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ALF Infiltrator exposed

Adrian Radford | 01.03.2009 09:01 | SHAC | Animal Liberation

A National newspaper has spoken to a police informant who infiltrated the ALF for 3 years!

The informant claims to have wrecked a number of SHAC attacks on high profile members of the establishment including Lord Sainsbury!

Adrian Radford


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Why now?

01.03.2009 09:17

Why publish an article linking the ALF directly to SHAC now?

Looks like someone is trying to influence those still to be tried!

Jacob D

Load of tosh

01.03.2009 09:41

This guy was real - called himself Ian and claimed to be dying of cancer, obviously to try and explain away why he would suddenly disappear. No one believed him at the time, and no one really trusted him.

He didn't infiltrate the ALF - he tried to infiltrate SHAC but was seen for what he was. He was actually in the Navy, not the army, and has been since his disappearance with his squady mates, presumably while on leave. Like all of these idiots (such as the girl from Trevor McDonald who got outed before she could get started on her story, and the Mail journalist who got thrown out of the AR 2005 gathering) Adrian / Ian was as transparent as Steve Discombe's brain.

The fact that he didn't infiltrate the ALF is obvious from the fact that he had to paint his own car! Clearly there would otherwise be some footage of one of the actions he had taken part in. Seeing as no one has been prosecuted as a result of his evidence, and seeing as he has claimed to have taken part in serious criminal damage, presumably we can expect him to be prosecuted on his return to the UK?

It's quite funny really, that this guy acheived nothing, except according to the article, supplying SHAC with a nice beagle costume. Thanks NETCU - keep the gifts coming!

Ian Skivens

When Journalists and Infiltrators Lie...

01.03.2009 10:23

The article is laughable, and as usual for mainstream media just adds to the hysterics taking place against animal rights activists. The plots this man alledgedly foiled - I would like to see proof of this, such as recordings. Or, proof of anything claimed in this article, other than the word of someone who was quite clearly a liar trying to big himself up for a job he was obviously crap at.

As said by someone else here, this man was seen as the fake he was from the beginning and it is obvious he never succeeded in his job, leading him to have to buy a car himself and damage it, as well as develop far fetched stories about "stopping" these attacks which were apparently being planned. How convenient he managed to "stop" all these future things happening, gained no footage of anything other than himself causing damage and someone stroking a liberated chicken.

If he had discovered anything whilst undercover, it would have been used in the recent court cases against the individuals named in the articles. Think about it. This is the man that has supposedly infiltrated the ALF. And the police choose NOT to use ANY of his evidence in court? I think not.

So no, he didn't "infiltrate the ALF". Considering the huge expense of planting someone undercover, I'm certain that achieiving a libellous Times article wasn't what the police were gunning for.

Steve discombe violent thug

Found the Beagle costume!

01.03.2009 11:26

Scot Dog
Scot Dog

Looks Good eh?

Naomi Scott

Even so...

01.03.2009 11:56

I met Ian a few times socially and I really liked him, was sad to hear that he had cancer and am saddened by this turn of events. He knew that the Animal Rights gathering is not an "ALF meeting" and he knows full well that SHAC is NOT the ALF and that Greg, Natasha, Heather and Mel are NOT ALF leaders, the ALF is an idea, it has no leaders.
We are a friendly bunch (well apart from the grumpy sods) and around camp fires with a few beers people can and do get carried away with tall tales of derring do. At Climate Camp and at the AR gathering and all other places where we can be overheard or actually be talking to people such as Ian or the ITV Journo (yes I met her too we went for a drink in a pub in Oxford). This does enforce the need to be careful.
My advice to anyone who has no qualms about breaking the law (although I have to say that breaking the law is not something I would ever advise) is that you do not go on any animal rights demonstrations(or climate change, or anti fascist demos, ANY demos), you do not write letters to MPs or papers, you do not share your views with anyone unless you manage to have a small close affinity group, you do not look at any animal rights/environmental sites, if necessary you eat meat and wear leather as cover, you never join groups as a member not even the RSPCA. You DO get a job in a place like HLS and you DO whatever your conscience dictates in defence of life on earth. This as opposed to being clocked when you join VIVA,turning up at a demo or even a social then being filed by FIT, being arrested for some silly crap so they then have your DNA, your known associates, photo, fingerprints and if you are daft enough to answer their questionaire a list of tatoos,scars etc. Of course THIS is the stage that many people then chose to pop along to the local battery unit to liberate some chickens. Reverse the sequence of events (as some clued up people have) and it does eliminate the Ians of this world and make things a tad more difficult for NETCU et al!

Lynn Sawyer

Infiltrated other groups....

01.03.2009 13:35

Ian also infiltrated other groups such as climate camp and gay rights. Even gay rights campaigners face police repression


Ooh another one.....

01.03.2009 14:15

Oh yes, the Mail reporter who's opening question to me was "what do you think of direct action?" He was sooooo obvious too!! I could state other ways they let themselves be known but we don't want to give the game away do we.....

Oh and Mel and Heather aren't boy/girlfriend so I don't really believe too much that's in this article.

Gran Canaria my butt.


Who Cares.....


01.03.2009 16:05

just in case he decides to look for work in connection with the proposed new runway can anyone supply a description, or better still, a photo?

plane stupid supporter

Plane Stupid Supporter

01.03.2009 16:51

There is a picture of him on page 5 of the Sunday Times today. I doubt he will be asked to "infiltrate" other movements now as he is known - but if you want to see what he looks like, go get a copy.

Who Cares?

Abuse of Process?

01.03.2009 17:11

The article says that his evidence was not used against the SHAC defendants because the police just used evidence from sources that his information led them to. Also, the infiltrator was careful to observe police guidelines not to commit crimes during his activities.

Leaves me wondering if his existence as an informer was ever disclosed to the defence.

It might not have been disclosable under PII if the charges were simply criminal damage because there would be no direct evidence of him committing such crimes.

However, the fact and degree of his infiltration was relevant to the defences - because of the conspiracy charges alleged - due to the fact that he, too, would seem to have 'conspired' by working with SHAC members - thereby becoming arguably involved to a greater or lesser extent in the criminal act of conspiracy alleged.

Watch out for appeals for non-disclosure!

Doubting thomas


01.03.2009 17:43

This image was on the Times site. Is this him?


Yes - that's him

01.03.2009 18:14

With Natasha


Promo stunt

01.03.2009 18:34

An admission that agents pass between private, police and 'government' infiltration wholly undermines the credibility of the Shac convictions. Private security firms have a financial motive in encouraging, exaggerating and even fabricating 'extremist' crimes, such as peace protests, while destroying innocent lives. If Radford admits acting as a getway driver for a genuine crime then he should be prosecuted rather than be allowed to profit further from publishing a book.

I tried to post that comment on the Sunday Times website earlier but it wasn't published. First thing worth noting is that the newspapers former employee is writing the book for the guy. The Times report is full of inaccuracies and contradictions and seems a promotional stunt for his company who describe him as "Adrian Radford, a former SIS (MI6), British Military Intelligence and UK police instructor" and claim to have another 43 like him.

Adrian publishes his own photo here, part of his range of Spy DVDs.


Link to photos of Adrian

01.03.2009 18:47

Here is a link to Adrian's anti surveillance DVD:

There are lots of pictures on here of him which will give you quite a good idea of what he looks like. I am sure now he has blown his cover he is not intending to infiltrate any one else, but there is no harm in being aware of him, and his company:


Prague gig in May, discounted DVDs

01.03.2009 18:56

(The other EyeSpyphotos aren't him just some gimp that looks like him)

Kurz: Countersurveillance tactics for Close Protection Officer Course: Countersurveillance tactics for Close Protection Officer
Instruktor: Adrian Radford - BLACKchrysalis (ex-MI6 instructor) Instructor: Adrian Radford - BLACKchrysalis (ex-MI6 instructor)
Termín: květen Date: May
Místo: Praha Location: Prague

10nov2008Ears PLC has long provided Black Chrysalis, a covert surveillance agency, with EARS Plc EP6699 hand portables, covert 2 wire systems and car sets. In September, Adrian Radford of Black Chrysalis, a former MI6 instructor, used 15 hand held radios with accessories on a 3 week film shoot on location in London and England for their newly released DVD "Am I Being Watched". This is the first ever DVD in the security industry designed to practically train operators in the once secret skills of Anti-Surveillance. Adrian Radford said "This DVD is a global first, filmed in high definition. These easy step by step lessons have never been shown before in this format. It demanded the highest quality and professionalism to shoot this very complex 90 minute DVD, and this would not have been achievable without the help from EARS Plc in providing us with our communications equipment."

Unlike other expensive branded radio sets on the market, the (EP6699 covert system and car set) is cost effective with a greater range and clarity than any other of its competitors, a field tested fact! Adrian and his team utilised all the radios throughout the shoot. He stated that without the clarity, extended range and affordability of the EARS Plc radios they simply would not have been able to achieve their task. "The service from EARS Plc has kept us a valued customer for years, we would go no where else and use no other equipment, even for our extremely demanding covert roles and communication requirements."

The DVD is available (December 2008) to purchase from with a special promotional discount of £10 off the RRP of £49.99 (£39.99) for EARS Plc newsreaders. Simply quote EARS Plc when ordering to receive your discount.

You know, if it wasn't for the IM guidelines we could publish his likely home address...

Big Ears


01.03.2009 19:14

Adrian thinks it's OK to target people's homes, seeing as he admits to taking part in such actions himself. I doubt he would object to having his address published to others who might share his criminal mind set. Otherwise he would just be a hypocrit... and surely a man who lies about having cancer and being kicked out of the army due to his sexuality wouldn't want to be seen in a bad light...

Andy Testies

what is the Times' motive for publishing this article?

01.03.2009 20:19

The Times must have a motive for publishing this. They are well-known for being a mouthpiece for the government and especially for the intelligence agencies. This article must have been written at the request of the state and for a definite reason.

It sounds like this was a failed attempt to infiltrate animal rights groups by a Walter Mitty character who was probably scamming the security services for a lot of money as much as he was infiltrating the animal rights movement.

Maybe the state has done this to avoid losing face, to see what comments appear on places like this and on tapped phone calls, and to increase the level of paranoia amongst activist groups?

Any other possible reasons?


How to anonymously publish information without getting Indymedia into trouble

01.03.2009 20:44

If anyone wants to publish information relating to this case that might get Indymedia into trouble, don't post it here.

The best way would be to download Freenet from here

Install it and it will connect you to an anonymous network where censorship is impossible and it is impossible for anyone, even your ISP, to tell who is publishing or looking at information, because everything is encrypted.

You can either create a simple website and upload it, or use one of the message forums that are on Freenet to post a message.

Once your message is there, you don't even need to stay connected to Freenet yourself - it is split up and copied to hundreds of other computers around the world, so it will be available for as long as people are interested in looking at it.

To read the information, you need to be connected to Freenet - it isn't visible from the regular internet. The more people that use it, the more useful it will become.


State & Corporate Security inc

01.03.2009 22:47

-It sounds like this was a failed attempt to infiltrate animal rights groups by a Walter Mitty character who was probably scamming the security services for a lot of money as much as he was infiltrating the animal rights movement.

No. It looks like one of the many genuine ex-sis guys who is scamming corporations for non-existent threats, and manipulating convictions for pay. The invitation to IBA cz implies they checked his CV out. Just because is an arrogant and shallow liar does not equate to being a fantasist. 'Paranoia', being more careful who you work with, is your best defence / best practice.

-If anyone wants to publish information relating to this case that might get Indymedia into trouble, don't post it here.

Thought about it and decided not to publish it anywhere, to avoid getting people not smart enough to find it for themselves into trouble. Let's face it, there aren't any real animal rights terrorists, even if you think of yourself that way you would be unlikely to be able to face up to someone with professional training. For a start, you don't have guns or weapons training let alone experience. You don't win any cause by attacking the guard, you win by avoiding the guard, remaining anonymous to the guard as Lynn said. Nowadays the guard are making substantial personal fortunes by learning their skills on taxpayers wages before jumping into the 'manufacturing risk' business, infiltrating every innocent group they can persuade either the state or a corporation or both to pay for.


Photo fit

01.03.2009 23:23

I can't afford to buy the rag and scan it in so can 'Who Cares?' or someone else do so? Crop it to the face but make it as high res as Indy permit.


adrian who?

01.03.2009 23:47

...he's obviously a nobody trying to make a name for himself, by stabbing in the back those who'd welcomed him into their circles. He clearly holds no convictions of his own, and therefore he is nothing. A pointless individual. Hope he enjoys the cash - lets face it, it's the only way you could endure such a meaningless existence.

The cops are stupid letting him go public with this. Every time some lowlife informer or journo thinks that they're doing something new by 'exposing the ALF' for cash, they reveal more about their methods. For example, letting on about the elaborate way the saddo sought people's trust by trashing his own car. Many activists are savvy enough only to work with trusted friends, which is why resistance to animal expolitation continues to grow worldwide.

domestic extremist

Peter will know

02.03.2009 00:30

"He was alongside the activist Peter Tatchell during a raid on the pulpit of Canterbury Cathedral in 1998."

I suppose someone should liaise with Peter Tatchell, there was an 'Ian Farmer' pictured at the gay rights demo at Canterbury 1998


the Ian Farmer on the OutRage demo

02.03.2009 01:23

Ian Farmer on OutRage demonstration in 1998
Ian Farmer on OutRage demonstration in 1998

Here is a cropped version of the person named as "Ian Farmer" on the OutRage demonstration.

It's not immediately obvious that it is the same person as the one pictured previously, though it was 10 years ago.

It could be he took on the persona of a real person called Ian Farmer who is nothing to do with him.

Maybe someone who knew him can say for sure whether it is the same person?


Is this the same Ian Farmer from OutRage! Kent?

02.03.2009 01:31

Is this the same Ian Farmer as the one from OutRage! Kent? This is from only a few years ago and has his contact details at the bottom.

Medway Council ends partnership ban
Attention: open in a new window. PDFPrintE-mail

Monday, 11 September 2006 19:58

Community - Gay Rights
10 Nov 05

from: Outrage!
Faced with angry protesters from OutRage! Kent, Tory-controlled Medway Council voted at its executive cabinet meeting on Tuesday November to allow civil partnership registration ceremonies.

Medway had, since the bill received Royal Assent in Nov 2004, refused to allow ceremonies and refused to even discuss the ban.

It was the last council in the country to hold out against allowing lesbian and gay couples to have civil partnership ceremonies as part of the registration process.

However after a threat of legal action from a local OutRage! activist, Ian Farmer, Medway Council was forced to hold a recorded vote last Thursday (3 November).

"All the Lib Dem and Labour councillors voted for same-sex partnership ceremonies, but the Tory councillors voted against and the entire cabinet (all Tories) abstained," said Mr Farmer, a long-standing gay rights campaigner and organiser of OutRage! Kent.

"This impasse forced an executive meeting on Tuesday 8 November, where the cabinet relented and voted to allow civil partnership ceremonies," said Mr Farmer.

In a submission to the Council, Mr Farmer had argued that Medway council was discriminating against him and other same-sex couples by not allowing the ceremonies.

In response to Mr Farmer's threat of legal action, the Chief Executive of Medway Council wrote to the cabinet: "Registration with Ceremony is recommended so as to remove the possibility of a legal challenge."

Mr Farmer says: "They knew they were in clear breach of the ECHR and the Human Rights Act. When I asked them - in a formal council question and answer session - on what grounds are they going to defend this in the high court, they refused to answer. The council was obviously terrified of legal action and knew they had no lawful grounds for the ban."

Farmer is claiming victory in the campaign to win LGBT equality in the Tory heartland of Kent: "Thanks to two days of widespread local TV, radio and press coverage of the issue, and the lively OutRage! demo at Medway Council, lesbian and gay people have won an important victory against a die-hard homophobic council. Another aspect of discrimination has been overcome," he said.

"Despite this victory I will never give a single penny of my money to Medway Council for a gay partnership ceremony. They only relented because of the fear of legal action, not because they actually believe in equality. I will be taking my celebration to a more gay-friendly council that embraces LGBT people as equals," added Mr Farmer.

Mr Farmer urged others to do the same and boycott Medway Council for good.

Further information: Ian Farmer, OutRage! Kent - 07779 298259 and 01634 893844

For Medway protest photo contact: Brett Lock, OutRage!, 0770 843 5917.


BBC report on gay activist Ian Farmer

02.03.2009 01:46

Gay activists Ian Farmer and Anthony Smallman
Gay activists Ian Farmer and Anthony Smallman

no definite proof yet that this is the same Ian Farmer, but could be a useful lead:

Gay 'victory' after wedding vote
Anthony Smallman and Ian Farmer
Anthony Smallman and Ian Farmer have been together five years
Gay rights campaigners have claimed victory as one of the last councils in the UK has voted to allow same-sex marriage ceremonies.

Ian Farmer, who led a protest outside Medway Council's offices in Strood, had threatened legal action if the council did not vote to allow gay "weddings".

"It is the right thing. At last lesbian and gay people in Medway can live free from discrimination," he said.

Cllr Tom Mason said: "I don't accept there has been a lack of action."

Loving relationship

Same-sex civil partnerships will become law in December but councils can stop them taking place in their register offices.

Gay rights campaign group Stonewall claimed Medway was one of the last councils to allow ceremonies.

"We are well ahead of the legislation," said Cllr Mason.

"This authority and myself would not want to discriminate against anybody."

Mr Farmer and his partner Anthony Smallman, live in St Mary's Island, Chatham.

"My partner and I have been together for five years," said Mr Farmer.

"We are in a wonderful, loving, happy relationship with a house, dogs, jobs, cars and all that kind of stuff.

"We have every right to this in a modern society and an equal world."


another photo of Ian Farmer of OutRage! Kent

02.03.2009 01:52

Ian Farmer of OutRage! Kent
Ian Farmer of OutRage! Kent


Is this the same Ian Farmer as the animal rights infiltrator, or was he just stealing someone else's identity?



02.03.2009 02:36

Times - "After being told to leave the forces in 1994 because of his sexuality, he became involved in gay rights."

Eye Spy site interview with 'Adrian Radford' in which 'AR' is quoted as saying he's
been employed "in the covert world of intelligence acquisition and analysis" since the age of 17, that he was persauded to join the British Army Intelligence Corps and 'has never looked back'.


Adrian Radford linked to military fantasist James Shortt?

02.03.2009 02:55


Kurz: Defence and Restraint Tactics
Instruktor: Jim Shortt - Director General of IBA
Termín: 28.-29.3.2009
Místo: Praha

Kurz: Countersurveillance tactics for Close Protection Officer
Instruktor: Adrian Radford - BLACKchrysalis (ex-MI6 instructor)
Termín: květen
Místo: Praha

Now Jim Shortt aka James Shortt is a well-known military fantasist who pretends he has a military history when he doesn't.

The British Army Rumour Service has a page dedicated to exposing him:'s_Dubious_Claims

Story on about him:

He was also exposed in Private Eye and the Sun:
Fake SAS man given Cabinet security job

Now look at the whois for

contact: CID:ID122760773722671-MITONCZ
name: Vít Kraus
address: E. Dvořákové 168/25
address: Teplice
address: 41501
address: CZ
registrar: REG-MITON
created: 25.11.2008 11:08:58


contact: CID:ID122475931593531-MITONCZ
name: Vít Kraus
address: E. Dvořákové 168/25
address: Teplice
address: 41501
address: CZ
phone: +420.603335187
registrar: REG-MITON
created: 23.10.2008 12:55:17

Both registered very close together and with the same address.
If you look up the IP addresses of these domains, both go to

Very suspicious that Adrian Radford seems so closely linked to this man.

Maybe he is another Graham Hall - the career criminal who infiltrated animal rights groups and duped the press into thinking he had been branded on the back with the letters ALF?


Radford is the gay activist

02.03.2009 12:06

I can confirm that Adrian Radford aka Ian Farmer is the same individual as the OutRage activist who demonstrated along side Peter Tatchell, including when they protested inside Canterbury Cathedral. Ian traded on this connection when he first became involved in the AR movement.


I was wrong, 'anon' is right

02.03.2009 12:23

I was confused by the number of IBA sites.
IBA do seem to be complete charlatans, so Radford will be too. Which doesn't reflect well on the Sunday Times, Jack Grimston or Nick Fielding.


No logo

02.03.2009 13:39 contains an impressive list of other organisations logos, from the UN to, er, New College Swindon. One in particular struck my eye:

Microsoft Corporation
Security Training Provider
Vendor No. 002136968

I was curious why IBA are allowed to use the Microsoft logo in black, when everyone else qualified to reproduce it has to use a specific blue. Anyone can pay £65, pass a basic exam, and then use the logo, which is mailed out high-resolution in colour with a nifty tie-pin, but maybe being a Security Training Provider IBA get to dress it in black to match their balaclavas. Of course, they could have just saved themselves £65 and cut'n'pasted the logo. Even critics of Microsoft products admit their lawyers are efficient and well-resourced so I decided I'd ask them how I can become a Security Training Provider just like IBA are. Microsoft said 'What?'
I have a funny feeling Adrian won't be teaching in Prague after all.


Interesting what they said about what informants are allowed to do....

02.03.2009 15:18

Re read that bit...that informants are not allowed to encourage or participate in or incite "without high level police authority"....

The police aren't legally allowed to commit a crime but a participating informant is ... re read above.

The security services on the other hand ARE allowed to do all this stuff.

Mandy in Camden


03.03.2009 11:47

following link shows Ian/Adrian being interviewed I did put this up a few hours ago but apparently it breached the guidelines!

Lynn Sawyer


03.03.2009 13:31

ITV don't maintain their video clips online so I could see the interview cached but I couldn't play it.
What was he asked, what did he say and what did you think of it?



03.03.2009 14:35

Well he was VERY smug and smarmy. He was going on about stalls and how apparently the lifestyles of the SHAC "heirarchy" were funded by them (yep I remember it well £40 a week to buy food, toiletries and clothes with, less than jobseekers). He also said that the ALF were SHAC and that he had infiltrated the ALF. The funniest bit was when he said that 600 activists were going to invade Heathrow, well despite the efficiency of SHAC getting 600 people together in secret is well nigh impossible. Even with full on advertising national demos at most raised maybe 2000 people who wanted to just peacefully protest and go home. Getting 600 to go to Heathrow and partake of a little non violent direct action without using phones would have been an unlikely feat. There are more Climate Change protestors than SHAC protestors and even they get nowhere near these numbers when they do a runway invasion thing. I think he was telling a huge fib although I like to think that it would be possible. Maybe someone clever can get hold of this 6 minute interview, it was there when I put the origional post up. I tried last night but could not post anything up.

Lynn sawyer


03.03.2009 18:31

Sorry for shouting, it is getting loud here!

You should consider contacting a non-Murdoch newspaper, I think your informed and reasonable comments would be the best antidote to Adrians misrepresentation. If you do so, please point out his links to James Shortt and his IBA, someone even the Sun has chosen to mock as a 'walt'. I think the squaddie song on this site applies to each of them:



03.03.2009 18:54

Yep it's a bit busy on this thread but going back to our treacherous friend who looks like TinTin but with wrinkles and no lovely little dog, I don't think the press will be arsed about anything I have to say, I have tried on so many ocassions to get accross the fact that liberties we take for granted are being shredded and failed that I think we need a new strategy. We need to defend ourselves and some of us need to campaign against police/media oppression in a dedicated way to protect those campaigning against the desecration of animals and the earth. FITWATCH have made a good start.

Lynn Sawyer

Worth a go

03.03.2009 19:14

I know the press are normally indifferent to the boring old truth, but never underestimate professional jealousy. Journalists hate journalists and take great delight in undermining their rivals stories. For instance the worst reviews for the Sunday Herald book 'War on Truth' came from the Herald reviewer.
Many activists are press-shy, once bitten, so if you aren't then all you have to lose is the time it takes to fire off a few emails. The great advantage you have is that Adrian will now be 'tied' into only talking to the Murdoch papers so I'd suggest trying the Independent or Guardian first.
I'd normally advise clearing anything you say about others in advance, but you seem too level-headed to need any advice from me. The risk is that you yourself get smeared by Murdoch but I think your first 'saddened' post here and your comment on the Times website gives you immunity from that.


Please keep to the point

05.03.2009 02:16

This article is about exposed ALF infiltrator, Adrian Radford, aka 'Ian'.

However this subject is in danger of being swamped by off-topic postings about other campaigns & individuals.

Where-ever these other comments are coming from they are 'disruptive' or contain 'personal attacks'. Whilst some may be defensive or otherwise containing useful detail they loose context when the abusive comments are moderated out. If you find your comment removed at any time, please accept that this may not be directed at you personally, but part of a process intended to maintain the integrity and purpose of Indymedia.

Other campaigns & groups that have been the subject of debate here are well covered by postings of their own. Please discuss them there, (in a focussed but supportive way), and please keep this one to the topic of ALF infiltrator, Adrian Radford.


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