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Nazi Housing by Chamberlain

Bobby Meade | 09.03.2010 17:05 | Education | Health | Indymedia | Birmingham | World

Hola Chaps! Went to post a comment on this article, and I see that it is not possible now. Wanted to let you know how housing is doing in this Nazi township.

Hola! Is this the Puerto Rican Indian country ruled by the Chamberlains? I live in Nazi housing managed by a Jeff Chamberlain that is full of Nazis harassing people so that they can be picked up by Nazi Mental Health, for speaking out against such "sweet people". (Jer. 5:26)

Nazi Housing by Chamberlain
Bobby Meade | 17.09.2009 16:23 | Culture | Education | Health | Birmingham | World

Hola! Is this the Puerto Rican Indian country ruled by the Chamberlains? I live in Nazi housing managed by a Jeff Chamberlain that is full of Nazis harassing people so that they can be picked up by Nazi Mental Health, for speaking out against such "sweet people". (Jer. 5:26)

Related excerpts from my blog: 1/4/08 As revealed by pill packets that I place in the door to detect entry, Bush Nazis have entered my apartment @ 500 times to throw chemicals, steal stuff, and/or perforate the place in the past year. On 10/23 they filled the place with ethylene dibromide, which makes you cough a lot. They've been keeping it up since then. 12/21 Five days ago they start throwing cyanide chemicals 24 hours a day. Toxicology books no longer reveal that cyanide causes chest constriction and heart pain. Their foolproof plan is to kill with cyanide and say that you died from the cough. Bush Daddy says that the landlord responsible for this "death trap" is one of Hitler's Storm Troopers and that their true identities are protected by Secret Service, which they formed for that purpose. No need to prove anything. Bush Daddy says to have them dye their hair red, put on a dress, and say that they are the Queer Kennedys.(Is. 33:1)

6/28/08 Even though every other poophead in this town seems to have a key to my apartment, they've been digging at my door like they were trying to jimmy the lock. As revealed by pill packets that I place in the door to detect entry, they have entered that place @ 500 times to throw chemicals etc. in the past year. On 10/23 they filled the place with ethylene dibromide, something like that. Toxic as hell! Even though they've been bugging me nonstop for the past 11 years, they feel that they have to send a special Bush Nazi message like that; and they've been keeping it up every day 11/11. 11/13 Bush Dadddy says that the 500 illegal entries were an attempt to get me to put a padlock and chain on the inside, so that the door could not be opened with the door key alone. He says that is illegal, but that was the only way to keep them out in Ithaca and DC; plus my dog, Gigi allegedly bit a guy who stuck his hand through the chained door. 12/24 Since ethylene dibromide makes you cough a lot, on 12/16 they started throwing cyanide chemicals 24 hours a day. "Oh my heart! I'm coming to join you!" (Note that they've removed "heart pain" as one of the symptoms of cyanide poisoning from the toxicology books!) Their foolproof plan is to kill with cyanide and say that you died from the cough. Bush Daddy says that the landlord responsible for this "death trap" is one of Hitler's Storm Troopers and that their true identities are protected by Secret Service, which they formed for that purpose. No need to prove anything. The look on their faces betrays them.(Is. 3:9) You can also tell W that the only war worth fighting is against his old man and those who support his old man and that when he stops, it will be his turn.(Is. 33:1; 14:21)

12/2/08 A few weeks ago they filled my bedroom with bedbugs as they did in Ithaca eight years ago. I discovered that all prior bites become inflamed when you get new bites, producing a condition that Nazi doctors would probably call a rash. I bet all instances of bedbug infestations are promoted by Bush Nazis; i.e. sh*theads, queer boys, Jews, or someone of that ilk. It is extremely difficult to get rid of them. If you call an exterminator, they will probably spray then dust the places with eggs so they have to return every 30 days. Standard business procedure? They have also been making it so there is only one available computer at the library where I am surrounded by riff-raff throwing such insects and spraying noxious substances. I have even witnessed fleas that were dumped from an upstairs window being blown in my open window, not to mention full-strength acid and gas gas gas being dumped round the clock and waking me up every day @ 2 AM after @ 4 hours sleep! At the Y, i.e. Your Murderous Chemicalmongering *ssholes, a place that has apparently been formed, staffed, and frequented by Nazis so that they may prey on Christians and others of their ilk, they have had an apparently bogus plumbing and heating company there for @ the past 250 days, flooding the pool with gas every time I swim. As you should know, the gas produces congestion; i.e. lung damage, and smokers cough so that they can kill you and say that the cough killed you. It's a trap where they make manifest contrived illnesses, injuries, or mishaps so they have an excuse to immobilize you and have Hitler's Health Care come and pick you up. More often than not, intervention equals abduction! The Nazis all walk around pretending to be too stupid to know what is going on until the trap is sprung, and they can serve as pro-SERPENT witnesses. (Jer. 5:26) To top things off there is a WARNING sign on the front door of my building, informing people that this building is under the protection of the Sheriff. That's odd because I was certain that the jurisdiction of the Sheriff was restricted to the town, the county, and the state roads within the city. Then again, if Broome County is anything like Tompkins County, every single police officer would be at the beck and call of the sh*t-eating Bush Nazi that rule the Sheriff Association (founded probably by Hitler in 1940!). Ask Emery Guest, former Chief of Zion's Secret Police in Tompkins County. Do you wonder why the Star of David is on Sheriff vehicles? (Note to NC: I asked about a woman named Doreen who used to live in my building and would make emergency phone calls for me to the landlord about sh*theads flooding my apartment from upstairs and stuff like that, and I found out she was dead. They apparently killed her with chemicals as she was trying to move out of that place. I bet that she was after them for putting rotted garbage in the basement because their poisonous insect brainstorm originated about that time. 12/5 GHW Bush said that Doreen made the mistake of calling the police, for all calls to the police about the criminality of the Bush Nazis are being intercepted by EMS; i.e. the ambulance; and the callers are quickly dispatched. I was wondering why the ambulance sightings in this town now rival that of Ithaca. Understand that they know who is being targetted by the Bush Nazis, and they are expecting them to call the police; thus it is a simple matter to intercept these calls. The appearance of pro-Nazi telephone companies has made it that way. That is one of the reasons that they suppressed my articles that addressed these "communication glitches"(2001-3). As for calling 911, don't forget that 9/11 was a big deal with Hitler, for they cut off funding to GJR, the seat of US Nazism on 9/11/14. 911 could be the ultimate "communication glitch"!) (12/17 Yesterdays paper revealed that the Sheriff is dispensing psychiatric medications to the prisoners. Where did he find a legitimate psychiatrist in this area? Nicky Exarchou would never allow such a thing! "So you're going crazy, huh? You could never find the place; plus they would never let you in! Take some of this "pesticide", and we'll see if you're alive in the morning.")

4/22/09 New landlord, Coolidge Properties showed @ 2 months ago, and the Queer Kennedys became Kennedy Binghamton. Same toxic menagerie has continued while they do a superficial job of remodeling the place, probably in preparation to burn it down. As GHW Bush confirms, and I remember, Coolidge came into town with Texas or Lousiana plates. Mysterious leader of this group, Chamberlain has never showed his face at the office, which is in a gated residential building. After I have lived there four years, they acted like they had no idea who lived in my apartment. This morning I had to swim at 6 AM and be home @ 8, for they said that they were going to enter my apartment to leave a key to the new front door. So I caught them before they entered, and they proceeded to come in and remove every one of 14 storm windows so that they could paint the outside of the windows. They said that they were going to give me the key at 4, but I took off when I saw what their game was. When I explained that leaving a key was no reason to make an entry into my apartment when I was not there, I mentioned the 900 unannounced entries of the Queer Kennedys in a 21 mo. period. Then @ quarter to four I see two of Nazi Death Doctor, N. Exarchou's blowfish from Nazi Mental Health lingering around my apartment, I realized that it was all a sham to get me picked up for talking to these sh*theads at all. They wanted me to argue with them about their saying that they were going to leave the key, for they had kept their note on which I had informed them that was no reason to enter the apartment. Since several of these workers were from the Queer Kennedy operation, it would just be my word against a pack of sh*theads. GHW Bush says "dismember them alive" in an attempt to get me to say that. Don't prove him wrong!

(Note: 9/17 Bringing those windows into the apartment like that contaminated every single window with mold. They had shut off the heat in my apt. in mid-March. I asked them to turn it back on. They did. For one day. It has been off since. When I told this Chamberlain dude about the heat and a broken basement window, he just laughed. That is their game; "He can't hear. He can't do anything about it! NoBody is going to do anything about it!" Their superheating the dug basement from 3/08 to 11/08 to raise fruit flies and poisonous spiders, scorpions, and mites on rotted garbage has apparently costed so much that they don't want to heat the apt. at all! This summer they were keeping the rotted garbage in blue plastic barrels outside, and they would apparently place them in the basement to release the insects now and then. They spray pesticides to force the insects into my bedroom on a regular basis. They also make it so I can't use a fan to bring fresh air in, for they killed one fan and throw chemicals and insects from outside.. I can only force air out; thus basement air is what I have to bring in.Their jacking the floor to create cracks in the square oak flooring and the intended air flow from the basement resulted in their cracking one of the main beams in this 16 unit building. Although I told them to just build a pier under it, caulk the crack, and paint it, and say that they were worried that it was going to crack; they went out and bought new 2 x 10s and replaced the beam; i.e. they replaced 100 year old wood with wood that has about 10% of the strength of the old wood. They continue to dump gas in the wall from the apartment upstairs to the point where it has disintegrated the base of the pine molding on the closet in my bedroom. They have killed my 20 year old refrigerator numerous times by loosening the electical connections in the wall. They especially enjoy doing that if I buy ice cream. Like the 900 unannounced entries into my apt. by the Queer Kennedys, this is all an attempt to get me to go talk to these sh*theads. They believe that they are not sh*theads because someone apparently fried their brains with bile duct toxins while they were drinking alcohol. Their is no way that I can talk to such people without their making an issue of it with Nazi Mental Health and/or Nazi Death Doctor, Nicky Exarchou, so I am hoping to get them replaced by someone that I can talk to. What I want to know is what is a Chamberlain doing here? Did Queer Queen Charles send him? Don't you think that he is giving you Puerto Rican Indians a bad name? Tell me if you know. Yeah yeah! I know. NoBody is going to do anything about it. Do you want this guy's head? You could keep it in a glass jar in the receptionist's office to help promote better landlord relations. I bet Scully would make a better landlord than this Chamberlain dude! ) see or

3/9/10 Update: The Doreen who was rubbed out when she tried to move out was Doreen Carmen. The apartment was superheated to @ 98 degrees for two three day periods in November and December 2009. Now they are keeping it at a consistent 87 degrees; thus it is hard to get out without breaking into a sweat. The paint that they put on the exterior of the windows last year had to be the cheapest paint available, for it is peeling in long strips. Also from: Ban Supercomputers from the Internet 2/11/10 (second article in my blog):

"Letter to Brainless Relative, 12/30/09
Went to see Mom yesterday after dislocating my knee on ice that was intentionally put at the base of Eaton St. on Front St. Saw one of the Chamberlains (Jeff Chamberlain is my landlord, Coolidge Properties) walking away from the scene. They put a slippery substance that freezes @ 36 degrees on the road. It's happened before! Swam 2400 that morn, went to supermarket, and pedaled to Endicott and back (20 mi.). That is the only way to ward off shock when that happens. Just keep moving. 4th time in my life I've dislocated that knee. Using a crutch and knee brace today. Walking is the best way to heal it. .......1/16 When I wiped out on the bike, I hit my knee right where the computer chip is. There were three dime-size wounds from the impact, and the wound directly over the computer chip formed a blue-green scab while the other two were flesh colored. I believe that indicates the release of copper into my bloodstream from the copper wires of the electrode and that the chip is less than a half inch under the skin, for the skin of the knee is very thin".

That slippery substance seems to be a petroleum compound that freezes at a higher temperature than water. Chamberlains have given run of the place to their receptionist who ignores the tenants as well as any of them. Does it matter what's legal on not in a Nazi town? Go drink some more of your groundwater and show us what stupidity is all about.

Bobby Meade
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