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Three undercover political Police unmasked as infiltrators into UK Anarchist, Anti-Fascist and Climate Justice movements

ABC Anarres | 15.01.2011 21:17 | Policing | Repression | Social Struggles | Birmingham | Cambridge | Liverpool | Sheffield | South Coast | World

Statement for translation.

For attention of all international activist groups and movements regarding known involvement of UK undercover political police.
We need translation into French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Greek, Spanish, Polish, Russian, and any other languages people think are relevant. Please post translations here

PC Mark Kennedy (AKA "Mark Stone"), "Lyn Watson" and "Mark Jacobs"
PC Mark Kennedy (AKA "Mark Stone"), "Lyn Watson" and "Mark Jacobs"

“Marco Jacobs”, “Mark Stone”, “Lyn Watson”

Three police officers all thought to work for The National Public Order Intelligence Unit (NPOIU), a political police unit with extensive links to large corporations, have been exposed by activists in the UK.

Two of them are known to have worked outside of UK police jurisdiction. All have actively taken part in illegal activity.

"MARCO JACOBS" Real name unkown

Infiltrated the Dissent! network of resistance against the G8 in Brighton, in 2004. Following suspicions that he was a policeman there, he moved to Cardiff, Wales where he successfully infiltrated Cardiff Anarchist Network (CAN).

He encouraged ideological and personal splits within CAN.

He had at least one sexual relationship within activist circles.

Using his connections he then became involved in the Rising Tide Network. He was at the centre of a set of police raids and arrests that targeted climate justice activists, including one on his own flat.

He was involved in the No Border campaigns for freedom of movement. He was minute taker at UK wide gatherings. He had prior knowledge of No Borders successful blockades to prevent immigration snatch squad dawn raids on families,

He attended (with “Mark Stone”) a meeting in Poland prior to the G8 in Heligendam, It is believed that only one genuine UK based activist was at this event!

He travelled with UK activists to Germany to oppose the G8 in Heligendam, Germany 2007 and was actively involved in autonomous block planning at the Redelich camp.

He suddenly pulled out of attending the resistance to the G8 in St Petersburg Russia.

Towards the end of his career in Cardiff, friends became suspicious of him and he was increasingly being left out of sensitive discussions. Ironically this included the location of the 2008 Camp for Climate Action, the location of which was known by a small group including “Watson” and “Stone”.

“MARK STONE” Real name Mark Kennedy

Distributed Zapatista Coffee 'Rebelde' from Germany to UK social centres In 2004.

Worked as driver for 2004 Mayday Dublin was only person who escaped arrest at a house in the city, real activists served prison sentences related to equipment he supplied.

Travelled to Ireland to mobilise for G8 in Gleneagles.

Coordinated transport for the Dissent network of resistance against the G8 camp in Stirling Scotland in 2005. (a fleet of minibuses)

Was for a number of years involved in Climate Justice groups which faced repeated raids and arrests. These groups have been actively disrupted during this period.

Had sexual relationships with a number of activists.

Involved in anti-police anti corporate actions with Saving Iceland campaign in Iceland.

Was actively involved in Berlin radical left groups for some months prior to the Heligendam G8. Actively promoted a violent assault on Berlin business district. (Plan B)

Involved in anti-fascist activity. Encouraged anti-EDL campaigners to attack coaches carrying members of the extreme nationalist group to Bradford in 2010

More recent involvement in Animal Rights circles such as attending 2010 international AR gathering in Milan, Italy.

Appears to have moved into Private Spying. He shared a business address with a director of Global Open a company of private spies composed of ex -Special Branch, (political police.)

Kennedys role, has received intense media coverage in the UK, following the collapse of a court case against activists on Monday 10th January. This has led to highest ranking policeman Sir Hugh Orde defending infiltration of left wing groups on the Newsnight television programme.

Both “Marco Jacobs” and “Mark Stone” attended the Dissent! Europe gathering prior to Strasbourg, France anti NATO in 2009. Again very little real UK based activist involvement. (same time as G20 London)

“LYN WATSON” Real name unknown

Active in environmental activist groups centred around anarchist social centre, The Common Place, in Leeds. Northern England

Was member of the Rebel Clown Army.

Was actively involved in location planing for the 2008 Camp For Climate Action.

Had sexual relationships with a number of activists.

Is not known to have operated outside of the UK.

“Watson” “Stone” and “Jacobs” seem to have disappeared from left political circles in the UK.

Please add factual comments/corrections here so that statement can been produced for distribution through Indymedia and associated networks.

Please do not post anything you do not have direct knowledge of or can show where it comes from.
Please do not reveal any names or information that may reveal names of people other than the police themselves.
Please do not post the fact you once had tea with one of the infiltrators, only facts which develop a picture of their political involvement.
If groups could make statements that would be helpful.
Face to camera shots of “Marco” and “Lyn” would be very useful
Please do not repost information from other media there is a discussion of this here.

ABC Anarres


Updated Version of this Article

18.01.2011 09:23

There is an updated version of this article here:

- Homepage:


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Was Lyn Watson on Heathrow DfT superglue demo

15.01.2011 22:01

According to the latest Guardian article, " It was also revealed that the second undercover agent – "Officer A" – was arrested for glueing herself to the Department for Transport during a protest against Heathrow's expansion in February 2008."

Now IIRC, this demo took place as part of the 2007 Climate Camp at Heathrow. If so, there's an article on Indymedia about it with some photos. Is she here?

Northern Voices
- Homepage:

ungdomhuset and incendry devices

16.01.2011 09:33

from daily mail online

"Youth centre occupation, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2008: ‘There was a large squatted building that was a youth centre that was due to be demolished. It had 50 to 60 people in there occupying it. I was infiltrating to find out what the security measures were. They had petrol bombs, concrete in buckets on the roof, trapdoors in the floor for cops to fall in. The information was given to the Danish police and the building was raided. However, the eviction sparked riots.’"

"He says he was embraced by activists throughout Europe who he found ‘more militant and volatile’ than in Britain. In 2008 he was invited to a forest on the French-German border where groups from around Europe would share skills.
‘It was almost stereotypical. The Germans made very technical, clean and precise incendiary devices, the French were flamboyant and used Gauloises cigarettes to light the fuse and the Greeks were all for a big bang: they strapped a gas canister to a basic incendiary device.
Read more:

ann on

lynn corrections

16.01.2011 09:42

lyn was part of a small group who planned the site take for the climate camp in 2006 drax and 2007 heathrow, less so 2008. once the site had been selected, mark was also heavily involved in these events, transporting people and equipment. mark was also involved in 2008 site take at kingsnorth, where police subsequently use extremely heavily criticised policing tactics once the site was taken.

lynn came on an action at the DFT but stood outside it giving out leaflets. it was after the heathrow climate camp, the second time the action was carried out. i think it was 2008.

thanks very much for posting this piece and collating together the events.

has it been/will it be circulate on line elsewhere? maybe

ann on

Lynn Watson - Commonplace involvement

16.01.2011 09:51

When The Commonplace (TCP) was officially created, September 2004, it had for legal requirements some directors. One of whom was the woman known as Lynn Watson to us.

She stated on official documentation that her job was a Care Assistant with her date of birth as 26/12/1970. Lynn Watson not Lyn Watson

In December 2005 she also created & signed for the annual returns to Companies House as her role was Treasurer of the Commonplace.

In September 2007 she resigned as Director of the Social Centre.

Removed as a signatory in January 2008 to TCP bank account. was her email address to the commonplace announce list

Her bank information was/is
Sortcode: 560054
Account Number: 33516774
IBAN: GB97NWBK56005433516774


more lynn abroad info

16.01.2011 11:01

as far as we are aware lynn never went abroad to any political gatherings, although she did go to new york 2007-2008 on holiday with her family.

obviously all of this may be total fabrication, but unlike mark and marco she was mainly UK based and in fact showed little interest (at least as far as i knew her) in attending global mobilisations.

she would disappear for a few days at a time doing "care work" in blocks of shifts but generally she made herself available for stuff and wasn't away for long periods of time as far as i can remember, until she disappeared.

when she disappeared she was supposedly going to eastern europe with her boyfriend before moving to america.

as this happened after the time it appears she was working undercover within activist networks it seems unlikely she would have been politically active in these countries, more likely she was moved onto another operation, but who knows.

ann on


16.01.2011 11:10

is the mention of ungdomshuset in the mail article?


ungdomhuset link

16.01.2011 11:27

if you can bear to read the shite before it its at the bottom just before the horrendous interview.

REVEALED: The big undercover operations


Transport for G8 Summit, Gleneagles, 2005: ‘A massive anti-capitalism protest. I took on the role of transport organiser, hiring seven or eight minibuses. When the action – to block roads around Gleneagles – came about I could tell the intelligence unit where people were to be dropped off, which roads were to be blockaded and what sort of equipment they would be carrying. The intelligence that was passed was invaluable. I got a commendation for that. I was told information I provided was passed straight to Tony Blair’s desk.’

G20 Summit, London, 2008: ‘Tasked with finding out what protest plans were, I fed back that no one had any strategic or specific plans to cause major disruption. People were going to rally outside the Bank of England but I had not identified any specific threat. The rally was over-zealously policed. Ian Tomlinson died. I am not party to all the intelligence the police had. The people I was tasked to talk to had no intention of violence. The police may have had other intelligence.’

Stopping the Drax coal train, 2008: ‘A Greenpeace-funded operation. Drax is a coal-fired power station in Yorkshire. The action was to stop a coal train going into Drax and create a media spectacle. Greenpeace asked me if I could drive protesters to a place to board the train. I hired a Transit for three days. The action went ahead, they stopped the train and dropped 77 tons of coal on the tracks. It didn’t do anything. Drax has three weeks’ worth of coal backed up.’

Youth centre occupation, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2008: ‘There was a large squatted building that was a youth centre that was due to be demolished. It had 50 to 60 people in there occupying it. I was infiltrating to find out what the security measures were. They had petrol bombs, concrete in buckets on the roof, trapdoors in the floor for cops to fall in. The information was given to the Danish police and the building was raided. However, the eviction sparked riots.’

Didcot power station, 2006: ‘I was asked because of my climbing ability to assist with a Greenpeace publicity stunt to hang a banner off a tower to highlight the fact Didcot was putting its ash into a local reservoir. When I got to the top, a good 150ft, the guy who was supposed to do it with me bottled out. I ended up doing it myself.’

Read more:


Infiltrators spread who knows what?

16.01.2011 11:27

Makes you want to take a vow of celibacy!

Aktion Direkt

Thank you so far

16.01.2011 11:34

Yes the purpose of this is to establish factual information about the infiltrators with a view to global circulation on left-anarchist media.

Thanks for the updates so far the info on “Lyn” is great.

Could Indy mods post the pictures without the ACAB, Filth etc. tags whilst these statements are true, we are trying to have clearly laid out document that is for consumption worldwide so that these fuckers can be identified. Please can they just have “names”.
Also does anyone have better shots for “Jacobs” and “Watson”

Regarding Mark Kennedy press statement to the Mail.
The Mail has never told the truth ever nor has Mark Kennedy or Max Clifford. The combination of the three dose not make for a reliable source.
That said those of us who knew Mark will be aware that many of his comments have a ring of truth.
Our purpose here is to establish factual information on their activities particularity outside of UK jurisdiction.

Maybe we should put a line like.

“Mark Kennedy spoke about his infiltration to extreme right-wing newspaper The Sunday Mail”

And mods any chance you can make this thread sticky or central column

ABC Anarres

One thing from The Mail newspaper

16.01.2011 11:36

A comment from Kennedy in the Mail article that may have relevance to our German comrades is

“I got great information to keep police a step ahead of the game. I also prevented violence. At a G8 protest in Germany the riot cops were planning to go in heavy, but I knew the crowd was planning to disperse. I texted that information in, and the charge was called off. That stopped bloodshed”

In this he implies that he had operational minute by minute control over GERMAN police.

ABC Anarres

Regarding Lynn

16.01.2011 13:27

Lynn was involved with UK action medics at G8 in Gleneagles 2005, and later that year at EF! gathering in Derbyshire.
Some time following that, she hosted an Actionmedics meeting at her house in Leeds.

She was also the UK contact when medics went abroad to do first-aid training with acivists prior to G8 in Russia, so the address they were staying at may have been passed on.


bit more info

16.01.2011 13:36

specifically lynn claimed to go to latvia in 2008, but as i said before this was after she was involved in operations in the UK, at this time she cut all ties with UK activists. some sporadic emails were exchanged. she claimed she was going to ultimately move to america and do work as an account there. she was always keen to help with accounts/money, for both the common place social centre and also during the planning for first climate camps.

i am trying to get some better quality photos of lynn to post.

yes totally agree mark + daily mail + max clifford = bullshit; but i posted this info because it rang true with my understanding of some of the types of actions he referred to in copenhagen and how he knew other comrades there.

ann on

Mail on Sunday, not Sunday Mail

16.01.2011 13:59

Just a pedantic point for any European doing press releases.
“Mark Kennedy spoke about his infiltration to extreme right-wing newspaper The Sunday Mail”

The paper is the Mail on Sunday, the Sunday version of the Daily Mail. The Sunday Mail is a the Sunday version of the Daily Record, a Scottish tabloid that supports the Labour Party.


Second DfT action

16.01.2011 15:35

Background info only. Not suggesting anyone in the picture is Lyn.


infiltrators and state agents

16.01.2011 19:10

this just goes to show that its worth not trusting anyone in the movement with any information.


lynn photos and action medics

16.01.2011 20:55

lynn was part of the action medics for a few years. before the G8 in germany (and during it) several medics from the UK went over. lynn DID NOT go. some people thought she might have gone with the collective, but she did medic stuff in the UK only.

lynn was much more camera shy than mark so no photos yet sorry...

ann on

If asked do police have to answer they are police

16.01.2011 21:44

Hi hope someone who knows or legal bods can provide some info.A friend at festivals last year said if undercover police are asked are u a police man they have to answer yes they are ,maybe legal non entrapment thing,then in mail article mark kennedy says if anyone had asked me are u a police man he would have told them yes.
So would be very usefull to know ,maybe bindmans solicitors could help do undercover police have any obligation in law to admit they are police if asked directly.
May be just festival rumour or maybe be proper legal tool we can use in our affinity groups.Hope a legal type out there can do the research and let us all know.
Stay strong keep taking action.

old activist

mark in ireland

16.01.2011 21:55

from comrades in ireland...

The stuff in the press about him in Ireland is all true as in Mark Kennedy was operative in Ireland on several occasions. These are the occasion I know of - there could have been other he was definately in Mayo only on one occasion.

2004 attended a grassroots gathering along with trapese in late march April.

2004 Involved in 2004 Mayday protests. Everything in the press about his activities in Dublin at this event is true. He was involved in all sorts

2004 Protests against George Bush summit at Dromoland castle.

2005 Attended EFYA winter meeting in Co Clare (I did not perosnally attend this but I am heard this from a reliable source)

2005 Attended a meeting and fundraiser for the G8 in Belfast.

2006 Attended the Anarchist Bookfair and then went to Rossport (for article see

ann on

Lyn was NOT on 2007 DofT superglue action

16.01.2011 22:46

Clarification - I was on the superglue action during heathrow climate camp 2007 at the dept. of T and Lyn most definitly wasnt on it and so isnt in any of those photos and please dont mistake any of us that are in those photos as her!!!


Lyn was NOT on 2007 DofT superglue action

16.01.2011 22:46

Clarification - I was on the superglue action during heathrow climate camp 2007 at the dept. of T and Lyn most definitly wasnt on it and so isnt in any of those photos and please dont mistake any of us that are in those photos as her!!!


re: If asked do police have to answer they are police

17.01.2011 00:08

i was at a gig recently and a guy at the bar started asking me questions... got a weird feeling and asked him if he was a copper and he said yes. Think he was being honest rather than trying to wind me up. Someone told me apparently they do have to tell you. it was just after the kennedy outing so i assumed that different levels of undercover have different protocols as i know that people had confronted kennedy before the last one (in fact he admitted it himself in hate mail interview) so assumed there's different rules.

Would definately be good to get clarification on this issue. Who do you ask?

Sorry this is a bit of a tangent to original posting...


Do the undercover police have to tell you that they are police? Doh!

17.01.2011 03:10

No, they don't, that is an obvious urban myth. Frankly if you can even ask such a question at this point in time on this forum then you are obviously so stupid that you shouldn't step outside your own front door in the morning, let alone post here. Watch more comedy TV programmes first. When you feel up to it, try investigating what that whole internet google/ wikipedia thing is all about.

But currently you are such an eejit that you shouldn't be trusted with matches, let alone other peoples lives.

Try reading these to see proof why you are so stupid:

We were all as stupid as you when we were five years old so no offence meant. Just because you are currently an obvious idiot risk to everyone you care for doesn't mean you can't start to learn and eventually be normal.


Mark and the Activist Tat Collective

17.01.2011 07:25

Mark was part of our group that set up the Activist Tat Collective. We know that he
used the ATC to gain credibility in Italy at the Animal Rights Gathering last
summer, and also contacted the French Dissent Network offering the services of the ATC
(specifically planning to go to a gathering in Dijon, the email exchange we recieved was from the 15th
October, just before he was exposed).

We were aware of him going to Italy to give workshops at the time and supported him as we
work to support the animal rights network, and all grassroots networks of resistance,
He contacted people in France without communicating with the ATC. This doesn't mean that
we do not support the Dissent! Network in France, quite the opposite, but it is interesting that he did
this autonomously and without discussing it. We were contacted by them after the original exposure in October.

In solidarity with those affected by this transnationally. If any other groups were
contacted by Mark using our collective as a way in, please contact us through our

Keep on fighting, the ATC.

- Homepage:

false information spread

17.01.2011 13:21

the following comment (which hopefully will get soon removed) is a smearing comment made on our name.

mark was never in our group - the person mentioned by name in the article and referred as a cop is a NOT a fucking cop but a trusted comrade.

hopefully this gets removed soon.

let s pay attention about cops spreading false informations at this point.

abc berlin


"abc berlin

17.01.2011 02:39
Mark Kennedy was activist in berlins anarchist black cross, toghether with the german undercover policeman [REMOVED].


real abc berlin
mail e-mail:
- Homepage:

lynn and mark in berlin may 2006

17.01.2011 15:56

apparently in may 2006 mark and lynn were spotted by one of the action medics in berlin. the person who saw them communicated with trusted comrades in berlin about suspicions unconfirmed at that time.

it is unclear if the action medics passed this info on to current members of berlin ABC. but trusted people were apparently told in berlin, in detail.

the source of this information is reluctant to provide contact dteails so hopefully this information is sufficient to flag up more communication maybe required by comrades in berlin.

it does indeed seem strange, as lynn did not have networks like mark in other countries. lynn apparently went to berlin for a social around this time, for one weekend, but was not "active" there.

it is also strange as mark and lynn (understandably now!) were not obvious friends, and indeed lynn was often pretty scathing of mark.

i hope this is helpful and that its a starting point for people to analyse. i am not deliberately with holding any information, this is all i know.

ann on

Mark and Marcos were at a dissent meeting in Strasbourg in January 2009

17.01.2011 19:28

Marcos came with Mark to the meeting. There wer other peopl from the uk at the meeting, but those 2 drove together. It was about the anti-NATO mobilisation later in the year.

acros the channel

Lynn Watson in 2003

17.01.2011 21:10

Earlier info on Lynn Watson compiled from various people in Trident Ploughshares

In late 2003 Lynn Watson went along to an event at Aldermaston nuclear weapons factory and then joined a Trident Ploughshares affinity group. She took part in non-violence training (one of the trainers didn’t get there as he was picked up on a warrant as he came off the ferry!) and attended a TP planning meeting.
During 2004 she also went to Aldermaston Womens Peace Camp and was very active in the Block the Builders campaign. (Direct action against Aldermaston new building work) She said she lived in Bournemouth and did care work.
In 2005 she moved to Yorkshire to “put get away from an ex-boyfriend”.
She was on the Nukewatch phone tree and offered to go out to the A1 to look for nuclear warhead convoys. Not sure that she ever did.
Activists stayed at her flat when protesting at Menwith Hill Spy Base. (Yeah – I know!)
In 2006 she was the contact with the Action Medics to bring a group to the Faslane G8 blockade. We sent her £100 to cover their expenses. Would love to know if they ever got it!
Then her phone number changed and we heard no more from her.
She was on the Trident Ploughshares e-mail list until last week when we removed her.
We are trying to find photos but no luck so far.

Trident Ploughshares

thaks all

17.01.2011 23:43

Cheers TP most informative peice on Lynn yet.
Seems clear that you were one of her "targets" and before others by a couple of years.

ABC Anarres

marco was at 2 meetings in strasbourg

18.01.2011 02:18

he wasn't only at the dissent meeting in january, he also was at the international action conference the 14/15 th of february 2009.
he visited private peoples home there.

alsoacross dachannel

Mark Stone Denmark

19.01.2011 14:28

I can absolutely confirm that Mark "Stone" was in Denmark on at least two separate occassions aside from during the eviction of Ungdomshuset (I in fact have no knowledge if he was indeed here during that time).

On one occassion he claimed to have been transporting some goods for his uncle to a location in Denmark. This was immediately prior to the meeting in Warszaw in preparation for G8 Heiligendamm. He used his van to transport several Danish activists from Copenhagen to Warszaw.

He also visited Denmark at a later time (early 2008 or late 2007) where he stayed several days and visited a number of friends related to Danish anti fascist activism. He also provided technical expertise with anti-surveillance tech.

He is not known to have been actively involved in planning or organising in Denmark.

He has also on occasion invited Danes to visit him in England.



STONE - international - corrections/additional info

20.01.2011 15:44

I think the 2009 anti-NATO meeting was near Strasbourg, not in Dijon.
Stone was definately at a meeting to in January 2009, near to Strasbourg, to prepare for the April anti-NATO protests. (I do not know about Marco)
He did not come to the protests (he was in London on the G20 demonstrations)

Stone was also arrested in Ireland at the 2004 Mayday demonstrations and then quickly released without charge.


Another under-the-covers-cop

30.01.2011 22:24

Just like his colleague, Mark Kennedy, 'Marco' slept with at least one woman who was close to the activist scene while he was working undercover in Brighton.

a source

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