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Netanyahu: We will not allow Holocaust deniers to carry out another Holocaust

dandelion salad | 22.04.2009 18:12 | Anti-militarism | Anti-racism | Terror War | World

Given the extremely bellicose rhetoric of the new Israeli government as well as the thinly veiled threats from the Obama administration, Iran is still at risk of annihilation by the US, Israeli and NATO forces. The Holocaust-mongering of the Israeli establishment can be seen in this light.

Netanyahu speaking at the Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony, 20 April 2009
Netanyahu speaking at the Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony, 20 April 2009

Speaking at the “United Nations World Conference Against Racism” in Geneva on April 20th, Iran’s president Ahmadinejad denounced “the most cruel and repressive, racist regime in Palestine” as well as the US-led imperialism:

“Have they [i.e. the previous US administration and its allies] been authorized on behalf of the people of the world to interfere in all parts of the globe? And of course mostly in our region aren’t these measures a clear example of egocentrism, racism, discrimination, or infringement upon the dignity and independence of nations?” [1]

On the same day, another speech was delivered by the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu in Jerusalem to mark the Holocaust Rememberence Day (see the quote below).

Given the extremely bellicose rhetoric of the new Israeli government [2] as well as the thinly veiled threats from the Obama administration [3], Iran is still at risk of annihilation by the US, Israeli and NATO forces. The Holocaust-mongering of the Israeli establishment can be seen in this light.


excerpts from:

Address by [the Israeli] Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Day

Prime Minister’s Office website, 20 April 2009

“The unfortunate fact is that while we are marking the events of the Holocaust here at Yad Vashem [Memorial] in Jerusalem, there are those who chose to participate in a spectacle of hatred of Israel, conducted at this very hour in the heart of Europe [i.e. the "Durban Review of the United Nations World Conference Against Racism" in Geneva].

From here I turn to you, President of Switzerland, and I ask you: how can you, as a head of an enlightened state, meet with those who deny the Holocaust and strive for another one?

In opposition to this, we express our appreciation to those important countries which chose to boycott this demonstration of hatred – including the United States, Canada, Germany, Italy, Holland, Poland, Australia and New Zealand, as well as representatives who left the hall during the hateful words of the Iranian president.


We will not allow Holocaust deniers to carry out another Jewish Holocaust. This is the supreme commitment of the State of Israel, and it is my supreme commitment as Prime Minister of Israel.”


from the archives:

excerpt from: “Wiped Off The Map” - The Rumor of the Century

by Arash Norouzi, Global Research, 20 January 2007

Across the world, a dangerous rumor has spread that could have catastrophic implications. According to legend, Iran's President has threatened to destroy Israel, or, to quote the misquote, "Israel must be wiped off the map". Contrary to popular belief, this statement was never made, as the following article will prove.



So what did Ahmadinejad actually say? To quote his exact words in farsi:

"Imam ghoft een rezhim-e ishghalgar-e qods bayad az safheh-ye ruzgar mahv shavad."

That passage will mean nothing to most people, but one word might ring a bell: rezhim-e. It is the word "Regime", pronounced just like the English word with an extra "eh" sound at the end. Ahmadinejad did not refer to Israel the country or Israel the land mass, but the Israeli regime. This is a vastly significant distinction, as one cannot wipe a regime off the map. Ahmadinejad does not even refer to Israel by name, he instead uses the specific phrase "rezhim-e ishghalgar-e qods" (regime occupying Jerusalem).

So this raises the question.. what exactly did he want "wiped from the map"? The answer is: nothing. That's because the word "map" was never used. The Persian word for map, "nagsheh", is not contained anywhere in his original farsi quote, or, for that matter, anywhere in his entire speech. Nor was the western phrase "wipe out" ever said. Yet we are led to believe that Iran's President threatened to "wipe Israel off the map", despite never having uttered the words "map", "wipe out" or even "Israel".


The full quote translated directly to English:

"The Imam said this regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time".

Word by word translation:

Imam (Khomeini) ghoft (said) een (this) rezhim-e (regime) ishghalgar-e (occupying) qods (Jerusalem) bayad (must) az safheh-ye ruzgar (from page of time) mahv shavad (vanish from).




[1] Full Text of President Ahmadinejad’s Remarks at U.N. Conference on Racism

Jeremy R. Hammond, Foreign Policy Journal, 21 April 2009

[2] Netanyahu to Obama: Stop Iran—Or I Will

by Jeffrey Goldberg, Atlantic, 31 March 2009

[3] Phony Nuclear Disarmament

by Margaret Kimberley, Black Agenda Report, 8 April 2009


dandelion salad
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Ahmadinejad cartoons in the British press

22.04.2009 19:00

Guardian, 21 April 2009
Guardian, 21 April 2009

Times, 21 April 2009
Times, 21 April 2009

Daily Telegraph, 22 April 2009
Daily Telegraph, 22 April 2009

"[T]he UN as a whole is tainted by the Iranian leader's presence at one conference,"

(excerpt from The Guardian's editorial, 22 April 2009)

dandelion salad

So much b*ll***t

22.04.2009 20:01

So Israel won't permit anotrher holocaust of Jewish people but its OK to use illegal weapons (white phsphorous) on civilians and then to deny having done so.

The Israeli administration is and fior a long time has been a malignant cancer in the Middle East.

Keith Harris
- Homepage:

(VIDEO) Rabbi Cohen: "Zionists do not represent the Jewish People"

22.04.2009 20:59

Israeli Embassy protest against the Gaza War, 28 December 2008
Israeli Embassy protest against the Gaza War, 28 December 2008

1) VIDEO: Rabi Ahron Cohen Lectures at the University of London (9 February 2009)
2) Neturei Karta UK speech delivered at the “Emergency Protest to Stop the Massacre in Gaza” (27 December 2008)


Rabi Ahron Cohen Lectures at the University of London

A part of a lecture at the SOAS, University of London, on February 9, 2009, given by Rabbi Ahron Cohen, spokesman for Neturei Karta UK, Jews United Against Zionism, against the recent Zionist atrocities in Gaza.

YouTube link:


Neturei Karta UK speech delivered at the “Emergency Protest to Stop the Massacre in Gaza” on 27 December 2008

The following speech Was delivered by Anti Zionist Orthodox Jews at the “Emergency Protest to Stop the Massacre in Gaza” rally, Rockefeller Center, New York City, December 27, 2008, 2.00 PM and again at a Protest in London on December 28, 2008

(This speech was originally delivered in Durban, South Africa by Rabbi Y D Weiss)

May our words be pleasing to the Creator and cause His Great Name to be sanctified.

Assalaam Aleikhum:

The world stands aghast as the atrocities being committed by the Zionist regime in Gaza, becomes known in ever greater and shocking detail.

Mere words are insufficient to express the pain that all mankind feels at the plight of the Gaza and Palestinian people.

For over one hundred years, they have been subject to a carefully conceived plan, to drive them from their homes and their land.

Throughout their history, the Zionists have resorted to intimidation, war, ethnic cleansing and state-sponsored terrorism to achieve their goals.

This is, has been and continues to be, the criminal agenda of the Zionist movement. But among this movement’s greatest crimes, is that it has claimed to carry out these nefarious actions in the name of holiness, in the name of the Almighty, in the name of Judaism and the Jewish people !!

This is a wicked and monstrous lie !!

It is a desecration of our religion !!

Judaism forbids and rejects Zionism and the existence of the State of “Israel”. We have been expressly commanded by the Almighty that we are forbidden to have our own sovereignty in this heavenly decreed exile, we are also forbidden to rebel against any nation. Torah believing Jews, under the leadership of the most esteemed rabbis of the 20th century have always opposed and fought against Zionism and ultimately the State of “Israel”.

Unfortunately in recent years the Zionists have succeed in seducing and co-opting members of the religious community and some rabbis into support of not allowing the return of the rightful owners, the Palestinian people, to their land, by fear mongering, by appealing to their worst fears, that there is a religious conflict and that the Arabs always have had an ingrained hate for the Jews. Especially, they claim, that because of the many years of the existence of the State of “Israel”, if the Palestinians where to return to their land, they would massacre the Jews, may the Almighty protect us.

Anyone familiar with the ploys and techniques of the Zionist State is aware of this fact.

Before the advent of Zionism, Muslims and Christian, Arabs and Jews, lived peacefully together in the Holy Land, as in all the Muslim lands, - Ask your grandparents! - They remember those peaceful days! And in fact it is here the opportune time to thank all the Muslim countries for their extraordinary friendship, hospitality and safe haven that they have provided to the Jewish people throughout the ages!

The Zionists rely on the Bible, the Torah, for their imaginary right to ethnically cleanse the Palestinian people and to subjugate them. This is a pathetic joke! The Zionists have always been heretics and rejected all the fundamental tenets of our faith, and yet they have the nerve, the arrogance, the audacity, the chutzpa, to pretend to base their behavior on our holy Torah.

We know what our holy writings and our great rabbis have taught us - that we are forbidden to subjugate or oppress anyone or to desecrate the holiness of the Holy Land with paths of violence, ethnic cleansing, discrimination and military power. Our religion teaches justice. It teaches peace. It teaches compassion. In fact, the greatest and ultimate hope and prayer of the Jewish people is, that when the Messiah comes that then “Nation shall no longer lift up sword against nation, and they will make war no more.” All nations will serve God together in peace.

To the governments of the world, it is not through your support of the Zionist regime - the State of “Israel”, that the Jewish people are being helped! On the contrary, this tragic historical mistake has led to the killing of Arabs and Jews alike. The governments of the great powers, by supporting the State of “Israel” are not only harming the Palestinian people but they are also unwittingly contributing to the growth of hostility towards Jews worldwide!

To our Jewish brethren, we beg! Do not be intimidated by ruthless Zionist bullying and violence!! - Proclaim loudly and clearly your outrage, pain and sympathy for the people of Gaza and that those who show contempt for the Torah, the teachings of our rabbis, and disregard the ethical and moral basics of our faith, have no right to speak on behalf of the Jewish People or Judaism!

We must tell the world that self rule, sovereignty and ALL the rights of the Palestinian people, must be restored throughout historic Palestine! This is a requirement of Jewish ethics and values! Jewish justice demands the return of the Palestinian refugees to their homes, towns, villages and cities throughout Palestine! Tell the world, loudly and clearly, that you support Palestinian statehood over the ENTIRE Holy Land — not despite your Jewish identity, but because of it.

To our Islamic brethren - let us speak up for the people of Gaza and please do not judge the Jewish faith or its people, on the basis of this passing lunacy of Zionism. The Jews have always been your friends and cousins. Do not allow your understandable anger to be directed at those who are innocent of wrongdoing, regardless of whether they reside in Occupied Palestine, Europe, or anywhere around the globe.

Together, people of all nations, may we be worthy, with God’s help, speedily and peacefully, without further suffering and bloodshed of anyone, be it Arab or Jew, to witness the peaceful end of the Zionist occupation over every inch of Palestine.

And may we yet merit to see, in the very near future, the revelation of the One God, over the entire world, with all mankind in His servitude, in joyous brotherhood.


Let’s Proclaim Together:


Neturei Karta UK
- Homepage:

New Labour Nazi Mainstream Media

22.04.2009 23:16

How many months is it since the government of Israel promised a Holocaust (using that exact word) against the population of Gaza?

How many days is it since the world witnessed the Israeli Holocaust carried out against the Muslims and Christians of Gaza?

Israel's Holocaust in Gaza was actively supported by the British press, most particularly by 'The Guardian' (the leading New Labour Nazi newspaper), 'The Telegraph' (the leading zionist newspaper), 'The Times' (Murdoch, the main New Labour Nazi propagandist), and of course, way out in front, the BBC.

Israel contains the greatest density of Holocaust weapons anywhere on the planet, and Israel has stated that these weapons exist to carry out a Holocaust against Muslim population centres wherever they are found on the Earth. The circumstances of such an attack are left hanging- Gaza and Lebanon give a rather obvious clue, however.

Despite this, Iran has never threatened Israel, but Israel has never stopped threatening Iran. Anyone here still harbouring doubts about the coming genocide in Iran can look at the coordinated actions by most of the nations of the West, and their media outlets, and understand the reality of what we face.

We saw a show by Tony Blair's team at the racism conference, and a follow-up in the British press, that Adolf Hitler would have understood in a microsecond. Israel carried out genocide in Gaza, and would apply the 'Final Solution' to their 'Palestinian problem' tomorrow if they thought the world would sit back, and let them get away with it. What's more, Israel doesn't even bother trying to hide this fact any more, and why should they given the support they receive from the regimes of North America, Australia, and Europe.

As you read this, the siege of the Gaza concentration camp continues more completely than at any time in the past, and Egypt blocks wholesale the movement of all essential humanitarian aid gathered by concerned citizens across the planet. Meanwhile, Tony Blair oversees record amounts of arm shipments into Israel.

Want to hurt Blair just a little? Go read the complete speech by the leader of Iran. Notice how he begins by honouring the 'founders' of Christianity and Judaism. Of course this will hardly outweigh the sickening, Nazi-identical race-hate propaganda that spews from 'The Guardian' and the other mainstream media voices of Tony Blair and the New Labour Nazis, but we can at least try.

Tomorrow will be worse than today

Durban II: Shameful Hypocrisy of the West

22.04.2009 23:42

Abraham Lincoln described a hypocrite as a man who murdered both his parents... and pleaded for mercy on the grounds that he was an orphan. The vile and shameful hypocrisy of the West in order to accommodate Israel has no boundaries - with no end in sight.

Eight years ago, Israel demanded that the United States boycott the 2001 World Conference Against Racism (WCAR), better known as Durban I owing to its location in Durban, South Africa. The conference dealt with the most basic of human rights in addition to the issues of slavery and the plight of Palestinians. At that time, the U.S. and Israel had walked out abhorring the language of racism. Yet, the Israeli government had no qualms about working with the Apartheid government of South Africa – without reservation, and while the world boycotted this racist regime, the Israeli government provided them with the technology to build the most heinous weapon known to mankind – the nuclear bomb[I].

In 2008, America’s first black president was elected. Peoples around the world shared America’s vision of "Hope" and "Change." The President-elect’s multi-ethnicity prompted many to claim him as one of their own: the name Hossein, the namesake of a Shi’a prophet, pleased the Iranians. The Arab Bedouins in northern Israel believed he was related to them. Arab Moslems could relate to an American president whose name meant ‘blessing’ in Arabic. Mr. Obama himself had told the Jewish community that his name meant ‘lightning’ in Hebrew. As candidate Obama, he had promised AIPAC something that Mr. Bush would not have dreamt of doing. In spite of numerous resolutions against Israel for its occupation of East Jerusalem[II], Mr. Obama declared there should be an undivided Jerusalem[III], raising even the eyebrows of some in the Bush Administration.

It comes as no surprise that the Obama administration boycotts Durban II with a few other “Western” countries in tow - at the behest of Israel. What is offensive to those who appreciate equality and abhor racism is the hypocrisy of a country whose Prime Minister declared openly: "[The Palestinians] are beasts walking on two legs." (Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, speech to the Knesset, quoted in Amnon Kapeliouk, "Begin and the 'Beasts,"' [New Statesman, June 25,1982].) Did any “Western” country protest or find this racist remark to be vile and shameful?

Was there any sense of disgust and shame by the “Western” countries when Ariel Sharon was acquitted of his crimes in 2003? The survivors of the Sabra and Shatila massacre took their case to Belgium courts and the Belgian Supreme Court found in favor of the plaintiffs' motion. But in 2003, due to pressure from the United States, the next day it was announced that “the case against Ariel Sharon has been thrown out by Belgium's highest court"?[IV]

Did any “Western” suits walk out of the United Nations when John Bolton deliberately allowed Israel to continue the bombing of Lebanon with around 1,800 cluster bombs, containing over 1.2 million cluster bomblets covered Lebaon – as one IDF head describes it: “What we did was insane and monstrous, we covered entire towns in cluster bombs". [V]

There was no rebuke – only additional arms for Israel. Just as the Gaza massacre from December last year to January of this year brought additional arms from the United States while the world watched in horror – and continues to watch in disbelief as 1.5 million Gazans perish in an outdoor prison.

One has to wonder if these same heads of state felt any outrage when in violation of Article II of the UN Charter, Israel continuously threatens Iran and its 70 million inhabitants with war. Yet, the same country that demanded America and other proxies to abandon the Conference Against Racism had a bunch of clowns representing it to interrupt a speech which was condemning its oppressive behavior. Unfortunately for Israel, its over-reliance on force has dulled its wit. Clowns have a history that dates back thousands of years – and those who performed as court jesters had great freedom of speech. Once again, underscoring the hypocrisy of Israel, clowns attempt to halt speech!

In 2001, Yossi Beilin, the former Israeli Justice Minister, criticized the decision to leave Durban, saying Israel should have kept a delegation here to respond to the anti-Israel rhetoric[VI]. This year, it would appear the “Western” countries' response was the usual double-standard – unable to respond to the accusations, the delegates left. Durban II was momentous in that it demonstrated that Israel can massacre at will and play the orphan card. Any criticism of its actions is considered vile and shameful – while Israel’s behavior is encouraged with silence.

Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich has a Master of Public Diplomacy from USC Annenberg for Communication. She is an independent researcher with a focus on U.S. foreign policy and the influence of lobby groups.







Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich
- Homepage:

Shame on you, you Pathetic Blood-Stained Clowns

23.04.2009 02:29

Shame on you, you vicious hypocrites; complicit in mass murder, engaged in slander and evil lies… you creatures from under rocks …who breed in sewer pipes and feed upon the living and the dead. Shame on you, you journalists and media owners, who shape your words to defend lies …and dishonor the truth in exchange for money and position. Shame on you. Shame on you. Shame on you.

The U.N. Conference on Racism was visited by Israeli clowns and that was fitting because it had all the elements of a circus attended by mindless children who engage in mass murder of entire populations while screaming in pain when exposed for their acts.

Who is responsible for the killing in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan? Why… it’s ‘a coalition of the willing’ which includes the U.S., Great Britain, Canada, Australia and others. They are killing a variety of people, mostly women and children and ordinary men of different colors and nationalities who made the mistake of getting in the way of the guns and the bombs. Who engineered these conflicts? That would be Israel. A simple search of the names of the neo-cons who lied America and these other nations into these conflicts will reveal what nation they serve. Go ahead and check… you don’t have to look very hard. You can find out who the neo-cons are.

Maybe there are no neo-cons. Then again, maybe there are but using that word is an act of Anti-Semitism according to Paul Wolfowitz.

So… let me get this straight. The conference was boycotted by the people who are guilty of international racism, expressed through debt enslavement and murder and they boycotted it because of pressure from the main country in the world presently performing genocide upon the people whom they have displaced from their land through force and murder. Further, let it be said that this country practicing the genocide is claiming to be the Biblical inheritors of the land when DNA tests prove that it is the Palestinians who are the original people from the Bible and not them.

So… hmmmm… these killers who are eliminating any trace of the original inhabitants from their land are also using the term ‘anti-Semitism’ as a defense against any and all criticism of their behavior and actually created this term to give the impression that they are Semitic, which the large majority of them are not but which the Palestinians are entirely and… confusing… convoluted… mystifying… so… it appears that in order to establish their legitimacy to something they are not entitled to, according to the evidence presented by a book of scripture, they need to eliminate the people who are the people they are pretending to be.

The President of Iran appears before an assembly of people and states a few things that everyone knows to be true and outrage fills the room and the world by extension because The Truth is Anti-Semitic. So these clowns… the one’s dressed as clowns and the one’s who should be dressed as clowns start acting like clowns; these clowns with the blood of millions on their hands are objecting to someone pointing out that they are blood-stained clowns. Have I got that right?

I hate to do this over and over but I have to do it again. Who is killing millions of people? That would be the U.S. and Great Britain with the assistance of Australia and Canada and some other nations who have ‘donated’ troops. Who is torturing thousands of people? That would be the U.S.

Members of -and individuals sympathetic to- which nation were behind the efforts that brought these conflicts about? That would be Israel. If you got lost on the way to this paragraph then go back and read the links about neo-cons again. Who is practicing genocide on an indigenous people? That would be Israel. Who is presently stealing the little land remaining to the same indigenous people after having stolen the majority of the land already? That would be Israel.

What is the motive force behind this behavior? That would be Zionism, that great banner of self-righteousness that waves over Ersatz Israel (that is not a typo). In the last conference on Racism at Durban, the same people boycotted or walked out of the conference because many nations wanted to classify Zionism as racism …WHICH IT IS! Does this stink of hypocrisy? Yes it does. I see the same snake swallowing its tale again.

How clear does something have to be before you can’t shout it down any more? How blatant does disingenuous behavior have to be before the whole world points with a single finger and says, “SHAME ON YOU”? How long can despicable behavior continue before someone, somehow, comes out of the sky on a rocket ship or appears in the sky with thunderbolts to blow these miscreants to Kingdom Come through the basement door into The Bottomless Pit?

The representative from the next nation to be attacked by the same people that attacked all of the preceding nations at the urging of the same ‘manufactured under false pretenses’ nation, takes the stage and states a simple and unequivocal truth and a pack of blood-stained clowns, using their own shit as make-up, walk out as if this discredits what was said. This representative of a nation that presently sits as the filling in a geo-political sandwich between two other nations brutally attacked by the nations boycotting and walking out on a conference of racism where… they are the guilty parties… this representative calmly states the truth and gets hammered in the press for telling the truth while a lot of dignified chimpanzees in suits wring their hands in outrage and grief over having to hear the truth; Shame on you, you pathetic blood-stained clowns.

I don’t know how long this charade can continue. I don’t know what lies beyond the moment that Israel attacks -in person or by proxy- Iran. I don’t know what’s around the corner but I can see what the sidewalk is composed of. Though Iran is not developing a nuclear weapon, it would be better for the whole world if she did because nothing else will keep that nasty pit-bull of a Tony Montana nation in check. One can only hope that Russia is delivering the promised, defensive missiles to Iran and has not succumbed to whatever pressures are at work to negate it. It will be far better for Russia if they did.

It doesn’t seem to occur to all of the great catamite nations that the naughty little nation who is blackmailing all of them to an unknown end is not a friend of any of them and fully plans something even worse for them when the opportunity presents itself.

Hasn’t anyone learned anything from what happened in Gaza and in Lebanon? I cannot imagine what forces are being brought to bear which compel what should be intelligent world leaders to conspire in their own destruction. You got me folks. I just don’t get it. I don’t have armies or economies but I can tell you that I would never allow this kind of thing and that is probably why I will never be in a position to prevent it. SHAME ON YOU!!!

Shame on you all, you have sold out your humanity and you have trampled upon and destroyed all of the higher virtues that were possible for you. You know who you are. You are in high political and religious offices. You write for the Main Stream Media. You lie on television. You lie and you are complicit in mass murder. You dress nice and you talk nice and you know which fork to use but you are cold-blooded indifferent killers. Somehow you have managed to justify what you do. Somehow, in the safety of numbers among others like yourself, you have managed to camouflage reality from your own hearts and minds. Somehow you go to sleep at night and get up in the morning and continue in the service of evil industries against the human race. You are all of you every kind of racist and much, much worse.

Shame on you… Justice is coming somehow and some way and I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes. Someone… anyone among you… wake up and cry out against the tide. There may be mercy left for you if you come to your senses now. Soon there will be even less mercy than you have shown to your victims.

Reflections in a Petri Dish
- Homepage:

Losing the plot

23.04.2009 08:30

Yet again Indymedia UK loses the plot.

The issue is fucking simple, a holocaust denier (yes, that means he's a racist) addresses a supposed 'anti-racist' conference and so people dressed as clowns protest this. People on Indymedia condemn these protestors. Idiots.

Also the comment by 'Reflections in a Petri Dish' above this is racist, saying Israel 'engineered' conflicts all around the world. Yeah when something horrific happens it must be the Jews who organise it.

I mean the United States wouldn't commit criminal acts of murder on a massive scale if it wasn't for 'neo-cons' who tricked America into going to war.


Israeli defence minister: "IDF is one of the most moral armies in the world"

23.04.2009 12:11

from Haaretz:

The Israel Defense Forces announced on Wednesday that an internal investigation has determined that no civilians were purposefully harmed by IDF troops during Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip.

Following the release of the investigation results, Defense Minister Ehud Barak said that the army's willingness to probe itself "once again proves that the IDF is one of the most moral armies in the world.

"The IDF is not afraid to investigate itself and in that, proves that its operations are ethical," said Barak.


Israeli Army chief: "White phosphorus use is legal"

23.04.2009 15:07

excerpts from:

IDF probe: White phosphorus use legal

by Yaakov Katz, Jerusalem Post, 22 April 2009

Following the 22-day offensive in January, [Israel’s] Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi appointed five colonels to lead investigations into a number of allegations made against the IDF [Israeli Defence Forces]. […]

Regarding the IDF's use of white phosphorus during the operation, which drew international condemnation and accusations that Israel was committing war crimes, a probe discovered that in all cases it was used in accordance with international law. […]

The IDF said it would reconsider the use of white phosphorus in a future conflict with Hamas in Gaza.


french actually

23.04.2009 17:02

"The U.N. Conference on Racism was visited by Israeli clowns and that was fitting because it had all the elements of a circus attended by mindless children who engage in mass murder of entire populations while screaming in pain when exposed for their acts."

Actually Petri dish (appropriate name btw) they were French. Unless of course by virtue of being Jewish and having an opinion they were OMG ZIONISTS!!!1! and therefore Israeli.

So, anyway, are you a holocaust denier? or just a supporter of holocaust deniers?


Obama: It is our duty to prevent another Holocaust

23.04.2009 23:55

How do we ensure that "never again" isn't an empty slogan, or merely an aspiration, but also a call to action?

[US President Barack Obama, The Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony, Washington D.C. , 23 April 2009]


excerpt from:

Remarks by the President at the Holocaust Days of Remembrance Ceremony

The White House web site, 23 April 2009


dandelion salad

Please read before sentencing me to death

26.04.2009 14:57

The word 'holocaust' refers to the stone/space from where sacrificial offerings were prepared before being burnt in ancient vauguely jewish rituals.

The great rebbe himself (an early medievil rabbi) stated clearly that for the return of the nation of israel[sic] a burnt offering of 6 million would be needed to purify and sanctify the land.

As luck would have it, just before the birth of modern zionist isreal, an event took place (that has become illegal, not to say poltically embaressing to discuss) that fulfilled this religiously instructed necessity.

Quite apart from the many inconsistances, incongruities and - now outed - falsehoods about the methods and numbers involved and leaving aside the observation that considerably more than 6 million people died as the result of warfare wastage and desease, forgetting the political alliances entered into by the zionists of the time, there is precious little in the way of physical evidence to suggest that this event took place in the way claimed.

Of course merely to mention this here is anathema to nearly all and will earn you all the unpleasent attention that hysterics are capable of directing towards you. Never the less, it is encumbant on free thinkers to question the holocaust and to demand the right to do so.

No other historic event is off limits to serious researchers, no other needs the protection of law (laws demanded by the zionists and outlined openly at their international conferences).

And the result?

israel reborn and rampant in its expansion and domination of the indigenious populations - populations who incidently can trace their genetic liniage to and before the original (and limited) jewish rule - something very very few modern jewish people can.

The Palestinians cast out and down, a refusal and severe inhibition to analyse the historic origins of such, jewish extremism on the rise and seeking to stretch its power ever beyond its borders - both physically and judically, as the reconveined sandrehin courts state their distain for international laws and their insistance on reaching anywhere in the world to punish those who transgress against this racially exclusive religious power.

No doubt also this comment being blasted from all directions - if it is even allowed to be seen.

So what?

I care nothing for political cowardness or convienient hysteria - I care for truth and from it justice. I despise the bizzare and scientifically meaningless racial classifications imposed on human beings out of necessity by those seeking to ride upon the division of power therin and I do not care what you think[sic] of me.

I worry tha some hothead zionist thugs will take it upon themslves to threaten and intimidate me and my family - like so many other unfortunate nieve researchers - but that is no reason for anyone who wishes to live free to abandon truth and justice. I wonder how many of yuo can truely say the same?

tactical anonimity


27.04.2009 10:05

Is that the best you can do?

String together a bunch of predictable insults?

I was born 20 yeas after the end of the second world war, so I can not testify to the veracity of any events therein, so can not confirm or deny this holocaust. Neither will I.

Can you read? Will you think? Are you willing to analyse?

From your poor quality reply and low tactics the answers wold appear to be no.

That is a matter for you and your conscience.

Do I have to sing from the rooftops my denial about the nonsense of race? There, that word denial again. It would seem that you can accept that I have problems with the official narrative but when it comes to some other things I say - such as my feelngs towards race - you would deny me such acceptance.

It would seem that you are in denial of my postion - out of cowardness and convienience I would guess.

No matter.

You appear to be a fool, although I would hesitate to call you 'scum' as that is an hysterical insult.

As for being a nazi - well I don't wear or like the uniform, I disagree violently with the policies and philosophies and have no interest in living in an ethically pure society that is based on a devine right of a chosen people, whether they be nazis or zionists.

I can understand how that may produce the classic cognitve dissonance in [you] as you have been instructed from birth to believe in the supremacy of evil that represents the nazi and the supremacy of victim that represents the jew. A classic moral fairy tale, it doesn't even have to be true, so facts are not necessary.

Dream on and meanwhile spare some pity for the Palestinians and the Iraqies and next the Iranians - I am sure they will take the millions of deaths with some ease knowing that to question the zionist philosphies that underpin them would make them the unacceptable 'racist nazi scum' of your tiny little reality.

Still a free thinker

Nice try

27.04.2009 11:18

Nice try anonomous/free thinker, but these are the same type of fearless WHITE anti-racists that walk out of conferences when BROWN/BLACK people try and tell them about the ongoing racism of WHITE people under the banner of zionism.

There is no getting through to them.

They will not listen

Their racism is unkown to them, just as the imperial racism of their colonial period went over their heads, believing in their own devine right to conquer two thirds of the world.

They will walk out on all appeals to facts and the justice implied in them.

Caged thinker

So, to recap

27.04.2009 14:43

You're (ie, people reading this) are happy to throw your lot in with Tactical and Still A Free Thinker who say that the Holocaust, ie. the Nazi genocide agianst Jews, didn't happen, or that he

"can not confirm or deny this holocaust. Neither will I."

and that

" have been instructed from birth to believe in the supremacy of evil that represents the nazi and the supremacy of victim that represents the jew. A classic moral fairy tale, it doesn't even have to be true, so facts are not necessary."

You won't condemn them and you won't condemn Achemdinejads holocaust denial. You're OK with holocaust revisionism and holocaust denial.

Nobody has a problem with these ideologies? Nobody at all?

Great. Indymedia is now a site for Nazi sympathisers. I'm off to write to Searchlight.


and you operator?

27.04.2009 15:40

You are a known and vile sympathiser with the idf and their deliberate and systematic murder of the Palestinians, the theft of their land and the destruction of their culture.

Don't come here expecting your shrill denouncements and bland demands to aid your fascistic world view.

Free thinkers demand the right to question everything.

That you equate that with sympathy with murderers and nazis says more about you than them.

The 'holocuast' is a trademark of zionism. Given their extreme propensity for untruth and rabid xenophobia, only someone with a closed mind would allow their lawmakers to dictate what we can investigate and believe.

Only a fool would have symapthy with the nazis - old or modern.

Only a psychopath would have sympathy with the brutal systematic murder of a whole people for political ideology - old or modern.

Just because we begin to question the official and convienient narrative laid down for us by those who have a vested intest in maintainig it does not mean we have any regard for hitler and his familiar band of idiots - I say familiar, because we have seen and heard an all too similar message screamed from the new reich in israel.

A plague on both your houses.

mr nobody in particular


28.04.2009 09:02

I have just finished reading two interesting books.

'The Gun and the Olive branch' by David Hirst details the racist and xenophobic way in which the early zionist settlers insinuated their way into the land of Palestine and how they dealt in complete bad faith with negotiating and interacting with the indignous population therein. From deception and outright theft, to intimidation and merciless violence.

Lenni Brenners '51 Documents: Zionist Collaboration with the Nazis' details how both before and during the war, zionists used their political muscle in the service of the nazis in order to win themselves the 'grand prize' of a homeland - free of the indiginous population - in Palestine.

When taken in alongside Antony Suttons 'Wall Street and the rise of Hitler', which details the financial backing and banking services offered up by the wall street empires of Schiff, Warberg, Kuhn Loeb & Co. and other wholly or largely jewish owned concerns (incidently all these banks owe their origin and success to original Rosthchild $$$), a picture emerges of not so much coincidence but of careful planning in the service of the birth of the nation of israel.

And of course there are the famous quotes from 1933 by Dr Samuel Undermeyer - president of the world jewish council:

"Each of you, Jew and Gentile alike, who has not already enlisted in
this sacred war should do so now and here. It is not sufficient that
you should buy no goods made in Germany. You must refuse to deal with
any merchant or shopkeeper who sells any German-made goods or who
patronises German ships or shipping.... we will undermine the Hitler
regime and bring the German people to their senses by destroying their
export trade on which their very existence depends."
- Samuel Undermeyer, in a Radio Broadcast on WABC, New York, August 6, 1933.
Reported in the New York Times, August 7, 1933.

This quote was reported under the title of 'judea declares war on germany'. Should germany have ignored this?

Now, operator, I would like to ask you, am I allowed to read these or should they be classified as revisionist literature and burnt - I am confused since they deal with an era before the alledged mass murder of the holocaust?

I expect however, only insults, petulant threats and demands for the airbrushing out of these inconvienient truths - perhaps even back channeled intimidation of editors, moderators advertisers and the like to prevent dissemination etc.

Not neutral but not biased

I am who I am

28.04.2009 19:52

Those others who have posted here can reveal themselves or not (I was also bored and posed as 'george).

I am not an anti-semite, on the contrary, I love my Palestinian brothers and sisters.

Nor do I hate jews.

I will admit to hating nazis and all who use similar methods and philosophies.

I don't particualarly like you either.

And forget the likening of holocaustism to scientific reasoning, they are nothing like each other - the former is exactly like the religious fanatism you speak of, the later demands that facts and the scientific method of uncovering them take precedence.

Science does not progress through forbiding either debate or investigation. Fanatism progresses no other way.

I can imagine how uncomfortable you are debating that which you can not back up - I am only uncomfortable debating it because I fear the consequences from the fanatics that demand that I agree with them or else.

Thats enough from me - you bore me.

To free thinker and the rest, my advise is to give up now and choose another day to battle for truth and justice - this thread has become too emotive.

mr men

For all your blabber

29.04.2009 09:18

I am not ready to give it up to this zionist, if you give an inch to these types they take a mile. What one day they admit or conceed out of the force and correctness of your argument, the next day all is forgotten and you are back to square one thrashing out the same point.

For all your blabber, all you have done is accuse up to three seperate books and their authors of 'lying' without outlining fact one.

You attempt to forclose debate through emotional manipultion - when you are not threatening outright.

From this point, I am unwilling even to conceed the paramenters of debate you so convientiently try to set.

This thread originally started as a response to the disgracfull treatment of Iran’s president Ahmadinejad by a handful of western leaders. As 'caged thinker' so rightly pointed out, the spectacal of white men walking out on a brown man decrying the treatment of brown people at the hands of white people - RACISM - was not only tortuously bizzare but deeply insulting also. That a couple of French jewish zionists are allowed to interupt also smacks of collusion with those vested with the security of the place, and lets face it, is there really any difference in being a jewish zionist and being an israeli apart from the stamp on the pasport? When they act collectively to the same end, regardless of the effects, desires and consequences to the host nation, these parasites are rightly seen for what they truely are. You don't like us seeing that? Tough.

That the only nuclear armed country in the ME continually threatens to destroy Iran is not allowed as a motivation for the Iranian position (an exact parallel to the disallowment of economic sabotage as a motivation for Germany to distrust the international jewish collective known by the name 'zionism'). That should israel use its vast conventional arsenal (let alone its threatened use of WMD's) to destroy Irans reactors, hundreds of thousands - perhaps even millions - of deaths would result, and not only in Iran, but bordering countries not particularly friendly with Iran, does not qualify in your squalid racist world view as a motivation for Iran to take the tone it does with that squalid racist little state

WW2 was not only about the death of jewish people, hundreds of millions of non-jews died also. As did hundreds of millions die as the result of Bolsheivism.

'Not neutral but not biased' where did you get your copy of 'wall street and the rise of hitler'? I have been after a copy of that for ages. My library system claims to have 'lost' its copies, the online verion 'disappeared' shortly after it became available and the only copies on amazon now go for in excess of £60! Another in the long line of unacceptable[sic] info being forced out of public scrutiny.

I have read the sister book, 'wall street and the bolshevik revolution'. Sutton had unparalled access to the US state dept archives, the considerable documents of the anglo-american organisations of the Trilateral commision etc, was a research fellow at the Hoover institute (another huge library) and highly regarded as an expert in the fields of economic history, soviet economic development etc.

In this book, it is seen that a cabal of largely jewish owned banks (again, the Schiffs, Warbergs, Kuhn etc) financed the Bolsheviks and expropriated huge amounts of gold in the process - which later on became the reserves that [their] federal reserve system relied upon as their foundation.

Talk about self righteous pseuds - you have failed to respond to any of the questions put to you, have not dismissed any points with superior ones of your own and have failed miserably to disavow any of the facts laid before us. Instead you attempt to frame the deabte into 'is it holocaust denial or holocaust revision?' It is neither, it is holocaust exhaustion.

Stuff your anachronistic religious terms this is what it is:

WW2 was genocide on a mass scale.

WW1 was genocide on a mass scale.

The Bolshevik revolution was genocide on a mass scale.

Nobody is going to tell me that I can't not research any of these and draw conclusions from that which can be adduced or inferred.

Nobody is going to claim the right to put legal sanctions on me should I draw different conclusions to them - not without a bloody good fight.

Nobody who actively supports a racist xenophobic religious fundmentaist apartheid state is going to dictate terms to me, nor are they going to get away claiming that because I point it out that I am the racist.

I am not bored with this, nor am I willing to conceed patently ridiculous claims to you. You don't have the stomach or the ammo to take on this fight squarely - the facts are against you, hence that need to evoke harsh legislation, emotive punishment and manipulative hysteria.

I am not alone in this. Many people feel the same way. Some are here, some are jews, some are not. To you we are all either anti-semite or self haters. That is self serving bullshit from the type of person who cares only for themselves - a characteristic entirely absent from the many lovely gental Jews I have been lucky enough to come across. You do not speak for them, nor does zionism. Unfortunately - like in all the other god fearing monothestic religions, which lend themselves so readily to interlocutors willing to assume the mouthpeice of this singular entity (unlike in pantheism, which at least allows a multiplicity of voices and alternative veiwpoints) -the vast majority of israelis/zionists/jews are in denial of the basic reality that we are all humans on a single planet and in it together.

No gods no masters.

Now froth some more you miserable wretch.

(Incidently, no one has denied anyone else the right to read words here mr man, that some of the comments are hidden - and easily accessed via ?c=all - probably makes it a better thread, not only was it getting wildly off topic, but also personal invective was growing, which is never useful in debate)

Free Thinker

Full Text of President Ahmadinejad’s Remarks at U.N. Conference on Racism

30.04.2009 10:35

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful… [Protestors in clown costumes escorted out by security] May he bestow upon his prophets… Praise be upon Allah, the Almighty, who is just, kind, and compassionate. May he bestow upon his prophets his blessings and his grace from Adam to Noah; Abraham, Moses, Jesus Christ, and His last prophet, Mohammed. Peace be upon them all who are the harbingers of monotheism, fraternity, love … [Applause] … human dignity and justice.

Mr. Chairman. I call upon all distinguished guests to forgive these ignorant people.

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful. Praise be upon Allah, the Almighty, who is just, kind, and compassionate, and praise and salutations of the Almighty God to the great prophet. May he bestow upon [us] His blessings, His grace. We thank the Almighty God. Praise be upon him who is just and who is compassionate. And the salutations and regards of Allah to his prophets, from Noah to Abraham, Moses, Jesus Christ, and his last prophet Mohammed. Peace be upon them all who are the harbingers of monotheism, fraternity, love, human dignity, and justice.

Mr. Chairman. Honorable Secretary General of the United Nations. Madam High Commissioner. Ladies and Gentleman. We have gathered here in the follow up to the Durban conference against racism and racial discrimination to work out practical mechanisms for our holy and humanitarian campaigns. Over the last centuries, humanity has gone through tremendous suffering and pain. In the middle ages, thinkers and scientists were sentenced to death. It was then followed by a period of slavery and slave trade, when innocent people in millions were captivated and separated from their families and loved ones, to be taken to Europe and America under worse conditions; the dark period that also experienced occupations, lootings, and massacres of innocent people.

Many years passed by before nations rose up and fought for their liberty and freedom, and they paid a high price. They lost millions of lives to expel the occupiers and proclaim their independence. However, it did not take long that the coercive powers imposed two wars in Europe which also plagued a part of Asia and Africa. Those horrific wars claimed about 100 million lives and left behind massive devastation. Had lessons been learned from the occupations, horrors, and crimes of those wars, there would have been a ray of hope for the future. The victorious powers called themselves the conquerors of the world while ignoring or downtreading the rights of other nations by the imposition of oppressive laws and international arrangements.

Ladies and gentlemen, let us take a look at the U.N. Security Council, which is one of the legacies of World War II and World War I. What was the logic behind their granting themselves the veto rights? How can such a logic comply with humanitarian or spiritual values? Could it be in conformity with the recognized principles of justice, equality before law, love, and human dignity? [Applause] Or rather, with discrimination, injustice, violation of human rights, or humiliation of the majority of nations and countries?

That Council is the highest decision-making world body for safeguarding the international peace and security. How can we expect the realization of justice and peace when discrimination is legalized and the origin of law is dominated by coercion and force rather than by justice and the right?

Coercion and arrogance is the origin of oppression and wars. Although today many proponents of racism condemn racial discrimination in their words and in their slogans, a number of powerful countries have been authorized to decide for other nations based on their own interests and at their own discretions. And they can easily ridicule and violate all laws and humanitarian values, as they have done so.

Following World War II, they resorted to military aggression to make an entire nation homeless on the pretext of Jewish sufferings. And they sent migrants from Europe, the United States, and other parts of the world in order to establish a totally racist government in the occupied Palestine… [Delegates walk out in protest. Applause] And in fact in compensation for the dire consequences of racism in Europe… Okay, please. Thank you. And in fact in compensation for the dire consequences of racism in Europe, they helped bring to power the most cruel and repressive, racist regime in Palestine. [Applause]

The Security Council helped stabilize this occupation regime and supported it in the past 60 years, giving them a free hand to continue their crimes. It is all the more regrettable that a number of Western governments and the United States have committed themselves to defend those racist perpetrators of genocide whilst the awakened conscience and free minded people of the world condemn aggression, brutalities and bombardments of civilians in Gaza. They have always been supportive or silent against their crimes. And before that, they have always been silent with regard to their crimes.

Distinguished delegates, ladies and gentlemen, what are the root causes of U.S. attacks against Iraq or invasion of Afghanistan? [Shouts from audience] What are the root causes of U.S. attacks against Iraq invasion of Afghanistan? Was the motive behind the invasion of Iraq anything other than the arrogance of the then U.S. administration and the mounting pressures on the part of the owner of wealth and power to expand their sphere of influence, seeking the interests of giant arms manufacturing companies, affecting a noble culture with thousands of years of historical background, eliminating potential and practical traits of Muslim countries against the useful Zionist regime, or to control and plunder energy resources of the Iraqi people? Why, indeed almost a million people were killed and injured and a few more millions were displaced and became homeless. Why, indeed the Iraqi people have suffered enormous losses amounting to hundreds of billions of dollars. And why was hundreds of billions of dollars imposed on the American people and its allies as a result of these military actions? Wasn’t the military action against Iraq planned by the Zionists and their allies in the then U.S. administration in complicity with the arms manufacturing companies and the owner of the wealth?

The invasion of Afghanistan; restore peace, security, and economic well being in this country. The United States and its allies not only have failed to contain [?] in Afghanistan, but also the illicit cultivation of narcotics multiplied in the course of their presence. The basic question is: What was the responsibility of the job of the then U.S. administration and its allies? Did it represent the world? Have they been mandated by them? Have they been authorized on behalf of the people of the world to interfere in all parts of the globe? And of course mostly in our region aren’t these measures a clear example of egocentrism, racism, discrimination, or infringement upon the dignity and independence of nations?

Ladies and gentlemen, who are responsible for the current global economic crisis? Where did the crisis start from? From Africa? From Asia? Or was it first from the United States, then spreading to Europe and to their allies? For a long time they imposed inequitable economic regulations. By their political power on the international economy they imposed a financial and a monetary system without a proper international oversight mechanism on nations and governments that played no role in the repressive trends or policies. They have not even allowed their people to oversee of monitor their financial policies. They introduce all laws and regulations in defiance to all moral values only to protect the interests of the owners of wealth and power. They further presented a definition of market economy and competition that denied many of the economic opportunities that could be available to other countries of the world. They even transferred their problems to others whilst the wave of crisis lashed back, plaguing their economies with thousands of billions of dollars in budget deficits. And today, they are injecting hundreds of billions of cash from the pockets of their own people into the failing banks companies and financial institutions making the situation more and more complicated for the economy and their people. They are simply thinking about maintaining power and wealth. They couldn’t care any less about the people of the world and even about their own people.

Mr. President, ladies and gentlemen, racism is rooted in the lack of knowledge concerning the truth of human existence as the selected creature of God. It is also the product of his deviation from the true path of human life and the obligations of mankind in the world of creation. Failing to consciously worship God, not being able to think about the philosophy of life or the path to perfection that are the main ingredients of divine and humanitarian values, have restricted the horizon of human outlook, making transient and limited interests a yardstick for his actions.

That is why the cells of the Devil’s power took shape and expanded its realm of power by depriving others from enjoying equitable and just opportunities to development. The result has been the making of an unbridled racism that is posing the most serious threat against the international peace and has hindered the way for building peaceful coexistence in the entire world. Undoubtedly, racism is the symbol of ignorance which has deep roots in history. And it is indeed a sign of frustration in the development of human society. It is therefore crucially important to trace the manifestations of racism in situations or in societies where ignorance or lack of knowledge prevails in the societies. This increasing general awareness and understanding towards the philosophy of human existence is the principle struggle against such manifestations; which is the key to understanding the truth that humankind centers on the creation of the universe, and the key to a return to the spiritual and moral values, and finally the inclination to worship God the Almighty. The international community must initiate collective moves to raise awareness in the afflicted societies where the ignorance of racism still prevails so as to bring to a halt the spread of these malicious manifestations.

Dear friends, today the human community is facing a kind of racism which has tarnished the image of humanity in the beginning of the third millennium. The world Zionism personifies racism that falsely resorts to religion and abuse religious sentiments to hide their hatred and ugly faces. However, it is of great importance to bring into focus the political goals of some of the world powers and those who control huge economic resources and interests in the world. They mobilize all their resources, including their economic and political influence and world media to render support in vain to the Zionist regime, and maliciously endeavor to diminish the indignity and disgrace of this regime. This is not simply a question of ignorance, and one cannot conquer this ugly phenomenon through cultural campaigns. Efforts must be made to put an end to the abuse by Zionists and their supporters of political and international means and respect of the will and aspirations of nations. Governments must be encouraged and supported in their fights aimed at eradicating this barbaric racism [applause] and to move towards reforming … [applause] … the current international mechanisms.

There is no doubt that you are all aware of the conspiracies of some powers and Zionist circles against the goals and objectives of this conference. Unfortunately, there has been literature and statements in support of Zionism and their crimes, and it is the responsibility of honorable representatives of nations to disclose these campaigns which run counter to humanitarian values and principles. It should be recognized that boycotting such a session as an outstanding international capacity is a true indication of supporting the blatant example of racism.

In defending human rights it is primarily important to defend the rights of all nations to participate equally in all important international decision making processes without the influence of certain world powers. And secondly it is necessary to restructure the existing international organizations and their respective arrangements. Therefore this conference is a testing ground and the world public opinion today and tomorrow will judge our decisions and our actions [applause].

Mr. President. Mr President. Ladies and gentlemen. The world is going through fundamental changes, radical fundamental changes. Power relations have become so weak and fragile. The sounds of cracks in the pillars of world oppression can now be heard. Major political and economic structures are at the brink of collapse. Political and security crises are on the rise. The worsening crises in the world economy for which there can be seen no bright prospect, amply demonstrate the rising tide of far reaching global changes. I have repeatedly emphasized the need the change the wrong direction in which the world has been managed today. And I have also warned of the dire consequences of any delay in this crucial responsibility.

Now, in this [?] and valuable event, I would like to announce here to all leaders thinkers, and to all nations of the world present in this meeting and those who have a hunger for peace and economic well being, that the management, the inequitable and unjust management of the world, is now at the end of the road. This deadlock was inevitable since the logic of this imposed management was oppressive.

The logic of collective management of world affairs is based on noble aspirations which centers on human beings and the supremacy of the Almighty God. Therefore it defies any policy or plan which goes against the interest of nations. Victory of the right over the wrong and establishment of a just world system have been promised by the Almighty God and his messengers and it has been a shared goal of all human beings from different societies and generations in the course of history. Realization of such a future depends upon the knowledge of the creation and the belief in the hearts of all the faithful [applause]. The making of a global society is in fact the accomplishment of a noble held in the establishment of a common global system that will be run with the participation of all nations of the world in all major and basic decision making processes and the definite route to this sublime goal. Scientific and technical capacities as well as communication technologies have created a common and wider spread understanding of the world society and has provided the necessary ground for a common system.

Now it is incumbent upon all intellectuals, thinkers, and policy makers in the world to carry out their historical responsibility with firm belief to this definite route, I also want to lay emphasis on the fact that the western liberalism and capitalism, like communism, has reached to its end since it has failed to perceive the truth of the world and human[kind] as it is. It has imposed its own goals and directions on human beings with no regard for human and divine values, justice, freedom, love, or brotherhood; has based the living on the intensive competition securing individual and collective material interests.

Now we must learn from the past by initiating collective efforts by dealing with present challenges, and in this connection and in closing my remarks I wish to draw your kind attention to two important points. One: It is absolutely possible to improve the existing situation in the world. However, it must be noted that it could only be achieved through the cooperation of all countries in order to get the best out of existing capacities and resources in the world. My participation in this conference is because of my conviction of these important issues, as well as to our common responsibility to defending the rights of nations vis-a-vis the sinister phenomenon of racism, and being with you, the thinkers of the world. [Applause]

Two: Mindful of the inefficacy of the current international political, economic, and security systems on the world scene, it is necessary to focus on the divine and humanitarian values and by referring to the true definition of human beings, and based upon justice and respect for the rights of all people in all parts of the world, and by acknowledging the past wrongdoings in the past dominant management of the world undertake collective measures to reform the existing structures. In this respect, it is crucially important to reform the structure of the Security Council, including the elimination of the discriminatory veto right … [applause] … and change the current world and financial monetary systems. It is evident that lack of understanding on the urgency for change is equivalent to the much heavier costs of delay.

Dear friends, be aware that to move in the direction of justice and human dignity is like the national rapid flow in the current of a river. Let us not forget the essence of love and affection, the promised bright future of human beings is a great asset that will serve our purpose in keeping us together to build a new world and to make the world a better place full of love fraternity and blessings; a world devoid of poverty and hatred, [inaudible] the increasing blessings of God Almighty and the righteous management of the perfect human being. Let us all join hands in amity in playing our share in the fulfillment such a decent new world.

I thank you Mr. President, Secretary General, and all distinguished participants for having the patience to listen to me. Thank you very much.


Gordon Brown: We should not ever allow this to happen again

30.04.2009 21:12

excerpt from:

PM’s words at the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp

Number 10 (website of the UK Prime Minister’s Office), 29 April 2009

"When you see the gas chambers, the concentration camps, […] [t]hese memories can never leave you, but it makes you absolutely determined that we should not ever allow this to happen again."

[UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown, interview at the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, 28 April 2009]

dandelion salad
- Homepage:

FLASHBACK: Quotes on Iran by Obama, Brown, Sarkozy and Merkel

30.04.2009 21:17

Quotes on Iran by Obama, Brown, Sarkozy and Merkel

28 July 2008

Below are some quotes taken from the speeches given by prominent political leaders during their recent visits to Israel.

“The threats to Israel’s security… [include] an Iranian regime that sponsors terrorism, pursues nuclear weapons and threatens Israel’s existence”

[US Presidential Candidate Barack Obama, speech in Sderot, 23 July 2008] [1]

“And to those who mistakenly and outrageously call for the end of Israel let the message be: Britain will always stand firmly by Israel’s side.”

[UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown, speech to the Israeli Parliament Knesset, 21 July 2008] [2]

“Yes, France is Israel’s friend, and France will always stand shoulder to shoulder with Israel when her security and existence are threatened… And those who call scandalously for Israel’s destruction will always find France in their way, blocking the path.”

[France's President Nicholas Sarkozy, speech to the Israeli Parliament Knesset, 23 June 2008] [3]

“Ladies and gentlemen, the threats directed against Israel and the Jewish people by the Iranian President are without doubt a particular cause for concern…. If Iran ever acquires nuclear weapons, the consequences will be disastrous.”

[Germany's President Angela Merkel, speech to the Israeli Parliament Knesset, 18 March 2008] [4]



[1] Obama’s Speech in Sderot, Israel

[2] Speech by the Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom at the Knesset, Israel

[3] Speech by M. Nicolas Sarkozy to the Knesset

[4] Speech by Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel to the Knesset in Jerusalem on 18 March 2008,property=publicationFile.pdf

dandelion salad
- Homepage: -brown-sarkozy-and-merkel/

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