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Fascists humiliated in Brighton

anti-fascist | 30.08.2010 17:57 | Smash EDO | Anti-racism | Palestine | South Coast

FASCISTS are not welcome on the streets of Brighton! That was the clear message from today’s response to the march by the English Nationalist Alliance, which is much the same thing as the EDL.

The ENA were quite frankly humiliated. The pathetic turnout from the extreme right group – no more than around 30 – was in stark contrast to the hundreds who came to stop them.
Only heavy-handed policing, involving the use of horses, riot gear and random arrests, enabled the fascists to reach Victoria Gardens, near Brighton Pavilion, for their tiny rally.
The ‘official’ counter-protesters from Unite Against Fascism tried to perform their usual role of dragging people away from the place where they were most needed.
When Brighton rail station was surrounded by anti-fascist protesters at the assembly time of 12.30pm it looked as if the ENA were going nowhere.
But, lo and behold, the call came form the obligatory organisers’ Pied Piper megaphone that ‘everyone’ was going to march down the road to a state-authorised protest zone, allowing the fascists the freedom of the streets they had so far looked like being denied.
When some queried this bizarre instruction and hesitated to troop off in the wrong direction, Sussex Police were forced to reveal the iron fist behind the velvet glove of distraction and invoked public order legislation to threaten people with arrest if they did not participate in the ‘official’ anti-fascist protest.
Several people were forcefully made to join the UAF march against their will and one man was pepper sprayed and arrested for trying to leave it.
Fortunately, there were enough independent minded anti-fascists present to continue the blockade of the intended ENA route.
After a lengthy stand-off, the police decided to re-route the ENA march under the station forecourt and down Trafalgar Street.
Police attempts to clear the road were met with steadfast resistance and they had to divert the fascist march down side streets to avoid blockades.
Anti-fascists kept up throughout and blocked every intersection ahead of the provocative parade, forcing police to use horses and threats of arrest to clear the way for the paltry crew of racists, who were happy to flaunt their bigoted bravado safe behind the protective ranks of cops.
The ENA, who carried EDL banners and an Israeli national flag, were booed and heckled throughout their slow progress through the streets of Brighton – not just by counter-protesters but by city residents disgusted by their unwelcome intrusion.
When the fascists arrived at Victoria Gardens they were shepherded into a cordoned-off area – similar to the one in which it turned out the poor UAF sheep had been waiting all this time.
An angry bunch of anti-fascist youth made spirited attempts to break out of their pen – but unfortunately failed. Next time, lads, don’t do what the SWP tells you!
There was more waiting for the ENA as the police nipped back to their vans and donned riot helmets for the job of escorting them back to the station.
They faced more jeers and general hostility as they trailed back through town. The following crowd of anti-fascists, chanting “Fascist scum, off our streets!” were cheered by bystanders.
There was an incident outside the William the Fourth pub in Bond Street, when racists emerged to threaten the anti-ENA protesters. They were quickly surrounded and then bundled inside the pub by police for their own safety.
Cops with riot helmets and police horses were deployed to protect the poor fascists from the anger of the public – they were eventually spirited away out of a back entrance.
The rest of the ENA were escorted back to the station by their uniformed bodyguards and put on trains back to wherever it was they had crawled out of.
The fascists went out of their way to provoke a reaction to this march – explicitly declaring their hatred for radicals of all sorts and specifically pro-Palestinian campaigners like Smash EDO!
And a reaction was what they got! You can bet that Brighton will not be top of their list of favourite destinations next time they fancy a Bank Holiday trip to the seaside.



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on the march

30.08.2010 18:14

I can definitely attest to the fact that several of us were made to join the UAF march, which was generally pretty shit. However, the highlight of the day was definitely seeing the gang of 10-15 kids, both white and asian, running around our miserable "protest zone" chucking pieces of the barricade into the fountain at victoria park.

In all fairness, during speeches there was a recognition by the main UAF steward that maybe they had done the wrong thing by not going the direct action route. I for one, have learned to keep well away from anything even vaguely resembling an official march.


uaf are wankers, well done to militant anti-fash

30.08.2010 18:37

UAf leadership yet again proved to be complete wankers- well done for leaving autonomous anti-fascists to deal with the problem while you marched away to safety of the pen for your registered protest- wankers! Thanks to you about 10 people got nicked, what could have been easily avoided were you not lead couple of hundred confused protesters away. You are a fucking disgrace. Well done to all militant lads and lasses that turned out and did what was right. Fascists- I hope you thanked your uniformed bodyguards for the protection, if not for them you probably would have been scraped off the pavement. 40 beer bellied ex-football hooligans that have their best days well behind them and some other assorted pathetic sad idiots that you got out on the day is hardly going to show us "extremists" where is our place. What a fucking shower.


Well Done

30.08.2010 18:51

Well done Brighton antifascists.


Come up with something better of your own

30.08.2010 18:55

Well done to everyone in Brighton, but please stop bitching about the UAF. Yes, some of the stunts they pull are stupid, ditto for Antifa - no-one is ever above criticism - but least UAF can and do organise counter-protests when 90% of the time no-one else bothers, and the numbers they get out on the streets are far higher than anyone else does. If you don't like what UAF do then lead by example, remain focussed on the real enemy and organise something better of your own

Bright 'n Early

pub tantrum

30.08.2010 18:55

On the Brighton Argus live feed (, at 3:44, it reports that:

We were contacted earlier by the landlord of the Great Eastern pub in Trafalgar Street who said that EDL marchers entered the pub and threw furniture around."

Unable to wander around Bradford without cops ensuring their safety, they take out their anger on furniture (maybe it was foreign, Ikea perhaps?) by having a tantrum in a Brighton pub. Pretty embarrassing.



30.08.2010 19:16

we DID lead by example today and sorry, i will not quit bitching about UAF, I dont care how many people they brought out, they led them AWAY from the fascists- thats counter-productive to say the least! That was disgraceful, only autonomous anti-fascists that day were actually doing anything apart from clapping, shouting slogans and patting themselves on the back how well they done- not even mentioning blatant co-operation with pigs of the UAF organisers. Its time to wake up and see those wankers for what they really are. Anybody that is SERIOUS about anti-fascism should stop bothering with UAF.


the problem

30.08.2010 20:04

the reason why everyonesalways bitching abt the uaf is because they are social demnocrats who have the ethos do it our way, we have the monopoly on "left politics and issues" an they often drag people down with them to support their own ends-which are not necessarily supportive of the struggles they say they are supporting.
if they want to do their own thing fine, just keep out of my way and dont start telling people what to do or that you only took command "because someone had to"-to this the answer is a firm no. someone only needs to be in charge to conduct negotiations and if negotiations arent necessary you begin to create a division- those who follow police orders (good protesters) and thos that dont (bad protesters). therefore if you are a swp or uaf actvist or member, please question yourself deeply as to whether or not these groups truly represent you.


Why lie?

30.08.2010 22:22

Today was a shambles.

Brighton is a stronghold and we managed to get a 100 lads on the street max. On top of that the UAF neutered any action and the ENA managed to complete their march.

Look, don't fucking lie and claim victory when it wasn't. It doesn't do the cause any good at all.

Today wasn't a victory. 13 Antifascists arrested, 2 coppers injured and the ENA protesting peacefully.

It was an embarassment to be honest.


UAF are shit, face it

30.08.2010 22:31

we all know that (and by 'we', i mean anti-fa and other anarcho-socialist-revolutionaries).
SWP/UAF are not REAL revolutionaries, they are lecture hall resistors, always reminding themselves they have bills to pay and laws to follow...They are 'slumming it', while we really put our all and everything in to it. My comrade brothers and sisters were in Bradford and Brighton to fight fash this past week and they make me proud, proud to be part of the 'autonomous' movement.

Anyhoo, SWP/UAF are shit, face it...

A little list off the top of my head:

- @ leeds against EDL they 'handed' over anarcho-federation activist to pigs, causing him to be arrested (not sure of full facts, if any comrades could elaborate...)
- @ nottingham, they literally left small bands of anti-fa to do all the work and if it wasn't for the proletarian youth who joined in, EDL could have done more damage than the literally one or two bruises they caused my brother comrades. They got ran out of town that day, too, but SWP/UAF 'protest' miles away and round the corner or even opposite the Fash and doing nothing consistently ALL DAY.
- Bradford and Brighton - the issues listed above

so thats three or four off the top of my head and im certain more and more of us could pepper these comments pages with facts about the fight to crush the EDL, which we will do, and the way in which that fight has been 'hijacked' by SWP/UAF.
Personally, SWP/UAF offend me, massively, as they led thousands of my comrade brothers and sisters to brutal police oppression (to be protected by blac bloc/tuite blance/other socialist-revolutionaries) in various 'summit smashing' protests including most famously, their 'globalise resistance' bullshit, which helped to smother the real 'movement' and contributed to a dampening down of 'our' tactics after the enemy killed Carlos Guiliani in 2001. I charge groups like SWP/UAF/GR with the truly unforgivable act of 'counter-revolution' and they are wasting the 'workers' attention with their money-wasting - and quite frankly boring and repetitive - banners and papers and 'static demos'.

There is no doubt that we 'workers' do need to 'harness' our own anti-fa strength and perhaps coordinate even grander anti-fa turn outs (not withstanding that Brighton is practically and philosophically, the home of UK anarchism at the mo, and will always turn out numbers, IMO...) and sustain and even build a larger contingent and 'lose knit' affinity circles, etc, the usual stuff...but i guess im going off on a tangent....

bollocks to the uaf/swp. nuff sed.



30.08.2010 22:38

"Activist" - you've given yourself away as a troll. Since when did anti-fascists count their numbers in terms of "lads"? There were plenty of women out there on the front line, as ever. And it was a defeat for the fash, even though the UAF didn't exactly help. 30 of you protected by the cops! A bunch of sad nobodies.


After the station....

30.08.2010 22:44

Just a minor correction and addition to the article - the ENA weren't "put on trains back to wherever it was they had crawled out of" - they actually walked through the station, down past Jury's Inn, along New England Street and had a pint outside Circus Circus at Preston Circus. There they got loads of police protection and a fair sized anti-fascist group then gathered opposite.

On New England Street there was a fun moment when one of the mounted police lost his rag at ENA and charged at them shouting "go home - you've had your moment".

The last I saw of them was as they headed up Viaduct Road after their pint, still with a police escort. I decided to call it a day at that point so dunno if anything more happened, but it had the feeling of fizzling out.

I'll upload some videos......


Same old shit

30.08.2010 23:00

Under various guises, the SWP have been pulling exactly the same shit for more than 30 years. Yet there's always some idiot suggesting they just made a few 'mistakes' and that to criticise them is somehow 'sectarian'. Only a total fucking moron would work with the UAF.


photos of the day - well done to all!

30.08.2010 23:12

Jonathan Warren has photo's up.

Well done to all the people who resisted the fash scum!
Solidarity from Edinburgh!


ENA cowards

30.08.2010 23:17

So, anti-fascists didn't do anything, aye? ENA?

What about New England Rise? You were all bunched up, and there was a few coppers when we ran towards you, why didn't you charge into us? There weren't many more of us than there was of you.

We chased you, and you did absolutely fuck all to even attempt a confrontation. Many flashpoints arose, but you never stood up for yourselves, ran behind the coppers like per usual.

Ross Crispin

to a "activist" troll wanker

30.08.2010 23:26

To an "activist" troll wanker- get a life loser- you lot turned up, all 30 of you, marched under massive police protection not through the route that you planned but scuttling through side streets with the plod making sure nobody got close enough to actually lay their hands on you scum.
2 coppers injured? Well, would be great if it would be true, only injuries were there perhaps from pigs twisting their fingers while batoningand pushing people.
To ENAnists- guys, calm down. We mobilised 100 autonomous anti-fascists in about 1.5 week time, you had about 4 months since end of April when your pathetic little action was announced (well, at the time we simply didn't believe you actually will embarass yourself enough to do it so we dismissed it as rumour- looks like we far underestimated your stupidity) and all you managed to come up with was 30 morons- seriously, who are you fucking kidding? Get a life losers, streets belong to us and you managed to march at all only because of massive police resources involved in clearing the way for you and protecting your sorry arses, which otherwise would have been handed to you on a plate, just like they did 2 days earlier on a "big one" in Bradford.

"Well done" to UAF for marching away as well, so fucking typical of you lot.



30.08.2010 23:40

A rrap-panted rabble of cowardly neo-nazis hiding behind the cops for protection. What utter wankers, no wonder nobody's even heard of you.


ena= losers

30.08.2010 23:43

let's see.. :

marching through the city on pre-arranged route- FAILED

getting 200 people that the march was registered for- FAILED

Showing "extremist students" where is their place- FAILED

embarassing yourselves totally- TICK

giving it big one from behind police line- TICK (very nice line up of your bodyguards )

being heckled, spat on and totally humiliated by both protesters and passer-bys TICK

Hey, who is the fucking loser here?

BTW- anybody recognizes those mugs on photos, please publish their names here.


three different sides?

31.08.2010 00:04

I think its pretty appalling that anti-fascists seem to hate uaf/swp as much as they hate the fash themselves! Come on kids, we're all fighting the same fight here, just in different ways. While we bitch and moan among ourselves the EDL/ENA continue to organise. Be positive, it's all we got!


A Success for the Left

31.08.2010 00:27

Overall this was a really successful day for brighton anti-fascists. In a perfect world none of us would of got arrested and we would have had more info to pass out to all the really interested bystanders, but we sent a resounding message to the farce that is the ENA that brighton will not tolerate fascism.
Yes the UAF are idiots, hopefully this demo will help them see that. We still stopped the fash without having to stoop to their level.
And a few points on the twats:
They're clearly linked to the EDL. Their chants and banners proved that.
Their pathetic attempt to join themselves to Brighton Albion football club should be dismissed as the opportunistic failure it is. The Albion does not support fascism.
A turnout of forty? Oh dearie me.... Laughable really.

The cops' use of horses on Trafalgar Street was shocking, I'm really surprised no-one got crushed or kicked.



31.08.2010 00:39

if we would hate them as much, their organisers would get a fucking kicking already which frankly they deserved anyway. Stop giving us this hippy crap about uniting and staying positive- it was largely due to UAf marching off that fascists managed to make any move from the station at all and it also cost us 13 arrests while they could have been none, becasue cops barely managed to deal with autonomous anti-fascists themselves. UAf area complete liability to militant anti-fascism.


@ jakkarinio

31.08.2010 00:53

the point is the SWP/UAF aren't on the same side. they've previously handed over anti-fascists to the police (an AFed member in Leeds for instance). they pretty much created this march today with their hysterics last time, giving out leaflets about the BNP coming to town based on 'secret' information and the like (i.e. there really were student tossers yelling 'Nazi scum' at anyone with an england flag, so the EDL victim complex wasn't entirely baseless). today they tried to march everyone AWAY from the fash into a pre-negotiated kettle when we had the EDL pinned in at the station.

I'm sure there are well-meaning individuals in the UAF. but the organisation is part of the problem. at the March for England in March, the most reactionary slogans came not from the MfE but the UAF, including such naked class hatred as "the reason nobody likes you, the reason you don't have any friends, the reason you can't get a job, is because you're social failures" - from supposed socialists no less. Serious anti-fascists should have nothing to do with these jokers, their interest is party-building not stopping the fash on the streets.

Now for all that, the ENA/EDL were embarassed today. They came to town, hid behind cops all day whilst massively outnumbered, and were harrassed, obstructed and heckled at every turn by independent-minded anti-fascists and a good number of passers-by. But this was DESPITE the UAF's efforts to negotiate an ineffectual kettle. Much like Bradford, they'll probably now champion the 'spontaneous' resistance that harried the march, ignoring the fact it took organisation against not just the fash and the cops but the efforts of the UAF to disperse people to a kettle the police had so generously permitted them.

an antifa

Nazi Salutes in Bradford

31.08.2010 07:50

Nazi Salutes in Bradford...

Bright 'n Early

Bill Baker, Essex BNP

31.08.2010 07:53

A posting on You Tube shows ENA organiser Bill Baker and describes him as a (quote) "experienced English Nationalist Activist, organizer of the Harrow Mosque demonstration, former member of the English Democrat party, now member of the English Defence League" (NB: officially the EDL Harrow Mosque protest was cancelled after it turned out EDL had been lying about Harrow Mosque, but then rescheduled under the stewardship of one-man-and-his-dog right-wing group SIOE) -

Some on-line postings refer to Bill Baker living in Essex, and the BNP membership list has this entry -

Mr William Baker
15 Hardie Road
Essex SS17 0PB
01375 676266

Bright 'n Early

Objective victory

31.08.2010 08:19

It's highly debatable whether it was the actions of UAF or whether it was the actions of the "Autonomous" anti-Fascists that got people arrested - in truth, and yes please let's actually be truthful here - it was probably a bit of both; and maybe UAF are a liability to militant anti-Fascists, but not all anti-Fascism is militant. In order to be successful, anti-Fascism MUST engage the broadest possible cross-section of society, not just the tiny counter-culture addressed by radicals and militants

Don't misunderstand me here, I don't give a fuck about the welfare of BNP activists, but militant anti-Fascism contributed almost nothing to the BNP's recent humiliation, and the biggest issue with militant anti-Fascists during the last 18 months was trying to discourage Antifa etc from steaming in and injuring a BNP activist so handing the BNP tons of sympathetic publicity. I agree it's a waste of time working with UAF, which is why I don't work with them, but equally I don't waste time whining about them either - absolutely no-one has a perfect strategy and anyone who claims they do is lying. UAF pull out the numbers where militants objectively don't. UAF took tens of thousands of anti-BNP leaflets door-to-door in Barking, did the militants?

Either way, ENA/EDL numbers were well down on their previous Brighton outing so by any standards this was an objective and quantifiable victory, so (whatever the problems) congratulations!

The Clocktower

ENA - Minutes to their founding meeting

31.08.2010 08:55

N.B. Andrew Gatward: Political Liaison. is former BNP organiser
"Andrew Gatward: Hitler worshipper, collector of weapons and seller of nazi memorabilia"

more here:

ENA Formal Committee Meeting

English Nationalist Alliance – Founding Committee Meeting.

Place: The Barrow Boy and Banker, Borough Hill Street, (A3) London
Date: Saturday 21st August 2010
Time: Started shortly after 12 noon.

In attendance; Bill Baker, taking the chairperson position as the Founder of the ENA
others: Lyn Corrigan, Roberta Moore, David Chandler, Roger Firth, Dorothy Firth, Steven Smith, George Woodward and myself, Lea Tomlinson.

Others in attendance: Darren Clarke from the English Shield Wall.
Observers: Ben Wealde & Rachel Wealde.

Due the establishment not opening until 12 noon and the Pub management at the time not being aware of where the allocated place, the meeting did not start as was previously planned at the discussed time.

The bar was crowded once we were sorted to where we were going to be seated, sadly not enough bar staff to cater for us and the few Londoners.

Once started and all introductions out of the way, we settled down to discussion the Formal Formation of the English Nationalist Alliance.

The initial reason for having the meeting of the proposed committee was the formal formation of the English Nationalist Alliance.

Discussions were driven to whether to become a political standing party or to become a support for any independent Councillors, MPs or MEP's.

Against the idea of becoming a political party, was the members of the English Democrats amongst the team. Their feelings, that there were enough parties out there already and could the ENA be ready to stand against the three main parties, Labour, Liberal Democrats or Conservative, who already have strong members.
I feel that more discussion is required in this subject as we do have people who would stand for election under the banner of an English Nationalist Alliance Candidate.

The subject of a figure head was brought up, i.e., a 'Margaret Thatcher' type person, someone that the electorate would support in an election. And one such name was brought into the issue, Barbara Dunne, a former Councillor in the North East.

Other issues, such as fund-raising were brought up, and one such place was talked about, and that is a castle in Eastbourne that holds annual jousting and old English enactments.
I personally do not know of a castle in Eastbourne itself, but do know of Pevensey Castle that does just that, as I have been to a few myself. Pevensey is situated between Bexhill on Sea and Eastbourne.
It is suggested that we camp or hotel nearby, although the grounds at Pevensey Castle are vast and would be suitable for an ENA event.
Another subject that arose was for the ENA to have within its section the English Nationalist Alliance Charity, which would give help to schools of firm English standing and the like. But this is going to require further investigation and consideration of whether it is feasible.
Location of events will be forthcoming as when they have been discussed by the Fund-raising team.
Darren Clarke from English Shield Wall attended the meeting, and approves of the ENA establishment, and will help where needed.

Agreed Committee are:
1. Bill Baker, Founder ENA, Chairperson, Regional Coordinator & Events
2. Lyn Corrigan, Administration/Membership, Finance and Fund-raising Committee.
3. Roberta Moore, Co Chairperson, Political Liaison.
4. David Chandler, Legal Establishment, Political Liaison, East Anglia Region Organiser.
5. Roger Firth: Co Chairperson, South East Region Organiser.
6. Dorothy Firth: Administration/Membership, Finance and Fund-raising Committee.
7. Lea Tomlinson: Press Liaison, Website Administration.
8. Steven Smith: Regional Coordinator and Events, Military and Police Liaison.
9. George Woodward: Administration, Finance and Fund-raising Committee, Military and Police Liaison.
10. Sally Ann: Finance and Fund-raising Committee.
11. Andrew Gatward: Political Liaison.
12. Matt Walford: Press Liaison, Website Administration.

anarchist antifa


31.08.2010 09:04

Jakkarino - You are a fucking idiot. Clocktower - What's the point of having numbers if they are in the wrong place?


Roberta Moore

31.08.2010 09:17

That Roberta Moore who was at the ENA's founding meeting wouldn't happen to be the same Roberta Moore who's a spokesperson for the EDL's Zionist division, would it?


Video of the march

31.08.2010 12:12

The videos were too big to post here so I joined them together and put them on YouTube:


Bottom of steps by Jurys Inn

31.08.2010 14:40

The EDL bodyguards (Police/Thugs) where not present when they came to the bottom of the stairs and onto New England Rd. There was many more EDL than protestors at that point and no police and yet they where reluctant to take any action after a day of threats and taunts.
All mouth I think!

Kev Holden

wrong end of the telescope

31.08.2010 19:51

The fetishitisation of a few hundred boneheads, 'patriots' nationalists' and yes some real fascists is something else!, W are about to witness the biggest cuts in the Uk since the 1930's, whole areas especially in the North are going to be decimated: after 37 billion of cuts civil society and the fabic of everyday life is going to be considerably weaker. unless the dwindling left/activist community starts to realise this and acts on it then we really will see people looking for scapegoats, not just a few skinheads but people who vote, can make waves, etc.


EDL/ENA links to Stormfront

31.08.2010 21:25

We aren't fooled by the EDL/ENA idiots posting here that they are not racist or that ant-fascists are somehow fascists for trying to impede their so-called "March for England" or whatever it was. In fact have a look at the white supremacy/national socialist website, Stormfront, where the EDL/ENA can be found gloating about the mayhem they caused in Brighton:

On this website visitors also discuss things like "Adolf Hitler speaks", "why are they so afraid of Hitler?" and "The Reason Jews Win and We Lose". Even though they wave Israeli flags, the EDL/ENA are simply fascist thugs with Nazi tendencies.


Anyone who opposes extremist Islam isn't Fascist

01.09.2010 13:49

Q. "What's the point of having numbers if they are in the wrong place"?

A. Even if they are in the wrong place (and I'm not saying that's good) - so that the entire world can be informed that Anti-Fascists outnumbered the Fascists ;)

Q. "Anyone who opposes extremist Islam is a fascist in your eyes"?

A. Wrong! I have no problem with anti-Islamist groups like British Muslims for Secular Democracy, The Centre for Social Cohesion, Southall Black Sisters, Women Against Fundamentalism, Al-Fatiha (LGBT Muslim group), the entire Barevli, Sufi (Shia and Sunni), Bahai, Ahmadiyya and Alevi Muslim communities, and many other groups which oppose extremist Islam, but I do have a problem with groups like the ED that are (formally or informally) allied to or inspired by the BNP, as BNP chairman Nick Griffin SUPPORTED extremist Islam when it was convenient for him (now do fuck off Jeff)

Photo; ENA Nazi Salute in Brighton


kelvin the frozen pea

01.09.2010 16:38

The Centre for Social Cohesion?!

Please - I'd rather pluck my own eyes out.

Seriously, Which group(s) can a white person with short hair and tattoos join if they are opposed to the bad side of Islam without being called a racist / nazi ?
There arn't any, because people jump to conclusions based upon a person's skin colour.



01.09.2010 17:34

"Seriously, Which group(s) can a white person with short hair and tattoos join if they are opposed to the bad side of Islam without being called a racist / nazi ? "

well, antifa works for me. nobody called me a Nazi while we were running the fash out of town. islamists can fuck off and all, except there isn't any public islamist presence in Brighton to oppose.

a white person with a shaved head and tattoos

Socialist Worker Party state agaents tried to get Asian & Somali youth arrested.

01.09.2010 18:43

Government agents from the SWP and UAF did their level best to get Asian & Somali youth arrested. They encouarged youths who looked between 13 - 16 years old to throw fencing around. The youths were aiming to get out of the pen where they had been trapped all day and might have succeeded until a snide SWP / UAF undercover policeman cleared the way for the police on horseback to get at the youths making sure that they were again penned in and trapped. The copper was heard using words like "Blud" in a posh accent and saying "we won't let them into our town" but doesn't live in Brighton. Another white, crop haired policeman, [this one had a police radio] tried pulling the railings down too probably to enable the horseback police into the pen along with the other one.

All anti fascists should wake up to the fact that the SWP and UAF leaders pay themselves wages from SWP and UAF funds. They live off of the money donated to fight racism. This money does not go towards protecting communities in any useful way or to repair damage done during race riots and attacks. The EDL smashed up a Hindu Temple in Dudley. Did the UAF offer a donation to the Temple? What do you think...

The UAF thrive from racism. Wherever real anti fascist groups exist the UAF try anything to stop these groups. They have handed over Antifa and anarchist protestors to the police. They have attempted take overs, they smear and lie about antifascist groups and when none of this works they apply old fashioned bully boy tactics and threats. The UAF showed their true colours in Brighton yet again.


Short hair and tattoos

03.09.2010 14:40

"Which group(s) can a white person with short hair and tattoos join if they are opposed to the bad side of Islam without being called a racist / nazi? There arn't any, because people jump to conclusions based upon a person's skin colour"

Well, all of the mainstream political parties oppose the bad side of Islam, so you could always join them; but, either way, are you talking about being judged because of your skin colour or about being judged because you've got short hair and tattoos? Make your mind up.

Anyway - Solution? Wear long sleeves and a hat. Sorted!

Well done Brighton


ENA salute photo above

03.09.2010 16:28

The Argus would be keen to publish the photo above, having reported that Nazi salutes were given without managing to get a photograph ourselves.
If you took it or know who did please email us at, or call 01273 544520, so we can arrange permissions and credit.
Thank you
Ben Parsons

The Argus
mail e-mail:

posting incorrect address details

03.09.2010 18:30

well done to the clever cunt submitting the wrong address



Bill Baker says murder Muslims + Socialists + Bill Baker's current address

29.09.2010 15:09

BNP member, English Nationalist Alliance founder and EDL activist Bill Baker posted on Facebook saying "the sooner we start killing Muslims the better and their socialist pals... we need to start killing them now" (see screen-cap). A spit from the Stanford-le-Hope address given on the BNP members list, above, is a new address for Bill Baker, so he's moved, to -

Bill Baker
Cladking UK
5 Vicarage Close
Canvey Island
Essex SS8 0LY

Phone 01268 515599
Mobile 07592 867712

This address is DEFINITELY correct because the website for his business confirms the managing director's name is Bill Baker, the receptionist's name is Lyn (who Bill Baker referred to on EDL / ENA Facebook posts), and because the website (for his roofing business!) is full of Nationalist material...

Again gives the following info...

William Baker
5 Vicarage Close
Canvey Island
Essex SS8 0LY

Bright n' Early

EDL throwing a Nazi salute in Brighton

29.09.2010 15:43

The guy in the red T-shirt throwing the Nazi salute is the same guy holding the English Defence League banner on the right of this photo (contact details for the photographer are burned into the photo). Permission to use the the original Sieg Heil photo can be obtained from Pixel Eight -

Brighton Belle

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