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Copenhagen G13 update

Co-Re | 06.10.2007 11:13 | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | World

live coverage abstract from today's G-13 actions in Copenhagen

Police cordon
Police cordon

G13 house
G13 house

More updates will be upcoming as soon as they are available...

G-Day 12.47
Demonstrators have begun gathering outside Nørrebrohallen in th enorth west quater of Copenhagen. The estimated number right now is about 300. The support demo from Christiania is still on the road.
The different blocks of activists (see the update about the plans for G-13) have also begun applying their distinct colours to their speaker trucks.

G-day 12.16

A demo is currently moving from Christiania to join with the main demo at Nørrebrohallen. Right now it is stopped outside the parliament, where it is estimated there are 3-500 demonstrators.

G-day 12.05

Police remain at the G-13 site, but it doesn't look like they are blocking the access roads to the site. There is however a heavy police presence inside the fence surrounding the grounds, at it would seem likely, that they will act on anyone trying to cross the fence.

G-day 10.52

Police have cordoned off the perimeter of the G-13 grounds. Red-and-white police tape surrounds the house and signs every few meters proclaim that anyone crossing the police line will be prosecuted and are liable to get a fine or jail time.
Simultaneously privately hired security guards are beginning to patrol the area, moving people around. Amongst other things they have instructed the press to keep clear.

G-Day 10.35
About 100 protesters have congregated on the small plaza Grøndals Torv near the house. They are lead by conservative member of the local council Ramsus Jarlov and are demonstrating "for keeping the area calm and peaceful", meaning without any social centre. Many of the demonstrators are wearing yellow stars of david on their sleeves.
Rasmus Jarlov has asked his group to remain calm and leave it to the police to do the job of keeping the peace.

G-Day 10.03
Since late last night police have been present at the G-13 house. Early this morning reinforcements arrived. When asked how many police officers were on the grounds, one cop said "we are many".
Also counter-demonstrators began assembling on Grøndals Torv to protest the idea of creating a social centre in the city.

G-day -1,
Yesterday, friday

Four German activists have been preemptively arrested while walking in the area around the G-13 house. It is assumed they will be deported back to Germany. Several Danish activists have also been forbidden to remain in the area, but were not arrested.



More news update

06.10.2007 11:34

G-Day 13.24
A press release has just been issued from the G-13 press group. "We are already around 1000 people here, and the demo from Christiania is on the way", it states continuing, "just this morning we finished the last preparations, and we are ready to take our new house."
Menatime a heavy police presence has become visible around the house on Grøndalsvænge Alle. Nine riot vans are visible at the entrance and loose dogs are roaming the grounds.

G-Day 13.17
Reports of dog patrols abound. One source reports ten cars with 6 dogs each on "Vindruevej" (in the neighbourhood) and another has reported 3-4 of the same cars on the corner of "Vagtvej".

G-Day 13.07
A source on Grøndalsvænge Alle (the street which the house is on) has overheard police telling the neighbourhood counter-demonstrators, that they were going to close off the street.

G-day 12.55
The demo from Christiania has now entered Nørrebro and will soon be joining the main demostration outside Nørrebrohallen. The demo is very cheerful with clowns and Christiania flags abound.
At the house a journalist has reported seeing 7 dog patrol cars and 4 "six-packs" (riot vans).


Security on the G13 neighbouring ground, route of the demo, police activity

06.10.2007 12:04

G-Day 13.53 A private security company is present on a neighbouring property to the G13 house called KPMG. The security guards have boarded up the windows and blocked the entrance to the building. The guards say that they won't object to activists using the parking lot associated with the house as a staging ground - they are only there to protect the house itself.

G-Day 13.46 The police has now dictated the route the demonstration will take - from Nørrebrohallen it will walk down the large street "Borups Alle" towards Grøndalsvænge Alle, but the demo will be stopped under a motorway overpass a couple of hundred meters from the intersection where Grøndalsvænge Alle starts.


the play proceeds

06.10.2007 12:35

G-Day 14.17
The demonstration has now started moving from Nørrebrohallen.
The four blocks of activists have instructed all their members in their assignments during the demo and what choice of route the police have made.
The nine or ten dog cars at Vindruevej near the house previously mentioned have now been joined by two of the characteristic green arrestee transport buses used by the police.

G-Day 14.14
The entire route has been released now: The demo is to walk down Nørrebrogade towards the inner city, then turn on to a narrow street, Hillerødgade, following that to Lundtoftegade og from there on to Borups Alle, ending at Fuglebakken S-train station.

It is likely, that the activists will percieve this very narrow woute with few exits as a trap, and that they will try to find an alternate way of reaching the G-13 house.

G-Day 14.01
The G-13 press group estimates a total of 4000 people are now present outside Nørrebrohallen. Police presence along the route is increasing, but still reported to be low-key. At the point, where police have decreed the demo is to end 4 riot vans and some twenty or thirty cops on foot are present.


and more

06.10.2007 13:01

G-Day 14.51
Yesterday the left radical youth organistion Rød Ungdom published a statement saying that a post on their internet forum inciting violence had been removed. The poster's IP was logged and traced to one of the major news papers in Denmark "Politiken". As the case is now the object of interest for the general public the IT service dept for Politiken has declined making comments.
Rød Ungdom has stated that violence is not the basis of G-13 nor for Rød Ungdom itself. The post has been removed, but evidence retained.
Politiken has shown a continued interest in the dealings of G13, earlier today reporting that rolls of barb wire and construction materials had been moved to the site, and has several times featured articles on the small protests against the placing of a social centre in the city.

G-Day 14.46
The demonstration has reached the intersection between Hillerødgade and is turning up Lundtoftegade, so far following the directions given by the police. It is being led by the green block.

G-Day 14.31
As the demo is now moving it has become easier to judge the size. Sources present say that it might well be ten thousand strong.
Each of the blocks that are supposed to split away from the main demo at some point are several hundred strong, all wearing the distinctive colour markings. Many of the activists are in all black outfits, but wear bandanas and armbands in the appropriate colour.
Police and dogs have surprisingly left the grounds around G-13, but continue to patrol the area.
At the road called Vagtelvej the police have erected a barricade with eight riot vans, three dog cars and thirty to fourty cops. Vagtelvej runs along side the railway tracks opposite the road where G13 is on.


things heat up

06.10.2007 13:32

G-Day 15.23
The police have taken up positions at Fuglebakkent S-train station. The police number in the hundreds, many riot vans are present and the road has been narrowed to almost nothing for the demo. The police are determined that it go no further according to the police spokesman.

G-Day 15.17
Police chief spokesman Flemming Steen Munch has said to that the heavy police presence at the intersection with Borups Alle is aimed at preventing the demo from getting on to the motorway overpass. He also confirmed that the police would not be letting the demo get any closer to the house than Fuglebakken st.

G-Day 15.05
The demo is nearing the intersection Borups Alle-Lundtoftegade. There is a lot of police present in the intersection - at least twelve riot vans and cops. If the demo turns down the road as agreed with the police, they will be able to cut off the demo and shut it in on both ends.
For the first time today a confrontation seems to be likely.


Frontbanner of the demonstration

06.10.2007 13:35


Normalze This!


short before boiling point

06.10.2007 13:52

G-Day 15.41

The green block has reached the end point of the demo and activists have started climbing over, under and around the riot vans. Police have responded by using their batons, often aiming for the head of the activists. The police have also put on their gas masks and are advancing on the demonstrators.


demonstration attecked by police

06.10.2007 13:57

G-Day 15.45
Tear gas has now been deployed on Borups Alle and the police are advancing on the demonstration. The activists are standing their ground, holding on to one another in chains.Police is also on the other end of the demo, so the activists are kettled in.


crowd being teargassed

06.10.2007 14:03

G-Day 15.50

The activists are retreating from the police. So far 10 to 12 tear gas canisters have been deployed. Activists are going round handing out lemons and the speaker trucks are still playing music. Red block has been stopped by the police on Drosselvej trying to cross over to Grndalsvnge, but the other blocks are trying to find alternate routes to the house.



06.10.2007 14:13

G-Day 15.54

3-400 activists from Teal block have gotten on to the railway tracks running parallel to Grndalsvnge Alle. They are being pursued east by police on foot.

50 red block activists have cleared the fence surrounding the grounds of G-13 and have been met by batons and teargas inside the perimeter. Two press photographers carrying appropriate ID are with them, and they report also having been beaten by the cops. At Fuglebakken S-train st. an ambulance has taken a male demonstrator away to hospital. One tear gas grenade fired by police in the under pass crossing the railway tracks is said to have ricocheted back.


G-Day 16.07

06.10.2007 14:21

A group of 15-20 activists are now being detained and arrested at Godthbsvej and Vagtelvej.
Teal block has by way of the railway tracks reached the area known as Skolehaven just south of the house.


G-Day 16.14

06.10.2007 14:24

Red blocks currently being mass arrested at the corner of Mirabelvej and Montagevej. The current number of arrested is around twenty.Yellow block is walking down Nordre Fasanvej and is encouraging people to find alternate routes to the house via the speaker truck.


G-Day 16.20

06.10.2007 14:30

At the corner of Grndalsvnge Alle and Morbrvej police have arrested about eight activists.Parts of yellow block are said to have broken through the police lines at Hillerdgade.


G-Day 16.25

06.10.2007 14:45

A couple of hundred demonstrators in the yellow block have blocked the road at Hillerdgade. They are proceeding up Borups Alle towards Grndalsvnge Alle, but have been stopped by police. Activists from green block have succeeded in tying a rope to a police car and dragging it away from the barricade it was part of near Borups Alle.

G-Day 16.30

Police have now completely blocked Hillerdgade.


G-Day 16.40

06.10.2007 15:00

National news paper Politiken has said in its online edition, that between 50 and 100 activists have now breached the perimeter and have entered the G-13 grounds. They are said to have cut a hole in the fence on the corner of Borups Alle and Hillerdgade. So far there are no reports of police presence on the grounds.

Yellow block reports being about five hundred activists actively engaging the police and throwing tear gas canisters back at the police lines.

Teal block while trying to cross from the railway tracks through the back yards in the area has been met by brutal resistance. Between thirty and fifty police officers started reclessly beating the activists without provocation.

Teal block retreated after this towards Godthbsvej cheering as they heard the news of yellow block breaching the perimeter.


new rushes

06.10.2007 15:24

G-Day 17.19
About one thousand demonstrators are now in the tunnel under the motorway overpass known as Bispengbuen. Police are officially declaring the demonstration illegal due to violence and vandalism and are telling people to retreat towards Nørrebro.
Tear gas is being deployed against the demonstrators under the overpass.

G-Day 17.18
Three speaker trucks in the intersection between Hillerødgade og Borups Alle are encouraging several hundred people to storm the fence around the house. The police are again putting on their masks and the situation is very tense.

G-Day 17.08
Green block have crawled on to the motorway near Åboulevarden. There is a massive police presence and they are putting on gas masks.

G-Day 17.01
About 200 activists are now in the house and on the roof. The police have surrounded the area, but is acting passively for the moment.

G-Day 16.58
Four riot vans are driving towards teal block which is getting scattered throughout the area. About 30 activists are being arrested currently.

G-Day 16.50
There is a big hole in the fence around the property. Four to five hundred activists have entered the grounds through the hole at the KPMG building next door.
Speeches are being held from inside the fence and a continuing stream of people is entering the grounds.
The police are now cordoning of the neighbouring property and are preparing to enter the grounds of G-13 to oust the activists.

G-Day 16.45
Teal Block is advancing on Godthåbsvej, but are being blocked by a small group of plain clothes officers with their batons out. THe block is walking forward with their hands in the air to signal non-violence.


G-Day 17.25

06.10.2007 15:27

Reports are coming in of approximately 300 activists getting arrested en masse just outside the house.

G-Day press coverage
By now almost every major media in Denmark has picked up the story of the G-13 actions. Some papers are reporting the use of illegal explosive fireworks against the police and others detailing the battle around the house.


might be a long night...

06.10.2007 15:38

G-Day 17.31
The demonstrators appear to be playing a game of cat and mouse with the police. Several times they have moved up onto Bispeengbuen from Fuglebakkevej and blocked the traffic only to move away out of the reach of the police.
Right now they are on the bridge again, but the green lead banner is again drawing people back down onto Fuglebakkevej.

G-Day 17.25
The tear gas at Bispeengbuen is really massive. Eyewitnesses say it looks like a war is going on.


more updates

06.10.2007 15:51

(not sure if previous updating worked)

G-Day 17.41
Tear gas is being shot at a group of demonstrators on Hillerdgade moving towards Nrrebro. The group is about eight hundred. About seven riot vans are trying to contain this group.

G-Day 17.38

According to eye witnesses there are still people in the house and on the ground. A small group is on the roof with a jolly roger.
On the ground there is a large group of arrested and around the corner at the KPMG building towards Borups Alle there is said to be more arrested.
A source says that the press previously was allowed to stand near the KPMG building, but that they were told they would be arrested, if they tried getting closer to the G-13 house. This was however a moot point according to the source, as the tear gas was so thick that getting near the house was impossible without a gas mask.

G-Day 17.31
The demonstrators appear to be playing a game of cat and mouse with the police. Several times they have moved up onto Bispeengbuen from Fuglebakkevej and blocked the traffic only to move away out of the reach of the police.
Right now they are on the bridge again, but the green lead banner is again drawing people back down onto Fuglebakkevej.

G-Day 17.25
The tear gas at Bispeengbuen is really massive. Eyewitnesses say it looks like a war is going on.

G-Day 17.25
Reports are coming in of approximately 300 activists getting arrested en masse just outside the house.

G-Day press coverage
By now almost every major media in Denmark has picked up the story of the G-13 actions. Some papers are reporting the use of illegal explosive fireworks against the police and others detailing the battle around the house.


G-Day other

06.10.2007 15:55

G-Day Medics
An anonymous medic has said to the online version of national news paper Politiken, that several people have been rendered unconcious by the police use of tear gas during the day. Also many have been treated for dog bites and wounds from batons.

G-Day sympathy
As the actions in Copenhagen began, a group of about twenty activists gathered in front of the Danish embassy in Oslo to express their solidarity with the Danish activists. The action was quickly surrounded by police and was reported to be "under control" by the police.


G-Day 17.46

06.10.2007 15:59

The group on Hillerødgade has been forced to retreat by the amount of tear gas.
A journalist on site reports that the police are acting very violently using tear gas, batons and dogs at the slightest provocation.
The demonstrators however are sticking to plan and are only acting confrontatively as blocks puching the police - no bottles or stones are being thrown.
Inside the perimeter at G13 about 80 people have been kettled in by police. They are being picked out of the crowd one by one and sat on the ground in a "train".
According to national tv at least 200 have been arrested. Other media are saying 300.


G-Day 17.55

06.10.2007 16:02

A group of police is inside the building shooting tear gas at anyone trying to get near to the building. They are however likely to run out at some point as has often happened to Danish police in similar situations.


G-Day 18.02

06.10.2007 16:11

A recent count of arrested on the grounds of G-13 amounts to 200. The arrestees are sitting on the ground surrounded by police and dogs and are being led away little by little into the buses waiting.


G-Day 18.07

06.10.2007 16:16

Police are now clearing the intersection at Nordre Fasanvej.

Earlier in the day a woman passed out due to tear gas on Fuglebakken S-train station.

While clearing Hillerødgade about twenty minutes ago police employed all less-lethal instruments of force available to them, but there are no reports of arrests in this case.


G-Day 18.12

06.10.2007 16:22

A group of about 500 activists is moving back from Nørrebro S-train station towards Nørrebrohallen. Presumably they will execute the unknown Plan B.
On Hillerødgade people are being forced on to the sidewalks apparently to force a retreat towards the city.
A group of police that was following activists at a distance suddenly formed up and started attacking people. One was arrested.


G-Day 18.21

06.10.2007 16:34

In a statement to the press a police spokesman has said that he expects most of the arrested activists to be released within 6 hours and only charged with minor offences. "At this point we don't have anyone that we want to put before a judge", the spokesperson said.


G-Day 18.23

06.10.2007 16:35

A large group of demonstrators have now again reached the starting point of today's demo at Nørrebrohallen. Police have formed lines surrounding the plaza and are trying to keep people away.
Police have again formally announced over loudspeakers, that the demo is illegal and adviced people to leave. The activists are remain waiting.


G-Day 18.31

06.10.2007 16:46

The number of activists at Nøørebrohallen is estimated at 1000.
The situation at the grounds of G-13 is fairly quiet except for a large number of snappish dogs.
The police have resorted to drafting in busses from the public transportation system to transport away the many arrested.
Activists are still occupying the roof with a jolly roger.


G-Day 18.46

06.10.2007 16:56

Police have left the area around Nørrebrohallen, apparently opting not to act after formally declaring the demo illegal. There is a relaxed, festive mood in the plaza, where the speaker truck from green block is playing reggae.
The activists on the roof of the house however have been stormed by the police. About ten people were arrested. Police got on to the roof using ladders and even brought a dog with them up. Reportedly two people tried climbing the chimney for added height.
Inside the house there are still activists that the police have made no visible attempt at removing.


G-Day 19.01

06.10.2007 17:12

The police busses are nearly done removing prisoners from Grøndalsvænge.
The number of visitors on the Danish language news site today has reached 10.600 unique hits and is still increasing. The interest has been further increased by modkraft's coverage being mentioned on national tv news in the 6.30 pm broadcast.


G-Day 19.06

06.10.2007 17:16

The G-13 press group has released a statement saying, that the actions are coming to a close. There will be no plan B initiated.
"The action was a huge success", the spokesperson said.


G-Day 19.52

06.10.2007 18:03

THe G13 press group har issued a press release declaring an end to a succesfull action. "We as a movement have shown how strong we are when we stand together, and we achieved our goal of squatting the house. We stuck to what we planned, despite massive police brutality", says the spokesperson.
"Ritt Bjerregaard now has some serious explaining to do. She has said she wants dialouge which we've accepted, but in not doing anything to prevent the police violently attacking a non-violent demonstration, she is sending some very mixed signals. The house belongs to the council and it's their responsibility", concludes the spokesperson.
Even though the actions are officially over, the news feed from Modkraft will continue to monitor the situation in case it evolves further.


wrapping up after a long day

06.10.2007 19:37

G-Day 21.19
Reporters from have tried to contact mayor Ritt Bjerregaard for a comment on today's events. The mayor's pr chief however has said, that she will be making no statements tonight.
Mayor Ritt Bjerregaard has previously said that she would meet with the activists if they were peaceful. How the mayor classifies today's events and if she thinks the activists were violent remains unclear.

G-Day 20.55
Reports from the city say that the police is maintaining a heavy presence on the streets of Nørrebro. Nørrebrogade amongst others is very frequently patrolled.

G-Day 20.27
According to the official number of arrests after the actions is 436.
One of the spokespersons for G13 has said that in he has never in many years of activism ever experienced getting tear gassed as hard as today. And that includes the riots on the first and second of March this year. But despite this, he continues, not one activist broke the code of non-violence today.
In a text message circulating in the activist scene, everyone is encouraged to stop people from starting any trouble later tonight.


possibly followed by a long night

06.10.2007 19:58

G-Day 21.40
About 30 police officers have entered Folkets Park in Nørrebro, a well known hang out for activists. They have surrounded 15 people sitting around a small fire. No words have been exchanged, but witnesses say the police are acting "confrontational". In the side street three small sticks are burning.
All over Nørrebro "activist types" are being hunted by the police.

G-Day 21.38
Police have started a stop and search policy in the Nørrebro area. Anyone who "looks like an activist" is stopped and searched. Whether an actual stop/search zone has been created (legally) or the activists are merely being charged with carrying a concealed weapon to allow police to search them is unclear.

G-Day 21.27
The first activists are being released again. A female activist from the red block, who was recently released reports having been the victim of a very violent arrest. She was part of a group standing about 500 yards from G13, shouting "we are peaceful, what are you?" at a group of police. This resulted in the activists being attacked from two sides and about ten arrests. The female activist was tackled and then dragged along the ground while the police were "screaming" at her.
The activist has been released, charged with not obeying police orders.


someone did't go home

06.10.2007 20:05

G-Day 21.54
"A fire was lit in Griffenfeldsgade. We are here to prevent trouble", the police chief of operations has said.
A couple of streets away from the park, on Skt. Hans Torv, another 10 riot vans are parked. Police are randomly stopping and searching passers by.

G-Day 21.50
At least 12 riot vans now surround Folkets Park and Folkets Hus. One van is parked right in the middle of the park. At least 50-100 police officers are present.
Nothing is happening in the area and as observed by witnesses "it seems they really want things to escalate."


G-Day 22.05

06.10.2007 20:13

Police have now left Folkets Park again. It appears no one was arrested. Further down the street one person was arrested however. The person doesn't currently know why.


tired now, why can't they just go home? (the cops that is)

06.10.2007 20:30

G-Day 22.13
Police are still stopping and searching random passersby in Nørrebrogade and Griffenfeldsgade. Most targets are young and police obviously base their tactics solely on the way people are dressed.

G-Day 22.05
Police have now left Folkets Park again. It appears no one was arrested. Further down the street one person was arrested however. The person doesn't currently know why.


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