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Police State UK for Pakistani students

Hildy Johnson | 22.04.2009 12:08

It has been reported that the 12 terror suspects detained without charge on suspicion of terrorism have been released. Yet this is a strange use of the word since they have now been transferred into the custody of the UK Borders Agency to await deportation.

The reason for the threat of deportation is that this is what the Police (supported by Jackie Smith) and the UK Borders Agency want. The only check on this extraordinary executive power is the feeble Special Immigrations Appeal Tribunal

Mohammed Ayub, a lawyer for three of the men, called for an independent inquiry into Operation Pathway and said their deportation orders would be challenged. “Our clients have no criminal history, they were here lawfully on student visas and all were pursuing their studies and working part-time,” he said. “They are neither extremists nor terrorists. Their arrest and detention has been a serious breach of their human rights. As a minimum they are entitled to an unreserved apology.”

With police claiming that the men pose a threat to national security despite no evidence of this being placed in the public domain, this is yet another example of the consequences of the expansion of police powers. How long will it be before we are ready to genuinely put UK police into the same category as that occupied by the Nazis.

Hildy Johnson


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Trust us

22.04.2009 12:38

This whole thing stinks yet again of state and police propoganda!

stasi nation watcher

The foundation of all totalitarian government

22.04.2009 13:11

Their crime is having been born in the wrong place. Pakistan is a country where for most people each day is a struggle to survive. They overcame everything to come here to study even if it meant traveling half way round the globe. They complied with all the arduous and lengthy requirements of immigration procedure to enter and remain legally. To do this they will have had to pay student fees about ten times the going rate for domestic students. They have spent almost two weeks detained, uncertain of whether they would ever get out, treated like criminals, with no trial, no charge, no jury and as we now know, no evidence.

They are entirely innocent. We know this, not because their lawyer says so (he would, wouldn't he) but because unlike the average citizen about whom we can't be sure, each of these nine has had his entire living quarters, his computer, and his mobile phone searched and has been interrogated for an extraordinary two weeks, every day in all likelihood, by the British counter-terrorist police and not a scrap of evidence has been found with which they could be charged, nor even with which they could be smeared in the media. They will have had to account for themselves and every detail of their movements in a way that is consistent with all the available data including internet activity and the penetrating apparatus of surveillance, much of it hidden, which surrounds us everywhere we go in public. How many of us have been subjected to that level of scrutiny? That is how many of us can really guarantee the public of our innocence. These people have broken no law.

To do this to nine innocent men, any decent police officer would surely feel embarrassed and contrite. What do they take their job to be? How do they imagine themselves worthy of a salary? But the police as an institution are incapable of apology. That would be to acknowledge mistake or even guilt. Instead of offering apology or even compensation for this grotesque act of state bullying and this violation of human rights motivated by a self-serving need on the part of the executive to distract public attention from other abuses of power, including the vile manslaughter and attempted cover-up of another innocent man in London exposed by the footage of a passing public-spirited merchant banker, and the widespread expenses cheating by our representatives, the government now proposes to tear these unfortunate students from their lives completely and return them brutally to their native land, denying them the freedom we all enjoy to pursue our dreams, by dint of the simple fact of where we were born.

What justice is there in this? The executive is now punishing people without regard to law or a jury for the simple reason that they committed the grave error of being innocent. It is no longer permitted to embarrass the Home Office by remaining within the constraint of the law. What gross misconduct is this by our servants and deputies! What an abuse of power! How the legitimate public interest stands diminished before us in this cynical and petty spectacle carried on by those who, we need to remind ourselves, have the sole duty of applying our laws, not judging and punishing to suit themselves! How the authority of the government in this ever-more ridiculous pantomime is reduced to a travesty!

The emperor has no clothes, so he kicks the most powerless individuals in his immediate environment to make himself feel better. How petty these tyrants have become! What a disgrace to decency! What an abomination and desecration of the sovereignty and long tradition of freedom into which every native of this land was born!

The excuse for this is the ever more weary reason of "national security". How convenient that nothing more need be said to support this opaque formulation. But in truth no nation is secured by this conduct. As a people our unity is destroyed by the usurpation of the legislative function by an executive determined to take on the power of sovereignty which rightly belongs to us all.

It falls to Winston Churchill to remind us from the grave of those freedoms the Home Secretary claims to protect. Let's hear it once again from the old imperial war dog, speaking in a time of immeasurably greater stress, when this country really did face an existential threat: 1943.

"The power of the Executive to cast a man in prison without formulating any charge known to the law, and particularly to deny him the judgment of his peers is in the highest degree odious and is the foundation of all totalitarian government, whether Nazi or Communist."

How long must we continue to be subjected to these tyrants who wage war among us all, just as they wage war against the people of the world, in the service of their corporate masters?


Compare on contrast

22.04.2009 13:17

How are we meant to trust the cops at all these days?

When they arrested the 114 in nottingham they made out that they had prevented a dangerous life threatening act on par with terrorism. With four police forces, they smashed down doors and arrested everyone they found in the building for conspiracy. However we all know that the alleged protest at Radcliffe-on-sour power station would have been no threat to anyone and that the power station would have been offline at the time of the protest as is normal for bank holidays.

So what about the arrests of these pakistani students?

Once again the police have made all kinds of claims about the terrible consequences had those people not been arrested and yet once again no criminal charges have resulted. How do they expect us to take their claims seriously when we have seen them lie and exaggerate again and again, such as at Kingsnorth last year.


What would Adolf Hitler have done?

22.04.2009 17:06

Even those of you that are not New Labour Nazi shills talk as if there is some mystery as to why these things happen in the UK.

Let's see. It's 1936, and Hitler's uniformed thugs have gone a 'little' overboard in policing a demonstration held mostly by the children of 'good' Germans. Someone got themselves murdered, and witnesses of undeniable repute testify that the murder was a cold-blooded, unprovoked act, carried out by a psychopathic Nazi policeman.

Now Hitler doesn't hesitate in his orders. He'll even see the murderer hang, but even so, he can't have the 'good' people of Germany occupying their minds with the 'wrong' kinds of thoughts about the state so...

The next day a bunch of foreign Jewish students are rounded up and accused of planning the most appalling crimes against the German people (interestingly, these 'terror plans' never seem to involve targeting actual Nazi officials). Apparently, these 'students' had been using their fine arts course as cover to travel around Germany and 'sketch' important pieces of German architecture in preparation for some hideous 'attack'.

Luckily, the entire German mainstream media is in Nazi hands, so it can saturate the airwaves and the newspaper pages with lurid tales of the threat posed by each and every Jewish student, especially the foreign variety. Many extraordinary racist cartoons are published, and all the 'nice' radio and newspaper personalities express co-ordinated outrage that the lives of ordinary German people are put at such risk by allowing 'these people' free reign.

Days and days later, the Jewish students are transferred to the border prisons, in readiness for their expulsion, and in tiny print, buried deep in the most serious papers, are articles explaining that these Jews were just too 'devious' and 'clever' in covering their tracks, leaving no 'evidence' that could be used in a Nazi court of law. Obviously, this very lack of evidence proves that the Gestapo had prevented a plot of the very cleverest, and worst kind.

Meanwhile, as luck would have it, it's budget season in Nazi Germany, and Hitler's ministers are now saturating the airwaves and newspaper pages with the kind of financial nonsense that 'good' Germans seem to find so fascinating.

Anyway, there's a massive International Forum investigating racism across the planet, and powerful speakers have promised to expose the racist crimes of Nazi Germany. Adolf Hitler (the Germans aren't in attendance, of course) is looking forward to this, because the league of Fascist Nations has promised to walk out, in a blaze of publicity, the moment the first bad word is uttered about Hitler.

And the 'good' German people? They know in their hearts and minds the truth, the terrible terrible truth, but it is far too late. They have invested too much in their cowardice, and are now addicted to the mind-numbing lies that pours from Hitler's propaganda machine. When the thought of the future hurts too much, 'Uncle Adolf' is always there with another nice long 'opium dream' from his nationally broadcast radio dramas, or extravagantly produced cinema stories. When you are so scared deep down, having the mass media speak with one voice does so much to calm the nerves.

Tomorrow will be worse than today

Terror raids unearth huge amount of bullshit

22.04.2009 20:28

A house raid in Manchester under the Terrorism Act, 9 April 2009
A house raid in Manchester under the Terrorism Act, 9 April 2009

POLICE raids on suspected terrorists have uncovered a potentially lethal stockpile of bullshit, it emerged last night.

According to security sources, police raids in Manchester, Liverpool and Clitheroe have so far yielded eight packets of crisps, some beard shampoo and a foreign looking hat.

A senior police source said: "Put the crisps in the hat, add some shampoo, give it a good shake and what have you got? Unimaginable carnage, that's what you've got.

"They were definitely planning to blow themselves up in the middle of the Arndale Centre, or the Trafford Centre, or the railway station, or St Ann's Square, or any one of the 200 pubs and clubs in central Manchester, or the airport, or in the middle of the M6. We're absolutely sure about that."

Sources said the raids had been brought forward while claiming the planned attacks were almost certainly due to be carried out today or tomorrow.

A source added: "We like to leave things to the last possible moment. Makes it a bit more like Spooks. If only we could discover a nuclear bomb that had a digital timer on it with just 10 seconds left. I'd love that."

Meanwhile a loophole which allows thousands of angry, bearded Pakistanis to enter Britain without background checks was doing its job very nicely indeed, the immigration minister told sources last night.

A source close to Phil Woolas said: "We let in just enough of them to keep you nice and scared, wait until they take a photograph of something and then arrest them at gunpoint."

Prime minister Gordon Brown last night claimed personal responsibility for both the surveillance operation and the arrests while a source stood behind him shaking his head and waving his hands.

- Homepage:

UK "Terror Plot": Gordon Brown points finger at Pakistan

22.04.2009 20:36

Guardian, 10 April 2009
Guardian, 10 April 2009

Daily Telegraph, 10 April 2009
Daily Telegraph, 10 April 2009

Times, 10 April 2009
Times, 10 April 2009

Daily Mail, 10 April 2009
Daily Mail, 10 April 2009

Daily Mirror, 10 April 2009
Daily Mirror, 10 April 2009

Daily Star, 9 April 2009
Daily Star, 9 April 2009

Sun, 11 April 2009
Sun, 11 April 2009

Now that the UK Defense Minister has publicly announced Britain’s engagement in Obama’s “Af-Pak War” [1], it is hardly surprising that the latest wave of relentless false-flag terrorism propaganda by the British government and media specifically target Pakistani citizens living in the UK.

Just a day before the “Easter Plot”, the “civilian” Prime Minister of Pakistan went as far as saying “give us the drones and missiles that will allow us to take care of this problem on our own”; meaning the Pakistani Armed Forces’ extermination of its own people who resist the imperialist invasion of their country. [2]


North West England “terror plot”:

1) The new enemy within is invisible (Daily Telegraph)
2) Students of terror (Daily Mail)
3) Terror plot: universities seen as safe havens (Daily Telegraph)
4) Scramble to find the Easter bomb factory (Times)
5) Al-Qaeda terror plot to bomb Easter shoppers (Daily Telegraph)
6) Terror plot to blow up top footie grounds (Daily Star)
7) Student visa link to terror raids as Gordon Brown points finger at Pakistan (Guardian)
8) UK and Pakistan to work together against terrorism


from the archives:

1) Zardari: 'Give us the drones and we will take out the militants ourselves'
2) UK backs Pakistan offensive
3) UK Interior Minister: The threat of a chemical or nuclear attack is now more real
4) British tabloid press: Britain is now harbouring a menacing enemy within


excerpts from: The new enemy within is invisible

by Con Coughlin, Daily Telegraph, 10 April 2009

Within Britain's counter-terrorism community they are known as the "clean skins": highly trained, professional killers whose blameless backgrounds provide not the slightest clue as to their true, evil intent.

The phenomenon was first identified during the bloody 30-year campaign the IRA waged against the British Isles. […]

Now it appears that the "clean skins" may be back, this time in Islamist form. That is the logical conclusion to be drawn from the latest operation in which anti-terror police detained […] 11 Pakistani-born nationals who had entered Britain on student visas (and one British national), which suggest that al-Qaeda might now be attempting to effect a radical transformation in its tactics.


excerpt from: Students of terror

leading article, Daily Mail , 10 April 2009

Every year, some 10,000 Pakistanis arrive here on student visas. Ministers have virtually no means of knowing how many are dangerous radicals, and how many genuine seekers after knowledge.


Terror plot: universities seen as safe havens

Wednesday's arrests were a deeply disturbing reminder that Britain remains the prime target of Islamist terrorists in the West.

by Anthony Glees, Daily Telegraph, 10 April 2009


excerpt from: Scramble to find the Easter bomb factory

by Sean O’Neill, Andrew Norfolk, Russell Jenkins and Michael Evans, Times, 10 April 2009

A desperate search was under way last night for the terrorist bomb factory from which a suspected al-Qaeda cell planned to launch a devastating attack in Manchester.


Al-Qaeda terror plot to bomb Easter shoppers

An al-Qaeda cell was days away from carrying out an "Easter spectacular" of co-ordinated suicide bomb attacks on shopping centres in Manchester, police believe

by Duncan Gardham, Daily Telegraph, 10 April 2009


Terror plot to blow up top footie grounds

Fears were growing over a bomb threat to last night’s Euro cup clash as police foiled a “major” terrorist attack.

by Bill Martin, Daily Star, 9 April 2009


Student visa link to terror raids as Gordon Brown points finger at Pakistan

Gordon Brown: police foiled 'very big terrorist plot'

by Sandra Laville, Richard Norton-Taylor and Vikram Dodd, Guardian, 10 April 2009


excerpt from: UK and Pakistan to work together against terrorism

Number10 (website of the UK Prime Minister’s Office), 10 April 2009

“I think one important part of this that has got to be recognised is that increasingly we have seen terrorist links with Pakistan and Britain. […] I think one of the lessons we are learning from the events of the past few years is that Pakistan has got to do more to root out the terrorist elements in its country as well.”

[UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown, 9 April 2009] [1]


from the archives:

[1] excerpts from: UK backs Pakistan offensive

Defence secretary insists Britain has to back American plans to hunt down al-Qaida leaders across the Afghan border

by Mark Townsend, Observer, 29 March 2009

Britain has offered its full backing for a renewed military offensive inside Pakistan, as UK ministers confirmed the country was now "part of a single campaign" alongside Afghanistan. […]

Confirming that Britain was being drawn into a widening regional conflict, Hutton said the time had come to target Taliban and al-Qaida havens inside Pakistan. In his most explicit statement of intent against Afghanistan's troubled neighbour, Hutton said that the military objectives in the region must now have "an equal focus on both countries".


[2] Zardari: 'Give us the drones and we will take out the militants ourselves'

Pakistan's embattled leader tells Andrew Buncombe what the US should be doing to help him tackle the extremist menace

by Andrew Buncombe, Independent, 8 April, 2009


[3] UK Interior Minister: The threat of a chemical or nuclear attack is now more real

Dandelion Salad, 25 March 2009


[4] British tabloid press: Britain is now harbouring a menacing enemy within

Indymedia UK, 13 March 2009

- Homepage: http://

Free Hich

23.04.2009 08:26

This is very similar to the case of Hicham Yezza, the Algerian national who was wrongly arrested under anti-terror legislation and now faces deportation.

Free them all!

Free Hich

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