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Swissair 111,Israeli PM Ehud Olmert,Morris Talansky,AIPAC Attorney Neal Sher

Tony Ryals | 25.08.2008 18:52

:Morris Talansky the New York rabbi who bribed Israel Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is in danger of being investigated in the U.S.. Rabbi Talansky s far more than a far right wing Jew who resides outside Israel - Talansky is a big investor in ImageSat of the Israeli government's military public company Israel Aeronautics Industry and is sueing it for not selling its satelite images to Hugo Chavez and Venezuela among others in order to increase his stock investment.

Swissair 111 Crash,Israeli PM Ehud Olmert,Morris Talansky and AIPAC Attorney Neal Sher Cover Up

by Tony Ryals

Swissair 111 Nova Scotia,Canada,Israeli PM Ehud Olmert,Morris Talansky's U.S. DOJ Connected,AIPAC Attorney Neal Sher and U.S. Cover Up

Talansky - AIPAC attorney

Background:Morris Talansky the New York rabbi who bribed Israel Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is in danger of being investigated in the U.S.. Rabbi Talansky s far more than a far right wing Jew who resides outside Israel - Talansky is a big investor in ImageSat of the Israeli government's military public company Israel Aeronautics Industry and is sueing it for not selling its satelite images to Hugo Chavez and Venezuela among others in order to increase his stock investment.

Who is Morris (Moshe) Talansky?

In the US, Talansky has contributed funds to high-profile politicians from both the Democratic and Republican parties, including former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani and former US president Bill Clinton.
Talansky is CEO of the Globes Resources Group investment firm. The company's address is registered to his Long Island home.
Talansky is listed as one of a number of investors who launched a July 2007 lawsuit in the New York Federal District Court in Manhattan against the Israeli satellite company ImageSat, which sells images from space to countries around the world.
ImageSat reportedly turned down a lucrative sale of satellite imagery to a number of countries, including Venezuela, allegedly due to that country's close ties with Iran, resulting in a decision by its investors - including Talansky - to sue the company.
A number of Israeli investors in ImageSat have also taken part in the lawsuit.

He was also a big investor in Global Technologies a company whose IFEN or In Flight Entertainment Network is suspected of causing the crash of Swissair 111 on September 2,1998 off the coast of Nova Scotia,Canada that killed all onboard including many U.N. workers on their way from New York to Europe.It,(Talansky's,the Wolfson's father and sons and their Global Technologies’ 'IFEN',that provided such 'entertainment' as in flight gambling),mysteriously disconnected the flight's black box just before the Swissair 111 fell to pieces and into the ocean.
Strange that Israeli PM Ehud Olmert's other convicted(in Israel)money laundering pal,Menachem Atzmon,and his Delaware incorporated ICTS International that bought Huntleigh airport security using the profits of NASDAQ securities or stock fraud was in charge of security at Logan Airport, Boston on 9/11/01.What are the odds of that ? :

Talansky was careful during his testimony in Israel not to
incriminate himself - or Olmert - of having given or taken bribes. But he has already admitted that he has not always told nothing but the truth, and certainly not the whole truth. He is hiding a "black box," like the one Mazuz's predecessor, Elyakim Rubinstein, suspected in the investigation against Benjamin Netanyahu in the Hebron-Bar-On affair.
Talansky's is a Pandora's box, which he will not open for fear of
being harmed. Talansky has two attorneys in New York. One of them, Neal Sher, was a Nazi-hunter in the U.S. Justice Department and later director of AIPAC. He has been friendly with Talansky since the days when both were aiding Shaare Zedek Medical Center. Yesterday, as Talansky's announcement was making waves in Israel,Sher said he could not comment - he was driving to Toronto".
But the more serious attorney is Bradley Simon, a former federal
prosecutor in New York, whom Talansky hired to deal with the American investigation against him. "Talansky wants to continue cooperating with the Israeli authorities," Simon told Haaretz yesterday. "But without immunity, he could incriminate himself in the United States.So we've advised him not to continue testifying at this stage. American suspects do not appear before the grand jury that examines the prosecution's evidence and decides whether there is reason to press charges. But Talansky's silence in New York will not help him if his testimony in Jerusalem provides FBI detectives with clues to follow up.

Talansky's attorneys will not say so explicitly, but he expects the
Israeli Justice Ministry to arrange comprehensive immunity for him in America. That, however, is extremely complicated, and Talansky might first have to reveal more - which would not be good news for Olmert.
Another possibility is that Talansky, still a suspect in Israel, could become a defendant, with Israel seeking his extradition from the U.S. This sub-plot is far from over. But even without it, Olmert's plot line is moving to center stage.
Talansky's attorney Neal Sher is also ex head of AIPAC and only a
short while back was disbarred for his self dealing and illicit use
of funds for his personal gain.

Prosecution wants Talansky immune

By Tomer Zarchin

State Prosecutor Moshe Lador intends to ask U.S. authorities for a
declaration that any further testimony by Morris Talansky in Israel
would not be used as evidence against him in U.S. court.

Yesterday Lador and Jerusalem District Attorney Eli Abarbanel met with Talansky's Israeli attorneys. The meeting was called after Talansky's lawyers informed Lador their client did not plan to return to Israel at the end of the month to continue his cross-examination. They said Talansky is worried American authorities would use his testimony in a criminal investigation against him. After the meeting, Lador wrote to¡ attorneys for Talansky, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Shula Zaken, stating he does not have the authority to guarantee Talansky's testimony will not be used against him in a U.S. court.

The prosecution has promised Talansky that his testimony will not be
used against him in Israel, and said it will contact American
authorities to request they not press charges against him based on his
past and future testimony.....
State Prosecutor Moshe Lador and Jerusalem District Prosecutor Eli
Abarbanel plan to appeal to US authorities on Friday, to request that they refrain from using material from Morris Talansky's testimony in Israel against him.

Talansky's Announcement

Talansky to stay in US despite testimony date / Aviad Glickman

State's key witness in PM bribery probe informs Justice Ministry he
will not return to Israel for second testimony. Decision made due to
Talansky's US lawyers' fear he may incriminate himself. Olmert's legal team to 'consider ramifications'
Full story

Talansky, a key witness in the State's case against Prime Minister
Ehud Olmert, has notified Israeli authorities that he will not be
returning to testify at the end of the month as planned, due to the
fact that his testimony may incriminate him in the US.

Talansky's attorneys, Jacques Chen and Joshua Resnik, explained the
issues that arose from Talansky's testimony. In response Lador and
Abarbanel launched a letter saying it was within their realm of
authority to promise that Talansky's testimony in Israel would not
provide evidence against him in the US.

In addition, Lador and Abarbanel said that "the prosecution plans to
appeal to US authorities and ask them to agree to make a similar
statement regarding possible procedures in the US." They also plan to clarify the US authorities' stance on disregarding material from
Talansky's previous testimonies in Israel.


Neal Sher should know better than to use his positions both as an Israel connected pro Israel AIPAC or American Israel Public Affairs Committee lobbyist and as an ex U.S. attorney to attempt to unethically influence the legal system of both countries for his client Talansky and to some extent Olmert though their own government attorneys even before the case or cases go to court !

The very idea of allowing the ex 'head of the powerful American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or 'AIPAC', Neal Sher,who 'conceded he had made "unauthorized reimbursements" of travel expenses from the International Commission on Holocaust Era Insurance Claims, where he served as its chief of staff' in 2003 to ask or demand that the Israeli government pressure the U.S. AND ITS CORRUPT 'ORTHODOX JEWISH' ATTORNEY GENERAL MUKASEYS DOJ for his American Orthodox Jewish client Morris Talansky is outrageous !

The Israeli government,rather than seeking out Neal Sher's corrupt
council regarding his friend and client,Rabbi Morris Talansky, should have sent him packing back to the U.S. with his tail between his legs rather than agreeing to aid him in pressuring the FBI that is already under the thumb of the
corrupt traitor and tool of Iraeli right wing,U.S. Attorney General
Michael Mukasey,as it is!

Not only does Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert want to sweep his
involvement with and bribes from right wing American Jewish fascists, organized 'business' crime bosses and mobsters in America under the rug,so does the Israeli government itself that uses these U.S. based scum as agents and money launderers in America who in turn have access to secret Israeli bank accounts such as Leumi Bank, etc.,that non Jewish Russian or Italian or Swiss, etc., criminals can only envy .

Our own embedded Israeli agents and spys such as our U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey and Israeli American U.S. Homeland Security Zsar Michael Chertoff unfortunately are all too well positioned to aid cover up and repress legit DOJ and FBI investigations just as they have done regarding ICTS International,a fraudulent NASDAQ listed company with ex Israeli military officers in charge, including Olmert pal Menachem Atzmon,convicted of illegal transfer of funds from Israeli government to the Likud Party and who bought Huntleigh airport security company and its contract to guard Logan pre 911with money defrauded from American investors in their 'pump and dump' and manipulation of ICTS International shares !

Another American or Miami located British Israeli who appears also to have paid Olmert 'tribute' or bribes sued Wolf Blitzer and CNN FOR $100 MILLION IN 2005 ALL BECAUSE I USED THE ALIAS wolfblittzer0 on his penny stock promotion website to warn others of their fraud ! Olmert's 'business'partner Zwebner encouraged a gay pedophile, Stephen Cunningham,to threaten my life while the cowardly scum bag and mass murderer - Israeli PM Ehud Olmert - encouraged it with his silence.

That scam company called Air Water Corp,in which the scumbag Israeli
PM OLMERT'S NAME APPEARS ON U.S. SEC OR SECURITIES EXCHANGE COMMISSION FILINGS,ALSO HAS SAUDI ISLAMIC CHARITY MONEY LAUNDERING CONNECTED SUSPECT MOHAMED HADID ON BOARD !Also it used the tsunami disaster in 2005 to fraudulently claim it was sending non existent 'air water machines' to the victims in south east asia - all for the purpose of soliciting donations for itself and to sell its worthless shares and launder the money in Israeli and other offshore accounts and banks.Yes Israeli PM Olmert and the criminals he associates with like Michael Zwebner and Moise Talansky are real scumbags and so are the attorneys who represent them !


Note that the low life attorneys of Rabbi Morris or Moise Talansky
both have been U.S. Attorneys and thus have insider knowledge of that corrupt federal agency made even more so since Neal Sher's fellow 'orthodox jews' have taken control of 'justice' by taking control of both the DOJ and the Department of Homeland Security. Further,both defend 'white collar' fraudsters,just as Michael Mukasey and Michael Chertoff do in their 'private practice',who commit stock fraud and never volunteer their time to defend victims of such fraud. And far too many hypocritical 'jews',both American and Israeli are involved in U.S. stock fraud and money laundering as it is.Morris Talansky is an excellent example. Then again so is Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert who he bribed as well.

The scumbag 'orthodox jew' and now head of U.S. Homeland Security
Department,Michael Chertoff,actually defended a Bin Laden connected
right wing Muslim embezzler in New Jersey before W Bush appointed him to head U.S. Homeland security !

Chertoff recently used his postion as U.S. Homeland Security Secretary to promote another airport protection scam called WeCu,(for 'we can see you'),even though that low life scumbag knew it was an Israeli company,ICTS International,'guarding' Logan Airport,Boston on 9/11,(that didn't even have the video technology of a 7/11 store to take a video of Mohamed Atta and gang boarding those airplanes from Logan on 9/11) ! So we have to take ICTS International's and Menachem Atzmon,'s WORD FOR IT that Mohamed Atta actually boarded those flights at all !
The scumbag Israeli PM Olmert SHOULD BE CHARGED WITH SECURITIES FRAUD HERE IN THE U.S. AND I'LL BE GLAD TO GIVE TESTIMONY ABOUT HIS CONNECTION TO AIR WATER CORP AND MICHAEL ZWEBNER WHOSE STOCK PROMOTER,STEVE CUNNINGHAM,THREATENED MY LIFE.ALL THESE SCUMBAGS ARE JUST THAT,ORTHODOX OR NOT ! Cunningham also may have promoted the Xybernaut scam of Olmert connected far right Israeli Menachem Eitan, and Fox Middle East ‘expert’ and ex American Jewish Ambassador to Morroco,Marc Ginsberg, Zwebner had been implicated in frauds from the UK to the U.S. as well as making drop of the hat death threats .So he like the Rabbi Talansky is typical of the scum Olmert attracts and does ‘business’ with.

Below you will see attorney Neal Sher was also disbarred for "unauthorized reimbursements" of travel expenses from the International Commission on Holocaust Era Insurance Claims'and his client who admitted bribing and then denied bribing but still gave Ehud Olmert cash filled packets - has also been involved in some very questionable U.S. as well as Israeli 'investments'.For example he is in litigation with the Israeli Aeronautics corporation,Israel's largest 'public' company that is really the biggest part of its semi privatised military-industrial complex.And he has family in Israel so it will be him who loses if he refuses to return and testify and creates any problems or more problems for himself in Israel in the first place !Also he was one of the biggest investors in Global Technolgies along with the Wolfson family of New York with their big skyscaper paid in great part from defrauding their fellow Americans if their 'investment' in the Sulphco ongoing penny stock pump and dump and money laundering operation is any indication.

And Global Technolgies was only an extention of that other NASDAQ
fraud InFlight Entertainment whose IFEN or In Flight Entertainment
Network is suspect in having brought Swissair 111 crashing into the
ocean off the coast of Nova Scotia on September 2,1998 after disconnecting its black box and killing all onboard incuding many U.N. workers enroute to Switzerland from New York !While I was aware of the Wolfson father and sons connection to penny
stock fraud and Talansky's connection to them through Global Technolgies and its Swissair 111 disaster - I only recently discovered a Carl Icahn connection.Icahn has been presented as a hard ball but legit takeover specialist al la his recent hard ball play with Jerry Yang and Yahoo!.It is probably the very fact that penny stock mafiosi allied to Icahn are like White House officials,using Yahoo! accounts for email and more so to promote their worthless penny stock shares that the likes of Carl Icahn find it such a good investment in the first place !

However he is also a penny stock scumbag and his 'investment' or lie about investing $100 million or so in Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi's GenesisIntermedia pump and dump fraud along with 'Orthodox Jew' Paul Singer of New York who funded Rudy Giuliani with some of his ill gotten ‘Vulture Fund’ gains a while back and although he is a a New York resident he funded Republican favoring political meddling in California helped Khashoggi,Icahn and Singer to all pocket a lot of cash while many non jreish and non Moslem American's were ripped off by them.Just goes to show how well fascist Jews and Moslems get along - just as well as far right Christians and Jews do !

'Zev Wolfson became an early investor in the hedge-fund and private-equity industries. Widely regarded as the cornerstone investor in the most famous investment funds in the United States, Zev Wolfson has been called the white knight of the fund industry. In the 1980s, he was a limited partner of money managers like Carl C. Icahn, Saul Steinberg and John A. Mulheren Jr. Wolfson also has a reputation for sharing his profits with charitable beneficiaries, supporting overseas religious and educational groups in
a low-profile manner.''

Note the Likud Party from which the likes of Benjamin Netanyahu,Ariel Sharon, Ehud Olmert and Menachem Atzmon all received from of their political and criminal training( and the political party Olmert and Menachem laundered money from the Israeli government into before Atzmon was convicted and incorporated ICTS in Delaware and got the pre 911 contract out on Logan) is still alive and being used by Netanyahu and his right wing Russian Jewish mafia allies even though Olmert has created his Kadima Party.And note Netanyahu when not taking America and Americans for a ride is in bed with the worst of Russian criminal and political scum such as far right Russian Jewish billionaire Arcadi Gaydamak who places both Israel and the Russian government ahead of U.S. or American interests.Still Rupert Murdoch's Fox News gives these right wing Israeli scumbags and Netanyahu unlimited propaganda time to deceive and misinform the American public !

You will also see below that besides recently threatening and physically attacking his own dentist,the Rabbi Moishe Talansky also threatened mafia tactics against 'business' partners some years ago when a deal went sour..

''At one point an angered Talansky suggested that a bomb would be placed in the car of Richard Penzer, the lead seller on the building.One rabbi confronted Talansky over this.

At first Talansky denied that any threats had been made, then he acknowledged the bomb threat.

"Yeah, okay," he conceded. "That was the anger when millions of
dollars are at stake." ''
Israel Crime Boss PM Ehud Olmert, Talansky'S DOJ,AIPAC Attorney Sher,
and U.S. Cover Up

Not only does Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert want to sweep his
bribes from right wing Jewish hyprocrites and organized 'business'
crime bosses in America under the rug - so does the Israeli government itself that uses these U.S. scum as agents and money launderers in America and who min turn have access to secret Israeli bank accounts such as Leumi Bank,etc.,that non Jewish Russian or Italian,Swiss,etc., criminals can only envy .Our own embedded Israeli agents such as our U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey and Israeli American U.S. Homeland Security Zsar Michael Chertoff are unfortinately all too well positioned to aid cover up just as they have regarding ICTS International, a fraudulent NASADAQ listed company with ex Israeli military officers in charge that bought Huntleigh airport security company and its contract to guard Logan Airport,Boston pre 911 from money defrauded from American investors - they are guilty of both stock manipulation and money laundering and protected by our own government !

- Tony Ryals

Israel Crime Boss PM Ehud Olmert, Talansky'S DOJ,AIPAC Attorney Sher,
and U.S. Cover Up

Talansky aipac attorney troubled past

The Unraveling of Neal Sher
One-time Justice Department Nazi hunter finds himself disbarred and unemployed
Tom Schoenberg
Legal Times
September 12, 2003
Neal Sher hunted Nazis for the Justice Department. He lobbied on
Israeli and Jewish issues as head of the powerful American Israel
Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC. And most recently, he worked to
ensure that families of Holocaust victims collect on their insurance

Now, the 56-year-old Sher is unemployed. And, on Aug. 28, the U.S.
Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit stripped him of his D.C. law
license. The move comes roughly one year after Sher conceded he had
made "unauthorized reimbursements" of travel expenses from the
International Commission on Holocaust Era Insurance Claims, where he
served as its chief of staff. He resigned from that position in June

Washington's problems with al Qaida Disgraced OSI lawyer Neal Sher is
outraged that the CIA does not denounce book's claim that blind
support of Israel is to blame

Ordinary people (2) The New York Times reports Michael Chertoff gave
advice to the C.I.A. on Torture


Talansky - AIPAC attorneys Neal Sher and Bradley Simon
Talansky Lawyer Is Communal Insider With His Own Past Scandal

By Forward Staff
Mon. Jul 21, 2008

Jerusalem — Morris Talansky, the Long Island businessman at the center
of the allegations of financial impropriety swirling around Prime
Minister Ehud Olmert, has retained the services of an American lawyer and longtime Jewish communal insider who himself is no stranger to scandal.

Neal Sher, a former leader of the Justice Department's Nazi
prosecution unit and onetime executive director of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, is assisting Talansky in connection with his cross-examination by Olmert's lawyers. Sher told the Forward that Talansky is a long time personal friend.

It was only six years ago that Sher found himself embroiled in a
scandal of his own. In 2002, he resigned his post as chief of staff in the Washington office of the International Commission on Holocaust Era Insurance Claims amid allegations that he had misappropriated funds for personal use. When asked about the scandal in the context of his current work with Talansky, Sher responded: "Ancient stuff, totally irrelevant to this."

While Talansky's court defense is being handled primarily by Israeli
lawyers, Sher is advocating on behalf of his client in the media and
advising him in instances in which American law has come up. Last
week, for instance, Olmert's lawyer suggested that Talansky had
violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act, which regulates the
activities of Americans representing foreign governments or officials.

"I explained that that's absurd — it's meant for agents for
governments who try to affect U.S. policy, and the suggestion it
applies to a fundraiser for Israeli causes does not fit," Sher said.

Sher made a name for himself during 11 years as director of the Office of Special Investigations of the Justice Department, from 1983 to 1994, when he oversaw the denaturalization and deportation of dozens of Nazi war criminals. He led the investigation into the Nazi past of then Austrian president Kurt Waldheim and was credited for Waldheim's placement on the watch list of persons ineligible to enter the United States. Sher went on to serve as Aipac's executive director from 1994 to 1996.

Sher's 2002 resignation from his job at the Holocaust insurance claims commission came after an internal investigation by the commission over alleged misappropriation of funds for personal use. Sher was investigated after he admitted "unauthorized reimbursements" of travel expenses,according to an internal document written by the commission's chairman. A year later, Sher was disbarred from the Bar Association of the District of Columbia by order of the D.C. Court of Appeals.

Sher fully reimbursed the insurance claims commission and has
criticized the disbarment as overly harsh. At the time, he told the
Forward that he decided not to fight the disbarment "purely due to the
fact that the cost would be absolutely prohibitive."

He is currently a member of the New York State Bar Association and
specializes in litigation, art law and government relations.

Sher said that he first met Talansky during the 1980s, when the Long
Island businessman was executive director of the American Committee
for Shaare Zedek Medical Center. Sher said that the two have been
friends ever since. Talansky's fundraising work is how he first met
Olmert, who at the time was Israel's health minister and was
considering a run for Jerusalem mayor, an office to which he was
elected in 1993.

In addition to providing legal advice, Sher is also speaking out in
defense of Talansky in the face of withering attacks from Olmert's
camp. While some have suggested that Talansky may be motivated by
politics, Sher stressed that his client had no such agenda and that
his role in the whole affair is simply that of a witness. "He has no
dog in this fight," Sher said.

With reporting by Nathan Jeffay in Jerusalem and Marc Perelman in New York.

Analyze This: Talansky's complicated figure

Yet there is also no shortage of people here and abroad who share his nephew's more benevolent judgment of his uncle as an essentially
big-hearted, well-meaning man, whose philanthropic efforts have done a lot of people a lot of good. For example, sitting in Talansky's corner in court this week as an adviser is the highly respected former AIPAC director (and Justice Department official) Neal Sher, who speaks warmly of the good works done by his old friend Moish over the years.

Israeli Crime Boss PM Ehud Olmert:Morris Talansky's AIPAC Attorney
brags of U.S. Attorney General,DOJ,Coverup

Just when we were so confident that Talansky had gotten his teeth into Olmert, it has been revealed that he's being sued by his 84 year old dentist.
84 year old dentist

Would you feel safe with an 84 year old dentist?

Honestly, there are some very big holes in this story. The dentist
claims that they are long-time buddies.

Barashick said he had been a friend of Talansky for 40 years, and they couldn't be "closer," adding that the dentist-patient relationship is the most "intimate" of all.
"In the hours that you have root canals done, you talk to your
dentist," said Barashick.

Have you ever had root canal? Or even a regular filling? How much
talking can you do when your mouth is clamped open and the dentist has it filled with tools?

Talansky's gifts/loans/? to Olmert are documented, at least according to the leaks to the press. So his alleged violence against the dentist shouldn't really affect the issue.
What's interesting is that the dentist claims that Talansky didn't
want to pay, and in the Olmert case, Talansky complains that Olmert
was supposed to return "loans."
Does anyone know the present state of Talansky's finances?
Labels: Ehud Olmert, Morris Talansky

Talansky threatened to use a bomb +Secret Tapes Show That L.I. Rabbi
Who May Topple Olmert Has a Threatening History
Posted on July 23, 2008 by Antievil
The New York magazine has a short story with some new details about
the man who "may topple Olmert":

Twenty years ago Talansky invested in a Pittsburgh office building
which quickly went bust. He felt he'd been fleeced by the sellers,
among them a couple of Long Island rabbis.

In the 29-page handwritten transcript, Talansky demanded his money back at meetings and in phone calls, which were secretly recorded. If he didn't get it, he said, there'd be consequences. At one point an
angered Talansky suggested that a bomb would be placed in the car of
Richard Penzer, the lead seller on the building. One rabbi confronted
Talansky over this.

"There were threats mentioned about blowing up his" -Penzer's - "car,"
he told Talansky.

At first Talansky denied that any threats had been made, then he
acknowledged the bomb threat.

"Yeah, okay," he conceded. "That was the anger when millions of
dollars are at stake."

Talansky attorney Bradley Simon also represents 'white collar' stock criminals not coinicidentally since his client Talansky is also one.: :

Both Sher and Simon have in common insider

Simon received a Bachelor of Arts degree, Cum Laude, from Harvard
University and a law degree from Georgetown University.

[edit] Professional Career
Simon spent 11 years as a federal prosecutor in the U.S. Attorney's
Office for the Eastern District of New York and the Justice Department in Washington D.C. He has switched to working as a defense attorney.

Commenting on Simon's role in the Torricelli case, The Philadelphia
Inquirer said [2], "He may not have knocked Robert G. Torricelli out
of the New Jersey Senate race, but in a postmortem of the senator's
dizzying fall, Bradley D. Simon may go down as having given a solid
push." The Inquirer continues: "Simon filed a memo in May with a
federal court in Newark, N.J., asking for a reduction in Chang's
sentence. The real villain, Simon wrote, is Torricelli. The memo
details Chang's cash payments to Torricelli, lists the favors
Torricelli allegedly gave in return, mentions corroborating witnesses,and accuses Torricelli of having "dodged, weaved and outright lied."
Simon's memo led to the release four months later of a government
document that helped sink the Torricelli campaign."........
James Marquez Simon also represented James Marquez in the $450 million dollar collapse of the Bayou Hedge Fund Group, which is among the first ever criminal prosecutions of a hedge fund collapse to date. [4]

Re Morris Talansky's and Carl Icahn's pals' the Wolfson's(father and sons) of New York who like Talansky were major investors in Global Technologies as well as the InFlight Technologies NASDAQ pump and dump scam before that whose 'IFEN' or Inflight Entertainment Network is highly suspect in having brought down Swssair 111,killing all onboard.Both Global Technologies and InFlight Technologies were NASDAQ securities or stock scams that violated the security of many airline passengers, particularly U.N. workers AND OTHERS on Swissair 111 on September 2,1998.:

'16 Swissair MD-11s equipped with an interactive in-flight
entertainment network (IFEN) manufactured by Interactive Flight
Technologies (IFT) that provided travelers with on-demand videos,
music, games, and gambling.7 Since the Flight 111 tragedy, it was
discovered that the IFT system would operate at 10-20°C hotter in an
airplane, and was never tested at such temperatures. Also, the
installation of the IFT system was deplorable; the installers
"mixed wire types, installed wires under metal clamps not designed to
hold wire, ... installed coaxial cables with right angles," and
connected the system "to the wrong electrical power source."8 Santa
Barbara Aerospace (SBA) was contracted to certify the IFT system, and used myriad dubious techniques to do so, including utilizing false
statements, misleading proposals, and incomplete paperwork. A supplemental type certificate (STC ST00236LA-D) was issued before the system was even installed or functional. Although the STC ensures that the aircraft passes electromagnetic interference tests mandated by the FAA, the IFT system was not tested for susceptibility to
High-Intensity Radiated Fields (HIRF) after the installation was completed. 9.....
On September 2, the day of the Swissair Flight 111 crash, seven
electromagnetically active craft (the USS Connecticut, USS Dallas, USS
Billfish, two P-3 Orions from Patrol Squadron 26, a P-3 Orion from
Patrol Squadron 10, and a KC-135 air-to-air refueling aircraft from
McGuire Air Force Base), as well as "other aircraft of unknown type
and origin" were present in both the restricted area bordering the
non-military corridor through which Swissair Flight 111 traveled, and
the commercial aviation passageway.12 The P-3 from Patrol Squadron 10
was equipped with high-powered electromagnetic transmitters, similar
to those used by electronic warfare aircraft. Because of the advanced
technology aboard this particular P-3, other aircraft flying in its
proximity would probably experience significant electromagnetic
interference. In fact, during the afternoon of September 2, a P-3 from
Patrol Squadron 26 was forced to land early because one of the P-3s
from Patrol Squadron 10 was present in the same corridor, which
spanned hundreds of square miles.13 It seems incredible that not only
were three of these aircraft present in the same corridor, but also
that the corridor within which they flew was situated next to a
commercial aviation passageway. It was through this passageway that
Swissair Flight 111 would travel...........
In light of the IFEN system's significant contribution to the
disaster, SBA, which certified the system, went bankrupt and ceased
operations in 1999. Interactive Flight Technologies, the system's
manufacturer, witnessed an exodus of its executives as the value of
its stock dropped drastically, yet did not go out of business.
Interactive Flight Technologies changed its name to Global
Technologies and has stayed true to its dream of selling the best
"at-seat multimedia and entertainment system."28

DH Blair was the investment group who underwrote the IFT (Interactive
Flight Technology) IPO. Here are some articles regarding the brokerage
firm DH Blair. As most of you know, IFT was the company that created
and manufactured the IFEN (entertainment system) that last I heard was
still suspected as a possible cause of the sr111 crash.

D.H. Blair brokerage, ex-employees indicted on 173 counts of stock fraud

By Colleen

Blair & Co.'s retail-brokerage unit and 15 of its officers and employees have been indicted on stock-fraud
charges, two years after the unit ceased operations. Among the IPOs that Blair fraudulently sold were
Amerigon Inc. (ARGN), Telepad Corp., Premier Laser Systems Inc., Interactive Flight Technologies Inc., Sepragen Corp. (SPGNA), Food Court Entertainment Network Inc., Titan Pharmaceuticals Inc. (TTP), Digital Video Systems Inc. (DVIDE), Conversion Technologies International
Inc. and Advanced Aerodynamics & Structures Inc. (AASI), according to the indictment. See Full
Article at (link no longer works)

There were about 51 security holders that held stock with IFT around the time the IPO was issued. Most
were not listed as being involved with other Blair-underwritten companies. A source has provided me with a short list of those initial investors in IFT who have
been involved in other Blair under-written companies and a biography on each one that have appeared in the
press. This list does not imply in any way wrongdoing in regards to these individuals. -brothers Morris
Wolfson, Aaron Wolfson, and Abraham Wolfson.-E. Donald Shapiro -Richard A. Nelson and Elaine M. Nelson -Marc
Roberts -Andrew Bressman -Leonard Keller and Eileen Keller -Ron Cantor -Jules H. Dreyfuss -Robert A. Foisie -Lenny Corp The biographies will follow in the next few posts.

Morris and Abraham Wolfson: (Article must be purchased)

"Why would Harriton deal with a clearly disreputable bucket shop? Was
it as a favor to Morris and Abraham
Wolfson, sons of New York real estate magnate Zev Wolfson—developer of
One State Street Plaza? Morris Wolfson has sizable accounts at Bear, Stearns. He was also a big player in Baron's house stocks. And Wolfson Investment had bought $400,000 worth of A.R. Baron's privately issued convertible preferred stock. As a special client of Baron he would be Entitled to allotments of hot issues
before the suckers were invited in.
Bressman told people that the Wolfsons asked Harriton to take on Baron as a clearing firm again.Bressman told people that Harriton asked the Wolfsons if the family would guarantee the firm. The family declined, but Harriton took Baron back anyway. Morris Wolfson, 38, is infamous as co-owner of a Harlem apartment building that collapsed in 1994, killing three people. Wolfson was not found liable for the deaths."

Joseph Morton Davis:
(link no longer works)



Some more of Rabbi Talansky's Global Technologies 'business' partners who are also Carl Icahn connected.Sulphco has been one of their ongoing pump and dump penny stock money laundering ops and Icahn lied about gving $100 million to Adnan Khashoggi's U.S. penny stock fraud GenesisIntermedia just before the bottom fell out and all small investor money was stolen or 'disappeared'. :

20 East Sunrise Highway
Valley Stream, NY 11581
Fax: (516) 887-8990

ABRAHAM WOLFSON, successor to Mayflower Oak LLC
One State Street Plaza, 29th Floor
New York, NY 10004
Fax: (212) 363-8459

SOUTH FERRY #2, LP, successor to Mayflower Oak LLC
One State Street Plaza, 29th Floor
New York, NY 10004
Fax: (212) 363-8459

MORRIS WOLFSON, successor to Mayflower Oak LLC
One State Street Plaza, 29th Floor
New York, NY 10004
Fax: (212) 363-8459

AARON WOLFSON, successor to Mayflower Oak LLC
One State Street Plaza, 29th Floor
New York, NY 10004
Fax: (212) 363-8459
The Wolfson family has been investing in the energy sector for
decades. The Wolfson family originated its wealth in the 1970's. The family patriarch, Zev Wolfson, after ten years of patiently piecing together parcels of property at the southern tip of Manhattan, launched his realty empire in 1969 when his real-estate partnership built One State Street Plaza, a 32-story building with unequalled views of the Statue of Liberty.

With his real-estate cash, Zev Wolfson became an early investor in the hedge-fund and private-equity industries. Widely regarded as the
cornerstone investor in the most famous investment funds in the United States, Zev Wolfson has been called the white knight of the fund industry. In the 1980s, he was a limited partner of money managers like Carl C. Icahn, Saul Steinberg and John A. Mulheren Jr. Wolfson also has a reputation for sharing his profits with charitable beneficiaries, supporting overseas religious and educational groups in a low-profile manner.

Currently, Aaron Wolfson, Zev's son, is a principal of the Wolfson
Group, which together with other Wolfson family entities has
historically owned and developed commercial real estate development
and ownership and actively invests in a diverse array of investments
and investment vehicles, including a substantial portfolio of hedge
funds and private equity funds.


Global Technologies Ltd • S-3 • On 10/11/96

Morris Talansky......................50,000 Aaron
Wolfson ...............25,000
Morris Wolfson..................50,000
PDF] Paying the Piper at SulphCOFile Format: PDF/Adobe
Acrobat - View as HTML
Among the most sophisticated SulphCo investors is the family of Zev W.
Wolfson, a. New York City real-estate magnate renowned for charity and
for active ... -
Similar pages - Note this
A Crank Case? - 8:58amInvestors are revved up by SulphCo,
which claims to have technology that can ... two sons of Manhattan
developer Zev Wolfson, and Highbridge Capital -- a ...
- Similar pages - Note this
SULPHCO INC - SUF Securities Registration Statement (simplified
...SULPHCO INC Securities Registration Statement (simplified form)
(S-3/A) ... Morris Wolfson disclaims beneficial ownership of the South
Ferry #2 shares. ... -
45k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

Israel's rising right wing
Together, an enigmatic billionaire and a resurgent Bibi Netanyahu
could put Israel on the war path. Dick Cheney, AIPAC and Iran are all
watching closely.

By Gregory Levey

Oct. 9, 2007 | One of this year's nominees for Israeli TV's "Man of
the Year in Politics" award doesn't speak Hebrew. He has vast wealth
and a shady past. He was once a circus worker. He isn't even a
politician, at least not yet.

But over the past several years Arcadi Gaydamak, an enigmatic
Russian-Israeli billionaire, has managed to become a widely
influential figure in Israel. And he is now at the center of a
right-wing political alliance -- featuring Israeli über-hawk Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu -- that could dramatically influence the country's direction. If the rising alliance takes power in the next election, it could push Israel toward military confrontations with Iran, Syria or Hezbollah, while extinguishing any remaining flickers of hope in Israel's peace camp regarding the Palestinians.

Gaydamak has recently been consolidating his influence as a power
broker in Israeli politics. He has used his wealth to gain popularity through social and business initiatives, while deftly exploiting the widespread perception of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's government as corrupt and incompetent, particularly during last year's disastrous war in Lebanon. With his financial capital and cunning political tactics, Gaydamak is like a cross between George Soros and Karl Rove,with a streak of Russian oligarchy at his core....

Gaydamak is wanted in France for illegal arms dealing. He is
alleged to have ties, through his former arms-dealing partner, to
Halliburton and to corporations that donated to President George W.
Bush's 2000 campaign. He has Russian, Israeli, French and Canadian
citizenship, as well as a diplomatic passport from Angola, on which he reportedly travels in order to avoid arrest. He owns a Jerusalem
soccer team with a notoriously racist, anti-Arab fan base. And he is
said to be planning a run for mayor of Jerusalem.

But it is in Israeli national politics where Gaydamak may now be a
powerful -- and, some say, dangerous -- force. Along with his new
Social Justice Party, formed in July, Gaydamak has allied himself with Benjamin Netanyahu, the Likud Party leader and former prime minister.
To this alliance Gaydamak brings his rapidly increasing popularity,
especially among Israel's influential Russian population, a growing
grass-roots political network, and billions of dollars. Netanyahu
brings his credibility as a former prime minister, hawkish bona fides,and resurgent popularity both inside Israel and across the Atlantic,where he enjoys strong support among Washington war hawks and many delegates of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the powerful pro-Israel lobbying group.

... in 2005 Gaydamak bought Beitar Jerusalem, a wildly popular soccer team, which also happens to have a core of Jewish nationalist fans who regularly chant "Death to Arabs!" at the team's games. During the Israeli war against Hezbollah last year,when the country's leadership was in chaos and the citizenry felt abandoned and vulnerable, Gaydamak stepped in and fashioned himself as a savior. He opened his coffers and set up a tent city on a Mediterranean beach for Israelis fleeing towns in the country's embattled north. To the south, residents of the Israeli town of Sderot near the Gaza Strip came under constant bombardment by Palestinian rockets, and the Israeli government was not coming to their aid in any substantive way. Gaydamak bused hundreds of Sderot residents to another tent city he had built in a park in Tel Aviv, complete with a stage for entertainment and a mini-amusement park for children. If the government was not going to protect and aid its citizens, Gaydamak seemed to be saying, he himself would.

In doing so, he helped make the Olmert government appear impotent to
many Israelis, earning the sitting prime minister's ire, and further
establishing himself as a political force to be reckoned with. ....
To his proponents, Gaydamak is simply the natural result of an Israeli establishment that is so wrapped up in corruption and cronyism that it is unable to care for its citizens, let alone advance a peace process with its neighbors or focus on crucial foreign policy problems....

One senior Israeli official, who has served at the highest levels of the policy-making apparatus, told me that he sees the rise of Gaydamak as the terrible byproduct of an already bad situation.
"There is a sense among some people," he said, "that democracy just
didn't work for us, and we should be like the rest of the Middle East
-- that we tried democracy and failed. But Gaydamak is something else.He's an oligarch. Don't forget that a lot of his supporters are
Russians. They're not really familiar with democracy."

Gaydamak has been quietly building a network of activists across
Israel and choosing candidates to represent his party in upcoming
elections at all levels. He will personally determine his party's
platform, with each candidate meeting the approval of his closest
...Gaydamak purchased Russia's Moscow News, fired some senior journalists, and changed the paper's mandate to a firmly pro-government one, appointing a pro-Putin journalist as editor in
chief. This was widely viewed as hostile to free speech and raised
questions about Gaydamak's possible ties to the Kremlin......

Gremach Infrastructure's Google India Attack,Mozambique Coal Baron Squalor
Campbell White's Jonathan Heimberg - Pseudo Christian ?, Judeo Fascist ?,CIA ?
India Bombing,Ken Haywood,Campbell White,Door Ministries,Christian
Fellowship Ministries
Yahoo!,India Bombing: Campbell White Computer and Strange Fox
News-Frank Luntz Connection
Yahoo!'s China,U.S. Government Agents Jerry Yang,Carl Icahn,Missing
White House E-Mail,Adnan Khashoggi, GenesisIntermedia Stock Fraud,
Fox News: Greg Gutfeld,Adolf Hitler's Jewish Relative,Defends New
Yorker Barack Obama Hit Piece
Israeli Foreign Agent Sharon Tzur, Media Watch International,PM Ehud
Olmert,Rudy Giuliani,Morris Talansky Bribery,Fraud
CNN,Wolf Blitzer Cover Up Helped Ehud Olmert To Israeli PM Office
9/11:While Boston Slept,Logan Airport,ICTS International,Israeli PM
Ehud Olmert's Money Launderer Menachem Atzmon Looked On......
9/11:Bush,Kuwaiti,Israeli Involvement Documented In Securities
Exchange Commission Filings
W Bush,Chabad-Lubavitch,Rubashkin's Agriprocessors: Kosher Guns,Drugs,
Ilegal Rabbis,Guatemala Wage Slaves
WeCu,9/11:U.S.Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff Promotes
Israeli 'Security' Fraud
Israel PM Ehud Olmert,Menachem Atzmon,ICTS International,Morris
Talansky Global Technologies, U.S.Stock Money Launderers, WTC,
9/11/01,SwissAir 111,9/2/98
UK Robert Wishart London Money Laundering,SEC's,Georgetown
University's, John Polise,U.S.Penny Stock Fraud
SEC Inspector General H. David Kotz:Peace Corp'S Dayton Daily News
Critic,,Friend To Fraud
California Attorney Francis Pizzulli,Robert F Kennedy
Assassination,Afghhan Torture and Penny Stock Fraud,Money Laundering
University of California Berkeley Grads James Angel,Joshua Ridless
Join SEC Chris Cox's 'Fraud Speech Movement'
Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's Air Water Corp stock fraud
promotes pedophilia Israeli Prime Minister
Ehud Olmert,'Orthodox Jews',Stock Fraud,Gay Prostitutes and Death
Community Bank Northern Virginia's David P. Summers Also Texas
Endovasc Penny Stock Fraudster
Titan Corp's Makram Chams Suspends U.S. Constitution on
Wikipedia:Gary Weiss 'Edits' James Dale Davidson's and His Own
Mitt Romney,CIA James Woolsey:Fox News' Islamofascist Ijaz Mansoor's
Advice Killed WSJ Reporter Daniel Pearl
Northern Rock, GB:Republican 'Libertarian' Ron Paul Lies About 'Naked Short Selling'
EU,Mexico,CIA,Guantanamo Rendition Plane, Cocaine, Homeland 'Security'
Ambassador Marc Ginsberg,Fox News,Xybernaut Israeli U.S. Penny Stock Fraud
Scheming:Rudy Giuliani,Paul Singer, Vulture Funds Africa,Adnan
Khashoggi,W Bush
9/11,WTC,Tanya Head,Rudy Giuliani,Adnan Khashoggi,Bernie Kerik, Naked Securities Fraud
9/11:CIA,Daily Kos,Jerome Arnstrong,Markos Moulitsas Zúniga,ICTS
Israel, Securacom Kuwait,ragingbull Fraud
Utah Governor Jon Huntsman Jr.,Securities Fraud,Stormy Simon
Striptease and Bloody Murder
Samaritan Pharmaceuticals,a Georgetown University Penny Stock Fraud
Pluristem Placentas,James Dale Davidson,Leumi Bank Israel Holocaust
Victims,U.S.Penny Stock Fraud
WTC,9/11,Logan Airport, Boston:Israeli ICTS 'Security':
Barney Frank,Ted Kennedy, John F. Kerry Face Psych Crisis
Reuters on Security Exchange Commission Chairman Christopher Cox's
Terrorist List
Boston Logan Airport,9/11,WTC,Barney Frank,SEC,Israeli Penny Stock
Scam and Bloody Murder
Max Keiser ,Al Jazeera,Qatar promote Naked U.S. Penny Stock Fraud'S
Christopher'WMDS'Cox:Georgetown University James Angel Pimps Pink
Sheet Penny Stock
Ex U.S. Treasury Secretary John Snow,Michael Moore, Cerberus,Bawag
Austria and Cuba
Charles Schwab,Mantas 'AML':Did The CIA's SRA International Eat George
W Bush's E-mail ?
U.S. Ambassador Sam Fox:From Swift Boat War Fraud to Brussels,Belgium
SWIFT Finance Fraud
Israeli pResident Moshe Katsav's Penny Stock Partner Michael Zwebner
loses in U.S. Court
Cryptometrics:New Zealand Passport Office Used By U.S. Penny Stock Criminals ?
David Grin,Tel Aviv
University,Laurus Capital Management and Union Bank of Israel
FOIA,Alberto Gonzales and SEC'S Chris Cox Enron,Merrill Lych,Latham &
Watkins conflict
Tim Mahoney,vFinance,Venus Methodist Church,Florida,Sayed Mustafa and
Islamic Usury
Charles Schwab:vFinance's Charles Patrick Garcia receives Henry B.
Gonzalez award !?
Democrats William Jefferson,Tim Mahoney, iGate,vFinance,DOBI, Endovasc
penny stock frauds
James Dale Davidson,Charles Schwab,Tim Mahoney,VFIN, LOM and penny
stock share money laundering
Ireland Indymedia bans criticism of Lord Rees Mogg,James Dale Davidson
Post to Lord Rees-Mogg's Weblog re NASDAQ,London Stock Exchange
Virginia:Marvin Bush,Securacom,9/11,U.S. Senator George Allen,Bawag
U.S. Republican George Allen More Corrupt Than Utah Senators Bob
Bennett,Orrin Hatch ?
Asa Hutchinson,Charlie Crist,Jeb Bush,Republican stock fraud and drug
Why did Osama bin Laden choose Jeb Bush's Huffman Aviation terrorist
flight school ?
Senator Bennett :Is Patrick Byrne's NCANS a Fraud ?
Utah Gov Jon Huntsman,Senator Bennett, Hatch call Republican Senator
Shelby 'a gangster'
Does NY Times censor 9/11 Venice,Florida connection ?
NY Rep.Peter King,CIA,Swift,NY Times,Republican stock fraud
NY WTC 'protected' by Kuwaiti company and Marvin Bush on 9/11
Asa Hutchinson,Richard Rainwater,George W Bush,Tom DeLay & 5.6 Ton
cocaine bust in Mexico
SEC,Schwab,Chris Cox,Hillary Clinton & Barbara Boxer Aid CIA'S
In-Q-Tel penny stock fraud
Senator Bennett :Is Patrick Byrne's NCANS a Fraud ?
Cocaina,Ciudad Del Carmen,Campeche, Abril 10,CIA,Republicanos Y PAN
Did Israel President Moshe Katsav aid Muslim Terrorism or only fraud ?
Israel: Gal Lusky's 'IFA' Caught Up in Moshe Katsav,Mohamed Hadid,
Zwebner 'UCSY' scam ?
Israel President Moshe Katsav aids massive penny stock fraud
Did Israel President Moshe Katzav aid Muslim Terrorism or only fraud ?
SEC,Schwab,Chris Cox,Hillary Clinton & Barbara Boxer Aid CIA'S
In-Q-Tel penny stock fraud
Chris Cox,SEC,Makram Majid Chams,Titan Corp,9/11,Abhu Ghraib,etc.
SEC Covers Up UAE Money Laundering with U.S. Stocks
Time Magazine, Daniel Kadlec duped by Houston attorneys Wes Christian
and John O'Quinn Reed Stark
UAE,SEC,Georgetown University Stock fraud Academic
fraud Cyber fraud NSA Serve SRA
International's 'Cookies' ?
Porter Goss: CIA Cyber and stock fraud ops damaged by leaks ?;
D.C.Terrorbaggers:James Dale Davidson,Don Nickles, ex-CIA Chief
Woolsey,Asa Hutchinson,Tom McMillen
Asa Hutchinson,ex Congressman Tom McMillen, Fortress America,offshore
money laundering
CIA,In-Q-Tel,Amit Yoran re SRA International, Mantas Inc stock fraud
money laundering
Mantas Inc,Herndon,Va,Pro-Money Laundering Arm of International
Bankers,Brokers... /7186.shtml
CIA and Gilman Louie are
less than honest
Charles Schwab and Share-Money Laundering

Tony Ryals
- e-mail:

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