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Warfare of the Whisper –dividing the people and keeping them ignorant

Peter Chamberlin | 15.02.2008 15:30 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Terror War | World

When the truth is too horrible to acknowledge, then it becomes very easy to believe in a series of lies instead. If the truth is that our leaders are really monsters, who have purposely manufactured a planned genocidal world war, in order to preserve America’s fading position in the world, then the truth becomes almost impossible to believe.

When the truth is too horrible to acknowledge, then it becomes very easy to believe in a series of lies instead. If the truth is that our leaders are really monsters, who have purposely manufactured a planned genocidal world war, in order to preserve America’s fading position in the world, then the truth becomes almost impossible to believe.

It is difficult to believe, but there are some people who were shocked to learn that White House spokesmen issued 935 documented falsehoods to lie us into the Iraq war.

This says nothing of the far greater number of lies told to create the “war on terror” itself. If it wasn’t for the flowing river of lies known as the “US Government,” we would not now be staring down the barrel of the nuclear gun at another innocent Muslim country. It took thousands of dedicated war party disinformation agents, working non-stop for decades, to give substance to the myth of al Qaida, the official justification for the war. It has taken many thousands more to sustain the war based on lies, against an imaginary enemy. It is only another small step to extend those lies about wars against imaginary enemies to Iran, an imaginary enemy with imaginary nuclear weapons.

Bush and both of his Congresses have chosen to ride the raging river of lies known as the war on terrorism like lunatic “surf-Nazis,” blinded to the dangers swimming just beneath the surface, oblivious to the destruction left in their wake. The bill for the war and for the destruction that we have sown is coming due, before the end goals are met – before the world war can be jump-started. Strategic alliances are falling apart in reaction to America’s obvious goal of total world domination. Old friends are turning their backs on us, in revulsion to the bloody misery that our leaders are intentionally inflicting upon the world. The lying mainstream media is content to bask in the glorious presence of the American Reich, while they spread the official lies which are meant to divide the American people and keep them ignorant, everyone apparently oblivious to the diabolical nature of the plot and the costs that the world will pay for us to preserve our bloated “way of life.”

The war based on lies is fought on many national battle fronts, where carefully constructed lies (grand conspiracies) are inserted into unsuspecting populations in order to further the myth of an international terrorist conspiracy. The preferred method of transmission is to use gossip “grapevines” to spread new distorted versions of conspiracy theories. This is most successfully accomplished if the disinformation is spread by trusted locals. This is true for introducing damaging misleading rumors into like-minded communities, no matter the size of the rumor, or its nature. A rumor’s source determines its credibility just as much as the truth of the rumor itself. The purpose is always to create division within the group, by the use of false information to cover-up vital knowledge, which would otherwise unite and inspire the people.

The basis of the psyops campaign directed at the world (war on terrorism) is the big lie, a lie that is so big as to make it incomprehensible. The big lie always concern a conspiracy theory, created through a series of “whispering campaigns.” The people are subjected to a series of self-confirming lies which serve to corroborate each other when brought together, giving convincing proof of a design that cannot be explained by “coincidences.” The aim of the real all-encompassing grand conspiracy theory is to hide proof of its existence, for as long as possible. By pumping-out semi-true information about lesser conspiracies, real information is obscured in the ensuing uproar, truth-seekers are successfully discredited and mislabeled as “conspiracy theorists.”

Here in America, where we have not yet crossed the threshold of unbridled government violence, the deception is aimed at the political opposition groups who are digging-away at the official lies and cover-ups that have made the insanity of the war on terrorism possible. The anti-war movement, the Constitutionalist movement and the 911 Truth movements all threaten to derail the machinery that is carrying us into the police state, the ghettoized America that awaits everyone outside of the elite. The time will come when the secret army of truth-seekers will overcome the official lies that cover-up the truth about what has been done to America, and America has done to the world. When the thousands of patriotic Americans and the even greater number of truth-seekers worldwide who hate us manage to break through the wall of official lies, the government of the United States will fall. It is inevitable.

In searching for proof of state terrorism in the 911 attacks, too many people have proven themselves to be more than willing to abandon logic, whenever unfolding answers to the vital questions lead them into uncomfortable territory. There is ample proof here of a conspiracy between national intelligence services to kill thousands of Americans, as a first step in a plan to commit genocide on a global scale. To say otherwise is to participate in another big lie. The power of the big lie is that it immobilizes decent people, who cannot believe that there are other humans, their fellow countrymen, who could be so inhumane as to join a plot to kill half the human race.

Out of sheer laziness and overwhelming fear, motivated by an organized campaign of hyper-patriotism, the American people have embraced a plan for the wholesale slaughter of innocent people, the scope of which, would have embarrassed Hitler’s most grandiose dreams. The ugly truth is that our sons and daughters, and their sons and daughters, are going to be conscripted in a perpetual war to kill half of the world. The innocent children of the world do not deserve what we are about to do to them. Our grandchildren deserve a better inheritance than this.

A large portion of those innocent unfortunate souls who live in the nations targeted for the hot war (every country between Palestine and Pakistan) are marked for death. Every effective leader in the targeted group must be eliminated, co-opted through some act of corruption, or otherwise rendered harmless to their would-be masters, even if that means the elimination of entire nations. Another ugly truth is that the elimination of nations and masses of “useless eaters” is one of the end goals.

The elimination of nations is accomplished by disintegration, where a splintering process is begun through war and terrorist attacks. The people are divided through a series of “false flag” terrorist attacks which are staged in a manner intended to implicate a minority faction. A complex conspiracy theory is introduced into the local population through a whispering campaign of lies which seem to prove the minority guilty of the crimes. As leaders arise within the populist majority movement, the assassinations begin, again attributed to the minority leadership. The validity of the substituted misinformation is substantiated by targeted assassinations. Nothing confirms the existence of a nefarious conspiracy like the assassination of the leadership of the movement, especially when the killing can be tied to someone in the opposition.

As the tensions are whipped-up by sleeper agents working for the American, British and Israeli intelligence agencies (or for local agencies), counter-movement leaders in the minority are killed. The object is to ignite civil or sectarian war and to ignite anti-Western resistance. We cannot forcefully pacify the world, without this justification. In the end, resistance to America’s attacks is reported as “terrorism,” when forced through the American lie machine. The web of lies spun around the al Qaida myth turns every American-contracted terror incident into an attack by an “al Qaida-related group.” Popular opinion does not seem to register the fact that America and al Qaida have a symbiotic relationship, sharing mirror image goals, each side profiting the other with their attacks and propaganda efforts.

Wherever the myth of al Qaida is introduced in the zone of war, through the local gossip “grape vines,” conspiracy theories begin to reflect the new manufactured paradigm that has secretly been provided for them by local agents of the Western conspiracy. In Iraq, this process of fracturing and distortion of native belief systems is so far along that the sectarian conflict which it has generated can no longer be traced back to the sources of the rumors which were used to give it life. While some of the terrorist groups and the shadowy government death squads can be traced back to the many intelligence agencies operating in Iraq (who were instrumental in carrying-out the US “El Salvador option”), the reaction of waves of revenge attacks and counter-attacks has effectively covered the tracks of the original provocateurs behind it all.

Lebanon is a country at a crossroads, standing on the threshold separating hopeful democracy from full-blown civil war. We have glimpsed secretive elements of hired mercenaries who labor in the dark for their Western co-conspirators and their devious secret services. This organization of killers and criminals has constructed parapets and pitfalls for their unsuspecting neighbors, on America’s behalf. The handiwork of traitorous neoconservatives like Elliot Abrams and David Welch is revealed in US agents Saad Hariri and Saudi Prince Bandar, who have eagerly constructed “straw men” for American allies to knock down. The Fatah el Islam terrorists, allegedly “associated with al Qaida,” are facilitating the US-induced disintegration process in Lebanon, fighting to give the United States a foothold in Northern Lebanon in the form of a massive new naval base, opposite the new Soviet naval base that is under construction in Tartus, Syria.

In Afghanistan and Pakistan, the main front in the war against truth, we see evidence emerging, almost on a daily basis, which confirms for us that the US misdirection in that area is also taking the form of a massive “whispering campaign,” meant to sow mistrust and confusion among the targeted Pashtun and Balochistan tribesmen. Recent revelations about British MI6 involvement with a plan in Afghanistan to create a new false “Taliban” front, follows on the heels of other similar reports about a MI6 operation (or part of the same one) in creating a false Balochi group, the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA).

Across the Durand Line into Pakistan we see an even more complex situation unfolding, where at least four intelligence operations play-out in the Frontier Provinces, all centered upon Baitullah Mehsud and the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) organization he heads. Baitullah Mehsud

Since his appointment to this position by Taliban leader Mullah Omar, a series of intrigues have been introduced through local gossip mills and various disinformation news sites to discredit him. Most notable of these disinformation sources appears to be Asia Times correspondent, Syed Saleem Shahzad. This site has been very outspoken about Syed, labeling him as a CIA tool.

Syed Shahzad has proven to be an indispensable source for disseminating misinformation and disinformation relating to the al Qaida myth and the region. His reports consistently support the current CIA line on al Qaida. He and fellow Asia Times Online contributor CIA disinformation agent Michael Scheuer are leading “experts” on bin Laden, who regularly validate taped messages from the dead Islamist leader for the controlled mass media.

Syed’s version of the “Taliban split” between forces loyal to Baitullah Mehsud and Waziri tribesmen following local leader, Maulvi Nazir has been developed over many months through his exclusive reporting obtained in his frontline excursions into the Western Provinces. Mehsud is supposed to be the al Qaida puppet-master trying to topple the Pakistani government. In the new conspiracy theory outlined by Syed, we are led to believe that Maulvi Nazir and Mehsud (both of whom are shadowy unknowns who have seemingly burst on the scene out of nowhere) are fighting because of a deadly tribal disagreement over Uzbek al Qaida fighters and their ruthless and zealous over-enforcement of Sharia law. Nazir comes off as simply a dedicated Islamist who gathered together a small army (a “lashkar”) of 900 fighters to expel “al Qaida-related” bad Islamists and their Mehsud sponsors from his region. When Pakistani Army support for Nazir’s efforts openly shifted from simply re-supplying to actively helping Maulvi Nazir with artillery fire, both sides in the Taliban fight turned on the government forces.

Some of the latest news from the area claims that Mullah Omar has (allegedly) removed the wanted militant leader Baitullah Mehsud as the commander of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) for fighting the Pakistani army. This rumor traces back to a single report from Asia Times by Syed Saleem Shahzad.

The (un)official CIA story on Mehsud is somewhere between that given by Syed Shahzad and the public pronouncements of the Musharref government. Mehsud, whom Musharref has blamed for the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, has allegedly been “sacked” by Mullah Omar as the head of the TTP, according to Asia Times. Every report on this development can be traced back to Syed’s original article.

Information from Pakistan Security Research Unit (PSRU), out of the United Kingdom gives a reasonable explanation for the hidden unfolding drama described as a sinister conspiratorial power play by Syed Shahzad. The informative article by D. Suba Chandran refutes the entire idea of a war within the Taliban, describing instead a very localized fight limited to Uzbeks only.

“Thus, Uzbeks are not the only community present in the FATA, but are the only one being targeted...Uzbek militants are being targeted only in South Waziristan, there too only in a limited area...the Mahsuds, are not involved in the ongoing fighting... The primary reason for the local hatred vis-à-vis the foreigners, is attributed to Uzbek fighters’ attempts to dominate the local tribesmen and to their involvement in criminal activities... numerous local tribesmen were beheaded or kidnapped on the charge of spying for the government or for the US... the Uzbeks had killed more than 200 tribal elders... Apparently an Arab militant belonging to Al Qaeda was killed by the Uzbek fighters, which infuriated Maulvi Nazir, who is close to the Al Qaeda and Taliban... There is split in the ranks of Al Qaeda and Taliban. Yuldashev and his Uzbek fighters have fallen out of favour with the Al Qaeda-Taliban high command... The tribal militia formed against the Uzbeks was “authorized to demolish homes of supporters of the Uzbek militants, impose Rs 1 million fine on them and expel them from the area with their families.” See “ ‘Jihad’ declared against Uzbeks,” Dawn, 3 April 2007... there have been no hints of this fighting spreading to other parts of South Waziristan or other tribal Agencies, especially North Waziristan and Bajaur.”

The battles being fought in Waziristan over Baitullah Mehsud’s leadership of the Pakistani Taliban are attempts by agents of the intelligence agencies to divide and demoralize the Pashtun fighters. It is necessary that we find the point of divergence, where the nefarious scenarios of the nefarious plans of the competing secret services (CIA, Mossad, MI6, ISI, etc.) come into collision, to understand where the collusion between them ends.

Information provided by Hassan Abbas at CTC Sentinel confirms much of the information in the previous Pakistan Security Research article, while simultaneously contradicting Syed, Musharref and the CIA pronouncements about Mehsud. According to Abbas, Nazir’s entire anti-Uzbeki fight was commissioned by ISI, much like a previous shadowy attempt On October 23, 2006 to create a false copy of Tehrik-i-Taliban before the real group had even announced its own existence.

“a credible newspaper in Pakistan disclosed that five militant groups joined hands to set up an organization named Tehrik-i-Taliban in Mohmand Agency with a goal ‘to flush out gangs carrying out criminal activities in the name of Taliban’.”
The real December 14, 2007 announcement was tainted with suspicion because of the previous bogus claim.

This version of the conspiracy story, provided by Rahimullah Yusufzai, also seems to confirm Hassan Abbas’ views on the situation.
“The split in the Taliban happened over a dispute concerning the segment that refused to honor Jirga judgment made to attack Pakistani troops who were harassing Mehsud’s supply lines, making the Afghan fight more difficult...This failure defied a Taliban decision that every Taliban group was required to come to the assistance of others in its area of operation that were under attack from the Pakistan Army....

Taliban factions in Mohmand, Bajaur and Orakzai tribal regions and also in the Swat district of the NWFP launched attacks against the security forces during this period as part of a strategy to ease military pressure on Mehsud and his men. But instead of launching attacks on the military, the Taliban fighters [Maulvi Nazir’s men] in North Waziristan announced an extension of their unilateral ceasefire with the government and even issued a warning to Mehsud to stay out of their territory...”

Apparently, Nazir played on local resentment towards the Uzbeks in their region (who were a small minority despised by many Waziris because of their success and prosperity), trying to use them as scapegoats in an American/Pakistani plan to foment an intra-Taliban civil war. Again, deferring to researcher Hassan Abbas, Nazir was associated with Gulbuddin Hekmatyar’s Hezb-e-Islami, a favorite of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) during the days of the anti-Soviet jihad. In addition:

“Nazir has always looked for economic opportunities, and soon after his first victory over Uzbek militants he publicly urged the Pakistani government to initiate development work in the area and specifically asked mobile phone companies to start their services in the area.”

We find confirmation of this part of Abbas’ report in news about the recently exposed secret British MI6 operation to create a false Taliban in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province.

“Two European diplomats accused of holding secret talks with the Taliban in Afghanistan were thrown out of the country following a complaint by the US, intelligence officials in Kabul have told The Sunday Telegraph... The source claimed that the US alerted Afghan authorities after learning that the diplomats were providing direct financial and other support - including mobile phone cards - to the Taliban commanders, in the hope of persuading them to swap sides... These claims will reinforce perceptions of a rift between the US and its international partners in Afghanistan, including Britain.”

The report says that the CIA exposed the British operation, highlighting the developing split between the United States and its NATO allies over the ongoing war along the Afghan/Pakistani border region. The political fight over defective US leadership in its war on terrorism is alienating the corrupt, murderous American government from its former allies and disrupting old alliances one-by-one. When their conspiratorial plans completely blow-up in their faces, Bush and his equally guilty Congress will be left alone (except for the Israeli government). Like caged animals, they will strike-out with every weapon at their disposal. It is only a matter of time.

It is standard operating procedure for our government to never divulge the truth to the American people, unless it cannot be avoided. Press conferences and news releases are tailored to hide the truth behind the official lies. Entire electoral campaigns are composed of nothing but orchestrated lies. The State of the Union message is a compilation of the noblest lies, meant to inspire the people with lofty-sounding pseudo-truths, arranged in a colorful message of hope, tied-up with the applause of “bi-partisan” approval. Nothing is more chilling than the sight of 535 elected leaders applauding a leering, pompous, would-be emperor of the world, as he sends the world’s most powerful military force, to slaughter millions of the world’s most defenseless people, all in the name of maintaining inflated profits.

There is nothing more threatening to tyrants than an informed public. That is why there is no place for truth in our collapsing democracy today. If, in the end, a shrine to truth cannot be erected within our government, then our Republic may still remain standing, but there will be nothing democratic about it. Personally, I don’t intend to allow that to happen, do you?

I am here to fight the lies as long as I can. Stand with me.

Peter Chamberlin
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