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North Camp traders suffer

Keith Parkins | 21.07.2008 15:42 | Repression | Social Struggles

Having destroyed Aldershot and Farnborough town centres, both are now ghost towns, the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor now seems determined to destroy North Camp, the only success story in the borough.

ticket machine obstructing highway
ticket machine obstructing highway

empty street early Saturday afternoon
empty street early Saturday afternoon

unlawful unenforceable parking restrictions
unlawful unenforceable parking restrictions

airshow trade visitors parking on footpath
airshow trade visitors parking on footpath

and in the middle of a busy main road
and in the middle of a busy main road

nuisance parking in local roads
nuisance parking in local roads

and on grass verges
and on grass verges

The lines do not conform to the regulations, therefore the borough has no lawful authority to enforce the legislation.' -- Mike Guest, former president of the British Parking Association

'That is absolute rubbish. It does not mean the traffic regulation order becomes unlawful.' -- Mike Bamber, parking official, Rotten Borough of Rushmoor

Lying on the south side of Farnborough, facing out towards neighbouring Aldershot, North Camp is the original centre of Farnborough. Like Aldershot, it came into being with the arrival of the Army.

Pictures of North Camp from the early 1900s, show the streets thronged with shoppers. Much smaller than then, North Camp now consists of a large number of independent, specialist retailers and a very wide range of restaurants. Shops like The Deli, a purveyor of quality foods, lovingly restored to its original Victorian splendour. Within the last few months, three coffee shops cum sandwich shops have opened, and not a Starbucks in sight.

One would think that the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor would look at this success story, replicate what works, but no, they push doomed schemes that simply hasten the decline of failing town centres.

Aldershot is a ghost town, boarded-up shops, charity shops (and even they are pulling out or have pulled out) junk food outlets and yobs on the streets. All the indicators of a failing town centre. Nighttime the streets are taken over by drunken violent youths looking for trouble.

What killed Aldershot was the gutting of the town centre for a grotty retail centre and an edge-of town Tesco superstore. It was the local councillors who gave planning permission for an extension to the grotty shopping centre, and yet now the self-same hypocrites are criticising the owners for not filling it full of retailers (at the last count, four out of twenty one retail units were occupied). Obviously they have not noticed the number of town centre retail developments across the country that are being put on hold or shelved, that major retailers are offloading their property portfolios to remain in businesses, that the consumer spending bubble has burst, that were are heading into recession.

Not having learnt from past mistakes, the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor not only granted planning consent for a mixed development yuppie flats cum retail cum leisure between Tesco and the town centre call Westgate, but actively connived with the developers to promote it.

This was called 'regeneration'. It was anything but, it would have relocated the retail centre of gravity towards Tesco and away from the town centre, the High Street names it was expected to attract would have drained money out of the local economy in what is already a pocket of deprivation in an otherwise affluent south east.

Westgate has now collapsed in scandal. Linden Homes, who were to have built the yuppie flats have recognised there is no market for yuppie flats and have pulled out, causing the project to collapse.

The councillors are now playing the only game in town, the blame game.

What has so incensed them and why they are getting so excited, is that the Army sports facilities have been chosen as a training ground for the London 2012 Olympics. It should be emphasised the Army facilities, not anything provided by the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor. But to their embarrassment, the world will get to see what a shit-hole (as it is known locally) is Aldershot.

What the dimwitted councillors lack the ability to understand is that there is insufficient retail demand to fill the existing retail space, let alone new retail space. That is why the Galleries, the extension to the grotty shopping centre, lies almost empty. Plus there are not the people on the streets.

Even less do they understand that the only way to rescue a failing town centre is from the bottom up, not top down, imposed from above. This involves working with local retailers, the local community, stemming the flow of money out of the local community.

In neighbouring Farnborough the situation is even worse, there the retailers are pulling out.

Like Aldershot, Farnborough too is a ghost town, boarded-up shops, card shops, charity shops (and even they are pulling out or have pulled out) junk food outlets and one huge demolition site. Like neighbouring Aldershot, all the indicators of a failing town.

Last summer half the town centre was demolished to make way for a superstore which will face out of the town centre. Social housing to be demolished for a car park for the superstore. Above the superstore leisure and yuppie flats.

This is what is jokingly called 'regeneration'.

Ten years ago, property developer St Modwen (through a Kuwaiti-financed front-company KPI) bought Farnborough town centre. They have spent the last ten years laying waste to the town centre. There is now little left. Prior to the involvement of St Modwen, Farnborough had a viable town centre with a good range of shops, now its is ghost town.

St Modwen itself is now in financial difficulty.

Having destroyed Aldershot and Farnborough, the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor now seems determined to destroy North Camp. A few months ago, ticket machines appeared in the streets, motorists now have to pay to park outside the shops, where hitherto it was free. The first I became aware of these machines was when I almost collided with one in the street. The first many people became aware was when they were slapped with a parking fine. Many shops now have notices warning people of the need to buy a ticket. Nothing more likely to discourage a customer from returning is to receive a parking fine for parking outside their shop.

If a trader puts a board out in the street to make passers by aware of his wares, he gets done by the council for obstructing the highway, but it's ok for the council to erect permanent obstructions in the highway. One rule for them, one rule for the rest of us.

Where, once upon a time on a Saturday afternoon, the streets would be full of cars, they are now half empty.

Speaking with retailers, they all tell me business has been hit.

Ideally, turn North Camp into a pedestrian area, but this is not popular with short-sighted retailers, who sadly can often not see further than the end of their cash tills, which probably explains why they are small retailers.

The same view was taken in Curitiba when pedestrian streets were first introduced. Retailers even planned a big demonstration. After the first day of trading they were lobbying for more car free streets!

At a recent angry packed public meeting in North Camp, local traders, local residents, shoppers, all expressed their opposition to the introduction of charges in the streets. The reaction of the arrogant councillors and their officials was that they knew best, the charges were here to stay.

This is what is called local democracy in the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor, an arrogant contempt for the views of the local community.

Now it seems, the lines marked in the street are not lawful! At least that is the view of Peter Guest, a parking consultant with 35 years of experience, a former president of the British Parking Association. But the arrogant Rushmoor parking official Mike Bamber thinks he knows best.

Arrogant Deputy Leader of the council Roland Dibbs, true to form, opens his mouth and displays his appalling ignorance on the subject.

'The areas are clearly delineated, and whether the lines are solid lines or dotted lines doesn't make any difference.'

Sorry to have to correct you Councillor Dibbs, but it actually does.

The guidance on parking on the highway is quite clear and unambiguous:

'The manner in which the ranges of possible restrictions are to be marked and signed is prescribed by the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002. This weighty, comprehensive and detailed volume sets out the precise requirements, size, type, colour and permitted variants of every sign and road marking.'

'A restriction marked with signage that is not in accordance with the regulations may not be enforced.'

Dibbs is a councillor with arrogant contempt for the local community, who backs every crass policy put forward by the council. He wanted to see an incinerator in Aldershot. Backed expansion of Farnborough Airport, destruction of Farnborough town centre. Last year he imposed fortnightly waste collection on several thousand households, claiming it was a popular policy with no associated problems and costs, and currently is trying to give every household a half-size wheelie bin at a cost of £750,000 to the local taxpayer.

Dibbs would be well advised to look to Lincoln. There the City Council is having to repay all the fines it had unlawfully levied because lines had not been correctly painted in the street.

Bamber meanwhile has refused to refund parking tickets or revoke fines issued in North Camp where there are disputed markings. He is concerned this would give people the wrong message.

'It could mislead them, making them believe they are in the right when they are in the wrong. If anyone comes to the council asking us for a refund, the answer is going to be no. Even if we chose to offer a refund we would have no way of assessing any claim.'

In other words two fingers to the local community.

The ticket machines cost £3,000 each. In just one short road six of these machines. The council is never going to recover the capital cost of these machines, let alone the on-going running costs.

One of the problems in North Camp has been a small minority of selfish traders who park their vehicles in the street all day thus queering the pitch for everyone else. All that was needed was a limit on parking, say one hour, which was strictly enforced.

Bamber and his ilk, would be better employed dealing with illegal parking elsewhere in North Camp.

Cars parked on footpaths forcing pedestrians off the footpath into the path of oncoming speeding vehicles.

Arrogant Rotten Borough of Rushmoor official Mike Bamber claimed the introduction of parking fees has the support of the one and only greengrocer in North Camp.

'If we removed all the ticket machines, you would have people like the greengrocer in Camp Road struggling. He is delighted at the effect on his business because people can park outside his shop. What is he going to think if we go back to the way we were?'

Had Bamber got off his backside, walked the streets and done his homework, he would have found 'the way we were': two vehicles regularly parked all day outside the greengrocer, a car and a van, both belonging to the greengrocer!

If the greengrocer was struggling, maybe he could try being polite to his customers and selling fresh produce at affordable prices, and of course not parking outside his shop all day.

For quality fruit and vegetables, people shop at the Tuesday market in Farnborough. One of those rare occasions when it is worth shopping in Farnborough.

Apart from North Camp, shoppers go further afield to Guildford, Farnham and Alton, three relatively unspoilt market towns where in addition to a wide range and choice of shops you will find in one town or the other a book festival, food festival, international music festival, summer festival, castles, a cathedral, green spaces, parks, pleasant riverside walks, regular farmers markets.

In Aldershot and Farnborough there is nothing, zilch, absolutely nothing, cultural and gastronomical wastelands. Not even a farmers market. The Deli in North Camp did try to run a few cultural events, but these sadly were very poorly attended.

In another part of Farnborough, Bamber introduced a ticket machine in a car park that served a pharmacy, a dentist and a local surgery. It was seen as a tax on the sick. Local councillor David Clifford kicked up such a stink about it that Bamber and Dibbs were forced into a humiliating climbdown and the ticket machine was withdrawn.

Maybe arrogant parking official Mike Bamber needs reminding of a case the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor lost at a Traffic Penalty Tribunal earlier in the year. Rushmoor had fined a motorist for parking on private property over which Rushmoor had no jurisdiction. The case had to be adjourned to allow Rushmoor to collect evidence. Not only did Rushmoor lose, they were heavily criticised by the Tribunal for their behaviour.

During the Farnborough International Airshow, useless Rushmoor official Mike Bamber cocked up yet again.

During the Airshow, Farnborough is gridlocked, local people with any sense avoid Farnborough. Local residents have visitors parking outside their house, noisy, abusive, dropping litter. I had direct personal experience of this on Friday evening, last of the trade days, when expensive vehicles pulled up onto the pavement almost running me down. They parked right outside a restaurant, the occupants too lazy to walk a few feet from a side road around the corner where there was plenty of room to park. One vehicle just parked in the middle of a busy main road with its hazard lights flashing. What better though does one expect from arms dealers who are in the business of killing people?

Bamber had the idea to implement parking restrictions, to display signs, issue permits to local residents, but once again he does not bother to first do his homework and check the facts. The signs were not lawful, the restrictions unenforceable. An appalling waste of public money. Did the arrogant Bamber admit he had got it wrong, apologise for wasting public money. Of course not, that would be far too much to expect.

'We put up the signs and we hope that it is a deterrent so that some people will see the signs and not park there.'

The only impact the restrictions had was to displace the nuisance parking into streets further away from the airfield, streets not normally effected by nuisance parking during the airshow (one pratt even parked part way across a road junction). An obvious outcome to anyone other than an incompetent council official.

The airshow organisers SBAC should do more to advise their visitors of the restricted local parking and encourage them to arrive by pubic transport. They should also be obliged to cover any costs to the local taxpayer.



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Keith Parkins, North Camp car parking fiasco, unpublished letter sent to local comic (reproduced below)

Keith Parkins
- Homepage:


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North Camp car parking fiasco

21.07.2008 17:05

Copy of letter sent to the local comic which they declined to publish ...

North Camp car parking fiasco

The first I knew of the parking restrictions in North Camp was when I almost collided with one of the newly installed ticket machines.

North Camp used to be chockablock with cars. Now when I walk through on a Saturday afternoon I find Camp Road half empty.

Speaking with local retailers, they tell me the parking restriction are hitting trade.

At a packed public meeting, angry residents, shoppers and traders all said the parking restriction were not wanted, that there had been no consultation, and that the ticket machines should be removed.

Arrogant Rushmoor officials decided they knew best, the ticket machines were there to stay.

Now it would appear the markings in the street are unlawful, do not comply with parking regulations.

Arrogant Rushmoor official Mike Bamber knows best, thinks he knows more than Peter Guest, former president of British Parking Association.

Maybe Bamber needs reminding of a case Rushmoor lost at a Traffic Penalty Tribunal earlier this year. Rushmoor had fined a motorist for parking on private property over which Rushmoor had no jurisdiction. The case had to be adjourned to allow Rushmoor to collect evidence. Not only did Rushmoor lose, they were heavily criticised by the Tribunal for their behaviour.

Now Roland Dibbs has added his thoughts. He claims it does not matter how the lines are marked.

Dibbs would be well advised to check out the facts before opening his mouth and displaying his ignorance on the subject. He should look to Lincoln, where failure to paint correct lines in the street has obliged the City Council to refund parking fines unlawfully issued.

Instead of operating what is little more than a stealth tax, why does the council not take action against vehicles parked on footpaths and grass verges, starting with Park Road in North Camp. Parking which forces pedestrians, the disabled, mothers with buggies, out into the path of speeding vehicles.

Keith Parkins


Pete Castle, Angry traders pack parking fee meeting, Farnborough News, 27 June 2008

Pete Castle, Markings make parking restrictions 'incorrect', Farnborough News, 11 July 2008


What an exciting life you lead

22.07.2008 11:07

First wheelie bins, now parking! What an exciting life you must lead, at the expense of the honest taxpayer of course. You must be very busy with your tape measure checking all the yellow lines, but instead of posting here why not volunteer to help your council identify and correct all the lines painted incorrectly. Or are you willing to see dishonest and antisocial parkers go free just to spite a democratically elected council you see as corrupt. Any fines which have to be refunded come from your pocket as a council tax payer of course.


Why are Galleries still lying empty?

22.07.2008 11:33

It would appear the local councillors still do not understand the current economic situation.

According to the local Aldershot comic, they are demanding to know: Why are Galleries still lying empty?

As Bill Clinton used to say: It's the economy stupid!


Marcus Mabberley, Why are Galleries still lying empty?, Aldershot Mail, 22 July 2008


Tough times don't last. Tough people do.

22.07.2008 12:04

A shopping centre is a forty year plus project though, so whilst it may not fill in the current climate it will within a few years at most. The Council realise that which is why the project will not be abandoned.

One thing which must change though is unnecessary and antisocial urban car use, which the Council are tackling through parking charges. The motorist is a wierd creature. They will happily pay any price demanded for fuel, but really hate paying for parking. In the long term far more shopping will be done by foot and bicycle, and the motorists' behaviour will change. Charging a few quid an hour for parking just helps to encourage that change a little.


Questions to car parking official

23.07.2008 15:27

Questions to car parking officialRushmoor car parking official Mike Bamber has been asked a number of questions. The exchange of e-mails (below) shows his arrogant response. The borough solicitor Karen Limmer has now been asked to explain to him the implications of a Freedom of Information request. He now seesm to have got the message and info will be supplied within 21 days!

------------------ e-mail exchange ----------------------

> I am out of the office and engaged in project work until 28 July, then
> on leave from 29 July until 14 August.
> On my return I will respond to your e-mail as soon as work priorities
> allow.
> Mike Bamber
> Parking Manager
> Rushmoor Borough Council
> 01252 398291
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Keith Parkins
> Sent: 22 July 2008 12:44
> To: Mike Bamber
> Subject: RE: North Camp Parking
> I require a prompt reply, not as soon as you think your priorities
> allow.
> Please now consider this as a formal Freedom of Information request.
> > Subject: RE: North Camp Parking
> > Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2008 12:36:19 +0100
> > From:
> >
> >
> > I am out of the office and engaged in project work until 28 July, then
> > on leave from 29 July until 14 August.
> >
> > On my return I will respond to your e-mail as soon as work priorities
> > allow.
> >
> > Mike Bamber
> > Parking Manager
> > Rushmoor Borough Council
> >
> > 01252 398291
> >
> >
> > -----Original Message-----
> > From: Keith Parkins
> > Sent: 22 July 2008 12:28
> > To: Mike Bamber
> > Subject: North Camp Parking
> >
> >
> > How much did the ticket machines cost, installation costs, running
> > service and maintenance costs. The cost also to include your time and
> > any other chargeable time with detailed breakdown.
> >
> > When were these machines ordered and how many? How many have been
> > installed in North Camp, total number and a breakdown by road?
> >
> > Why did you order mains-powered machines rather than as most local
> > authorities have in use solar powered? How much to connect to the
> > mains supply, the annual cost of the electricity per machine and the
> > carbon footprint?
> >
> > What was the reason for introducing these machines? What impact on the
> > local economy, on businesses in North Camp, losses to be incurred by
> > businesses, how you arrived at these figures?
> >
> > What consultation, if any, took place?
> >
> > I look forward to your prompt and detailed answer.
> >
> > Keith Parkins


Lack of understanding

28.07.2008 15:27

Lack of understanding

The North Camp car parking scheme had nothing to do with discouraging car use, though it has discouraged drivers from visiting North Camp. The law of unintended consequences, unless the scheme was designed to kill off the small independent traders in North Camp.

A car parking scheme may only be introduced to deal with an identified problem.

What was the problem in North Camp no one knows, least of all the council officials who carried out no consultation, no surveys.

What is known is the impact the car parking scheme has had on the area. The streets are now half empty, traders are losing businesses, neighbouring streets suffer nuisance parking from the displaced parking.

Those who no longer drive into North Camp now drive to the nearest Tesco. The environment suffers, local traders suffer, the local economy suffers.

The problem of the unlawful lines has been drawn to the attention of the council and they in turn have ignored what has been said, though a botched job does seem to have been undertaken with a pot of paint and a paint brush.

Once it was drawn to the attention of the council, the scheme should have been suspended, but in their arrogance, they knew best.

To levy monies on a scheme that is known to be unlawful is to engage in fraud.

A shopping centre designed to last forty years that is dependent on car use will not be in business for forty years.


RE. Questions to car parking official

25.11.2008 09:24

You sent an email at 22 July 2008 12:28 and received what looks like an automated out of office response. Then a whole 16 minutes later at 22 July 2008 12:44 you demanded a better response and received another automated message in reply.

"The exchange of e-mails (below) shows his arrogant response" - it does not - it simple displays a perfect example of your own arrogance.

Both Aldershot and Farnborough need desperate redevelopment of some kind but North Camp is not the shining example for shopping that you seem to beleive. Its great if you want a cheap bed, pet food, motorcycle equipment, an evening meal out etc but it does not have the range of shops necessary to be a place to do a 'normal' weekly shop.


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