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Cryptometrics;New Zealand Passport Office Used By U.S. Penny Stock Criminals ?

Tony Ryals | 20.02.2007 03:47 | Analysis | Technology

Valinoti's Jag Notes also successfully touted Charles Schwab at the time of the London bombings,even getting it to rise on high volume on that same day.Reuters even picked up on the false 'rumor' of a buyout without citing their source - But why this free Forbes pr and the jagh scamsters use of it bothers me is now they would purport to be in the passport verification business !

Cryptometrics;New Zealand Passport Office Used By U.S. Penny Stock Criminals ?

For some time a company called'Cryptometrics' that forbes.con lends credibility to in the article whose link below was posted by the David Patch connected jagh alias tout 'braggamuffin'on the jagh ragingbull.con message board has merged or threatened to merge and live and dump shares from that fraudulent penny stock shell called Jag Media Holdings.

Here is a direct link to the scammy ragingbull.con jagh 'message' or penny stock promotion site that brags of having the New Zealand passport office as a client !

This is taken from the Gary Valinoti, David Patch, 'jagh' or Jag Media Hodings board.Jagh is a penny stock scam that was involved in the 'Bermuda Shorts'scandal.

Somehow Gary Valinoti who later teamed up as an advisor to famed trial attorney John O'Quinn in his massive 'anti-naked short selling' litigations was never touched or even scolded by the SEC for his in involvement with 'Bermuda Shorts'. Why ?

Valinoti's Jag Notes also successfully touted Charles Schwab at the time of the London bombings,even getting it to rise on high volume on that same day.Reuters even picked up on the false 'rumor' of a buyout without citing their source - But why this free Forbes pr and the jagh scamsters use of it bothers me is now they would purport to be in the passport verification business !

Is there no end ? These people should have been in jail and their onshore and offshore assets confiscated years ago and returned to defrauded investors.But no,they are being touted on forbes.con as leaders in passport and i.d. verification. Do you want your passport verified by Gary Valinoti and David Patch ? Does Steve Forbes ? Just asking.........

Of course I'm biased.I don't want any penny stock scamsters who defraud investors,much less with connections with those who threaten my life and others over the internet to be given federal passport verification rights or powers nor even to be able to use the infered possibility to tout and dump more worthless JAGH shares.

This is a direct link to the fraudulent penny stock board that brags to pump and dump its worthless shares - of having direct line of connections to the New Zealand passport office ! Are the people in CHARGE OF NEW ZEALAND PASSPORTS JUST MORE VICTIMS OF FRAUD BY A U.S. PENNY STOCK COMPANY OR ARE THEY ON THE TAKE !? Does this have anything to do with James Dale Davidson who I dicussed on the indymedia link below in reards to whwether he was still using New Zealand ?

Note Dave Patch and his fraudulent website called has a direct connection to James Dale Davidson of Agora Inc. penny stock promotions of Baltimore,Maryland and his National Taxpayers Union in Alexandria,Virginia conveniently located near the central office of the U.S. SEC or Securiies Exchange Commission.He was also involved with Davidson/s now disappeared NAANSS or National Association Against Naked Short Selling and now Patrick Byrne's NCANS or National Coalition Against Naked Short Selling with its Utah Republican connections to Utah Senators Bob Bennett and Orin Hatch as well as to Governor Jon Huntsman Jr. .As you will see in my article 'Is James Dale Davidson Using New Zealand',some New Zealanders did a fine job in the 19990-s exposing Davidon and his sidekick the Lord William Rees-Mogg.I only hope some of you New Zealanders who may read this take on the issue confront your passport issue and end Jag Media Holdings and Cryptometrics penny stock fraud that uses the New Zealand governent and your passport office to do it !

Is James Dale Davidson using New Zealand ?

And this is direct link to post with forbes.con article that states New Zealand passport office is encouraging this U.S. penny stock pump and dump fraud.Are they !?

By: braggamuffin
19 Feb 2007, 07:42 AM EST
Msg. 81192 of 81206
Jump to msg. #
Forbes article: "from a few thousand dollars to several million." Cryptometrics is currently working on 50 or 60 such deals"

(Voluntary Disclosure: Position- Long; ST Rating- Strong Buy; LT Rating- Strong Buy)

CryptoMetrics Announces Facial Recognition Contract With New Zealand Passport Office

SecurIDent(TM) Technology Has Been Performing ''Watch List'' Check and Comprehensive Quality Assessment of Passport Photos

Tuckahoe, NY – May 24, 2006 -

TUCKAHOE, N.Y. - (BUSINESS WIRE) - May 24, 2006 - CryptoMetrics, a leading global provider of facial recognition and fingerprint biometric solutions to the government, aviation security, law enforcement, military, homeland security and commercial markets, today announced that the New Zealand Passport Office has deployed its facial recognition technology as part of that country's ePassport initiative. CryptoMetric's technology, which consists of hardware and software, is part of a comprehensive system New Zealand is deploying to enhance security in its passport issuance process and to comply with the new ICAO ePassport Standard and U.S. visa waiver requirements.

New Zealand chose CryptoMetrics' SecurIDent(TM) technology to carry out advanced face biometric based "Watch List" Checks (known as "lookout checks") on all passport applications. When these Checks were initially deployed nearly a year ago they were believed to be the first use of facial recognitiontechnology for lookout checks by any Passport Issuing Authority. The has performed exceptionally throughout that period. The Government will also useCryptoMetrics' Photo Quality Assessment and Assurance technology to review all photographs submitted by Passport applicants to ensure they comply with established photo guidelines. The technology also produces the globally interoperable face biometric sample recorded on the new ePassport.

Robert Barra, co-CEO of CryptoMetrics, stated, "This contract represents a very important step forward for CryptoMetrics and for the security of the Passport issuance process. Our technology will significantly increase the accuracy and efficiency of the work of Passport officials as they review applications for new or renewing Passports and help ensure that people who attempt to commit identity fraud using Passports do not slip through the cracks. As governments around the world accelerate their conversion to ePassports, we expect to be actively involved in providing the technology that ensures those systems operate at the highest possible level."

With increasing threats around the world posed by terrorism, countries must secure their Passport issuance process to ensure that those who have been placed on "watch lists" are in fact detected and denied access to fraudulent travel documents such as Passports. A recent study in the United Kingdomconcluded that potentially more than 10,000 Passports are issued each year to applicants who have lied about their details, half of which involve false identities.

The new ePassport system requires that the face biometric be encoded in a contactless microchip securely embedded in the Passport, allowing officials to confirm the identity of the person presenting the Passport. To be effective, each face biometric encoding must comply with the International Standard established by ICAO.

Mr. Barra added, "New Zealand will also use our quality assurance technology to perform an initial check on submitted Passport photos to ensure they are of sufficient quality to create the printed portrait for the data page of the Passport. This is a process that all nations will need to adopt and, given the uniqueness of our technology, we expect to be assisting a great number of them."

David Philp, Manager of the New Zealand Passport Office stated, "For those who are involved in international crime and possibly terrorist activity, obtaining a false Passport is often critical to success. CryptoMetrics' technology will greatly improve security at step one of the Passport issuance process, by automatically comparing every application's photograph against the departments Watch List of persons who have previously attempted identity fraud. We chose CryptoMetrics because its technology offered the highest levels of accuracy available, very fast processing time and a very unique ability to enhance the quality of existing photographs through a process called 'normalization'."

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which oversees the safety of international aviation, established the International Standard governing biometrically enhanced passports (referred to as the 'ePassport'). This work was undertaken collaboratively with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). ICAO requires all 189 member countries to use the facial biometric as the standardized, globally interoperable biometric for all official travel documents.

About CryptoMetrics

Established in 2000, CryptoMetrics is a leading provider of biometric solutions, building and integrating state-of-the-art systems designed to proactively protect the critical infrastructure of a nation and its businesses, including vital cyber assets. As part of its portfolio, CryptoMetrics offers an extensive array of face biometric products and services designed to secure national borders and protect the traveling public, strengthen the security of travel and ID document issuance through comprehensive "identity management"; and enhance personal identification in support of law enforcement, homeland security and first responder activities.
Michael Fox
Integrated Corporate Relations
(203) 682-8218


JAG Media Holdings, Inc. Announces Signing of Merger Agreement with Cryptometrics, Inc
Business Wire, Dec 30, 2005

Find More Results for: "cryptometrics jag media "
JAG Media Holdings,...
BOCA RATON, Fla. -- JAG Media Holdings, Inc. (OTC PINK SHEETS: JAGH) announced today that it has entered into a merger agreement and plan of merger pursuant to which the Company's wholly-owned and newly created subsidiary, Cryptometrics Acquisition, Inc., will, subject to the terms and conditions of the merger agreement, merge into Cryptometrics, Inc., a Delaware corporation that provides facial recognition and fingerprint biometric solutions to the government, aviation security, law enforcement, military, homeland security and commercial markets. Upon consummation of the merger, Cryptometrics will continue as the surviving corporation and become a wholly-owned subsidiary of JAG Media.

The consummation of the merger is subject to the fulfillment of various conditions set forth in the merger agreement, including, among others, (i) the delivery by JAG Media and Cryptometrics of disclosure schedules to one another which are satisfactory to both parties by January 18, 2006, (ii) the approval by JAG Media's stockholders of an amendment to JAG Media's articles of incorporation to increase its authorized shares of common stock from 250,000,000 to 500,000,000, (iii) the approval by JAG Media's stockholders of an amendment to JAG Media's articles of incorporation to change JAG Media's name to Cryptometrics and (iv) the listing of JAG Media's common stock on the NASDAQ Capital Market. In addition, until JAG Media and Cryptometrics agree otherwise, the merger agreement, notwithstanding approval by the Cryptometrics stockholders, may be cancelled with or without any reason at any time by either the Company or Cryptometrics with no liability.

In connection with the merger, the holders of common stock of Cryptometrics issued and outstanding immediately prior to the effective time of the merger will be entitled to receive shares of JAG Media common stock equal to 7.4656 times the number of shares of JAG Media common stock issued and outstanding at the effective time, (i) excluding all shares of JAG Media common stock held in treasury by JAG Media, and (ii) excluding all shares of Series 2 and Series 3 Class B common stock of JAG Media outstanding, but (iii) including as outstanding the relevant number of shares of JAG Media stock into which shares of JAG Media which are still outstanding and can be converted into common stock (but have not yet been converted) by virtue of recapitalizations carried out by JAG Media.



Sophia Banay, 10.23.06, 12:00 AM ET

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Biometric passports could streamline travel, make U.S. citizens easier targets and be a boon for security companies.

Those little blue books are going high-tech.

Last August, the State Department started introducing passports embedded with computer chips. The "e-passports" are meant to prevent passport counterfeiting and tighten border control, and every U.S. passport holder is projected to have one by 2017.

But a vocal group of privacy lobbyists opposes them, saying the electronic data is poorly protected and renders U.S. citizens vulnerable to terrorist attacks and identity theft.

The e-passport works as follows: The chips contain the same information printed on the inner flap of your current document--name, place and date of birth, passport number, issue date and expiration date, plus a digital facial photo, the first biometric sample ever incorporated into official U.S. travel documents. All are digitally encrypted.

When a traveler approaches border control, officials unlock the information on the chip with specialized radio frequency identification (RFID) readers. After ensuring that the electronic information matches that printed in plain old ink in the passport and that your mug matches both photos, officials stamp your passport and send you on your way. Sounds simple--and safe--enough.

"The e-passport is probably the most secure document we've ever issued," says Ann Barrett, acting deputy assistant secretary for passport services in the Bureau of Consular Affairs at the U.S. State Department...........

Safe or not, the e-passport could be a windfall for security firms and their investors. The Washington-based Homeland Security Research Corporation projects that the global homeland security and homeland defense market will triple by 2015 to almost $180 billion. Biometrics is expected to play a significant role in that growing market.

Joel Shaw should know. Shaw convened the committee to develop the e-passport, a collaboration between the International Civil Aviation Organization, a Montreal-based body of the United Nations, and the International Standards Organization, a Geneva-based organization that coordinates the development and implementation of standards across a variety of industries.

The e-passport is on its way to becoming a global travel requirement--the U.S. issued an Oct. 26 deadline for the 27 European Union and other visa-waiver countries to prepare the technology to issue e-passports to their citizens. If they miss the deadline, foreign citizens who could once travel to the U.S. visa-free might now be required to apply for documents. Exclusion from the U.S. is a hefty price to pay, so the tech companies that can design and produce the technology to create, secure and read these passports at hundreds of airports in dozens of countries will be well-positioned.

"The profit opportunity is substantial," Shaw says.

Conveniently, Shaw is also chief strategy officer of Tuckahoe, N.Y.-based Cryptometrics, a private security technology company that specializes in providing facial biometric solutions to border security.

Cryptometrics has signed a contract to provide New Zealand with e-passport technology and is pursuing deals with other countries as well. Shaw won't reveal what the deal was worth, except to say that each one varies "from a few thousand dollars to several million." Cryptometrics is currently working on 50 or 60 such deals; in other words, the e-passport could make Shaw not just safer but much, much richer.

About 70 million Americans, or one quarter of the country, have passports. And while the new e-passports won't make the rest of us richer, they won't make us substantially poorer, either--the current cost for an adult passport, $97, hasn't been affected by the new technology (the last passport price increase, $12, was added in February 2006 to cover database sharing technology).

Here's hoping they at least make us safer.

- forbes.con

This link takes you to google cache of canturbury New Zealand aricle of 1995 re James Dale Davidson and gangs' purchase of Wharekauhau Lodge the main portion of which is quoted below.I sure hope there are still some activist investigators in New Zealand to look into this Jag Media Holdings / Cryptometrics penny stock pump and dump scam that is using the New Zealand passport office to promote their fascist U.S. penny stock operation to do so.

James Dale Davidson William Rees-Mogg James Ulysses Blanchard New Zealand Wharekauhau Lodge Farm Wairarapa.Also more recent from his on internet self promotion is mention of 'New World Premium Brands, Auckland, New Zealand and Martinborough Winery Ltd.',neither of which I know anything about.

November 1995 decisions

Wharekauhau Lodge sold to U.S. interests

Wharekauhau Lodge and Farm in the Wairarapa is being sold to four residents of the U.S.A. in order to "create one of the best and most exclusive lodges in the world". The lodge includes 931 hectares of land. The current owners, W. and A. Shaw, are retaining a 10% interest in the property and will "have an ongoing involvement in the development and management of the property".

The new owner is Wharekauhau Holdings Ltd (WHL). Initially this was owned 24.9% by J. Davidson, 24.9% by A. Miller, 24.9% by M. Baybak, 15.3% by J. Sevo (all of the U.S.A.) and 10% by the Shaws. However in March 1996 this approval was amended to change the shareholding to include in addition Sir R. Douglas (Aotearoa), Lord R. Mogg (U.K.) and J. Blanchard III (U.S.A.). With that change, the shareholding is 24.6% by J. Davidson, 12.3% by A. Miller, 20.2% by M. Baybak, 12.3% by J. Sevo (all of the U.S.A.), 12% by the Shaws, 13.2% by J. Blanchard III, 4.4% by Lord R. Mogg, and 1% by Sir R. Douglas.

They are paying $4,800,000 for the property through the company Wharekauhau Station Ltd.

"The Commission is advised that the Wharekauhau lodge is one New Zealand’s leading lodges but currently has limited accommodation facilities.

The Commission is advised that WHL propose to implement a development plan that will create one of the best and most exclusive lodges in the world, while also enhancing the current scenic splendour of Wharekauhau. The Commission also is advised that the development plan envisages building new villas and estate homes and extending or replacing the existing lodge house.

It is also intended that the farm business will be maintained as a Romney sheep stud. This will be developed into a model farm with some hill facings being planted in trees and fencing and fertility being improved."

Sir Roger needs no introduction. Lord William Rees-Mogg is the former chief leader writer and editor of The Financial Times, city editor and deputy editor of The Sunday Times, and editor of The Times (1967-81), "by which time he had become an accepted establishment figure, on the boards of several companies", according to the Cambridge Biographical Encyclopedia (1994, Cambridge University Press, A former Vice-Chairman of the BBC, in 1988 he became head of the new, controversial, Broadcasting Standards Council. He is an author, business commentator and "advisor to some of the world's wealthiest investors". His business interests include being Chairman of International Business Communications Group PLC (business publishers, conference organisers etc), and Pickering & Chatto (Publishers) Limited, and a Director of The General Electric Company Plc, and St. James Place Capital Plc ( As the Encyclopaedia states, he is very much a central establishment figure in the British hierarchy. He is a favourite subject of conspiracy theorists. His government and business connections are likely to have brought him into contact with Douglas.

He has co-authored with one James D. Davidson two books on investment: "Blood in the Streets" by James Dale Davidson and Sir William Rees-Mogg, (New York: Warner Books, 1987), and "The Great Reckoning", revised and updated edition, by James Dale Davidson and Sir William Rees-Mogg, (New York: Simon and Schuster, 1993). The first takes its name from the advice given by Baron Nathan Rothschild in 1815: "the time to buy is when blood is running in the streets". The second predicts a major depression before the end of the century and advises investors how to prepare for it.

The two also edit and publish Strategic Investment, an investment newsletter described by Chapman Tripp Sheffield Young (CTSY, the shareholders’ solicitors) to the OIC as "the largest circulation (135,000 per month Wall Street newsletter". Significantly, it "has been heavily promoting investment in New Zealand", so they are no novices where Aotearoa is concerned. Davidson has written for the Wall Street Journal and numerous other U.S. publications, and is a principal of Strategic Advisors Corporation in Baltimore, Maryland.

The New Zealand Companies Office identifies the OIC’s J. Davidson as James D. Davidson of Alexandria, Virginia, U.S.A.. The OIC files confirm this as Rees-Mogg’s associate, James Dale Davidson. Davidson is not simply an investment advisor: he is also a political activist after Roger Douglas’s heart, and as we have seen, with a standing interest in investment in Aotearoa. He is the chairman of the National Taxpayers Union (compare ACT), which he founded in 1969. It claims 250,000 members, with a budget of $3.5 million, and 20 staff at its headquarters in Washington DC ("Encyclopedia of Associations", 31st Edition, 1996, Part 2, p.2304.) "The National Taxpayers Union [is] a public interest advocacy organization dedicated to eliminating wasteful government spending and working to reduce taxes and balance the federal budget" (

One of the more fascinating sites on the Internet is "", which has a section,, devoted to Bermuda. There (presumably to attract others to the country), it lists some of the prominent businessmen who use Bermuda to avoid their taxes. It lists such names as Silvio Berlusconi, former far-right Italian Prime Minister, currently engaged in a drawn-out corruption trial ("an Italian media magnate, he was named in the Forbes Magazine billionaires list as being worth more than $2 billion. He owns the large, white home known as ‘Blue Horizons’ in Tucker’s Town, St. George’s Parish, near the home of former US presidential candidate Ross Perot. Signor Berlusconi regularly flies into Bermuda via a private jet aircraft, with his son Piersilvio and daughter Marina. He was the Italian Prime Minister a few years ago and in 1996 made an unsuccessful political bid to become so again. Like his immediate neighbours, the Perots, he has a passion for privacy."); Jack Carter, son of former US President Jimmy Carter ("his parents visited him in Bermuda for a week in mid October, 1995"); Ross Perot; George Soros; a raft of U.S. and British billionaires and millionaires (and one Australian); and James Dale Davidson:

"James Dale Davidson

"An investment author and consultant to a clutch of leading multinational companies with active Bermuda connections, he is a graduate of Oxford University…

"In his business dealings around the globe, he has observed financial service opportunities in many countries. Over the last few years in particular, he has increasingly used Bermuda as a primary conduit for the range of his financial dealings – from banking and brokerage accounts to incorporating internationally active, prominent companies."

Evidence for his (and Rees-Mogg’s) Bermuda activities comes in the shareholding of Wharekauhau Holdings Ltd: one of its shareholders is New Paradigm Capital Ltd of Hamilton, Bermuda. According to CTSY, this is a "Bermuda merchant bank" owned jointly by Davidson and Rees-Mogg "and a Jersey Island based trust" (Jersey is another tax haven). Presumably such tax avoidance is Davidson’s way of putting his anti-tax political views into action.

However Davidson’s activities move from just right-wing straight into conspiracy theory in an escapade in 1995. It’s a long story, but the apparent suicide of Vince Foster, a bit player in the Clintons’ Whitewater scandal, led to marginally credible theories that he was actually an NSA operative and a spy for Israel with million-dollar Swiss bank accounts, and was murdered after the CIA got on to him. Davidson dived in to the controversy by financing an examination of Foster’s suicide note by three forensic handwriting experts, which, they said, was a forgery ( "An Independent Forensic Examination Of a Torn Note Allegedly Written by Vincent W. Foster, Jr.", Prepared for Strategic Investment, James Dale Davidson, Editor, 25 October 1995). One suspicion was that Davidson was fanning the flames to help undermine Clinton.

A connection with our next character, James Ulysses Blanchard III, is that a writer for Strategic Investment is Jack Wheeler, of whom more below.

J. Blanchard III is, according to the New Zealand Companies Office record, James Ulysses Blanchard III. James Ulysses Blanchard III (where else but in the U.S.A. would parents call their children such names – and where else would the children use them!) is publisher and Editor-in-Chief of The Gold Newsletter, Los Angeles, U.S.A. He writes business commentaries and advice on gold and silver investments – possibly a connection with Mogg (example: "Own a Masterpiece of the Old West in Pure Silver! … An Exclusive Offer … ingenious bonus strategy we’ve developed that will have the U.S. Treasury refund you the entire purchase price of this historic acquisition ...": ref However that is not his most interesting side.

The following comes from Africa News On-Line, 29/1/96 ( and was originally published in Mail and Guardian (Johannesburg), 19/1/96, as "Mozambique: US Millionaire Plans Indian Ocean Dreampark", by Eddie Koch. It is more than a little astounding.

"Johannesburg - "Yo! You and you! Yo!" The big Texan is standing beneath the thudding turbine of a chopper in the middle of the Mozambican bush. He is whooping and yelling and pointing at a group of bewildered peasants who huddle behind a tree to protect themselves from a sandstorm whipped up by the helicopter as it swooped into their settlement.

"Gradually, above the cacophony, the villagers realise the American is telling some of them to "stop fiddle fucking" (a phrase repeated so often it could be called his company's motto), get into the air and take a look at the natural beauty that surrounds them. This is John Perrott, general manager for flamboyant millionaire James Ulysses Blanchard III, and he is bringing his employer's version of rural development to one of the poorest countries in the world.

"The vision of Blanchard Mozambique Enterprises is to create a massive wildlife and tourism mecca stretching from Inhaca Island off Maputo through the staggeringly beautiful Machangulo Peninsula, across the Maputo Elephant Park, where one of Africa's last free-ranging elephant herds lives, and then down to the South African border in the south.


David Grin,Tel Aviv University,Laurus Capital Management and Union Bank of Israel

FOIA,Alberto Gonzales and SEC'S Chris Cox Enron,Merrill Lych,Latham & Watkins conflict

Tim Mahoney,vFinance,Venus Methodist Church,Florida,Sayed Mustafa and Islamic Usury

Charles Schwab:vFinance's Charles Patrick Garcia receives Henry B. Gonzalez award !?

Democrats William Jefferson,Tim Mahoney, iGate,vFinance,DOBI, Endovasc penny stock frauds

James Dale Davidson,Charles Schwab,Tim Mahoney,VFIN, LOM and penny stock share money laundering

Ireland Indymedia bans criticism of Lord Rees Mogg,James Dale Davidson

Post to Lord Rees-Mogg's Weblog re NASDAQ,London Stock Exchange

Virginia:Marvin Bush,Securacom,9/11,U.S. Senator George Allen,Bawag Austria,offshores...

U.S. Republican George Allen More Corrupt Than Utah Senators Bob Bennett,Orrin Hatch ?

Asa Hutchinson,Charlie Crist,Jeb Bush,Republican stock fraud and drug trafficking,etc....

Why did Osama bin Laden choose Jeb Bush's Huffman Aviation terrorist flight school ?

Senator Bennett :Is Patrick Byrne's NCANS a Fraud ?

Utah Gov Jon Huntsman,Senator Bennett, Hatch call Republican Senator Shelby 'a gangster'

Does NY Times censor 9/11 Venice,Florida connection ?

NY Rep.Peter King,CIA,Swift,NY Times,Republican stock fraud

NY WTC 'protected' by Kuwaiti company and Marvin Bush on 9/11

Asa Hutchinson,Richard Rainwater,George W Bush,Tom DeLay & 5.6 Ton cocaine bust in Mexico

SEC,Schwab,Chris Cox,Hillary Clinton & Barbara Boxer Aid CIA'S In-Q-Tel penny stock fraud

Senator Bennett :Is Patrick Byrne's NCANS a Fraud ?

Cocaina,Ciudad Del Carmen,Campeche, Abril 10,CIA,Republicanos Y PAN

Did Israel President Moshe Katsav aid Muslim Terrorism or only fraud ?

Israel: Gal Lusky's 'IFA' Caught Up in Moshe Katsav,Mohamed Hadid, Zwebner 'UCSY' scam ?

Israeli President Moshe Katsav aids massive penny stock fraud

Did Israel President Moshe Katzav aid Muslim Terrorism or only fraud ?

SEC,Schwab,Chris Cox,Hillary Clinton & Barbara Boxer Aid CIA'S In-Q-Tel penny stock fraud

Chris Cox,SEC,Makram Majid Chams,Titan Corp,9/11,Abhu Ghraib,etc.

SEC Covers Up UAE Money Laundering with U.S. Stocks

John Reed Stark UAE,SEC,Georgetown University Stock fraud Academic fraud Cyber fraud

Does NSA Serve SRA International's 'Cookies' ?

Porter Goss: CIA Cyber and stock fraud ops damaged by leaks ?;

D.C.Terrorbaggers:James Dale Davidson,Don Nickles, ex-CIA Chief Woolsey,Asa Hutchinson,Tom McMillen

Asa Hutchinson,ex Congressman Tom McMillen, Fortress America,offshore money laundering

To CIA,In-Q-Tel,Amit Yoran re SRA International, Mantas Inc stock fraud money laundering

Mantas Inc,Herndon, Va, Pro-Money Laundering Arm of International Bankers,Brokers...

CIA and Gilman Louie are less than honest

Charles Schwab and Share-Money Laundering

Tony Ryals
- e-mail:

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