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Courage in the Crosshairs: Ron Paul and the Republic

Captain Eric H. May | 29.12.2007 15:49 | Anti-militarism | Globalisation | Terror War

Captain Eric H. May, the Internet intelligence writer, offers fresh insight on the assassination of Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan. He poses an all-important question for Americans: if presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul also in the crosshairs?

Courage in the Crosshairs: Ron Paul and the Republic

By Captain Eric H. May
Military Correspondent

Mideast Murder

"It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong." -- Voltaire

Ecclesiastes was right when he wrote that there is nothing new under the sun. The Thursday assassination of Pakistani reformer Benazir Bhutto gives the world a fresh reminder of the old lesson that those who lead the way invite attack. Clearly Bhutto herself was aware of this grim reality, since she had discussed it months earlier in a letter to supporters laying the blame for her possible assassination squarely on the shoulders of Pakistani strongman Pervez Musharraf.

The devilish details of Bhutto's death have all Pakistan raising hell with a wave of riots that could turn in to a revolution before all is said and done. Her frenzied supporters demand answers to questions that their government does not have the credibility to answer satisfactorily. Where was her security at the fatal moment? Who fired the shots that rang out across the crowd, the pistol waving gunman in grainy photos from the scene or the sniper reported by Bhutto supporters? After being shot and then suicide bombed, why does the official autopsy report released a day later claim that neither bullets nor bombs had anything to do with her death?

Some Middle East experts estimate that two thirds of Pakistanis believe that Musharraf and the corrupt Establishment upholding him were either guilty of committing the Bhutto murder, allowing it it to happen or covering up details after it happened.

Domestic Deadliness

"We also have to work, though, sort of the dark side, if you will." -- Dick Cheney

All the sound and fury from Southwest Asia would signify nothing in America if the vast majority of Americans believed that the United States of "unitary executive" Bush was fundamentally different from the Pakistan of military dictator Musharraf. The vast majority of Americans, though, believe that the Bush League is capable of any level of mischief. In fact, the two thirds of us who detest him also believe that Bush and the corrupt Establishment upholding him were either guilty of committing the 9/11 mass murder, allowing it it to happen or covering up details after it happened.

In these troubled days, it is quite credible to innumerable US citizens that we have been neoconned into standing our republic on its head. The new millennium was dubbed the New American Century by Ivy League Bush Boyz and Israel-first Zionazis, then on 9/11 -- the date number coinciding with our national emergency code -- a manufactured terror spectacular began a counterrevolution against our Declaration and Constitution. Our new King George established secret prisons, torture chambers and imperial wars, while snatching away civil rights all the way back to Magna Carta.

To a sizable chunk of the American electorate, the radical analysis in the paragraph above seems to be a fair exposition of our current political crisis, and the inability of such views -- or indeed of any anti-establishmentarian views -- to find expression in the mainstream media is just so much more proof that the System is flawed, the Establishment is inimical and the New American Century has always been a Bush League codeword for a dictatorial New World Order.

Paul's Peril

"I think we're at a point right now where they're still hoping I will go away, but the fact that they've started to attack me means that we are annoying them." -- Ron Paul

Since 9/11, the Internet has become the printing press of the Second American Revolution, fearlessly exploring issues that would never receive the imprimatur of the Globalist/Zionist mainstream media, political parties or apathetic academics. Its power is so unsettling to the elites and their pet projects of the Homeland State and Global War that in recent months the House and Senate have declared war upon it as an instrument of homegrown terror.

To the elites the most dreadful of all netizens is Dr. Ron Paul, the 10-term independent Republican from Texas, whose bread and butter as a presidential candidate is the freethinking Internet user. Paul has boldly proclaimed his presidential bid "The Ron Paul Revolution," and lived up to this billing by proposing the abolition of Homeland Security and the Global War. He envisions and proclaims vastly increased individual liberty and vastly reduced taxation. Organized efforts by the mainstream media to restrict or ridicule his message have only made it and his political base grow larger. He has been dubbed "Dr. No" for his prescription of less government to heal our sickly body politic, and there is a real possibility that untold millions of Americans will say yes to Dr. No in the upcoming state primaries.

To end where I began, there is nothing new under the sun, and those who propose radical treatments for radical maladies should be aware of that fact. To give credit and praise when and where it is due, Dr. No has spoken publicly on the dangers of his reformist -- even revolutionary -- candidacy, and pledged to continue forward. The Internet has been abuzz for weeks with rumors, reputedly from inside the American power elite, of considerations and contingencies to "remove" the candidate and candidacy that threaten to roll back the 9/11 counterrevolution. Across the World Wide Web those who long for a return to freedom remind themselves that the last candidate to endanger the powers that be as much as Ron Paul was Ross Perot, who temporarily abandoned his bid for the White House in 1992, claiming that an earlier King George Bush -- father of the present King George Bush -- had threatened him and his family with the CIA. As Ross Perot and Benazir Bhutto would agree, running for office can be a harrowing experience, one from which those without the courage of conviction would simply run away.

# # #

Captain May is a former Army military intelligence and public affairs officer, as well as a former NBC editorial writer. His political and military analyses have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, the Houston Chronicle and Military Intelligence Magazine. For his homepage and schedule of upcoming interviews, refer to:

Captain Eric H. May


Hide the following 10 comments

Nutter alert

30.12.2007 17:07

Why is this post not hidden. This is the idiot that predicted that Orgeon was going to be hit by a false flag nuclear strike.


Don't misrepresent me!

31.12.2007 00:51

The author of the Nutter Alert should be more specific and accurate. I did indeed issue a warning to the Portland area. After doing extensive research about bending -- and secret -- nuclear exercises about to be conducted there by Northcom/Homeland Security. The labeled this a "prediction" is to misrepresent me, which I can only suppose is the author's intent. For a clear presentation of what I had to say about Portland, kindly refer to my archived articles for The Lone Star Iconoclast, an independent newspaper, with great international repute for which I am the military correspondent. --

Captain May
mail e-mail:
- Homepage:

It gets worse!

01.01.2008 19:47

Oh my mistake. Issuing a warning that Oregon is about to be nuked isn't a prediction, it's a "warning". I'm always people of things I'm not predicting???

Here's another warning:

'RED ALERT: 9/11/06 (Chicago, Detroit & Houston)'

I guess you must have scared them off since yet again nothing transpired.

Then we have mercenaries starting the recent forest fires in California:

My personal favourite:

Since the evil cabal has gone to so much effort to cover up their misdeeds, they decided it would cool and whacky to bury some numerical codes in plain sight. The first thing that any criminal thinks of is leaving some sort of clues behind. The first thing spooks think of is advertising their culpability to every signaller, crypotrapher, mathematician and numerology whacko on the planet.

Plus you make some more predictions. That's always rather amusing. You believe in the supernatural by any chance, like prescience, remote viewing and God?

You obviously aren't stupid. But perhaps your talents lie in fiction. Your only grasp of fact in that material seems to a mere backdrop for wild fantasy.

Quite seriously, consider writing a novel. I'd buy it!


Best Sketch Ever!!

02.01.2008 00:40

wow.. well done you guys.. i laughed for hours... and i thought you pythons haad retired.. great sketch.. better than the parrot sketch really.. well done

Tarquin Fintimlimbimbustop-ftangftangolebiscuitbarrel
mail e-mail:
- Homepage:

Dealing with disinformation

05.01.2008 19:03

It's always difficult to deal with pseudonymic writers. Waving red herrings in all directions, they attempt to distract readers' attention away from the fact that the article above the comments dealt with the Ron Paul Revolution underway in the United States. Even if it is the case that all my other work is erroneous, the article above can be judged on its own merits.

As for my occasional warnings that false flag events may be in the works, that is my professional judgment as a former military intelligence officer and former National Broadcasting Corporation editorial writer. I think it very unlikely that my pseudonymic critics have any credentials to compare with mine.

Amonite's inability to understand the difference between prediction and warning causes me to wonder again whether he is deficient in understanding or in honestly. It was not I, but rather the Bush administration, that schedule secret nuclear attack exercises in the Portland area, immediately after instituting new executive orders, providing for the establishment of American dictatorship in the event of just such an attack (NSPD-51). Does Amonite believe it delusional of me to have alerted the citizens of Portland to such a coincidence? Amonite also cites my warning to three US cities in 2006, all of which were targets for the Bush administration terror drills. Does Amonite believe it delusional of me to have alerted these three cities?

Finally, is Amonite aware that both the 9/11 US attacks and the 7/7 UK attacks occurred during similar "anti-terror exercises" that were supposed to "simulate" the actually occurred? If Amonite was unaware before, and they should be aware now. I thank my clumsy critic for pointing out several of my widely read analyses and alerts, and strongly recommend that any reader interested in getting beyond the barks of disinformation dogs actually turn to the works. They speak for themselves, and I believe they speak quite coherently to any objective and intelligent mind.

Best regards, Captain May.

PS: Homepage:

And Captain Eric H. May
mail e-mail:
- Homepage:

Don't be too cocky people

05.01.2008 19:15

I was in Portland when Noble Resolve and TopOff were going on. The Dept of Homeland Security, military, our senators and reps offices, the mayor and governor and many others lied to us about what was going to happen. There were drills going on that were filmed and documented by citizens and news that showed plainly they were up to something far more extensive than they swore to. If you were ever in one of these places during a drill you might feel differently. It's very intense and frightening. Being that the administration and DHS can't be trusted we never knew what might happen at any minute. There were all kinds of live drills going on during Noble Resolve at the airport and transit system even tho they said it would be strictly a pc simulation. During TopOff there was a very intense time when DHS dogs found traces of a bomb in a car for real- this was not part of the drill. There was a paper from Harvard showing Portland being nuked along with DC. The best way to make sure nothing happens is bring as much attention to the city where the drills are so it won't go live as 911 and the London bombings did. Also during some of these school shootings there were police drills going on at the time they went live. Please educate yourselves further or at least have experienced one of these drills before you express yourself so ignorantly.

I was there

Jacob Stansbury, Jr.

05.01.2008 19:36

It's easy for someone who has not taken the time to research the activities of the criminal governance controlling the united States of America, to criticize those who do. It's also meaningless and foolish.

Captain May is a man of unquestioned integrity to those who know him, and know all Americans benefit from his patriot group and activities. There is no doubt in my mind that Captain May and Ghost Troop have actually prevented "terrorist" activities from being carried out by the fraudulent terrorist corporate governance now infesting our country. It's impossible to prove a negative, and I suggest you be thankful for any and all false flag "terrorist" atrocities that Captain May has contributed to preventing, through exposure of plans and other means.

Please ignore the fools and neocon plants who denigrate the truly patriotic works and writings of honorable men and women like Captain May and those in ghost Troop. Please join with all of us working to reclaim our country and re-establish a Constitutional Government in the united States of America.

Note that I am not a member of Ghost Troop, although I would be proud to be so honored. I am an associate member of Scholars for 9/11 Truth.

Jacob G. Stansbury, Jr.
mail e-mail:
- Homepage:

Criticizing the messenger

06.01.2008 10:32

Captain May never "predicted" Oregon was going to be hit by a nuclear strike. We did alert the public of the RISK of another false flag attack, such as the London Bombings. Military drills have been used as a cover for false flag attacks. That is why the 9/11 "hijackings" were successful. The Pentagon was attacked a full hour and a half after the first hujacking was confirmed and 34 minutes after the second World Trade Center tower was attacked. This could not have been accomplished under normal circumstances. The NORAD drills that day made it possible.

The purpose of alerting the public was to discourage such an attack in Oregon. It also served to foster awareness of what a disservice was being done to our peace loving state by hosting terror drills here. The mayor of Portland, Oregon announced his retirement plans soon after the military drills were held here in October. Good job, Captain May!

Russ Hallberg

Captain Eric May and his work

06.01.2008 12:42

Capt May has worked for peace, our constitutional rights and especially stopping another 911 or the bombings in London. I've worked with Capt May for years and been through his Chicago, Houston, Texas City and Portland/Phoenix disaster drills. Capt May is an amazing man who works very hard writing articles and being interviewed on popular radio shows- trying to get the word out about what our elite leaders are really up to in the US and other countries. There is quite a huge plan among the worlds richest and most powerful people, but Capt May never backs down when exposing them for the war criminals and anti civil rights monsters they are. These criminals in power don't want to stop until we are under martial law and every one of us who speaks out against any administration in any nation are shut up- shackled in train cars or imprisoned in detention camps. We have to stop them! Capt May is a fine man who has been in intelligence and has the most amazing mind we in Ghost Troop have come across. There is a quote by Bruce W. Clark that fits so well with what is happening in this world right now that we are fighting our hardest to overcome- "If you are not afraid of the dark, maybe you should take a walk through the soul of mankind." We in Ghost Troop who have learned so much from Capt May about fighting the evil powers that be look at that most horrible sort of person who seeks power, loves death and destruction and has no conscience- and we fight them with every bit of strength, power and soul to overcome their power. Exposing them like Capt May has done helps diminish their power. They certainly don't want Capt May and Ghost Troop to pull a media blitz wherever a nuclear or other disaster drill is going on! That ruins their plans to pull a live exercise as they have before. Be very aware! Keep on your toes and work hard to overcome these horrible world leaders and their plans. We have become great warriors in the fight for our lives and freedom from working with Captain Eric May.


People involved in Cointelpro and psyops never, ever rest.

06.01.2008 23:33

Let's face facts. According to many polls, 60-70% of the American people believe the govt is hiding something about 911. There were in fact govt drills going on during 911 which mimicked the actual events of planes hitting the WTC towers.
Is it a stretch to believe the same elites who either let 911 happen on purpose (LIHOP), or made it happen on purpose (MIHOP) would consider taking Ron Paul out ? He is upsetting their applecart of unconstitutional control of the people, and the elites don't like it.
Captain May is merely letting people know he believes Ron Paul may be in danger.
Renowned Bilderberg analyst Daniel Estulin has also confirmed that what the Captain is saying is indeed true : very high level elites in the Bilderberg group have been considering "what will happen if we remove Ron Paul ?". Mr. Estulin has insider patriotic sources, and he is never wrong about what he says.
The Captain has a 1st amendment right to publish his views, and he fully reserves that right according to our constitution of 1791-to-date. The inane comments of a couple of anonymous Cointelpro agents will certainly not convince him to stop.
Indeed, I give the Captain my full support in writing this article, which may serve to prevent a great American tragedy. I am 100% behind Ron Paul, as is anyone with a modicum of sense.
Captain May is on a mission of conscience, and he has every right to engage his journalistic talents any way he pleases.

Bryan Nelson

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