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Finbar Bryson, owner of Blueprint, is a member of the BNP

Nottingham Anti-Fascists | 24.10.2008 21:36 | Anti-racism | Nottinghamshire

We have come across evidence that, in our opinion, is decisive in showing Finbar Bryson to be a member of the fascist British National Party (BNP). This is important because his club, Blueprint, is popular with many who have anti-fascist and anti-racist views and, we assume, would not want their money being given to a supporter of this party.

Blueprint hosts the night Demo, for example, which is a fundraiser for many progressive causes in the local community. It is terrible to find out that some of the money raised, ostensibly for anti-deportation campaigns to give one recent example, could be ending up in the hands of the anti-immigration BNP. Whether Finbar's cut of the proceeds is being donated to the party he strongly believes in or not, we surely cannot condone this man's fascist sympathies.

So what is the evidence? We were first alerted to Finbar's membership by the story of a trusted friend (TT). She had not come across him before and has not come across him since a strange encounter on a train to London:

He was on his way to a Dentists Conference in London, in summer 2005 (Finbar is also a practising dentist in Nottingham). They started chatting and the topic soon moved to globalisation and anti-capitalism and they found they had a lot in common in terms of them both being very critical. Finbar then mentioned that he was a member of the BNP. TT couldn't believe him, and he showed her his membership card.

He said that people of all races identify with the BNP, citing Indian friends and his black girlfriend who felt particularly strongly about things. He was worried about the threat of 'islamification'. He said he didn't believe the mainstream papers and used the internet as an alternative source of news.

But, TT asked, how could he have the friends and girlfriend he did and be a member of a white supremacist organisation? Finbar said he hoped that the party would soon open up to all races. Worryingly, he said that the BNP's middle-class membership was growing in Nottingham which might lead to such an 'opening up'.

TT described him as, basically, a disillusioned socialist. He was friendly throughout, and even offered to walk TT to the tube station in London, which she politely declined.

Many of those present when TT told the story did know a Finbar Bryson of Nottingham who was a dentist and had a black girlfriend. They were horrified to hear that he was a member of the BNP. We resolved to try to find out more.

A quick search of the internet was enough to find that Finbar had been putting himself about in comments on newspaper stories (see the details below) over the past two years. Of course, someone could have been impersonating him (over a long period of time!), but there is a lot of personal detail that matches up. The stories that Finbar has commented on include stories about immigration, Islam, law and order and the BNP - all areas where the BNP have strong views. His postings support the BNP's positions on these topics, mention his membership of the BNP and mention other personal details such as the fact that he is a dentist, that he has a black partner and that he is originally from Scotland.

In extensive postings on a report about BNP patrols to reduce anti-social behaviour ( Finbar Bryson of Nottingham wrote:

"I'm a member of the BNP and my partner is black and feels more strongly about the mess this once great nation is in than I do."

He stated that "BNP patrols have reduced anti-social behaviour-FACT" and that "[Non-whites who vote for the BNP] are not impressed one bit with the creeping Islamisation of the West".

On a right wing blog ( a Finbar Bryson of Nottingham is quoted as having written "The reason for uncontrolled mass migration becmes clearer by the day-more votes for Labour to replace those like myself who have been betrayed."

In the Glasgow Herald ( a Finbar Bryson related the stories of a fellow dentist, Fadi, a Christian Syrian:

"Incredible the tales of woe in the asylum 'system' and his shock that Muslims were being granted asylum in the UK."

A Finbar Bryson of Nottingham, commenting on plans to build a 'mega mosque' in London in the Daily Mail ( urged readers to complain and then "vote tactically. Your nation needs you."

In an article on the ThisIsLondon website ('s%20racism%20you%20want,%20head%20out%20of%20town/ about increasing racism outside London, Finbar called the author a "cretin" and then signed off with "Kriss Donald RIP." Kriss Donald was a white Scottish fifteen-year-old who was kidnapped, beaten and murdered in Glasgow in 2004 by five Asian men. The case has become a rallying cry for the far right in the UK.

Finbar has been challenged about some of these postings before by people involved in Blueprint and has denied that he is a BNP member. He claims that someone is trying to set him up. We have presented the evidence that we have for you to read and make up your own minds. To us it is clear that there are too many coincidences and that too many people, over a period of at least three years, would have to have been in on the 'conspiracy' against Finbar. We have good reason to believe that Finbar Bryson is a member of the BNP and that anti-fascists should boycott him and his club.

The online news comments:
Finbar in the Sun,
Nottingham,UK 01/10/2006 11:35:34

As a dentist trained in Edinburgh and born and bred in Glasgow I am astonished by Mr.McConnell's naivety.Would it not be better to attract back the many Scots expats who find themselves outside the Motherland often not through their own volition???Astonishing as it may seem I had to seek work in England as I could not find work at home despite looking for over six months.The paths of London and beyond are certainly not paved with gold and i know many friends in their mid-30's who have done their time down South and would return home if the opportunities are there.Most of us at this age group are also looking to start families,want to bring the kids up at home and close to their grandparents etc etc.Or is attracting Scots back too difficult??!!!Most happy to hear any opinions on my points.Cheers.Finbar.
Posted by: Finbar Bryson, Nottingham,UK on 11:08am Fri 30 Mar 07
Well it's good that individuals associated with the UAF are happy to present themselves here for all to see.We should be hanging the traitors who have sold this country down the river,taken us to an illegal war in Iraq,cash for honours,'suicide' of Dr.david Kelly and on and on and on.To everyone attend a UAF meeting as I recently did in nottingham.The irony of calling the BNP fascist is lost with this lot,who happily support an illegal war in Iraq with the slaughter of 100,000's of innocent civilians yet the BNP are vile and rascist-incredible that, until you meet the pond life stuck in a timewarp attracted to this group.Finally keep your racist comments of the message board.BNP patrols have reduced anti-social behaviour-FACT.Why can't you deal with fact rather than your own fantasy land???By the time your lot have finished in Iraq it will be getting mentioned in the same breath as the Holocaust-you should be ashamed as the blood is on your hands.

Posted by: Finbar Bryson, Nottingham,UK on 11:20am Fri 30 Mar 07
Dolores yes you've worked it all out.It's the same person from the BNP who works 20hours plus a day to do all these posts???!!!This is democracy in action.The people who you will never see invited onto Question Time in this free country as their views or colour don't fit in are on here.Wake up and smell the coffee darling.The support for the BNP is enormous and from many,many different quarters-yes non-white people despite New labour spin vote BNP,just as non whites vote for Le Pen in france.....WHY???Because they all love their country irrespective of colour or creed and are not impressed one bit with the creeping Islamisation of the West and the fact that this country(the UK) is going down the gutter.Of course you still believe that we are searching for WMD in Iraq cause Tony and the BBC said so.Read behind the headines Dolores and I hope you are sitting down.I'm a member of the BNP and my partner is black and feels more strongly about the mess this once great nation is in than I do.The brainwashed and trusting UK public are waking up to the lies,deceit and spin of this corrupt Government.I think you should to.

Posted by: Finbar Bryson, Nottinghambr />Where is Gery,UAF??It's a reflection on the broad mindedness of the people on here that as yet your racist,aggressive,threatening and above all anti-democratic comments have not been removed.Unlike your shower I may not agree with what you say however I will happily allow you to vent your poison,so all can see the reality for what it is.UAF is a facist organisation that is anti-democratic and your attepmts to link the BNP with slavery is frankly shameful.The argument has moved on and has been said elsewhere your views are the best recruiting sergeant for 'the vile and racist'(Trademark of the impartial BBC)BNP.Roll on May for the next stepping stone for a fair and just society for all who love this country.The haters can take their poison abroad thanks.

Posted by: Finbar Bryson, Nottingham,UK on 5:09pm Sat 31 Mar 07
It is with pleasure that I read this forum and realise more and more that the genie is out of the bottle.As the calibre of person joining the BNP continues to grow the party will get stronger and stronger.Keep The Faith,Love your Country and don't believe the lies.Roll on May as the next step to a civilised,fair and orderly UK.
Yes Luke you are entirely right.However as is always the case with our european partners-they will choose the route easiest for themselves unlike our Government who seem to enjoy enforcing EU legislation that punishes British citizens and society.Vote thes traitors out.

Finbar Bryson, Nottingham, UK
Finbar Bryson on 5:35am Mon 9 Apr 07
Having just re-read some of the posts above i have to respond to 'just two'-agreed with Jay that treat people how you would expect to be treated ....and i'll move on to chris and his Janjaweed comments-you are aware that Arabic Muslim militia(the Janjaweed)are targetting mostly Christian black African tribes in murder,rape and enslavement??!!Let's me know how I would be treated in the Muslim world as a Christian if i was fleeing persecution.Love thy neighbour for sure,however i'd like to have a say in who that neighbour is thanks and am worldly wise enough to know that my values and outlook are not necessarily shared by other cultures.Suggest you both get out and meet and talk with some asylum seekers.My first experience was with a gentleman from Syria called fadi now happily settled and working in London.Fadi is a Maronite Christian who had to flee Muslim Syria due to persecution.A decent professional man whose story was heartbreaking.I had him observe me in practice for many months as he is a dentist and wished to see how British dentistry operated.Incredible the tales of woe in the asylum 'system' and his shock that Muslims were being granted asylum in the UK.Wake up and smell the coffee rather than spouting hate at your own people and believing every story.Of course the truth and facts are not what this 'debate' is about for the pc brigade-Smokescreen,slur,attack and prevent reasoned debate and a Royal Commission into the effect this is having on social cohesion.You've been brainwashed.Thankfully some of us do know what is going on thanks.
Posted by: Finbar 71, Nottingham,UK on 6:17pm Tue 18 Sep 07
John,Livingston-what a lot of dangerous tosh you spout.This budding terrorist has had more than a fair trial and at whose expense???Anwar's comments are no surprise,however that does not lessen my disgust at them.The day this nation looks to someone like Anwar to defend justice and freedom of speech would be a sad,sad day.His comments are an outragous slur on all witnesses and everyone else involved in this trial.Why can't he be held to account for an attepmt to incite trouble with his unfounded allegations??Does he know something that noone else does???Looking for answers on the internet.It would appear the littlewans you used to pop down The Subbie as a student pal have caused serious delusional problems.A breaker of the law defending a terrorist.Dangerous clowns.The pair of them.
Finbar Bryson of Nottingham's "What is interesting is that we can now be guaranteed that the asylum 'system' in this country will not be attended to by Mr.Brown as these people are just exactly the type of folk Mr.Brown can relate to and vote him in again and again.The reason for uncontrolled mass migration becmes clearer by the day-more votes for Labour to replace those like myself who have been betrayed.History will damn you and BLiar"'s%20racism%20you%20want,%20head%20out%20of%20town/
Headline should have read... 'If it's out of touch with the real world you want, discuss issues with the political elite'

Not as catchy I know but sums up perfectly this cretin and her ilks non views on real issues.

Kriss Donald RIP.

- Finbar Bryson, Nottingham,UK
The government denied that there was EVER a plan for this 'mega-mosque'.

A petition was sent to Downing Street online signed by 10,000's of concerned Britons.

Are we now being told that what we knew to be true is and yet again the Government and political elite are lying to us???

Book yourself in to speak with your local MP people for some answers.

Then vote tactically.

Your nation needs you.

- Finbar Bryson, Nottingham,UK, 09/9/2008 17:42
It's at the stage that you're thankful that at least the Poles have a work ethic.

It's a long road back to restore pride,honour,fairness and democracy in England.

- Finbar Bryson, Nottingham,UK, 09/9/2008 10:10

Nottingham Anti-Fascists


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25.10.2008 01:29

Thanks for who ever did the research to post this article, it is an issue that should have been publicized a long time ago. I wonder about the response from the collectives using Blueprint and working with him.



25.10.2008 15:35

Well done to those that have researched this. Surprising and upsetting to read. The guy does sound rather politically confused and disillusioned to be honest, although this is obviously by no means an excuse for his membership to the BNP.

More needs to be found out by those involved in this announcement/revelation and also by those groups that use Blueprint for nights such as Demo. Whilst no-one wants to support or be tied at all to someone associated with the BNP, it is important to not let this be to the detriment to the alternative nights it hosts.

But can Demo morally operate at Blueprint realistically anymore though?


Boycott of Blueprint then?

25.10.2008 20:04

Yes, good and comprehensive research. The only way forward must be a boycott of Blueprint, and all even vaguely politically conscious promoters must avoid the place whilst Finbar remains a BNP member. It's a shame because I really like the club, it has a good atmosphere, but putting money into the pockets of a BNP member is a no-no. As the man is also a dentist, he must be pretty rich with his two incomes, so i imagine he is also a generous benefactor of the BNP. So, let's find other places to party.


Finbar the Traitor,I'd rather be at Rock city with Lemmy, pogues & green day

25.10.2008 20:57

Mr Bryson is not only a member of the BNP, he also encourages a culture of extreme violence at his club with a veneer of care,profiting personally from & promoting from you name it . Not only should his club be boycotted his dental practice should be also. The BNP still follow & preach nazi ideology, check their bible book clash of titans. Straight out of nazi Germany, muslims scapegoating today, who next?, theres always been s a sad minority of antidemocratic fascist fellow travellers from minority communities who feel they can become accepted by licking the likes of Hitler& Griffin, a minority of Jews did this during world war 2,namely the STERN gang instrumental in setting up Isreal& Apartheid.
Indymedia& the antifascist community in the UK,especially in Nottingham has been able to stand upto fascism well without the UAF, that said UAF members are also regularly on antiwar marches 10x more than any nazi BNPer's. Its blatantly the views of people like Finbars that gave Bush the imputes to invade Iraq& Afghanistan. If you want to protest about intolerance do the same against the "christian" militias in Sudan & Darfur who top even the taliban with systematic use of child solderiers taken from murdered families, not as much oil there though to power BMWs & 4x4s belonging to Dentists though.
Fascists hiding behind religions like Abu Hamza& his mate from Oxford uni debates Nick Griffin the neo pagan christian whatever+ any night club owners who want to suck up to them are all welcome in the Dominican Republican still apparently.
Bluprint would do much better in the hands of a decent cooperative, anyone who has been charmed by Finbars BS should feel doubley angry & betrayed, dont be beholden to some rich dentist. As for Mohamed being a paedo & taking a child bride, unfortunately in those times it was sadly done by many christains also.

Byrson is even more messed up than Griffin, should we pity him? The people he slags off with the UAF members are exactly the same type of people he works with associates with & pretends to be friends with at Blueprint whilst handing over money to people who dream about doing to them what they did in the 1930s&40s.


What about the Akins family?

26.10.2008 22:38

Thanks to whoever looked into this.

I'm just wondering whether the Akins family - owners of Rescue Rooms, Alley Cafe, the bookmakers and various other venues in Notts city centre are still involved with the BNP? Should we still boycott these places, or is this now old, out of date news?

Occasional Demo attendee

Akins family

27.10.2008 11:03

To the best of my knowledge, the BNP (originally NF - that's how long this has been going on) rumours about the Akins family were just that, started by a short lived club in Derby to try and get people to come over to them. If anyone's got any evidence to the contrary, I'd like to know though.



27.10.2008 17:55

Wow, this really makes me feel a bit sick. The thought that my money might have been going to support what is essentially a fascist party is horrible. No more Demo for me.

Punter no longer

Akins Junior.

28.10.2008 12:14

runs rock city, stealth and has fingers in other pies - is very wealthy, but is not in the BNP.


Stop and think.

30.10.2008 14:05

Demo has raised a huge amount of money and awareness for good causes over the last few years. Blueprint is the perfect venue for Demo. There are no other venues in town where Demo could continue to do what it does so well. Does the author of this article really want it to finish just becuase they don't agree with the politics of the guy who owns the venue?


stop and think 2

30.10.2008 16:17

and blueprint doesnt run a profit...

another clubman

More than a disagreement

30.10.2008 18:24

"Does the author of this article really want it to finish just becuase they don't agree with the politics of the guy who owns the venue?"

If only it was just about disagreeing over politics! It isn't - it's about whether or not money raised, supposedly for good causes, is ending up in the hands of the BNP. That's the *fascist* BNP that actively promotes racist division, has a history of racist violence, campaigns against Muslims and wants to repatriate ethnic minorities.

Does Tom really want Demo to carry on whilst making money for this party? Does he think that fascists are good people to work with? Does he want a clubnight where Muslims, immigrants and those who oppose fascim feel (to put it mildly) unwelcome?

Can Demo, if its "ethical clubnight" tag is anything more than a marketing gimmick, do anything but move?

An anti-fascist

reply to Anti-Fascist

30.10.2008 18:45

As anyone who has been involved in putting on a clubnight before will attest, the nightclub industry is full of dodgy people. It's part of the territory. Where should Demo go if it leaves Blueprint? Stealth? They're hardly known for their ethically sound business practices are they?

Knee-jerk reactions are good fun and all, but I fail to see how putting a stop to Demo will damage the fascist cause in Nottingham. Think about the bigger picture.


More than just dodgy

31.10.2008 09:36

Tom, being a fascist is more than just 'dodgy'. Fascism is the scourge of ethnically mixed society and the working class. If Demo was to stay at BluePrint now it would send out the message that ethics and fascism can go hand in hand - exactly what the BNP want people to think. I hope that Demo have a bit more political sense than that and will think about alternatives.

Anti-fascism is not a knee-jerk reaction - any reading of history will tell you that. I think that is the real bigger picture.

An anti-fascist

twisting my words

31.10.2008 11:11

anti-fascist, no-one is arguing that anti-fascism is a knee-jerk reaction. Rather, my argument is that scrapping Demo at Bluerpint is not an action that will do the anti-fascist cause any good. Whatever you think of the guy who owns the place, Demo at Blueprint has been a consistently valuable asset to the anti-fascist cause in Nottingham. It has consistently rasied awareness of the debate around immigration and asylum rights amongst people who are not otherwise connected to the activist community and might not otherwise come into contact with these ideas (lots of students, particularly).

Let me be clear: I am an anti-fascist also. Ultimately we want the same thing. However, while in the short-term hounding Demo out of Blueprint might make those who rightly hate the BNP feel good about themselves - 'we stuck it to that fash dentist!' - in the long term, the anti-fascist community will be cutting its own nose of to spite it's face by vandalising one of its most powerful weapons.


Demo's response

31.10.2008 20:16

In response to some of the comments made regarding where the money raised by Demo goes we would like to clarify that all of Demo’s profits are given to the charities and projects that we pledge to support.

The Demo project collective are in discussion around the issues raised in this article and their implications.

Demo project collective

lets go back to the article

01.11.2008 18:10

nice one demo for taking this seriously. i know it can't be an easy time for the collective but i hope you come to a sensible decision.

to tom - if you go back and read the article i think you will see that the author doesn't actually ask demo to do anything - that's your interpretation mate! we all realise that demo has done some good awareness raising about issues like immigration over the years. that's probably why people are looking to demo to lead a principled stand on this issue.

no friend of finbar


02.11.2008 22:19

To whoever put this article together; well done for an excellent piece of research.

Obviously some people feel they cannot go to Blueprint while Finbar is the owner, and I think that's a principled stand, but I won't be boycotting the club myself.

If there is a decent alternative to Blueprint then nights like Demo should relocate. But I've been clubbing in Nottingham for many years and I am not aware of any decent alternative.

Blueprint is unique because it's 100% genuine underground. Every club in the city centre draws in passing morons who don't understand the culture of nights like Demo and would ruin the vibe.

And if there is no decent alternative I think that Demo should stay at Blueprint because the good it does outweighs the bad that Finbar does.


In Response to above

04.11.2008 07:20

The above article sadly omits a number of facts.

I am NOT a memer of the BNP as has been stated for the record at a most recent(2008) BluePrint promoters meeting.

This would have been clarified swiftly if anyone from this organisation had the courtesy to call or e-mail me.My details are readily available via numerous promoters/Facebook/my Space et al.

To print your completely imbalanced article with your sensationalist angle might be 'good fun' however it is not as you state in your opinion decisive of anything.

As anyone who knows me will testify, if you ask me a question on most topics you will get a full(some would suggest TOO long) answer.To be truthful if i were a member of any political party I would be quite happy to discuss this with anyone irrespective of whether it would be well received,controversial or inflammatory.In fact the 'devil in me' will often choose the latter.

To this end diary permitting(being a rich dentist and that I occassionally have to work thanks)I will be in attendance at your next meeting at the SUMAC in November.

I would greatly appreciate the author of this article to be in attendance and of course the posters:James-I look forward to meeting your acquaintance to be sure;No friend of Finbar-great name and anyone else who fancies sticking their tuppence worth in.Should be a lively meeting on a cold November evening and by the sounds of things i'm assured a warm welcome.Mine's a coffee-Cafe Direct of Edinburgh of course,but that's another story.

Finally please accept my sincerest apologies for my delay in responding, however I have been back in Scotland visiting family(I mangaged to avoid the tempting offer of the KKK's meeting) and arranging my wedding to my black African partner(She loves all this particularly being surreptitously branded as a a 'poor African only after a passport'-clearly i am a rather mixed up racist/fascist who may need to have a good chat with my ghirl about my 'double life'.Being in the company of such warm hearted and thoughtful individuals can I pose a question???

I'm concerned that by marrying a black girl this will somehow dilute my white supremist core values(copyright TT-friend of Indymedia).However being a rich and ultimately greedy dentist i'm concerned i'll no get ma cash bak fir the rings already purchased and wae the price a gold n that know.Dear Dierdre/Indymedia-what would you do???

Please feel free to mail your considered responses to my current dilemma-ma cash flow to: looking forward to reponses from James(my good friend) and No friend of Finbar.

God Bless

Finbar-'dodgy' owner of BluePrint
'rich' dentist
'friend' of anti-fascists-no true.Surprisingly fell out with AFA in early 90's ironically for their fascist views.
BS extraordinaire- nugget courtesy of my new pal James.

PS Finally and i mean it this time..... your comments on the brutal and racist murder of Kriss Donald are an utter disgrace.The far right have no place in South Glasgow thanks.Decent people disgusted by the poltical establishment's attempts to cover up this killing are the folk who keep this wee boy's memory alive.Kriss Donald RIP.The anti-fscists and their ilk will ignore your murder due to the colour of your skin.The good people of Glasgow will never forget this brutal,racist and pre-meditated torture.His last known words to his killers after overpowering him and his still traumatised mate in broad daylight 'Why me i'm only a wee boy' before being tortured,stabbed,burned and left for dead on wasteland next to Celtic Park during over four hours of captivity-his crime was being white.His attackers well known in their community(and racist cowards) although now in jail follwoing the intervention of Mohammed Sarwar MP to ensure their return from Pakistan is to plead 'miscarriage of justice' and their innocence.Guilty as sin and reported minimally depsite the horrifying nature of this racist murder.WHY????Kriss was white and in NU Labour Britain that in itself is a crime.

Finbar Bryson

Pull the other one, Finbar

04.11.2008 19:01

So Finbar, what you're saying is that there's ANOTHER Finbar Bryson who is a dentist, lives in Nottingham and is responsible for these pro-BNP comments on various websites?

Two dentists with the same (hardly common) name in the same city!? What a coincidence! Shouldn't be hard to find the other Finbar Bryson dentist and clear up everybody's concerns then, should it?

In fact, with a fairly uncommon name like Finbar Bryson, and in a fairly uncommon profession like dentistry, I should be surprised if there's even another dentist called "Finbar Bryson" in the whole UK. Still, if you say so! Surely a central register of qualified dentists would come to our aid here? (Perhaps even as a dentist, you'd have special access to this, and could find this other Finbar Bryson dentist - thus massively helping to clear your name.)

Or maybe you're telling us that someone else (another disgruntled dentist) is using "Finbar Bryson" as a pseudonym, and also pretending to live in Nottingham? But as a pissed off dentist, they'd have to be pretty weird to use the name of another practising dentist in order to post their rants online. Why not just make up a name or remain anonymous? Why would they pick your name and location?

Does any of this add up in any way? Hardly! And I'm afraid that's what you need it to do - add up, bigtime. Otherwise, people aren't going to believe you.

Really, I'd love to give you the benefit of the doubt about all of this, but ultimately the way you signed off your previous comment "Kriss was white and in NU Labour Britain that in itself is a crime" - even when taken in the context of the rest of the paragraph - just doesn't fit with your claims of innocence.

I doubt you are an out and out racist or fascist, and some of my best multi-cultural nights out in Nottingham have been at your club.

However, I'm picking up on a fair amount of cognitive dissonance in your words, and you come across at least as quite reactionary and angry. If anything, I think the final paragraph of your posting above goes quite far to substantiate the case made in the original Indymedia article.

So I'm sorry, but I for one just don't believe you, and will be boycotting your club for the foreseeable future.

Who am I? Nobody, really. Just someone posting on this site, who occasionally came to your club.

Ultimately, if you want to persuade people that you aren't a fascist sympathiser, then you're going to have to do better than just claim not to be, and you'd do well not to post reactionary stuff like "Kriss was white and in NU Labour Britain that in itself is a crime".

Being white is clearly and obviously not a crime in Britain, so posting something like that totally undermines the rest of your claims.

Incidentally, as Indymedia is an open publishing platform, you'd be more than welcome to post your findings about this other Finbar Bryson dentist who IS a member of the BNP. If anything, I'd think plenty of people would be glad to avoid patronising a fascist dentist.

Anonymous Humanoid Lifeform

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