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Royal Wedding: Engineering a Spectacle

KID | 18.04.2011 16:13 | Analysis | Repression

Open the scene for the Royal Wedding, a beautiful union between two wonderful twits. And it’s everywhere - Daily Hate, Torygraph, Evil Standard, Sun, CNN. According to some news sources, anarchist forums are “buzzing” with plans to disrupt the wedding – um, well, no, not really. So, why the hype?

Armageddon: booting a window
Armageddon: booting a window

Call me paranoid (many already have), but the hype about anarchists and the Royal Wedding is ratherdisturbing. Open the scene for the Royal Wedding, a beautiful union between two wonderful twits. With M26 still fresh in the minds of the press and coppers alike, the hype has been blown up to a full security scare about anarchists attacking the royal entourage and embarrassing Britain in front of the world – shock, horror. And it’s everywhere - Daily Hate, Torygraph, Evil Standard, Sun, CNN. According to some news sources, anarchist forums are “buzzing” with plans to disrupt the wedding – um, well, no, not really. So, why the hype? Maybe:

1] Police want to justify their massive (public) budget for the Wedding by claiming that there will be wide-spread disruption.
2] Slow press day, so Murdoch’s apes-with-type-writers come up with a little story to scare middle-Britain about dangerous anarchists, as another means to discredit the movement/ tendency.
3] Because a few of our “leaders” (say Chris Knight, and Alpha One with his bag of tricks – see have gone to the press with the carefully-laid plans of the attack – very covert. Also, who the hell is Charles Veitch of the “Love Police Academy”, another of our official spokespersons, who also claims to be responsible for the Charles-Camilla paintbombing during the student demo (see CNN article)?

4] Engineering a Spectacle….my own “paranoid” theory (….only time will tell):

Firstly, let’s be clear what there will and won’t be at the Royal Wedding day in central London:

Who won’t be there:
1] Black Bloc, or any direct action anarchists: if anyone has been reading any of the posts on Indymedia will know that BB, and others will not be attending. Unlike M26, where the numbers and atmosphere was “ripe” for action, the Royal Wedding is not. It will be crawling with cops, tourists and royalists – hardly the people one would expect solidarity from. If you are thinking of heading down for some “action”, please consider the counter-strategy below.

Who will be there:
1] [Fact] Republican March: this seems to be popular with a mainstream, anti-monarchist bunch, especially in the context of the cuts and royal tax-breaks, etc. About 1,000 people on their facebook site intend on coming. It will be a small, pleasant gathering making a peaceful statement.

2] [Fact] Police, MI5, MI6, Army: Lots of them, with powers that strip away most civil liberties.

3] [Theory]: Pig Block

Ok, what is Pig Block? Over the last few major demonstrations in London (from G20 two years ago to M26 a few weeks ago), there is mounting evidence of police infiltrators, agent provocateurs and rather camera-savvy “anarchist”-look-alikes, who are involved in entrapment, starting flashpoints and providing the pictures the press crave to a ring of photographers (ie hooded figure boots window, flare in background….looks like Armageddon). I must clarify that Pig Block are a small, limited group, that are nothing to do with the actions or principles of Black Bloc. Just two examples from the recent M26:
1] Auntie BBC’s footage from above:
2] Another here, with regards the HSBC bank attack, with an interesting in-depth discussion on Reddit (50:50 on whether it is or isn’t AP, but its rather creepy the way the guy in the blue shirt enthusiastically tries to usher people in; luckily most people weren’t stupid enough to fall for it)

So here’s the crunch: How to Engineer a Spectacle?

1] Hype it: “If you book them, they will come” – Wayne’s World. Splash it in the press, make them mad, get them excited. Why would the press hype it if they didn’t want it to happen? Two twits getting married is not a story. They want Spectacular, and if anarchists won’t, then Pig Block can.

2] Send out false information: only this morning a post on Indymedia; obviously some sort of plant: the writer calls themselves: “Black Block (sic) anarchist” and instead of a good rousing call-out, they link to the Evening Standard article and some Youtube footage…wtf?

3] On the day: here is how I think the events will pan out on the day. A contingent of Pig Block, dressed like Black Bloc, will appear on the day, with a strong contingent of TSG surrounding them (to protect them from the rabid Royalists and EDL, and at the same time allowing them to move freely), probably as part of the Republican March. They will let off fire-crackers, throw some smoke-bombs, and generally rampage (safely away from the Royal route). They will break some windows for the press, and try and drag sympathetic demonstrators into their action (after which these unsuspecting dupes will be dispatched safely into a police van for charging). The police may even use these actions as a reason to go in hard on the Republican demonstrators, for a little kettling (oh, sorry, “containment”) and data mining.

4] The day after: Press, after saying how amazing the wedding was, blah, blah, blah, will report that anarchists tried to attack the wedding, were contained by the police and several arrested. The police will whinge that they didn’t have enough powers for real containment, masks need to be banned, anarchists hunted down, a water-cannon for public order situations must be purchased immediately, blah, blah, blah. So an event where no real anarchist action happened will be used to further the cause of the rabid media, police and the State, to curtail civil liberties. That’s how you Engineer a Spectacle.

Thus, I suggest the following counter-strategy (which I think should ONLY be used at THIS particular event, and only because Black Bloc (or similar) will NOT be there):

1] Masked up demonstrators, that seem to be wandering around aggressively, and closely “protected” by a police contingent, should be singled out and prevented from entering the main Republican March. Surround them and get pictures; even more risky, unmask them and get full facial pictures.

2] Follow Pig Block around and film their activities throughout; footage should show that the police hold back and let this group march around regardless.

3] Show solidarity with those arrested. Those who have been arrested from entrapment will need our support, while those in Pig Block will “disappear” without any record of arrest (even though there may be a “show of strength” by the police to arrest them all).

4] Eye-witness reports, with pics and vids (edited, so as not to incriminate innocents) posted on Indymedia. More pertinent info: consult with anarchist federations, or non-mainstream legal (eg Green and Black Cross)

Why suggest such a counter-strategy (I repeat, ONLY for this event, and not for other marches/ demonstrations):

1] To gather evidence on Pig Block; like all black-ops by the State, any mention of agent provocateurs is shouted down with “conspiracy theory!”. To unmask the State, in all its insidious techniques is an important blow against the police, the press and the State, as citizens realize that the State is involved in the dark arts. Additionally, to be able to identify and root out Pig Block from the movement.

2] In memory of the death of Ian Tomlinson, murdered by the police at the G20, is a result of the actions of the State, including the use of agent provocateurs, which were used as a justification to hit peaceful protesters. Uncovering the use of Pig Block demonstrates that the police are culpable for his homicide, because they used these illegal elements to justify their crackdown.

I know that many will consider my suggestions reckless, and I repeat: this is a SUGGESTED action, for THIS events ONLY and not a general counter-strategy. The ferocity with which the media is hyping the upcoming action suggests motives beyond the obvious; we need to expose this, especially if politicians will then use it to justify further infractions on our civil liberties. The anarchist tendency is flexible in its tactics and strategies, and I don’t believe that those involved in violent direct action will be there; thus I believe that this counter-strategy should NOT endanger the liberties of those who take part in such actions.

Be safe on the streets, and good luck to those attending this beautiful union in the West End.



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Interview with CNN

18.04.2011 17:02

Ditto on Veitch. Veitch, if you consider yourself an anarchist will you please shut your pie hole about the black bloc? You can only speak for yourself and maybe your own group. Are you happy being called an anarchist leader? I said it before and I'l say it again, there's no place for celebrities in a black bloc.

CNN article -

London, England (CNN) -- "God Save the Queen ... the fascist regime," sang The Sex Pistols to mark Queen Elizabeth's Silver Jubilee in 1977. Now, Britain's anarchists are targeting the royals again.

According to one leading anarchist protester, plans are being drawn up for a demonstration using "shock and awe" tactics to disrupt Prince William's marriage to Kate Middleton on April 29.

Charlie Veitch, a former City banker who was made redundant during the financial crisis, heads a group of colorful protesters called the "Love Police Academy." He says that anarchists will put on a "disruption spectacular."

"As an anarchist, philosophical and political anarchist, I cannot support the royal family, I cannot support this government's actions," he said.

Veitch says Love Police Academy is committed to non-violent protest against the austerity cuts, the status quo and the establishment. He was one of those involved in last year's violent student protests against the UK government's plan to triple tuition fees for university students and advocates extreme tactics.

"I give full support to black bloc tactics that we saw at the weekend," he added, referring to the black-clad, hooded hardcore of protesters who have marred legitimate anti-austerity rallies in London in recent weeks. Police charged 149 people following the violence, during which paint, fireworks and flares were thrown at buildings and windows smashed.

Veitch is open about his privileged "right wing, traditional" family background. Indeed, he was the epitome of the British establishment until he was made redundant during the downturn.

He is also candid about the anarchists' plans for April 29, the day of the royal wedding.

He says they are putting together a "shock and awe" campaign. "It will involve a lot of fireworks, it will involve a lot of people dressed in black, it will involve a lot of very, very loud music to try and hack all the mainstream media broadcasts of that day."

Security expert Roy Ramm says the royal wedding presents an incredibly tough challenge for police.

"The police have got a job to get the public in close-up to the wedding, but they have to keep the people who want to cause disorder and damage like we have seen here (at recent protests), away from the wedding. It could be immensely disruptive," he said.
I don't see disrupting an illegitimate wedding between two very posh people who don't represent the average man on the street as terrorism.
--Charlie Veitch, leading anarchist protester.

Anarchist websites are already humming with references to the wedding.

"There are plans, which are being passed around online in encrypted forums and through encrypted emails -- which the government cannot hack -- to disrupt the procession route as well," said Veitch.

Veitch predicts tens of thousands of people will try to protest on the day of the wedding, but admits that "maybe one or two thousand" will be directly involved with disrupting the event.

"I'd say it will be a big mass rally. There will be of course people who are dressed all in black, who will be involved in more direct action. Of course, they will remain nameless," he said.

Veitch denies that direct action to interfere with the wedding could be seen as a form of terrorism. "I don't see disrupting an illegitimate wedding between two very posh people who don't represent the average man on the street as terrorism," he said.

Whether or not the threats of Veitch and others like him are based on real plans, the police are taking the potential for disruption seriously.

Knowing where to deploy riot police is tough -- the protesters could strike at almost any location. Police are considering using powers which give them the right to stop and search anyone during a designated time in a specific area, although they are not allowed to detain people unless there is evidence of wrongdoing.

London's Metropolitan Police Commander Bob Broadhurst says his officers face a difficult balancing act. They need to allow legitimate protest, without it getting out of hand. "There is a lot of chatter out there and no real intelligence, but we must bear in mind that people have a right to protest," he said.

Protesters have already targeted the royal family. In December, they threw paint at a Rolls-Royce carrying Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and cracked a window.

But on the wedding day, anarchists will have to blend in with the crowds and these staunch royalists could be the best defense police have, according to former Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Andy Hayman.

"It won't be easy for the anarchists to infiltrate, the great majority would stop that happening. On the other hand, if there was a pot of paint thrown at any of the royal VIPs, that would be a worldwide embarrassment," he said.


not everyone masked will be a cop!

18.04.2011 17:26

"Masked up demonstrators, that seem to be wandering around aggressively, and closely 'protected' by a police contingent, should be singled out and prevented from entering the main Republican March. Surround them and get pictures; even more risky, unmask them and get full facial pictures."

No, that's a really bad idea, because there may be at least a few people who genuinely want to disrupt the wedding or cause economic damage, and good luck to them! No-one should be attacked, unmasked, photo'd etc without decent evidence that they are a cop.

Like most radicals I know, I'm not enthusiastic about doing stuff in London on that day, but I stand in solidarity with anyone that does decide to. That means not assuming anyone dressed in black is a police agent! Some of them will be, many of them won't.

I'd agree with the suggestion that it's a good day to do action *outside* the capital - while all the cops are focused on the wedding...


Who the fuck is...

18.04.2011 19:50

this Charlie Veitch?


C Veitch biog

18.04.2011 22:32

Harold Steptoe
- Homepage:

why don't you go out and do something less boring instead....

19.04.2011 08:26

I always thought of the Black Bloc as a tactic that should be used carefully. I cannot see what benefits any Black Bloc action on the day will bring. It may embarrass the state but the value of such an action would be heavily offset by the price we would pay in our right to protest in the future. Don’t get me wrong I would happily take the whole Royal lot of em and then quite happily stuff em in a massive cannon and then, again, quite happily shoot em into the sun, but…. If you want to go and do something on the day then I suggest a nice rave up in the park, far, far away from any of the Royalist bullshit. It’s a time for wise heads and smart thinking as only the unwise would go anywhere near the Royal parasites nuptials…..

It turns my stomach the way the corporate press is shoving the royal parasite’s wedding down our throats at the moment and how, bereft of international terrorists they seem intent to turn anyone who has different politics into the new terrorists. I really just want it to be over and for no shit to go down on the day that will turn us anarchists into the new boogie men that keeps the public locked up and liviing in fear.

Although I do find the parallels to the Royal parasites Royal parasites parents wedding and the hype around that leech-fest quite sick and scary – its like the Royal Parasites think we have no memory.

And is it wrong of me to break my non gambling habit and enter a bookmakers to see what odds I’ll get on how the state will kill this one off after she drops out a few baby Royal leeches? You know, when she becomes an embarrassment after the media and Royal establishment drive her insane, after her affairs and her flirting with Muslims, etc etc?

Is it wrong?

I would of course donate the money to a good cause…..

And of course to make sure every single one of us is included and all excited in the festivities and pomp my employers are hosting a “Dress up for work like you would if you were invited to the Royal Parasites Wedding day” all for a good cause and for chartiteeeee but when I suggested that I would wear a suicide vest and a picture of Lady Di’s face on my head I was told not to bother coming in. :D

fear and loathing

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