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Climate Camp To Target Heathrow

Climate Camp | 23.05.2007 21:54 | Climate Camp 2007 | Climate Chaos | London

Last summer, over 600 people converged outside Drax coal-fired power station for 10 days of sustainable living and collective education, culminating in a day of mass action against Drax. This year, the Camp for Climate Action will pitch its tents near Heathrow airport.

There will be a day of mass direct action aiming to disrupt the activities of the airport and the aviation industry, but in the interests of public safety there will be no attempt to blockade runways.

Although the location is different, the philosophy of the camp remains the same: to be a place for the burgeoning network of people taking radical action on climate change around the country to come together for a week of low-impact living, education, debate, networking, strategising, celebration, and direct action. The camp will feature over 100 workshops covering topics such as climate change impacts, carbon offsetting, biofuels, peak oil, permaculture, practical renewables, campaign strategy, skills for direct action, and much more. Run without leaders by everyone who comes along, it will be a working ecological village using renewable energy, composting waste and sourcing food locally.

Climate Camp 2006
Climate Camp 2006

Aviation is the fastest growing source of greenhouse gas emissions in the UK, and all our efforts to tackle climate change in other sectors are undone by the massive growth in air travel. Holding the camp at Heathrow aims to highlight the lunacy of the government's airport expansion plans, target industry giants profiteering from the climate crisis, and raise awareness of the need to fly less. The camp will also support local residents in their long-term struggle against the building of a third runway and the destruction of their communities.

It all comes down to us, now. We are the last generation that can do
anything about climate change. In 20 or 30 years time, should we not
change our ways, we'll be committed to emissions increases that will see
forests burn, soils decay, oceans rise, and millions of people die. If we don't get this issue right, so much else is lost too.

We still have time, but not for long. Make it count.

Camp for Climate Action, 14th - 21st August 2007.

Climate Camp
- Homepage:


From the Climate Camp email list

24.05.2007 16:47

From the Climate Camp email list

Heathrow airport is the venue for this years climate camp. It was decided on after a long, sometimes difficult, sometimes uplifting meeting last weekend.

The idea that the camp should focus on aviation as an issue has been discussed a number of times by the camp gatherings. It was first discussed in Leeds on January 13th/14th. At this meeting lots of people stated a preference that the camp focus be on aviation although many people also raised strong reservations. At the next gathering (Leeds, February 17th/18th) these concerns were raised again and the land group were sent away to look for a site with a set of preferences: Oil, Coal and Aviation. Aviation had been relegated to least favoured due to three major concerns.
Firstly, it would be to noisy, making workshops impossible, secondly it would be too dangerous and thirdly it would mean a focus on the individual consumer rather than on corporations.

At the Liverpool gathering the land group reported back and indicated that among all the options they’d looked at they had found a viable aviation venue that they would bring forward for us to look at. They reported that our concerns could be answered; The site would be far enough away to avoid the noise problem and the focus would be firmly on corporations rather than individuals.

Finally, when the option was presented in London they suggested it should only be chosen if the camp process was willing to agree to a safety policy of not blocking the runways.

So, the Heathrow option was put in the mix with five other options and was chosen as the camp’s next location. There were a number of strong reservations expressed but in the end, whilst no one objected to the other options, there was less enthusiasm for them and Heathrow was chosen.

Why Heathrow? The area is the centre of the aviation industry, the big pushers of aviation expansion and the third runway so the focus remains firmly on the corporations. In terms of climate impact (CO2 plus the additional effects of emissions at altitude) Heathrow is even bigger than Drax. There are not words to describe the injustice and darkness of pushing for the expansion of a polluting sector whilst hundreds of thousands are dying in poorer nations as a result of climate change. The big players such as BA and BAA are pushing to build a third runway. This will involve bulldozing the entire village of Sipson - over a thousand homes. Yet more enclosure in search of the global city. Forget building new airports, the debate should be about radical cuts in emissions, closing capacity and just transition.

So that’s it. Our enemies are gathering forces. The industry lobby group Freedom to Fly are about to re-launch with a no-compromise agenda on expansion based on the idea of freedom and jobs. What does freedom mean?
Ask the residents of Sipson and the peasant farmers of Sudan. The next Climate Camp organising meeting is on June 16th and 17th in Manchester and there is a ton of stuff to do to make the camp happen so contact us at this e-mail address or just come along if you have any time to give.

Climate Camper Reposter


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24.05.2007 06:29

As this is close to London for a change I will be able to attend, along with many others. Well done!


publicity friendly location?

24.05.2007 15:13

While I will definitley be going to climate camp, and urge others to do the same, as last years was amazing, I can't help but feel that we didnt oick the best location.
We got great publicity last time, and it seems that people are slowly coming round to doing something about climate change.
Last years camp was aimed at a 'big baddie' that the nation could collectivley point a finger at, and we got our message of sustainable living accross really well, inspiring others to be more green. Who knows, our camp may have inspired thousands of people to be more eco-friendly in their lives with out being percieved to be personally attacking them.
While I dont fly, Im worried that this action could be seen as a minority attacking the majority, and push people away from our ideas.
In the short term, I think we should be targeting thing like the LNG pipeline and new roads, which will get people onside without feeling like they are being attacked for their choices.
I am not defending people who fly, but expressing concern about how the action will be viewed by the majority of the population.
While i am all for taking on big companies building projects that people cannot directley relate to their own life/needs, I think when it comes to challenging individual peoples lifestyles, we need to debate and encourage not attack.
I doubt we will make a friend out of a couple with kids who are stuck in heathrow unable to take a flight. I'm not saying their right to be taking the flight, just that they wont be best pleased with us, hence, not very receptive to our ideas. And when the media starts interviewing pissed off holiday makers, I would imagine that many will sympathise with them.
That being said, if the action is going to concentrate on commerce haulage, not holiday makers, then Heathrow is a great location.

(A) Sab x

Having the courage

25.05.2007 13:32

This is going to provoke a huge and angry outcry from people who are the most resistant to change - persistant polluters and corporations. We must have the courage to stand up to them and not be cowed by the bullying and the threats they will employ, because - simply - this is the right thing to do. Get involved. When our grandchildren ask, what did YOU do about climate change - you want to be able to answer, I did everything I could.


Not so awful a backlash!

26.05.2007 00:51

Check this out from The Times!

Members of the public are set to join forces with radical protesters in unprecedented campaigns of direct action if the Government persists with proposals for the biggest reform of planning for 20 years.

As climate change campaigners announced plans to set up a protest camp at Heathrow this summer, mainstream environmental groups, which usually frown on such tactics, insist that plans to restrict public consultation on major developments will lead to a dramatic increase in direct action and civil disobedience.

Moderate groups such as the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE), the Ramblers Association and the RSPB have formed a “planning disaster coalition” to campaign against ambitious proposals to fast-track the construction of nuclear plants, airports, motor-ways and waste incinerators, and allow the spread of out-of-town shopping centres.

They argue that plans to set up an independent commission to take the final decision on major developments, outlined in the Government’s White Paper on Monday, will remove parliamentary accountability, cut out consultation at local level and make it far easier for controversial projects to go ahead.

Friends of the Earth, which usually eschews direct action, is predicting a return to “Swampy tactics”. Swampy, real name Daniel Hooper, became a media darling in 1996 when he was the last “mole” to be forcibly removed from a tunnel dug to protest against the planned Newbury bypass in Berkshire.

Marina Pacheco, head of planning at the CPRE, said: “We are having a fortnight of direct action this summer. We are suggesting to our branch members that they get creative to raise the profile of the White Paper.

“We are suggesting that they hold events in areas at risk. Our membership is quite middle class so I don’t think there will be anything really extreme.”

Patrick Grady, countryside campaigner for the Ramblers Association, said: “We usually encourage people to get involved in local campaigns, but if decisions are going to be centralised we will want to mobi-lise members in conjunction with other organisations. The coalition is hopeful that the Government will listen to us before this becomes a Bill.”

Christine Shilling of Notrag, No Third Runway Action Group, says it could be forced to rethink its policy of refraining from direct action in its campaign against Heathrow’s expansion.

She said: “We view this as one of the most dangerous pieces of legislation ever contemplated in terms of civil liberties and individual human rights.

“Notrag is not involved in this camp at Heathrow as we have always ruled out direct action, but if our rights are taken away and we have no opportunity to voice our opinions then we’d have to think again.”

The Heathrow protest is being organised by The Camp for Climate Action, which was behind a 600-strong protest against the Drax power station in North Yorkshire last summer. Its organisers insist that the week-long Heathrow camp between August 14 and 21 will be peaceful, although some are said to be planning disruption inside terminal buildings.


You Can Save the Human Race!

26.05.2007 17:10

The only way to save the human race from extinction is to close down every airport on the planet, according to the distinguished Hampstead scientist, Professor Michael Boulter.
The Camp for Climate Action at Heathrow Airport in August 2007 may very well be our last real chance to try to turn the tide and reverse the environmental damage that is making the Earth uninhabitable to all life on it.

Jubal Harshaw
mail e-mail:

Come Together, Join the Movement...

27.05.2007 05:50

I believe the Daily Mail article first appeared almost word for word in the Evening Standard under the by-line of one of their reporters.
The information was either deliberately provided by the people involved or was obtained by some kind of undercover investigation.
There is a case in New Zealand at the moment where spies employed by government owned companies have been discovered infiltrating and reporting on protest groups.
One of them became an agent provocateur and helped to lead his new friends into situations where they got attacked and arrested by the police.
This sort of thing is illegal but has been happening in Britain for many years.
Some of the spies turn feral and end up joining the movement and others just get promoted and keep on moving on, lying and spying as they go.
London Greenpeace McLibel campaign was apparently well organised by four undercover police officers who did a splendid job helping out with leafletting and manning the phones and making cups of tea at meetings.
Let's hope the cops and the military all join the Revolution to overthrow the British government when the time comes, and the sooner the better if the human race is to survive the threat of extinction caused by global warming.
Hopefully the Camp for Climate Action at Heathrow will turn into a permanent campaign to help the 10,000 residents of the three small villages threatened with demolition to resist and fight back against the Alien Invasion of the Earth by the airline industry.

Jubal Harshaw
mail e-mail:

Repeating Daily Mail hate campaign

27.05.2007 07:07

I don't think it's useful to re-print the crap from that Daily Mail hatchet job. In fact, I question your motives for doing so. People can look up the link for themselves if they want to and this is a site for alternative media.
It's hurtful, a lie (there are no leaders in the Climate Camp movement), innacurate in details and gives details of family members.


Nigel Rosser

27.05.2007 08:18

Rather than questioning my motives it may be more instructive to look at who wrote the article in the first place.

Jubal Harshaw is right - it did appear in the Evening Standard and was then put on the Daily Mail website and it was written by Nigel Rosser who has been reporting on activist issues for at least eight years.

A Google search reveals the following:

"Rosser has a track record of repeating things security services have given him".

"Evening Standard journalist Nigel Rosser (5 May) fingered Turkish communist organisations as being at the 'heart of much of the May Day rioting and vandalism'. Appealing to the racist prejudices of many of his readers, he told us that: 'it is believed many are either illegal immigrants or seeking political asylum in this country'."

It short-sighted to pretend that all the national media coverage about the Climate Camp is going to be positive and important to appreciate that articles which appear in the 'popular' press are widely read - especially by the people who are likely to be affected by the protests in August.

Kevin T

sorry, but some stuff here is bullshit

27.05.2007 10:11

a quote from above:

"The only way to save the human race from extinction is to close down every airport on the planet,.."

Sorry, what a bollocks. Flying damages nature, but in a world were people die every day because
of exploitation and war, suffer from state repression and discrimination, it is totally ignorant to
declare "airports" THE EVIL and to understand flying as the main problem for the furture.
sorry, but thats hippi bullshit.


hate mail rant

27.05.2007 10:48

Have you seen this awfdul rant in the Hate Mail.made up name I guess and made up address.Harmondswroth is right at the end of the airport ruinway Rosser? could be. Tosser defanately

I'm sorry but who the hell do these so called eco-warriors think they are? It's outrageous to think that these people are actually someone's sons & daughters - mostly hard-working middle class "someones" too. It's so egocentric of these desperate, new age hippies (that's what this war-painted fellow looks like anyway) to think that they can "cripple" Heathrow, an airport the size of a large town, by skipping & jumping around outside the perimeter fence … oooh, the authorities must be quaking in their size 11 boots. I notice that Drax is still there and I have no doubt that Heathrow will still be there afterwards as well. Funnily enough this planet will be too! It's not going to die … in a few hundred years everyone living on it might have but dear old Mother Nature will prevail, just as she always has, and long after we've all gone something else will come along to challenge her just as it has every few millennia for the last 4 billion years. So go on, enjoy your petty little summer party, quaff your Woodpecker and gorge yourself on lentils & Cameron's Carrots. It's all very sad really … and I'm not talking about the end of the world as we know it because, quite frankly, I don't give a hoot. Think about it logically, at the end of the day there is absolutely nothing we can do to prevent it!!


Aviation expansion will cause human extinction...

27.05.2007 12:42

“Flying damages nature”...this is true but it is doing a lot worse than that.
An uninhabitable planet is the main problem of the future and all the causes of global warming must be stopped as soon as possible by any means necessary.
Aviation is actually causing so much greenhouse gas pollution in the atmosphere that humanity faces extinction this century as a result.
This has been said already by reputable scientists like Professor Michael Boulter, Dr Mayer Hillman, Dr Peter Barret and James Hansen of NASA.
Dr Hillman has also been quoted as saying that closing all the world's airports would be necessary to save the human race.

A review of “Extinction: Evolution and the End of Man” by Professor Boulter said:
“Using contemporary science that revolutionises our understanding of evolution, Michael Boulter explains how we may be closer to our own extinction than imagined.
“Millions of years ago the dinosaurs were destroyed in a mass extinction event that could not have been predicted.
“Out of the devastation, new life developed and the world regained its natural equilibrium.
“Now, scientists, employing radically perspectives on the science of life, are beginning to uncover signs of a similar event on the horizon - the end of man.”

Issue number 77 of the Pork Bolter reported:
“The fact that the Government is not serious about tackling the root problems was confirmed by the news that it is still ploughing ahead with new roadbuilding projects (see and massive expansion of our airports is still on the cards.
“A serious attempt to combat climate change would see airports closed, not expanded (see
“It would see all talk of 'economic growth' abandoned as it became clear that human and ecological survival is the priority.”

The Plane Stupid website says:
“Aviation is the fastest growing cause of climate change and a major threat to the earth and everything on it.
“But rather than reining the industry in and trying to reduce demand for flying, the government is promoting it through tax breaks and through its plans for massive expansion: the equivalent of a new Heathrow every five years.
“Plane Stupid is a coalition of airport residents and environmentalists who use direct action to stop the destruction of the environment and communities caused by airport expansion and aviation.”

Chronopunk says:
“I'm not talking about the end of the world as we know it because, quite frankly, I don't give a hoot. Think about it logically, at the end of the day there is absolutely nothing we can do to prevent it!!”

For the sake of the survival of future generations we do have to do the best we can, even if a few misguided individuals do not agree with us, and the governments and the transnational corporations are determined to carry on with their Alien destruction of the environment regardless of the consequences to humanity.

Jubal Harshaw
mail e-mail:


27.05.2007 14:04

"Aviation is actually causing so much greenhouse gas pollution in the atmosphere that humanity faces extinction this century as a result."

aviations part of emmissions is (average of several studies)

* 2% of global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions
* 13% of CO2 emissions from all transport sources, compared to 75% from road transport
* 3.5% of the total man-made contribution to climate change

i dont deny the need to take steps against climate change. no question. but blaming aviation as the worst
polluter is simply wrong, sorry. its nothing against what we could get from having free or very cheap public local transport available, just as one example.


Ignore those who rant against us.

27.05.2007 14:22

Ignore those who rant against, we must dismantle this culture which is so destructive. They are going to build a third runway, which will wipe out an entire villiage, 600 peoples lives will be ruined. These kind of struggles happen all over the world. All that destruction, for more cheap flights which are completely unsustainable and are causing global warming. It will only benefit the elite/rich. In the scheme of things this is maddness, I mean how can uber short term capatalist consumerism preside over the needs of the planet which enable our existence. Our world is not dying, it is being raped. This is our only home guys. This is our only home.

Love & Rage


and where is the connection to climate change, joe

27.05.2007 15:14

"They are going to build a third runway, which will wipe out an entire villiage, 600 peoples lives will be ruined. "

sure i am against the thirsrunway, but where is the connection to climate change?
if you call the posting of numbers "rant against us", yeah, very productive discussion.


may i remind you ...

27.05.2007 16:27

... that the whole climate campaign is based on figures like this?

"In my humble opinion all the figures we are being presented with by governments and corporations are completely wrong"

the figures above werent from goverments, but from those sources mostly quoted by activists. the figures do not deny climate change, but they should correct the believe that aviation is the main factor.


Not 2%

28.05.2007 02:24

Aviation's contribution to the Uk's emissions is closer to 20% once you factor in 'radiative forcing' (the carbon equivalent of all its gases) and other factors which Government figures ignore (such as flights which arrive in the UK but come from elsewhere).

Globally, it's lower, but that's because most of the world doesn't fly yet. We have to make it acceptable for countries not to develop aviation as a primary mode of transport. We have to oppose aviation because of its effect on the environment, communities, biodiversity, etc etc.

It's not one reason or another, it's all reasons.

Infrequent Flyer

Aviation is the sector, with the fasted growth in emissions

28.05.2007 13:51

Fly said ''but where is the connection to climate change?'' Well lets see...

1. Despite myths propagated by the airline industry, aviation already accounts for almost 15% of the UK’s contribution to climate change. To make matters worse, aviation is the UK's fastest-growing source of greenhouse-gas emissions. By 2050, flying could account for more than 50% of the UK’s contribution to climate change. (Source: Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research)

2. Aviation is not part of the governments 'Climate Bill'.

3. Emissions from aircraft are especially problematic because of the height at which they are emitted and the particularly noxious mix of gases, making them 2.7 times more damaging than the effect of their carbon dioxide alone (known as radiative forcing). (Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research)
There are no alternative fuels for aircraft and the Royal Commission does not expect any significant technological developments that would lessen aviation’s impact for several decades. The British government admits that "there is no viable alternative currently visible to kerosene as an aviation fuel." (The Guardian, 28/02/06)

4. Aviation is so damaging to the climate that jetting off to Sydney for a holiday produces the same amount of CO2 as a mini driving around the earth 640 times! Equally, a weekend break in Prague by plane would generate as much pollution as a train traveling from London to Madras and back. (HACAN Clearskies)

I could go on and on and on why aviation is well, just shit

Basically we have to start to curtail flying



15% of traffic emisson, not of all carbon emission

29.05.2007 09:34

"aviation already accounts for almost 15% of the UK’s contribution to climate change. "

these 15% are counted as aviations contribution to all carbon emission by traffic , NOT its contribution to climate change. please understand the figures, otherwise you damage the whole campaign and people will laught their head off.


There is no need for a debate about global warming...

30.05.2007 14:24

The environmental movement's campaigns against global warming have always been about trying to save the human race from extinction and not about arguing over the statistics.

Jubal Harshaw
mail e-mail:

yeah, sure ...

30.05.2007 17:37

"not about arguing over the statistics. "

ok, statistics are unimportant. so it doesnt matter what you protest against? how stupid is that?
people will never believe you if you dont spend 5 minutes in reading but constantly spread false figures ...

its a pity, really, because global warming is serious, not a joke.


Fight for what you believe in...

30.05.2007 20:28

I think that devoting your life to a cause you believe in is a matter of conscience, conviction, principle and commitment rather than mathematics, which plays a much smaller role in the understanding of the environmental crisis than the actual evidence of the destruction of the earth that we are witnessing all the time now.
The earth's temperature is rising, the polar ice caps are melting, the sea levels are rising, island nations are disappearing and the worldwide flooding has already begun, as can clearly be seen by what is happening now to Bangladesh.
The Amazon rainforest is dying and Australia has become the first massive victim of climate change as the worst drought in history dries up all the rivers and the intense heat kills off the interior of the continent.
Nobody sane is joking about global warming and the likelihood of the extinction of humanity.
What is there to argue about and why are you doing this?

Jubal Harshaw
mail e-mail:

of course we need numbers

30.05.2007 21:36

The reason we know it is happening is precisely because we have a body of scientific evidence backing it up, not because of anecdotal evidence. With an area as complex as this our understanding must be informed by science, indeed, there is an interdependence which allows us to utilise science to focus our efforts more effectively. What we do about it is then a matter for principle and conviction.

The 'mathematics' actually become very important in this case and (as we can see above) form the basis of many discussions on climate change. However, consistently fudging the numbers and the science make us look like we are intellectually running around claiming 'the sky is falling on our heads' (or the atmosphere is 'burning'?!).


dear jubal

31.05.2007 08:16

juabl wrote
"The earth's temperature is rising, the polar ice caps are melting, "

so who is telling you this? your commitment?
no, i guess you've read this in some paper, a book, on a leaflet. you know that the temperature is rising
because argued about firgures a lot, over years. it took lots of work to convince the worls that the figures of those who are critical against positivism are correct.

and fuckness, i tell you agian, i believe climate change is happening. but if you spread false figures, i will critisize it, and if all youhave to answer than "figures dont matter" than you not an inch better than those who denie climate change and spread there lies. sorry to be so harsh, but it makes me angry.


cows+ RICE FEILDS ....

31.05.2007 15:10

biggest contrabuters to green house gasses all i have 2 say


carbon footprint and all that pish... here are some figures.

07.06.2007 12:16

With my employment as AV Tech with Mechanical Engineers I am pleased to see that something is being done on a large industry scale to sort out these problems for the mass populus. It's gonna take time so everybody in the world is gonna have to help them and get interested in what these people have done/are doing for us!!!

New technologies capable of fulfilling demands imposed by the government, as meagre as they seem to us, are apparently presenting quite a problem (carbon taxing etc, hard to say what the real incentive is for some of these people but I reckon financial penalties tip the scales still). Partly it seems because renewable energy is irritatingly expensive and not so easy to maintain on a large scale e.g. Marine Energy Converters are difficult to access and maintain - they're in the ocean, which is a little more difficult than fixing your chelsea fuckin tractor in tescos. - not that i haven't seen promising stuff for the future from the main contenders. merc. bmw. etc... though they still work on supply and demand. Let's create the demand rather than kill the supply or there'll be no alternative.

There's not much I can say because we're talking about maths and physics I couldn't dream of understanding... but it is necessary or none of this stuff would work in the first place.

e.g. A small wind turbine has to move at 12metres/second (there or there abouts) in order to generate 1kW/hr of leccy which will power a 40W light bulb. I think I heard that correctly.

well for all of you who jumped on board the carbon bandwagon...

(1 pound of coal creates 1kg CO2 and powers a 40 Watt light bulb)

In the process of makin 1 tonne of cement... 1 tonne of carbon dioxide is created... this is worse than any power station you can think of. Although planes are pretty bad obviously, air travel accounts for about 5% of annual CO2 emissions but i think heavy industry is more to blame and unfortunately China doesn't give a fuck or thinks it has to - bigger less efficient factories there.

either i drive or fly mate, sorry, but fuck walking to europe in order to use the same means of travel! ...nasty as fuck buses and the like, there's damn good technology available from Wrightbus but why is Kenny L da Mayor running those lovely smokey "NEW" buses for us to breathe the fumes of as pedestrians or cyclists?... it's not like we're happy with the London transport system.

Anyway... why don't we sort out the cement factories? (carbon capture seems ridiculous and will take time to implement)

A given cement factory creates a megatonne of cement per year which creates a megatonne of CO2. seems pretty nasty to me but not as bad as jet fuel. scary. people do understand maths so lets use it.

i'm a squatter and i do parties. I need leccy and if the disused buildings run out then i don't care cos i prefer the countryside anyway. If the fuel runs out i'll be using other energy sources by then. however it's unreasonable to try to say... use a battery bank and solar panel. At the moment these technologies are still outrageously expensive and the majority aren't paid enough - we need to lobby to lower prices basically. let alone that housing is expensive - the government would be a bit unhappy if we were all living in trucks and vans! hahaha... bring it on!

£150 for a 20 Watt solar panel... wouldn't start my van let alone power a 20K rig (lights and all)

Well, it looks like we all need to be enslaved in work to pay for these beneficial technologies. only 20% of britain or the world, or whatever bullshit was spraffed, will be powered off them in the next 50yrs anyway... So, we face extinction in 30 yrs somebody said?

Betta get a fuckin move on then hadn't we?

p.s. these developers are fuckin boring so i'm glad they have the brain power and the concentration span to talk about issues like zero carbon duildings.


Is this location a good idea ? ? ?

11.06.2007 19:01

Setting up the camp near Heathrow airport will exclude a lot of people as police and security will be very very on top.
With the many new airports and expansions planned in the UK, it is a very good issue to tackle.
A new airport still under constuction would be a softer target.

I may well be bringing my family.

NB Tree loss is may well be the most significant contribution to greenhouse gas emitions.

mail e-mail:

The Camp for Climate Action will be the Best Ever...

12.06.2007 09:13

Heathrow Airport was the best choice of location for the Camp for Climate Action because the plans to build a third runway there represent the biggest danger to the Earth from global warming.
Expansion of the airports resulting in more flights and more business and tourist travel and more transportation of goods by air will substantially increase greenhouse gas emissions threatening the human race with extinction this century.
Resisting and fighting back in self defence against the destruction of the environment at Heathrow will be legal because British law allows the People to do things that might seem to be illegal if it is necessary to do so to prevent disasters or to save lives.
Stopping the insane escalation in atmospheric pollution could save humanity and ensure the survival of future generations.
It is to be sincerely hoped that the police will understand the legal position of the passive resistance and non violent direct action of the environmental activists and that they will also abide by the law and help facilitate a peaceful protest in August.
This could well be an historical turning point in the struggle to save the human race from being exterminated by big business and big government hell bent on burning the planet and all life on it to death.
There is no reason why ordinary British people should not bring their families to the Camp for Climate Action and join in the most positive event ever organised in this country.

Jubal Harshaw
mail e-mail:


19.06.2007 10:37

How is it possible to move hearts? By not losing simplicity. Success will come not with magic but with the word of life. We can carry out our lesson by knowing how to approach the very simplest. I am thinking how to give to the toilers the radiance of the far-off worlds. When the most humiliated one will look up into the heavens, then is it possible to expect the rainbow ribbon from the far-off worlds.


Whats the point

21.06.2007 21:52

The Uk is a tiny force in the world of pollution. The US of A with their thirsty humers and LA stars with private jets; China and Indy with their heavy industry and many other countries are far worse.

Sure you might say a little is better than nothing but all the harping on about Aviation wiping out the planet is wishful thinking. Look at the rate China is throwing up power stations. Look at the expodential level of car ownership over there.

If you want to make a difference stop buying so much from abroad. Buy local stuff thats not shipped half way around the world. The only way you'll stop the pollution from heavy industry is by reducing the demand for its products.

Bottom line, nothing we do in the UK, hell the whole of europe; will matter a jot if China and India copy our growth models ( which they want to do and who can blame them for wanting a better life).


I'm afraid you are right...

21.06.2007 23:32

Nothing we do will make any difference other than to set an example of what might be possible.
King Canute tried to stop the tide and Don Quixote tilted at windmills, and we are going to get our heads kicked in by the police as usual.
C'est la vie!

Jubal Harshaw
mail e-mail:

don't bother coz china ain't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wot

09.07.2007 09:49

china doesn't have democracy or human rights or public health care or freedom of expression,shall we not bother with them coz china isn'? i think not!! china or india are not good models to follow.see you at heathrow.


Hi everyone.

24.07.2007 15:52

The solution is transcendance of consciousness individually and collectivly to real spiritual that we realise that sharing is where its at. This consciousness/reality change can be 'foculised' in your community. Theroretically anyway!

'fraid I have to keep one eye on India as an escape for various reasons, so might be flying by plane sometime.

Don't worry, I offset. LOL

Jah Bless

THE UNIVERSE/S NUMBER ONE PIXY (there's more than one, they can fold out infinitly)


King Amdo

Why not?...

24.07.2007 16:01

...get a roadmap...

...better than that one probably. A new paper map. They should have all the planned and in construction roads being built.


See if you can better'll have to be busy. My tally is probably over 1000.

Hint: Go for the (sometimes mini) portable tankers used to fill up the machines with. Not really terrorism (sorry ALF crew and sycophants), but a fuked engine is worth 2 live blackbirds!

May the force be with you.

Blessings and protection

Om Shiva

King Amdo


24.07.2007 17:58




01.08.2007 10:32

Serves you right for choosing to be a lackey of State oppression and for doing the bidding of a Spanish owned company against concerned UK citizens. Next time choose a better job.


misery, huh?

01.08.2007 18:19

hmmm..... i wonder if the victims of the recent floods (caused by heavy rain, itself caused by climate change) had a happy summer?

i wonder if, by letting the climate change situation get any worse you, me and your children will have happy summers to come in the future?

just a thought...

and me

sorry to ruin your holiday's.....

02.08.2007 02:25

I am sure that because a few climate change activists have ruined your holiday, you will be the cop i will be filming beating up somebody. Please don't waste your time and ours by blaming the cancellation of your polluting holiday on protesters. Given recent events with muslim suicide bombers ramming the main entrance of Glasgow airport, i am sure the cancellation of your holiday is due to the heightened sense of security at Heathrow.

I also see by your comments that you are obviously a corporate cop being paid to defend BAA....


Is anybody on site yet?

11.08.2007 11:14

Anybody there?

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