers. Do it for America, God and Christ as Love
is worth defending. Rapists and torturers will not be
classified "lawless" by the ungodly bush regime of rapists and


/ / "There were no questions posed to him about communication
problems between police and firefighters in the towers, or why
New York City had its emergency response command center in
World Trade Center 7 after the complex had been the target of
the 1993 terrorist attack," they wrote. \ \

The Emergency Response Command Center in WTC7? Don't let
these enemies of America escape the wrath of the American
Patriot MEDIA Warrior, the TRUE, the JUST, AND THE FREE. How
can not someone there then, be made aware that explosives are
being set throughout the bushite building of emergent
questions on commanding, could be secretly coming, terrorist
response times? blink.. blink. How much longer must we
wait, while rumsfeld sends more Americans out to die further
running Johnny's America from 911 as cowards? I am braver
than brave, and stronger than strong. I've been called allot
of things, but cowardly like bushite amerka goes, is a path I
will not tread willingly into bushite slavedum. It is Justice
I lay claim to defend, my rights to not be denied Freedom for
this shared world, as a gift worth everything I am as a living
righteous human being. Corporate America might go willingly
to except no Justice for themselves regarding 911, but I won't
ever. For, that wouldn't be just cowardly treasonous, as
ungodly behavior, but what could also be, dead to themselves
for not loving Creation as freedom is our Humanity. You can
hate me, but to hate working for Justice in a dying world, is
a dead end road leading further into a lawless tyranny of
losers losing. Being cheated further down to watching for
corporate news America to die again some 'other' unknown
unjustly, not spoken for as a real person who was truly cared
for. Then it's over.

Be a winner! Talk to Winnipeg!! Bravo!!!

The 911 terrorists must be arrested to save ourselves from
misery. American pleads for Justice fall on deaf ears
censored by our fascistic national media channels because
'they', 20 or 30 guys, claim we're not at all listening to
what they haven't officially allowed considerable for our
important life and death decision broadcasts - involving US
surviving with their refusals to live up to Our expectations.

Freedom is Justice.


/ / Gillerman, at a pro-Israel rally in New York, thundered,
“To those countries who claim that we are using
disproportionate force, I have only this to say: You’re damn
right we are.” \ \

God, my friends, please support our calls for justice against
the true 911 perpetrators.

"Al-Qaida" = "General Mahmoud Ahmad" = "bush's ungodly partners in crime"

David Katz on ENEMY FOXNews "" - fk, what kind of America is
this expert proclaiming? He states Hezbollah deals heroin and
Ollie North's cocaine, then the next breath states, they make
flawless counterfeit Ameummrican currency also! While never
to tell, P2OG Rumsfeld OPENLY funds fundamentalist northern
alliance heroin pushing women haters, who arm the illiterates
without apology, real terrorist groups like Aegis who work to
get KILLED AMERICAN MARINES, so rumsfeld's peenacker forces
can continue to pocket near ten billion dollars a month
zionist "free", STOLEN from undefended American tax payers
who, without thought, sacrifice their own lives to the glories
of antichrist liar, George 'we don't need any evidence' Bush,
their un-elected commander of thieves in disguise, robbing
them blind, and stupider than the true Fates will allow
without counter charges in kind. G.W., were'a coming for yah,
you shouldn'a done what you did back there on 911 with your
partner, General Ahmad.


The Case for Boycotting Israel
Boycott Now!

/ / All those notions and prejudices, long confounding
international action, must now be set aside. The raw logic of
Israel's distorted self-image and racist doctrines is
expressed beyond confusion by the now-stark reality: the
moonscape rubble of once-lovely Lebanese villages; a million
desperate people trying to survive Israeli aerial attacks as
they carry children and wheel disabled grandparents down
cratered roads; the limp bodies of children pulled from the
dusty basements of crushed buildings. This is the reality of
Israel's national doctrine, the direct outcome of its racist
worldview. It is endangering everyone, and it must stop. \ \


/ / All those others who had foolishly heeded Israeli warnings
to evacuate and then were deliberately murdered as they fled?
Perhaps they should have been more considerate and departed in
an ambulance so that the big red cross on top would have made
it easier for the Israeli fighter pilots to spot and hit? \ \

/ / Israel often acknowledges -- with "regret" -- the high
civilian tolls of its war; sometimes it goes as far as
apologising for such unintended "mistakes." The Israeli
government however is adamant that it will continue to carry
out such attacks; that it's those who "hide among the civilian
population" which deserve the blame, not Israel \ \

They use zero evidence to alledge what they do as WAR CRIMINALS.

Cease Fire Now!

The True Messiah

Demon enemies of God's Creation in zionist Israel have been
bombing residential districts on the allegation that odds are,
people in that World live in support of personal independence
by elected democratic representation. A People that demand by
Law, that ungodly Israeli zionist enemies of Life shouldn't be
allowed to kidnap or torture the innocent, or steal our homes
and possessions in corporate news America's bushite name.
Zionists are the true Nazis, and that is why they constantly
lie to dumfuk American Marines, termed in totality, too weak
to defend America's FBI regarding freedom's official
determination that bush's private business partner, General
Ahmad, funded 911's Atta. Or, that clearly, by video tape
recording, WTC7 was brought down by explosives set not
personally, by cave dweller, Mr. bin Laden.

The Beirut scene where Zionist Israel states they have
evidence that it was really Hezbollah hiding among our women
and children, and that's why they were 'justified' in
murdering God's love, is typical zionist, enemy of God
conduct, for the evidence doesn’t indicate anything of the
sort. Especially Qana. Zionist anti-Jews don't like Truth
telling speakers of Humanity's real Sons do they?

For, it is now indicated by all evidence, that the
indiscriminate bombings are nothing but acts of intolerable
barbaric nazi aggression. But my friends, does CNN care for
what is substantiated by video tape?, and voiced testimony of
the actual twisteD EVIL Mr. Peres and company? Or, the real
few Jews in Israel suffering from neglect to malnutrition?
It's only Your poor dead family the zionists are thieving
from, right?

It was reported that zionist nazi pigs masquerading as "Jews"
on stolen ground in Gaza, were granted easy access on national
talk radio in Israel stating, that no matter how many teen
nazi soldiers die, they would never give back their stolen
homes on stolen land taken from innocent honorable God loving
Christians as corporate America's welfare recipients. Pure
Nazis - and that is why corporate America will never allow
Americans to know that. Why? Because if they did, bushite
enemies that thieve, rape or torture, along with those who
aided and abetted the terrorist crimes of 911 would be hunted
down by REAL American Patriot Warriors - and in defense of
God’s America, we, as Humanity, would finally justly triumph
over the ignorant evils of the bushite zionist's nazi liar
tyrannies. By reason through wiser communications, we will
learn by example, that a person accused of a criminal offense
without any evidence is innocent, and to do as the bushite
sow, is to ignore the crimes scene leads at the real crime
scene. Unjust as they are ungodly, bushites are our enemies.

Demon liar Gillerman, enemy of the godly Jew doing Hitler
proud, was quoted on Anderson Cooper’s program stating "This
war is not just about the Safety of [criminal] Israel or the
freedom [denied] of Lebanon, it is about preserving
civilization as we know it. [.[CNN producers edited the audio
here by cutting something out].] In London, and in Brussels,
and in Paris, and you see that most the demonstrators in
Trafalgar square, and in the other cities are MUSLIMS, I would
advise these European countries to look very carefully at what
is happening in Beirut today. Because, to a very great
extent, what they’re seeing in Beirut, what they are seeing
happening in Lebanon, is really just a preview, of what they
may expect if they don’t take care of that problem. As they
say in this country, soon to be seen in theaters everywhere."

Gillarman, the bigot nazi, admits he, as demon enemy, wants to
war Our World of, everywhere People think they have rights to
be treated equally for freedom from tyranny. Zionist Israel
is nazi criminal plain and simple.

"Anyone who's mobile, moving in the zone, even if it's a
three-year-old, needs to be killed."

They'll report whatever it was as zionist Israel has termed,
but forbid you to have naturally consider, where in the
evidence shown, are such allegations of 'justified', proven
correct? The innocent people they deliberately murdered with
cluster munitions, were no threat to anyone, but to zionist
Israel's fears that the Humans might rise in demands for equal
rights. They, as the zionists, want US to blame the Jews,
where instead, we should blame the Zionist enemies of
Creation, with the bushmob, headed up by the for real demon
antichrist as their financial American blood sucker. Bush
banks on American cowardice to truly not defend themselves
through corporate media news control. While, CNN, CBC, and
FOXNews crews know that the bushmob did 911, and willingly
work to deny ourselves the facts to let US decide for
ourselves. All to send your kids out to die sacrificed for
the treasons of Rumsfeld.


Johnny Wizard


/ / Now, almost exactly four years after 9/11, the facts
appear to have been turned upside down. We now learn that
Atta was also connected to a top secret operation of the
Pentagon's Special Operations Command (SOCOM) in the US.
According to Army reserve Lieutenant-Colonel Anthony Shaffer \ \

/ / Israel's statehood is based on an unjust ideology which
causes indignity and suffering for those who are classified as
non-Jewish by either a religious or ethnic test. To hide this

primordial immorality, Israel fosters an image of victimhood.
Provoking violence, consciously or unconsciously, against
which one must defend oneself is a key feature of the
victim-mentality. \ \


(one of now gotta be hundreds of reports absent CNN, CBC, and FOXNews)
(what's mass murder between nazis anyway?)

God vs. Nazi Israel

Zionist Israel is attempting to demonize Jews just like the
Nazis did. Attempting by bogus poll to suggest near 90% of
"Jews" support indiscriminate murder of families fleeing in
cars, the elderly hunkered in apartment buildings, the
stealing of our properties, including desperately needed food
and water, and the needless destruction of a democratic
nation's infrastructure. Condi, demon witch of 911, has
suggested that we all should donate our wealths to rebuild,
after her child Israel has completed their mission to murder
anyone who supports freedom from clear to all but the
completely blind or intentionally EVIL, Israel's 'official'
ungodly injustice against Life. Hezbollah doesn't have much
for laser guided munitions, while Israel does, and uses the
American sweat as labor to indiscriminately murder innocent
people to teach US this lesson. Again, and again until YOU
personally, take some real action in support of these rights
we all share equally as the self aware.

I would suggest WE, Humanity, learn from our mistakes by
tracking down every last Nazi military commander responsible
for their indiscriminate attacks as enemies to God, kill it
gloriously through public judicial trials, while working to
seize all war profiteering Zionist enemy monies, to repay US
for their criminal support of these war crimes against Your
Great God's dying Creation. I beg again, support my calls for
Winnipeg to know what is going on publicly in their name with
my calls for Justice. Do not forsake yourself man.

Newspapers suck. Why? Well, why is it that our most
respected political writers rarely have the respect we give
them present on front page columns? And what about WTC7? We
all know that there is video available of the building coming
down with explosives, and, that G.W. Bush's secret business
partner, Ahmad, funded 911's mastermind ringleader. Do they
care for our dying soldiers?, that they trumpet the continuing
sacrifice for antichrist bush to? Really I mean.

Your children don't have to die for the bushmob!

As for the great Gibson stating the "Jew" questions have been
involved in most big wars, he would be correct.. No? [I
certainly don't want to disagree with Gibson, on pretty much
anything he wants to say or do, but honestly, I'm confused
about his comments on my foolishness.] We all need to learn from
groups like Jews against Zionism, and what is actually written
in biblical texts about treating all equitably. But,
remember, Zionists don't want to 'learn', they want to rape
and pillage by government edict AS CRIMINALS.

One example of literally countless others:

/ / Mossad Agents Arrested In Attempt To Bomb Mexican Congress \ \

Fact: Ariel Sharon was caught directly implicated in the
attempted bombing of Mexico's Congress. A fact that CNN, CBC,
and FOXNews deliberately forbade US to know the truth of, to
allow US to decide for ourselves on what is relevant regarding
their, finding the root causes of war on terrorism, to kill
our kids with lies for big cash rewards thing. [While, I, am
seriously short on monetary funds presently, so much so, I
fear I might not be able to afford Justice for myself at the
Court of Queen's Bench.]

Zionists are nazis plain and simple. Documented as Hitler's
partners throughout WWII. Just ask them to speak for
themselves by listening to a "Jewish" settler, or pick up any
of perhaps 1000 books on the well documented subject. Their
racist bigot enemies of God unapologetically. Ignorant,
stupid, and dumb every Zionist treats a Jew matter of factly
without religious representation. And, here i am. The Living
Word. I'm like the real Johnny Wizard. Coool!

Man, support Your Humanity, support ME, Your dying for nothing
forsaken king

The Son of Man, the guy who's 'friends' left him to die as the
bad guys, but he, strangely stills loves everyone, for despite
corporate news America,

God is Greater than most everybody realize!

Lonely boy reaper, Johnny Wizard - creator


/ / A world where the ruling classes live off the stolen
resources and labour of those they contemptuously deem 'lesser
human beings' in a system of institutionalized apartheid. A
world where the forces of the militarized State can routinely
shoot anybody, even entire populations and call them
'terrorists' with complete impunity. \ \

/ / Incredibly, Israel yesterday denied safe passage to a UN
World Food Programme aid convoy en route to the south, a
six-truck mission that should have taken relief supplies to
the south-eastern town of Marjayoun. \ \

Re: Israeli settlers stone human rights workers in Hebron

/ / If they'd been Palestinian children I'm sure a stun grenade
and a bullet or two would have been in order. Laws for jews and
laws (or lack thereof) for Palestinians. \ \

/ / Her brother Taisir, who was 46, had been killed. So had
her sister Najla. So had her little niece Zeinab, who was
just six. "We were in the basement hiding when the bomb
exploded at one o'clock in the morning,'' she said. "What in
the name of God have we done to deserve this? So many of the
dead are children, the old, women. Some of the children were
still awake and playing. Why does the world do this to us?" \ \

/ / The Israeli army justified the action, saying the leader
believed to have been in the car was a threat to Israel.
Instead, the car was carrying a Lebanese army officer and
soldiers. “They were, of course, not the targets and we
regret the incident,” the army said. \ \

Regular fair, in their demon lair. Don't let them do this to
ourselves my friend, please, don't let them do this. If
someone committed murder, would we just simply except the
apology? Time and time again repeatedly?


Nazi Israel

"It might have been Hezbollah." Olmert, the anti-Jew spew.

They'll say, "Well.. it could have been a Hezbollah hide-out.
We know they'll put themselves among civilians, they're so
terrible. Willing to kill innocent Lebanese people." And
then, they'll bomb bomb shelters, or apartment buildings.
They won't warn anybody, but just say they did and corporate
news America will refuse to confirm or deny the made routinely
baseless allegations THROUGH their/OUR "unbiased", we don't
need any evidence, bin Laden did it, broadcasts.

Firstly, most of the 'towns' in Israel are military bases.
That is why your never shown who these people are. Second,
you have to already acknowledge, as a person who lives in
Israel being a so named "Jewish" person, that your victimizing
innocent persons with bigoted retarded ungodly intent. You are
stealing an innocent person's home, as a political function of
your criminal body. That's accepted by everyone, all Jews
concur, even the nazi jews say, "Well, we deserve it, cause
G-D says we could steal an in-ocent per-on's hom- and make
'them' suf-er by pu-ting 'them' in a concentrati-n camp,
depriv-ng 'them' their food and water. We're the goo- guys
from 'The Book' don't you know" Then, when you look at The
Book, The Book says, God comes down and chastises those who
steal the Jewish name, by victimizing the innocent to steal
Our values, to steal Our worths. Israel won't speak reason,
right? They can't negotiate honorably across an open table,
because they are thieving an innocent person's property. They
put people in prison without trial, without EVIDENCE. Then
we'll ask, "What's the guy's crime?" and they'll say "He's a
Lebanese guy, or Afghan, or Iraqi, or, he's a Palestinian
Christian who tried to eek out a living in this world
honorably, and we just kidnap 'them' and put 'them' in prison,
and no, he doesn't get a lawyer, don't be silly, heavens, we
might even torture his children if they should throw a rock at
an invading nazi tank bulldozing 'their' once happy Home."
That is why they can't negotiate an honorable settlement,
THEY'RE CRIMINALS. Victimizing our G-D, victimizing
Ourselves, by pirating Your authority. Where is the Messiah
when we need him on CNN, CBC, FOXNews, and the Coast to Coast
radio network?

Look, CNN, CBC, and FOXNews KNOWS the bushmob did 911, [VIDEO
of WTC7 is forbidden on all OUR corporate news broadcasts] and
will smile to us ALL while lying to American Soldiers who die
cowardly as teenage dumfuks for the satanic neocon LIAR
enemies of God.

/ / Did the American people see on CNN the child whose face
was burnt by Israeli phosphorous bombs in Lebanon? Did they
hear him screaming in pain at Sidon Hospital, with his mother
falling to pieces in agony beside him because of the injury he
sustained from the terrible bombs? How can the American
people accept their elected President George W. Bush's
rejection of a ceasefire? \ \

Dan Gillerman, enemy of the Jew, tells US, the demon
antichrist forces warned the dirt poor citizens of Qana to
leave the town somehow, but at the same time, nazi Israeli
forces would target us people in trucks, buses, cars and red
cross ambulances fleeing the town. Two, the demon enemy of
Christ, Dan Gillerman on Meet the Press, has officially
admitted, they, the liar zionist enemies of Creation, true
terrorists, have NO EVIDENCE, that any missiles had come from
anywhere near the vicinity, where the enemies murdered almost
entirely, more than fifty innocent children of God. Yet, the
demon enemy of Humanity Gillerman has suggested boldly, that
it was all just Hezbollah's fault anyway, for letting these
People get in the way of their ten's of thousands of
indiscriminate bombing campaigns they've waged against God.
War crimes trials must be demanded, and the rightful execution
of those responsible for such indiscriminate targeting must
meet their fate as the other similar nazis did during
Nuremberg. As so does, Bush, Rumsfeld, Rice, Cheney, Sattler,
Blount, Russell, Mattis, and Bering like, torturing enemies of
the soon to be freed, United States of America, my land of Thee.

Peres the DEVIL: 'why do they shoot at us?, and please, no wisdoms of cease-fire'
(the Hezbollah missiles were only sent after the Israeli attack was well under way).

/ / The captured Israeli soldiers were captured inside Lebanon
(summarized here; see also here and here and here). That
means the self-defense pretext is a lie, and the concept that
Israel has a right to defend itself, spouted by all its
apologists, is irrelevant (the Hezbollah missiles were only
sent after the Israeli attack was well under way). In fact,
Hezbollah only poses a military threat inside Lebanon
defending it from Israel, and is absolutely no military
'existential' threat to Israel itself, meaning that all the
discussions by the disgusting apologists for war crimes, fine
considerations of when you can murder citizens under the
pretext of 'self-defense', is immoral bullshit. \ \


Colmes "Ambassador Ginsberg, I keep hearing about 1559, why
don't I hear as often about 242, which deals with 1967
borders, which is also is in contention here. I don't hear
the same people talking about that particular violated U.N.
resolution." [One of almost every other that's been violated
as routinely criminal by nature, ungodly Israel.]

Ginsberg "Oh Alan, come on now. Alan.. Alan look.. you know,
If you want. to start that game.." Hah!

Colmes, you don't have to play in the zionists ungodly world
of trying desperately to mislead Americans into killing their
undefended kids for cash. I feel, you put too much faith into
the bushite's honesty on being trusting fair gamers. They
there at FOXNews want to cheat America as the disenfranchised.
Why? On a level playing field, with open line communications,
we would win as the virtuous. Colmes you talk a mean game,
but the bushite cheat. Venture out on your own, like millions
of others do, and though it may seem so, truly you wont be
alone in your concerns. Example: 'Hannity, did you know that
the FBI contend that General Ahmad funded 911's Atta?'


/ / They use the anti-Semitic slur whenever any criticism
surfaces, even though they are not Semitic, they are
ashka-Nazis. They are warlike Khazars with absolutely no
connection to ancient Israel. \ \

If we HAVE to delineate a race of people to the Jewish
faith, they'd be all black guys from Ethiopia. Zionists are
openly, knowingly evil to our poorer, more intellectually
challenged. They leverage the intellect of the sacrificing
bushite grunt, the coward, the traitor. The bushite wants to
believe in treachery for America, because IT knows it doesn't
have the courage, honor or virtue to for example, arrest ANY
Aegis employee for murder. Who as all do openly operate,
taxing by America's expense, (as a wise pro-bush business
investment tool,) to get killed just ANY AMERICAN teen
soldier/dumfuk whore for the pleasure of taking further more
in Rumsfeld favors - of still leaving Freedom as Justice TRULY



They say of Saddam, he might be executed because he okayed a
judicial judgment be enforced to put down a criminal group
fighting for sole control of oil, a group that were trying to
overthrow Iraq's entire government, to leave everyone else
without. And when innocent people's lives were jeopardized,
Saddam called a halt to firing. ('Kurds' war 'Kurds' because
both sides tell each other their fighting for the same
Homeland, when in truth, it's just war mongers trying to grab
up more oil for themselves privately with mercenary forces.
While children die in Iraq, they to this day, drown in money
horded.) While America and Israel Generals are committing the
worst war crimes known of in History, against the Innocent as
ourselves unfairly represented. Like bushite Sattler ordering
the murder of more than 250,000 innocent people in Fallujah as
just one example of many.

/ / IOF chief of staff Dan Halutz "has given the order to the
air force to destroy 10 multi-storey buildings in the Dahaya
district (of Beirut) in response to every rocket fired on
Haifa," reports Khaleej Times, citing IOF radio. \ \

Look, whoever you are, a policeman perhaps or a janitor, maybe
a truck driver, JUSTLY kill with pleasure this war criminal of
OUR Humanity, the ungodly mass murdering nazi TERRORIST Dan
Halutz. After confiming this allegation as verified correct.


The Bohemian Grove antichrist death Cult is a REAL top secret
Morningstar scheme captured on video tape for all the World to

George Walker Bush, proud card carrying member of the
"secret", lets kill American kids for cash cult, would quote
the Grove's motto thus: "weaving spiders come not here" and I
would respond "Err.. okay, I'll ask them know you said so if
they should spell tomorrow, (however, I really don't believe
they'll listen, for flies alone can be trying somedays), but,
why I ask pray tell?, and speak better, for I'm hard of
hearing you coherently." Like, tell US again, what's with the
Cult's lodge-room 322, and the silly little pentagram on the
wall you mock life's prayers to? Or, what is the curious
story line function of the player who gets dressed up as the,
heads or tails Reaper deceiver to pretend you bad guys get it
all back in the end? I was just wondering what the hell you
people think your really doing over there worshipping oh..
nothing in particular, while openly stealing America's blood
and treasure from freedom fighting liberators - The unjustly
dying "Army of One" fellows?

/ / In other words, the Israeli generals sent their young
conscripts over the Lebanese border with the intention that
they be captured or die, all in order to create the excuse for
the pre-planned attack on Lebanon. I'm sure the relatives of
the soldiers are proud of them, on the assumption that their
sacrifice was made to protect [anti-Jew Zionist] Israel. \ \

/ / We're told another soldier was kidnapped by Hamas and that
the kidnappers dug a tunnel 650 meters under sand in order to
accomplish this. This is bullshit. \ \

/ / And on-going spiteful acts of destruction are reported.
"Most commonly, Israeli tanks are driving over and flattening
cars whether on the streets or parked on pavements in front of
residences. Personal property inside houses is being
destroyed in house-to-house searches." \ \

/ / Israel is a big military base established on stolen land,
any "right" the world has given it to exist is in violation
of, not in compliance with, universal standards of justice.\ \


What is a war crime good for anyway?

/ / The kidnapping of the Israeli corporal is a well known
fact. This "news" has been around the world more times than a
keyhole satellite. It was used as a pretext for Israeli
troops and equipment to move back into Gaza. What most DON'T
know is the very day before, the Israelis kidnapped a
physician and another member of his family. Their whereabouts
and status remain unknown. \ \

It has been widely suggested by the available evidence, that
the Zionists originally sent the anti-Semitic soldiers on a
suicide mission into Lebanon, to lie American Christians into
giving even more to them to victimize further US. Zionists
would kill confused stupid Jews for the easy cash too, see?


Nobody puts me up on a cross without a fight to your finish.

Condi, demon witch, NEVER ELECTED, demands Israel be allowed
to continue indiscriminately MURDER US. Has she not seen ANY
footage recently of the bombing in Beirut? Or the targeting
of the Red Cross? Schools? Of course she has. DEMONIC
ISRAEL states they, as Humanity's enemy, would never target
the UN, but will indiscriminately murder whomever should live
in this region of ours as the godly and innocent BETRAYED.

They suggested that Hezzbollah was secretly near there, solely
on the testimony discovered after the event, from a guy that
is now dead. Additionally, this group of observers would be
likely, truly counting terrorist strikes from their vantage
point impartially, if they hadn't been murdered deliberately.

Start acting honorably with the hunting to arrest or kill
escaping zionist neocon terrorist enemies, my American Patriot
warring to die for Idiots:

Giving Birth to Monster

/ / The Palestinians are not my enemies, nor are the Lebanese.
You, have become my enemy. \ \


Condi's position to forbid any cease-fire, is to say Peace is
NEVER possible with HER in charge. See, a stop to
hostilities, is no way to end a war against You as the
INNOCENT EVER. Death after trial to Condi for 911.

Israel, the Nazi State

Look, Israel states that because they kidnap innocent persons,
while thieving as demon enemies to Christ, Hitler was right in
gassing the Jews. Why? Because they bomb Lebanon to punish
US, the godly as innocent, stating that would be the correct
thing to do by god. But they are wrong. Why? Being Jewish
is antithetical to the demonic zionist CRIMINAL cause. Israel
is not a "Jewish" state, but that of an ungodly regime that
treats ALL People as G-d unfairly. See?, Israel states
Lebanon has two democratically elected Hezbollah members, "The
Liberators", therefore all the other millions or so people are
up for murder as freedom fighters under their Zionist war
criminal nazi dictate, doing Hitler's banker proud. What is
the crime in wanting to liberate your nation from a bunch of
thieves that plan to treat all others as second class
citizens? With no rights to scream for war crime trials
against the true Nazis? One more time: Okay - so Israel is
saying killing Jews would be the thing to do, because Israel
tells US, all religious Hezbollah relationships deserve
executions, while all “Jews”, support blindly without room for
question, the "Jewish" State’s FUNDAMENATALIST dictate always.
So, since the “Jewish” State supports firing rockets, or
dropping bombs on the innocent in hospitals, schools,
churches, and cars, therefore, like Israel says, all religious
Jews in relationship should be found executed without trial,
like Israel has determined for the determinate value of the
Human population in Lebanon. See, Israel would say, - all
People who fight for fairness through freedom by Justice, are
just guilty because they’re not blindly “Jewish” - UNEQUAL in
Rights -, and as such, would fight back for fairness as the
innocent being robbed if Israel didn’t try to murder more of
them as WE keep coming. See?, Zionist Israel would say for
all of US, all Jews hate all of God, therefore we’re all
worthy of indiscriminate bombing, for what if WE, all people
being of Love, stood up for our rights, as the Human
bloodline? US all, the godly innocent by scriptures, will
defeat the criminal values of the Zionist. A zionist LIAR
profiting off our God as the Innocent suffering, must not be
allowed to remain victimizing. Where is the care for the
murder victims that Israeli soldiers have caused? The
zionists being ungodly war criminals who congratulate such
wicked viciousness against the innocent families in Lebanon or
Gaza?, I thought we left these Nazis defeated after WWII, but
look as Zionist Israel expressing itself reminiscently of the
uncaring deeds Hitler’s regime did, with concentration campers
victimized for theft. Israel is being pure nazi EVIL as enemy
of the Jew, the TRUE Jew. Zionism isn’t tenable. Jews don’t
murder Jews just because they’re Jews, for, that would be
suicide. (Did I tell you Peres is the actually for real,
genuine Devil dealer playing US all wrong super duper stupidly
now?) Why should Lebanon’s democracy be punished by those who
call such ungodly criminal action as justified? Peres, the
DEVIL, just says Israeli terrorist actions are 'justified',
with no need to explain to un-biased zionist newscasters not
interested in defending ourselves from indiscriminate
carnage. No, the bushmob gives them more bombs to assist in
further war crimes. See? the antichrist and Donald "Sexy
cluster dud dropper" Rumsfeld get killed undefended American
kids for the easy cash. And let me tell you, it is easy!
These so called American Patriot Soldiers are total dumfuks,
dying for nothing but their personal cowardice and betrayal.
Just look at what corporate America is doing in support of
democracy in Mexico, or Haiti, or Uzbekistan. Do you think
FOXNews disregard for their freedoms, aren't attitudes they
would have with them when they forbid to report the demon
antichrist, the American Cop killer George Walker Bush wasn't
even verifiably elected in Johnny's America?

America: Death to the bushites, death to Our enemies. Or,
more innocent people will fall dead as murder victims because
of Your apparent confusion on this freedom from bushite enemy
tyranny, they murder US issue. These bushite zionists are
LYING to your American child through our magic tvs, while the
zionist company, Aegis is OFFICIALLY getting the MARINES
killed FOR SURE, in your Name, for a fast bushite buck. Now,
WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT??! Jesus would suggest talk
radio, or perhaps is it as true American, you can't be
bothered to try Yourself either. Whatever, later.

Your Freedom Loving Bushite Jailer,

Johnny Wizard - The Son of Man, King to Jews


/ / Those messages say: "from the children of Israel to the
children of Lebanon". Can any one explain this... What is
this madness? \ \

The zionist enemy tries to steal the soul of Jewish children,
but WE ain't buying. All children are God's children, and
zionists, we see, would kill not only Our children, but even
their 'own' for a fast bushite buck. Well, and, sadly, I
suppose, many Americans would do so also. [you probably
missed the video of bushite soldier families cheering at the
prospect of never ending war to sacrifice their kids for.. [on
hopes of course they'll get that big fat life insurance
pay check. [That never comes. [.]]]]

The Son of God HATES evil soulless enemy bushite vermins.

/ / Israel orders the people in the south to evacuate their
villages: when the people try to leave their villages Israel
targets them with Apache helicopters and kills them \ \

/ / Was it wrong for Hezbollah to defend their country and
chase Israel from Lebanese soil? Is that terrorism? \ \

Nazi Israel bans reporting of use of "unique" weapons in Lebanon

While enemy FOXNews compLIES.


Death to Our Enemies

Again, soldiers everywhere, my friends, CBC, CNN, and FOXNews
Zionist demon liar broadcasters KNOW the bushmob did 911, but
forbid US to communicate freely for Justice. Instead, they
wish US to war against each other for their demonic pleasures.
Instead of US needlessly slaughtering ignorant ungodly bushite
dumfuks, let's support the FBI's conclusion, on who TRULY
funded the terrorist operations of 911 to nab the REAL EVIL
doers. Or, suffer more from the tyrannies of YOUR cowardice
to stand up for yourself as worth something. With FOXNews
broadcasting about the terrible evils of tin can rockets,
while forbidding US to witness the TERRORIST carnage in
Lebanon, is an insult to every Child loving Human Being.

FOXNews enemy David Hunt 'Do as many Hezbollah like killing as you can.'
Nazi Israel 'Lebanese Christians and Jews are indistinguishable from Hezbollah'
The actual DEVIL! (Peres) 'no civilians or infrastructure is being targeted'

Justice for God

"Demon enemies to God are committing acts of terrorism, hunt
to kill the zionist enemy liars of the Jew" - King of the Jews

War criminals need to be found executed as enemies to Humanity.

911 war criminal Condoleezza Rice 'no cease-fire against the innocent'

911 war criminal antichrist bush snickering 'it's Syria's fault we're giving nazis more bombs'

Peres the !DEVIL! 'no civilians or infrastructure is targeted'

Enemy FOXNews hannity 'ALL civilians are legitimate targets for
MURDER because they might be hiding weapons in their basements'

Remember: Hezbollah liberated Lebanon from nazi thieving savages.
Lebanon, a nation who then, after becoming liberated, became a

Nazi Israel, enemy of God and the Jew, has nazi soldiers
targeting all truck drivers in Lebanon for murder, apartment
buildings and Public infrastructure, and therefore, MY
Humanity, God’s Humanity, will not stop until every last nazi
Israeli responsible for such terrorist targeting will be
executed as REAL war criminals. Those who support the
continuing censorship of the clearly documented, ungodly
criminality of the thieving Zionist will be hunted down by US
all, and pay with their Satanic lives instead of our innocent
own held forsaken in God’s name. Death to the bushite, death
to our enemies.

FBI: Zionist antichrist Bush's buddy, General Ahmad funded
911's hijacker Atta. And bush had immediately closed, all
outstanding criminal investigations regarding the terrorist
event of 911. A TRAITOR to ALL American 'dumfuk' Soldiers.

Nazi Israel, the thieving enemies to God, has thousands in
prison as the kidnapped, and regularly, as Zionist enemy of
the Christians, shoots indiscriminately into Palestine for
their TRUE demonic pleasure. Where is their love for any God
when they murder as they have done in Lebanon? Where is their
love for any God when they steal as they have done in Gaza?

From Iran's Ahmadinejad:

/ / "Can one be a follower of Jesus Christ (peace be upon him)
the great Messenger of God . . . and at the same time have
countries attacked? The lives, reputations and possessions of
people destroyed and on the slight chance of the presence of a
few criminals in a village, city or convoy, for example, the
entire village, city or convoy set ablaze?" he writes.
Indeed, I've been wondering the same thing myself. \ \

/ / It is time America understood Hezbollah for what it really
is, not what the Israelis and their Zionist friends say it is.
Unfortunately, our President, Bush, and Conde Rice,
misunderstand, or prefer to remain ignorant of, the truth
about Hezbollah. \ \

Kevin Barrett responds to Bill O'Reilly's Nazi-like attack:

/ / 9/11 was an act of high treason and mass murder, and media
figures complicit in the cover-up will be viewed, a few years
hence, the way we now view Dr. Goebbels. The last time a
bunch of empire-builders tried to trample on our rights, we
had a little uprising called the American Revolution. It’s
time for another one. Let’s kick it off with another Boston
Tea Party—a little red-white-and-blue version of
V-for-Vendetta—and throw the whole Fox News crew[...] \ \


/ / July 20, 2006 -- WMR reported that the Israeli military
was using poison gas on villages in south Lebanon. According
to a former U.S. weapons expert who served in Iraq, the
artillery shell in a photo taken in Lebanon (below) is a
chemical weapon delivery device. \ \

An American nation without a disciplined belief in Justice or
God, is a nation that will fall to terror under it’s own will

What Israel is doing in Lebanon is what bushite term "Terrorism".


/ / But where are the Christians? Why is Pope Benedict
virtually alone among Christian leaders to have spoken out
against what is being done to Lebanese Christians and Muslims?
When [pro-bush] al-Qaida captured two U.S. soldiers and
barbarically butchered them, the U.S. Army did not smash power
plants across the Sunni Triangle. Why then is Bush not only
silent but openly supportive when Israelis do this? \ \

Why? Because as the most heinous criminal enemy of Humanity
in history, personally responsible for the escape of himself
with the 911 terrorists, he gets off on having innocent people
murdered for our stolen values. [Did you see the enemy
grinning like a filthy pig with Blair while the bombs were
dropping EVERYWHERE in Lebanon?] An enemy of Christ and
America, he counts that the corporate professional news
sleuthers will refuse to support Justice for ourselves, or the
God of any religion. All for the war mongering neocon
zionists to sacrifice America to HIS brainwashed soulless nazi
bush bitch punks as further glorious satanic bounties by
LYING. For there is no true God, nor true Son who begs
America to support ourselves. Support Justice, support
Humanity, support the trial and execution of FOXNews
propagandists for stating Iran is continuing with it's nuclear
bomb program, the Holocaust never happened, or stating a great
number of other deliberate LIES, as REAL TREASON punishable by
LAW never absent Here. If only you could believe -

1. Pakistani ISI Director General Ahmad funded 911's hijacker Atta.
2. Laden didn't put explosives into WTC building seven, so who did?

Please, I beg, hunt down pro-bush war criming rapists and
torturers in America's name to the ends of this earth to save
Yourselves from the dying hells of tyranny:

Aegis, who self confessed commits terrorist offences as a
profitable zionist corporation, documented by video to murder
PRO-IRAQI People is an ENEMY who gets American Marines killed
indiscriminately. KILL IT PROUDLY. TODAY. NOW. Thanks.
Then, if need be, me and you will fight together later.


/ /.... Why is a US defense contractor hosting a known
terrorist website? Here is the evidence showing United
Defense's Al-Hejailan Projects Co. hosting the Hizballah
website. \ \

Realize, why wouldn't any just political military faction,
just call for the hunting of zionist bushite enemies to Christ
or Allah? Against the TRUE 911 TERRORISTS? The actual, FOR
REAL antichrist enemies of God in my beloved America? Why
not?... See? CNN, CBC, and FOXNews KNOWS bush did 911, but
forbids dying as dumfuked teen soldiers to know so. Why? So
the UNGODLY zionists can kill more Innocent American kids for


Iraq: Understanding Why They Raped

/ / How can I condemn any soldiers for wartime rape-murder if
I can't answer for myself? What kind of savagery might I
inflict on a [INNOCENT GOD LOVING] woman or child if [MY
UNAMERICAN lawless pro-bushite] war pushed me [as disciple of
the REAL demon antichrist] far enough? \ \

An American nation without a disciplined belief in Justice or
God, is a nation that will fall to terror under it’s own will

These pictures from Sabbah

/ / AP Photo caption: Israeli girls write messages [love &
peace] on a shell [to murder innocent Lebanese kids] at a
heavy artillery position near Kiryat Shmona, in northern
[DEVIL] Israel \ \

/ / Six days ago there were four buildings with 8 to 10
stories high and a little garden in front of them. My parents
home used to be on the second floor in the building in the
middle. They did not harm anybody their entire life. Neither
did their neighbors. \ \

Demon enemy liars, Zionist anti-Semites, don't need a sliver
of evidence, so the bushite 'just' needs to say, all the
Christians and Jews murdered in Lebanon were hiding among
terrorists, and FOXNews, CNN, and CBC would report US as such
without question. Eight Canadians who were murdered by an
Israeli precision strike were at an emergency health service
center. Is DEVIL Peres to tell US it was secretly not?
Without a shred of evidence to suggests as much. Again, Nazi
Israel is saying if someone victimizes innocent People, like
they "the jews" have, you would be justified in gassing all
the Jews like Hitler did. And touché, the Zionist neocon best
bud bush, had the grand dad who was Hitler's banker. But, well,
who cares really for the FACTS right lawless "American" citizen?


I told you, pro-antichrist Zionist Peres - is the actual DEVIL!

"It all started on July 12 when Israel troops were ambushed on
Lebanon's side of the border with Israel."


"If they want to hit Hezbollah, let them hit Hezbollah, but not
the civilians. But civilians are all that they are hitting."

That's because as the ungodly enemy of Jews, [see Old
Testament], feel they can escape murdering innocent god loving
people to thieve from as zionists, for CNN, CBC, and FOXNews
forbids the truth from being reported. The CRIMINAL Israeli
zionist government THEIVES innocent peoples homes. Period.
Bush closed outstanding CRIMINAL investigations immediately
after the terrorist events of 911. Period.

In Mexico, 2.5 Million Missing Votes Reappear:

/ / If they are so sure they “won,” why do they oppose a full
recount? \ \


Israel is saying that Hitler was right in Gassing the Jews.

Thousands of people are held kidnapped in prison in Israel,
without any trial, no evidence is brought against them. They
the Zionists, encourage you to follow their mode of reasoning.
You can slaughter everybody in Israel, and they'd say, "Well
yah, that's what likudniks do too. We totally agree with you.
That is the proper course of action to do, indiscriminate
murder campaigns, against our family and friends, for we do
not believe in a just cause, or a loving God."

They say they're justified in slaughtering the Jews in
Lebanon, because they say a soldier has been kidnapped and
moved on to Iran immediately, it's all Syria’s fault, but they
can kill Jews and Christians in Lebanon endlessly. And yet,
the Lebanese government in power apposes the victimization of
innocent people. While Nazi Israeli accusation after
accusation is given to G-d without a shred of evidence. Nadda.

Enemies of God in anti-Semitic zionist Israel say, it's
appropriate to kill innocent people in Lebanon because they
hold thousands in prison without trial or evidence. Oops, no,
that's nazi Israel,.. I mean because some outside faction
kidnapped a nazi soldier and ferreted him immediately to Iran.
An action Syria is completely responsible for. So, what do
they do? Nazi Israel murders innocent Christians and Jews.

So, as the nazis did, these enemies of Creation believe
mankind does not have the will or the power to speak in
defense of the innocent like Christ is, for our corporate
media masters forbids our truths to be spack freed.

REMEMBER: ZIONIST CBC, CNN, and FOXNews managements know as
Creation’s ENEMIES, according to the FBI, demon antichrist
George Walker Bush’s business partner, General Mahmoud Ahmad
funded 911’s terrorist network - that murdered thousands of
Innocent Americans held worthless to their bottom lines.



Pakistani ISI Director General Ahmad orders an aide to wire
transfer about $100,000 to hijacker Atta. Ahmad later resigns
after the transfer is disclosed in India and confirmed by the
FBI. [Dawn, 10/8/01, Times of India, 10/9/01, Wall Street
Journal, 10/10/01, AFP, 10/10/01]


An IDF soldier speaks out:

Look who's been kidnapped!

/ / To this very day, there are hundreds of prisoners rotting
in Shin Bet prisons and dungeons, people who have never been
- and never will be - tried. And Israelis are silently resolved
to this phenomenon. \ \


The King of the Jews

Hello Humanity, how are you doing?, Johnny Wizard here. I
guess as good as can be expected, considering Israel is still
bombing People indiscriminately. Targeting primarily
Christian and Jews who live in Northern Lebanon. They're
going to punish the government too, when they told US the
soldier prisoner was ferreted over to Iran, and it's all
Syria's fault that this is taking place. So they can kill
near half a billion, not involved innocent People and be
'justified'. Cause the demon antichrist, George Walker Bush
said, Israel has a right to defend herself, all nations do,
against terrorist activities. So Israel can bomb whoever,
doesn't matter. Cause Iran said, their allegations they have
are totally baseless. But, corporate bushite america doesn't
go by facts. [Ahmad funded 911's Atta]. The reason Israel
can not broker a honorable settlement for Peace, is because
they're dishonorable. They STEAL innocent peoples homes.
Corporate America will never show Americans that. Why?
Because as soon as you learn it, the arguments are over. You
know, well, that's a CRIME.

Under American Law, these demon bushites would be gloriously
executed. Like the TERRORISTS Tim Spicer and Cofer Black
would be also, along with the neocons responsible for 911.
But American corporate media masters is going down the way of
lawless bushite nazi grunt contusions, a satanic demon force
that American People refuse to defend themselves over with
just causes.

American tax payers are paying for the indiscriminate mass
murder of the innocent people of our Earth, while bushite
corporate american newscasters continue to tell US, the bad
guys responsible have done nothing wrong with bushite
weaponry. For, the pro-lawless bushite enemies of God's once
great Creation allege the only terrorist destruction taking
place is in ignorant American tax paid for anti-Semitic
Israel. BUSHITES know the neocons did 911, and as TRAITORS
feel American men are not MAN enough to hunt them down and
kill them to defend our falling murdered loving innocent
families. Please help our forsaken God.


/ / Don't care about the innocent Iraqi men that PANTANO
murdered, confessed already as done by PANTANO, completely.
All the evidence is in. Read his own statements. He can not
be a better friend, to someone he is opening thieving from as

bushite enemy. That's the best friendship he can extend to
ANYONE on this planet. And that's what his America is all
about. Don't take my word for it, listen to PANTANO! \ \


60 Afghan civilians dead in US air strikes

/ / "No, there was no civilian injured, and we have no report
to support the claim," said Tamara Lawrence, spokesperson of
the coalition. The US military in a press release issued
Monday said that the coalition attacks had left more than 40
extremists dead in villages 10 km away from Trinkot. \ \

Almost in the same sentence. Tamara Lawrence claims those
that wish to support the FBI to protect America though
Justice, are up for murder by the ungodly criminal "lawless"
antiChrist forces, claiming YOU and your innocent children,
will be just uncivilized extremists, not worthy of life, but
only their ungodly hatred for Freedom in America.

/ / In May, the coalition dropped bombs in Afghanistan on no
fewer than 750 occasions, more than the ordnance dropped in
Iraq. \ \

/ / When Is a 14-Year-Old Girl a 'Woman'? \ \

/ / Hail the [lawless bushite anti-}American heroes... \ \


Make It So

Look, my friends, bushite are the real enemy. They refuse to
allow open discussions in our newspapers and radio TV
broadcasts. I know a producer at the CBC, Canadian's
Broadcast Corporation, a producer that was promptly 'let go'
for starting on a informative depleted uranium program to
attempt educating Our DYING teen Soldiers. Cancelled DEAD.

Trust me please. CNN, CBC, and FOXNews corporate managements
know, bush and the neocons did 911, but as the contemptibly
ungodly, it's only YOUR LIFE they are willing to sadistically
sacrifice for more criminal ill gotten gains as the TRULY
Satanic. They rarely have any true power, but for to know
they secretly work to have you murdered for the Antichrist.
While, I, as Creator, am Life and Death. So, needless to say,
I know what I speak to be so really. I am willing to do
public presentations through our media against any or all
bushites, for we are Self created as the Earth's Supreme
bushite educator/executioner, but the worthless millionaire
media masters, don't want US to win by freely communicating
truly see? Why? They, in a free market place of ideas, would
have nothing we would willingly buy from them as our
sell-outs. We'd have not to pay for free energy, free water,
or, free love.

Look, bushites are consciously aware that they are, enemies of
all Human beings as the TRULY ungodly. Bush bitch E-N-E-M-Y
George Norry KNOWS Ahmad funded Atta, but forbids DYING
America to know so as TRAITORS to themself. It's like when
Cheney lobbed Publicly for torturing innocent people as a
bushite enemy's pleasure. A crime that Reagan DID MAKE LAW
that STANDS STILL in Johnny's America, to now have demanded
life term prison sentences against ALL bushites who would
treasonously fight as such, and death to those who directly
participate in the murder of an innocent other.

Make it so.


'Joke' song about Iraqi [innocent child] killings to be recorded

/ / A [satanic bushite] radio talk-show host is to record and
release a song written by a [thieving] US Marine corporal about
killing [innocent childhood] members of an Iraqi family. \ \

A song celebrating the murder of innocent children sung by
proud to be enemies of God.. a big smash hit or bomb perhaps
inside the dying new Antichrist demon "lawless" America? Fuck,
do I HATE BUSHITE with everything I am as me. DIE BUSHITE DIE.




Johnny on CPAC

little sister and put her in front of me . . as the bullets
began to fly, the blood sprayed from between her eyes, and
then I laughed maniacally." [, then were heard the cheers of
godless bushite dumfuk traitors obscening to God and Man as
the unholy enemy.]

What ever happened to butterfly kisses after evening prayers?

Are you telling me, an American Father, wouldn't gloriously
kill this lawless bushite enemy and his demonic ilk, for our
love of girls everywhere? Or, how about the UNARRESTED
soldiers we witnessed on video beat shoeless children
practically to death while laughing and cheering? Or like
those that speak zero defenses for Haditha's confessed MASS
MURDERING irrational women and child killers? The REAL demons
CONFESS to going into a house, WITHOUT reasoned approach, and
slaughtering an entire INNOCENT family.. for nothing but
their lifeless SATANIC pleasures. The 'cause'? "The [mass
murdered unarmed innocent neighbor's] back door was open.."
To, for God, gloriously, with love, kill these un-arrested
murderous continuing ungodly bushite nazi savages, is to war the
TRUE enemies of Humanity to save the lives of our precious loved
ones. Please help US, please help God, and bag a demon LIAR
bushite to defeat the 911 "escaping" terrorists, the enemies
of America, the enemies of Johnny, the enemies of Life.
Again, these very same thieving bushites of Haditha, admit
Publicly also to targeting for indiscriminate MURDER, the
innocent Peoples of Fallujah, and insist, that's what all
bushite soldiers do most normally in combat for the antiChrist
EVIL George Walker Bush - the thieving traitor forces siding
against our great God's Creation, being led lowly as fascist
nazi cowards, too weak and afraid to defend US innocent in war
time. A "lawless" bushite soldier wars in contempt of all
logic and reason as EVERYONE'S ENEMY.


/ / She was afraid, she told her mother. Her unspeakable
tragedy illustrates a basic fact of [bushite enemy]
occupation: Iraqi civilians are at the mercy of immature
young Americans [truly soulless bushite rapists, the "lawless"
disciples of the for real demon antichrist, 911's Mr. bush
Jr.] with guns. They have no rights. \ \

See, the bushite enemies, claim they can not be found
accountable to a RULE of Law. "Lawless" the demon enemies
claim to armed freedom fighting American Patriots. ANYONE in
America's America, who claims bushite grunts can not be found
accountable, such as the likes of a Tim Spicer at Aegis, Cofer
Black at Blackwater, or South African death squad goons, shoot
dead as our sworn enemies my brother. PANTANO claims he can
not be judged publicly by God or America, as a war criminal
who freely admits he murdered AT LEAST two unarmed innocent
Iraqis for no justified reason. He, as bushite enemy, states
instead, he has been "acquitted" for the first degree murders,
without any criminal American judge judging so. Just him and
his nazi lover, his bush bitch bum buddy whore everyone is
gunning for, Maj. Gen. Richard Huck, enemy commander of the
2nd Marine Division based at CAMP LEJEUNE. These two enemies
of Freedom feel that America must be denied Justice for
Humanity under the tyrannies of their treasonous bushite
CRIMINAL decree. Why not just execute the lowly traitors
instead my friends, and in that process, potentially free
millions of lives, as something truly flag waving
Pro-American? Death to the bushites, death to our enemies who
claim Justice un-attainable by our standards not there
presently commanding our moral courage as outrage.


Johnny Wizard

p.s. The crimes of bushite, are the crimes CNN claims are
crimes of the terrorist enemies in Iraq. Corporate america sucks.


Pope Paul IV, "If you want peace, work for justice"

/ / See the bushite liar enemy of Liberty and freedom who
denies this Justice, then feel glad to kill it for your love
of a real God suffering. \ \


They go, "Yah, but we were elected.", yah, but you didn't tell
us you were going to be a traitor when you took office.



George Bush did 911 with General Ahmad, according to the FBI

Know, that all the emails that foxnews take from the Public,
all the emails that cbc takes from the Public, and all the
emails that cnn takes from the Public, have received my posts.
Stating, George Walker Bush did 911 with General Ahmad,
according to the FBI, and our corporate news professionals,
don't want our soldiers to know that. They’d rather see them
die as cowards, as enemies of Freedom, assisting the
terrorists who committed mass murder in our names back in New
York City on 911.

FBI says, ‘No hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11'

CNN's Anderson Cooper broadcast on July 3rd, 2006

"bin Laden's got company, and it isn't pretty. Terrorists,
polygamists, and just plain thugs. Inside the FBI's 10 Most
Wanted. How they track down and capture some the worst
criminals in the world. Tonight, on 360."

Bring it On! - A Vet Speaks Out

” Before you start on the Taliban supported Bin Laden drivel
though, show me ANYWHERE on the FBI most wanted terrorist
page ANY information linking OBL specifically with the events
of 911.“

Neocon bush bitches, who work at our private news corporate
headquarters, are traitors to Christ as TRUE enemies to the
American flag, freedom as Justice for US all. The fair minded
Son of a God included.

In August 2001, a month before 911, Collin Powell gave the
Taliban 43 million dollars. So, why don't you arrest Collin
Powell?, why shouldn't Collin Powell be bombed? With a
thousand pound bomb, and kill, you know, everybody else who
lives in his village too, because he's a "Taliban". WHY? You
see? you go, "Well, yah, that's true, it's completely
documented correct 100 percent, but, it doesn't fit in with
our bullshit demon lies – that serve the demon antichrist who
kills our kids for cash! Undefended kids for the continuing
big cash withdrawals regarding Your personal inaction to
support ourselves on this Justice for our Humanity subject.

The windfalls of tyranny can be quite staggering when you
don’t think about it actually costing you something.

We had to call the Chief News director at Al-jezzerah.


Example 2:

Just before the ending to neocon Zarqawi, Zarqawi released a
four hour tape. FOUR HOURS! And in it, he as per-usual
advocates the INDISCRIMINATE murder of innocent Iraqis, but
then he did something else. He advocated "Al-Qaida" to not
even bother targeting American forces for now. No lie.
[Think of all those that co-operated with Rumsfeld for 911, or
Spector for JFK, and how certainly, they could not be trusted
for blabbing as dishonorable thieves,.. right? Work for a
zionist neocon enemy of Life, and they'll steal from
themselves behind your back, when nobody is looking, every

Then, the new and improved Laden series came out, praising
Zarqawi's wise words! While, 'without reason' correcting the
Zarqawi parlance - by killing three American Soldiers right
off, just to make it look good for the zionist neocon
traitors. Pfc. Kristian Menchaca, 23, of Houston, and Pfc.
Thomas L. Tucker, 25, of Madras, Ore., “killed in a barbaric
way.”, and Spc. David J. Babineau, 25, of Springfield,
Mass., all were from the 101st Airborne Division out of Fort
Campbell, Kentucky. Left alone on the most dangerous
intersection in the entire Middle East. Who was the proud to
be front line decision maker worrying for bush's thiefdum of
demon liars I say? Doesn't want to talk freely eh...


New laws to punish whistle blowers

/ / He wants longer jail sentences and the removal of a key
legal defence of "necessity" for whistleblowers. \ \

Look, the government has to live up to obeying the law. So,
to disclose a government official's criminal wrong doing, is
to uphold the Constitution or the Flag, and certainly not as
FoxNews or the American Supreme Court would proclaim,
treasonous to their ungodly criminal kind.

Can I help everyone single handedly take over the news word
with good old reasons, namely, our own presently?.. Measure
is good to me. Evidence is the formulation of ANYONE’S guilt,
EVIL bushite demon liars spew otherwise as our criminally
benefacting ungodly enemies. Traitors. WE, THE PEOPLE,
instead, want to nab the true, evil doing terrorists from the
criminal acts committed in our names in New York City on 911.
Starting with everyone of the criminally malfeasant – War
Criming Bush Administration. Held without sails until we can
together, talk politically this thing through internationally
with powerful words on Justice. All stolen Iraqi assets will
be tracked down religiously, then returned with interest,
while emergency food, water, and health care provisions will
be trucked in by the cargo holds, paid for additionally, by
the stolen funds that will be returned through treasonous
price-fixing Halliburton. Har har.

By the way, Joe, how are the funds? can you front me a couple
a'grand, so I can attempt to hire some constitutional lawyers
for my legal defense up here in, we love Canada? Then, as a
plus, we can go on to save the world? With a detailed, let's
just wing it, Justice for All including Johnny strategy?

Have I told you it’s a-l-m-o-s-t becoming acceptable to go to
prison here in corporately censored North America for simply
being a truth telling Human, as real Justice is?, Godly?

Chris Mathews, Olberman, and the rest of you lot from the
comedy channels, make way, here comes Johnny Jesus! Holy Fff!


5 GIs probed in Iraq rape, killings
Chicago Sun-Times

” The official said the rape and killings appear to have
been a ''crime of opportunity,'' noting that the [lawless
pro-bushite] soldiers had not been attacked by insurgents but
had noticed the woman. [undefended by a real man]“


"Support Our Troops"

” "That phrase [Support Our Troops] has become associated
with the uncritical, unthinking, blind support of the American
position in Afghanistan and Iraq," he said. "It isn't just a
folksy saying any more. If they wanted us to be thinking of
the troops, perhaps that's what the T-shirts should say."“


US-led offensive in southern Afghanistan kills hundreds

” The Pentagon routinely describes all victims of military
operations as Taliban, even if they turn out to be women
and children.“


/ / Interior Minister Roni Bar-On told Israel Radio: "Hamas
well understands ... that the sky will fall on them if they
harm Gilad Shalit." \ \

No demon enemy. Nazi Israel will murder, TERRORIZE, as they
have for decades, like nazis do, completely innocent people,
in no way connected to any alleged crime. Like the gas
chambers of the Holocaust, Likudniks murder helpless people on
the brink of starvation to thieve from as the ungodly. More
than 8000 missiles had been fired indiscriminately into Gaza
Since January 2006, and the request to release 1000
Palestinian prisoners, is of prisoners held without trial, or
evidence of any indictable offenses. Enemies of the Innocent,
enemies of Christ is what an anti-Semitic neocon thieving
likudnik TERRORIST is. Just read the Old Testament about
these LIAR demon G-d betrayers. No love for People anywhere,
especially Jews.

Besides, it is well documented, Hammas, was financially backed
by the Likudniks to destabilize a freeing people in the region
for criminal profits stolen from ignorant "Christian" American
tax payers.

” You see? you go, "Well, yah, that's true, it's completely
documented correct 100 percent, but, it doesn't fit in with
our bullshit demon lies - that serve the demon antichrist who
kills our kids for cash!“


The Cruelest "Apartheid Wall" of All:
Protecting Israel, Intimidating Congress, Lying to the
American People



"Al-Qaida" = "General Mahmoud Ahmad" = "bush's ungodly partners in crime"


Where is enslaved by the demon antiChrist America really truly going?

”"A recent DOD investigation...identified a number of abuses, some of
them considered widespread, committed by DOD contractors or
subcontractors of third country national (TCN) workers in Iraq. Some of
these abuses are indicative of trafficking in persons...."“

Thank You Lt. Ehren Watada

"Al-Qaida" = "General Mahmoud Ahmad" = "bush's ungodly partners in crime"

Terror Expert: London Bomber Was Working For MI5


dying for lies no longer in disguise

Again, realize, FOX, CNN, and CBC will all in the thousands,
receive this information about 9/11's Ahmad, but will refuse
to support honorable Police officers, our Humanity's cause for
Freedom through Justice, or our beliefs in any religion.
They, as murderous sadists, fascists, obstruct Justice for
ourselves by refusing to report on the facts of why America
continues to fight, dying sacrificed, while censoring your
cries for understanding. FOXNews decisions don't formulate
our interests by relying upon documented TRUTHS as protections
about this silently dying as unfairly victimized world. Left
forsaken, in Your name..

”"Al-Qaida in Iraq claimed responsibility for killing the
soldiers, " [..] i.e., World War Four, as plotted by the
neocons.“ Three soldiers left alone on the most dangerous
check point in Iraq? All of what any soldier singly
strategizes, thrown completely out the door without the
simplest considerations? Soldiers are dumb, true, but
generally, not that. Goes to show. Follow this..

See, it is now officially acknowledged worldwide, "Al-Qaida",
is just General Mahmoud Ahmad, bushite liar Kimmit, task force
626, and beheader Blackwater mercenaries who dress up as Arabs
for the easy money in getting Marines killed as the leaderless
bad guy dumfuks. How dumfuked? They, "The Marines", broke
out of prison two bushites that were dressed up as Arabs, who
were caught shooting at Iraqi police officers, in a car laced
with explosives to keep the war going for the neocon's P2OG.
TO GET MARINES KILLED. See?, total dumfuks. Or TRUE cowards.

”Lt Col Tim Spicer [the Aegis anti-Iraqi terrorist] asserts
that the soldiers who shot an unarmed teenager in the back,
having searched him, did no wrong. In our view this is a
totally unsuitable individual to be awarded such a
potentially controversial contract in Iraq.“

”[COWARDLY] US troops take over mosque, turn it into a
headquarters for themselves in ar-Ramadi Saturday.“ See?
How stupid is that?

Why can they not stand up as real men, to war those truly
responsible for the cowardly terrorist acts of nine-eleven, or
the bombing of Samarra? No, as cowardly demonic enemies of
America, brag about murdering innocent women and children,
like, I'd kill him easy, Gunnery Sergeant John Merriman, "At
first I froze on seeing the civilian woman. She then crossed
back again with the child ["no older than 10"] and went behind
a wall. Within less than a minute a guy with an RPG came out
and fired at us from behind the same wall. This happened a
second time so I thought, 'Okay, I get it. Let her come out

again'. She did and this time I took her out with my M-16."

See? I'd joyously kill this dumfuk bushite in praise to God.
"Let her come out again". Think about it. Death to the
bushite, death to our enemies. To kill a bushite thief, is to
save the lives of the godly innocent they murder in our names.
Here's another, that any real man from any country, likewise
would kill instantly in defense of Freedom and Liberty.

”Mike Brooks was one of the commanders who had given the
order to shoot at civilian vehicles. It weighed on his mind,
even though he felt he had no choice but to do everything to
protect his marines from another ambush.“

Weighed on his mind to indiscriminately commit mass murder?
Fuck you. See the bushite, you kill it for Christ, you kill
it for America, you kill it for the Love God has for children
everywhere. Die bushite die.

Who would have thought a soulless bushite slave would kill
another bushite slave for a stolen nickel that they likely
spooked from an undefended American grand parent, left still,
in the repuglicon clutches of the lawless demon anti-Christ?
I did. As does many others.

”Marine Airhart who quit in disgust of witnessing the truly
demonic behaviors of the bushite enemy forces "I was there
four months," he says of Guantanamo, "and there wasn't a day
that there wasn't some sort of prisoner-beating festivity
going on." “

Oh, and by the way, bushites are currently wishing to pirate
our public justice system here in Canada, and I might actually
go to prison fraudulently, for pro-totalitarian interests, as
the TRUE Leader of the Free World, all because You apparently
refuse to defend yourself by helping me out some. Private
interest media maestros don't want to tell our dying for bush
soldiers, our kids, that Ahmad funded 9/11's Atta. You dumb
bastards.. don't do this to yourself quietly. Knock knock.
Is it "Al-Qaida", or is it America? Nobody puts Baby in the

So, please, consider forwarding this post to church groups,
police stations, NRA members, biker gangs, and youth out-reaches.
For, our corporate news agencies refuse to defend ourselves
from the neocon terrorists responsible for 9/11. Do let them
escape my friends, don't let them escape.


Pentagon Details Abuse of Iraq Detainees

”Specific names and locations, including the identities of
the [bushite] military unit(s) [who criminally commit torture
against the innocent as traitors], were blacked out. “


People of Earth
The Son to God Speaks

”If the 2004 Battle of Fallujah is a precursor for an
attack against Ramadi, the U.S. military MAY cordon off an
escape route for women and children [to be murdered further up
the road], but forbid the men and older boys [older equals
older than nine, or in around nine] to leave. [TO WHERE?] “


The Case of the Missing $21 Billion Who's Following the Iraq Money?

”What better way to follow that money than an
impeachment hearing into why the president unconstitutionally
subverted the intent of Congress in establishing an office of
special inspector general for corruption in Iraq? “


”..American citizens have actually been interrogated at the
military base Mihail Kogalniceanu close to the [Romanian] city
of Constanza at the Black Sea. “DON'T GO SILENT


Innocent Falling in Your Name

I BEG America to hunt down and Prosecute George W. Bush in
the names of the innocent falling in your name. If a bushite
claims objection in support of the demon anti-Christ,
Prosecute it too as traitor. Anyone who vocally supports the
escape of Rumsfeld, bush, or Cheney for 9/11, to torture, or
more Guantanamo, please Prosecute for God's mercy, in defense
of all Life I plead, please help the Innocent, please help me.

America's corporate NAZI propagandists, who deny truths to be
spoken in Humanity's defenses, are enemies of US all. The FBI
states General Ahmad funded 9/11's Atta, and news
professionals would rather have Your children suffer and die
as terror victims, than allow Justice be spoken for my
defense. American Patriot Warriors, hunt bushite as the
ENEMIES TO EVERYONE. Iran has not stated "The Holocaust never
happened", and the Son of Man states, a free man shall not be
imprisoned through decisions made privately by FOX NEWS
enemies, the bushite conspirators. Propaganding traitors to
God and country.

Lieutenant Ehren Watada:

"It was a betrayal of the trust of the American people. And
these lies were a betrayal of the trust of the military and
the soldiers."

Please, do not leave my calls for Justice go unheard from your
fear of LIAR demon Bush being done in by his treasonous evil
wickedness as betrayals to our American flag. Rise up to find
the will as courage to destroy the freedom flag burning George
Walker Bush instead, as our living struggle to preserve the
dying freedoms of US all, the truly innocent, and in so doing,
you'll be using God's heart as your own.

ENEMY EVIL FOX NEWS quoting Ahmadinejad:

"The Holocaust never happened."

[Implying what?, that the Bush family and Hitler weren't in on
together, killing US either?]

What Ahmadinejad actually said:

"Why then should the Palestinians pay the price of what the
Europeans did against the Jews?"

Ahmadinejad's ignorance of the Bush\Nazi alliance as
documented World War II history, [Charles Higham], or the
Bush\Shah of Iran plan, doesn't automatically
condemn our Humanity to suffer once more, unprovoked Nazi
atrocities at the criminal actions of our sworn enemies, if we
can help it.

" wasn't the Arabs who did it [THE HOLOCAUST]; it was the
Europeans. Why then should the Palestinians pay the price of
what the Europeans did against the Jews?" (Musayeb Naimi
quoting in English, his version of Ahmadinejad's Arabic
remarks, editor of Al Wefaq, New York Times, December 20,

This could be really good beyond magnificent, or deadly dreary
as the ending to our disenfranchised Humanity. The clock is
ticking, a real life is on the line here; freedom or tyranny,
hope or despair, heaven or hell, YOU DECIDE., you'd better, or
somebody else will for you.


GI Special 4F4: "That's Not A Terrorist" - June 6, 2006

”"I see two [BUSHITE] soldiers kicking the heads around like
a soccer ball. I just shut my mouth, walked back, got inside
the tank, shut the door, and it was like, I can't be no part
of this.“


UK 'Undercover Soldiers' Driving Booby-Trapped Car

”Why were undercover British [BUSHITE] soldiers wearing
traditional Arab headscarves firing at Iraqi police? “


The True Red White and Blue - American Patriot Answers the Call to Jihad
- A recording on the reality of George W. Bush's treason to US.


”In other words -- and let's say this plainly, clearly and
soberly, so that no one can mistake the intention of
Rumsfeld's plan -- the United States government is planning to
use "cover and deception" and secret military operations to
provoke murderous terrorist attacks on innocent people. “


The Pirates of Israel

”Included in the deal is a chance for Iran to prove the
U.S. accusations false, a preposterous notion of justice
which amounts to nothing less than extortion. As Lincoln once
remarked, "A highwayman holds a pistol to my ear and cries,
'Stand and deliver, or I will be forced to kill you and you
will be a murderer." “

Look, it's the translations that corporate America refuses to
do accurately.

The Non-Proliferation Treaty stipulates SPECIFICALLY that Iran
has the right to nuclear power, co-signed by all standing
active members including AMERICA! America gave Iran the
technology in the first place! Bushite amerka has no evidence
that Iran is enriching weapons grade uranium, nor the evidence
that they have the VERY difficult ability of a VERY different
thing. Where is Our United Nations on this knowledge? IAEA?
Absent as per-usual? Again, almost 50 billions dollars was
mis-appropriated as stolen through the 661 committee's
oil-for-food program, with Kofi and the gang's un-willingness
to speak out for your lost funs, leaves us still broke and
dethroned. Where is the United Nations or the IAEA when FOX
NEWS reports Iran claims the Holocaust never happened? FOX
NEWS reporters who translate such insane lies should be
prosecuted for war bating propaganda as serious to the core
NAZI TREASON against the good old red, white, and blue, no?
They do have a responsibility to not purposefully mislead
America for more bountiful bushite deaths and suffering, no?
What do you think?


It is only America's welfare state, the masked bigot
Likudniks, the pirates of Israel, and the lawless bushite
zionist neocon enemies that want to nuke our Humanity to
poison our dying Earth for their personal private cash profits
at the sacrifice of censored corporate "no politics" pro-war
talk radio Amerka, but truly know, if they even seriously
contemplated attempting to mini-nuke our Earth, LET THEM KNOW,
we all from every race, nationality, and religion, would rise
up as nature's survivors, and rip them to pieces for our solid
core blood brothers, Mohammad/Christ\Hillel simply guaranteed,
without question. Any barely standing still prissing proud as
godless dumfuk bushite soldier obscening, would be rightly
"Lighten up", destroyed lovingly by it's Patriotic brother,
Sensitive father, Caring mother, Smarter sister, Braver son or
Dear daughter, Friendly neighbor, Old School Chum, Complete
Stranger, or just the risen from the grave eternal defender,
the ever great, poor boy Johnny Wizard.


”Presenting ourselves to meet the challenge of gaining
our own Humanity we are trying. Have faith that as the
Universe revolves around all things to be known of, so
too, is Life's true magnificence an honor to honor for.
Wow. You are a living dream, so, wake up and help out.“


”Captured fighters don't deserve these [Geneva] rights
because this isn't a war between countries, says [CANADA'S]
Lieutenant-General Michel Gauthier [..]

Terrorism: warranting the return of talks against this
Canadian wannabe bushite enemy. Know Canada, our cowardly,
pro-bush nazi commander encourages US to hand prisoners to
dumfuk pro-amerkans for false incarceration or sadistic
satanic torture. I want Harper tried by CANADA for treason on
this. Harper knows personally that his close bum buddy, demon
enemy Bush committed 9/11, as would have to, Hillier, but
instead as standing proud for Canadian freedom as peace
keepers, they lie to war our kids to have them die for
phantoms in Afghanistan, all for the benefiting private pocket
of weapons dealer O'Conner. [WHO? CBC Canada doesn't tell.]
Taliban was just a loose group of barely literate mixed tribe
wannabe Muslims, fighting for women's rights, and opening
girls school programs, who like Laden have so far, absolutely
nothing to do directly with the crime scene of 9/11. If the
Taliban as portrayed exist as individuals, they'd only need to
step "up" to join the currently protected by Canada as a
muslim fundamentalist regime of enron loving heroin pushers
who execute CHRISTIANS without trial. Down with Harper's
bullshit "C.R.A.P." party, and up with the Son's Command. All
in favor. I.


For freedom and America, God and Humanity.

Or, as Col. Michael Olivier told Robert Worth of The Times:
"First we blow up YOUR house [inhabited], then we pay you [or
somebody else who may have survived] to rebuild it. [much
later. Maybe, if Sattler hasn't already stolen all the cash
like typical neo-con bushite enemy liars do, much identical to
Saudi Wahhabi commander of the Third Infantry, 170 ton plastic
explosive expert, Buford "bush bitch" Blount, who gets more
cowardly dumfuk Marines killed by IED for money through rotten
rumsfeld's P2OG than anyone.]"

No, not true. Sattler stole the cash once it was realized
that of the estimated 250,000 innocent men women and 10 year
old children forbidden to leave the city before the
indiscriminate bombing campaigns began, (which included many
2000 pound radio-active wmd bombs, sexy rummy's cluster dud
land mines, napalm, and deadly white phosphorous gas,) found
later in a city that originally had a population estimated at
near 350,000, only 300 [THREE HUNDRED] left!, willing to
thankfully take the FREEBEE 50 dollars to bury their rotting
dead, find near impossible emergency food and water stolen by
enemy bushite earlier, repair bombed health car clinics [the
FIRST strike targets], buy flowers for the troops, then,
lastly, rebuild their totaled home, and ancient mosques.
Mountains of dead bodies of ourselves as the innocent never
seen since these demon nazis last attacked Our Humanity. Kill
nazi bushite enemy with pleasure in serving for America and
freedom everywhere, as any propagandist holocaust denier who
lies to US otherwise to state a bushite fights for Jesus or
freedom. A good bushite is a dead bushite halted from
victimizing our loving humanity with their treasonous lies and
betrayals to the tele-viewing Audience.

Die bushite die.

”U.S. forces had urged [more than 200,000 INNOCENT PEOPLE]
Fallujans [forcibly] trapped in the city to stay in their
homes, but "troops using thermal sights often assumed that if
there was a 'hot spot' inside a house — indicating body heat
the people inside were insurgents."“

Then of course before entering a house, they would super
grenade it, or just blow the whole thing down, just to stay on
the side of enemy to all living things as the truly ungodly
enemies of EVERYONE. Especially when repeatedly announcing
all those unable to leave, including infants and elderlies in
wheel chairs, were all just evil terrorists worthy of first
degree murder with George W. Bush as their demonic lying
unjust Denier in/as Thief.

”US military had blocked any assistance from reaching
Fallujah's beleaguered residents.“



snpd - (man, don't miss this important discovery..)


”BBC: What kind of abuses were going on that you experienced?

"I seen innocent people being killed, IEDs goes off and you just zap any
farmer who's close to you, hit him with the 50 or Mark 19“

Not everybody. We hunt every bushite commander down, try it, and
then execute it for the glory Christ in a Just America.

”If the troops were on a mission of mercy to bring
democracy to Iraq, wouldn’t keeping children away from such
[contaminated radio-active] dangers be the top priority?“


”However, in a tape released on December 27, 2001, the
authenticity of which is not in doubt, Osama denied having had
anything to do with 9/11. "Moreover," Fetzer added, "some of
the 19 hijackers he 'personally assigned' have turned up alive
and well." “

”Mark Bingham, a passenger on Flight 93, is supposed to have
called his mother and said, 'Hi, Mom, this is Mark Bingham!'
His mother confirmed it was his voice, but does anyone
seriously believe that Mark Bingham would have used his last
name in identifying himself to his mother?" “


A now declassified document with Rumsfeld's signature calls
for keeping prisoners in [extremely] painful positions..

President Reagan officially finds Rumsfeld executed publicly

Bag one for the Gipper!


Wait a Moment


Air America Interviews The God Loving Bushite Killer J. Wizard!

Near Impossible to believe!

”"similar themes go through all our streams. And it all
comes back as Confucius says, "Do unto others, as you would
have them do unto you." And Christ said that, Hillel said
that, Buddha said that, everybody says that, cause that's all
it is. But bushite, he wants to accuse People of criminal
offenses without any evidence, and indiscriminately slaughter
everybody in countries, for no good reason but to be OUR

documented war crimes of the enemy bushite

reality in Israel





Inside Out

” How can those who want accountability be termed
anti-Iraqi? only through cowardly liars, is an American
told America's not going to hunt down those who stole in
their names for dying.“


”The actual text forbids a Jew to kill
innocents even to save his own life. After all, God
created all human beings "in his own image"
(Genesis 1:27). “


51 Documents: Zionist Collaboration With the Nazis


You be the judge: Shouldn't this be OUR BIG NEWS STORY?
And, who's interest is it, that it is yet to be made so
by Your entertaining national news programming? Whos?
The People's? Freedom's? Or the forces of bushite
tyranny to keep the US unaware of Freedom's true glory?

”"I will name Richard Cheney as prime suspect in the
mass murders of 9/11 “


”``People trying to help us were wounded or ran away.
After a minute, the helicopters came back and fired
again. They came three or four times.''“

This action is typical for the enemies of Life bushite.



”Sattler, as a result of ignoring reason and understanding,
went out and sacrificed all these marines that are now dead.“


The J. Wizard Comic Book!

Godsmack - Awake - "Hear the silence about to break."

”Bush's refusal to talk to the Iranians, except in terms
of threats and ultimatums, seems reckless. “

That demon enemy of Christ even refused to read the 18 page
letter, and excepted only a brief brief on the matter..
Contempt for every American soldier that has ever served,
but, well, who really truly cares right? [his handlers have
recently informed the demon enemy to pretend to all he
could read it instead.]


”Last October, the Army's Criminal Investigation
Command concluded that there was probable cause to charge
27 officers“


”Now that's a problem. I own the company that hosts
Capitol Hill Blue. So, in effect, the feds want me to
turn over information on myself and not tell myself that
I'm doing it. You'd think they'd know better.

I turned the letter over to my lawyer and told him to
send the following message to the feds: Fuck you.
Strong letter to follow. “


”2.5 terabytes of data about Mohammed Atta [...] a
three-hour briefing for the chairman of the Joint Chiefs
of Staff is historically insignificant? A briefing that
included Richard Schiefren (ph), with Steve Cambone, in
March of 2001, five months before 9/11, is historically
insignificant? I don't think so.“


”Problem is, everything that worked at the CIA—that it
warned about 9/11 and said the Iraq war was a bad
idea—was on the hit list. The Bushies wanted to
eliminate the people who were right and promote those who
were wrong. “

I'm telling you, the demon anti-Christ of Creation is
like, really evil man.


”Once known for flying around VIPs such as Arnold
Schwarzenegger and Kofi Annan, the plane has been used by
the CIA to fly around renditioned prisoners and their CIA
captors. “

Crimes against America, crimes against God.


Christ Wars Bushite Enemies for the Love of our Living God

Don't miss it!


Book of John:

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and
the Word was God."

Liberal Defence "critic" Ujjal Dosanjh:

"We carved a line in the rugged hills of Afghanistan, not with
our words but with our legendary courage, the blood and the
sweat of our men and women of the Canadian Forces"

To die for heroin pushing while making Christianity "illegal?"
While helping to let Bush escape 911 with a new enron pipe line?
Cowards led without courage, who have died for no better good
or, even reason spoken. Remember: Canadian forces are fighting to
protect a muslim fundamentalist regime, who doesn't want free
speech protected. My armed and ready friends, why not fight
with words to allow J. Wizard to politely respond to our
deadly enemies who fight to keep our Humanity in darkness with

deliberate bushite enemy ignorance.

Hillary Clinton recently talking about how great Bush, the
un-elected demon anti-Christ is:

"Charming" "Charismatic" and "Good Company"


”By 2002, on the eve of the US-led invasion, Baghdad was
full of booming businesses, restaurants were full, and
families walked freely along well-lit parks.“


"We don't know why they bomb our house and our fields. We
have never resisted the Americans."

Because they, the bushite are enemies of all Creation.
Feel no remorse in killing demonic liar bushite, for they
hold all American values in true contempt.


Probable Cause for Alarm
Press ignores Ex-NSA chief's ignorance of Constitution


It should be known why. The reason America murders their own
children in NYC is because they, the demonic repuglicons, need
to protect the lie that children born to HIV positive mothers,
are not likely to die of immune disorders, unless they are force
fed expensive pharma. snpd


Remember swine flu shots? You should


”The CPA didn’t properly check out the courier before handing
over the cash, [1.5 BILLION] and, as a result, according to an audit
report by the CPA’s inspector general, ‘there was an increased risk
of the loss or theft of the cash. “



”US troops [bushite enemy of true freedoms] raid all Internet
cafes in city cutting off communications with outside world. “


”When the auditors in the New York City office learned well in
advance which files a review team would check, they spent the
equivalent of more than 47 days doctoring the papers and
updating records from several audits, the Defense Department's
inspector general concluded. Administrative staff, audit
supervisors and other employees also participated in the
scheme. “

These are acts of high TREASON.


”So we've never made the case, or argued the case that somehow
Osama bin Laden [sic] was directly involved in 9/11. That
evidence has never been forthcoming.“


Justice for Johnny

Notes to Lawyers who wish to contribute to J. Wizard's
defense on a quid pro quo - maybe I can pay you back later


”The heaviest sentence imposed on anyone to date for a torture-related
death while in U.S. custody is five months,“


Know Thy Enemy - Christs Comedy of Error - Truly amazing audio performance!!!



”2:9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but
thou art rich) and [I know] the blasphemy of them which
say they are Jews, and are not, but [are] the synagogue
of Satan. “

”1. Is Scottie getting worse at lying, or are
we just getting better at seeing the truth? “

”It has denied that there were any civilian casualties,
despite television footage showing dead and wounded
women and children being pulled from the rubble of
flattened homes. “While sadistic satanic enemies cheer at
God's suffering - proudly kill a bushite for the love of Jesus

Battle Plan of Christ

”"The Zarqawi PSYOP program is the most successful
information campaign to date." - Brig. Gen. Mark
Kimmitt, in an internal 2004 memo praising the
propaganda campaign to hype the threat of Iraq's
"terrorist mastermind" Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. “

”But if you listen to Cheney, people are just picking on
Halliburton because they don't like him. Not so. I
would be mad at any company that billed me for driving
empty trucks across the desert, but it just so happens
that Halliburton is the company at the wheel. “


Isahaqi, - Children of Abraham: Death in the Desert


”Why would [subhuman bushite] guards torture a man they
considered innocent? “Because they are openly enemies to
Christ. I say, kill it for America when you can, God bless.

”When Specialist Corey E. Jones struck the knees of the
Dilawar, he cried out painfully to Allah (God). Jones said,
"Everybody heard him cry out and thought it was funny."
Hundreds of blows later, Dilawar died in custody.“

I say we hunt them down, and get'em good for God and America,
what say you potential innocent victim?

”The evil of this deliberate policy is great in itself; but
the broader implications are perhaps even worse. For consider
this: if American troops can be propagandized to believe such
a transparent lie about Iraq's non-existent connection to 9/11
- what can't they be manipulated into believing?“

They, the bushite enemy, have no soul as disciples of the
demon antiChrist.

”That is already averaging this year about 6 times the normal
incidence of new lung cancer cases in a year. “

All thanks to the liar bushite enemy who claim for our
Humanity that WE can eat depleted uranium "by the poundful",
and suffer no ill effects while they cash in as corporate
media successes. - Are You willing to join the rank now?


”* A clear majority of the troops oppose torture and
aggressive interrogation techniques and four out of five
polled oppose the use of such banned weapons as napalm and
phosphorus bombs, such as US forces employed in the assault on
Fallujah in November 2004.“


”The primary "evidence" against another was that he was
captured wearing a particular Casio watch, "which many
terrorists wear." “

Now, wouldn't you as godly Christian, hunt to kill any bushite
enemy who argued such evidence warranted torture, or life
imprisonment of an innocent person?

”Instead of rebuilding several steam-turbine power
stations— as Iraqi engineers and managers recommended—the
CPA’s crony contractors chose to build new natural gas and
diesel-powered combustion-turbine stations, despite the fact
that Iraq doesn’t have adequate supplies of either. “

Speak for Yourself

”Deborah Johns blames "al Qaeda" for our military deaths
(including Casey Sheehan's) in Iraq!
Please, trust me, if I did speak for Ms. Johns her opinions
would be more informed. “

Sept. 11's Smoking Gun: The Many Faces of Saeed Sheikh


"The ungodly crazycon is a formidable opponent, but I think
my America will triumph over the enemy demon liars if I am granted
the opportunity to say something about it."

- King J. Wizard

"That is a high act of treason. And it's not, "oh well, but
maybe it's not true.." No, we have the two documents of question."


US Church Alliance: Washington is 'Raining Down Terror' with Iraq War, Other

”"We acknowledge with shame abuses carried out in our name."“

”"As the national intelligence officer for the Middle East, I
was in charge of coordinating all of the intelligence
community's assessments regarding Iraq," Pillar writes. "The
first request I received from any administration policy-maker
for any such assessment was not until a year into the war."


"OK, I saw Bin Laden five times: three times on
Al Jazeera and twice on Yemeni news." His "admission" was duly
recorded in a case file: "Detainee admitted to knowing Osama
bin Laden." “


”But when a Jew, Ezra Levant, publishes cartoons that
incense Canada's 600,000 Muslims and touch off demonstrations,
well that's "free speech." “

Er.. Yah but... Ezra Levant ISN'T Jewish!

Zionist Neo Conservatives often likewise co-opt
the Jew label too. There is more to being Jewish than
covering a bald spot with a funny hat, or being related to one
of the more than fifty million people that tragically died
fifty so years ago at the hands of the same Bush family Empire
of nazi demon liars.


”In typical disingenuous neocon fashion, Pipes alleges
a “conspiracy theory” but refuses to cite or quote Bollyn’s
article. “
”The cameraman, a soldier, filming these violent scenes laughs
and says: “No crying kids, no crying!” “

”All the while the callous cameraman delivers a
stomach-churning commentary urging his mates on, cackling with
laughter and screaming: "Oh yes! Oh yes! You're gonna get
it. Yes, naughty little boys! You little f***ers, you little
f***ers. DIE! Ha, ha!"“

Have you seen this video? the children, of at least one was
murdered, look to be about twelve. Reported nation wide as
"civilians" maybe "youths", but not children by corporate
fascist news content controls. In fact, I don't believe CNN
or CBC even aired more than two or three seconds of concern.
Those are my kids, and I'll kill without question any wannabe
bushite enemy who demands I have no RGIHt! to act in their

I beg you on behalf of Jesus, join me in hunting these enemies
of Life down to death. I will give anything to anyone to have
these evil nazi bushite savages destroyed - death to the
thieving bushite that Bush and Blair leave walking our streets
as free to further commit crimes in our names. Who was
arrested? Who is investigating? See the bushite, you kill it
for America, you kill it for Christ, you kill it for the love
you have of freedom, life, and God.

”In other words, as one analyst phrased it, "Congress would
never have granted Bush permission to do something that,
according to Gonzales, it had already granted him permission
to do."“


Propagandized stupider than the fates will allow

The "Shock and Awe" Gallery©

”"The children seem to be the most openly enthused.
They are getting a chance at a future the likes of which
would never have been possible under the oppressive


When we cancel other people's human rights, we cancel our own.

= Highwater =


”In another characteristic incident, Bush asserted, as he
has repeatedly, that any decision on withdrawal of American
troops from Iraq "will be made by military commanders, not by
politicians in Washington DC." “

Exactly. The demon enemy of life itself, Our Mr. bush Jnr.,
who publicly parades his contempt for freedom and God, must
be stopped for all costs, that include for sure, your own
as reader.



”"I think they thought we wouldn't shoot kids, But we
showed them we don't care. I did what I had to do. I
don't have a big problem with it" - U.S. Army Pvt.
Nick Boggs“

One of Rumsfeld's last quotes before he was executed for high treason.
"War has been declared on all of our nations and on our people."




I, J. Wizard, in the city of Winnipeg, Province of Manitoba


Pakistani ISI Director General Ahmad orders an aide to wire
transfer about $100,000 to hijacker Atta. Ahmad later resigns
after the transfer is disclosed in India and confirmed by the
FBI. [Dawn, 10/8/01, Times of India, 10/9/01, Wall Street
Journal, 10/10/01, AFP, 10/10/01] The individual who makes the
wire transfer at Ahmad's direction is Saeed Sheikh, later
convinced for kidnapping and murdering reporter Daniel Pearl
in February 2002. ABC News later reports, "federal
authorities have told ABC News they've now tracked more than
$100,000 from banks in Pakistan to two banks in Florida to
accounts held by suspected hijack ringleader Mohamed Atta."
[ABC News, 9/30/01] CNN also reports the $100,000 transfer,
and the New York Times specifies that it came in 2000. [CNN,
10/1/01, CNN, 10/6/01, New York Times, 7/10/02] Ahmad's order
must have preceded June 2000, since that's when Atta and
others started opening bank accounts and receiving the money
($109,910 is received by Atta and Marwan Alshehhi between June
19 and September 18). [MSNBC, 12/11/01]

snpd all the evidence for 911.. Doh.)


The Crown's interpretations of my possessions are not my expressions!!


The Judge through this whole thing out for the defense
without any consideration offered to OUR COURT!



Since I am representing myself on these particular criminal
matters, Legal Aid is not required to lend assistance on the
grounds that I'm not co-operating with the system as it
operates through professional Barred representations. [I am
eligible for walk in consultations but nothing of the sort of
assistance I am requesting] Considering the complexity of my
judicial matter, I would request legal assistance from the
Court in these following areas.

1. National Security Issues

I need assistance in understanding the legal statutes that our
national security services are obligated to practice under, to
insure our national security matters are being truly defended
in my respect.


”The U.S. War Crimes Act of 1996 makes such conduct by a
member of the U.S. armed forces a "war crime" punishable by
fine, imprisonment or, in cases resulting in death to the
victim, the death penalty. “


”When we first approached the Marines with this evidence, they
responded in quite a hostile fashion. They accused us of
buying into enemy propaganda. “


”Fake bin Laden tapes, "verified" by the CIA, are nothing
new. Every supposed bin Laden statement since 2001 has been
blatantly bogus. The last we heard from the real bin Laden
came in his post-9/11 statements to Pakistani journalists:


"I stress that I have not carried out this act, which appears
to have been carried out by individuals with their own
motivation. ... I have already said that I am not involved
in the 11 September attacks in the United States. ... I had
no knowledge of these attacks."“


The Benderman Cause

A Canadian Soldier's Life Held in Contempt - The Verdict

LET IT BE KNOWN - Propagandized stupider than the fates will allow

Realize, CNN and CBC have received this post, yet, continue to
treasonously lie to dying soldier families.

Nazi Israel - The Judgment of Jesus

Unjust as they are ungodly, bushites are our enemies

ATTENTION: All admirable soldiers and police officers - Realize, CNN and CBC have received this post, yet, continue to treasonously lie to dying soldier families.

Johnny Wizard


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