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Anti-Fascist Demo in Dudley

Stillshooter | 03.04.2010 22:58 | Anti-racism | Migration | Social Struggles | Birmingham | World


Anti Fascist Protesters in Dudley.
Anti Fascist Protesters in Dudley.

Placard Sticks are Weapons ???
Placard Sticks are Weapons ???

Midlands Police Biker Fest !
Midlands Police Biker Fest !

Police Question Protesters !
Police Question Protesters !

"Suspected" EDL Supporter Searched.
"Suspected" EDL Supporter Searched.

"Suspected" EDL Spotter filming Protesters.
"Suspected" EDL Spotter filming Protesters.

"Suspected" EDL Spotters, hiding a camera.
"Suspected" EDL Spotters, hiding a camera.

It Does Exactly What It Says on the Tin !
It Does Exactly What It Says on the Tin !

Mr Weyman Bennett, UAF.
Mr Weyman Bennett, UAF.

The Protesters Voice !
The Protesters Voice !

United Against Fascism !
United Against Fascism !

Kettled ! Riot Police and Protesters.
Kettled ! Riot Police and Protesters.

Local community groups in Dudley, along with Unite Against Fascism took part in an event to celebrate Dudley's multi-faith, multi-racial and multicultural society this Saturday – and to oppose the racism of the EDL.

In a relatively peaceful event which brought together anti-fascists, interfaith communities, local politicians and young people they celebrated the diversity of British society.

Despite heavy policing, stop and searches and the presence of EDL "spotters" on the fringes, the 1200 strong crowd were calm, committed and resolute.

The EDL has targeted the Muslim community and mosques, whipping up hatred, division and violence where it has been allowed to march. EDL supporters stabbed a man in the evening following the EDL march in Bolton two weeks ago. EDL supporters ran riot in Stoke-on-Trent earlier this year, attacking the local Asian community and police.

The Anti Fascist protest in Stafford Street , Dudley was only a "short walk" from the town centre, while the EDL protest was confined to a car-park on the very outskirts of the town, totally destroying any possible claim by the EDL that they
"Took Dudley" this weekend.

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Hide the following 36 comments

Can't help but think

03.04.2010 23:16

anti facists would've been more useful at the carpark - which is according to mainstream news 'overlooking the proposed site of a new mosque'. especially since EDL members briefly broke out of their police kettle and ran through near by streets... five people were arrested for possessing offensive weapons, and two for criminal damage.

In otherwords armed EDL thugs broke out into the streets of dudley, and the UAF were busy listening to speaches the otherside of town?

Can only think that the UAF were going for a 'PR victory' (ie look we didnt get arrested this time, only the EDL did they must be like the bad guys right), or the 'scared by the police' tactic of non confrontation.



03.04.2010 23:19

thanks for the report. Were the spotters challenged?

dudley dave


04.04.2010 01:31

What do you mean challenged? Photography in a public place isn't illegal


@ Herme

04.04.2010 09:23

By "challenged", I meant two things. Firstly, were they approached and questionned, and was it established that they were EDL (or fash). Secondly, if this was established were they removed from the anti-fascist rally.

You may think it is perfectly acceptable for far right spotters to take photos of their enemies but it is not usually tolerated. Someone I know ended up on RedWatch, and recieved death threats, because of a BNP activist taking pictures of a Trade Union march.

dudley dave


04.04.2010 11:24

I personally spoke to stewards about the "Suspected spotters" as I was not sure
wether anyone else had.

Problem being, that not doing so, under the assunmption "someone else has"
can lead to no attention at all.

Shortly after, the "suspected " individuals were seeing leaving by myself,
althought there is no way of knowing who said anything to them, if at all.

I myself was photographed/filmed by them, (an occupational hazard)
although it will never deter me from covering these events.

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- Homepage:

@ antifa

04.04.2010 11:55

I quiet agree mate ,poor show but thats U.A.F for you

Joey Boy

doing their job for them-regards two previous comments

04.04.2010 16:04

Why do people not take things more seriously? Any one who publishes photos from any of these events is providing easy opportunities for redwatch to cut and past. If you're going to publish photos obscure peoples faces! Anyone taking photos should be questioned no matter what they look like, they could be undercover police, they could be fash in disguise or they could be muslim hating siques(sorry if this is spelt wrong) for example.
Lastly the last statement was nonsensical, tactics are debateable but UAF is a COALITION whether effective in it's tactics or not it is made up of individuals not just SWP hierarchy and to say that's 'UAF for you' is meaningless, compared to what??! it's the biggest turn out there ever is against the fash in this country because it's more organised, we all have a responsibility to get people there. Before any one replies I'm not a swampy, nor UAF but if there are people out on the streets against the fash it's better than nothing whatever the flaws of the politics. Let's create a mass,peaceful non-hierarchical anti fascist movement, let's do it not criticise what's there, let's be and see that light



04.04.2010 16:22

in regard to last comment.

What questions exactly should of asked of photographers?

Theres been enough stamping down on photographers rights in the last few years without needing your kind to start 'questioning' them. What are you proposing?

peeved off

@ peeved off

04.04.2010 16:55

That's a fair point, and a good question. It was easy to challenge the BNP activist since he was known. He ran squealing to the cops, the cops removed him from the TU march and said they made him delete the pics. But one ended up on Red Watch. In a situation where no-one seems to know the photographer if you are suspicious enough to post there pictures on here as a "suspected EDL spotter" then I would suggest you keep a close eye on them, see who they are talking to, are they alone etc etc. Follow them about etc. Questions can also be asked and you've just got to gauge the reaction. I agree that people should be able to take photos, but not at the expense of people ending up with death threats.

dudley dave


04.04.2010 17:35

The Anti-Fascists who took the above photos should be sure to keep an eye on the Redwatch site - it should be pretty easy to ID any photos that the suspected EDL spotters took (from the people photographed, buildings in the background etc) and IF you get a definite match then hey presto, Anti-Fascism finally has pix of Redwatch photographers at work!!


UAF not "coalition". EDL = MI5? Hizb-ut-Tahrir = fascists. All Asians attacked.

04.04.2010 20:49

What is happening here is going to end in bloodshed if THE PEOPLE don't sort this out.
Moderate Muslims are caught in the middle and youths are in danger of rising to the bait on both sides.

The UAF are crap at fighting racism, are run by the SWP, are full of snakes, traitors, grasses and people who just want you to join unions...there are plenty of anti fascists who find the UAF too lefty. A lot of anti fascists don't trust the UAF or SWP.

The EDL, despite having the support of a small number of Sikhs are causing violence [ not deliberately in most cases] against ALL Asians because of your bodged campaign.

It is true that groups such as Islam4Uk and Hizb-ut-Tahrir are fascist right wing scum and should be fought. This needs to be done but not by the EDL as they stand at the moment.

EDL, there are still people in Blood and Honour t-shirts on your protests. If you want any credibility you must eject these people. Whether they are UAF infiltrators or Nazis you must get rid of them from your demos.

The EDL have said that one day soon they will march against the BNP. To do this you must make sure that any known card carrying BNP members are not allowed to come on your demos or meetings first or again you stand no chance of doing this either. Why didn't you do this in the first place and then fight against fascist Islamic groups? At the moment the message you are putting out is an anti all Muslim one which you say isn't what you're about.

While the UAF / SWP and the EDL are squaring up to each other Muslims and other people from all over the UK are getting sick of the lot of you.


I take photos on demos

05.04.2010 02:26

Some of which end up on Indymdia or Demotix. There have been enough attacks on photographers by the state without getting it from comrades as well. Anybody who decides to question me about taking photos on demos will get an ear-bashing they won't forgot quickly.
If you don't want to be photographed, simply keep your face out of the way of the camera. I respect the wishes of people who don't want to be photographed. (Fascists and fuzz excepted.)


Photographing Demos and Protesters

05.04.2010 10:31

Thanks Pinkolady,

I completely agree, good to have some much appreciated support.

- Homepage:

Mask up!

05.04.2010 11:42

An obvious solution to this rights of photographers vs. security of activists, is to mask up!

If youth from the Rock had masked up at the last EDL counter demo in Brum then they wouldn't be facing harsh sentences from the state.



05.04.2010 15:56

"If you don't want to be photographed, simply keep your face out of the way of the camera. I respect the wishes of people who don't want to be photographed. (Fascists and fuzz excepted.) "

How do you know if someone doesn't want to be photographed, unless you ask each and every person before you take the picture? you claim to respect our wishes but you don't do you. you take our pictures without our consent and you post them all over the web where we all know the cops will be looking, as will the fascists.

we simply cannot spend our whole time on a demo watching out for any camera pointing our way in order to keep our faces out of the way, there are too many cameras and too many cops and other things we need to do.

that is a ridiculous suggestion. its also horribly reminiscent of the old attitude to women - if you don't want to be raped change your behaviour/dress/keep away. the responsibility is with the people taking our images and making money/a career out of them, we are there to demonstrate not to dodge the paps.

wearing of masks is increasingly problematic and is sometimes enough to get us arrested on its own. plus it doesn't always work in hiding our identity as many have learnt to their cost.

you are the enemy, you make that clear with your behaviour and your words. some photographers support us, some even are "us", but you are not, at least we know now.

red n black woman


05.04.2010 16:53

Photographers, you must understand that you inhabit a 'grey area' between demonstrators and police. As if sat on a metaphorical wall, a middle line. People on demos get their heads broken by coppers and all photographers want to get THE picture that will boost their portfolio. I have seen this happen and think this is morally wrong. Some photographers would rather take photos than defend someone from a truncheon.

There was a one minute silence at the recent Ian Tomlinson remembrance and the photographers snapped throughout. There must have been 15 of them. No respect what-so-ever.

Bad Ass

on behalf of photography

05.04.2010 22:24

Firstly everyone should mask up as an act of solidarity. why are you so obsessed with members of the public taking photos, the police WILL be doing it anyway either through the FIT or CCTV giving some punter in the street grief over their hobby is a real copout way of tackling the issue. As well as not helping protect identities there's a good chance that they have come along because they care about the subject of the demonstration and taking photographs is just something they also like to do, all you will achieve is more sectarianism.

Possibly more importantly. The impact of a demonstration or any act of direct action for that matter can be greatly increased through good photography and media in general. If 50 people see the actual event and thousands see the photographs then the photograph becomes more important than the event as a tool for highlighting an issue or inspiring others to join a given side.


ALWAYS challenge potential enemies with or without cameras.



06.04.2010 00:17

Isn't it pretty obvious that if you are gonna post pictures on the internet of political activists (especially anti fascist demos etc) then black out or blur peoples' faces?

You (we) have the right to take pictures (without the threat of violence) but please understand that photos posted here and elsewhere can be used by fascists (RedWatch), the cops (who, yes have your picture anyway), or your boss at work. I have a friend who ended up on RedWatch and it is no laughing matter. You can't expect everyone to mask up (it can cause further problems as someone pointed out) AND IT IS NOT SAFE TO POST PEOPLES FACES ON INDYMEDIA. It's not your right as a photographer that is in question. It is the right of all of us not to be targetted by Nazis.

giuseppe pinelli

as i said

06.04.2010 08:53

there are photographers who are with us, who take useful photos and who don't publish dodgy ones with faces shown. i am always happy to see them taking pictures on any demo. this is not about banning all photographers.

the issue is which photos you take and what you do with those photos once you have taken them.

the police do have cameras yes its true. the police also have batons which they smash our bones with. does that mean we should start smashing our own bones just because they are likely to do it anyway? of course not. neither should we be taking each other's pictures and displaying them without discretion just because they might.

if someone who is known by me to have a habit of publishing dodgy pictures of activists without properly blurring their faces tries to take a picture of me or any of my allies, then i regard it as a simple matter of self-defence to smash their camera. if they then become violent towards me i will use self-defence against them (ie their bodies not just their cameras) to protect me and my allies.

self-defence is no offence.

if your actions risk me or my allies physical health or risks getting us arrested i will not hesitate.

more and more of us are taking this line against the unethical photographers exploiting us (but not against those photographers who don't) - because more and more of us are losing patience with your behaviour. if you don't want this to happen to you, if you value your camera and your body, behave responsibly and you will gain our respect. if not, you deserve what is coming to you, simple as.

you are either with us or against us. your choice. no amount of arguments or excuses will change our minds, we base our judgements on your behaviour and only on your behaviour.

red n black woman

@ red n black woman

06.04.2010 16:57

You know fuck all about my personal activist history, so don't presume to call me "the enemy" you ignoramus.
Check the photographs I have put on Indymedia and see how many people you could conceivably identify. You might notice, too, if you have enough wit, how many pictures I take from BEHIND the action.
As to making a career or money out of journalism, tell me how much money Indymedia, or Nerve magazine, or Class War, or Demotix pay for articles and pictures. Well?
If I wanted a lucrative career in journalism I'd be writing about Lefty thugs for the Daily Mail, not recording activist history.


All talk

06.04.2010 17:31

In my opinion, its all posturing and loud mouth talk. Plain bullshit to try make you looit harder than you really are.

Why do I think that? Because people don't attack photographers at these protests.

If it wasn't bullshit talk, then it would have happened. But it hasn't, so it is bullshit.
People trying to act the hard men, where in reality they are little people with no muscle.


No Photos Of Those Involved On Actions

06.04.2010 17:45

No public photies of those involved. Snap the police and those helping them but nothing of those who care thanks. Even photies from behind can be used against us now..

Loves Dave

bloody UAF

06.04.2010 18:45

So the EDL are a true street force once again while the wet lettuce UAF have their peace rally nearby. Isn't it about time that a more militant Anti Fash group took to the streets, or do we have to put up with more half arsed UAFery? Meet fire with fire and all that...

Fuck the Fascists.


Oh Please

06.04.2010 19:34

" Isn't it about time that a more militant Anti Fash group took to the streets"

Who is stopping you? If you think the UAF are wrong go set up your own wee group.

As for people complaining about being photographed on demos, the coppers are taking pictures and so are the BNP. The only solution, don't go rather than issuing stupid threats.

Personally I'm proud to stand up for what I believe in.

mail e-mail:

photographers attitudes vary

07.04.2010 12:31

You can't generalise about 'photographers'; their attitudes and behaviour vary hugely. I have plenty of experience of arrogant photographers who think they have a right to poke their camera wherever they want, but I also know plenty of decent ones who respect people's wishes.

Pinkolady: to say 'if you don't like it avoid the camera' is fucking outrageous.

inky squid


07.04.2010 13:02

Any percieved attack on photographers as a rule from my previous comment is paranoid, if we're demonstrating alongside each other we should know each other, well. The police do infiltrate our groups, it's happened where I live, to little avail admittedly because no one was breaking the law, didn't stop them raiding houses. Maybe 'questioned' was to suggestive a term but the previous post was referring to suspected spy's, still we should familiarise our selves with photographers as clearly even those who are not enemies can accidentally help them through carelessness. I don't think there's an easy either or answer with photos, obviously they can provide invaluable evidence when trying to prove ones innocence in court or possibly act as a deterrent to the police(possibly) but equally if the police manage to seize your camera you don't have much choice in what you disseminate. I would say one thing for sure in general, we can't all just assume that we can turn up any where and do our thing and expect everything to be rosie, any anti fascist presence on the street is likely to be made up of disparate groups and we should use this opportunity to build as many bridges between communities as possible. We can't just be paranoid about spies everywhere-most UAF/SWP are not this and it's ridiculous to suggest, 99% of them are commited anti fascists and how effective any of us are is all relative, numbers is a big part of it, the more of us there are the less we have to do-and there are a lot of UAF, especially compared to the rest of us. We shouldn't regard this as something to rally against, rather demonstrate our own, non hierarchical anti fascism, lead by example.


Re : Anti fash. I'm ANTI FASH and I support the EDL.

07.04.2010 19:58

I am against fascism and I support the EDL. Why? Because I cannot stand to see people like Hizb-ut-Tahrir or an Islamic "village" [ghetto] destroy my or anyone else's community. Muslim communities are every bit as destroyed by this as the wider UK public.

No one [ie police and MI5] took what people were saying about Abu Hamza and Finsbury Park Mosque seriously until it was too late. He was seen as a "buffoon" a "joke" a "harmless clown"...until undercover agents finally went into the mosque after a few years worth of complaints from INSIDE the mosque and found bomb making equipment and an organised terror network.

7/7 happened. People were blown to bits and we will not stand back and let it happen again. Super mosques and and Islamic villages cause ghettoes. A ghetto is not a community, it's closed off and breeds paranoia, bullying and fundamentalism.

anti fash

To "anti fash" EDL

07.04.2010 21:35

Come off it mate, the EDL attack ALL Muslims not the tiny handful of fucking nutcases in Islam4UK. Why don't you protest outside Choudary's house? Instead you choose to parade through Bolton, or Stoke, or Dudley shouting "No More Mosques" and abusing Asians in the streets with taunts of "p*ki" and worse. And just look what this activity does. It encourages hard core nazis on Stormfront and Facebook to call for attacks on all Muslims, or even anyone black.

The EDL is a reactionary force to keep us divided. Most Muslims think Choudary is a complete tool, yet you make no distinction between his tiny band of conservative bigots and the majority of Muslims. In doing this the EDL try to whip up hatred and abuse against all Asians.

"Anti Fascism" is not compatible with a reactionary, union bashing, nationalistic, street army isolating one religious group for particular abusive attention and violent threats.

Is this sort of intimidation what you call "anti fascism"?

giuseppe pinelli

To Guiseppe

08.04.2010 00:30

Joel Titus, the youth leader for EDL is mixed race, one of his parents is from Trinidad. Guramit Singh is Asian. He is one of the leaders of the EDL. He has asked on Facebook that anyone's facebook that show that the person is BNP or racist is passed to him so that they can't use the EDL facebook groups.
A woman called Sareeta, an Indian Sikh and her boyfriend who is Black were on stage speaking at Dudley.
Abdul from Scotland is an ardent EDL supporter. There are other Pakistani EDL people.
How can you say that Gurmamit and Sareeta are anti Asian? How can you say that the EDL call for attacks on Blacks?

The Far Right try to hijack all sorts of movements and campaigns as do the SWP / UAF. The EDL have asked the Far Right ie Combat 18 not to go to EDL demos.

As for your photo, the EDL were wearing masks to conceal their identity and the woman who is Muslim happened to be on the train. British women in the UK have been abused by Islamic extremist men and it is groups like Hizb-ut-Tahrir [much more dangerous that Islam4UK] that cause division, hatred and violence but the UAF have never done anything to address this.

What is your opinion on Hizb-ut-Tahrir?

Do you think it OK for Salman Rushdie to recieve death threats over a book? Do you think it OK for death plots over a cartoon? If the Scientologists did this few would day say "Yes but they have a right to defend their beliefs", you'd say they are fucking nuts, so why defend fascist Islamists?

What the fuck do unions have to do with combating racism?

anti fash

Most Muslims found the Danish cartoons protest repulsive.

08.04.2010 01:26

In much the same way that most EDL find racism repulsive.

anti fash

"Behead those who insult Islam"

08.04.2010 21:28

Thats a bit strong isn't it?

These people need to take a long look in the mirror and question their own sanity


To "anti fash" EDL (again)

09.04.2010 12:59

A few Asians or blacks among the membership doesn't alter the reality on the ground. The EDL are not representative of British society. They are 98% blokes, and 99.5% white. And despite naming a few EDL activists who are Asian or black, you only need to look at links on Facebook (vote BNP etc etc), or comments on Stormfront (or see the EDL up close) to see (and hear) that they are a bunch of racists. In Bolton and Stoke they were happy to shout racist abuse ("paki" and worse) at Asian people. They didn't make any distinction between Islamic extremists and any one else who was Asian.

Myslef and most Muslims think Choudary and Islam4UK are a tiny minority, they are complete tools. There WAS a community action in Bolton against racism, AND against Islamic extermism. So yes we do protest against extremists.

That woman on the train is being intimidated by masked EDL blokes. It was taken from a video on You Tube, but I can't find it there any longer. Do you think it is OK to intimidate people, just because they are Muslim? Because that is the result of the EDLs activity.

And just a note from history. The BUF had some Jewish members. Are you seriously going to tell me that the BUF were not anti semitic?

So have your protest against Islamic extermism against Choudary! Just keep the generalised racist abuse off the streets of where we live,

giuseppe pinelli

Union bashing EDL stylee

09.04.2010 15:31

What do unions have to do with fighting racism? Well I guess they are a means for black and white workers to unite in struggles for better pay and conditions (despite the limitations on this placed on them by anti union laws and union bosses). And when they do this, for example the BA Strike or rail workers striking for better safety and maintainence, the fucking EDL run a banner web page calling them "commies" and slagging them off just like the fucking Daily Mail / NOTW!! Tell me "anti fash EDL" what the fuck does bashing bthe unions have to do with fighting Islamic extremism? The EDL: activists are being used as a tool to keep us divided so that bosses can walk all over us.

giuseppe pinelli

Got news for you....

10.04.2010 04:05

The UAF are in places of power and are shitting on all of us. They are also leaking email lists left right and center. The people who are in unions that are supposed to support people are the very same people who fuck us all over.


edl against workers in struggle

12.04.2010 19:00

Anon, when workers take action to defend against cuts to conditions (BA cabin staff) or to try to ensure health and saftey for staff and passengers (Rail workers), the EDL have the front page of their scab web site slagging them off just like the Daily Mail. The EDL are just a bunch of nationalistic reactionaries who offer nothing to ordinary people fighting against the growing cuts. In fact your divide and rule bullshit makes it harder for us to defend ourselves against cuts and job losses.

giuseppe pinelli

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