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Great words from the lawyer of the thieving bushite child killers of Haditha

Johnny America | 26.01.2007 19:42 | Analysis

Defend Universal Freedom by defending US innocent from the
ungodly murderous bushite torturers, rapists, and thieves to
God as Your Humanity. My hands are tied, all because
"Americans" refuse to take ANY action. 300 million people and
not one dare challenges corporate zionist nazi whores by making
a call to "talk" radio themselves. My friends, be Human
helpers to the struggle against the antichrist tyrannies
of INJUSTICE. God as ourselves, the innocent.

Great words from the lawyer of the thieving bushite child killers of Haditha

/ / "There were Harriers dropping 500lb bombs on buildings.
If they're dropping 500lb bombs without knocking on the door
first, how can you argue the troops on the ground did anything
wrong?" \ \

2000lbs of radio-active toxic waste that will murder for years
more like, while after, then striking again to get the god
helpers and screaming children, then even, as in Fallujah,
going house to house to murder every one, young and old as the
truly Satanic. Just obeying lawless orders to thieve from
Humanity as bushite for neocon zionist traitors of G-D doesn't
fly in the big book. When anyone kills a bushite, all
humanity benefits truly from the defense. You defend a real
suffering God by ending a soulless bushite threat against our

Bill Sattler.

Defend Universal Freedom by defending US innocent from the
ungodly murderous bushite torturers, rapists, and thieves to
God as Your Humanity. My hands are tied, all because
"Americans" refuse to take ANY action. 300 million people and
not one dare challenges corporate zionist nazi whores by making
a call to "talk" radio themselves. My friends, be Human
helpers to the struggle against the antichrist tyrannies
of INJUSTICE. God as ourselves, the innocent. Again, kill
a bushite, and all day long you'll have praise from the
Son of God. That is me with all the answers to questions
Americans don't even bother to ask of themselves.

I am America,

Johnny Wizard


/ / to think that these could have been just dumb ideas or
incompetence. (L. Paul Bremer, for instance, who made the
"dumb" decision about dismantling the Iraqi army, prior to
becoming Iraq's occupation viceroy, had headed the nation's
leading risk assessment consultancy, and surely knew what all
the risks were of his various decisions.) \ \

Bushite TRAITORS got rid of the ORHA plan.


Sir Ken, head of the Crown Prosecution Service

"The fight against terrorism on the streets of [..] is not a
war. It is the prevention of crime, the enforcement of our
laws and the winning of justice for those damaged by their

You got that right. So, join US in demanding the quick
trials, and public executions of known bushite enemies who
murdered Americans on 911 with general Ahmad, and who with
Peter Power, murdered the innocent in Britain for more stolen
goods against God. And anyone in the air force as bushite
bombers should be a great joy for US all to hunt for
prosecuting too. The bushite dumfuk is an enemy to our lives,
with it's blantant naked contempt for the innocent, who like
the demon liar THEIVES at CJOB, George Norry, or Hannity, will
forbid ANY human defenses of the lawless dictate of the
IRRATIONAL tyrannical demon antichrist, all so to victimize
more of You as the censored forsaken.

REPENT. The TRUE Son of Man Johnny HATES godless 'lawless'
bushite enemies of Life.


Use this address in Firefox to get daily podcast of Alex Jones.
[won't work with explorer.]


Death to our indiscriminately murderous thieving enemies of
God's Creation, who war Creation for bush's personal escape
for the crimes of 911 Christ would say right, wouldn't you say
so likewise my brothers and sisters, of the Muslim, Christian,
and Jewish religions in belief?


Exit strategy to save the lives of dying Americans:

War bushite LIAR zionist repuglicons who did God wrong on 911

War bushite who LIE to American Sons and Daughters to not hunt
those who stole billions with ear-marks, Social Security,
no-bid contracts, Iraqi oil, ect.

War those who stole the Iraq Development Fund, and the
emergency monies left to save the lives of our dying children

War bushite who feed soldiers radio-active toxic waste as harmless

War bushite who support torturing the innocent to death

War bushite who sing about the joys of murdering Iraqi children

War bushite who beat to death barefoot Iraqi children

War bushite who beat lamed dogs for fun

War bushite who claim they are lawlessly un-accountable as liars.

War bushite in the air force who target bombing innocent People
like in Fallujah or Somalia with land mines and mini nukes

The godless as lawless bushite is the enemy to America, kill
it proudly for freedom, as a undying love for a real God and

King Johnny Wizard
President and CEO



/ / she told The Nation. "If I contribute to the Army's
prosecution of Lieutenant Watada on speech-related charges, I
will have colluded in suppression of speech. What could be
more hostile to the ideas of a free press than that?" \ \

Again, a Patriot Soldier who's only crime is that he refuses
to commit a crime in Your name. Do something about it.

George Norry and Art Bell are enemies of American chances for
survival of our dying teens. Their contempt for Justice in
America is blatantly EVIL, and worth killing before they do
another dumfuk, they hate US, zionist demon broadcast.
Traitors to God and Country George Norry and Art Bell are.
They'll laugh, sing, and cheer while KILLING your CENSORED
forsaken Son or Daughter, needlessly trapped sacrificing with
the ungodly 'lawless' bushite zionist enemies, all before
allowing any REAL Americans to SIMPLY discuss evidence as a
requirement to convince ourselves of something. Norry, that
demon fucker, has an endless supply of bush whore callers,
that'll tell him, he doesn't have to read the news, read his
email, or hear the screams of dying innocent murder victims.
Sure, once a year, maybe, we'll get the Patriot popular Alex
Jones, but he's too terrified of me as Puppet Master, or US,
or talking about the NO CAUSE Iraq war, that Iran doesn't have
an ability to create weapons grade uranium, or that General
Ahmad funded 911's Atta. Just the way TRAITOR George Norry
DEMANDS it. For, truly there is no defense for 'lawless'
bushite, but by an ungodly tyrannical censorship. Because YOU
fear me, or refuse to demand Justice truly, You'll DIE as
bushite victim, but Norry and Bell plan to live on 'escaping'
as multi-millionaires, broadcasting on to further destroying
freedom for others to 'cash in' with Your worthless forsaken
soul. Now, I'm the Son of Man who can only do so much. If
you won't speak for our dying freedoms, what do you expect me,
or an all powerful G to do even? No... Really? What? I
could ask all Universal species to assist US here on earth by
hunting to kill bushite everywhere, but chances of 'them'
getting here in time listening, seems rather unlikely. But

Death to the murderous bushite, death to our enemies, so says


Well, gee, Iran has no nuke program, in anyway, shape, or
form, but Israel wants to murder more of humanity for their
ungodly lies anyway. The enriched uranium Iran is making, can
not be used for a bomb because it's only enriched to 2
percent, and to get the bomb making stuff, you need a
COMPLETELY different technology. But science?, in bushite
america? Nazi America would rather be nazi chauvinist pigs,
before admitting the Son of Man exists, or to go to the
trouble of phoning someone who refuses to take our public
calls for Justice. What religion is this America?, where
Human life has little of no value? And Johnny's love means

How is a Zionist Jewish?, I, the King of the Jews Messiah ask
my fellow brothers and sisters everywhere.. How? A million
land mines in Lebanon a godly act is it? Jew only roads not
Apartide?, nor stealing a Christian’s Home I suppose..? How?



/ / I happen to believe that we are reaching a moment when
critical mass is kicking in. \ \


Real Americans are those of US as humanity that believe
in liberty as Justice for all. Demon bushite nazi
whores, don't like those principles of freedom through
evidentiary findings though, for their false deity,
George W. bush Jr, wouldn't be stealing from the honest
hard working blokes who live for a better day that way.


'A military judge ruled last week that Watada cannot base his
defense on the war's legality.'

Telling US what?, that it is a crime to not commit a crime?
It isn't only high treason against America the ungodly bushite
are guilty of, but of a madness held by those truly Satanic..


/ / Four US oil companies, namely Conoco, Chevron, Amoco and
Philips have concessions in nearly two thirds of Somalia.
This quartet of oil conglomerates was granted these contracts
in the final days of Somalia's deposed dictator, Siad Barre.
The US first military engagement in Somalia was fully
supported by Conoco. \ \

In the new world, these soulless bomber bushite of the air
force, responsible for blatant first degree acts of murder
against the innocent, would be hunted down by Humans, tried,
then executed gloriously in the defense of our living justly.


/ / Al-Maliki has promised he will no longer block action
against the Mahdi Army militia \ \

So, is the block head saying American soldiers so far have
died for lawless tyranny? Kill a bushite, to protect the lives
of us as innocent victims in other words, right?


/ / And the Iraqi people owe us a debt of gratitude?

Bush continued, "I believe most Iraqis express that. I mean,
the people understand that we've endured great sacrifice to
help them. That's the problem here in America. They wonder
whether or not there is a gratitude level that's significant
enough in Iraq." \ \

Is Bush saying US dumb bastards don't give enough in
sacrifices to himself as the demon antichrist?


The Resurrection

What are you then, some kinda Jesus freak?

You are standing in defense for your own rights as you
see ourselves. For me, I got some real troubles
scrounging my next meal as nature's King and Lord of all
creation, but for you, this should be something of a
dream almost, eh?

Worshiping bush in a delusional cult like, TV trance
without any thought to care about our actual criminal
behavior, is not a good philosophy to practice as a
living world body, i do believe. For bush is an
irrational murderer of innocent good Americans as
soldiers alike, a psychopathic depiction to his true
evil self as US played intolerantly ignorant, while he
bares false witness against our eternal family of all
being humanity. Is not what you too perceive of our
world?, a reflection of your own conclusion? If we
believe we are of life when perceiving an injustice, are
we not moved to do something in favor of our remedy? To
challenge bush's contempt for ourselves as the Public,
is to demand nothing less than known facts to conclude
our guilty verdicts, as otherwise, bush would be
prosecuting US innocent as God is US included, thank
youself. And for what? All for our failure to
communicate concern about falling further as dying
bushite victims. It has been reported bush doesn't want
to be accountable to the American tax payer regarding
the pilfering of America's Social Security, like he
wasn't to follow the criminal leads of 9/11
perpetrators, and too, surprise suprise, the allocation
of public funds for his secret planned, not public
bidded for best price on every Iraqi Peoples contract,
(you know, the repaying for bush's needless war tolls
waged against your world as innocent victim), payed for
by the American tax payer getting further swindled with
the pretension, that robbing from humanity, does not
include themselves represented politically. Our Mr.
bush Jr. has decided not to do good for Iraq by opening
our floor to offers the world over, but instead has
decided to go with top secret banned bushmob embezzlers
to risk more American soldiers by lying to their
surviving siblings. Charading for US they are,
preparing to sacrifice more Americans without a thought
to Your cost. With strangely, no one at corporate
control assessing yet, "Hey! Wouldn't it be the Iraqi
people who would most benefit for being contracted in
the cost benefit analysis?", and, "Okay, so where didn't
American tax paid for lawless destruction of our Iraqi
public infrastructure occure?"

Why is CNN not defending Our Mr. bush regarding
torture? Is the bush demon threatening US by his
non-committal on Our issue as ancient Civilization
included? Arron Brown? Why can not CNN be also of our
artists, wise guys, best sellers, or elected officials?
When has CNN ever tackled Social Security on behalf of
the Democrats, or privatized corporate swindles by
Republicans who argue their ineptness is on the level?
What are Our priority issues to resolve, if we have the
stage for speaking as the global community? Justice for
all, would be in whose favor?, when understood by anyone
as unbiased? We are of the order to the cosmos, and, as
so, a good way can have an even better way when we plan
for results. Justice is freedom, and needs not murder
to resolve conflicts peacefully as dialoging persons.
Iraq People can testify to their humanity, but CNN isn't
listening for questions, or asking for solutions for
fear they may be wrong about everything we are together
as imbeciles under bush as unjust dictator. All is
right. Still, we must quickly teach that Justice is
ours, and injustice practiced, is an injustice earned
politically. Wether bush knows it or not. An injustice
against any, truly, is also, an injustice against
yourself as God is good. God can not save our world you
perceive without seeing God as a victim to our ignorance
under bushite losers. A tyranny through censorship of
criminal misconduct. Example: Walter Issacson advised
CNN story writers to not report on Afghanistan death
squads, under a pretext that followed, don't forget all
who died in the towers. Forget what? That their lives
were halted by acts of murder? What is murder advocate
Issacson, getting at about himself as unqualified to
decide our important to everyone matters?
In the whole big show Johnny, is there, inside everyone,
a potential cause for caring about our world as actually
worth something, I mean, to ourselves personally? Yes,
a potential, however, we're suffering for our contempt
of seeking for know how through rewarding info. We are
all descendent to be Universal in our own makings if we
work for success together at our national levels,
instead of as bush failures, by conforming criminality
against our living names politically, as the pirated
without equal representation, left to be victimized as
dumdum bushite whores, falling to a tyranny of blatant,
naked injustice falsely guised in the corruption of the
bush administration as your intention for personal

What is as known, is where we can only hang our beliefs
of what have we. The FBI tell US that bush's business
partner, the unarrested General Ahmad financed 9/11's
Atta. Seven of the alleged nineteen 9/11 highjackers
were found to be alive, as some, American trained Saudi
national pilots with no evidentiary terrorist
connections made to back up the therefor fraudulent
allegations. Why would a would be terrorist steal such
identification to not be discovered being so? (Or, how
then were the names found in waiting as researched
material?(Remember: evil is dumb.)) Why would Atta pack
his final draft suicide letter for the important
flight?, of which as bushmob mastermind, would have been
aware of what was outlaid in his own words? Why would,
would be terrorists, publicly bicker in a restricted
lot, parking spot they snuck into at the airport that
was running rampant with bush stooges?, right before a,
why they were there, secretly planned criminal mission?,
as devote Muslims?, holy warriors of the studious, God
what were you thinking about Quran?

Mr. bush Jr. must be immediately impeached, arrested,
or executed for treason against Ourselves as a
degenerating anti-American mass murdering, terrorist
plotter. While the UN is the closest thing we have to
world representation, and should help devise an Iraqi
Iraqi government of "The People", for Iraq. Uncertainty
has it's advantages, but we, as "The People", have to
start somewhere on our journey to wherever, and learning
of our true strengths this way, seems like the higher
ground to begin communicating from. Communicating on
the Nature of wisdom as ultimate foreseen prevailer, is
this dream of being one with creation and giving to the
cause by helping out yourself to be a blessing included.
(Not much for a paycheck though I'm afraid.). Anyway,
take to mentioning this public work where ever you may
choose, for I think someone should be running for new
office maybe if the chance presents Ourselves. Have
faith that as the Universe revolves around all things to
be known of, so too, is Life's true magnificence an
honor to honor for. Wow! You are a living God!
Thank you,

Johnny Wizard



New Recruit

Destroying enemy bushite is a gift to Humanity, it is
saying you care for the lives of the innocent a bush
bitch nazi grunt freely confesses to targeting for
murder. Liars are the bushite, who steal Iraqi
resources, allow racists and rapists to commit their
demon crimes in America's name un-challenged, and who
absent mindedly bomb the innocent without just reason
given. All the while, labeling themselves, "pro-Iraqi".
The mindlessly evil attack against the Turks recently
with an ordered bombing campaign that actually murdered
people, sighted yet another, example of the bushite's
idiotic ungodly satanic barbarity against us the Humans
as INNOCENT. After the carnage, the war criminalizing
America into bushite commanders were advised, it would
be better to pick other completely innocent families to
indiscriminately murder while lying, for the demon
bushite provisions come through that big ol' Turkey, and
if the Middle Easterners eventually learned together of
their fellow Turks who were murdered by ungodly enemy
nazi forces for admittingly doing nothing worth noting,
with the middle east's indirect help with essential
supplies coming from somewhere in that surrounding
billion man vicinity, you know, I know, we all know,
"Americans" as NAZI war criminal enemy bushite, would
massively die as the immediately recognizable to most
everyone, and rightly too as leaderless cowardly, dumb,
and real sadistic evil, dying at the hands of all US
Family men. Being as bushite, the enemies to everyone,
including themselves we've witnessed them already dying
as nazi dumfuks who eat plutonium. Or, IED? They mean
"sexy" rummy cluster dud land mine more like! (Just
where is the Middle of East anyway?) History HAS learned
these lessons already, while the corporatist bushite
plays US just dumb enough through malicious censorship
for plunder by parasitic bushite suicide, for a bushite
has no soul worth defending. See?, the committed nazi
automaton bushite enemy of America soldier has no mind
to know freedom for the individual. Therefor my friend,
kill the evil nazi George W. bush Jr. not just for me
as Johnny, but for US all man who refuse to be subjected
further as only counted by the corporate dictums to
pronounce "pro-American": as those that go silently
rooted backing "un-accountable" rapists and torturers of
the innocent, the innocent, that the bushite OPENLY rob
from with American's hard earned tax dollars funding.
Funding through leadership directed towards their very
own self destruction. See bushite, kill bushite, at
least until we are granted living access to OUR
corporate dead end news media to speak FREELY for
ourselves without bushite lies tying US down for
furthering that demon's hellish ungodly tyranny as an
enemy to all our Humanity and Royal King Johnny.

Real Americans are those of US as humanity that believe
in liberty as Justice for all. Demon bushite nazi
whores, don't like those principles of freedom through
evidentiary findings though, for their false deity,
George W. bush Jr, wouldn't be stealing from the honest
hard working blokes who live for a better day that way.

The Iraqi children did nothing to deserve such awful
suffering and fright and death at the hands of the enemy
bushite. The bushite: who the demon anti-Christ
states, are un-accountable to any rules of law in this
Universe, like with his extremely foolish criminal
decree, 13303. I kill mindless parasite bushite nazi
enemy soldiers just for that alone as eternal defender,
and I do it for to win some mercy for a real living God,
who the fascist enemy bushite hold in their ungodly
contempt as LIARS.

I have the backing of every real man alive on this
planet, and we all know it. No voices of reason have
apposed my factual claims in FREE Usenet, and Art Bell
makes no attempt to defend himself as internationally
painted enemy traitor, and that says a whole lot to Talk
America. Why? Because Mr. Bell, the bushite
propagandist, knows too, I speak and act truthfully,
honorably, and righteously, while the talk radio
american bushite lies, cheats and steals from America's
America, that as bushite, leave undefended for criminal
plunder in Your name call censored from classed
enrollment. You have just as much a right to be here as
I do, and the demon bush, he ain't no better than any of
US when he is "excused" for the murder of well more than
a hundred thousand confessed as completely innocent
people on this planet called Earth.

The fascist control bushite, don't like You to think
independently for Yourself, for we independents out here
make them look as stupid as they are. Thank you very
much for that not so secret info.

Through the pronounced bush demon's gaffes,
embarrassments, and told complete total ignorance on
subjects like the science of economics, the whys of
constitutional law, or when the bushite takes credit for
indiscriminate killing of our families and friends while
parading it's all done in bush's name for our freedom,
or for 9/11, doesn't fool me, and should get you
thinking about reaching for your guns too, for bushite
rapists and torturers will not walk this world freely
un-accountable, for as long as we remain alive to hunt
them down and kill them if so be. As the soulless
disciples of the enemy anti-Christ, Our Mr. bush Jr.,
their "officially" granted legal immunity from all
prosecution means nothing to me as a honorable man
defending my humanity, or as living Creator, who brought
all into this new world to be free, and can just as
soon, take you all nazi bushite out the old school way.

REMEMBER: Demon bush is stupid, yaw, but he knows that
he and rumsfeld with condi planned and carried out the
crimes of 9/11 with likely cheney orchestrating, don't
ever forget that part when attempting assessment how
good four more years in going to do for the state of
freedom in Your dying world. Serious this situation
truly is for everyone. Everyone.

Now, what are You going to do about this, DEMON George
W. bush Jr. actually playing US like he would like to
continue victimizing our dying world as ENEMY for four
more years towards furthering lawless tyranny? Don't we
already have it bad enough, that corporate journalists
think there is actually some merit to George bush's
re-election bid? Especially after that 9/11 thang?
Then there is the needless criminal wars, fraught with
embarrassing massive billion dollar criminal frauds as
.oops, more government fuk ups? Then of course all the
bushite thefts. I did a Internet Google search of
"Tiger Team" and I found next to nothing in all the
professional media corporate news outlets we have
advertising on our information service providers top
notched list as best sourced material. And that should
say as much or more to you too, about who's really
conning who. So, who cares about where this world is
going? I do, and so should you too.

Johnny Wizard

How The Demon Bush Misled God's World

How Bush misled the world

/ / Once the document was declassified after the war it became
known that it contained 40 caveats - including 15 uses of
"probably", all of which had been removed from the previously
published version. Tenet further ingratiated himself by
remaining silent about the OSP. "That's totally unacceptable
for a CIA director," said Thielman. \ \

Thielman meant "totally unacceptable" as in HIGH TREASON.
Could it be any higher? Deliberately caught misleading
whore-dumb Congress to wage his immoral neocon 'escape' with a
unjustified criminal brutality against God as all of our
Humanity. A great deal more than a million innocent people
have been victims to the 'targeted' Zionist killings of the
irrational bushite enemy. Lawless enemies to Creation,
spreading their toxic waste who thieve, rape and murder
without reprimand from corporate news america, shall, I pray
daily, die justly in vengeances by the will of a real undying
Love for our victimized innocent family. Justice for Humanity.

Please, help US.

The guilty party of Haditha have confessed that targeted
killing of innocent children is fair game in their worlds, and
as confessed, they 'got away' committing the same Satanic acts
- going house to house in fallujah murdering more than two
hundred thousand innocent folks for LIAR E-N-E-M-Y Sattler.
Bushite corporate america, has stated in silence, the bushite
enemies of Haditha will never face public execution for such
offences, YOU apparently WILL NOT GRANT IT, too cowardly, and
in all likelihood, (like those of the Saudi Blount's third
infantry) will be allowed to walk freely down american streets
after being found guilty as politically supporting the robbing
and murder of innocent men, women, and children all because
we're rag-heads or niggers. The, deserving to die as
illiterately intolerable bushite drone soldiers HAPPILY,
WITHOUT QUESTION, co-operate with ANY lawless mercenary forces
such as south african death squad goons in finding the enemies
of themselves. Purposelessly ungodly bushite soldiers are
told they are DYING to defend Iraqis, while breaking out of
prison, mercenaries caught trying to kill innocent Iraqis for
fun and profit. While, at the same time, actually having
SLAVES from India preparing their lunches!!! And guess what?
they're coming to live bushite america as the patriots after
they get killed you're forsaken American Son or Daughter teen!
With millions of stolen American dollars to set up new
‘freedom’ operations.

Shirley, bin Laden would be sided with the fundamentalist
Shiites, before, everyone-is-an-equal Sunnis, who as Bathists,
had no problem WARRING al-Qeada, while counting as members of
their party, Christians, Jews, Muslims, and Atheists. But
corporate bushite liar america says no, bin Laden supports
Sunni IRRATIONALLY, and that is why bushites have to sacrifice
in partnership with those who blow up PEOPLE indiscriminately
as the 'good guy' 'heroes'. Similarly like in Somalia, where
bushite forces are working to directly arm those who murdered
American GIs during Clinton. Those war criming repuglicons
responsible for the bombing need to be tried and executed for
committing first degree acts of mass murder in America's name.
CBC, in Canada reported that Pentagon sources allege their
isn't any evidence whatsoever to what bushite news america has
reported to the dumfukked populace. [Peter Lance will tell
you [mind you, half assly] on behalf of investigating officers
of our LAWS, it was a dishonorable LIAR Green Beret actually,
a Green Beret who set the bombs and blew them up to KILL
AMERICANS, but says Laden ordered him to it though, so he gets
to go free on his own apparently. An individual EVERY
AMERICAN should hunt to kill with Americxan Law firmly
established already. Why? Zionists murder Americans for
profit, by simply lying un-challenged through corporate mind
control, and culted soldiers to this day, would thoughtlessly
call the ungodly lawless bushite traitors to freedom, 'good
guys' and 'heroes'.

If your a Cop in Winnipeg, don't be stupid, support defending
my right to speak in our defenses. Support the return of my
rights in respect to my stolen property, taken through a
fencing operation run out of the Winnipeg police Department's
"exploitation Unit" run by two or three "cops", who while
cashing in on selling stolen merchandise, STOLEN themselves
from law abiding Winnipeg citizens, work unjustly to undermine
our National Security interests in Canada by expressing care
for Canadian soldiers to Forward NO interests in defending
their falling lives with lies no longer in disguise. [bushite
would bushite for a stolen nickel, for there is no honor among
thieves.] Instead they fight with flagrant lies to demonize my
better name, in a, never to succeed attempt to silence my
cries for real Justice for our forsaken dying selves.

And, then, the rest of you, join me in concluding, America’s
TREEASONOUS Art Bell and George Norry seriously suck when they
refuse US to openly discuss such subjects - such as - our
evidenced conclusions in defending our honorable police
officers who actually protect our lives for freedom’s struggle
from godless bushite tyranny.

G.W. Bush, the actual for real antichrist recently stated
Iraqis owe him gratitude for instituting the theft of all our
Emergency Aid monies, Iraqi Development funds, natural
resources, while raping and torturing the INNOCENT by lawless
dictate, and, or course, indiscriminately bombing at least
700,000 People loved by God. Please, I beg YOU, help
yourself. See an air force bushite enemy, kill it for God's
love for America. Please, be a man, not a bush-whore nazi
fascist enemy of Life Yourself.

I am America,

Johnny Wizard

- (religious programming, but good!)

Further for Winnipeggers:

In Winnipeg, we have a radio station called CJOB. That
CRIMINALLY thieve from our poorest neighborhoods with the
lotteries, literally millions. Now as a local Cop, you can
review Johnny's "Stand Together, or Don't", then call the RCMP
on this issue, and they will tell you as a Winnipegger, they
can't go in and arrest the seriously murderous enemies of our
communities at CJOB et al. because, the Premier needs to
formally institute the criminal investigation in Parliament.
While the Premier will tell you as he did me, he can't because
our People of the Province ONLY has fascist pro killing
Christian Zionists at CJOB and the Winnipeg Free Press
Editorials, as outlets that allow our political "realities" of
the VLT's to be discussed. The Lottery pays both criminal
operations STOLEN millions in advertising, so as a result,
managements, from both agencies forbid Manitobans to know the
true mathematical scam/losses. As propagandists who LIE
routinely to Our teen Soldiers about dying for Enron in
Afghanistan, our Premier fears their contempt for our lives
would continue with more viciously evil lies, (like
democratically elected eight times Socialist Chaves is an
"evil" "totalitarianist" giving out care to raise the poor,
blind bushite war bad guy terrorists, and, Israel is Jewish!)
so as a result, Doer fears another Filmon could be brought in
with CJOB propaganda to rob further worst than we already are.
[Filmon's private company responsible for selling reduced cost
shares of stolen MTS was caught by the RCMP (as reported by
CKY) buying social insurance numbers from the homeless in
Winnipeg for ten dollars, so to NAKEDLY steal hundreds of
millions, holding with CJOB and the WFP, our ability to demand
Justice - in total contempt. (They choose not to cover it
still.)] My fears of CJOB's pro-bushite enemies, stealing our
entire Universe is non-existent. Let US demand open radio
communications on the mathimatical facts to save our own
selves further victimhood to their personal contempt for the
true value of YOUR life. Thanks.

Can you help us speak this outrage to your local media outlets?

thanks again bud.


Blood Meridian: Bush's High Crimes of Torture and War

/ / "sacred duty as Commander-in-Chief to protect the nation,"
which, in his mind, means waging aggressive war, torturing
people, spying on us all and looting the treasury on behalf of
his cronies. The only possible way to derail his destructive
and criminal course is impeachment. \ \


Impeach for Peace!


I HATE bushite with everything I am.

Johnny America - The Free World President and CEO of Shareware Earth Co.

Join the cause!

P.S. Before it's too late, do you have a few tens of
thousands of dollars to front me, so I can afford to survive
this onslaught of wars against my Humanity? ... I have huge
responsibilities to defend myself judicially through our
supreme Justice system here in Canada, all for the defense of
the truly innocent, YOU, while I'm paid not a thin dime from
anyone to work now YEARS non-stop just too keep myself from
starving broke, so please, if you Companies out-there can give
to a good cause this new year, think of me on international
radio!!!. Billion dollar love boom in the entertainment
circles Shirley, and think of all the good things we have
waiting, that could come about if such wisdom was understood
to be wiser than what we have currently? And no, I'm not
stupid. Look, George Norry and Art Bell, I'm asking you to
defend American interests by supporting the evidenced arrest,
evidenced trial, and evidenced sentencing of those who
committed the treasons of 911 through lying THEY did. To US.

Welcome Home,

Johnny America



- "The months preceding September 11 [see] a shifting of the
US military's focus ... Over several months beginning in
April [2001] a series of military and governmental policy
documents [are] released that [seek] to legitimize the use of
US military force in the pursuit of oil and gas." Michael
Klare, an international security expert and author of Resource
Wars, says the military has increasingly come to "define
resource security as their primary mission." In April, Tommy
Franks, the commander of US forces in the Persian Gulf/South
Asia area, testifies to Congress in April that his command's
key mission is "access to [the region's] energy resources."
The next month US Central Command begins planning for war with
Afghanistan, plans that are later used in the real war.
[Sydney Morning Herald, 12/26/02]

See? It's admitted that the zionists planned to STEAL the
rights of Afghans for Enron, by LYING to SOLDIERS to get them
killed as the American Pension thieving bad guys. Too
COWARDLY parasitic to hunt those responsible for murdering
thousands of "Americans". So, as a consequence, they, as

loveless bushite drones, die cowardly with the once great
America as enemy corporate fascists to Freedom's Justice, Our
Living God.

John's truth. Killing a THIEVING bushite is to save the lives
of the innocent they target for murder. The cowardly bushite,
dies sacrificed - all to help IT slavishly escape those
responsible for 'getting away with' murdering thousands of
Americans in New York City on 911. Sorry George W. Bush and
company, enemy traitors to God and America, not under our
eternal watch. The People has spoken forever on this subject
of direct accountability. Bush told us we didn't need any
evidence, well, I know that WE DO, so, fuck you too George
Bush Jr.. This is my World..

Demon bush told us Saddam wouldn’t let inspectors in, and
that's why he irrationally started this war against God
conflict. Impeach him, then have him PUNISHED for high
treason against a further dying as truly unheard from America
- for that lie alone - we ALL could/should stand together as
equals demanding re-dress for the innocent murder victims
who've suffered for such contempt, and belligerence for the
basic precepts of freedom as Justice, or G-D as Johnny.


No evidence against an accused is US being truly abused

"These are not terrorists, they are not al-Qeada, they are
ordinary innocent men, women and children."


"Victory means exit strategy, and it's important for the President
to explain to us what the exit strategy is."

- George W. Bush, discussing Kosovo, Houston Chronicle, 04-09-99


“First we sent Americans to their deaths for your lie, Mr.
Bush, now we are sending them to their deaths for your ego.


Death to the godless bushite, death to America's lawless enemies

DUMFUK BUSHITE ENEMY OF GOD "This is not a job in anyway
shape or form, this is not a job. this is a lifestyle. and
we choose this type of lifestyle."

Traitor LIAR Hannity "Knowing the danger?"


Traitor LIAR Hannity "Well, isn't that the definition of Bravery?"


See, TRAITOR Hannity [who deserves to be executed for the
treasonous DOCUMENTED lies he tells America almost daily]
would claim any and all serial murderers and rapists in
America are the definition of bravery. Bushite dumfuks
deserve to die as enemies of America because they openly,
purposefully target the innocent to rob from and murder, as
bushite did on 911. They bomb cities. Thus is why Christ
[ME] tells loving children to gladly help Life kill their own
godless fathers or brothers who CHOOSE to commit these war
crimes against our humanity with their contempt for Justice,
Johnny and America. {Especially those in George W. Bush's
air force.] A bushite's hatred for America is blatant with
every monosyllabic grunt they make. In nazi zionist america,
they have a Zionist national radio program that forbids the
nation to know they're presently being victimized for criminal
sacrifice, and apparently, Americans would rather DIE, than
hunt George Norry, or Art bell for questioning. A nation of
fascist nazi cowards, who go silently to their graves in their
support of torturing innocent people to death for the thieving
EVIL bushite's pleasure.

Death to the godless bushite, death to America's lawless enemies.

Bushite Zionist atheists believe that I, as the Son of Man,
Couldn’t be anything but their worst nightmare. No, WE, as
Humanity, will religiously really kill bushite continuously to
hasten the day when America actually fights to win, free
communications for Justice’s claim. General Ahmad funded
911’s Atta.

Die bushite die. Die bushite die. die bushite die.

/ / "How could I order men to die for something I believe is
wrong?" \ \

Bushite aren't human as disciples of the for real antichrist
enemy of Creation. They eat radio-active toxic waste before
asking, why would we eat radio-active toxic waste without


/ / We are reminded today of how far the Iraqi people have
come since the end of Saddam Hussein's rule - and that the
progress they have made would not have been possible without

the continued service and sacrifice of our men and women in
uniform. \\

Progress? Fuck don't you too hate bushite with everything YOU
are? Iraqis had public health care, and University prior to
the bushite stealing everything they could as sworn enemies to
progress. Had a justice system that Bush never aired any
concern regarding the evidence requirement to form our
conclusions. kill a bushite and all day long you win God's
praise as a bonafide, as honorable, freedom fighting


"For every fatal shooting, there were roughly three non-fatal
shootings. And, folks, this is unacceptable in America. It's
just unacceptable. And we're going to do something about it."
- George W. Bush

Kill a bushite and God wiill love you for
defending US, the innocent in war time.



"The truth of that matter is, if you listen carefully, Saddam
would still be in power if he were the president of the United
States, and the world would be a lot better off." George W.


America, the ungodly


/ / Yes, those words coming from the man who’s decided the
only way to turn things around in Iraq is by sending in more
troops. Despite being told by the Joint Chiefs, Colin Powell
and the man running the Iraq war, General Abizaid, that
sending more troops to Iraq would only get more Americans
killed Now, seeming to confirm his opponent’s worst suspicions
that this president does not value the opinions of those with
whom he disagrees, Mr. Bush has now decided to go it alone in
Iraq against the wishes of his allies, against the desires of
his fellow countrymen, and yes, even against the advice of his
own generals. \ \

The demon enemy of America, Our Mr. bush Jr., responsible for
911, creates hope in God that honorable men of this Earth,
will assist the Humans in hunting to kill bushite enemy
terrorists who support torturing and thieving from US, the
godly as innocent. Every time we hear of another bushite
death, god celebrates OUR wins over the ungodly demon
antichrist forces. Death to the bushite, death to our enemies
who murder innocent people with LIES against America and GOD.

/ / The Crown would suggest her ignorance on such subjects is
irrelevant to her case against me, for those children's lives,
and others like them, are not who she is working to protect.
So, where I demand is a crime against our real God occurring I
ask the hiding in darkness Crown to explain herself publicly
in the light of these proceedings to our Honorable Lord. \ \



Let it be known, that the senior management national news
reducers of CBC and CNN, know full well, they would rather
watch American Soldiers die as the thieving bad guys, than to
defend God's America by reporting that the demon enemy George
W. Bush, and his business partner General Ahmad, committed
the terrorist acts of 9/11, along with Rumsfeld, Rice, Cheney,
and Myers.

We shall, start there, and continue on until we've nabbed
every last treasonous culprit found at the ends of the ample
crimes scene leads. Propagandized stupider than the fates
will allow, an American is universally recognizing itself as
an enemy to their own cowardly dying selves. For, my friend,
America's America will not stand undefended with these beliefs
of mine I give freely. Soldiers along with honorable Police
officers I would ask, to bravely/politely demand our time
on national broadcasts for the spoken defense of Justice for
America. For, Johnny wants to debate the bushite publicly on
the validity of the Iraq war, considering that it has no true
justifiable cause. Meaning: all stolen revenues will be
returned to the Iraqi people, with interest, paid for by those
responsible for stealing it. Justice Johnny has now
officially arrived on the scene to hunt bushite down to the
ends of life - to teach'em with kind words, or the other way
with graver sentences handed down by us believers in freedom
from tyranny. Hint: Don't fuck with the real People of God
who are refusing to take more chances with enemy bushite
neo-con bullshit. An innocent person shall not be imprisoned
in my name, nor shall they be tortured, robbed, or murdered.
Bushite enemies that don't like that arrangement, we arrest,
try, and if convicted on the war crime capital offenses of
first degree mass murder, such as we will find regarding
Mattis, Blount, Russell, and Sattler, Allawi and Doud, then,
and only then, we together will joyously have them publicly
executed for the good of the entire human species. In the
name of Jesus, Allah has spoken for life in which all are
granted equal privilege to love with everything we are
together alone with the stars. Death to the ungodly bushite,
instead of the innocent they target for plunder with
treasonous lies as a betrayal to our real names. God and the
Great America.


Realize, CNN and CBC have received this post, yet, continue to
lie to dying soldiers for the unholy benefit of the enemy

The "Shock and Awe" Gallery©

/ / "The children seem to be the most openly enthused.
They are getting a chance at a future the likes of which
would never have been possible under the oppressive
regime..." \ \


When we cancel other people's human rights, we cancel our own.

= Highwater =


The Verdict

The Winnipeg Police Department is running a fencing operation
out of their "Exploitation" Unit. Disclosed by a current
serving officer in the Unit during the preliminary. In one
case used as an example, a law abiding Winnipeg business owner
had 50,000 dollars worth of business equipment stolen, and if
he wanted it back, he would have to make costly "legal"
efforts through a corrupted Justice system in Winnipeg that
holds Canadian Soldiers in complete contempt by "Law". The
Crown is not only refusing to co-operate with defending
Winnipeg citizenry, in relationship to the, National problem
of fencing through bad lawed Police action operations, and the
lotteries [information forwarded in part by the elected
Premier of our Province], but also, in respect to our
sacrificing soldiers. Soldiers who Canada now knows without
shadow of doubt, are being maliciously propagandized through
the corporate mouth pieces of the most heinous war criminal of
history, the ungodly enemy of Creation responsible for
instituting the terrorist crimes of 9/11. Obstructing Justice
by aiding and abetting the terrorist crimes of first degree
mass murder in New York City is suppose to be a serious
offence in Canada. So, as treasonous to Canadian Liberty, the
Crown in my case is refusing to have the police chief, or
other Crowns look into this matter. [I suggested by my Court
motion to our Court system to consider contacting another
office from a different province perhaps.] While the Judge,
publicly for the Winnipeg record, agreed to side with the
Crown instead, without stating the whys - that Justice for
Canada would not be served under his rule on my suggestion.
Just put a soldier in prison if they should dare stand up in
defense with their lives for Canada is what this unjust case,
yet to be reported on by our national press, is turning out to
be actually. I would ask you once again, to please make some
effort to get on local Winnipeg Radio, or Coast to Coast to
plead for some defense on this matter of morality. You know,
this Freedom thing does involve you too. So, George Norrie
and the rest of you lot, listen, I think you've made some
horrible judgment calls, and I'm asking you now, to live up
to your responsibilities to my America, and invite me on for
free discussions on these matters.

All I want is to challenge the man.



A Soldier's Life Held in Contempt

The way I see it, is that I am completely documented correct
on who was responsible for the terrorist crimes of 9/11. I
have my own theories on why our media and police services have
failed our Soldiers by refusing to support my cause directly
thus far, but I am far without hope.

I believe the failures of me gaining direct wide support
through our police services and the Court of Queen's Bench, is
much more so for fear of uncertainty, and lack of leadership,
than a general, across the board support of furthering Bush's
war crime sprees by going still silent while Canadian soldiers
are left forsaken. I speak out publicly often regarding the
911 evidence in America, and email campaigns of my writings,
done for public recognition, I'm told, continue to swell to
near epic proportions. Intelligence officers the world over
most certainly know of my position on this matter. Those who
may support the fight for Bush rule in our police services,
can mostly only do so, risking in dishonorable blind personal
fear of the great unknown I figure. And, crazy as this may
sound, I believe there is a spooky cool God, for I'm walking a
groove most all of the time.

The affidavit that starts "1. National Security Issues" was
submitted in conjunction with my motion to request assistance
from the Court. The additional paper "Stand Together or
Don't", was an added part of the same affidavit.

The affidavit with 38 positions was submitted with the two
motions, "Order of Production" and "for the Crown to Stay
Proceedings". Duplicate copies of the same affidavit were
submitted in each respect.


"Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage contradicted
Rice's claim that the White House had a strategy before Sept.
11 for military operations against al Qaeda and the Taliban."

This indicates that with the foreknowledge gained through
prior experiences of Muslim fundamentalists, such as the
Taliban, being forbidden by their religion [Jihad] to
persecute the innocent, left the Bush Administration with only
needing to do, and had officially done, was to use no evidence
to back up allegations to insure invasion plans, and as a
result, a deliberate treasonous criminal strategy to not
follow the crime scene leads at the real murder scene to nab
to true evil doers. For otherwise - spoil the top secret


/ / In another characteristic incident, Bush asserted, as he
has repeatedly, that any decision on withdrawal of American
troops from Iraq "will be made by military commanders, not by
politicians in Washington DC." Congressional Republicans gave
a standing ovation to this remark, which amounts to a
declaration that, in the war for "freedom" and "democracy" in
Iraq, there is no room for such trifles as control over the
military by the civilian authorities, and subordination of
decisions on war and peace to the democratic will of the
American people. \ \

Exactly. The demon enemy of life itself, Our Mr. bush Jnr.,
who publicly parades his contempt for freedom and God, must
be stopped for all costs, that include for sure, your own
as reader.

Realize, CNN and CBC have received this post, yet, continue to
lie to dying soldiers for the benefit of the enemy neo-con.

These are the motions than were filed on behalf of Johnny
Wizard's defense in Winnipeg. A man arrested for threatening the
continuing existence of the lawless demon anti-Christ, Our Mr.
bush Jnr. The demon nazi who murdered thousands in New York
City as God's enemy. I, beg and plead my case to ALL that
will listen. The tyrannies of suffering on our God happen
when good people go silent in the face of evil. Please do not
forsake all that is good within yourself, by leaving my call
unheard from.


/ / Color me naive, but when I hear talk of cages, detention
and/or concentration camps, my mind usually wonders in devious
directions. I haven't seen anywhere in history where detention
centers and so forth were used as freedom enhancing tools.
View this anyway you wish, but do so at your own peril. \ \




I, Johnny Wizard, in the city of Winnipeg, Province of Manitoba


Pakistani ISI Director General Ahmad orders an aide to wire
transfer about $100,000 to hijacker Atta. Ahmad later resigns
after the transfer is disclosed in India and confirmed by the
FBI. [Dawn, 10/8/01, Times of India, 10/9/01, Wall Street
Journal, 10/10/01, AFP, 10/10/01] The individual who makes the
wire transfer at Ahmad's direction is Saeed Sheikh, later
convinced for kidnapping and murdering reporter Daniel Pearl
in February 2002. ABC News later reports, "federal
authorities have told ABC News they've now tracked more than
$100,000 from banks in Pakistan to two banks in Florida to
accounts held by suspected hijack ringleader Mohamed Atta."
[ABC News, 9/30/01] CNN also reports the $100,000 transfer,
and the New York Times specifies that it came in 2000. [CNN,
10/1/01, CNN, 10/6/01, New York Times, 7/10/02] Ahmad's order
must have preceded June 2000, since that's when Atta and
others started opening bank accounts and receiving the money
($109,910 is received by Atta and Marwan Alshehhi between June
19 and September 18). [MSNBC, 12/11/01]


On March 3, 2002, MSNBC's Jim Miklaszewski reported that he
had received anonymously, top secret presidential war strategy
documents dated September 9th, 2001, originating from
Condolezza's office, outlining a strategy to invade
Afghanistan premised on blaming bin Laden a terrorist, but
providing no evidence to back up the allegations, thereby
guaranteeing criminal invasion. Only workable if Laden pleads
innocence to a crime that hadn't yet taken place, a crime
serious enough to "justify" sacrificing American GIs truly for
a liquefied natural gas pipe line for pension thieving Enron.
["The Dahbol Working Group" and Bridas] Any evidence for any
offense would have been sufficient to have Muslim
fundamentalists hand Laden immediately over, as they had
offered [as others of other nations had also] repeatedly
during the Clinton years.

CBC and CNN have still, to this day, consciously refused to do
any follow up on the intelligence, deciding instead on behalf
of dying people everywhere, our public devolvement of a just


RTÉ News - US rejects Taliban bin Laden evidence calls
21 September 2001 17:41

The White House has rejected requests from Afghanistan's
ruling Taliban for proof that Osama bin Laden was responsible
for last week's attacks. According to the US Secretary of
State, Colin Powell, the United States has enough evidence to
try bin Laden in an American court.

The US Government said there would be no negotiations.


[This following document was the official damning account]

Responsibility for the terrorist atrocities in the United States
4 October 2001

[This Internet Domain is Britain's Prime Minister's]

"This document does not purport to provide a prosecutable case
against Usama Bin Laden in a court of law."

The document doesn't hold ANY case, as that was the strategy.... See?


Investigating the Investigation

After playing a tape of Cheney's statement, Russert asked
Daschle, "Did the vice president call you and urge you not to
investigate the events of Sept. 11?" Daschle flatly
contradicted Cheney: "Yes, he did, Tim, on Jan. 24, and then
on Jan. 28 the president himself at one of our breakfast
meetings repeated the request."

...."[T]hat request was made" by Cheney not only on Jan. 24
and by Mr. Bush four days later, but "on other dates
following" as well.

6. : FBI Called off Terror Investigations

Two veteran FBI investigators say they were ordered to stop
investigations into a suspected terror cell linked to Osama
bin Laden's al Qaeda network and the Sept. 11 attacks...

`You Will Not Open Criminal Investigations'


October 9 2001 - The Times of India

"While the Pakistani Inter Services Public Relations claimed
that former ISI [the "Pakistani CIA"] director-general Lt-Gen
Mahmud Ahmad sought retirement after being superseded on
Monday, the truth is more shocking. Top sources confirmed
here on Tuesday that the general lost his job because of the
"evidence" India produced to show his links to one of the
suicide bombers that wrecked the World Trade Center. The U.S.
authorities sought his removal after confirming the fact that
$100,000 were wired to WTC hijacker Mohammed Atta from
Pakistan by Ahmad Umar Sheikh [Omar Saeed] at the instance of
General Mahmud [Ahmad]. Senior government sources have
confirmed that India contributed significantly to establishing
the link between the money transfer and the role played by the
dismissed ISI chief. While they did not provide details, they
said that Indian inputs, including [Omar Saeed's] mobile phone
number, helped the FBI in tracing and establishing the link."


No evidence was brought against Laden for nine eleven, none.
[So according to Bush's official top secret Presidential
directives] While Laden himself claimed he played no part in
911. Still, to save the lives of third worlders on the brink
of starvation, Laden agreed to hand himself over, but Bush
refused the offer, while CBC and CNN denied to report on that
fact for the behalf of now dying dismembered American GIs.
Once the indiscriminate bombing began, targeting almost every
building in the country of Afghanistan, Laden then claimed he
had no choice but to fight back to defend US innocent from the
ungodly enemies of Creation/Freedom. Then the clear to all
fake video came out with an actor who's face wasn't even close
to looking remotely like Laden, but for almost the facial
hair. [Bridge of the Jamaican actor's nose is HALF as long in
proportion to Laden's for example, and surely frightfully
shocking for some, the actor doesn't even take blame for 911
either!] Photos comparing the two faces never aired on CBC and
CNN available in about twelve seconds with the power of the


former FBI deputy director and murder victim John O'Neill

"the main obstacles to investigating Islamic terrorism were
U.S. oil corporate interests and the role played by Saudi


Alex Jones interviewing Former German Defense Minister Andreas Von

"Bush signed W199I months before 911 ordering the FBI not to
stop Al-Qaeda. They threatened to arrest FBI agent Robert
Wright if he tells us what he knows."


Mr. Bush was quoted somewhere regarding Mr. Laden's guilt of
complete innocence with "We don't need any evidence, we know
he's guilty."


" [FBI's] Edmonds concluded that documents clearly showed that
the Sept. 11 hijackers were in the country and plotting to
use airplanes as missiles. She said documents also included
information relating to their financial activities. "


The honorable Argentinean oil company Bridas' relationship can
not be understated as the Bush Administration's primary motive
on criminal invasion of Afghanistan to save his biggest
corporate backers, the American pension thieving Enron.

>From "An American demands the truth from you" by Karl W. B. Schwarz

" I demand to know what energy companies were in that Cheney
Energy Task Force meeting and what discussions there were as
to the steps that would be taken to remove the Taliban and
Bridas Corporation as the last remaining obstacle to the
United States controlling the Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline. I
met that company in 1999 and have known since then about the
Bridas v Unocal, $15 billion interference of contract lawsuit
in US District Court, Southern District of Texas. I also know
about the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals decision on September
9, 2003 that upheld the Bridas $500 million arbitration
settlement and the March 22, 2004 denial of Writ of Certiorari
at the United States Supreme Court, Case 03-1018, Turkmenneft
v Bridas."


>From "Fresh Memories of War" by Kandea Mosley, The Ithaca Journal (New
York), 25 May 2002:

"We were told there were no friendly forces," said [Army
Private Matt] Guckenheimer, an assistant gunner with the 10th
Mountain Division at Fort Drum. "If there was anybody there,
they were the enemy. We were told specifically that if there
were women and children to kill them."


Quote from "A Dossier on Civilian Victims of United States' Aerial
Bombing of
Afghanistan: A Comprehensive Accounting"

by Professor Marc W. Herold Ph.D., M.B.A., B.Sc.
Departments of Economics and Women's Studies McConnell Hall
Whittemore School of Business & Economics University of New Hampshire

When U.S warplanes strafed [with AC-130 gunships] the farming
village of Chowkar- Karez, 25 miles north of Kandahar on
October 22-23rd,killing at least 93 civilians, a Pentagon
official said, "the people there are dead because we wanted
them dead." The reason? They sympathized with the Taliban.1
When asked about the Chowkar incident, Rumsfeld replied, "I
cannot deal with that particular village."



"American troops today admitted they routinely gun down Iraqi
civilians - some of whom are entirely innocent.

And in an admission that directly contrasts with the line
coming out from the Pentagon's spin doctors Specialist
Corporal Michael Richardson added: "There was no dilemma when
it came to shooting people who were not in uniform, I just
pulled the trigger."

The Crown would argue this issue isn't in her jurisdiction,
however, it is in mine as a expressive communicator fighting
for freedom from real tyranny. An irrational tyranny that
only stands exercised by corporate "news bite" censorship, and
false imprisonments. An American Prosecutor put Sergeant
Benderman in prison for refusing to kill God's children. Now,
what do you really think America would do, if "they" knew that


Bush demands total impunity on the war crimes he is personally
responsible for


"Marines said the men fired on them. A senior officer said
they had no weapons, but that with shots coming in the men
were legitimate targets because they ran."


CAIR also wants the Pentagon to investigate a photograph
circulating the Internet of two Iraqi boys and a U.S.
soldier. A smiling soldier stands besides the two boys who
are giving a "thumbs up" sign, as one of boys holds a sign
written in English that reads, "Lcpl Boudreaux killed my Dad,
th[en] he knocked up my sister!"

(Link to photo:


Guardian Wednesday 7, 2001 - "FBI claims bin Laden inquiry was
[this story was on Bush's top secret W199i directive]

This information would take a well paid intelligence officer,
or CBC reporter no more that thirty seconds to look for follow
ups. For, I know, the BBC did also a national news report on


INTERVIEWER: Are you aware that this tank is contaminated with

SOLDIER: No, it isn't radioactive.

INTERVIEWER: But we have measured it.

SOLDIER: No, it isn't radioactive, not this tank.

"Basra is on a river," he noted. "A DU shell poisons the
water in a river. It poisons the grasses and the grains. It
sinks into the ground and poisons the water table. When it
gets into the body, it does incredible damage. The
combination of radioactivity and heavy metal toxicity is such
that it affects the DNA in such a way that you get genetic

[thousands of tons of measured radio-active toxic waste, heavy
metals, oxidized to microscopic particles as small as a tenth
of a micron have been deposited in our airspace, however, CBC
and CNN have refused to inform ourselves on the scientifically
measurable extremely serious health concern issue..]


Justice Department lawyer John Yoo, "In the exercise of his
plenary power to use military force," Yoo insisted, "the
President's decisions are for him alone and are unreviewable."
Yoo was also quoted recently on CBC national news report
regarding the torturing of innocent people to death, to state
something like "President Bush doesn't have to justify his
opinions to Canada or even to the United States for that


The incriminating FBI email dated 22 May 2004, indicates that president
Bush personally
signed off on certain interrogation techniques in an executive order."
(See original at


U.S. deserter 'didn't want to have to kill babies'

"Mr. House will argue that American soldiers are guilty of
war crimes and that forcing Mr. Hinzman to fight in Iraq
would have made him a war criminal.

He will call as a witness former U.S. Marine Staff Sergeant
Jimmy Massey, who is expected to testify that he and other
soldiers shot more than 30 unarmed Iraqis, including women and
a six-year-old child, at a U.S. military checkpoint."


that a clandestine military task force in Iraq was beating
detainees, ordering Defense Intelligence Agency debriefers out
of the room during questioning, confiscating evidence of the
abuse and intimidating the debriefers when they complained."


A sacked CIA official is reportedly suing the agency for
allegedly retaliating against him for refusing to falsify his
reports on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction to support the
White House's pre-war position.


``I was faced with being deployed to Iraq to do what the
infantry does, kill people, and I had no justification for
doing so,'' he testified. ``This was a criminal war. Any act
of violence in an unjustified conflict is an atrocity.''


Williams's squad stopped a dump truck, and an Iraqi climbed
out. "Light him up!" the sergeant ordered, according to
testimony, and the squad opened fire, killing the unarmed man.
Williams and a squadmate reportedly got into an argument over
which of them had scored Company C's first kill.


It gets worse. We already knew about the Franklin County,
Ohio, precinct that tallied 4,258 votes for Bush when only 638
people had actually voted.


Israeli Soldiers Going In For The Kill: A 13 year old
Palestinian [JEWISH] school girl is about to die

"It's a little girl. She's running defensively eastwards, a
girl of about 10. She's behind the embankment, scared to

"Anyone who's mobile, moving in the zone, even if it's a
three-year-old, needs to be killed."


US forces unleashed more than 20 air strikes and some 60
artillery rounds on Monday, said Major Todd Desgrosseilliers.
[...] An AFP reporter in the Jolan district said one building
in every 10 had been flattened. As US-led troops closed in on
the neighborhood overnight, at least four 900-kilogram bombs
were dropped in the city's northwest.

[destructive radius of a 900-kilogram bomb is half a
kilometer, and all TRUE accounts of death rates for Fallujah
alone, a city where the population was forbidden to leave,
exceed two hundred thousand innocent souls.]


The Bush Administration
In rush to defend White House, Rice trips over own words
Friday, March 26 @ 10:12:40 EST

By Walter Pincus and Dana Milbank, San Francisco Chronicle

"Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage contradicted
Rice's claim that the White House had a strategy before Sept.
11 for military operations against al Qaeda and the Taliban.
The CIA contradicted Rice's earlier assertion that Bush had
requested a CIA briefing in the summer of 2001 because of
elevated terrorist threats. And Rice's assertion this week
that Bush had told her on Sept. 16, 2001, that "Iraq is to
the side" appeared to be contradicted by an order signed by
Bush on Sept. 17 directing the Pentagon to begin planning
military options for an invasion of Iraq."

[ And...]

"Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage contradicted
Rice's claim that the White House had a strategy before Sept.
11 for military operations against al Qaeda and the Taliban."

This indicates that with the foreknowledge gained through
prior experiences of Muslim fundamentalists, such as the
Taliban, being forbidden by their religion [Jihad] to
persecute the innocent, left the Bush Administration with only
needing to do, and had officially done, was to use no evidence
to back up allegations to insure invasion plans, and as a
result, a deliberate treasonous criminal strategy to not
follow the crime scene leads at the real murder scene to nab
to true evil doers. For otherwise - spoil the top secret


Blix nor Elbaradei, nor Kofi, suggested, implied, or stated,

that Iraq had failed to comply with the newest U.N.
resolution: 1441.

HANS BLIX: "And at this juncture, we are able to perform
professional no-notice inspections all over Iraq and to

increase aerial surveillance..."

With complete, one hundred percent access to go where ever the
Bush Administration pleased without delay, left a situation of
an unjust war only detrimental to an ability to bring about
any good or better thing. American soldiers are being
sacrificed for no better good or reason understood, for if
progress will ever be made, it will be when they work to bring
about a political situation that was there in Iraq before the
Bush Administration starting murdering innocent people for
nothing . Well, not completely, for Bremer shipped 19 billion
to Greenspan early on, then, hundreds of millions were sent


Professor Steven E. Jones, a tenured BYU professor, went
public several weeks ago after releasing a 19 page academic
paper, essentially showing how the laws of physics do not
support the WTC's freefall and, consequently, the official
government story. It should be known that World Trade Center
Building Seven was not struck by an airplane, yet fell exactly
the same as the two towers.

Below both towers were found pools of molten steel, only
creatable with the heating by high explosives.

Excerpts from "Me, Art Bell, and 9-11 by Lisa Guliani"

The official version of the WTC collapses defy both Galileo's
Law of Falling Bodies, and also Isaac Newton's First Law of

..if we know that hydrocarbon fires can only reach a maximum
temperature of 1517 degrees Fahrenheit, how could they
possibly have melted this steel, when the melting point of
steel is 2,795 degrees and the boiling point of steel (when it
becomes a molten liquid) is 5,182 degrees Fahrenheit.

The existence of these burning pools of molten steel were confirmed by:

- Mark Lorieux of Controlled Demolition, Inc
- Peter Tully, President of Tully Construction
- and the American Free Press newspaper


"To be truthful about it, there was no way we could have got
the public consent to have suddenly launched a campaign on
Afghanistan but for what happened on September 11..."

Tony Blair Speaking To House of Commons Liaison Committee


The Washington Post, 23 September 2001.

At American urging, Ahmed traveled ... to Kandahar,
Afghanistan. There he delivered the bluntest of demands.
Turn over bin Laden without conditions, he told Taliban leader
Mohammad Omar, or face certain war with the United States and
its allies.

Mahmoud's meetings on two separate missions with the Taliban
were reported as a "failure." Yet this "failure" to extradite
Osama without providing a shred of eidence was part of
Washington's documented design, providing a pretext for a
military intervention which was already in the pipeline. If
Osama had been extradited, the main justification for waging a
war "against international terrorism" would no longer hold.
Nor would the ready to go Patriot Act. Incidentally, when
MSNBC contacted the Whitehouse regarding the top secret
invasion of Afghanistan plan, it was confessed that the plan
had been "fully implemented"


"Why of course the people don't want war ... But after all it
is the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it
is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it
is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or
a communist dictatorship ... Voice or no voice, the people
can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is
easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being
attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism
and exposing the country to danger." -- Hermann Goering, Nazi
leader, at the Nuremberg Trials after World War II


On the wall of the National Holocaust Museum: " Thou shall
not be a victim, thou shall not be a perpetrator, and thou
shall not be a by-stander"


When we cancel other people's human rights, we cancel our own.

=Helen & Harry Highwater=



Please, I beg you to assist me in this cause immediately!

Ack! It turns out that there IS a criminal conspiracy run out of the
Winnipeg Police Department's Exploitation Unit!

Ack!! It turns out that the Crown IS aiding and abetting the
terrorist crimes of first degree mass murder!!

Ack!!! It turns out the Judge threw this whole Revelation thing out
without any consideration offered, while the Crown is currently
working on a public ban of disclosure in Winnipeg on these
continuing documented crimes!!!

50,000!! a pop! Stolen from law abiding business owners!!!

Crimes forwarded to the public in part by the concern of Manitoba's


Send this post for me to also Winnipeg media persons or to anyone who
will listen. If you don't, then, you ain't my friend. Come on! Do
something for us, and I promise to help you out later if I can.
Help me through the goodness of your heart, so we won't get
railroaded into prison fraudulently by those that hide in darkness
as pirates of our human will. The will to be free.

The Crown's interpretations of my possessions are not my expressions!!


The Judge through this whole thing out for the defense
without any consideration offered to OUR COURT!



Since I am representing myself on these particular criminal
matters, Legal Aid is not required to lend assistance on the
grounds that I'm not co-operating with the system as it
operates through professional Barred representations. [I am
eligible for walk in consultations but nothing of the sort of
assistance I am requesting] Considering the complexity of my
judicial matter, I would request legal assistance from the
Court in these following areas.

1. National Security Issues

I need assistance in understanding the legal statutes that our
national security services are obligated to practice under, to
insure our national security matters are being truly defended
in my respect. No change in summation of my character was
altered, after they were granted a search warrant to verify it
was me who publicly spoke out for honorable FBI officers
denied their rights to speak freely, then as the Court knows,
instead of doing what they argued to grant such privilege to
infringe on my personal liberty, enforced a less than perfect
law that most others would buckle under, even if they harbored
no criminal intent, and would never do anything to infringe on
the rights of any child. For I challenge; it does not serve
Canada's interest (in particular our teen soldiers) to
knowingly have Canada propagandized under the serious failures
of CBC and the National Security Services to lend no wanting
cry to hear REAL FBI officers who factually allege, with
evidence and everything, President Bush's business partner,
(who was at the Whitehouse Sept. 9th working on the top
secret invasion of Afghanistan strategy to heavily arm heroin
pushers who war to keep women as slaves while weaponizing
children - done all for a liquefied gas pipe line to profit
his darling dear Enron) funded 9/11's "mastermind"
"ringleader" Mohammad Atta. Inside sources from the RCMP have
notified me, that in the last four years, Section D's salaried
employees, have done practically nothing to serve Canada's
interest in this respect. While Canada's CSIS does not have
the legal ability to speak out publicly regarding the criminal
transgressions of President Bush, and because of this nature
of CSIS's position, they have almost only fears to live with
by trying. A CSIS officer told me, many were completely aware
of President Bush's criminality regarding his hugely
treasonous actions of mass murder on 9/11, but could do
practically nothing about it outside of filing the reports
with the federal government, or maybe anonymously sending
something to CBC, with no promises that anyone would actually
read it. All the while, the senior CSIS boss brags
contemptuously in public about his ties and commitment to his
friends in the ISI. Perceived easily/mistakenly I'd imagine
as a threat to all of Canada's Honorable police officers and
Judges. [General Ahmad was the Bush junta's appointed head of
the ISI.] I think Canada's Prime Minister Paul Martin is
genuinely a good man, but it is hard to see him publicly take
a stand on this issue, [if he even received said reports] on
behalf of honorable police officers and soldiers everywhere,
in defense of the human race, risking everything, considering
he already does bring about a great deal of good for Canadians
where he stands. [Compared to you know, a let's send the kids
to war for whatever Harper, or nobody in Winnipeg
("officially" 86%) wants us to give away the public assets so
let's do it anyway for ourselves privately Filmon] But to know
the RCMP's Section D, sides that they can't tell us the top
secret reason they have not perused Justice for the sake of
Canadian soldiers who bravely put their lives on the line, of
which some have already died, is a situation no Canadian would
tolerate if they knew these freely available facts to decide
for themselves. Sure we can be counted lucky that only so few
Canadians have died thus far, but when will the sacrifice of
Americans, Afghanis, Iraqis, and soon to be Iranians with the
Syrians, along with more than fifty other countries officially
marked for death by the lawlessly irrational bushite
terrorists, be more than YOUR willing to bare? As publicly
reported repeatedly in European press, Mr. Sattler ordered
the bombing of health care clinics in Fallujah as first strike
targets because he didn't want doctors or nurses to "falsely"
report that his forces target primarily the innocent to steal
more from America in blood and treasure. Then under Sattler's
command, they proceeded to monstrously murder more than two
hundred thousand innocent souls, while covering the region in
radio-active toxic waste that will continue to kill for a
scientifically estimated billion or two years. Hell on Earth
is what un- arrested Sattler represents as an enemy to all
living things. God included. An aside: Did you know the
commander of the Third Infantry, Maj. Gen. Buford 'buff'
Blount III, is truly a Saudi Wahhabist in disguise, who took
up the job at the request of the Bush junta, and subsequently
left near 170 tons of plastic explosives unprotected for
looting in Qaqaa? Why? Well when asked why he commanded to
leave the weapons unattended to instead, go carnage Baghdad,
with, I'm serious, sanctioned thieving expeditions, he
replied, he just wanted to let us know he was there. "We just
wanted to let them know that we're here.'' In Basra, the
coalition is still leaving as of last week, more than 30 known
weapons storage facilities unprotected. See, the neo-con
peenacker gang can't steal everything without a stupid man war
going. Left continuing unattended without national
discussions, leaves further in it's wake, more innocent
victims of war crimes fallen undefended. I would ask that
instead of me seeking to find where it is written, that the
RCMP must be committed to getting the man for nine eleven,
perhaps I can just request we work together, for a national
CBC radio forum kicked off by some kinda joint, international
press release acknowledging briefly our failures to
communicate in the past, and politely request where Canada
could go through open line discussions on these very serious
matters. We must not allow our soldiers to be made
misinformed by CBC's unwillingness to bravely with honor,
defend our great Nation. Or, perhaps, Canada might want to
consider hiring me on as, we'll see how it goes honorary RCMP
spokesperson?, a paid consultant for my expertise in
recognizing the real bad guys, and then I'll go out there, and
win the good fight by using praise with fewer insults. If we
stay committed to defending freedom by defeating war
criminals, we all will be the better for it. Now, take me to
your leader.

2. Local Police Issues

As so was brought to the attention of the Courts in the
previous motions, through considering the charge that was
brought against me, (where no criminal intent in alleged, and
nobody can possibly see a digital image until it is already at
least in one's possession, case closed, I'm free to go still
without my stolen computer gear.) I discover, the child
exploitation unit is not operating in a manner that would
effectually reduce the proliferation of truly illegal
materials. They have included images to demonize me that they
must know are left legal to distribute, or for those couple
images categorized as for sure illegal unto themselves, are
left publicly unhindered when it comes to Police questioning
in a manner that would concern illegal public expressions.
Now, I personally don't believe the Courts are consciously
operating in a nefarious manner deliberately to steal computer
gears to sell as sadomasochists who enjoy seeing lovers of
life go to prison falsely for five year stints, but come on,
something seriously needs to be done in how things there are
run. I believe the failures are, in part, do to the personal
fears officers have of the information universe; for to
acknowledge information sharing through p2p networks or
Usenet, would be to witness criminal code violations by the
score going corporately unaddressed. Like Bush being guilty
for high treason in God's America for example, Iraqi church
goers slaughtered by faithful Bush lovers, women raped by
"freedom fighting" GIs, the sex slave trade, or that VLT's are
being run criminally (section 209, 380(1) 380(2), 181, 52(1-4)
with a math game scam that even a sixth grader can figure, but
not the "Free Press" editor, or commercial savvy CJOB's Vic
G-----. Being our city's big Bush backers, where our dying
universe is simpler, like "we don't need any evidence, we know
he's guilty", refuses a, trying to be responsible citizen to
formulate their own conclusions through our media on why we
have laws. Anyway, I need to have some one to cross check the
"illegal" images through recorded internet domains, to see
which ones are/were located in Canada and elsewhere, and what
if any attempt the exploitation unit tried to limit found
providers. I suspect many providers they would claim they
can't do anything about, are so not because a crime is
occurring, but in that respect, actual evidence of criminal
conduct would be required before an internet provider, server,
or site owner could be recommended for censorship. Not this,
twenty year olds look like they could be ten year olds, or
that, simply naked children being human should not be viewed
in their/our minds as something youthfully beautiful.

To Police effectually, I would suggest a public domain
transparently coded checksum program checker to automatically
recognize, known illegal materials made available free, with a
downloadable database updated by the work of one or two
officers monitoring currently available internet image traffic
- classifiable almost near the speed of electricity across the
country. This action is good to take despite my personal
innocence or fraudulent guilt, for media labelings are

completely impossible to designate content/control, but as
such, shouldn't forbid Police services from locating where
possibly actual hugely offensive content is being distributed
through. With volunteer co- operation of programming, a user,
server, or internet service provider could be warned of
material almost in their possession as expression is
classified criminal so then simply delete it, and carry on.
I'm confident such Police planning with open for public
appeals to fine tune further, would end putting the hugely
profitable exploitation units across the continent almost
completely out of business. Now, who truly wants that?

3. Constitutional Challenges

This possession charge absent intent, where everybody is auto
guilty to lose all their stolen computer gear through
fraudulent demonization of the innocent included, is a for
sure, crime in progress. I'd imagine if we had a public
inquiry, we'd find what the exploitation crews are doing, is
needing to locate only a small few arguably illegal
depictions, then trumping up a lot of fraudulent totals.
Figuring, I'd imagine, if they openly started convicting
individuals for a couple of images they perhaps deleted when
witnessed, people might begin to ask, just how much money is
the unit taking in sold stolen merchandise? Perhaps 50,000
dollars in a single case where the business owner of said
stolen property wasn't even charged for a criminal offense!
No troublesome Court appearance required to protect your
public business image even! Generally, in cases that do reach
trial, all images are seldomly reviewed by the Courts, and at
the "professional" porno viewers discretion, or the Crown, a
small sample is only offered. [The professional naked people
person they have in my case I suspect is lost somewhere in
bushville as the clinically insane, or just extremely helpful
to my Judicial cause, thanks big guy, either way.] This has
worked largely unhindered because lawyers for the defense
wouldn't generally see a connection. For only one freely
available image that you couldn't see until you already had
it, is all that is needed to put a, loss for words Canadian,
in prison for half a decade. Not only that, but such
convictions insist irrationally that the guilty must also be
sexually deviant and require professional counseling. The law
enforced absent rights infringed needs to be Constitutionally
challenged as clearly unjust, and the sentencing structure as
being seriously cruel. [What does one guilty of an actual
assault for comparison get, or better yet, threat of assault
that was never truly made?] So, as a result, I need the
assistance of Constitutional lawyers who would provide me
consultations on prepatory requirements and on the relevant
Constitutional questions regarding this specific challenge.
And maybe co-operation with the Crown or Police chief to tally
records and total sales figures on cases under similar
circumstances to consider the exploitation unit for
re-evaluation. [Example: The foolish, faith in ignorance
argument given by all similar units, is that nothing can be
securely deleted from a hard drive is assuredly patently
ridiculous. Truly indicative however, that we do indeed have
a real hidden problem here regarding their/our intelligence
gathering capabilities.] While maybe supporting public
discussions on how to even improve further, the valuable work
that the exploitation unit surely does do already somewhere
I'm sure to operate for our interests. We may together have
to overthrow CJOB with our human skills at demanding some
space to talk about bettering our lives by communicating
without two minute commercials every five minutes, and opening
up the phone lines to talk about whatever. They take too much
from us as the clearly disenfranchised already. Like, so
who's talk radio station is it anyway?

4. The Crown's Crown

I have concerns regarding the job requirements that our
community asks a Crown to bravely achieve. One, would be to
pursue Justice for the principled betterment of our society.
It is clear to anyone familiar with my case, that our
corporate media managers have decided for one fear or another,
that such noble reaches must be left from the grasp of
Canadian soldiers and their loving giving families. This
place the Court holds of a principle that all people should be
treated fairly, includes those we know Bush has already had
murdered in America under these left silenced demands for a
true accounting by good police work completed already. The
fear that every criminal Court Crown shrugs off when proudly
defending the innocent in our legal challenges, seems thus
far, absent in support of Justice for Johnny. When I read
statements from the Crown stating, John's legal arguments
against traitor Bush is irrelevant to the case our Crown
hold's against myself, in our name as Canadians, smacks of an
unjust and blind totalitarian state. Corporately broadcasted
uncertainty is forsaking the innocent lives of Bush's
continuing real murder victims. Certainly, the Crown has a
responsibility to pursue just causes, and granted, can falsely
suspect I don't hold the best of intentions towards life with
everything I am. However, the Crown's summations of my
character will never change the official FBI's conclusions
arrived at by following the crime scene leads, at the real
murder scene, to discover who personally is still escaping
arrest for mass murder of our good friends in New York City on
9/11. A crime who's principle perpetrators obviously
faithfully count on this form of injustice to dictate
continuous failures by our Crown to serve our public interest.
For whatever reason, my case documents a corporate news agenda
of non-committal in our pursuit of Justice for ourselves as
the little people. Ourselves, including the Crown's of all
Canada, are, without doubt, denied fair representation by CBC
standards. Canada is being left not defending honorable
American police officers, doing their jobs to the best of
their ability, should not leave too, our Public's Crown
unrepresented. (If the Crowns of Canada so willed it in our
names.) So, I would ask that the Crown's refusal to speak out
for Canada, while fighting to silence my cries with an unjust
as cruel prison sentence, be investigated for obstructing
Justice, and therefore, aiding and abetting the terrorist
crimes of first degree mass murder. Now, how to do this...
I'm not sure. Perhaps the Court's assistance of aid in the
form of one or two Crown offices from a different province in
Canada could be considered, or a Constitutional Law firm more
up on what all I got to work with here. Look, somebody has
tricked my nation, and subsequently our naiver youths, into
excepting Canadians can not hear the silenced screams of

global tyranny. If soldiers the world over need to die for
Bush, let it be for something worth fighting. Freedom must be
Canada, a Canada that would go if asked, in favor of Universal
Justice always. Just ask US.

Your Friend,

John W.


I know I'm innocent under the law as it currently stands, and
in addition, I wished to teach our Courts why the law stands
unjust against our public in other respects. With no criminal
intent to obtain or distribute something illegal alleged
against myself, and the simple truth that one can not perceive
an image until it is at the very least, already in one's
possession, says enough by itself. But most importantly, the
Crown's interpretations of my possessions are not my
expressions. Example: I could have in my possession a
written work from one who espouses the glories of war criming,
but I, personally, am diametrically opposed to it's unwise





For an Order of Production






This Notice of Motion regarding an Order of Production is to
have disclosed to the defense, the complete evidence without
undue hindrance, evidence the Crown holds against the accused
as a member of our public. These following arguments are the
reasons why Justice must prevail in these proceedings:

In conclusion, I need to show where my outstanding character
was at, by indicating exactly what I spent my free time on, to
illustrate for our Court, my TRUE intent as motive on this

Yours truly,






for the Crown to Stay Proceedings






The Validity of the Law

Because you wont speak out for anyone else's rights to be
heard publicly - the bushite enemy trust to figure. Justice
is Freedom, and to have a real concern for another's lost
rights to freely be, is to be truly concerned with your very
own in serious jeopardy. I wouldn't lie to you. Believing,
as the bushite do, willfully deceitful corporate news
propaganda excuses the Bush Administration's rampant
criminality against the innocent as God is, truly, excuses
nothing, especially if I have something to say on the subject
of accountability.

This final Court challenge against my Freedom to be myself,
that the bush administration attempted firstly to do top
secretly, has now been laid publicly at our door step as a
blatant threat to everyone of us as a member of the Canadian
Public. Will you help me politely address my false accusers
on our public airwaves? Will you help speak for freedom from
tyranny is this question riddled, or will you deny yourself my
generous helping?

The reasons why such abhorrent behaviors continue unaddressed
in our Police Force actions will be documented fully with
remedies offered during the second part of the third phase of
the upcoming Question Period press conferences - press
conferences running during the available down times of The
Trial of



/ /And that of course gives the bushites and CBC and CNN their
implausible deniability, where they can say their remaining
neutral, by not providing us the facts to allow us to decide
for ourselves. Because otherwise, we wouldn't kill ourselves
to profit the bushmob cabal of God haters. Who victimize
innocent Christians for no other reason but for to profit off
our suffering.


Think of all those people in that situation as God. And
these, the bushite nazi grunts, have positions that are
completely irrational, they're making no sense, your fuking
up. It's like a cancer that God of that whole situation, is
inflicted with. They're lying to themselves. If your there
to fight on behalf of Iraqis, you take a position to demand
all the money that has been taken through this Iraq
Development Fund, be returned. \ \


/ / What is particularly disturbing is how the administration
misused intelligence information to make its case for war and
failed to plan competently for the postwar period. \ \

What seems even more disturbing, to me, and PBS' FRONTLINE, is
that there was a "State" plan, the ORHA plan to prevent
looting and carnage, but it was sabotaged by rumsfeld and
franks, so the bushmob could try to make some sense of
needlessly bombing the country for our labored dollars, while
robbing the central bank and museum by mopping up the mess
with the bodies of American Patriots still dying as dumfuks.


you know what is right, though you may still be blind, never
too late to change your mind, we are all in agreement, in
truth we rise, evil is just the deceived disguised...


Our Gambling Problem

Instead of our government deciding what services we need and
are willing to pay for, they'll have us think that by actively
promoting gambling to those we can take advantage of, somehow
serves them right, and us well. This abnormal behavior is not
only destructive to many cheated players, their families and
friends, but also to our institutions, government, and
economy. You may have heard some say, that gambling is a tax
on stupidity, and here are only some of the reasons why. This
information is for you to judge, think freely, ask the
questions, then pray your wrong. The whole VLT system our
government uses is so deeply flawed it's beyond belief. They
count credits as dollars, reporting to trusting economists and
reporters, a payout of 96%. They will tell you they're needed
because otherwise the victims of manipulation would travel to
the states before the local state casinos to spend their last

two bucks, and they should, their odds are a real deal better.
There are no checks and balances in place as there is normally
to regulate tax revenues. Nobody in the corrupt gaming
commission, MLC, AFM in fact Canada has looked at the computer
code, and in Montana where they have, they've made them
illegal to operate. They're not stupid. Some of the possible
new car owners at the MLC, state that the machines run on a
random basis. They have deduced this by testing that they are
computers and can simulate a random number concluding
presumably that every computer program is just an act of
chance. I guess the free cars to some in management make this
easier. If this is true, how come no one ever wins more than
a $1000? If, as they claim, it is random, occasionally one
might win $33 billion by starting at 125 credits doubling 30
times. Get a deck of cards and a calculator and try! Your
odds are slim, but at least you have a chance. If this type
of psychological manipulation is to be allowed, why not
physiological as well. Why not put an odorless chemical right
on the pay slips that would leach through the players skin,
causing them to act against their better judgment? Body and
mind? Here's a tip: Bar owners are privy to much statistical
information, that we, the general public are not. If they
play, your being really stupid. Also the machines are filthy,
wash your hands. You see, they're trying to turn us against
each other, into one of them, blinding us, making us lash out
and cheat our weaker brothers and their families, if it means
we can drink their blood (190+ suicides last year). But in
truth, we are all being bled. BAH HA! It is a pure
regressive tax, no attached goods or services! Billionaires
own freezers and stacks of paper! These players are REAL
consumers, shopping and moving the economy, if they hadn't
lost all our money. Filmon was right wing when he called in
gambling for the stupid. Was not the reason for forcing the
VLT's into our homes to protect us from casinos? Were we not
warned that if you remove what would normally be consumer
dollars from an economy, there would be less there? If you
call the gaming commission they take 4%, Manitoba lottery
books say 30%, but in truth they take all they take. They
pull in 191,000,000- (not mentioning 92% casinos and the shut
down of Crystal, not enough money in an honest game of cards,
and all those losing free $2 ticket tickets) in revenues each
year. If you divide revenues by 4813 odd machines, 313 odd
days a year, holy Christmas, if they return 96%, that's close
to a payout of $3000 every day, every machine! Why don't we
take 40%? We could advertise the best odds in North America!
It works well in Vegas, where they actually give players a
chance with games of chance, and because more than 50% of the
players are from out of state. In Oct 97, Nova Scotia gaming
Corp. head Ralf Fisk quit claiming his concerns were ignored,
and his power was stripped. In Dec 97, 5 of 6 B.C. gaming
commissioners quit stating they felt they were made redundant
and could provide no significant contribution. I guess the
major media doesn't think this is worth knowing! If your
lucky enough to get a hold of any of the receipts that come
out when the machines are opened, or tilted, you'll see that
if you count actual game-ply, some bars, are taking 70%+ of
the games and giving you all the credit. Churning of credits
with many NON- random events, and prize amounts are critical
in determining how much is actually removed and returned to
our communities. Why don't we promise a payout of 99.9%, we
can still take the same amount of the dollar. Couple extra
play 5 win 5 backs, walla! Some gaming (don't say lottery!
VGT's?) information is classified information, so there are
only a small tiny few, who might know all the details, but
refuse to tell anyone, some by law or maybe threat. They
destroy "gaming operations" records (VLT's and casinos)
yearly, but keep employee's names for fifty! (under MLF0028)
Their argument, that makes it illegal, for anyone to publicly
disclose the actual dollars, on a site by site basis was
"site-holders could gain an unfair advantage if they knew what
their competitors were taking in" How? Don't they already
have one? If you average it out, bars are making close to ten
grand a machine per year, Just provide an addict a seat, and
you can still pay your waitresses minimum wage. People can be
addicted to many things like VLT's or peanuts, and they can be
equally motivating, but they have different consequences.
It's nearly impossible to consume 500 dollars worth of peanuts
in 2 seconds, and how many entertaining peanuts are there,
that leave you smiling and filled with glee? Mr. dealer will
you help these addicts see? If you deposit a hundred thousand
and then cash out without playing, it's now short four
thousand, and the bars, more flesh for the pound. If these
bars were ever caught committing such an act, they'd get a
wink and 2 days of profits taken, instead of time in Stony
Mountain. If Stephenson did it, who would know! They paid
out 2.6 billion in credits, and took 191 in cash! Should we,
the fascists (look it up), support a predominantly VLT
infested NDP riding with provincial funding, nothing wrong
with that, right? When Stephenson (the same who told us no,
we would never sell MTS, then sold it way below value,
hundreds of employee's fired, rates etc.) was asked way back
on June 24/95 in the Sun, why some areas such as Carman,
Morden, Thompson, and The Pas, were losing as much as 1.4
million yearly after counting provincial grants Stephenson
quipped "We have to make an assessment to make sure the
project makes economic sense for the area" the same story also
informs us, we guarantee a 10% return of gambling profit to
our communities. So I guess that means we're really stealing
as much as 90%?#! Also in conjunction, we threaten
communities that don't want the machines, saying they wouldn't
get "revenues". Then shouldn't those that do, get theirs?
Even if they did, how would they? Would it be like the "well
advertised" $25,000 VLT hearings held between 1 and 4 on a
weekday, where apparently only something like six from
Manitoba showed up, with nothing important to say. Is that
imp lying a thread to 1,043.863- of us, which of at least 96%,
want to know where in hell they are going. Can they be that
stupid? Can we? We'd bet er.. not. If we were misled, we
should be outraged! There is nothing wrong with earning
money, but this is a great deal of money stolen off the backs
of the sore, the desperately poor, grocery stores and many
many more. Is it because we think we're only illegally
(section 209, 380(1) 380(2), 181, 52(1-4) etc.) ripping off
evil welfare mothers with too much money in their pockets, or
those sinister seniors on some mental incomes? Many in the
media mistakenly think that if we cheat the poor and stupid
into paying more in taxes, theirs will equally go down. That
is misguided, this regressive tax doesn't simply work in this
manner. In addition, the lotteries claim that 300 mill is
spent in salaries to less than 10000 employees. We know it's
not into the workers at the casinos or bars. Just what is the
going rate for paper shredders? Are there any other sides
that should be at issues? Would you like all information to
make a sound right decision? Why would one would not? A
crucial trust is clearly being violated. I would suggest
showing prudence with where you place your full page ads until
some of these serious questions are addressed. Nobody is
watching, nobody is really regulating, where are we? Your
dream of utopia? You'll have us pay huge taxes, take away tax
benefits from all renters($?) and single mothers, infants,
create monopolies for your sympathizing fascist supporters
knowingly against the interests and wishes of the vast
majority, cut back on provincial welfare if necessary,
liquidate assets, screw the schools (you certainly don't need
to be educated), hospitals, breed a judicial system to keep us
reminded while you drain the entire economy, and if there's
anything left over you'll give it to a private Bank. Then
blame the transfer reductions of 250 mill, call it billions,
not telling that your including all of Canada when your good
for nothing, black sheep brother comes beggin for a nickel.
Better yet, you'll lock him up. With faith that most
!private! media won't bring up the fact that you pulled in an
extra 900, that social programs have been continually cut for
the last twenty years when compared to the GDP, that we don't
even have to be borrowing from American private banks, that we
are in fact being robbed, or that your brother was just hungry
and hurt. How does anyone buy this? On credit? Things are
changing from bad to worse, and everybody appears, from one or
two media accounts, to think, so what or, whatever. Don't
drink the water! A part of the problem is the journalists who
are in fact just trained reporters, who take all the perks and
none of the responsibilities. Selling off themselves to
something they have written, for them to read. Told what is
cover, where is resources, drawing our pictures with their
color crayolas. Telling themselves there must be a good
reason why no one is doing the story! Or they'll take any of
a 1000, why think if you don't have work to? They know the
scores, much more money in advertising. The odds would also
dictate a small tiny informed few who have their minds made
closed, polluted by greed, and lack of power, looking at
another side, pleading ignorance, they didn't see anything at
all, and say you won't either. Exercising power the only way
they can, draining from all, including themselves. Can you
believe it? This is our government re-appropriating billions
of our dollars, causing economic destruction and death!
Leading the way to the misled and cheated is the well paid
AFM, advising us to only blame ourselves, and the best thing
we could do for ourselves is to drink at the bar/casino. It's
akin to the schoolyard heroin dealer paying some chump to
quickly get help to misguided children by selling them crack.
Why bite the hand that stuffs you? Do you wonder what
happened to all our money? The truth is out, the lies are
old, but the blind idiots directing your show, don't want to
see, you know. Do 300,000+ petition signing Albertans,
incidentally more than register to vote, know something you
don't? Studies galore! Watch what you support with money,
and with your thoughts. Do your own polls! Did you know
we're planning to take away your fundamental democratic right
to put up garage, and election signs freely? How do they win
elections, if nobody put up any signs? How will we ever get a
honest deal? Is lying and cheating just endemic with this
communist government? Is anyone making money on all these bad
business investments? Pool the legislature transcripts! Take
a day on, call your grand mother, vote! But just how many
"obscured ballots" are there, phone and see. Do you think in
a democracy this information should be open to the public? Do
you own thinking! Why not? Also what's a public voters list
good for? Did you know since '95 votes have been tallied by
computer, coded in Texas? Now carefully in a measured way,
ask yourself, just who is foolish enough to be manipulated by
the machine? Having themselves, their family and just about
everyone else punished for it? Send for the facts, over the
lines, face the truth, you're living, alive! Horrors
committed before your eyes, n your name, are you justified?
If this is allowed to continue to grow, it can only turn into
something much worse. Slowly, your freedom will further
become chained, and the only thing you'll wish for is that you
had taken the time to take action while you had the chance.
Just what are the chances? Unless you think you don't count?
Better by golly, you sure as do so Bobby! Petitions
delicious! Or do nothing, continuing on going backwards,
selling yourself short. You know who you are, it's made up
for you, you don't have to go far. Just don't sit on the
sidewalk or leave a ticket unpaid, or beg for justice of the
wounded dying or dead. Blame the weak and disabled, you'll be
so strong, living in your fable. Then when they come for you,
you'll say something must be wrong, but who cares? Your not
listening. You'd know if you were being deceived. 1000 of
beer in one small sip, remove all your regulations, they're
just there to keep us in, and privatize always, right.. ya..
that's thinking. We want to sell Winnipeg Hydro, it's working
making a profit. All we need now are private prisons and the
economy will really take off screaming! The one only reason
people commit crimes is cause, they know we don't have guns.
Bombs don't kill people that are killing people! The sky
isn't falling, the sky isn't falling. Something to consider,
what's the cause-like symptom and how do you treat it? Like
an infection? As a matter of truth, it is completely without
question, there it is no such thing, as deception. Now you
know the rules, your losses, odds and stakes. What's your
limit? Can you stop? Are you feeling okay buddy? Let us get
out of here, and go to talk.



/ / That is a high act of treason. And it's not,

"oh well, but maybe it's not true.." No, we have
the two documents of question. \ \

What is the Coast to Coast radio network Head talking
about tonight?, the re-re-re-hashing of the "Allaways
Interslinging" Bigfoot phenomenon? Where was I...

Look, you're not going to go to hell for not giving me a
couple of dollars to further my cause, but it sure
couldn't help to leave me without any support here


White House keeps dossiers on more than 10,000 'political enemies'


The United States of America v. Adam Vaughn

He was a stand-up Marine, a beloved cop, and a local hero

/ / Vaughn was accused of possessing child pornography on
the basis of images in his browser cache and downloaded
photos he had deleted from his hard drive long before the
accusations. Although Vaughn says he never sought out or
wanted to keep pornographic images of children, he's
serving four and a half years in jail. \ \


/ / It's as if our government is telling us that if we're
going to look at porn, we'd better pay for it. Otherwise,
we might get branded pedophiles. How many innocent lives
will be destroyed before the child porn wars are over? \ \



/ / Specialist Damien "Monster" Corsetti--known
affectionately as the "King of Torture" among his Bagram
colleagues--was later fined and demoted for forcing an
Iraqi woman to strip during an interrogation at Abu
Ghraib. Yet Corsetti remains a free man. \ \

Will America hunt to kill the un-arrested bushite cancer
that knows thyself as the "King of Torture"? Who's
blasphemous open contempt for all that is God doesn't even
earn him a spot on America's Most Wanted?


/ / Why would God promise you in the Bible, go hurt myself
purposefully. And steal something from someone you didn't
earn. And be a dishonest lying bastard, just to be an
asshole you like to be. \ \


/ / He figured anybody who committed the acts of torture
against the innocent, needed to be publicly executed for
America, by America, as America, and I, am totally in
agreement with that. \ \


Bush Jnr. is sure wicked evil song


/ / an epic study that documents the systematic nature of
torture by the Americans, and how casual it is, even
enjoyable. [...] as the head of Reuters said recently,
it is out of control. It is destroying lives in industrial
quantities when compared with the violence of the
resistance. \ \

Godless bushite enemy thieves, are enemies of innocent men
women and children as they live and die in undefended America
measured worthless to the neocon traitor's bottom line.

If YOU, personally make no effort to confront millionaire talk
radio hosts who insist America's more concerned with
discussing the importance of aliens and vampires than the
sacrifice of liberty for tyranny, America will die. Anti-cop
Coast to Coast hosts deliberately forbid Americans to learn
about who personally is responsible for the crimes of 911, or
that the war in Iraq has no rational justification whatsoever.
Nazi bush bitch George Norrie would happily watch your
American children die for the treasonous bushmob, before
allowing any Patriot on Your radio to discuss these serious
matters that confront us all. Help me gain a public voice on
our air waves, please.

/ / Mr Cheney told several Republican senators that
President Bush would veto the annual defense spending
bill if it contained language prohibiting the use of
cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment by any U.S.
personnel. \ \

/ / Col. Robert Bowman: As other speakers have said,
they knew the American people wouldn't stand for it, and
they said so in their documents, and they said, unless
there's that new Pearl Harbor.

[...] and it is treason. [...]

1. We give up all rights to Iraqi oil 2. We give up
all rights to the rebuilding contracts- if Halliburton
wants a contract from you, they have to bid on it like
anybody else, and they have to hire Iraqis to do the work
for a change. 3. We give up all rights to those 14
permanent military bases we're building in Iraq at this
time. And the people in the Whitehouse are not going to
make those committments and so they have to go and all
the puppeteers with them. \ \

/ / Rove told Cooper that further information
discrediting Wilson and his findings would soon be
declassified and ended the phone conversation by saying
"I've already said too much. \ \

/ / · less than one per cent of the population believes
coalition forces are responsible for any improvement in
security; \ \

(Don't miss "Johnny Wizard Vs. the bushmob")

(on bush's behavior during the school book 9/11 incident.)

/ / Stuck he was then, with no mind to ruse, er.. time to
snooze, Arg! What was the cue? Errrch... If he moves
with priority interest as concerned openly honest public
figure, as he knows a legitimate President would have
been to first learn of such carnage,


why not previous before he left his Hotel room with a
television? Outside the Hotel? In the motorcade? With
school staff as you'd figure would have been present too
laughing, no? Instead he stayed as he had been to give
no orders publicly, nor attempt to make public inqiries,
but to listen with such unbelievable absolute devotion,
equating a beautiful child's story, as if it were Jesus
from the heavens himself, speaking directly on the
living Nature of our Universe.. \ \

>From the Johnny Wizard work - "Wait a Moment"

[The Son of Man asks:]

/ / Who cares about yourself if you won't listen as reason
to? What can you lose when you have granted to be
blindly stolen from? \ \


/ / An editorial appearing Wednesday in the Washington
Post did not mince words in denouncing Cheney's
intervention. His actions, the newspaper declared,
demonstrated that ``this vice president has become an
open advocate of torture.'' \ \

/ / The War Crimes Act of 1996, a federal statute set
forth at 18 U.S.C. § 2441, makes it a federal crime for
any U.S. national, whether military or civilian, to
violate the Geneva Convention by engaging in murder,
torture, or inhuman treatment. \ \

/ / Making a potential prosecutor's job easier, U.S.
Attorney General Alberto Gonzales wrote a memo in January
2002 to President Bush saying that America should opt out
of the Geneva Convention because top officials have to
worry about prosecutions under 18 U.S.C. § 2441. By
attempting to sidestep the Geneva Convention, Gonzales
created a document trail that can be used to prove that
top administration officials knowingly created a policy
of torturing prisoners \ \

/ / Entitled ``The Torture Question,'' the report makes

clear that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld bears direct
responsibility for the brutal methods of interrogation
used against US prisoners. \ \


/ / What is happening is that Ms. Davidson and Lawyers Against the
War have laid charges against George Bush Jr; accusing him of
aiding, abetting, and counseling the commission of torture. \ \

/ / "Many Canadians don't realize that we have not only the right
but the responsibility to pursue these charges, it is a
responsibility that the Canadian government owes not only to the
people of Canada, but to the people of the world. \ \

/ / "The American legal system seems incapable of bringing him to
justice and there are no international courts with jurisdiction.
So it's up to Canada to enforce the law that everybody has signed
on to but nobody else seems willing to apply." \ \

/ / Irwin Cotler's credo is supposed to be "Justice, justice shall
you pursue" not ingratiation with superpowers who practice torture. \ \


/ / [...] talk your arguments to 18 USC 794 anti-treason law.
and if he [bush] goes by hanging I buy the rope. \ \


/ / o Where the HELL is YOUR proof that Dick Cheney was NOT
conducting drills on 9/11 that paralyzed Air Force responses to the
real attacks?

o Where the HELL is YOUR proof that Tower 7 collapsed as a result
of the attacks?

o Where the HELL is YOUR proof that `put' orders placed on the two
Airlines involved in the attacks were mere coincidence?

o Where the HELL is YOUR proof that Porter Goss knew nothing about
$100,000 that was wired to Mohammed Atta?

o Where the Hell is YOUR proof that Donald Rumsfeld did not
organize an illegal military group that would ``provoke terrorist
attacks which would then require `"counter-attack" by the United
States? \ \




/ / The Nazis in the 1930s were forced to waste precious time and
money on the inoculation of the German citizenry, too well-educated
for its own good, against the infections of impermissible thought.
We can count it as a blessing that we don't bear the burden of an
educated citizenry. \ \


>From "Epiphany"

/ / What can bush or rumsfeld do now in Iraq, outside of criminally
stealing our assets, that they couldn't do before a single innocent
Iraqi person was murdered by heinous traitor buford blount? Look I
am serious about this: read... What can bush or rumsfeld do now
in Iraq, outside of criminally stealing our assets, that they
couldn't do before a single innocent Iraqi person was murdered by
heinous traitor buford blount? \ \

/ / In fact, as they made clear on page one, the authors had
stripped out Falluja; their estimate of 98,000 deaths would
otherwise have been much higher. \ \

Repeat after me:

Coast to Coast hosts are leaving us listeners out here
with the impression, that neither hosts have
heard of the National Intelligence Estimate,
or the NIE, that was created by pressure through
congress just prior to the war, by the cia, state
department, and eight other American intelligence
agencies, of which, the bush administration got
caught misleading the verdicts by censorship,
and outright re-writing, then bald faced lying.
Subsequently causing the creation of an
investigation by the Senate, who's conclusion stated
that the bush administration "..provided [Americans]

with an incomplete picture of the nature and extent
of the debate within the intelligence community
regarding these issues."



It's the simplest idea. All you gotta do, is get a couple large
buoys, that let's say take maybe a twenty foot square space, maybe
a foot or two thick, and they contain air, made of some strong
plastics. You just take that, anchor it stationary to the ocean
floor, and have it situated on a gear system where, even though the
buoy moves up and down slightly, there is such a tremendous amount
of force on it, through the rising of the tides, that through gear
ratios, you could easily get some turbines going for a thousand
bucks or something. Not a big investment to give you free energy

/ / Do not put any effort into thinking out your own opinions.
Create doubt on anything any true liberator, would try to
convey to you as important for your life. Never mind. Watch
your son or daughter be sacrificed, and just lie to yourself,
and tell us all how your so proud of your dead son or
daughter, "because they were fighting for liberty." And we
just got to just keep bullshiting you because you're an enemy
to God. An enemy to true freedom, when you demand truth not
be spoken for the innocent being persecuted, as Christ was.
Where is Christianity in America? Call your Church now! \ \


/ / Why does any American think that spying without a warrant
has any more effect in reducing the threat of terrorism than
spying with a warrant? \ \

Yet, FOX, CNN and CBC silently plead ignorance when
broadcasting for bushite favor on this rights issue. He wants
to pursue terrorists they'll tell us, but CNN, CBC, FOX and
others, won't tell us why Bush secretly feels FISA would
jeopardize such claimed inquiries? Sure, bushites are dumb,
but we're not that dumb to except this without knowing. It's
similarly like, Bush can't be my Chief because, Congress
didn't declare war like the Constitution Laws. So, what's he
going by then?, right?


Look up in your mind, across the sky!, it's the glorious sign
that says things couldn't be much worse under the watchful
gaze of the Supreme Commander. It's like, Bush can't be my
Chief because, Congress didn't declare war like the
Constitution Laws.

The, in league with evil tresspass of George Walker Bush only
has the rights that are protected by any civilized American.
The lying demon enemy has no power of illusion over me, for
he, I have concluded with in discussions about Satan, is
truly, no honorable god fearing American.

Help me to gain some international say, and our world will
fair brighter at becoming, this fool's play/tragedy.

bLeEplAb! bLeEplAp! bLeEplAb! bLeEplAp!


God or no God, I hate the demon antiChrist, corporate
america's false-deity, Your unelected Mr. bush Jr., as
much as any real Creator of this world, or any other

With such real inaction on old promises [lies] made by
the dishonorable and dishonest leaderless bushite nazi
savages, while desecrating all of Humanity by fighting
against a just rule of Law, (instead of protecting
America's America), forces the continued REAL WORLD
sacrifice of true Liberty, until the bushmob gang is
brought up by US for war crimes., as the 9/11
perpetrating, super evil as ungodly, demon antiChrist in
disguises. (I very much would feel welcomed to play my
part in those public proceedings.) Hmmm.. maybe CNN or
CBC can become publicly convinced we should have our own
news programs on what's truly happening?, to compete
against the 'evil bushites' in this competitive free
market place of ideas? Who knows..

Take care of the business, by getting US in on our
news-casts., as these principles here standing in words,
are a dreamers dreams, just waiting for You to bring to
reality., by standing proud, strong, and forever free as
a, truly, super awesome Human Being.

True Blue American Jew

/ / Jimmy Carter tours America with a new book that describes
Jews as racists and oppressors, and suggests they are also a
conspiratorial mafia that intimidates ``critics,'' [...] In
other words, Americans beware of the Jew in your midst. [...]
When hundreds of millions are calling for the extermination of
the Jews of Israel this is more than a lie; it is a blood
libel. \ \

What is wrong with this ungodly stupid zionist demon nazi fuk
eh? Does he want us to think he has some secret club of
"ungodly liars" who could hide among themselves in a dark room
and not destroy themselves willingly? (The Devil's in the
details) I'm King of the Jews, and I'd kill bushite thieves
for America anyday, any REAL JEW who defends the lives of the
innocent, who the bushite targets for murder would do so
likewise.. I mean, come on, seriously, who wouldn't.
bushites are evil, and evil is dumb. A zionist THIEF is a
soulless enemy of Life, as a un-American, God hating, pro
Christian/Arab/Jew killer. In other words, Americans beware
of the Zionist in your midst who LIES to cheat and steal from
the innocent true blue American Jew included.

Johnny America - presently on his theatrical, Wizard's World
Wide Work of Wonder Word spectacular Tour production with the
personally staged adaptation of, "Hello", now playing

P.S. can you spare a few tens of thousands of dollars so I
can afford a fair defense in my court battle against the
demonic enemy forces of life as we know it? Or, well, I guess
I'll lose unfairly, and go to prison as an innocent god loving
man, the "Top Cop" of our Universe dying actually. Don't let
them do this to my America friends.. my friend, don't let
them do this to anyone. Make the call. Be a man.

/ / An AMERICAN CITIZEN that ALL found leaderless bushite
dumfuk anti-American terrorist forces act nothing for defense
in. An American!!! \ \


Now that atheist THIEF Israel has 'legalized' MURDER,

/ / "Israel is embarking upon a more aggressive approach to
the war on terror that will include staging targeted killings
in the United States and other friendly countries, former
Israeli intelligence officials told United Press
International. \ \ The zionist criminal element can't call
OUR COPS we see... and with enemies like these... We should
don our stars an crosses, load our guns, and hunt to kill
every last 'escaped' first degree murderer zionist,


/ / ``This is simply not right,'' Layton told a news
conference. ``There is no evidence that Mr. Arar's name
should be on such a list. We held a whole inquiry here in
Canada on this question. \ \


The Voice of Reason, NewsTalk 1270 is Off the Air

/ / it's almost unheard of for a start up to launch a station
with a format as expensive as the news/talk format. And it's
extremely rare for local investors to buck the trend of the
corporate consolidation and launch an independent locally
controlled broadcast outlet. \ \


Johnny's Flying Jalopy

Corporate America's contempt for Justice is STILL killing
American teens un-necessarily. All religions are in agreement
- God is just - and if there is to ever be a heaven granting
freedom to all, it's a world that treats all people equitably,
like Mohamed, Hillel, and Jesus with Confucius, Buddha, and so
on preaches to real believers... While evil bushite liars
tell our children we're blaming the innocent as God's will for
their 'escaping' criminality. Murderous! Art Bell again,
told his viewers he didn't support starting the war against
the innocent in Iraq, but he did relentlessly. I survived
through that well recorded international challenge. The demon
forbade any discussions on the matter, but for a rare seldom
talk with someone who wanted to nuke somwheres else. The
demon would screen his calls, privately during commercials,
and anyone who wanted to bring up an American soldier's
interest in why we were all pro-war with those who directly
carried out 911 AS DOCUMENTED, he'd just hang up on before
broadcast. Despite MILLIONS marching. So AMERICANS wouldn't
know: George W. Bush actually is the 911 master mind of this
journey into hell by his criminal ineptness to plan an
effective exit strategy for him, and his dishonorable ungodly
servants, like the bushite terrorists Cheney, Rumsfeld, task
group 626. Sattler, Blount, Mattis, Russell, Allawi, Aegis,
and now,.. PUBLIC admissions of the bush administration
taxing "Americans" for death squads against the INNOCENT by
their "democratic" constituency. Gifts from America to you
freedom lovers! See the bushite, you kill it for America, you
kill it for children, you kill it for the love of GOD left
forsaken by corporate 'for profit' zionist news directors, who
TRULY hold YOUR life in contempt. Hate me? okay, f--k you
too then, HATE GOD as 'defenseless' by supporting these
continuing indiscriminate al-cia-duh bombing attacks against
our Humanity, and I'll personally hunt the offensive liar
bushite down religiously for judicial prosecutions as OUR
enemy. Join me in ridding Humanity of the enemies to American
freedom, the bushite terrorists.

Bush signed the top secret war strategy, to ignore all
relevant evidence for a crime that hadn't just yet taken
place, on September 9th, 2001. [Jim at MSNBC] A top secret
criminal plan to close inquiries carried out after the
catalyst terror event of 911. The General who provided the no
evidence argument to the Taliban at Bush's request, was found
also responsible by the FBI for funding the same terrorist
offence in question. A terrorist crime that the bushmob has
taken a huge killing in GOD with. wAllah, George W. Bush is
the for real antichrist. No escaping it my friends, no
escaping it. Fight for Freedom, or die a loser to bush's
genius. Support me, or fail to recognize true wisdom when it
speaks to you of need for desperate change to save your dying

Do YOU have any idea how truly evil Art Bell appears when he
says, of course America was lied to through corporate news
censorship in regards to the WMD questions, but that's because
it was all for stealing Iraqi property to benefit no-national,
bottom lining by jack bribing, - bush's - pro-military
dictatorship oil companies after all is dead and gone, that's
what death Your American Son is good for. And why isn't Art
Bell mad about what he did to you?, at least near half the
angry of how much, still locked in the trunk Daddy G is?
No,.. in shock!, he's sounding as chipper as ever! That is
what Art Bell actually said last Saturday night to God and

So listen: Art Bell and George Norry won't allow Americans to
set a HIGH PRIORITY in solving any American crisis, and
instead, we'll get the regular, who cares about the dying
poor, needless American teen sacrifices done for a better life
it was not thought. Art Bell will likely never be able to
stand up proud as a real American man, unless he allows US to
form his good defense on fears of wisdom existing beyond his
stupid man comprehensions along with likewise traitor Norry.
Only way for that to happen, is if he, as the other radio
celeb happy happy cultists, are forced by LAW, to have
broadcasted on every private radio station of OUR Planet, a
full hour of open lines calls to talk about whatever as the
disgruntled, but loving, immediate community, perhaps sharing
recipes. Then, if America is still then a wasteland of
worthless words trumpeting a bushite's proud barbarity for
ungodly zionism as death of the Jewish religion, continually
committed to the further enslavement of the Human condition,
by thieving, and torturing as proud boastful bushites do,
WE'LL ALL know it, and consider demanding Justice then on OUR,
not so out there old country radio stations, all so THEY can
then, as offending war criminals, go it alone without
ourselves. Like an old "All in the Family" episode I saw
once, or thrice. Where Archie gets to makes a community
member statement on his local TV station!!! Wow eh? How far
we've come...

Jesus, hell no, I ain't going down that blind delusion of what
infinite Justice means. Tell George Norry, Ahmad funded Atta.
Despite the FACT that he will likely again, personally
determine, DYING American SOLDIERS must be FORBIDDEN such
knowledge as understood in context. Then, get him to invite
US on as a very controversial guest. What a show that would
be! Wouldn't it be a great novelty that would eventually wear
off with something even more curiously interesting in a
million to two years? Or, die tomorrow as a forsaken American
Patriot soldier. It's all up to YOU. Do the right thing by
supporting me, Creator of the Universe, with answers to
EVERYTHING. Or, die with evil genius Bush, as your blind
tyrant war bringer, against everything good in purgatory.


Johnny America


/ / Lord Justice Richards, sitting with Mr Justice Forbes and
Mr Justice Mackay, ruled it was a "reasonable" decision for
the Director of Public Prosecutions and the CPS not to order
prosecutions on the basis that they were "likely to fail". \ \

These three will be tried for blatant treason, when found
easily guilty, Britain will consider temporarily bringing back
the death penalty, by having these three, along with the
murderous pro cop killers, gloriously executed for God and
country. The fellow murdered was working for a security firm,
likely, Peter Power. And the murderers were caught repeatedly
LYING to the British populace. Repeatedly. Now, ask
yourself, why such lies to cover up such a serious crime of
FIRST DEGREE MURDER of an innocent British citizen? "Likely
to fail"?, that's not Justice, likewise, not freedom, as no
way to deal with the continuing terrorist threat found
discovered there years and years ago. Do you think these
treasonous "Judges" are not aware of the mass killings in
Britain committed, as confessed PUBLICLY IN BRITIAN, by
government agents posing as the still silent on the issue IRA?
LEARN: these once fearful officers will tell you, if they
don't talk to plead Justice, the "British" government has them
murdered. (Their best buds actually from back at the office
are only 'IN IT' for their own preserved criminal gain you
see, so... why take the risk that Johnny'll get you in the
end? SEE? A bushite kills bushite for a stolen nickel they
likely stole from their OWN grand parents to give to
Halliburton, because truly, bushite soldiers are godless nazi
traitors who cowardly bomb the innocent with their personal
contempt for God and Life, or go silent over such atrocities
committed in our names by LIARS.) This pattern is Universal,
so, my hands are tied. There is truly no honor among bushite
thieves, like in the Third Infantry or Elvis desecrator Aegis.
Death to our indiscriminately murderous thieving enemies of
God's Creation, who war Creation for bush's personal escape
for the crimes of 911 Christ would say right, wouldn't you say
so likewise my brothers and sisters, of the Muslim, Christian,
and Jewish religions in belief?

/ / Jonathan Crow QC, acting for the CPS, said he sympathised
with the family but that the police believed at the time Mr de
Menezes posed a threat and they were acting in self defence. \ \

According to whom?, certainly not by the statements made by
the demonic bushite liars who war Britain to assist in the
escape of Peter Power and company.

Later Gaters,

Johnny America

Crime News Journalist "Apoo, will you ever stop selling spoiled meat?"
Kwiki Mart Apoo Ahhasapeenapenluand "No. I mean yes. I mean.. Oh oh.."


Iraq Study Group finds "systematic" effort to cook the books.


"My opponent says that going to war with the terrorists is
actually improving their recruiting efforts. I think the
logic is upside-down. I think that shows a misunderstanding
of the enemy." -- George W. Bush

"I must tell you, I'm sleeping a lot better than people would
assume," -- George W. Bush


No evidence against an accused is US being truly abused

"These are not terrorists, they are not al-Qeada, they are
ordinary innocent men, women and children."


Ahmad funded Atta

American soldiers are being terribly mislead by the Bush
administration to undermine freedom for Americans, by
suggesting an effective war strategy is to ignore all the 911
evidence, and go off instead to blindly blame bad Afghans or
badder Iraqis, is an insult to all honorable police services.
Services not left permanently perplexed by the onslaught of
repeatedly ignoring the same consequences where more innocent
people fall dead as bombing victims, while LIAR bushite
continue to charge/thieve from both, you as an American, and
me, a member of our victimized Humanity. You see, your demon
liar has ruled that all the Peoples of Earth have no legal
rights to exist freely in our public court rooms. Bad news
that is for OUR dying America my friend. Support my call for
an open dialog on returning a reason for believing, for
Freedom is Justice, not a censored world ruled by puppet
people in shadows without free will left un-accountable. On a
populated Earth exceeding six billion, you would find some
disagreement on our worths measured by the 'un-accountable'
bushite american ENEMY like the self described as enlightened,
pro Arab child killer George Norry I'd say. See, if you blame
someone for a crime without any evidence, then convict him,
how would you know that the individual that victimized your
Family actually got caught for harming YOU? Personally I'm
saying... .American. I mean - if you continue not demanding a
return to Justice, it will leave your life, and go far where
freedom's not. Believe me. I know these things,

Support my cause as if it were your own, by chirping in to
help us out some man. Look out buddies, some thing wicked
this way comes and it's surprise!, Johnny Wizard President and
CEO of Earth Co.! Wow!, what a godsend that boy is eh? I'd
bet he's richer than everybody.. No, I've heard he's near
starving broke, no hey.. it's no joke.. I've heard he's
looking at prison time because nobody will lend him the time
of day to call up their radio station to demand Justice for
themselves., As Americans!. Nor, have any billionaires the
world over offered Johnny a penny in help to secure a proper
legal defense. Gee, it's just that he's hard of believing in
God I'd say. Perhaps..

Where did you get those shoes?,

Johnny America - A Free World believer in something better.

Puppet On A String: Hamas Dances To Israel's Tune

P.S. Did you hear?, Israel's big G-D Court ruled that
committing State murder is what lawless ||Jews|| do to fight
'terrorism'? Legal to murder innocent People, but more
specifically, Religious People. "Fuck You Moses" the Israeli
ungodly zionist says, because they're better than US as
Zionist jews don't you know. The People's of Israel are being
victimized by the bastions of truly demonic lies told through
the sickening mouth pieces of the irrational zionist neocon
god betrayers. Believe me, I know these things, for I am the
Light of Life itself after all.

Okay, I'm gone. .. er. .



Again, a un-American bushite is the enemy to Life as ungodly
disciples of the very real antichrist, believe me.

/ / "And I reject those ideas," Bush said after meeting with
top generals and Defense Department officials at the Pentagon. \ \

It looks like G.W. Bush is going to be a real bitch about all
this nasty business of his capacity to conceive what we're
saying actually as each other committed to reach beyond the
'grunt' stage in human development eh? Typical.

"It's Bad-in-Iraq, Does that help heh-heh"

/ / For if Iran should have learned anything from recent
history, especially from events on its own borders, it is that
as a tactic, whether offensive or defensive, threatening
Israel publicly is counterproductive in the extreme. \ \

Blame a zionist for the criminal offences he or she is
personally responsible for as the guilty party, and the
'escaping' zionist claims through corporate 'for profit' media
mind control, your blaming Israel as an anti-Semite.
Anti-Semite! Semite, like umm... Moe, Ham, an Ed. You go,
Aukmaudinajad, let's get the truth out to let a free people
decide without NAZI censorship. However, I have seen
incinerators filled with corpses, and Hitler's Reich marching
anywho citizens into a hole, where with women and babies, they
were then all summarily shot, then buried, all the while
soldier's chatted about how great they were, all high quality
digital formats available, some even IN COLOR!, so, convincing
me that godless bushites have existed, that would murder
anyone for a stolen nickel as pro-bush rapists, pro-bush
torturers, and pro-bush thieves of the Iraqi Development Funds
is goin' be, next near to impossible. But, I'm the guy you'd
want in your corner, never the less. "King of the Jews",
that's me. Oh, oh, oh, oh,.. pick me! picck ME! PICK ME!!!

'We have no problems with Jews and highly respect Judaism as a
holy religion. We only have problems with Zionist circles in
Israel which we hold responsible for the suppression of the
Palestinian nation.'

P.S. I'm not gay that way okay, and I'm most definitely a
man's man when it comes to the female gender, but I really do
love Ourselves man, and if you guys don't start offering me
some support, a couple of disgruntled bushite brethren are
going to pirate our Justice system, by putting me, an innocent
man behind OUR bars UNJUSTLY. Support Yourself by calling up
CJOB here in Winnipeg to demand they start broadcasting in
favor of our freedoms, not to lie our naiver teens into dying
for something they understand nothing of. Well, it's no
wonder. Make the calls. Be a friend, if not a blind enemy to
everything. For our Life's survival needs your input/help.
Don't die in silence for Bush, fight for America to come back
to being America. Get on the radio. YOU can make a real
difference if you'd only try. Realize, very few actually do,
we need YOU. Now, Coast to Coast hosts deny US this
privilege, this must change for thee better. The sooner we
succeed in defeating George Norry and Art Bell's censorship of
the American endeavor, the more American teen lives are
potentially spared through a dying bushite's commander's
CRIMINAL contempt for Humanity, just like Our Mr. bush IS.
For, REAL freedom is protected through just acts made for our
measured benefits. A country, or city, or person accused of a
criminal offense without any evidence made in the Public Trust
is innocent. PERIOD. Hammurabi suggested to just PROUDLY
kill any false capital accuser [a bushite] who tries to
tell/teach our suggestible children otherwise. Real people
have to die in defense for escaping the support of torturing
innocent people to death, for their is NEVER any reason, just
costly time to explain the whys, that bushites lie, while
American national radio propagandists, who like Art Bell, are
pouring poisonously chauvinist, and openly, willingly working
to undermine the audience, all to lawless traders of freedom
for tyranny. Senators that supported the Military Commissions
Act need to be thought for as TREASONOUS. Better for Christ
to judicially halt/kill a thieving bushite, than allow it to
continue lawlessly murdering more left undefended for further
victim hood as God's America. No evidence against an accused
is US being truly abused. (Senators have STOLEN literally
billions from a helpless GOD through ear-marking from an
un-accountable America left to die as the actually forsaken.)
Smart guy that Hammurabi fellow was, on combating ungodly
terrorism in a new world's Age.

Alex Jones "Alarming words for our time."



Exit strategy: Outlaw lawlessness. Murder, rape, and the
thieving of billions from America as STILL wrong.

Johnny America "Death to the bushite, death to our enemies."

A Look Back and Ahead In An Age of Neocon Rule

/ / [...] like the Law of Suspects, were earlier versions of
our Patriot I and II and Military Commission Acts today. The
Revolutionary Tribunal, with no chance for justice or right of
appeal, was no different than our military courts today, and
too many civil ones, in which any US citizen may now be tried
anywhere in the world, with no habeas right of appeal or hope
for due process and from which those sent there won't fare any
better than the French did, doomed to meet their unjust fate -

[...] \ \

Unjust?, perhaps. Remember, these bushites CHOOSE to support
the rape and torture of the innocent in God. Knowing the
bushmob STOLE all Iraqi wealth, AND LISTEN, they speak near no
words in defense of ourselves. While, I, as I'm certain any
real family man would also, take GREAT pleasure in killing
bushites. Anyone in George W. bush’s Air Force for example.
They are soulless cowards who drop bombs on innocent families
running for their lives from a Church, or as children, hiding
under our beds praying to God for help. Simply put: A
bushite terrorist is a lifeless enemy of Life, better dead,
than still breathing I tell all children of creation to kill
their very own fathers or brothers if they express any blind
pride whatsoever in these indiscriminate attacks against
freedom. Or just spend stolen loot like from in Blount’s
Third Infantry. (Blount commands the third infantry as a
Saudi Wahhabist, no shit, a BILLIONIARE Saudi commanding
American soldiers to OPENLY thieve and murder from Iraq. If
Saddam only knew, he’d be up in arms over it I'm sure.)

All I personally need to hear, is that bushite cheering from
his bomber at the murdering of innocent screaming women and
children, in Afghanistan, or any of the near thousand tapes
from Iraq, or perhaps, re-reading the comments of the not yet
PROUDLY EXECUTED 3 year old killers of Haditha, who told US
ALL, murdering helpless children not guilty of ANYTHING was
their regular fair all through the criminal command of
Sattler, where as Satanic, they murdered more than two hundred
thousand of OUR innocent family members to die sacrificed for
the demon LIAR ANTICHRIST enemy thieves. Oh god yah, killing
a bushite, is to defend the innocent lives they target to
thieve from themselves as ENEMIES TO EVERYTHING. God yeah, I
know I'm doing Humanity GOOD by ending a first degree
murdering bushite THIEF, who wars Our innocent Humanity to
help escape the TRAITOR bushmob for 911, back in New York
City, where thousands of AMERICANS WERE MURDERED. With George
W. bush’s ‘top secret’ anti-American plan, don’t you know..?
Surely, FOXNews would care for the lives of Americans who
state FOXNews is the best for not making them think they know
nothing as true to dead or dying dumfuk enemies of the Marine

Sean Hannity must be tried for treason for LYING DIRECTLY to
America repeatedly. Why? Becasue nobody can be that stupidly
evil by accident.

I am, seriously, Death to the enemies of Christ, and I hope,
you can find The honor to serve America in the same respect
for soldiers who have fallen Before US, who died TRULY warring
against a bushite’s irrational tyranny. While these Nazi
bushite fucks tell US openly, they lawlessly rape, torture,
and steal from God as ‘defenseless’. Leaves me to ask YOU,
what are you going to do about it?

Live free, or die in chains?

Johnny America "Death to the bushite, death to our enemies."


/ / "the Zionists make a great issue of the Holocaust in order
to further their illegitimate [ungodly as anti-Human]
philosophy and aims," \ \

The Jewish Battle Plan of Christ/Allah - Good against the un-American bushite demon thieves - The Jewish Battle Plan of Christ/Allah

How The Demon Bush Misled God's World - Shirley, bin Laden would be sided with the fundamentalist Shiites, before, everyone-is-an-equal Sunnis...

'Watada cannot base his defense on the war's legality.' Telling US what?, that it is a crime to not commit a crime? It isn't only high treason against America the ungodly bushite are guilty of, but of a madness held by those truly Satanic..

Johnny America

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