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The Fire Pits of Purgatory for Private Profit Plus Plan

King Johnny America | 22.03.2010 23:35 | Other Press | Terror War | Workers' Movements | Liverpool | World

Remember, without any Police services allowed to
pursue the bad guys, they will continue to
escape. I ask loyal Americans to support my
demands for the arrest, trial and execution for
treason, Bush, Cheney, and George Noory.

The_Big_Win - mp3 19M

Vets, families, states’ law enforcement: Prosecute US govt. for murder in unlawful, lying US wars

Full El Al flight took off on 9/11 from JFK to Tel Aviv

Remember, without any Police services allowed to
pursue the bad guys, they will continue to
escape. I ask loyal Americans to support my
demands for the arrest, trial and execution for
treason, Bush, Cheney, and George Noory. Noory
knows this minimally, yet, will broadcast to Alex
Jones' face, that bin Laden did 911, without any
complaint. An enemy who propagandizes for the
Bush regime on Afghanistan, Iraq, and so on to
KILL any as all Americans for the neocon's
continuing escape. (Loose Change has never been
ever allowed on for challenge, while Bigfoot is
sold as something the audience is only interested
in, as dying our precious times). A. Jones
religiously supports the sales of political
Parties as THE ONLY solution, instead of the much
more powerful position of principles, and doesn't
support this open public knowledge as critical to
defend all our mutual interests. Too fearful of
wiser men and women he is to defend his hyper
inflated ego 'above' everyone else is, as, to
hell with America. He's got to look good at all
costs as infallible. One Example of many:
McCain never won the rigged election he directly
forbids ALL the important knowledge of as
principle. He'll let all Americans die, before
the truth be told. Peggy. (Me, I'm an asshole -
sometimes - and when found in error, am pleased
for the new insight on my true greatness) Alex is
not a champion of freedom, who dismisses Bush a
puppet who personally told US, "we don't need any
evidence". I call dummy Bush the Antichrist for
good reason completely absent to form ANY
conclusions whatsoever on guilt, while proceeding
to murder as America has done, millions and
millions of completely innocent Human beings with
naked, blatant war crimes of rape and torture
with private mercenaries, in nations to this day,
being robbed of everything for furthering the
Bushite Grunter's lawless tyranny of ungodliness.
Obstruction. Plus, Alex Jones claims I am
completely unworthy cointelpro as a true defender
of the faith. 1+1=2 (the consequences of his
blanket bigotry). You decide whether you are
worthy the rights to be respected as the innocent
until proven otherwise. Demand true just actions
be taken to defend ourselves as falling innocent
victims. Not to blame the NWO for our criminal
loses, but the highly suspect actual criminals.

"FBI seized FAA records concerning the events of 9/11"

Mueller did. The true enemy of Liberty in America.


The Fire Pits of Purgatory for Private Profit Plus Plan

/ / Before her last deployment, 31-year-old Staff
Sergeant Danielle Nienajadlo passed her Army
physical with flying colors.

She was sent to Walter Reed Army Medical Center
and learned she had been diagnosed with acute
myelogenous leukemia, a fast progressing form of
the disease \ \ EXCELLENT!

Joined the military to gun down some innocent
families for Zionism's task to escape Bush and
Cheney for 911, so, what was the demon witch enemy
of America expecting? I thank God this evil nazi
crunt who joined the military to kill the innocent
for stolen money, will die quickly some horrible
cancer, before she as a naked TRAITOR tortures,
rapes, or murders more innocent souls to thieve
for the banksters and the Neocon Peenacker LIARS.
Don't tell me she couldn't be bothered to learn at
all in today's info world what the Iraq war is, or
of 911, or of anything else, while taking new still
in the box, Dual-Core P4 computers paid for by the
American suckers and burning them in fire pits for
Halliburton's 'cost plus' program. While preparing
to gun down the innocent, or bomb the defenseless for
multi-millionaire TV Celeb demon LIARS Sean Hannity
and Glenn 'no justice for you Christians' Beck. Had
she never seen the popular Youtube vids of bushite
Nazi grunts gunning down innocent children at Holy
Church Services, chanting whore yeah, whore yeah?
Warring side by side with CONVICTED war criminals
of Aegis, CACI, or child raping one dollar blow
job Blackwater pimps, and so on? What man or butch
women of ANY nation, ANY! would not gun down to kill
a "lawless" no morals Blackwater mercenary enemy
of everyone on sight? For raping children? Instead
of randomly gunning down innocent families in Iraq
for their lucrative entertainments? I thank this
loving Universe she'll die likely now, or tomorrow
before another innocent Afghani or Iraqi
soul she had targeted for willful MURDER fell
instead for her godless contempt for Justice,
and Life in America. Die bushite nazi cunt die!

Notice NO concern for Iraqis here...
/ / An Army study released in early 2009 found
that particulate matter at 15 sites exceeded both
EPA and US military standards. Even short-term
exposure could sicken—or kill—service members,
the report warns [like Socialist commies pinko
lefties who care for better health care?] \ \
me and Cheney's Halliburton can agree on! Every
Bushite's rightful death is a gift to God and
Humanity. Just look at all Americans, who read
my words, and refuse to forward these concerns as
their very own. Who call US, 'a left wing
anti-war traitor' Who refuse as the silent enemy
to phone George Noory with anything but praise
for his blatant naked public treasons of not
allowing the truth to be spoken. A Bushite was
asked, 'but what of Bush and Cheney stopping
Police investigations to arrest those who did 911
murdering thousands of Americans?' Or of
'Halliburton massively over-billing America in
the billions as criminal frauds??' I swear to
God, the bushite Nazi actually responded, "I
DON'T CARE". Stop near any vet on the street
with a gun in your pocket, and only in America,
it'll godlessly say near exactly the same.
Lifeless Nazi trash, who war Humanity for lawless
tyranny to enslave our Humanity to enrich
banksters and gangsters, gang rapists of American
Women, Fox News hosts, those 30 Republicans,
Zionist Israel with AIPAC, and torturers. No
commitment to defend America, no commitment to
God. DBD.

Signed, Johnny America - The True Patriot

"The effort to win over Afghans on former Taliban
turf in Marja has put American and NATO
commanders in the unusual position of arguing
against opium eradication."

/ / Opium is the main livelihood of 60 to 70
percent of the farmers in Marja, which was seized
from Taliban rebels in a major offensive last
month. American Marines occupying the area are
under orders to leave the farmers’ fields alone. \ \

The Taliban are religious fundamentalists. These
demon bushite enemy lies, are lies to push more
heroin onto American streets, to attack American
children. To life imprison addicts for the glory
of the bushite nazi grunts who hate God, truth,
and freedom. DFBD. See? The Taliban don't as
never could sell heroin, for that would be in
opposition to Allah's will. And the Taliban
stand as a groups of Patriotic armed men together
committed to kill rightly for Christ the bushite
nazi grunter illiterates who hate wise words
spoken against their ungodly dumfukker tyranny of
indiscriminate deaths and suffering.

"Netanyahu to ask Obama for weapons to strike Iran"

This is attempted mass murder. I as the Patriot,
ask all Jews to bill on sight, the demon enemy of
GOD named Netanyahu for this attempted war crime.
Again, there is only DEMON LIES spewn by this
enemy of Life, who advances indiscriminate mass
murder against our species. They dropped 7
million land mines on Lebanon. They broke the
truce on Nov 4th to kill Jews for money. They
STEAL innocent Christian homes on a near daily
basis. They gathered Christian children together
and burned them alive with white phosphorus, far
worse than ANYTHING the Nazis of Germany ever
did. They starve Jews in garbage dumps to
attract charitable aid to be used elsewhere.
They are Satanic enemies of all Creation, just as
the Holy Bible teaches. NOT JEWS. Love Life or
die rightly in self contempt America, love Life.

The tyranny of censorship is what stops our free
words that speak for Justice securing our dying
freedoms. Send this as your concern also why
don't you fight back to defend?

ArmyTimes "At least one in six service members is on some form of psychiatric drug."

Typical Nazi grunt behaviour. Why? There is
ZERO science to Amerika's psycho drug program.
(see Generation RX) So, we can only hope and pray
the poison is lethal. Which is somewhat likely.
God moves among the godless Zionist lawless
parasite enemies of Man. Die bushite die I
always say. They are traitors to America warring
to escape the Zionist Neocon Peenackers.

Obama's US Top Cop for Banks Wants Less Regulation

TREASON as America standing in for violations of
standing law against fraud. Torture. Mass
murder. Obstruction.. and so on.

Dennis Kucinich and Ralph Nader: A Discussion on Healthcare, Politics and Reform

Wow. This one is definitely going to the
archives. This was a remarkable broadcast of our
History. Don't miss it.

Kucinich sold out to who?

Then, go listen to Alex Jones at about 42 minutes
into this on how great Bush is as unmentioned.
His ignorance knows no bounds, swimming in his
own private putrid hog wash. This isn't about
blindly whoreshipping anyone like Alex Jones
approves blindly. What a fool. Bush closed 911
police investigations remember my friends, so
we're dealing with a barbaric society of
dumfukkery lost by indifference to the definition
of what Justice proclaims: freedom.

McCain and Lieberman's "Enemy Belligerent" Act

"the single most extremist, tyrannical and
dangerous bill introduced in the Senate in the
last several decades."




Interview With Radical
Activist 'Splitting The Sky'

Man, does that newspaper look incredible or what?
I'd buy that, and likely support it's sponsors I
tell you that right now. .. Maybe I should give
up on my dreams to become a big time radio host,
and shoot for writing?

Hey. As to this selection of a jury. All needs
done for Justice winning, is to ask, who did 911?
Anything else but the facts, makes them wrong.
We are power, we are win.

(example: to say, 'bin Laden did it', is not to
form opinion based on substantiated fact, but a
blind hatred for Law, a blind hatred for Just
cause as freedom, a blind hatred for wisdom, a
blind hatred for GOD and Humanity. General Ahmad
funded Atta, ENEMY Bush IS GUILTY of obstruction.
Ergo, not quailfied to judge. Typical dying as
ungodly Amerikan alined with the TRUE demon
Antichrist enemy of this Universe. When the
bushite Nazi Amerikan Zombie dies, we all win by
saving freedom as tghe lives of the Innocent.)


Afghanistan Enacts Law That Gives War Criminals Blanket Immunity

This is not the action of a Muslim country, but
of those Satanic, warring Allah for the escape of
the Tenth Mountain Division. The group of Nazi
savages, who instead of gloriously killing their
commander, would go into villages in Afghanistan,
and mass murder every inhabitant, to please the
demon Antichrist and "sexy" Rumsfeld. Likely
raping the children and dogs too, as sanctioned
by Rotten Rumsfeld as a way to war with
terrorism. You know me, "die bushite die". When
you see them, you bill them as any real man of
any nationality, or religion naturally would.
Just like Christ as the Mahdi would also. They
truly deserve to die, not to live warring as CNN
"Heroes" collecting expensive free health care.
Note: ABC News reported a little while back,
that half of the entire division has been struck
down so far, either dead by the trigger finger of
the true American Patriot, or with clinical
retardation. A beautiful thing when a bushite
nazi grunter ends don't you think? Yeah way man,
yeah way. Plus, all the Taliban asked for was
any evidence to form a conclusion by those who
lawlessly whore blindly for the demon Antichrist
escaping America for 911. Then, bin Laden
offered to just hand himself over as an innocent
man to save the lives of innocent millions. Die
bushite die the Son to God will for always say
rightly in defense of Liberty as Justice for all.

/ / The Knesset voted yesterday in favor of
Israel Beitenu’s "Nakba Bill", which authorizes
the finance minister to hold funds from
institutions or groups who question the nature of
Israel as a Jewish state \ \

SEE? Demon enemies of God and man, who can only
lie to cheat for stealing in darkness as the true
enemy to every living soul here. Just as G-D
tells. Israel has more Satanic per capita than
any other country in thee history of histories
according to a Jewish friend of mine who went
there where Nazi teens who champion stealing
innocent peoples homes, celebrated in dance and
song (paid for by Americans), the murder of who
they claimed was the Son to God. To actually
take credit for such a bastardized History
against a minimally, innocent wise good man with
a love for all? Believe it.

60 Minutes: CIA Official Reveals Bush, Cheney, Rice Were Told Iraq Had No WMD

American TV War of Terror Newze Celebs. make all
these complications just fall away when they
ignore the dire facts they personally don't have
the will to address as skilled, and refuse to
humble themselves to those who can for the cause
of man.

/ / Wachovia pays $160 million to stop drugs
probe Wachovia has agreed to pay US prosecutors
160 million dollars for its failure to stop drug
money being laundered to Mexican affiliates, the
DEA said Wednesday. Drugs and crime chief says
$352bn in criminal proceeds was effectively
laundered by financial institutions \ \

We have criminals in government stealing our
rights to be free of tyranny here. For, how much
does it cost to stop war crime charges?

"This Bill is a Death Sentence"

Top U.S. General: We Still Want Bin Laden Alive

Fuk eh? Who does this bush bitch traitor to
America and her soldiers think he's conning here
to die for evil doers? Is he saying with
American teen soldier's lives on the line and
dying from contaminated vaccines or radio-active
depleted uranium, (done to steal from America
left as un-defended), he doesn't care what FACTS
the FBI has ever gained thus far? Bushite ENEMY
LIARS war God and America to escape the Neocon
Peenackers. Traitors, plain and simple. Why?
Bush closed 911 Police Investigations, therefore,
there is no official version. Example: 911
Commission refused to even mention WTC7. Think
about that why doesn't he? Oh yeah, to steal,
rape, rob and murder the innocent as not worthy
the name of Liberator. No, a FOXNEWS LIAR for
war criminal thieves who rape American women, who
drop big bombs on our helpless innocent families,
who cheat US all of a better life. If we absolutely
have to kill anyone here, it should be the bushite
nazi zionist enemy.

Sattler had ordered more than nine two thousand
pound bombs be dropped on Fallujah, an ancient
city of three hundred thousand or so that were
murdered with Allawi's glee for nothing, dropped
in a city something like, 1.5 km by 2 km or so.
Then, sent the grunts in to "mop up". They
started with the order to murder every last male
between the ages of 10 to 55, but then said,
who's ever going to tell? And killed infants and
the elderly - all females too because, 'Zarqawi
could be dressed as a woman' they alleged they
knew as him top secretly. (Kimmit claimed the
whole thing was a psycop to please the Neocon
even..) Then, for the cameras did this show,
where they said women and boys under ten, could
leave, to only be found further up the road,
hidden from view, slaughtered by those who fly in
Apaches. You guys remember all that right?
NOTE: The eleven year old young boys they sent
back in with the intent to mass murder later in
broad daylight. No I.D.'s were asked later when
the bushite nazi grunter "American Heroes", went
house to house, murdering every last defelessless
innocent family they could find. Understand,
when a bushite dies rightly by Public Trial in
the defense of us all that our innocent, God
truly smiles. A bushite death is a blessing.
Again, every "lawless" bushite Nazi's death is a
gift to God, America, Freedom, and Democracy.
As like Someone should ask ourselves why we can't
demand the arrest of bushite enemy rapists and
thieves, as sugar coating on the will to arrest
for public trial every last Neocon Peenacker.
With demands that the truth be spoken as freedom
winning above the thought controlled NWOers.
Instead, the bushite wars dying to see America's
true enemies escape pushing dope on to American
streets that give out life term prison sentences
to those guilty of shoplifting.. While me, I
would bring all media forces down to defend
against every last bushite nazi enemy found as
such by the ample evidence trail of war crimes
against our Humanity committed through censorship
practiced by our extremely wealthy national news
cons willing the lawless enslavement of our
forsaken species. We are no better to steal our
voices than anyone here naturally concerned at
these mounting costs that are being painfully
ignored. George Noory, Rush Limbaugh, Sean
Hannity and the rest of the demon cabal are
not hurting however. In fact demon propagandist
enemy traitor to America George Noory is
happier that ever to see Bush the Antichrist
escape retribution for the crimes he championed.
I think we need our own Coast to Coast show.

/ /Senior Bush administration officials sternly
cautioned the 9/11 Commission against probing too
deeply into the terrorist attacks of September
11, 2001, according to a document recently
obtained by the ACLU. \ \

No evidence for terrorists means the bad guys
escape. Justice is truly freedom, and denying
justice from the terrorists as a public option
strategy is the con of a war criminal escaping
our authority. And that Americans buy that for a
dollar should shame our entire species.

"Jewish Chronicle editor says extra-judicial murder is kosher"

This is why GOD calls the free to be Zionist
Satanic. They clearly, truly, are evil godless
enemies to every living soul here. Simple stuff
really., what is referred to in the current
civilized worlds as: Criminal. Do you believe
you are worth defending, or no.. How anyone
remains publicly silent of this on our magic tv
sets, is beyond comprehension for me. It's like,
we people are not those people treating us
without the evidences to form our conclusions.
FACTS they seem too far absent without excuses
for. It's a fair game though should be no?

Satanic Ungodly Flyer calls on non-Jews to 'leave this land'

"The Old Testament says the land of Israel is
small and belongs to Jews only. Others are not
allowed to stay permanently," the flier read.

Satanic enemies of God and Man. If they can not
provide this lie of "God"'s will being unjust as
criminal, let all men of every land and tribe,
hunt every last Zionist down in OUR streets on
the face of this planet to try them Publicly for
the demon crimes against life they are found sure
as guilty of, then end them rightly for God and
Country. Signed, the Messiah, King of Kings.

/ / Cantor said. "Israel has always been
committed to the peace process, including
advocating for direct talks between Israelis and
Palestinians, in effort to bring this conflict to
an end. Unfortunately, the Palestinian
government continues to insist on indirect talks
and slowing down the process." \ \ they gathered
all the Christian children including toddlers
they could together, and burned them alive with
white phosphorus - worse than ANYTHING the Nazis
of Germany ever did. They, the UNGODLY EVIL
NAZIS of Israel steal innocent folks homes on a
routine basis as SATANIC war criminals. AND they
broke the truce on on Nov. 4 to kill INNOCENT
JEWS for more stolen Amerikan tax money too demon
DOCUMENTED HISTORY. Fuk, like any man, I do hate
every last Zionist Republican severely. They are
enemies of God, enemies of Life as lying bags of
shit, cheaters like Banksters who profit off the
indiscriminate murders of our innocent loved

Mr. Cantor deserves to be formally charged,
tried, and executed a war criminal for his
obscenity against the Jewish faith. These demon
LIAR comments are beyond anything acceptable, but
for by corporate sneewze Amerika that refuses to
correct all AIPAC monsters escaping Bush and
Cheney for 911. Why is he so evil as a demonic
liar on so many levels you may ask? Cantor's
wife stole untold millions from the TARP fund,
and they don't want to spend the rest of their
ungodly EVIL Republican lives rotting rightly in
a prison cell for it, or formally be publicly
executed in true defense of American liberty.
Thus is why he as all Zionists HATE the facts,
science, maths, truth tellers, or GOD, or even,
The 'Messiah'. I must be the most hated man in
corporate America, not because I am a bad man,
but because I am a good man. A wise man who
knows some really cool stuff. A fair man who
stands in defense of the innocent being robbed
and left for dead. As evil doer war criminals,
the bushite are plenty stupid, and as such, can't
even dream that intelligence exists as the
timeless Universe is ourselves - without before,
advocating the corporate news censorship of all
wise men and women to deny YOU the privilege of
equal standing. Cantor wants US all to die
innocent murder victims so he can further profit
off our sufferings making off with his bankster
lootings. Where the good guys finish dead last
because they just refuse to even raise their
phone to happy George Noory in true concern of
Justice ruling for better days ahead.

'Bush gave bank auditors huge bonuses - for failing to stop the meltdown'


Lords pass controversial internet piracy bill

I did no such thing let me tell you friends. I
told you: Peter Power and Blair with Ian need to
be arrested immediately for high treason on 7/7 I
did. It's called 'following probable cause',
look it up.

I am actually me. No really, and you can tell
them all about it truthfully for lively debate on
these thorny issues of who is wearing the
sinnerman's "crown" here. I can tell you in all
honestly, there isn't much of anything here to
make me quiet for not speaking better in the
defense of our real world loses accruing. All is
not well that maybe, someday, will end well with
no one left letting this story freely be told,
but for the trillionaire Banksters and the
Lawless Gangsters. A story not based in fiction,
but of a war torn world done bad by, (for stolen
cash profit), war mongering mass murderers, who
like Tony Blair, express no remorse for the
murder of innocent millions. Millions. To steal
all Iraqi resources. To openly push heroin.
Allawi. Do you People know anything of this
monster of pure evil, who, many times. ordered
the murder of so many completely innocent Iraqs?
TELL. So, Blair as all his Zionist hijackers,
can con as normal for such dispicable blatant
naked war crime evil to continue for more thefts
to our dying rights as respected. What a
dispicable criminal. No wonder we did/do have
laws against that sort of thing at one time eh?

Iraq inquiry hears defiant Blair say: I'd do it again

What? Have millions of innocent peoples mass
murdered for no good reason? Millions without
regret is not a conclusion we should ever forget.
The Iraq war had no cause. You Mr. Tony Blair
are a war criminal - you get the Great British
People killed to serve your criminal intent.
Intent to rob, to rape, to murder. Bad news. A
war criminal who knew what he was doing was
wrong, and went ahead, and did it anyway. Can't
catch him for 7/7 with Peter Power either? We
need leadership in the direction of getting our
own world wide live broadcast systems of views
that defend the innocent from plunder by war
mongers. It's US against those guilty of leaving
the innocent forsaken if it means more stolen
gains for Satan. Let the Truth prevail as
Justice for all sides. Atheists included.

/ / General Lord Goldsmith wrote the letter to Mr
Blair in July 2002 - a full eight months before
the war - telling him that deposing Saddam
Hussein was a blatant breach of international
law. It was intended to make Mr Blair call off
the invasion, but he ignored it. Instead, a
panicking Mr Blair issued instructions to gag
Lord Goldsmith, banned him from attending Cabinet
meetings and ordered a cover-up to stop the
public finding out... \ \

The Iraq war has no cause. No reason to bomb the
country, when we had complete access to go where
ever the evil Bushite liars wished. Instead, to
sacrifice America lawlessly further, the
peenackers would steal even more innocent lives
'escaping' themselves from the high treasons of
911 by CONNING Congress by doctoring the NIE on
Iraq, with Bush simply stating, 'Saddam wouldn't
let the inspectors in.'

From years after the fact still demanding Justice now:

Huh? "at last been disarmed..." ? How does he figure?
The equation hasn't changed. Example: The same
unaccounted anthrax, (that was disintegrated into ash),
still is not able to be measured as completely accounted
for, (never could be), but this bushwhoring war crime
apologist, tells US, it was only though the lawless
murder of our good friends and family for countless
generations, that he now attests without reason, or
evidence, to find Iraq in "fact" disarmed of it's still
nowhere to be found, weapons of mass destruction. (An
irrational reason he pronounced previous in corporately
broacasted public support of instigating heinous war
crimes against our humanity under the leadership skills
of the evil lying Mr. Bush Jr..)

American Soldiers Do Not Obey Criminal Orders

Speak out for the arrest of Bush and Cheney for
obstructing Justice on 911, and the rightful
deaths of every last bushite breathing who
mumbles support of further drone terror strikes
against innocent people in market places, or as
bombings anywhere done to escape the naked
treason of the Zionist Peenackers. Look, the
Bushmob doctored the NIE on Iraq to CON America.
CON. Bushite IS al-Qeada. They kidnap, torture,
and murder the innocent, openly, as the ungodly
war criminal terrorist enemies of everybody.

Justice to the war criminals of indiscriminate warfare
would better serve ourselves to halt for our safety.
The bushmob did 911.

1. The ISI's General, Mahmoud Ahmad funded 911's Atta

2. We have video of iron flowing like water from the towers

So, instead of fighting for Justice to preserve
freedom, America is lawlessly still led by the
unelected illiterate war criminal George Walker
Bush - who claimed/s we don't need evidence to
form a guilty verdict. On the matters of Good
and Evil. And some people call ME crazy..

/ / He replied that he did not know. Soldiers responded by shooting him in the knees, stomach, and mouth. He died bleeding in front of his house. They then took Attari to another location and assassinated him \ \

This is what the American tax payer funds.
War crimes against us all, war crimes against
us all.


Sanders Speech Before Bernanke Confirmation Vote

Trillions. Trillions of dollars.


Chertoff Family Member Wrote "Popular Mechanic" 9-11 Propaganda

I would have every exec there arrested,
tried, and executed - while giving all
their assets to the 911 victims if America
had a commitment to defend themselves from
the 911 culprits. Instead, they go with
demonic ungodly Zionists war criminal LIARS.
To steal further from the nation being


"Moody's Tells U.S: Cut Spending Or Pay Higher Interest"

(Do as a Libertarian, Republican, Conservative,
Reformer and trillioniaire Bankster would
naturally - 'don't fight for Justice, but blame
the getting poorer and poorer people being ROBBED
while you fall down and die for a sucker')

/ / Would that be Moody's, the same rating agency
that certified big steaming piles of mortgage
manure as Triple AAA-rated securities and
collapsed the international economy? \ \

Bankster Gangster families get trillions of
dollars to be waited on hand and foot for a
million years, living in Mansions made of Gold,
not giving out a dime of concern to help the less
fortunate, pushing for more lawless wars and
torture for further enslavement of our dying
nations that refuse to demand Bush be arrested
for high treason. and refuses to even speak
about stopping the thieves from escaping. Never
truly elected American Comngressmen like robbing
innocent families like they do in Palestine,
Iraq, Afghanistan, and so on.. so no surprise
there. Apparently, makes them think they're
tough like Nazi.



THANK GOD: President Saakashvili Has Been Rightly Killed

/ / A Georgian TV channel [...] panic [...] and
that President Mikheil Saakashvili had been killed. \ \

And he so rightly deserved to die the war criminal
he is. He ordered Zionist Nazi grunts to murder
every person who was at a hospital, and grenaded
untold thousands of defensless innocent families,
children most specifically. All so the demon whore
of Satan, Sarah 'the retard' Palin with Cheney and
McCain could cash in on the human misery. Saakashvili's
death is looked upon by all loyal Georgians, as a
huge victory for the cause liberty. Now, let's get
Cheney, and Ron Paul up for public trial, for giving
Saakashvili ten billion American dollars as a thank
you from suckered to die too Amerika, for mass
murdering all those INNOCENT FAMILIES as Ungodly
Enemies of Creation. Every Bushite death is a gift
to God.

Ghouliannie, Just a Crazy Dumb Evil Bastard

"You can't describe something as a terrorist
attack, if it hasn't been investigated."

People were warned to step back from WTC7,
because the pre-planted explosives were going to
be taking it down momentarily. Then, it happened
just as they planned it. Remarkable? So much
so, that international news networks reported it
falling just before it starting falling. Who on
Earth could possibly dispute such? but a bushite
liar on Fox News, a zionist thief on CNN, an
ungodly war mongering enemy to Life laughing
it up with George Noory, warring YOU for the
further escape of the neocon peenacker highjackers.

Ghouliannie is Great in His Crazy Dumb Evil
Bastard Way though eh?

We bailed out criminals who have walked
away with trillions, who have still left us
with empty vaults. No credit given, with
credit card madness sold as the final
solution to mop up what remains of our
cash/blood on the street, then they'll
foreclose on everything more they want to
steal, all because YOU refuse to support
this call for open dialog with a great
guy as wise as ourselves willing Justice
to be realized. You are for real man. Make
a stand.

Justice is Freedom

Justice is truly freedom, and dening
justice from the terrorsts as a public option
strategy is the con of a war criminal escaping
our authority. And that Americans buy that for
a dollar should shame our entire species.

We are dealing with some serious liars here,
who'll lie to America to get killed teen soldier
minds for more stolen blood money.

the search for what happened on 9/11 isn't over

"Once you get to the science, it's indisputable."

/ / they had to suspend digging that day because
they were running into heat pockets of huge temperatures.
These fires kept burning for more than three months,
the longest-burning structure blaze ever. And this was
all due to jet fuel? We're talking molten metal more
than 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. \ \

'I'm proud of using waterboarding to break terrorists,'
declares Rove

FOXNEWS is at war with America as demonic enemy liars
willing to kill American teens to escape the Zionist
Neocon Peenackers.

Israeli Nazis Broke Truce to kill Innocent Jews for Money

/ / Operation Double Challenge on Nov. 4. Double Challenge
was an IDF incursion into Gaza that left six Palestinians
dead, ending months of calm; because the operation came
only a day of the U.S. presidential elections, it
vanished without a trace in the U.S. media. Paul
Woodward explains that the ceasefire was, in fact,
functioning quite well until the Israelis broke it
on Nov. 4; only after the IDF raid did the number of
rocket attacks increase. \ \

The very moment Mr. Bush was sworn for his second term,
Sattler ordered the Nazi grunts to mass murder every
last infant and the elderly of Fallujah in homage to
the demon Antichrist, and the grunt 'heroes' did just
that with 666 painted on their tanks. Murdered more than
250,000 people in Fallujah without cause. Without cause,
but for a proaganda piece by CNN called "Anvil of God"
filled with so much Zionist LIES as an atrocity against
Human Life, I will to call on all Peoples of Earth, to
demand a public outcry for Justice on this matter.
Every bushite traitor's death is a gift to God,
America, and Freedom.


/ / After a rare three-and-a-half-hour debate on the
war, the majority of House Democrats joined with
Republicans to defeat the measure. \ \

Treason. High treason. Understand, they were
incapable of arguing their criminal action in
Public. They are enemies of American values,
escaping 911's Bush and Cheney. Justice for all.

Please join US by demanding war crimes trials
against these 356 ENEMIES OF LIFE. ENEMIES OF
GOD. ENEMIES OF YOU. They war Humanity as
the enemies of every living soul here. Fight
back for our innocent Humanity being robbed
and left for dead by these "lawless" enemies
of Man who con American teens to die escaping
Bush and Cheney for Treason by warring for

"[Russia] is losing 30,000 lives a year to the
Afghan drug trade, and a million people are addicts,"
Rogozin said. "This is an undeclared war against our

The bushite nazis war America too.

1/3rd of Women in US Military Raped

NATO Holds Fundraiser to Pay Off Taliban Leadership

They are obviously going to steal the money.
These demon fuks bomb helpless innocent
families on a routine basis, while raping
American women in between. As criminal enemies
of Life and God, they war all that is good
to escape Bush and the Neocon Peenackers
for mass murder on 911. Unlawful war criming
Traitors to all.


"Two IDF soldiers charged with using 9-year-old 'human shield' in Gaza war "

See what these Satanic enemies of GOD do? What
about the toddlers and infants they specifically
targeted with white phosphorus? Remember, they ADMIT
as ENEMIES OF GOD, to breaking their truce, and
targeting for murder under stolen label "Jew", to
profit off the deaths, all the way around. The Nazis
actually argued to break truce with the prison
death camp to get Jews killed would be profitable.
ever you do, be fair to Life as not ungodly. And
consider giving away what you have to the less
fortunate. These secularist demon war criminals
targeted for murder, helpless innocent children,
to get more tax money from corporate Amerika.

Johnny's World Wide Works of Wonder

"House Rejects Bid to End Afghan War"

/ / rejecting a measure that would have compelled
U.S. armed forces to leave the country within 30
days. \ \

/ / But 356 congress members, including 189 Democrats
and 167 Republicans voted to keep the war going. \ \

Real traitors. Traitors that truly deserve to be
publicly tried and executed for this lawless act
escaping the 911 culprits while pushing more dope
into America, while indiscriminately targeted
the good peoples of Afghanistan with false
arrests, torture, rape, and mass murders - evil
ungodly war criminal enemies of the Republic the
bushite nazi are. When a bushite dies, all are

Editorial Opinions of G. Edward Griffin

/ / Replace the collectivists with people who
have no personal agendas except to defend freedom. \ \

(Then, he goes and says earlier.)

/ / Monopolists like government regulation
because it protects them from competition. Thus,
monopoly is the product of collectivism. \ \ So,
those that champion the enforcement of law, are
all just secretly the bad guys in hiding there
willing defense from these mass murdering war
criminals? G. Edward Griffin is a bigot, as
likely a racist too. Why? Because laws against
murder is a collective conclusion that all do
adhere to. Plus, G. Edward Griffin has no
public position here to arrest Bush and Cheney
for obstruction? In horror, he also trumpets his
blind "ideology" as honorable. Then, he claims
"progressive" tax structures as un-fair. Like an
Atheist, he hasn't even considered the terms he
fails foolishly as informed on this matter of
billionaires spending less per month on
groceries, than a 100,000 janitors. Thus why the
term is termed "progressive". Janitors like many
other workers, who actually provide a good or
service for their earnings, pay more in taxes
with essential to life expenses for water,
electricity, gas, rent, and maybe a phone, than a
trillioniaire wall street bankster as hasn't
earned a dollar in his entire lifetime, paying
zero taxes as assets moving offshore, with
unending public subsidies in many God forsaken
circumstances. Griffin told NWOer Alex Jones, he
shouldn't get opinionated and call the wall
street banksters criminals, and Alex agreed.
(Johnny's earlier work called "The Alien's Take"
is the place to go for those who wish deeper
insight on unearned Capital Gains taking us
further pained into lifeless boredom, on how they
like Alex Jones say an awful lot of gibberish
getting us nowhere in confusion. Hence, he's
been on Alex Jones' NWOer show near a hundred
times..) I'm a busy man, so I won't look, but I'd
figure to guess, G. garners like a Libertarian
also that "big" government is bad, while little
Antichrist war criminal Bush escapes those TRULY
responsible for mass murder in New York City on
911 to walk FREE, by publicly closing police
investigations while claiming, 'we don't need any
evidence' to give to the Alex Jones
"Constitutionalists" because they's so as not so
in needing, to know what Freedom is found to
Justice practiced in our prideful names as truly
honorable. Some cowardly Atheists argue it is
"God" or "Religion" to be blamed - or as, in that
all that is willing Justice? all before blaming
a FOR SURE war criminal law breaker traitor, a
mass murdering enemy of Life like Mr. Bush
escaping sacrificing American jurisprudence in
the names of Our stolen Word here. As it
is, we're that person who here is forsaking
ourselves in the light of the Universe. How
could Americans not champion this cause to save
their own dying futures? SEE why evidence is so
crucial in determining who's rights are going to
be denied by indiscriminate warfare practiced by
sacrificing Americans? Bushite grunts are not
only evil traitors to God and country, as
cowardly bush whore slaves dying in the hundreds
of thousands to escape the Neoocon, as The Truly
UnGodly, but, they are comtemptiously dumb also.

Tea Bagger

is a mental condition of enslavement by group
think nonsenses of those too afraid to command
freedom for the individual.

War Criminal. They openly confess to attacking
for murder, innocent defenseless people.
Soldiers who die for our Nations deserve the
truth. Instead, we witness their con job to rob
us all with mass murder to escape the enemy
terrorist neocon peenackers.


Don't want the facts?

The Republican TRAITORS all on the magic tv
telling American dimwits not to support wise
Justice for pirated America, should then earn
them life term prison sentences for naked
sedition escaping the Peenacker, what say You?

How did KSM get the explosives in WTC7 then?

Bushite McCainiacs are evil stupid people of
History's worst example for false accusations.
To near never apply our skills of communicating
to seek greater understandings, but to divide
itself as a bigot false accuser not qualified to
hold such a position in complete disregard for
the worth of it's viewer. US, the Audience.

Justice to the war criminals of indiscriminate
warfare would better serve ourselves to halt for
our safety. The bushmob did 911.

1. The ISI's General, Mahmoud Ahmad funded 911's Atta

2. We have video of iron flowing like water from the towers

U.S. Resigns over Afghan War

"I have lost understanding of and confidence in
the strategic purposes of the United States'
presence in Afghanistan"

It's to rob America with pushing dope, raping
women, and dying as evil for a pipeline to
benefit Enron - all the while escaping the Neocon
Peenackers for high treason on 911. America is a
nation of Cowards.


Glenn Beck Urges Listeners To Leave Churches Preaching Social Justice

/ / Glenn Beck's desire to detach social justice
from the Gospel is a move to detach care for the
poor from the Gospel. But a church without the
poor, and a church without a desire for a just
social world for all, is not the church.

At least not the church of Jesus Christ. \ \


/ / Alan Grayson came to the House Floor today to
introduce the Public Option Act, which would
allow all Americans to buy into Medicare at cost.
The bill is 4 pages long, and calls for an
unsubsidized option for any American to choose
Medicare over private insurers. \ \

Answers not allowed to be on with the TV pros.

/ / The election-year step comes after the ethics
committee investigated seven members of a
Pentagon spending panel for rewarding earmarks to
companies whose executives and hired lobbyists
showered them with campaign cash. The panel
found no linkage and absolved the lawmakers. \ \

It is a crime to steal untold billions from

"Republican Makes Deal With Dodd To Protect Predatory Payday Lenders"

It is a crime to steal untold billions from

Donald Rumsfeld Faces Suit Over Torturing Whistle Blowers

/ / a status that enabled the men to be detained
indefinitely, incommunicado, without access to due
process or an attorney, and interrogated with torturous
techniques. This status was a direct result of policies
enacted by Rumsfeld and others \ \ Surprising some,
this too is a crime in America under standing strong
law, ushered by Reagan, among many others.


/ / "I saw even Ahmadinejad is now saying 9/11
is a fabrication," Romney told Fox News' Chris Wallace.

"These sorts of voices should not receive any
kind of support from the words of the president
of the United States." \ \

Do I honestly have to tell everyone,
just how insanely evil this blind
commitment to lawlessness is as his
stolen nation falling further plundered?
There is no "official 911 version" because
our police services were halted by Bush
and Cheney. SO it is only the dumb as
blind who wish tyranny as slaves against
the once great dream. There is only
theories to go by on the unquestioned
911 'controversy'. Frankly, I just think
they're mostly a bunch of evil bastards.

Traitor to America who deserves to be
tried and executed as Enemy Romney

(nothing to apologize for..)

/ / Saddam Hussein who by the way could have
removed the threat instantly by saying come on
in, all of my facilities are open, the international
inspectors could look in the palaces, they could
look in the, you know the COM military fissile
and take a look here because we don’t want to have
America come after us. He did not do that \ \

Nonsense of more than two million innocent
people in Iraq who have fallen to a bushite
LIAR'S indiscriminate mass murder campaigns to
rob America of Justice for 911, and Iraqis
their oil wealths. I HATE evil Republicans
for their lying, cheating, raping, thieving
and war mongering mass murdering. Torturing,
lying. raping, destroying, lying evil nazi
bastards. Remember: as typical nazi amerika,
Juan Williams interviewing Romney, refused
to defend America, by correcting the demon
monster on his obscenity. Romeny can not be
this ignorant of the well documented facts
of U.N. 1441, despite the LIES broadcasted

Alex Jones exposes attempt to demonize 9/11 Truth on Fox News

It is Alex Jones that is letting a demonization
of 911 "truthers" here. He can't mention that
Bush closed 911 Police Investigations? Iron
flowing like water on video? Spectators at
wtc7 being asked to step back, for the explosives
were to take it down momentarily? General Ahamd
funding Atta? Plus, it appears he's reading.
Why would ungodly Zionist enemy Fox take
risks with Jones, where the facts might be
spoken? Right? Demand Justice.

FOXNEWS "Al-Qaida calls on US Muslims to attack America"

But not to with glee, kill the bushite
nazi grunts for Christ? But not to stand
as men to demand the trial and execution
of Bush and Cheney for 911? I mean, come on,
who buys this but the enemy coward nazi
amerikan? who universally are bigots and
racists committed to not allow Justice to
rule through free speech with the FACTS?

/ / Over four million Americans lost jobs
in 2009, with December adding 85,000 and
January 2010 seeing no improvement to this
unnecessary economic and social tragedy.
Unemployment is falsely claimed at 10%; \ \

And TV Amerika sells that the ONLY
opposition to this sickness of habitual
deceit is the Tea Party of pro torturing
innocent peoples to death for Satan, or
con man Alex Jones who blames his made
powerless, or the NWO. Never to demand
Justice for the victims of 911. Bush
closed 911 police investigations.

/ / Sens. John McCain and Joseph Lieberman on Thursday
[..] allow the U.S. military to detain U.S. citizens
without trial indefinitely in the U.S. based on
suspected activity. \ \

And remember, as many or more than 40 percent
of "American soldiers" are recruited from third
world military dictatorships. Mr. Bush's, most
closest, and bestest of friends. They torture,
they rape. They thieve, they bomb the innocent
as enemies of God and Man. Enemies of Freedom,
enemies of Justice. No evidence, person innocent,
but to a Tea Bagger, or Ron Paul, who cares right?.


Rise up for innocent life American, or don't and
see where you'll get yourself in the end,. Do
US a favor, and Forward this post on. Your
King has spoken.

Honorable American soldiers do not obey criminal
orders to escape the Peenackers for 911 as
ENEMIES of the LORD and Life.


The Zionist Nazis of Israel

They know of the Messiah, yet, look at the hatred
for God and Jews that is openly expressed with
naked deception by these Satanic enemies of Life
who spew from the dark evil pit of their hells.
The Zionist Nazis of Israel targeted innocent
children to die as MURDER VICTIMS after breaking
their word of Truce, done for more money in OUR
stolen names. The Nazi government of War criminal
Israeli, openly steal innocent Peoples Homes
on near a daily basis, I mean Jesus, come on,
don't be obscene as an Christian to be so blind
as not to care to fall innocent others to this
treachery, of taxed to be ungodly as criminal.
War criminal. Escaping the enemies of Justice
for Humanity Mr. Bush and Cheney by closing 911
Police Investigations. Designed since the dawn
of time, to track down the actual bad guys who
done did do US wrong. factually. Let's start

The charge against George Walk Bush is
called obstruction. We, The Peoples are not all
betrayers to a greater day. We, The Peoples are
not proud ignorant enemies of the Republic like
Sarah Palin and every single last Republican,
demanding Justice be denied against terror suspects.
This battle is lead by the forces who champion the
rights of all as fairness you cheats. No evidence
against an accused means the person is innocent.
This is not a rocket.


'Denver Catholic School Kicks Student Out For Having Lesbian Parents'

Amerika, demon nazi cult nation, has no problems
religiously mass murdering innocent millions to
escape Nazi Zionist Bush and Cheney for 911,
while these demon enemies of God, insist such
evil exists in the Bible as good will, yet, it
doesn't to the champions of Justice against the
naked ungodly tyranny Amerikans are. I would ask
all Christians to war these demons to defend the
rights of innocent others. But we know, I'll beg
for Justice, I'll beg for hope, and Amerikans will
only read my great words with a hatred and derision
in their hearts for God and Life by remaing silent.
Can't forward a important message to save some
innocent persons life, and can't even raise a phone
to speak a care for their so too hated neighbors.
Just to hate everyone and anyone but their bankster
benefactors in blind horror. Evil, ungodly, criminal.
Bush and Cheney closed 911 Police Investigations.



Now..see? Corporate Amerika refuses to correct
ourselves. Like they don't for Sarah demon witch
liar Palin.

Mitt Romney Calls Emergency Rooms "Entirely Free Care"

Now..see? Corporate Amerika refuses to correct
ourselves. Like they don't for Sarah demon witch
liar Palin. This is a LIE sold by Ron Paul also,
and remember, cultists of Alex Jones, are trained
not to question anything Ron Paul has ever said
since before early childhood, because that way
you wouldn't be a Patriot. For anyone that does
criticize Ron, or the fact that the Tea Party has
no stand but to lower taxes for banksters, and
torture the innocent to death to escape Bush and
Cheney for closing 911 Police Investigations
means we're cointelpro. (I fear someone's been
drugging "the Pope" Alex's coffee.) For, these
are the reasons we've been blinded by Alex
Jones' "New World Order". !. We need to go by the
facts to substantiate something truthfully, not
in faith with as single person that is no greater
than anyone in the land of the free as home to
the brave. Faith is for God, or the certainty of
un-certainty willing Justice as measured, as Man
freeing ourselves of criminal tyranny as actually
understood. Practiced diligently as a civilized
world does.

Mr. Bush the War Criminal Antichrist
"we don't need any evidence"

The Peoples
"yeah, we do."


Brig.-Gen. J.C. Collin, commander of Land Force
Central Area, that they were being told "not to
interfere in incidents in which Afghan forces
were having sex with children."

The Targeted Victims are American Children

Generation.RX.2008.DVDRip - "Will we surrender,
or will we fight these medical dictates?, will
we embrace the truth, or succumb to the lies?"

I beg you to fight back by calling for Justice
this day. I will for US to lead up the
arrests, trials, and convictions of those
responsible for mass murder on 911 for starters.
Sound not good to whom? The rich and powerful?
The cowardly sadist slaves that take their
pleasures in stealing the rights of innocent
others? If I hear another Coast to Coast caller,
telling us all how great George Noory is, as a
ploy to make you believe your all alone with his
absent concerns for defending America, freedom
will continue to fail to unruly tyranny. And I
don't want to hear that, do You?

DEMON LIAR Palin's Stand-Up Debut Had Inserted Canned Laughter?

/ / Sarah Palin's March 2nd appearance on Jay Leno's
Tonight show were added or amplified, edited before
broadcast to make it appear that Sarah Palin was
more welcome than she was.

I know. I was there. \ \

I thought as I have many times, man, what's with
this pro-torture/pro-treason as Nazi Grunters
escaping Bush and Cheney audience, when Palin was
simply sitted answering with her typical zombie
like nothingness of complete ignorance to promote
an ungodly tyranny of more causeless lawless mass
murders - an evil whore who publically champions
indiscriminate mass murders, without even giving
a cause! Championing Dying Justice to escaping
real Terrorists!! Without even LYING!!!! ! !
Jay in his usual style, failed to mention any of
it. Just sell you out for a dollar, who cares for
innocent Human Life in TV Amerika anyways? It's
just your American son or daughter she will
trick out to die for in a war she has no stated
public cause she has to hold, but that of the
bad guy war criminal enemy NOCAUSSERTWESWERFG%$Z#^ZEDXR

She also stole the bridge to nowhere money.


"Medicare Advantage" equals 24% of Tax Health Spending

/ / Medicare Advantage plans are private health
plans that receive payments from Medicare to
provide Medicare-covered benefits to enrollees. \ \

Why would the Amerikan sucker, accept paying
taxes to private insurance companies for
billions of wasted health care profits? Well,
this was what Obama took a big chunk out of,
so, but still. money is going in this direction
out of the control of a wise investor who knows
buying in bulk is cheaper,, and getting as close
to wholesale on essential goods and services is
where sound judgment resides for the winner's
side. Example: Our Public Utilities were/are paid
for entirely, in almost every single case,
with public tax dollars. Then, some thief stole
our interest by giving away our water, gas,
telephone, electicity companies at half or
less of their actual worths to themselves or their
immediate friends, to end doubling, or tripling,
or quadrupling our monopolized bills as suckered
to suffer without Justice ruling once again.

FOURTEEN Reasons to Reject Corporate Options for Health Care

I do believe this is in the new 'improved' version,
as yet, I haven't read.. but I hear, that this Obama
plan contains a subsidy to pay private insurance
companies for those with low incomes. That, my
friends, is dumb. Why? Well, you as an American will
be taxed for health care, that will go into the pockets
of profitizing billionaires, where instead, you could
have used those same dollars, for the stipulated reason
we were taken from as needing. Obama, before, claimed
this construct a 'no-brainer' to the casual listener.
Congressional budget office claims 87 billion could
be saved in tuitions alone! But will Americans care
enough for my wisedum to forward these words in their
own legitimate concern? It's iffy. Amerika is frankly,
a sorry lot losing to cheats in broad daylight. Bush
and Cheney closed outstanding 911 Police Investigations.


Obama Lied: Taliban Did Not Refuse to Hand Over Bin Laden

We are dealing with some serious liars here,
who'll lie to America to get killed teen soldiers
for more stolen money. And not so
coincidentally, I happen to be a guy here who can
actually explain the science behind what is known
as free. Not just your every day info either by
the way. To crave Justice for everyone, is to
love freedom to be all we can be. And..., things
haven't be going so well if you've noticed... We
need to start on demanding the public arrest and
public trial of the 911 conspirators, through an
open line international dialog on the simple
truths of how we've all been hoodwinked this way.
Like, 'banksters don't cover our loans, we do' as
a classic. I'd just like to state for the
record, I'm the good guy in all of this.. anda
we should be better than what we've been. We
need leadership. We need we fairly, and to be to
the point on prevailing over injustice against
any of us, as truly worth something to defend.
Hey! I'm just naturally saying, isn't life a
strange gift for everyone.. yup.. so people,
let's get to work at fixing this place up..

Mabe a newspaper could sponser me? Globe
and Mail maybe? Boy People, I really could
use a voice or two. Suffering and death
by lawless causeless wars sucks man, and
we have to call a halt to it.


WTC 7 "about to blow up"


Book: Cheney pushed for armed conflict with Russian in 2008

This explains the demon whore of Satan retard
Sarah Palin LYING to America, in support of
murdering those countless innocent families in
South Ossetia by Saakasvilli's war crime actions.
She claimed to Gibson on ABC News those countless
children who were murdered, were murdered for her
personal gains to lie in GOD's presence, to
reward herself of those first degree mass murders
as a Zionist war profiteer. (Cause what's that
dead Son of God 'fiction' fellow ever going to
really accomplish in the Amerikan TV world of
today right?) Murders that occurred at every
Hospital that was targeted, elementary schools,
or households that Satanic Saakasvilli had the
Zionist Nazi Grunts throw grenades into.
Murdering so many innocent souls, they couldn't
even find enough free space to bury the dead.
who today, calls for more wars against innocent
peoples, without even a LIE, WITHOUT EVEN A
LIE!!!! NOT EVEN A LIE to hold her baseless
position of wanting to see more innocent MASS
MURDER victims. She glees in the Public Arena as
a dedicated Zionist to see the innocent murdered
for Satan, for Nazi terrorists to escape Justice.
For Terrorists to escape Justice!!!!! Fuk I HATE
her almost more than Condi for 911. Retard Sarah
Palin is the most evilest women that has ever
existed in all of recorded History. Plus, she
stole the bridge to nowhere money. Corporate
Amerika wills to hypnotize you here by saying
nothing to correct her NAKED demon lies, (like
they don't against those who support torture at
CPAC/AIPAC as deserving to die rightly for
Reagan) or that popular 'alternative' NWOer line,
'she's just a puppet, she's just a puppet'. But
what about the countless innocent murder victims
I would say lacking Justice SHE denies to defend
our dying freedoms? It was no accident that she
said, "un-provoked". No accident. SEE? Say she
didn't know nothing truly, (even though she took
Sakkasvilli's dick up her fat ugly ass as caught
on video) and just said that because her 'puppet
master' told her to, regarding the support of
blind mass murder for stolen money.? DIE BUSHITE
DIE I would Judge fairly there also. SEE?
Puppet as whatever, no two ways about it, she is
seriously EVIL. While the seriously gone
delusional bigot Alex 'I'm the new Pope' Jones,
tells everyone, that anyone that criticizes him
and Ron Paul, and the Tea Party for anything is
cointelpro. Her final death will be marked as a
holiday in my book. While Alex is a mess for not
taking open line calls in Respect for facts he
DOESN'T OWN, nor is he absolutely infallible,
despite his obscenely ridiculous claims to be so.
I as Creator, do not own truth, nor as that Man
Alex pirates in his cartoon NWOer world, am not
Infallible. I'm wiser beyond Alex's furthest
imaginations, sure, a great guitar player, a
singer, a lover, um.. yeah, it's true I'm a
god.. (King of the gods actually with REAL
answers to how this works) but I do not know
everything under the sun. The Pope is a Joke to
not fight for what is right, what is Just, what
is spiritual. Alex Jones isn't all bad though,
he's just confused horribly on many things, he
figures wrongly as a weak minded absolutioning
bigot/racist. Open polite debate finding easy
simple answers for everything is what he blindly
fears for looking stupid/ and or evil as clearly
unjust. While I am stupid near every day, but
near NEVER EVER, unjust in determining
thoughtfully, another's right to be free of
global tyranny. Unlike Alex, I don't advocate
shooting innocent Americans in the back to sound
tough in a hellish world of real ungodly tyranny
which he would proscribe!, nor do I have any
misinterpretations about the free to be rights of
Mexicans, Blacks, Japanese, CPS workers, gays or
straights, rockers, country folks, Aliens, and so
on.. Justice for all is the Key here.

Mikhail Saakashvili and his supporters are ready to
start a new war and plunge the country into chaos again.

Bushite Nazi Grunter Excusing the Murder of Children

Bushite Nazi Grunter “There’s no doubt that there were insurgents there, and there may well have been an insurgent leader in the house, but that doesn’t justify executing eight children who were all enrolled in local schools,”

No doubt what? That the Term Taliban means
Student in Arabic? And that a leader of 10 year
old Taliban are called school teachers in the
western world? Again, it was bushite who figured
they had an excuse to murder some innocent
children. Someone over there should look into
it, for these enemies of Life, are Satanic
enemies of Christ. They'll gang rape American
women, and Americans will "vote" for more of it,
without near anyone phoning George Noory, the
demon enemy, and complaining about his lack of
care, or respect for Americans falling further
victims with his laughter and chuckles. Bush and
Cheney closed 911 Police investigations. He
doesn't care, but, do you?

What Are Banks Doing with Their Depositors' Money?

Top Priority

Top priority. Justice for 911 Victims. Paper
ballots for fair elections on fixing to vote for
a public education on 'banking scams'. Us, and
them who hide and pretend who's all paying for
this there is something not publicly defined.
Because they are taking us for Rooked! Banksters
don't cover our loans. Checkmate. Hi, we the
People are vying for something more than a big
snore on who pays for who's bills here.
Derivatives trading are fraud in the quadrillions
upon quadrillions.. Why? Because they pay
themselves with the real pension money in
commissions, and leave you broke with worthless
pieces of paper backed by squat. Victim you are
paying again as going 'toxic' when the FDIC comes
in and taxes you in the near trillions for the
shortfalls. (While Republicans and Libertarians
prattle on about denying health care to the
homeless, shelter for the elderly, or puppet no
taxes for banksters as all fancy law and big
governments are bad cause they represent wiser
men and women who can defend ourselves without
censorship practiced. Good law stands strong for
good reasons. Causeless lawless wars of tyranny
are crimes warranting death in the name of all
innocent peoples falling as victims. "Socialist"
traffic signal systems work to ease congestion,
and save peoples lives.) So, where are the
criminal investigations here in what the FDIC has
been doling out?, on how this money is being
misappropriated out of accounting?, and no hocus
pocus funny business either, for we know all the
banks do is TAKE our money mostly for free as is,
and the banksters don't cover our credit, we do
as defrauded our rights here. Bush closed 911 police
investigations remember my friends, so we're
dealing with a barbaric society of dumfukkery
lost by indifference to the definition of what
Justice proclaims: freedom. So, let's try and
be on their best at rendering innocent or guilty
verdicts without evidence to substantiate as fact.
TV People don't much give a damn about ourselves
in this regard. This must change for the better.
I know CBC and CNN with FoxNews don't care here
to inform our soldiers they are being conned to
die for the escape of the Neocon traitors to God
and Man. Do YOU care to question, that you do
have a responsibility to forward this post in
the defense of all that is?

/ / NATO, with the help of the Pentagon and CIA,
carried out terror bombings in Italy and blamed
the communists, in order to rally people’s
support \ \

Then know, what a disloyal bushite enemy is.
It's a nazi grunter who refused to uphold his
word, his oath, and refuses still, cowardly, to
demand the arrest of all peenacker neocons for
the high treasons of 911. Dying for continuing
the lies is the silence of a betrayer, who's
commitment is not to defend America, but to rape
and pillage from US all with excuses that will
never fly. Bush and Cheney closed 911 police

Justice to the war criminals of indiscriminate
warfare would better serve ourselves to halt for
our safety. The bushmob did 911.

1. The ISI's General, Mahmoud Ahmad funded 911's Atta

2. We have video of iron flowing like water from the towers


The Zionist Nazis broke the truce to get killed
Jews for money. THEY ADMIT THIS FREELY. See?


God is really the wonder worker here, I'm just in
for the Festivities, trying not to be too pushy.
But golly, we all are kind dumb to not realize
how fantastic life could truly become, if we held
respect for one another, to defend ourselves from
these escaping war criminals. Bush and Cheney
closed 911 Police Investigations for example.
Soldiers must be made all aware of this, as so,
the good guys can shine on for Victory.

Mortgage Companies Complaints

/ / We received a foreclosure notice in the mail
from an attorney. It stated we had defaulted on
our loan. It did not make sense. \ \

Bernanke delivers blunt warning on U.S. debt

..declared that the central bank will not help
legislators by printing money to pay for the
ballooning federal debt.

Well, that would be bad economics though.. A
progressive tax structure needs to be implemented
everywhere, to bring needed currency back into
the market, BEFORE the banksters make off with a
few more million dollar homes. How? Easy as
pie. nix that.. I mean, Easier than flying. We
start: on taxing the richer than billioniares
who have paid next to nothing as it was, and
fixing the Lotteries to be 100 percent payouts
financed with a new wall street tax(s). buta,
these are just suggestions that I think need open
debate on while the 911 public trials are
underway, to flesh out errors of our strategy, to
do the near impossible; make the right decision
that benefits the public, at large. Traffic
lights are really a good way to ease congestion,
and save peoples lives. 1+1=2. Fluoride in our
drinking water has got to go - and it's this need
that illustrates how far we've been abused by
these sadists who pirate our airwaves to exploit
our weaknesses unfairly. Thus is why evidence
must be understood as critical in any position
sold of public uncertainty on where we are
actually going hijacked lawlessly for tyranny.
No evidence for terrorists means the bad guys
escape. Justice is truly freedom, and dening
justice from the terrorsts as a public option
strategy is the con of a war criminal escaping
our authority. And that Americans buy that for
a dollar should shame our entire species.

American Dad - Oliver North song

Let's get the job done for the Gipper. He was
mostly an honest man trying to do the right
thing. Now true, it was Fox New International
Correspondent, Oliver North that was caught
planning to overthrow the American government
with the top secret Nazi grouping called, "the
Enterprise" But ah.. I'm not so sure Reagan
would've believed it. Traitor entities found
warring our innocent Humanity for lawless
totalitarianism, designed officially to over
throw the American Government in the end for holy
crap dope dealing banksters is just too loathsome
to fathom, for the everyday normal bloke or gal.
FOXNEWS truly need our help in understanding
their folly in being conned by such a well spoken
monster. Perhaps FOXNEWS would offer me an
international radio five hour spot, for Johnny's
World Wide Wonder of Wonder Show, as a kind of,
counter balance to their willful lawlessness?

You are truly amazing.

(I am still looking for big time investors)

Hey. I know bankers aren't all bad. There
hasn't been an effectively fair alternative for,
what seems like thousands of years - well except
in North Dakota, and Iraq, (before the Nazi
occupation I'm saying) - so we already know the
impossible dream is within our possible grasp if
we have the intelligence to speak it. But the
mercury that the government pumps into our
bloodstreams, while lying as demons that it's
harmless deserves undefeating Public outcries to
demand judicial remedy immediately. Yet, why
can't we get this done? We should. Okay then.


Mercs Claiming no American Service-Man is going
to tell him what laws he need to abide by, he's lawless!

“We have not received formal permission from the
Army to carry weapons yet but I will take my chances.”

Stealing ak47s. These bastards who haven't
quit soon all need to be taken into custody.
Cofer Black is directly complicit in the crimes
of 911, alone with his partners.


Unique like everyone else is,
General Johnny - Five Star


/ / A portion of that money may have been spent
wisely and honestly; much of it probably wasn't.
Some of it was stolen. \ \

It was all a crime called theft. How could to be
any other way? Bremer walked out from bagging
Dad with 19 billion dollars. The entire
Development Fund for Iraq (D.F.I.) was looted, by
Peoples like Negroponte, who STOLE, I said STOLE
(as according to the Washington Post) 200 plus
million from the EMERGENCY WATER Fund, of which
he stole to see Iraq dying to fill his Olympic
sized swimming pool, used only for him and his
bushite partners in crime. They publicly state a
fear that they could turn queer, makes them fags
hiding in closets with flamer Nergoponte,
erroring retarded Zombies dumfuking each other
for profitable deaths. Nothing wrong in being
gay per say, but I'm just saying why they hide
their fascistic wimpiness to authority, with a
sadistic hatred of the truth on what it means to
be a real man who defends our community. An
honest man. A man who speaks truth as real
justice ruling for freedom as perfectly natural.
Imagine, so guy who claims to be gay, joins the
Amerikan military of today?, as a grunt who only
knows it is to rape, to torture, to rob from
everyone and murder insdicriminately as a nazi
coward. It is to escape Bush and Cheney, it is
to leave America forsaken. And the bushite in
their minds, they don't care to have someone
question their moral values there? Sexually
disfuntional sadomasochists who steal America for
plunder is what they whore to as bushite slave,
giving good honorable gay flames all a bad name.
See what am I saying? some homos, like hetros,
can be real criminals who take us for victims
fooled too, While a Zionist imperialism is
continuing war crimes of plunder they confess
openly as their profit motive, they is out to
sack you and the Jews they leave to starve in
garbage dumps to attract charitible aid they can
steal elsewhere. Criminal. War Criminal. They
openly confess to atacking for murder, innocent
defenseless people. Like the bushite Nazi grunts
of us innocent Peoples of Iraq, by destroying our
public infrastructure, (war crimes) to then
making children run a mile for a bottle of water
to save the lives of their mothers. Of which
when the child of eight finishes the run, the
bushite grunts throw the water away, and laugh at
the suffering child in contempt for God, in
Contempt for Man. Proudly publishing on Youtube
for all the world to see their threat warranting
death. Youtube gives us the low down on how evil
an enemy to Life is, that proudly call
themselves, American Service men. I am more
American, than 99.9999% percent of the FOX NEWS
population of degenerates sacrificing ourselves
lawlessly for criminal gains. Get real, who did
REALLY ever vote for an election stealer like,
John McCain anyway, right? Bush and Cheney close
911 Police Investigations. Did you know,

/ / Congressional Budget Office, reforming the
student loan programs will save tax payers $87
billion over ten years. \ \ But apparently Scott
Brown, with or without saying nothing, changed
Obama's opinion on this as a "No brainer" he
called it prior. And so, NO. Americans are
going to continue as paying out 87 Billion
dollars to Banksters for nothing instead, as
changed back to more of the same but worse for
the wasted effort? I think we're all just kind
of asleep here believing when Obama talked of
Change, is was to something better he was
selling. King Johnny America for open line
international calls all ready.

Eight Health Care Lobbyists
For Each Member Of Congress

A little more. 4,525. Now, each is making near
a $200,000.00 salary to bribe Republicans and a
few of them Dems. So, 4,525 times 200,000.00
equals: $905,000,000. Now each con, is paying
out at least a million dollars per year in
bribes. (should be a crime) So, 4,525 times
million equals 4,525,000,000. So, 5.5 billion or
so dollars that come out of health care
expenditures for the American suckers WHO PAY FOR
THIS as totally wasted there. Why don't
Americans just go for the better ideas? Because
they've been trained to hate the wise man, the
wise woman. Look at these Ron Paul clowns. I
tell the dying Nazi State, look, do traffic
lights always fail, yes or no? And in a hatred
for life, for love, for wisdom, they push even
harder for their downfalls aligning with a man
who sees no crime in committing war crimes, or in
911. Who sees no crime in bankster bail-out
extortions. In mercury tainted vaccines.
blahblah. Alex Jones we can work with. But his
ego is just.. big as corruptible. Bigger than
let's say, 50% of what he's jiving is go nowhere
quackery but a label trader learning how dumb he
really is. Shouldn't hurt anyone, but the too
affraid to admit we've been snookered unfairly
here man.


"Time and patience is running out,” Iran will
face “consequences,” and “they have no interest
in building international confidence that their
nuclear program is for peaceful means.” Robert

"..they have no interest in building
international confidence.."

If Gibbs actually believed this, then wouldn't he
know America was therefore being set up? If
Obama thought "no interest", then what would
Iran's intent be, but to trick Americans to die
in a needless war with lies? For who could Iran
be working for in the Obama Administration’s
treasonous fiction of no "interest"? For Bush
and the Neocons escape for 911? For the gang
rapists of KBR? The torturers of CACI? The
S.A.S. cop killers, actual cop killers who dress
up as al-queda to get soldiers killed for more
stolen gains? You know, the Amerikan Zombie Inc.
'heroes'?, the grunters who hold the lawless
positions fast, to destroy undefended American
principles? Of, Justice for all meaning freedom
for we. Bush and Cheney need to be arrested for
high treason regarding 911, as does Cofer Black
and Richler of Blackwater along with the Joint
Chiefs of Staff and NATO officials, Peter Power,
Ian Blair and Tony held under 24 hour locked video
surveillance by military/FBI/Peoples while we sort
ourselves for formal public police investigations
and prosecutions world wide. No prob. Have no
fear, I'm a pro.

Shellshock Revelation

/ / US Law very clearly stipulates: "If only one
parent was a U.S. citizen at the time of your
birth, that parent must have resided in the
United States for at least ten years, at least
five of which had to be after the age of 16."
Barack Obama's father was not a U.S. citizen and
Obama's mother was only 18 when Obama was born \ \
while the Birthers disinfo on, well, why
doesn't he show us his birth certificate then?


Mortgage Companies Complaints

/ / They have taken 190 payments (that me and my
bank have located) without crediting my mortgage... \ \

Behind The Real Size of the Bailout

/ / Public-Private Investment Fund \ \

Now why would we/THEY do something as foolishly
fraudulent as all that eh? I propose we get back
all this stolen loot. It's a job we are going to
have to do. Don't be afraid of Justice, freedom
is a good thing really.

The American Nightmare: US Economic Elite Wages War on the American People

/ / The past decade proves that — whether it’s the
Republicans or the Democrats running the government
— our tax money is not going into our community; it
is going into the pockets of the billionaires
who have bought off both parties - it is obscene. \ \

/ / The economic top one percent of the population
now owns over 70% of all financial assets, an
all-time record. \ \

where is the .00000001% owning 69% in all
of this? We have trillionaires here people.
Extortionists who have made away personally
with more than a TRILLION American dollars.
That is one million times a thousand... whew...
times another thousand times! One guy!!
Greenspan himself gave out four trillion
to four guys nakedly! As reported on Frontline!
They just take our money for nothings! They
do not provide a good or service. They gamble
with our pensions, and win or lose, we lose.


/ / President Obama called the idea a
“no-brainer” last fall, predicting it would take
billions of dollars from the profits of private
lenders and give it directly to students \ \

Well, there you go. Now, just apply that
thinking to Banking! Or Health Care, as
Americans getting better coverage AT HALF THE
COST! - plus the Repugnent could still go out on
their owns and pay more than everyone else to
whoever, and if they choose to pay 200,000.00 to
remove a cyst at the Mayo to make them feel so
much better than the rest of US, all the power to
them eh! ohwait

(Rep. Scott Brown, did you know this about yourself?)

/ / The fierce attacks from the lending industry,
the Massachusetts election that cost the
Democrats their filibuster-proof majority in the
Senate and the fight over a health care bill have
all damaged the chances for the student loan
measure, said the aides, who spoke on the
condition of anonymity \ \ golly shucks 'lost' I
guess. Hundreds of millions will instead pay
more than twice as much as they needed to for
billioniares who are not doctors either. Darn.


More on Harold D. Kletschka, M. D., F.A.C.S.

/ / Clearly, a fluoride intake level that produces
"crippling skeletal fluorosis" can hardly be
regarded as tolerable and certainly should not
remain uncorrected. [..] public health problem [..] \ \


CPAC - Conservative Public Action Committee

Incorporated to genuinely lie as cheating our
stolen voices for monetary gain like a Rush
Limbaugh, a Sean Hannity, or a demon whore
of Satan, Sarah 'Amerika's Sweetheart' Palin
suck man. I though Vampires only existed in
fiction? Strangely, this extremist lover of
who voted hugely all in for Ron Paul, had
the blood pump booth Lady, presenting the
evolvement of it's usage from inventor to
thieves market; the sad tale of Harold D.
Kletschka, M. D., F.A.C.S. They know what
they're doing. It isn't a case, where you're
going, 'well, they are just too stupid that
way', No, they know they are fundamentally
evil as trying to take us for suckers. Bush
closed 911 police investigations.

There is a Reason I am King of the Universe
(could be a good thing is all i'm sayin')


50 Top U.S. War Criminals

/ / 17. Dick Cheney: The former vice president
lives nextdoor to CIA headquarters at 1126
Chain Bridge Road, McLean, Va. His crimes are
documented at and at
The 13 people who made torture possible and
at War Criminals Watch. King diamonds \ \


Perception and Reality

/ / Who can stand in front of the court and
foreclose? The answer, ultimately, is no one and
indeed, this strategy is being used all across
the country to stop the foreclosure process dead
in its track. The homeowner who is in trouble,
or foresees they might get into trouble has hope. \ \

'How can any American ever truly pay off their
mortgage either then'? Wow! that like simply
freaked myself that I was a very big dummy too,
just like the rest of you fools. But anyway,
it's important to understand why the Obama crew,
were telling Americans to let him help them, by
signing up for his home program that did nothing
to help anyone last I read. It was so they could
figure how many could be suckered into
sacrificing their lives to pay his, nothing down
trillioniare bankster buddies, or lose our houses
officially to fraudulent foreclosure. Millions
of people have lost their homes already! under
this Amerkan Inc. tyranny regardless, because
they passed a law that states, the banksters
don't need a Title to present to a "Judge" when
they STEAL it therefore. nahnahnahnahnah. (Some
Judges have stated 'no! I'm here to do what is
fair as just' - some) thus is why, thousands
of People who own their home outright, have been
foreclosed on recently with Sheriff departments
manned by bushite nazi goons back from Iraq who
like bombing cities indiscriminately for raping
and pillaging for the escape of Bush and Cheney.
They are just randomly attacking American home
owners on hopes to find a winner now, all because
our police services in this respect have been
near completely neutralized, 'manned' by war
criminals. Not only from Iraq and Afghanistan.
But like proud Viatnam vets that murdered tens of
millions of helpless rice farmers and their
children (firebombing from the sky) while
ignoring military posts to drag for more GI
deaths as profitable, that still deserve to die
by American war crimes trial today like election
stealer John 'I proudly support gang raping
Amerikan wives' McCain does, for never being
Patriotic after all these years of full
disclosure on what they actually did as the true
enemies of the Republic. (Ho Chi Minh defeated
the Bush's Mr. Hitler!) Like they were on 911.
And In Canada, the Liberal party, several years
ago, disbanded the entire corporate crime
division of the RCMP as a similar tact, and sent
them all to work for Monsanto at double the
wages. The MAIN problem is communicating, and
humbling ourselves in respect to those who are
wise and know what they are talking about. We
don't get that, and it has near nothing to do
with the "New World Order", but more our own
shallow TV selves. Look at Libertarians, deeply
ignorant chauvinists who refuse to support open
dialog, because we all make them look as blind of
the facts on Liberty as they truly are. (GCN's
"Free Talk Live") It's an ideologically driven
blind cult of deep stupidity is what it is, where
they reinforce amongst themselves how
exceptionally gifted they are at sucking each
other's cocks, and that's about it. Anarchists
are exactly that. 'You can't have Justice for
911, so don't even try, your a failure, your a
failure'.. or "Audit the Fed, Audit the Fed",
instead of, 'arrest the fed, arrest the fed, it's
extorion, it's racketeering, it's fraud, Thirty
trillion?, banksters don't cover our loans, I've
been robbed'. While guys like Ron Paul become
multi-millionaires championing their failure as
their official goal, for "socialism always
fails". Do traffic lights always fail? Yes or
no? All laws are a form of collective
Socialism. In Canada we have one radio company
that has these dedicated ungodly mobsters, (like
15 guys - THAT'S IT! in a nation of 30 million)
at Chorus Radio Networks that rob, rape, and
murder our family and friends by WARRING with
Zionist Nazi propaganda for stolen billions -
getting our teen soldiers killed for their
willful lies. and in America.. well you know..
Anyway I propose we fix all this. How? Get
everyone's stolen homes back, and arrest the
culprits responsible along with every last
grunting war criminal, that's how. NOT
IMPOSSIBLE. Enemy George Noory should be
everyone's target as deliberately forsaking our
real worths here as the listeners dying to get on
to speak truth as power. He propagandizes
willfully on 911, and propagandized for Bush and
Cheney regarding Iraq, Iran, Israel, and
everywhere else - essentially a regurgitater of
the FOX NEWS Channel. But even one step further.
telling his fans, he supports killing every male
from 10 - 55 because some day they might pick up
a gun.. That is near exact verbatim. Evil is
dumb like Palin who supports world wars without a
cause, wars where People get actually bombed in
the millions for no reasons. Apparently with
her, she doesn't even need to lie - just - send
teen soldiers to war is what she thinks makes her
TV popular as a tyrant of evil unmentioned ever
in any History books - and I've read near many.
Look, in your mind, say your going, 'but George
Noory sounds so happy and fun all the time'. And
I would encourage you to understand, the millions
murdered, that he still supports without regret,
as his supporting of the continuing actions of
lawless warfare against our innocent families,
are/were Genuine nice people, real folks, good
folks. Who not only were happy, but also cried.
Like their surviving friends and families cry.
Like I cry. Like God cries. Like any real human
being would cry to know how they have so unjustly
suffered at the will of a George Noory, a Rush
Limbaugh, a Sean Hannity. Demons who genuinely
lie to cheat our stolen voices for monetary gain.
If I had enough money to eat at least one meal a
day, and enough money to pay my mounting bills,
every last remaining cent would be going into
this fight. Alex Jones buys himself a 700,000
mansion, while pushing for Gold sales as the
answers to all your worries. (even after the IMF
announced what they did) While Truthers out here
are having a go, trying to raise a ten spot to
keep themselves on the air, while holding down at
the same time, full time jobs tying to raise a
family into this growing bleaker future. I might
at some time wish a bigger sted for comforts, but
I haven't had time to do anything but fight this
battle relentlessly for ten years, which included
five years of heavy heavy Court challenges
against my life here to continue. I haven't had
the chance to replace two broken strings on my
Acoustic in at least a year. My work table even,
takes me sometimes too many days to clear of
litter... I am losing my hair. we are at war
here people!

Will you please email this to everyone on hopes
to save some innocent persons lives please.

/ / The White House made it official on Tuesday:
the president doesn't think the votes are there
to get a public option passed through
reconciliation and consequently won't make a push
to include or pass the provision. \ \ BULLSHIT

Livni on Dubai hit: A dead terrorist is good news

This from the monster who has no miss givings on
telling little christian children, 'go over here
dear ones, so we don't harm you' ... then
actually set them on fire with white phospherus,
and FOX NEWS cheered about how they tricked
Christians again to dying as innocent child
victims to Zionist Terrorism. Jews must kill
her, and kill her soon before she murders more
Jews too. Demon evil war witch criminal. She
admits to breaking the truce, to get killed Jews
for more money from dying suckers America. P.S.
The racists and bigots of Hamas are funded
directly by the Israeli nazi government. Why?
More money in killing Jews that way of course.

The Rape and Torture of Toddlers

Yoo: President Can Nuke Countries And Congress Can't Stop Him

See? Americans too cowardly to try and execute
war criminals who sanction the rape and torture
of toddlers, raise to mass murder and torture
more. Justice is Freedom, torturing innocent
people to death warrants death. Like mass
murdering hundreds of millions for no reason but
to glee in a naked hatred for God and Humanity.
Do you care to go and take this full post, and
forward it to everyone you think should be

“A nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought.
The only value in our two nations possessing nuclear
weapons is to make sure they will never be used.
But then would it not be better to do away with
them entirely?”

President Reagan


An NYT Enemy demands the US terror bombing
of the civilian populace of Afghanistan

/ / the United States military has begun basing
doctrine on the premise that dead civilians
are harmful to the conduct of war. The trouble
is, no past war has ever supplied compelling
proof of that claim. \ \

That is called mass murder of our friends and family.
Now why oh why, doesn't every pro-gun American,
every honorable Soldier, every Man who loves his
family, demand this Republican published at the
New York Times be formally tried, and executed a
war criminal? Why champion owning a gun, if your
not going to kill a lawless bushite nazi grunter
advocating mass murder against ourselves as
innocent victims in broad daylight?

/ / The death of a child or adult is worth $1,500-$2,500,
loss of limb and other injuries $600-$1,500, a damaged
or destroyed vehicle $500-$2,500, and damage to a
farmer’s fields $50-$250. \ \

Doesn't this make you want to kill a bushite?
and if not, what would it take to defend their
targeted innocent victims? They war our
beautiful Humanity as ungodly enemies of Life,
warring to escape Bush and Cheney, and all
Americans can do, is sit silent while dying
too? What about you?


/ / So what it comes down to is that Joe Stack
paid the taxes required by law, then the IRS,
who has been ordered to loot the people any way
they can to save the US Government from its own
fiscal recklessness, IGNORES the Safe Harbor
ruling, reclassifies Joe Stack, then imposes
huge back taxes and fines on him. \ \

I had heard it was even worse. Where he was
also forbidden to work on his own as an
independent contractor, and had to give up
something near a third of his income after
taxes, to an outfit like Manpower. He had to
place a middle man who does nothing, between
himself and any employer. Why so Commie? Because
Congressmen only work for those who can bribe
themselves to place hardships on the dying
suckers. Unless you have millions too for
bribes to a Republican and a few of them Dems,
then your in the clear, as for the rest of US,
we mean nothing. Our lives have no value. Who
cares right? George Noory certainly doesn't,
he's rich and happy. Happy happy, joy joy..

Child RAPE Condoned by "Sexy" Rotten Rumsfeld

See in America, they have no gripes about
bushites raping children, or gang raping American
women, or torturing innocent peoples to death

Let's give life terms to those who walk free in
America that gang rape American Women from KBR
along with those 30 Republicans, or those that
rape/torture children as CNN's "Heroes", the
bushite nazi grunters of the demon evil
antiChrist how about?

Millions of anti-terror cash spent on luxury London flats for police chiefs

Will you please, as my reader fight back for the
innocent lives of others? Will you please lift
your phone and call for the trial and execution
of Happy George Noory? He wills to kill YOU, to
escape the neocon, and, what do you say?
Nothing? He orders Alex Jones never to tell, who
was responsible for 911 and Alex agreed. Caught.
Ron Paul is truly, an evil man who serves not to
defend America. The bailouts are called
extortions. Vaccines contain mercury. Bush
closed 911 police investigations, and Alex
doesn't EVER want America to know, defending for
the escape of the lawless demon antiChrist with
his NWO bullshit. If fact, Alex said somewhere
last week, that he doesn't want to see any harm
come to Bush or Cheney, because they are just
puppets. This was well after his demonically
evil, UNGODLY guest called for the assassination
of Obama. A caller called, and stated something
like, how can you say that with all WE know of
Bush and Cheney - blahblah - next caller. Alex
Jones wars America to escape Bush, despite the
fact he'll tell you he spent years lying about
this issue as well recorded. Puppet puppet
puppet is all he says, before ever asking his
cult to phone George Norry to demand free
communications on liquefied iron flowing from the
towers like water. UNDERSTAND: Loose Change has
never in all these years been allowed to speak on
Coast to Coast. Do you believe that is just an
oversight? They don't champion Justice directly
either, but at least they can beat any lame ass
bushite excuser in a free to speak forum. While
Alex, every time fails on purpose. He fails
without justifiable excuse in my mind, how about
yours? General Ahmad funded Atta.

Bush 'we don't need any evidence, we know he's guilty'

Does that sound American?

The bushite do not war our worlds to defend
freedom, but to kill all that is good, all that
is just, and all that is loved.

Do you really need the Bible, and the Messiah to
come down here to tell you how Satanic as evil a
Zionist enemy of the Jew really is? They murder
our spouses, they murder our children, not
accidentally, but on purpose, to steal our lands,
to steal our money, then tell us all, it wasn't
their fault as the truce breaker (dying Jews),
but our own for trusting they were honorable.



/ / fired rubber bullets, tear gas, concussion
grenades, and stun guns indiscriminately at the
estimated 25,000 protesters, which included 20
busloads of senior citizens \ \ Photos of huge
near fatal injuries are available I've seen but
can't find presently..

Miami Police Shot Protester, then laugh about it.
2,000,676 views!!!!!!! (more than the '1989
Tiananmen Square Protests'!) GOD is going to
win here I figure, how's about You?

These bushites must not be allowed to live free
in our world, shooting INNOCENT Americans for
dead, to war our Humanity for ungodly lawless
corporate totalitarianism. She was no threat,
yet, they took pleasure in guning down an
American. The bushite do not war our worlds to
defend freedom, but to kill all that is good, all
that is just, and all that is loved. If she had
had her eyes shot out, or died, they likely
wouldn't have bragged so loud, but WE ALL KNOW
NOW, they would have been even happier in killing
an American protecting for Justice. I DEMAND
SGT. MICHAEL KALLMAN be arrested for attempted
murder, and once convicted, (due to the
circumstances of him being a bushite Zionist war
criminal back from killing little kids in Iraq as
a lying sack of shit, an enemy of the Republic),
formally executed by the Christians, the Jews,
the Muslims, and the Atheists. OH YEAH! Death
to the bushite Nazis who war our worlds for the
escape of George Walker Bush and Cheney for
closing 911 police investigations, death to the
enemies of Justice for America, death to the
enemies of God and Man. I am.


The Media Who?

/ / The Media portrays anarchists as a
bunch of people bent on destruction, and
not a legitimate political ideology. \ \
Legitimate ideology? of not legitimately
defending ourselves from prosperous for
some, (like Ron Paul) Tyranny?

NWOers: take solace that Anarchists are
even stupider than the Libertarians.

Keiser Report

/ / It was "Liberty and the Free Market" Ron
Paulism-ideology that thwarted Brooksley Born and
the CFTC from regulating Credit Default Swaps in 1999. \ \

Millionaire Ron Paul 'we always fail, so why bother trying?'

Ron Paul is a "truther" who doesn't advance
Justice for Bush and Cheney, or 911, banker
frauds, ect, yet claims to believe in our Freedom
if we just put in more cash as an investment on
hopes to rule with his PLANNED failures. It
would be comical if there wasn't more than a
million innocent murder victims, and more than a
million innocent American home owners robbed
their rightful place in this universe, the 29+
trillion 'mysteriously' disappearing as America's
new debt obligations, and so on..

WOW - Protestors and Cops Standing as One

Man, this was so cool. Protestors and seriously
Armed Cops Standing as One against lawless
provocateurs pretending they weren't dishonorable
traitors hidden within the bowels somewhere of
the RCMP or the Army, into getting innocent
people harmed for the stolen gains of the Zionist
911 terrorist mobsters - maybe. Wow my friends,
add this one to your collection. wow. like.



/ / Annual Jewish Agency report cites poll
finding 42% of West Europeans believe Jews
exploit past to extort money. \ \ NOT JEWISH

Zionists are NOT JEWS. Enemies of the Jew, to
steal God's good name. To profit off our deaths
as Satanic enemies of Humanity. As so writ, in
our Bibles, and just common sense. These Satanic
enemies of Life, steal innocent Christian homes
near daily. The Zionist Nazi Government of
Israel, does this with threats of MURDER, paid
for by the American suckers. The Zionist Nazis
broke the truce to get killed Jews for money.
THEY ADMIT THIS FREELY. See? They know of me,
yet, look at the hatred for God and Jews that is
openly expressed with naked deception by these
Satanic enemies of Life who spew from the dark
evil pit of their hells. The Zionists of Israel
targeted innocent children to die as MURDER
VICTIMS, done for money in God's stolen name.
Sound like something any good natured human Being
- No Justice, no Peace man. (paid for by Amerikan

your true friend,
Johnny The Jew


Petraeus said that he thought "that no one at the
end of this time can say that the United States
and the rest of the world have not given Iran
every opportunity to resolve the issues

A pirate traitor to America, who plays like
Palin. Can he possibly be as dumb as that fuck
ugly witch? No he can't. Certainly not while
simultaneously claiming he speaks for the United
States and the rest of the world.


Sabotaging the American Economy is Called Treason

Citigroup Warns Customers It May Refuse To Allow Withdrawals

/ / Why Texas?!?

This is very strange indeed, and even more
strange when you consider that this was
"accidentally included on customer statements
nationwide." \ \

See kids? This action of attempted sabotage of
the American economy is called high treason.
Making things a hell of allot simpler. We'll
thank the trillionaire traitors while we book'em,
or, let the cowardly American nation run on the
banks THAT ARE ALREADY EMPTY, because they stole
the money through frauds well documented. Just
look at the FDIC bailing banks who only are cash
takes.. did you hear me..? Onyl cash takes@
Yourcall - dontbedumb

King Johnny America

P.S. Ron Paul Sucks!


(Karzi notified that the bushite grunters knew
BEFORE this following Nazi strike, these were
abandoned tankers stuck in the sand surrounded by
mostly children.)

Alcohol ban after BUSHITE MCCAINIAC staff were
'too hungover' to explain airstrike that murdered
many many innocent God Loved Peoples

They knowingly mass murdered our Humanity!
Two Amerikan Bushite from the Air Force, So
drunk, they will not even be asked for an apology
to God and Man. ? Please, I beg you as a Son to
Life, please, please, people of our worlds, KILL
THE BUSHITE LAWLESS ENEMY. So Life has said here

"Germany has insisted the killings were appropriate"

"Germany" said no such thing, but death to the NAZI
who has PIRATED the German Peoples to spew such lies.

If you at all believe in God as good, if you at
all believe Justice is freedom, please, please,
please forward this post to everyone. Please,
don't wait for others before you stand as a human
being who cares for the lives of innocent others
being targeted for mass murders by Saakashvilli
and Cheney. Understand, it was RON PAUL who
okayed the ten billion of American tax dollars
given to Saakashvilli, who spoke nothing for the
defense of who he knew were mass murdered then.
10 billion dollars. Please fight back in defense
of all that is right, all that is true, all that
is Just. Please email this post to everyone in
Russia, China, Europe, and elsewheres.. please I
beg you, please try. For the good of Humanity,
please try fighting back against these forces of
evil, that only count on you not caring. On you
believing you have no power, so don't even try to
save yourself from falling to die victim. Please
try. Please. Please. Before you have no
chance. Your voice is important. Let this be


Peoples Should Hunt to Kill Torturers God Commands

'Conservatives' Real Agenda Revealed at CPAC/AIPAC
Conference: Love of Torture and Hatred of Obama'

'Bob Barr shouted down at CPAC[AIPAC], called
waterboarding torture'


Richest 400 Taxpayers See Incomes Double, Tax Rates Halved

These are almost all extortions with zero talents
but to 'get away' with the highest crimes of
fraud. Who, on top of everything else, don't
want to pay taxes on the money they never earned
but stole. And in America, as it is without
Justice, American can't be bothered to phone
happy George Noory who openly wills to kill
the nation for the Neocon, and complain about
it. He's too nice a guy to bitch about Bush
and Cheney making their get aways.. Right?


Chicago Police Beat small woman

Let's get a kitty of let's say 1 million dollars,
and behead this "cop". Then place his severed
head up above the entrance to the police
department head quarters for a least a week. If
real men existed in America, this righteous act
would be done for free for the love of women
everywhere. But we all know Amerikan males, and
their hatred for Justice, and love for stealing
life. But just to see that "cop" die would be
all worth the effort. TO KNOW: even with this
video, he wasn't rightly convicted for the crimes
he was CLEARLY guilty of. He was initially
charged with 15 counts that included official
misconduct, intimidation, conspiracy and
communicating with a witness. All but the
battery charge were dropped before the trial's
end, which gave him a suspended sentence after he
stating that he "didn't want to receive another
injury, I threw her to the ground to get her off
of me."

Just kill him for that. We all see what he did,
as still holding no remorse whatsoever for his
crimes. And again, look at the "males" in the
video. I am sadly not superman okay, but I would
have grabbed anything to near kill that beast to
defend that woman. A fork, a spoon, a sugar
shaker, anythign fuk, a chair, a bat would have
been good.. But the witnesses do near fuking
nothing.. who cares right? That's America for
you. In Afghanistan, the Taliban would have
likely immediately grouped as a team of two or
three, or four (whatever was available) then, cut
his testicles off and shoved them down his
throat. A little extreme, yes, but you as a tea
bagging bushite Republican election rigger would
think twice, then three times, before thinking
the men of our community would allow you to
escape such criminal actions as is done today in
Nazi Amerika. Anthony Abbate received 2 years
suspended sentence in 2007 (no jail), without
being fired until just several weeks ago over
likely another not named incident. Just your
neighbor's wife?, your neighbor's daughter?, and
who cares for them then if you can make a killing
like a "rich" bushite does escaping our laws

(Anthony Abbate was one of at least 100 Chicago
police officers who had been hired despite having
prior criminal offenses, including that of war
criminal. Understand my American friends, the
bushite neocons do this to sabotage our Police
services, for they also do aptitude tests, where
if the soon to be cop is above average
intelligence, he's not wanted. Treason that is.)

No no. He wants to get back to "policing" in
Chicago, after spending no time in jail, or
fined. And America is such a shit hole of evil,
he probably will. Do YOU live in Chicago? Can
you make up some posters for the folks who care
somewhere? Bikers.. some bikers could get
behind US on this I'm most certain. SOME. Let's
maybe try there for men.. Anthony Abbate must
not be allowed to continue wearing a uniform in
the cause of Justice in our Chicago.

"The Chicago Police Department made a unilateral
decision that they were going to charge him only
with a misdemeanor without telling the State's
Attorney's Office," Charge the Police Chief for
aiding and abetting, and throw a book at him, to
set an example. - Wall Street's Bailout Hustle

/ / Goldman Sachs and other big banks aren't
just pocketing the trillions we gave them
to rescue the economy - they're re-creating
the conditions for another crash \ \

Just a reminder to all the cops out there
that care: these actions of Goldman Sachs
et al. are highly criminal. in likely more
than fifty ways. We have a situation, that
Americans refuse to humble themselves to
wise men or women speaking, because we make
them out to be what they truly are. Moronic
imbeciles. So, they'd rather kill themselves
with poisons granted by their silences in food
and vaccines, sending their sons and daughters
to DIE for the escape of Bush and Cheney,
attacking all our innocent Humanity to thieve
further from, before accepting to allow a man
or woman like Johnny to speak for open
debate, Coast to Coast to remedy this problem
to the best of our abilities. No, we suffer
for retard demon witch LIAR Palin, we suffer
for demon enemy traitor Neoconner George Noory.
We suffer for seriously delusional Alex Jones,
and extreme right wingers like Ron 'I'm a
failure always' Paul who doesn't witness
crimes anywhere here as a mutli millionaire.
Not 911, not Iraq, not banking, not earmarking.




/ / 19 American invading terrorists killed,\ \

Excellent. These bushite demon enemies of God
and Man are warring ourselves for the escape
of Bush and Cheney as the culprits responsible
for closing 911 Police investigations. These bushite
demon enemies of Life, war to torture, war to rape,
war to thieve from AMERICANS. So thank you wise
teachers of Afghanistan. I am sorry for your unfair
sacrifice for the Love of Allah that grants you all
we can in support of Justice as Freedom. Bushites
are evil enemies of US all, enemies of US all. Men
in America do not even barely exist to raise their
phones to demand Justice for this day. They instead
thank demon enemies of Life like Geroge Noory, as
a 'great man' who OPENLY propagandizes their nation
for the escape of the demon antichrist, Mr. Bush Jr.
evil Personified.

Bush 'we don't need any evidence, we know he's guilty'

Americans know American women are gang raped
by KBR, and they can't even be bothered to raise a
word of concern, but for to demand lower taxes, or
call Obama a socialist for trillion dollar extortions,
and sabotaging Health care, or to vocalize against
those "anti-war left wing traitors" they call
ourselves, as those who hold a love for Freedom
from tyranny. A love for Family. Death to the bushite,
death to the enemies of God and Man. Thanks again
loves, thanks again.

Dying for Lies is the Silence of a Coward

IDF denies disciplining top officers over
white phosphorous use in Gaza war

"Israeli Court: Firing On Unarmed Peace Activists Is OK"

Do you really need the Bible, and the Messiah to
come down here to tell you how Satanic as evil a
Zionist enemy of the Jew really is? They murder
our spouses, they murder our children, not
accidentally, but on purpose, to steal our lands,
to steal our money, then tell us all, it wasn't
their fault as the truce breaker (dying Jews),
but our own for trusting they were honorable. (I
mean, come on, they steal peoples homes on a
routine basis) Demon Nazi evil enemies of God and
life the war criminals are, when successfully
prosecuted in OUR names. Enemies of the Biblical
Jew to celebrate the firebombings of innocent
families conned by Israeli to gather for
protections, and targeted UN schools,! as the
Unholy action of anything but, the enemies of all
free peoples. The Zionist kills innocent Jews
for money as a war criminal, a honest to god war
criminal. Justice is what we must defend as
freedoms sacrificed by our voices of fairness not
recognized. Freedom from tyranny is Justice to
day. Let's do this. My name is simply John, and
I wish to have a word with everyone. We should
be greater as a love for life we never even knew
could be possible, until we developed some way of
communicating, that the intelligence of our
Nature would will a just cause without saying,
therefor, this could all be the chance to restore
Peace like everyone dreams, by warring to bring
the individual bad guys to real Justice. Bush
and Cheney closed 911 Police Investigations, and
we need them re-opened to capture the escaping
terrorists responsible. that they are aiding.
This is not a rocket.

Biden: Israel has 'sovereign right' to attack Iran,7340,L-3741697,00.html

THAT'S MASS MURDER. Death to Zionists, the attempting
war criminal enemies of the Republic.

U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy "The two questions that the
congress will not ask . . . is why did 9/11 happen on
George Bush's watch when he had clear warnings that it
was going to happen? Why did they allow it to happen?"

Are you American going to still remain silent? Refusing
to phone happy George Noory, the enemy, to demand
Americans be defended from tyranny? Bush closed 911
investigations. The bail-outs were extortion. Mercury
from vaccines cause brain damage to children. Fight
back against his will to remain passive and happy while
God's America is further plundered.

"Justin Primm - ron paul sold us out.mp3"

Ron Paul is a guy who calls the Iraq war
of indiscriminate warfare murdering innocent
millions, with the dumpings of radio-active
toxic waste against our entire species,
torturings, rapes, and the theft of all the
nation's resources a police action, and refuses
to acknowledge the bail-outs were a crime
also like 911, a loyal Republican to the
death of America. So, no wonder he doesn't
speak words wanting Justice for anyone in
America getting robbed and left for dead

I Demand I be allowed to speak freely for open debate
in America on the Coast to Coast radio networks.

Bushite liars are the true enemies of God and Man

Video: Palestine | The Truth.

Israel admits organ harvesting...including Palestinian organs...

Al Qaeda in Afghanistan

/ / Ali A. Mohamed, a trainer in bin Laden's Al Qaeda
network, was stationed at Fort Bragg for more than
two years. Special operations troops from the post
are engaged in Afghanistan today. \ \

Transferring Billions in Taxpayer Money to Hedge Funds

"The Great Highway Robbery Continues: How the FDIC
is Legally Transferring Billions in Taxpayer Money
to Hedge Funds"


Senator Lindsey Graham on our Pre-9/11 Mentality

"These trials should not occur in New York, or
any other American city, to do so, is to ignore
we are at war"

Yeah, at war with the naked traitor Senator
Lindsey. Bush and Cheney stopped 911 Police
investigations. How can anyone like Senator
Lindsey determine someone's guilt or innocence,
if evidence is no longer required under the evil
enemy bushite's irrational arguments that make
zero sense, but to the ACTUAL TERRORISTS theys is
attempting to for sure escape? To buy this
demon's criminal charade, one would rightly
expect an American that denies the rights to
Justice for a terrorist, is an American enemy
combatant, not granted the protections
"Americans" afford for themselves. These demonic
enemies of Life, are never escaping the rightful
war crimes prosecution for the thefts, rapes and
mass murders of our loved ones. Death to the
'lawless' enemies of Liberty in NATO's military,
enemies for Justice truly winning Freedom.
Freedom as to where all stand demanding the
arrest, trial and execution of traitors Bush and
Cheney for 911. Bush nazi grunts are the enemies
of Life and deserve to die before another
innocent child is targeted willfully by these
ungodly Zionist vermins.

Cheney, told American Police agencies, that if they
dared looking into Enron, they would be all arrested

What Congress Does Not Know about Enron and 9/11
see kids? Cheney is a bad man.

Look. Bush [Powell handled the money] gave the Taliban
47 million dollars in August 2001. This after learning
from Tenet in JULY, al-qeada in Afghanistan with ol'
bin Laden, were in the final states of an imminent
terror strike! as he reported dutifully on that 60
minutes interview. Then according to federal prosecutor,
John Loftus, Cheney, told Americans, that if they dared
looking into Enron, they would all be arrested. I knew
about W199I, sure, but I wasn't aware that that included
Enron. IT'S A GOOD THING WE'RE HERE. If I had spoke on
Coast to Coast once a week for five hours since 2001,
someone most certainly would have told me about this
Mr. Loftus character, and we wouldn't be lost in a
decade of indiscriminate lawless warfare against
God and Humanity by Amerikan Zombie Inc.

The new McCarthyism sweeping Israel

/ / The onslaught has prompted Nicholas Saphir, the Jewish
businessman who runs the New Israel Fund in the UK, to
warn that the "Jewish values of social justice and our
duty to tikkun olam (repairing the world) have come under
serious threat in the state of Israel". \ \

Zionists are NOT JEWS. Enemies of the Jew, to steal God's
good name. To profit off our deaths as Satanic enemies of
Humanity. As so writ, in our Bibles, and just common sense.
These Satanic enemies of Life, steal innocent Christian
homes near daily. The Zionist Nazi Government of Israel,
does this with threats of MURDER, paid for by the American
suckers. The Zionist Nazis broke the truce to get
killed Jews for money. THEY ADMIT THIS FREELY.


AmeriKan Zombie Inc.

TEA PARTY CONVENTION - Sarah Palin, Orly Taitz, Interviews with Participants

Notice not one of these bushite nazi savage
illiterates, speak a word for the defense of
American women being gang raped by 'lawless'
KGB.. er.. I mean, KBR. Or that anyone in
Government could ever has, committed a crime
like trillion dollar bankster extortion,
as sanctioning torture, or causeless wars to
escape the peenackers, 911? no no, it's a too
big government.. Fraud? No no, it's just big.
And and taxes are too high. All those
earmarkers cashed in by Ron Paul et al. you mean?
No no no, taxes are just too high. Wall Street
pays too much? no it's the do nothing welfare
mothers, or socialist school teachers, or
socialist firemen, and socialist health carers,
and the socialist traffic signal repairmen,
those guys really get my craw.. Or those that
require I have evidence to form my reasons for
silently supporting the murder of millions of
innocent human beings as a good little nazi
should. Good little Zombie Commies that will
to rob America further blind for bushitism.

New 9/11 photos 'prove WTC exploded from inside'


Freedom To All

Bushite grunters, the enemies of every breathing
human being, are a criminal force who's direction
of aggression is currently pointed at Amerika for
ransom. Understand: these bushite of the air
forces drop bombs on defenseless innocent
families, excused because they got anonymous
Intel top secret like. It is for these war
crimes, that all in the U.S. Military will be
charged for war crimes against God, and upon the
successful prosecutions, where the 'lawless'
disciple of the antichrist grunter has been given
ample time to change it's evil mind warring for
rapists of American women, we bill together,
Rightly, Judicially, with honor in defense of
true Liberty. When the bushite thieves die
warring for the escape of the Neocon Peenackers,
all of our innocent Humanity cries in relief.
Death to the bushite that bombs our villages,
death to the lawless enemies of God and man who
the magic TV labels our heroes. We need to get
back all our stolen values of Justice realized.
Banksters don't cover our loans, we do. They
have defrauded our nations TRILLIONS, driving us
further into fraudulent indebtedness as the
consequence of their criminal causes. To demand
Justice for all, is where Life truly stands.

I am a good man in a world going wrong

Like when a Ron Paul or TV pro says, 'yeh, they,
sorry people, they lost the money, golly shucks.
go away now I'm a loser like all of everyone else
can be ever, cause Government is always bad'

The Zionist kills innocent Jews for money as a
war criminal, a honest to god war criminal.
Justice is what we must defend as freedoms
sacrificed by our voices of fairness not
recognized. I am the good guy here, you are
something else to not know my free to be path.
Or to know it, and despise Life's true natural
talent at willing for the good every time as best
we can. I am loved, not by AmeriaKan Zombie Inc.
okay, but never the less, loved in life as more
than a half honest, good hearted human being. I
am a good man in a world going wrong.

Johnny the Jew


Jews Want 'Museum of Tolerance' Built On Muslim Graves

NOT JEWS. Enemies of the Jew, to steal God's good name.
To profit off our deaths as Satanic enemies of Humanity.
As so writ, in our Bibles, and just common sense. These
Satanic enemies of Life, steal innocent Christian homes
near daily. The Zionist Nazi Government of Israel, does
this with threats of MURDER, paid for by the American
suckers. The Zionist Nazis broke the truce to get
killed Jews for money. THEY ADMIT THIS FREELY. Ugly,
ungodly, evil, and war criminal. It is only censorship
by a demon enemy happy George Noory, that hides these
challenges to remain un-apposed, for the Zionist Nazi
can't compete when free to speak, open dialog for
Justice winning is allotted. Hence, Americans refusing
to support my wise words for polite open public debate.
They'd rather die victim to slavery for rich and happy
George Noory, than humble themselves to wise men or
women speaking. See the vid, 'Learn to Speak Tea Bag' as
the whole truth. We are hated by corporatized America
not because we are bad People, but because we are good.
And, like the true Liberator I am with knowledge of the,
Justice is suffering because of ourselves condition,
hated even that much more for living for freedom as
honorable. Freedom is where we is at see?


Chris Hayes Attempts to Explain That the Constitution Does Not Only Apply to Citizens on Morning Joe

Scarborough: "You cannot blame what's going on
in Israel on the Bush administration."

Brzezinski: "You know, you have such a stunningly
superficial knowledge of what went on that it's
almost embarrassing to listen to you."


Bob Kerrey (911 comm) admits 911 was Pre-Planned

Grilled by the TSA on "who did 9/11"

/ / Nick George, a student at Pomona College in
California, was grilled by the TSA on "who did 9/11"
and asked by FBI agents whether he was a communist
after airport security officers found Arabic-English
language learning cards in his luggage last summer \ \ to what is expected next? Torture maybe?

What the hell man, Bush did 911. Planned for it
and carried it out by closing Police Investigations..
what's it to you,.. copper? Who am i? Johnny, Johnny
from Anytown, USA. Wanna see my Badge? Certainly,
Honor for God and Country I hold proud as my badge
of Freedom found by Justice earned, what about you.
What are you doing here not speaking up for Justice
on 911? Claiming our rights to deny such wanting
by remaining ignorant of these facts presented to
US all.. Huh? Eh? Speak louder cause your cowardly
murmerings, are lost to the sounds of sadistic
bushite bombers, rapists, and torturers.

(forward this to everyone you will)


The Loan - AMERICAN TAXES - The Foreclosure - FREE MANSIONS!
Why Are Americans Passive without honoring wisdom to demand
open debate with the pros? - Think About That

'Jim Cramer on CNBC while defending Bernanke and Geithner
says that the Bavarian Illuminati, Trilateral Commission,
Goldman Sachs and Queen of England are not all bad'

AmeriKan Zombie Inc.

Bushite grunters are a criminal force who's
direction of aggression is currently pointed at
Amerika for ransom. The Thirty Trillion Dollar
bailout was a popular fraud in America called,
Extortion. Poof! Now, we have The Government of
AmeriKan Zombie Inc.. Whom, it could be assumed,
will to continue on with a murderously blind
military dictatorship to escape the evil Neocon
Peenackers of 911, or as now including, the Wall
Street trillioniare Bankster Shysters.

With Congress and the Presidents murdering so
many good, honest, hard working men and women in
Iraq without a just cause to escape enemy Neocon,
to warring even more for lawless military
dictatorships around our suffering world,
treating US all to torture, false imprisonments,
or drone strikes due a tip some anonymous heroin
dealer alleged is, AmeriKan Zombie Inc..

We are falling victim by ungodly con men
enriching themselves of our funerals. The
disloyal Bushite Grunters who murder our innocent
families are not Heroes as CNN and FOX claim.
The do not war God and Humanity for Freedom's
reign. As a committed vigilant defense, of
Justice demanded always as anyone truly free.
The Wins of a Civilized World bring many joys.
Bringing the absence of Hunger or indiscriminate
bombing runs, with the loves of experience,
beyond the searchings for immediate shelter or
life saving medicines. We need to get back all
our stolen values of Justice realized. Banksters
don't cover our loans, we do. They have
defrauded our nations TRILLIONS, driving us
further into fraudulent indebtedness as the
consequence of their criminal causes. To demand
Justice for all, is where Life truly stands. We
want the money that was stolen through the
massive Wall Street fraud returned. The Bailout
was extortion. Bush and Cheney need arresting
for stopping the Police agencies of America to
properly carry out the arrests of the criminal
suspects. The charge against George Walk Bush is
called obstruction. We, The Peoples are not all
betrayers to a greater day. We, The Peoples are
not proud ignorant enemies of the Republic like
Sarah Palin and every single last Republican,
demanding Justice be denied against terror suspects.
This battle is lead by the forces who champion the
rights of all as fairness you cheats. No evidence
against an accused means the person is innocent.
(DIE BUSHITE DIE) And, I believe it was the Magna
Charta (but don't quote me on this) that added,
even if the guy confesses straight away, and goes,
'no, no, don't you see? I did it all?' requires
STILL, acknowledging a confirmation of fact to
substantiate as conclusionary. Then, something
like, 'no free man will be imprisoned' ..I swear
this stuff is really simple. We can achieve back
what we lost somehow by believing in ourselves
winning a greater day, yes we can. And We start
that day, by insisting that the culprits responsible
for 911 not escape our wrath over the censorship of
a demon enemy of Life like happy George Noory.
Expecting all honorable police services to will
the co-operations needed, to bring these bad guys
to Justice. Listen: we are going to try all
these bastard peenackers of the bushmob, by fair
public trials. And yes, get all of everybody's
monies back, as best we can, from the deceitful
war profiteers of lawless mass murder and torture.

People like Amy Goodman were warned to step back
from WTC7, because the pre-planted explosives were
going to be taking it down momentarily. Then, it
happened just as they planned it. Remarkable? So
much so, that international news networks reported
it falling just before it starting falling. Who on
Earth could possibly dispute such? but a bushite
liar, a zionist thief, an ungodly war mongering
enemy to Life, warring YOU for the further escape
of the neocon peenacker highjackers.

AmeriKan Zombie Inc. "Let them rob us all of
house and home, but just whatever you do, don't
let wise people like Johnny America speak for
justice on all sides, because I'll be no longer
sounding better than everyone else, dying US
censored victims for remaining quiet."


Bachmann: America ‘cursed’ by God ‘if we reject Israel’

Listen demon whore, Americans pay for the murder
of innocent Christians, as ungodly enemies of God
and Life. Your evil witch liar ways are over do
you understand demon Amerikan Tv Nazi celeb? To
love Israel, is to demand the exectuion of every
last Zionist war criminal demon liar, excused
by a Satanic evil enemy of God's Creation like
a Rep. Michele Bachmann., and that's the truth you
Republican and Demonrat ungodly thieves to every
breathing Human Being. And WE know it.

The demon whore of Satan, retard Palin
likes lying about killing children in South
Ossetia for stolen gains to prod the sheeple into
more dying for war criminals, A DEMON WITCH LIAR,
while championing the cause to deprive justice
for an accused she calls a terrorist. A
terrorist she couldn't substantiate as guilty of
anything, officially, and apparently, doesn't
need to in Crazytown USA, population: Zombies.

Some peoples are dumber than rocks attempting escape
for Bush on stopping official Police Investigations...

"FACT: A 767 cannot fly 500mph at 800ft because of air density"

So If it fell from the sky at 600, it would just get
slower and slower then Mr. Newton?

Obama "You're entitled to your own opinion, but
not to your own facts."

We The Peoples: A Team from the CIA with Cheney did 911

/ / demolition would be a good idea? \ \
Yeah, they did. WTC7 fell just as they planned it,
without a plane hitting it, and CNN still doesn't
care. Mercury is in vaccines to cause brain
damage 100 percent of the time to American
Sarah Palin, wants to bomb countries without
evidence for anything as a demon whore of Satan
who deserves herself before anyone else, the
sentence of death from our skies because of it -
BILL HER. 'Play the "war card" Obama to get in
good graces with the GOP.' Zionist Sarah for
rigged election President Palin 2010. CNN still don't
care there either. This killtown is kinda naive
on typing in a search engine results that every
CNN News rat readily could access. THEY, the
corporate TV news pros will kill America for money
truthfully. Godless demon enemies of Life in the
American funded government of Israeli, do it
proudly as biblically Satanic near every day.
But killtown, does make some interesting
observations and has some killer info - however -
some of his general observations are easily
chucked as foolish bushite propaganda. Example:
how is it possible that these, no-plane ‘let Bush
escape’ NWOers, aren’t aware of iron following
like water out of the towers, or molten metal
present for weeks and weeks? Or, is he 'just as
sure' claiming also, that bombs weren't really
dropped on Iraq murdering more than a million
innocent souls as targeted?, or that People in
New York didn't really die as a consequence, or
the dead teen grunters how about? It's mute if
anything close to true. But, we all, including
'killtown' want Justice we claim, and Bush
personally has stopped our police services from
finishing their/our task officially. So, who of
any faction in this wanting for survival, would
disagree defending this Life is our challenge?
Including those who call airliners tin cans
because they have to, to make it more believable?
Note: airliners are not made out of tin cans.

9/11: Impossible Speed & Impact -- Busted! Updated

The views on this are total bullshit, as it is
clearly, one of the near most popular vids out
there in the truth circles of contested debates.

'1,000 of the Most Brightest Architects & Engineers Call for a Real 9/11 Investigation'

hardcopy petition evidence press kits to every member of Congress

Send too, to Police Chiefs and Heads of
Governments around the world. Something tells
me, the demonrat and Repuglicons don't care
enough yet to save anyone from terrorist
activities of mass murder, if it means they can
profit from it without corporate TV challenge on
their public treasons. Like escaping gang
rapists of American women, or John O. Brennan

orchestrating Abdulmutallab to board a plan with
a bomb to MURDER AMERICANS, all so Obama could
mass murder the Peoples of Yemen who appose the
tyranny of Wahhabism. Two examples of many.
Obama is a Bankster's extortionist, a war
criminal of mass murder in the military
dictatorship of Yemen that they bombed like in
Gaza, by the payments made by 'willing'
AMERICANS!!!. Justice is what King Johnny
America wills like anyone would you idiots.

CIA Cheney 911 EXERCISE on 11 Sep 01 Time 0932

Banned at TruTV Forum - All "killtown" posts and any who quoted him have been removed

NRO's 9/11 'mock' plane crash set for 9:32am, drill included a smoke generator!

/ / the scheduled mock plane crash of 9:32am. One of
the two clocks that had fallen inside the Pentagon
from the explosion had stopped at the same time. \ \


George Noory must be demanded by America to
allow Justice to win our fredoms defended.
Or die for the Zionist Neocon as innocent
targeted victims, too cowardly as evil to speak
in defense of their neighbor's right to life
and Liberty. It just your neighbor's wife?,
your neighbor's daughter?, and who cares for
them then if you can make a killing like
Repuglicon and Demonrats on FOX with the
Whore of Satan Sarah Palin, the Retard?
Justice is what we Will.

"Obama's Budget Calls for Billions in New Spending for Drones"

After we all learning these weapons are used
exclusively to indiscriminately murder us peoples
at random with what the heroin pushers term a
"suspect"? learned only to be so by anonymous
sources they brag as demon evil of Satanic
threat. These are ungodly war crimes perpetrated
by bushite nazi zionist grunters through NATO and
the Blackwater of "CIA", who war America's
Freedom as rapists for the escape of the neocon
peenackers responsible for 911. AS REPORTED
WORLDWIDE: Bush and Cheney closed 911 Police
investigations once it was revealed, to have been
orchestrated as funded by General Ahmad. The
General who was formally reported to be at hand
on Sept. 9th, over at the white house visiting
friends, where of that same day as reported by
MSNBC, Condi was putting the finishing touches
with her signature on the 'Top Secret
Presidential War Directive' DOCUMENTED WAR CRIME
PLAN designed to invade Afghanistan for pension
thievers Enron scammers. Premised on not giving
evidence against any accused as responsible,
would secure occupation for a desperately needed
liquefied natural gas pine line for a power plant
in India. Escaping those truly responsble for a
crime that hadn't even happened yet when penned!
All for a power plant owned by Enron. The Dubai
Working Group was run by Cheney in the lead up,
as to having grunts, the evil nazi fuks who
mubble nothing but contempt for Freedom,
stationed just outside Afghanistan readying to
war, waiting for the mass murder of America
strike to blitz, so they could go in and murder
anyone too. To torture, to thieve, to hate Life,
to hate Love, to hateGod. See, Enron, who was
facing imminent arrests and possible life
sentences for STEALING SO MUCH of every American
family conned to die, (were even publically
desperate.), being Mr. Bush's biggest financial
contributors, they were worried Americans might
be smart enough to catch on.. You remember?,
Pension thievers Enron who AS CRIMINALS,
quadrupled the cost for electricity in California
to all become billionaires? who ended up
escaping for near everything - didn't even have
to give back the stolen pensions to America, nor
even go bankrupt for Christ sake fuck you.
(banksters cashed in however) Anyway, the General
was the guy who went over to Afghanistan in
person, to let the Taliban know, no evidence
would ever be brought against the accused, and
that they were Muslims. When questioned, General
Ahmad resigned in embarrassment over getting
caught red handed.. Like when a Ron Paul or TV
pro says, 'yeh, they, sorry people, they lost the
money, golly shucks. go away now I'm a loser
like all of everyone else can be ever cause
Government is bad', not individual criminals,
never with a Libertarian, no, it's big bad
government. Fraud due to waste? no no no, it's
just big - can't fathom it so - only one precept
away to the know nothings of anarchy rulze, 'we're
cool', suits them good too. While the TRUE
PATRIOTS who appose lawless indiscriminate
warfare against the INNOCENT of Humanity are
called, "Anti-War Left-Wing Traitors" by the
tough guys, who will to rape your child, who will
to rape your wife. To torture to thieve from
America. (just to be clear, I don't really
allege Ron Paul is like an, all out bad guy here
- it's too bad he doesn't speak for Justice to
preserve a free society, but that's pretty much
what America is portrayed as trained - and you need
to be near a free thinkin god i guess to be able to
conceive these histories off the beating trails of
TV passivity. i guess, or all you people are just
idiots to take these war criminals lying down..
God is good man, god is good.

"Feeling the Hate in Jerusalem"

Look at this. It is just videos of "people"
on the streets in Israel. And corporated America
doesn't want Humanity, just to hear and see what
these hideous things are. These videos of normal
life in Israel are being banned!! Think about that.


Palin: Obama Will Win Again If He Backs Israel and Bombs Iran

Palin is a demon whore of Satan.


Alex Jones "I'm the bad guy?"

Alex Jones "I'm the Problem?"

The Universe is not all one way, and the Alex
Jones true conservative way. Alex has some great
strengths, like no other, and terrible weaknesses
of ego over the truth easily won by the facts
understood of who we are actually. He has often,
strangely, alleged any criticism of his views of
anything apparently, means therefore the
expression of question, can only be interpreted
by himself as a defamation of everything else he
had ever done since early childhood. Messy pants
in the vortex of his absolutionism. Instead of
taking time to form a response intelligently, why
going to a gold reserve isn't dumber than all
hell for example. (Zero to do with Jews.) He's
foolish that way, in other ways, he's great. He
claims such resolution as is impossible on my part?
Am I freaking you out, or is Alex Jones just kinda
dumb that way leaving us undermined?

Control through fair measure by laws against
needless war is the top priority here for me.
For everyone. Getting Justice done for 911.
That's our mission for Life that needs defending
against war criminals of mass murders. Defending
by You now and forever after I'm gone. This is
living for a better future, as freedom's ruling
for true Justice winning. Libertarians,
generally, are lost to the chaos here, or conning
for something else entirely. For their position
factually, is to let escape all criminals that
all have ever done us wrong., 'Smaller government
with less power means liberty, smaller government
with less power means liberty'. Weird lot of
blind wandering fools with lots of money eh?
who's that there reading my mind right?
Libertarians are big dumb puppets of tyranny's
'hidden' escape plan from Justice willed by the
true Patriots. We can demand the arrest of Bush
and Cheney for treason today to bring about a
better tomorrow to those innocent folks bombed by
the enemies to all in NATO needing arrests also.
While Libertarians want to talk about lower taxes
and welfare mothers, not bankster frauds and war
crimes committed by currupted politicians who
care not for the Liberties of any to remain
silent on the treasons of George Walker Bush and
Co.. Justice is what every honorable soldier
believes is a goal worth winning. Not to lose
loves to ungodly Zionist Nazi Israeli thieves of
freedom, who run gettoes truly for everyone where
they call home. Check out the "people" in the
"Feeling the Hate in Jerusalem" series
documenting the savage criminal nature of a
society that "laws" racism and bigotry with the
open theft of innocent family homes as it's
founding of Satanic death and suffering to all as
ungodly. At least, according to Jewish
Scriptures. They starve Jews in garbage dumps
there to atract charitible aid they can use
elsewhere did we tell you yet my Jewish friends?

Johnny the Jew


/ / Why Has the FDA Allowed a Drug Marked 'Not
Safe for Use in Humans' to Be Fed to Livestock
Right Before Slaughter? \ \

Americans need Justice, and we need it now
against these tyranic criminal forces of
death and suffering against the entire
un-defended nation. Mercury vaccines cause
for sure brain damage without doubt. Yet,
CNN, CBC, and George Noory don't care
enough to demand action taken to defend
the innocent targeted for stolen profit.

The Demon Whore of Satan Tea Bagger Palin

/ / Tea Bagger Convention draws 600; in two weeks
the National Wild Turkey Federation meets in the
same place, 40,000 attending. \ \

Gaza villages Wiped off the map by Truce
Breaker Amerikan TeaBagging Zionist Nazis

/ / The? Gazans are the original Jews. The
Israelis are mainly converts from places like
Georgia. \ \ remember: Nazi Israel targeted
children diliberately, along with 239 Police
Officers they allege were innocent Peoples loved
by God.


/ / Senator Cantwell says that the new
derivatives legislation is weaker than the old
regulation. \ \

These are all serious frauds. So serious, they
amount to trillions of stolen American Zombie
Inc. dollars. Do TV Americans care enough to
raise a concern separate from their made
unawareness of wise folks? who can't be beat
because they actually know what they are
speaking? The demon whore of Satan, retard Palin
likes lying about killing children in South
Ossetia for stolen gains to prod the sheeple into
more dying for war criminals, A DEMON WITCH LIAR,
while championing the cause to deprive justice
for an accused she calls a terrorist. A
terrorist she couldn't substantiate as guilty of
anything, officially, and apparently, doesn't
need to in Crazytown USA, population: Zombies.
Where TV people claim that is her right to speak
such outrages against the strengths of Human
Civilization as a real terrorist, without offered
Public challenge for defense on her naked
contempt for Truth, for God, the Flag, and my
Liberty to speak liberally against her evil demon
kind. The Zionist Nazi enemies who will the
robbery and murders of innocent Peoples they
mostly know as Christians, and Muslim to profit
off the murders of our loved ones they steal what
it is to be a loving Jew from everybody.
(Israeli NAZIS targeted the Jewish communities of
Lebanon as first strike targets) The Zionist Nazi
enemies who inject infants with neural toxic
vaccines to cause brain damage they care no words
for.. Sarah Palin is Zionist Nazi Filth. She
also stole the bridge to nowhere earmark money -
so.. CNN, FOX, el al. is not keeping her honest
by just lying that they would, could, should, but
actually don't for real. Who cares? Right?
It's just your funeral. She get's millions to
speak trash against God and America, while I,
can't even raise bus fair to get to Washington.
Something is definitely wrong here. Open free
communications with the facts are what is
lacking, and happy George Norry doesn't want US
having any of it, as a uncaring spiteful
treasonous monster.



At least the Taliban wills to actively hunt down
and kill bushite grunting rapists like any real men
would. America is a shit hole of lying cheats to
remain passive against this tyranny of false
imprisonments, mass murder and torture to escape
the evil neocon peenackers for 911 as so on.

/ / State Department, Patrick F. Kennedy, told
Congress that the State Department wanted to
keep crotch bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab
out of the U.S., but that intelligence agencies
insisted that Abdulmutallab be let into the
country. [..] intelligence agencies blocked
revocation of Abdulmutallab's visa because it
would have foiled a "larger investigation"
into Al Qaeda. \ \ Terrorists trying to murder
Americans as al-qeada looks most certain. They
allowed him on a plane with a bomb to target
Yemen. John O. Brennan is the man to question.

Default: the Student Loan Documentary

This is hell. Students are being rooked by
banksters, who's concern for education is the
farthest thing they want ever mentioned. Like,
just where did they get all their hundreds of
billions from anyway? What does the American
Peoples government have to say on this huge cost
of lost potentials given away wrongly as fools to
billionaires? OH yeah, we covered that
yesterday. Repuglicon and Demonrat take bribes,
while claiming our only possible out come is
stalemate on the taxation without equal
representation thingamajiggy. Banksters are the
main problem all over here, because we are not
provided the secret Intel on how to use a
calculator, or of the trick to know, all these
guys are like billionaires who haven't done an
honest day's work in their entire lives, and
still claim we owe them more than ever before
after dishing thirty trill. We could feel sorry
for them, sure, but we never the less, have to
fix this mess of being too stupefied to continue
on without some kind of public redress. Fair is
fair, and simple is plain, 'the Banksters don't
cover our loans, we do fool..' is a classic
example.. President Obama called the idea a
“no-brainer”. See? even Obama can't disagree
with me or you on this fact. ohwhaawait:
he-is-taking-it-back? noway! : huh? - who's
says what where when and why again?

A Heaven on Earth where lives lived in freedom is
something truly noble a title, but that's a long
way off from Amerikan Zombie Inc.. This
desperate struggle for existence as a just acting
government, that truly willed freedom for
mankind, would not 'select', dodging
indiscriminate bushite nazi gunfire of the
rape/thieve/bomb whoever, war crime factions
democratically I'm saying. War criminals paid
for by the American suckers to steal 'our'
innocent Lives dead for thieves and rapists,
doesn't sound like a platform I would ever vote
for carelessly, how about you as anyone too
right? Bush and Cheney for 911, let's all start
there, and march on to victory for every one, one
solid conviction at a time. The American People
need to rise up demanding the rightful arrest,
trial, and conviction for the war crimes these
false accusing bushite nazis have just committed
right before US all. See, Police Officers are
suppose to, by law, go after the criminals right?
Not denied to escape Bush on 911 with all
Cops and Firefighters who had their lives stolen
for war criminal gains that continue to this day.
See? now wouldn't this be like something
national TV and Radio Views could dedicate a few
battles on with yourselves, daily, to get Justice
won against the those who committed 911 against
the Greater America? My America? Your calls..

SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: The men who made a killing out of swine
flu while we wasted £1bn and were exposed to harmful drugs

The American People need Justice for All

We will Justice for all as the public counter to
the willful ignorance of those who deny US equal
privilege, or selling to divide our masses on
simple answers they deprive ourselves. No
evidence, person innocent. These foolish
mistakes made by media heads, are mistakes we
will no longer except as the best we have to

Why do Bushite Still Live Breathing Our Air in Your World?

When you bill a bushite, take joy with a love in
your heart for America. Just look at that
picture of the young boy with his arms and legs
blown off, then maybe go to a us military site or
two, to read the total contempt for life so
willingly expressed by the demon enemies of GOD.
Demons who enjoy making 10 year olds run five
miles for a glass of water to save his mother,
and after the five mile run, the bushite throws
the water away, and laughs at the child, while
cheering, "whore yey, whore yey" on youtube with
comments that go on and on with barely an
utterance to hunt down and kill the bushite
responsible. Then know, what a bushite is. It's
a nazi grunter who refused to uphold his word,
his oath, and refuses still, cowardly, to demand
the arrest of all peenacker neocons for the high
treasons of 911. Dying for continuing the lies
is the silence of a betrayer, who's commitment is
not to defend America, but to rape and pillage
from US all with excuses that will never fly in
my book, how about yours?. Then, know, more than
two million people have been bombed
indiscriminately by the bushite nazi grunters of
the Air Forces, untold thousands and thousands
have been kidnapped without cause, many innocent
men, women and children tortured to death as
warring to steal all Iraqi assets for Dutch
Shell, Bremer and Maliki. Nazi grunting savages
were ordered by Sattler to shoot dead all Iraqi
males between the ages of 10 to 55, but they went
ahead and killed everyone instead of the city
known as Fallujah, more than 250,000 People were
first degree mass murdered of that city alone.
Then they bombed Samara for no reasons but a TRUE
HATRED FOR GOD. nothing, but something made up
after the fact by Iraqi Child killer Allawi.
These same nazi grunter enemy LIARS who now claim
the will to sit on welfare getting free health
care as CNN FOX CBC "heroes" for the rest of it's
dying days, believing it will escape hiding
behind our stolen Flag all our wraths as a mass
murdering enemy of Life, who speaks nothing
against those who as "lawless", rape American
Women. Look at that picture again. How can
George Noory still be happy as shit today about
what he wrought as a war criminal? Knowing as he
has all along, Bush and Cheney did 911 with
General Ahmad. Knowledge he FORBIDS Alex Jones
from speaking. FORBIDS - And America only sells
he's so great to be as made popularly 'impartial'..
Why? Americans can't even be bothered to raise
their will to care a word for Justice if it means
freedom for some other. They want to cheat
others out of our lives like George Noory does,
like their government willingly is to themselves.
We gotta change things for the better People.

King Johnny America


/ / In a new audiotape delivered by bearded
courier to, the reclusive al-Qaeda
leader is heard enthusiastically endorsing
Obama's "kill Americans" policy. \ \ Osama
offered himself over, but Bush refused. Why
wouldn't ol' bin claim the millions of innocent
Muslims murdered, were done by those warring our
worlds for the escape of the two faced Neocon
Peenackers? I mean, even if he didn't believe it
as The Mastermind? I mean, he's worked with
these same guys like Rumsfeld since the early
seventies, when he was the greatest freedom
fighter ever known by Reagan. I'm calling this
one.. another Buhite Nazi Zionist Caper run by Rita
Katz and the Intelcenter, those most treasonous
enemies of the Republic. Consider all the deaths
they con ourselves for more of, to become oh so
wealthy over the deaths of millions. We need to
send in the clowns, and get these guys tried
right away with Bush and Cheney, Rumsfeld and
Condi, with Myers. AS too we should order all
grunts to hunt mercenaries who have refused to
defend the innocent with just causes, but to pimp
child rape, to torture American woman for
sadistic gratification, and gunning down innocent
peoples on video while bragging we can't ever
hold them to account for the crimes they will to
commit further. So, we arrest them all with the
millions and millions and millions of soldiers we
have from every country, and try every single
last merc until it's buried, released, or in
solitary at the Pen. Again, it is THEY who
refuse to quit being lawless enemies of a just
society. Nobody is lawless from our reach, while
simply considered, the concept is given to those
of criminal purposes, such as torturers, rapists,
mass murderers, and heroin pushers warring
Humanity for NO GOOD CAUSE. Enemies of all Life
in near any religious scriptures you want to pull
the truth from.

"Rand Paul - Government Doesn't Create Jobs People Do"

The Government is of the People, People like
School teachers, Cops, and multi-millionaire
moron Congressmen. ahfuk, youknow, I'm beginning to
really hate all of the NWOers for whoring to Bush
for further escaping mass murder on 911 though
contempt for truly wise folks like me demanding
Justice for this day. Instead, selling Ron Paul
as Alex Jones with George Noory does, all
government is bad, so there, you have your excuse
to not mention PROVEN criminal frauds in the
trillions taking place where Ron, as big bad
Government, has no real concern for freedom to be
fought as Justly won. He tells YOU he is a total
failure - 'ALWAYS' - AJ 'vote ron paul for
failure vote ron paul for failure!' A contempt
shown for God and Life to pretend like they do
minus the easy to get facts of iron flowing like
water from the towers, 'No, Ron is actually a
Patriot' like all those murderous Republican
traitors who will to rape American Women in Your
name too! with still what to say for yourself
"American"? It just your neighbor's wife?, your
neighbor's daughter?, and who cares for them then
if you can make a killing like Repuglicon and
Demonrats on FOX with the Whore of Satan retard
Sarah Palin? Justice is what we Will. Where is
the millions of dollars Soldiers donated to Ron
Paul for the campaign for Constitutional values
you NWOer suckered TO DIE blinded daft victims of
lawlessness? I suspect as reported, Ron gave the
money to his 'who knows where they got their
millions' family of shysters who don't serve to
protect, Proudly, but want to get into the cons
of suckering the masses for more stolen loots too
probably. (Earmarking in the American Government
is a crime that is most certain so absent Ron,
Alex, and George's censorship on the top priority
issues that cost US plenty) Ron Paul won the
Republican Convention, despite his every intent
to sabotage himself early on when it looked like
it might be close, and gave the riggings to enemy
911 escaper, pro-lawless war mongering enemy
liar, the pro-extortion bailouter, the pro-kill
indiscriminately American kids to escape the
Peenacker Neocon ENEMY McCain! Bush lover
McCain! Who had something like a Grand Total of
14 McCainiac votes cast for himself according to
the Boston Globe. (of which were likely mostly
given by his mother) American elections are
openly rigged if you didn't already know.. I
mean really, who would ever actually in their
right mind vote pro-rape pro-torture pro-slavery
Republican? FOXSNEWS fans? sure, as bigots,
rapists, thieves, and those who are deeply
ignorant of economics, Life, and like the truth
that republicans are deeply godless as themselves
too, robbing ourselves in broad daylight as
talentless savages that only stand due their
censorships against wise voices, such as our own
they simply hate as truly brilliant. Their naked
hate for God's Soldiers who intent on Just causes
is worn openly in their telling faces. American
Zionist Nazi males can't compete as losers, so
they cheat all our Humanity a better life.

Ron Paul Warns of Social Unrest and Martial Law

"Ron Paul: Chaos in The Streets and Poverty Coming To the USA"

"police" work isn't inherently bad. To believe
Ron Paul is to believe no one has ever been
rightly put in prison for a crime they were
for sure guilty of.

Jeeze Ron, what about Justice winning? Never
heard such a concept expressed down there in
Washington? Crimes Ron, massive cons of fraud,
rape, mass murder through contempt for
constitutional freedom. People who faith in
everything whoever is, understand: 911 police
investigations were closed by Bush and Cheney,
two guys that Ron formally doesn't support the
arrest of for treason on that unanswered question
either. Is he still a good man opening the door
for ladies, well sure. So maybe you say, Bush is
the archetype antichrist, and Ron's just too
fearful of evil personified.. okay, but then how
about Sachs for selling frauds?, then gambling on
that Securities fraud with yet other Shorts
fraud, then through the FIVE bailouts of AIG, be
paid off again again and again for like frauds of
the TARP funds. EXTORTION - banksters don't cover
our loans! we do.. Goldman Sachs didn't even do
commercial banking!, until the bailouts were
announced I read.. This isn't suppose to be
funny anymore. Know none of this about America
in the dramas? Despite the near fact, that Ron has
been a guest more than a hundred times with Alex
'I sell gold too' Jones, who sells much of the
same blind get your money out of the dwindling
economy regarding the robberies of the nature of
our National currencies as undefended by looters,
to prop his private 'solutions' for America where
he can maybe become extremely rich in the process
of defending his refusal for deeper
understandings, on these found simple real
solutions, when we actually know what we are
talking about in the bigger real world pictures.
As going to the gold standard is among the NWOer
cartoon options, that would be very dumb, and
doesn't address the true 'hidden' problem on the
nature of what credit actually is, as how we have
been undermined by paying back for loans the
banksters never covered to begin with; as just
where did all our money go as "lost". Every time
you hear the term "bubble" think escaping fraud?,
and the term "Lost" as no not so. (Plus as
a treat, how do you get the oodles of money to
buy expensive rocks that sit in a storage
facility?, that would most likely be looted
by the grunters immediately. Look at the Iraqi
Development Fund, or Fort Knoxx.) I however, am
not like Alex trying to co-op truth on 911 as our
father, to silence critics of other idears I have
about for anything but escaping 911 Bush and Cheney
for mass murder with several illegal wars against
millions, private bankster robberies of our
public bank assets, or those that push for more
torture/rape/assault as the profiteer war mongers
of lawless threats against our species. I want
Bush the false accuser for 911 to be challenged
fairly in public, with free international talk
radio debate with anyone on Earth to prove our
cases. 911 Police Investigation must be opened
for many good people have been mass murdered
because of America's failures to do so in
true defense of anyone's Liberty.

The Flags are our Own,

King Johnny America


"US says it may kill Americans abroad"

That would be murder, and no you may not.
Soldiers of America need US desperately.
These bushite nazi savages only will to
destroy the principles of Justice that
defend our liberties. They war for the
escape of Bush and Cheney for treason
on 911. Enemies of Humanity, enemies
of God.

/ / Defense lawyers, backed by expert witnesses,
countered that her fingerprints were not found
on the gun and that there was no evidence it
had been fired. \ \

Charge the Zionist Jury with the Prosecuter
for kidnapping, attempted murder, and
sanctioning torture, and see where The
Peoples respond with guilty verdicts. The
Bushite McCainiac isn't American, it wills
to steal, to rape, to torture.

Bushite McCainiacs are Evil Stupid People

Bushite McCainiacs are evil stupid people of
History's worst example for false accusations.
To near never apply our skills of communicating
to seek greater understandings, but to divide
itself as a bigot false accuser not qualified to
hold such a position in complete disregard for
the worth of it's viewer. US, the Audience.


Republicans unite to halt trials of alleged 9/11 plotters

Once thought treason, now, just another opinion.


"FED GAVE Banks Access to 23.7 TRILLION DOLLARS NOT $700 Billion!"

In total it is a worse deal more.

We're all not just some wing nuts
robbed near all our homes, pensions, with
no new money, but a credit bill even greater
after giving out thirty trillion to private
banksters to take it all and run to Europe?
Now, Obama the liar and the Repuglicons are
hashing it out on how to punish those big
bad bank buildings with higher taxes? (your
suppose to laugh in real pain here still
paying as victim suckered.) Answers Johnny
has!!! but who cares right?


/ / Bush Administration Attorneys Clears
Torture Memo Authors \ \

How about, no. Torture is illegal in America
don't they know? Of course they do, they're the
war criming lawyers who attempt this nonsense to
excuse themselves just as the Public wakes up to
their terrors. Torturing innocent people to death
as sadists are war crimes everywhere, just ask
the good folks who won against the Nazis before.
All such war crimes warrant death as treason to
Life, in America's War Crime Act ushered by Reagan
and friends. And for good reasons never
defeated, it's just, corporate America refuses
wisdom to prevail through fair open debate of the
facts. They want to cheat America out of our
pensions, out of our homes, to sacrifice our
children to escape Bush and Cheney for 911.


The King Johnny America Show

This is The King Johnny America Show, with your
Host, King Johnny America. coming out from
everywhere to bid all a great, hello...

Your calls...

This found understanding, where everyone can
understand without counter argument, that we
really do have some as our government trying to
silently escape as found war criminals, robbing
our banks with proven frauds too, is a real
problem. We have suffered due our inabilities
thus far, to warrant Justice to truly defend
ourselves. On this matter of respecting our
rights, such as truly establishing a person's
innocence or guilt. Without Justice demanded as
freedom defended, the war criminals wager our
lives for criminal gains. To support the denial
of rights for the accused "suspect" to a terror
offense, is to allow the escape of those that
truly did us wrong. So, we need a helpful change
in the way corporate America internationally
dismiss ourselves without debate on what Justice
brings, as legitimately concerning. They deny us
real resolution for hard copy indictments against
actual terrorism. The facts forge our freedoms.
As the 911 war criminals are still 'escaping'
from America, is our current suffering media
tyranny. This is the Public challenge we should
naturally expect discussed as important in our
media. On CNN, CBC, The Simpsons, and at
survival classes - if we all willed our,
indifferent to war international media
controllers like George Noory, to allow the facts
freely to communicate our dire concerns. George
Noory and the Neocons would rather all America
die victim, before we are brought to be for this
contempt for denying ourselves the right still I
believe. He's known all along the times he takes
calls from those who falsely believe bin Laden
committed the unspeakable 911, or question the
legitimacy for the Iraq war which he sold, and we
hear him con all on for sacrifice to traitor
criminals, with "his", 'impartiality' on what
Justice truly defends against sadist mass
murderers who don't know what about false
imprisonment or torture in our 'Land of Freedom'
brings?. George Noory had once uttered something
like, he wasn't going to tell Americans whether
the vaccines were good or bad, and let the
listener decide.. selling, 'no fight go quiet'..
who cares really if he doesn't? Mercury is a
heavy metal neural toxin. The political
"science" that corporate pill popper America
sells is completed nonsense often, compared to
Canadian high school Biology classes, and many
years of the developed world's study regarding
the hazards of addiction. Addictions created by
chemical interdependencies. Americans are nearer
junkies, with conditions that didn't start, until
they began medically treating for moods,
attention spans, and more complete quackery to
undefended young children made ill because of it.
And as a consequence of us all left drugged out
on TV Meds into 'magic' corporate TV values of
passivity, of, who cares for anything really
going on., The WHO as others is let run all on
their owns privately, as a flock of out where
fringe lunatics, dangling in the dark dungeons of
their true selfish overt indulgences, suffering a
mental imbalance named adroitly, "Absurdum".
[~frm 'dahmaes'] Example: World Health
Organization's Mr. Repocholli said, "you can eat
depleted uranium by the pound full", or as
corporate national news media's all "yeah,
bailing out private banks makes total sense to
the pros, never you mind continuing losers, your
not invited to question here.", "..and and of
course WTC7 fell naturally. don't be silly" ,
"Go now." While I am just an ordinary guy in the
world I'm from, wearing a few hats, as one of
most importance, near high school Scientist. To
understand how we are failed at communicating
these measurable matters of consequences due to
radio-active heavy metals, due now to the untold
decades of suffering our entire endangered
species will burden. As we will attempt to
endure this lasting assault against all of
creation. America's continuing curse of
following ignorance instead of the science well
known must not go on if we want to survive
further. Respected enough to not willfully
plan, to keep all our heads buried in the
radio-active toxic sands. Depleted uranium is
measured radio-active, and oxidizes to particles
as small as a tenth of a micron. Contains
plutonium. All is not lost to the indifference
of American's dying from ignorance championed.
WHO Scientist: Swine Flu Pandemic Was “Completely
Exaggerated”., causing massive irreparable damage
to our species with injected toxics. To I
believe it was counted, one in five of America.
There needs to be a public moratorium on attempts
at further genocide, with an international public
campaign of sharing the known IMPORTANT science
of these fields remaining completely undefended,
to know, we have been wronged, seriously wronged

Justice must be done. We start, with Mr. Bush
and Mr. Cheney, and have talks on what just
exactly is a bank anyway, and what it means when
people are defrauded all of their investments.
Then, we'll track corporate America's "heroic"
bushite NATO bombers and assorted war crime
scums. these sick twisted nazi fuks that bomb
our cities for no causes, rape our loved familes,
and steal our money to give to the war criminal
neocon peenacker shills. Bush bitches who only
hold the American flag in contempt for not
warring a just cause to get the culprits for 911.
No, instead, rape, torture, mass murder and
theft, as not sounding like the qualities any freedom
forces would willingly practice. Without Justice
brought on as principled, they are a disservice
to our entire human race. They are pathetic to
not speak out rightly. Dying for lies is the
action of a coward. so, change your evil ways
and try to be a real American man, and leave
the heroics for the professionals who know
where we stand. Justice for all is freedom
to be. Torture is criminal, war criminal.

Could you anyone a favor do, by emailing
this out somewhere today? Thanks.

THAT'S ALL... \ \

Just how important evidence is to form our
"conclusions" about the innocence or guilt of
someone as soon to be anyone. No evidence for
terrorists means the criminal escapes.

Needless mass murder is criminal
everywhere. Torture IS against the Law in
America, and it warrants death for good reasons.
(Thank Reagan.) Bush closed 911 investigations
man. UNACCEPTABLE. If our national media isn't
going to work hard at correcting ourselves when
they ride us off the rails, then they are not our
media. The Banksters do not cover our loans, we
do. Extortion is what these bailouts are. Bush
and Cheney closed 911 police investigations
didn't you know? AND, Sarah Palin LIED to
Humanity, when she claimed as like a Demon Whore
of Satan, that Russia attacked Georgia without

Justice for all is freedom to be


60 Aerospace Engineers Call for a New 9/11 Investigation


"Obama's DOJ Clears Torture Memo Authors John Yoo, Jay Bybee of Professional Misconduct"

False. Under Standing American Law, torture
warrants the death sentence.


EXCLUSIVE…Blackwater’s Youngest Victim: Father of 9 Year-Old Killed in Nisour Square Gives Most Detailed Account of Massacre to Date

Indefinite Detention “Defies Common Sense”

Peoples of Earth

Peoples of Earth, murderous demon liars want us
only to war as thieves for lawless anarchy, all
to escape all the ENEMY Neocon Peenackers
responsible for 911.

"Saddam's WMDs could not be ignored after 9/11,
says 'coward' Blair after avoiding protesters"

Then why ignore them now? If it warranted the
indiscriminate mass murder of millions of
innocent Peoples to rob Iraqis of the Iraq
Development Fund, and all their natural
resources for Dutch Shell, to allow bushites
to rape torture and murder, why is it not
important now? The WMDs are still NOT accounted
for under your LIAR terms. It was known BEFORE
the bombings, by MYSELF AS RECORDED among may
others, that the WMDs were measured destroyed.
Plus, prior to the bombings, grunts had
unrestricted access to go where ever they pleased
without shooting any innocent children.
Why no concern for your CNN lies today? Are not
the needless indiscriminate mass murder of
millions in Iraq thought of as an act of terror
in your evil mind Tony? That the bushite, are
demon mass murdering enemies, warring God and
Humanity as ungodly LIARS, warring Humanity for
Antichrist Bush and the Neocons with Peter Power
for the 7/7 bombings in London? I HATE bushite.


Obama: I will never waver from supporting Israel

To give money to target for murder the innocent
peoples with, does not support Israel, but to bring
the death of Jews to profit the Zionist ungodly
liars of Satan. In fact, it makes Obama a WAR
CRIMINAL for funding such as the willful theft of
innocent Christian Homes to please a Zionist enemy
of Life. Who the fuk does he think he's lying to
here? Just Johnny?


Bin Laden Claims Responsibility for Balloon Boy Hoax

You'd wonder why bin doesn't bring up Mr. Bush
and the whole 911 thing already, considering
he has ready access to the Internet eh? It's
like, him and Mr. Bush along with the Neocons
all wants the sames thing as liars and cheats?
Apparently, they've been all one of the same
all the way back to the early 70's with hocus
pocus Rumsfeld. Check out the doc "The Power
of Nightmares", as a primer on the study of
evil as history. Now, on with the show

Johnny's State of the Union

Yup, I'm certainly not all knowing, nor am always
the best at writing these things done right. But
I know when we're being took by crooks, and in
Health care, we're been snookered royally while
dancing off away in the clouds dreaming of being
something but on the ball.

International arrest warrants have been requested for George W. Bush

I would that every free nation of Earth should
get behind this without me even saying so.
Pretend, I'm not really here..

We just need better respect the innocent lives of
all others, and center in on the suspected guilty
party for high treasons. No evidence, person
innocent. Bush is guilty. Hammurabi.


Livni, Barak 'Wanted for War Crimes' in Poland

'Holocaust teaches that murderers must be stopped before they act'

Ah ha. Evil IS the deceived disguised. The
trick here is your suppose to go in your mind,
'but that doesn't apply to Netanyahu because he
said it, naah naahnahnaah naah.' EVIL. Netanyahu
must be tried the war criminal he for sure is,
and executed without delay, as the Holocaust did
teach US Jews against a Nazi demon like mass
murderer Netanyahu, who KNOWS he broke the truce,
and ordered the indiscriminate murder of our
Humanity to financially gain off the suffering
and DEATHS of Jews. All the while, thieving
innocent peoples properties in the stolen name of
God, the Great fair Living GoldStone Rule of
Justice for all times. Echm. As equal Rights to
speak John, I do not support capital punishment
as actually Just (explain later..), but for in
serious war crimes against the enemy profiteers
it makes wanting. War mongering Enemies of Life,
are of a different nature. War criminals are of
our most direct public interest truly, for wars
bring great suffering in our stolen names. War
mongers create war as those who claim our just
causes are defending, not found liars in
"hiding", not even trying good at fooling almost
always, is a truth we know as Justice could
exist, if these understandings were understood as
communicated. Or slam dunk debated in the Public
arena as popular opinion. We have the
technology. It is a Natural thing to dream the
big dreams baby. But would require no tolerance
on our part, allowing the war criminals to
succeed. Succeeding by stealing the better of
ourselves, is a crime most cruel. God is good.
We defend the innocent. So, what am i saying?
Netanyahu is so a Nazi war criminal, and that's
that.. So, what don't you now know, to also work
for Justice in this day, as a good thing to find
in freedom gained as universally yours? A plan
of such monumental epic proportions, it almost
baffles us all on how to begin at something that
has no ending, but for the order from chaos is
divine in it's property. tick tock Who are I'm
reading here.. Am I 'freeking' you out man? Hey!
I'm cool, your cool, we're all cool.. Let's get
the work that needs to be done, done. Justice
for All is Freedom to Be. Who'd a figured? The
little guy was going to make it to the big
leagues someday? Catch you later.


"Iraq executes Chemical Ali"

Malaki and his war criminal minions will all be
tried for glorious execution on this specific
capital murder one crime. Ali Hassain al-Majid,
better known as "Chemical Ali" DID NOT gas the
Kurds. The CIA examined the crimes scene, at the
time, then once again later, and found that
conclusively measured scientifically, the victims
had died due to a cyanide based blood agent
provided by Nazi Israeli to Iran during the
conflict. Not used by Iraqi forces throughout
the entire pointless war. (didn't have the tech,
so used Rumsfeld's mustard gas. Execute Rumsfeld
with the Peenackers why don't we?) Iran had been
occupying the area, just prior to Iraqi's
re-claiming the Iraqi territory, and while
Iranian troops were fleeing, shot back the
cyanide based blood agent provided by the
Zionists, who with Rumsfeld, played off both
sides for the hatred of God and Humanity both
still possess proudly. So, THINK; Iraqi troops
would not gas their own Iraqi troops on land they
had regained, now would they? The History is
well documented, and there is nothing to support
the ENEMY OF IRAQ Malaki's demon LIES of the
great Satan. Therefore, the, as per usual
kangaroo court of criminal intent that expressed
pure evil wickedness that murdered Saddam with
total nonsense, had ZERO evidence to back up
their bushite demon lies once again, warring for
Satan. Allawi!, just look at Allawi, Maliki's
buddy who admits to blowing up Iraqi children in
school buses, ADMITS THIS!. And that, as
Maliki's bestest pal, was responsible for
personally ordering the nazi grunts to murder
every doctor or nurse in Iraq for treating
wounded infants and the elderly of Fallujah. The
Great City that Sattler had the bushite nazi
grunters mass murder more than 250,000 innocent
souls inhabiting, with destroying much of it's
ancient city that went back almost 6000 years.
Nothing to do with 911. Bushite enemies don't
care for History, God or Humanity, as America
either. Example: In Iraq, the bushite nazi
grunts performed what was called, ethnic
cleansing, comprised of the indiscriminate mass
murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent
peoples from every side. In an instance, of near
only a year ago, dropped more than 58,000 pounds
of radio-active bombs on a community in Baghdad
murdering tens of thousands for nothing but to
mass murder us all, every single one of us, in
what was termed a "suspected" dangerous
neighborhood. In Baghdad!, the city of which the
nazi forces occupy. Crimes that NATO commanders
with Blackwater and the CIA, albeit with smaller
death tolls, do near daily in Amerika's name with
these robot drone strikes, an Amerika, who says
nothing for really caring, for, they refuse to
even raise their phones. They bomb our markets,
and our homes with what they term general
locations holding mere suspects from anonymous
sources. All of NATO, will be tried for
execution to set an example for every generation
that will follow us. We will hunt them down,
every single last one, be they billionaires or
no. Peoples of Earth, murderous demon liars want
us only to war as thieves for lawless anarchy,
all to escape all the ENEMY Neocon Peenackers
responsible for 911. Plus, Bremer stole 19
billion dollars from Iraqis don't ever forget,
that other destroyer of Justice in Life. A
harbinger of evils that must be restored by the
good laws of every land, we all must make this
stand for our common Humanity, and demand all our
money back. Bremer stole it. Speaking against
these lawless entities, who publicly claim we
Will, the sacrifice of our innocent selves for
their escape to mass murder more of US still, as
further left undefended for victimhood can not
stand in the light of this day I'm telling you.
We’ve been denied the facts, they've done that.

I am no longer here as moved on, and your here by
all yourself - how yah doing buddy! Johnny
was just a stand in with the basics for the fools
still sleeping there, your what I'm really here
for. Let's go for the freedom to be whoever you
want to be, committed to a just world, where our
rights, are the rights defended for others, all
others... See yah later. Okay.. go now.



/ / The basic facts of what happened in Halabjah have
been corroborated by the CIA, the U.S. Army War
College, and the United States Intelligence Agency. \ \

But the bushite, he has no commitment to the Truth,
to Justice, to Freedom, to God.



Like, can't every single last American unite
against crimes against the People like these:

Human Rights Advocates Given Maximum Federal Prison Sentences
of Six Months for Direct Action Opposing the School of the Americas

The Judge must be tried for treason. And a serious
treason. This is not a lawful act in America, where
freedom is defended to the death, against those who
would steal Life from ourselves for naked tyranny.
It's the soldiers there that are less than men,
that don't march directly down to the School
of Americas, and arrest the whole bunch, as
terrorists planning crimes in our stolen
values of Justice and fair say. We are
Incredible. They are war criminal.
American Patriot Soldiers Unite!

Your calls..


"Obama Mulls Legality of ‘Taking Out’ US-Born Cleric"

That would be murder warranting death, so I
would advise on not doing it.


Extortion is against the Law in America. Let's
start there.. back on Sept. 18th 2008. Either
we pay them without question, or come Monday
morning, they would run the country into the
ground. Bailed JP Morgan had more than a
trillion dollars in capital, through out the
entire so labeled "Crisis". Surprising to most
however, is that banksters do not actually cover
our loans, we do. As Extortionists, they
illegally took all our trillions of dollars for
'free' as private individuals. Stupidly. Crazy
man crazy. It's a good thing we're here. (at
least it's supposed to be.) It's all our media's
fault. But mostly Republicans. If you had this
understanding, and you heard what they have to
say about increasing the Taxes on still empty
banks, would you then, finally, begin to wonder,
just what did happen to all our money? And find,
they OPENLY pocketed it. Trillions and trillions
of dollars, with the additional provisory, we now
owe them more than ever before. Have you ever
felt like we were living in some sort of
suffering Hell absent reason for Law, in the
media marketplace of fancy pant criminally
deranged lunatics called corporate professionals?
Support my rise to popular acclaim, so I can make
something near a decent sandwich, and broadcast
these international interests, as if they were
your very own on public trial.

I am your Servant, poor king Johnny


Don't Get Excited

/ / Sen. John Cornyn wants everyone to calm down
about a Supreme Court decision that would allow
corporation to pour an unlimited amount of cash
into campaign advertisements \ \ and cash bribes.
Banksters with stolen trillions, paying out 24
million to repuggers, to fuck all Americans up
good willingly.

This demon, who SUPPORTS gang raping American
women, is hypnoing Amerika here. Understand FOX
news does not campaign for his formal execution
as Nazi traitor, instead, to tell, hey don't get
excited. It just your neighbor's wife, your
neighbor's daughter, and who cares for them then
if you can make a killing like Repuglicon and
Demonrats on FOX do too?

U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker “A citizen may
not gain standing by claiming a right to have the
government follow the law,

But then, that would be a citizen in government
being a for sure criminal. Un-American. So, a
standing among whom? Criminal Judges? The Law
is the Law. America is America. Obama "No one
is above the Law." It's a criminal in government
pretending he's a man of Law, denying the
protections we've officially granted ourselves.
Then, on top of everything else, the case is
about 'law enforcement' not following probable
cause! Why is it so many Judges in America, like
in the American Supreme Court, know so very
little of what Justice is for? What Freedom is
as defended? As Liberty protected? Judge Vaughn
Walker needs be fired as minimally incompetent,
or, further, an accessory to REAL CRIMES after
the fact. Or, do cowardly Americans in silence,
just want to be robbed and left for dead now, as
their Womens gang raped by 'richer' non-citizen
bribed Republicans? Officially left undefended
by American Law? Believe my friend, this is some
serious words to go unchallenged by everyone
familiar with being cheated. Your dimes, your
call. Or is it just your neighbor?, and who
cares for them then if you can make a killing
like Repuglicon and Demonrats on FOX do too?

Children tortured before parents, raped, all covered up

Every Bushite death is a mercy on our souls so
says the Son to God as Man of Men.

Americans Torture to Intentionally Extract False Confessions

/ /the Bush Administration used torture to
intentionally extract false confessions
linking Al Qaeda (and 9/11) to Iraq, to give
Bush a false "casus belli" to invade Iraq. \ \

Highly Criminal.

Rape in the Ranks: Female US soldiers raped by ESCAPING Comrades

No honor among evil bushite enemies of Life.


"Evictions of Palestinians to make way for Jewish settlers"

NOT JEWS. Murderous thieves financed by the
American givers of "good will".


King Johnny's "Nazi Israel"
(note: History has changed since then)

"Netanyahu vows never to let Israelis be tried for war crimes"

So he WANTS a godless nation run by war criminals
who torture and murder innocent others for stolen
money? Vile demon enemy of God and Humanity the
Zionist OPENLY is. Don't take my words for it,
or of God in the Old Testament, Just honestly
hear it. Satanic Israeli ADMIT to breaking the
truce with Gaza, to have die, innocent Jews for
stolen money. They warned Hamas when they would
strike near their homes, while murdering,
ADMITTINGLY, at least, 239 Police Officers.



Alex Jones "Health Care isn't broken. [...] it's all
a scam like Ron Paul has told you." Jan 21 2010

How ignorant of the facts would America have to
be, to prop this magic trick of hypnotic
illusion, 'hiding' real Americans going robbed,
or without to die? So severe, I'm pained to try
elaborating on this further. Ron Paul expresses
a short sightedness of the incredibly well
documented facts available, such as, the lancing
of a cyst called cancer for more than $200,000.00
we all should remember, as the best of what
America has to offer, and similar horrors against
those Americans with weak English skills, getting
illegally targeted right down to filing
bankruptcies, as included in the unaccountable
Cartel's, well publicized intent to push even
harder with EXTORTIONS! if Americans dare
attempt sorting this out heads and shoulders
above the NWO mind control of an Alex Joneser,..
is simply unacceptable to those who know the
basics of what's been generally bantered about in
the American main stream news media. Alex Jones
seems a blind puppet playing for us a theatrical
performance to garner some needed understandings
due to the dire circumstances we truly find
ourselves in, and for that, we can be
appreciative I suppose. Americans do often make
blanketing statements as what is referred to in a
dictionary as, Ideologically, when talking the
difficulties of real world Politics. A form of
Collectivism, in turn, hypnotizing his faithful
to same 'believe', something without any real
understandings to know so. Like those on a
hypnotist's stage who "believe" they are all
chickens who cluck not truly saying much. So
let's break it down, "Isn't broken", just by it
self is incredibly dumb, without trying to be
insultive to Alex Jones' sometimes, great
understanding that brings a sorely lacking public
awareness regarding many things. But think here:
'Isn't broken'.. at all? with all the billions
completely wasted each year into the pockets of
those who are not health providers is a simple
mistake often taken by the unthinking American,
in the corporative mind set of the FOX TV Sneewze
viewers. As a factually, Not Competing
CARTEL=commi group of billionaires, who have been
TV quoted, not giving a rats tail on denying
Americans coverage if it eats into their profit
margins, as far as they can get away with absent
law in many instances, to see Americans die
unfairly. And, they have been. In any other
professional circumstance would be considered
criminal, by because the Cartel is exempt from
Law by bribed Congressmen, and idiot "Savant"
fundamentalist NWOer Alex Joneser types.. it's
too bad for you, and too good for the
billionaires who do not need to actually be there
at all!, taking our insurance investments.
Investments for Health Care. I put in 33.5, you
put in 33.5, and Larry puts in 33 and then takes
out as much as 70 before we get even started
doing anything about our healths in corporatist
America, unlike Canada, Britain, and many others
if not every other nearer a Republic standing.
At least, according to what I remember in "The
World's Wasted Wealth". Officially, I think it's
near about 50.. but I think your starting to see
the point here. Larry there isn't a doctor,
scientist, or a paper publisher, or a guy who
does much of anything else but cash a check for
mindlessly clucking, being a part of the commi
Cartel. (see, if you work out the maths, there
isn't enough money for me and you to take 70
ourselves too!) In fact Larry might just as well
be a stock holder friend of a CEO sitting at home
getting money for gaining in what would be
considered criminal for you, for them, special
stolen rights on your investment for improving
health. So.. near every smarter than Alex Jones
industrialized country, doesn't see a need to
feed billionaire Larry, and insists he go out and
get a real job to be productive, instead of
unfairly destructive to the common cause of why
we've gathered our wages. Worked for wages.
Slaved for wages. Taxed wages. Again, Americans
are taxed TWICE AS MUCH as Canadians for
Healthcare, THINK "COMMI" THINK, we get full
coverage, (despite the LIES of a Huckabee) while
Americans are expected to go out and buy private
insurance now. Zombie Commies.

Stories Of Those Who Died Because They Didn't Have Health Insurance

/ / Members of Congress and their families are
blessed with their very own gold-plated,
taxpayer-financed, Washington-run health care system. \ \

"Ron Paul Warns of Violence from Pending Dollar Crisis"

But not that Justice will be demanded by Americans?


I'm an Asshole

/ / 24 hours later and now Scott is suddenly FOR the
health care reform. \ \

Scott, forgive me, I'm an asshole. How about
changing the torture posture on denying an
accused evidence to form our allegations, and
providing him or her with a real lawyer of good
standing, and a real Judge like the ones they
used to have in the good old days, when being a
Republican really meant something


/ / President Bush, Condoleezza Rice, and Deputy National-Security Adviser Elliott Abrams backed an armed force under Fatah strongman Muhammad Dahlan, touching off a bloody civil war in Gaza \ \

So that is how that whole thing started..


Republicans for Rape

King Johnny America

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