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EDL Opened Up Up North.

Sussed | 19.06.2011 15:38 | Anti-racism | Birmingham | Liverpool

A gob-shite, spotty, no-mark rabble claiming 'EDL Bradford' colours came unstuck yesterday after confusing a serious anti-fascist with the UAF.

At approximately 3pm yesterday a group of about twenty men claiming to be Bradford EDL tried to force their way in and attack an Oppressed gig in Leeds. They were met by a single comrade who explained to their top boy and two of his side-kicks the subtle difference between serious anti-fascists and the UAF. Needless to say the other seventeen didn't want to know. They started crying about how unfair it was that one person was happy to deal with the lot of them when all they had to defend themselves were bricks and bottles.

Final result; EDL top boy in hospital, the rest in police cells. Oppressed gig went ahead as planned enjoyed by all, no injuries.

It should be pointed out that this was not an Antifa gig, there just happened to a serious anti-fascist there. Please be aware that if you use the Antifa name to advertise your gig you have a responsibility to provide adequate security. The shower of shite poser punks and skins and the UAF wankers won't stop a committed offensive by local EDL mugs.

Respect and gratitude to the comrade who bravely stood his ground in the face of serious aggression from superior numbers.



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Edl scum

19.06.2011 18:40

Too cowardly to have a go at the bloke who offered to fight the lot of them the thugs threw a brick at an old man who had been sat playing a guitar outside the pub and was absolutely nothing to do with the gig. I wonder what that brave act did to stop islamic terrorism. The EDL are just a cowardly bunch of hooligans.



19.06.2011 20:25

If you use the Antifa name to advertise your gig you not only have a responsibility to have proper security YOU ALSO HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY TO HAND OVER THE PROFIT MADE TO YOUR LOCAL ANTIFA GROUP! Antifascists shouldn't have to put themselves at risk because gig organisers don't bother to organise proper security. Lessons need to be learned. Hope the brave comrade who fought off the scum had a full glass for the rest of the night.


Well Done

20.06.2011 09:40

Well done to the very small group who stood their ground against the edl scum. The courage of the lone antifascist was amazing, he didn't even flinch under the volley of missiles and saw the edl off in no uncertain terms. The edl were like frightened rabbits once they were stood up to.

Cops Love Facebook

Cowardly EDL

20.06.2011 11:49

I saw 3 edl get done then scurry back outside with the rest of their cowardly rabble. They smashed a couple of windows before legging it - one of them was the window of the offices above the pub so it shows how far away the brave boys were.


Another version from Lancaster Unity

20.06.2011 14:25


''Sadly not true,i was at this gig.

We need more muscle!!

Kev,leeds uni.''


fuck 'em

20.06.2011 16:47

I don't know how about you pal but in my book turning up with 20 people to the event defended by 4, managing to get few of your group members injured for the price of injuring one guy from the opposite group and putting couple of windows through, then getting most of your group arrested is a TOTAL failure.



21.06.2011 07:46

It has been widely reported that this gig was organised by local antifascists. It was NOT, it was organised by 'People Who Care Promotions' who regularly put on local punk gigs but who have no connection to any antifascist group in Leeds.

The gig was promoted as a benefit for Leeds and Cardiff AFA groups. Neither group has existed for many years and former members of Leeds AFA contacted the promoter to protest the use of their name. Nor was the event a benefit for Leeds Antifa.

In fact, the gig was not actually a benefit at all. Except for the main band, who were paid £2,000, and for the venue itself.


Interesting take on things . THE REAL FACTS

21.06.2011 08:24

I organised this event , and have organised events in the past . I organised it because I am sick of the right rising in front of our eyes and the apathy around this . i have read the comments here and they are full of innaccuracies and just pure lies brought about by internet warriors who certainly werent anywhere to be seen when the edl turned up I WAS ! I stood side to side with a few members of a group and a couple of mates who shall remain nameless , bur WERE leeds anti fascists .The poster did say it was an event for local youth groups , leeds and cardiff anti fa, and i removed the cardiff antifa after finding out they didnt excist .however i met with paople from a well known group yesterday and they recieved some cash they they were happy with . i lost a lot of money and this came out of my own pocket , and yes lessons need to be learned for future events . To say i have never been involved in anti fascism in the past is bollocks , i have rotted in prison cells because of my beliefs and actions , so maybe look in the mirror and question yourselves before judging someone you have no clue about ok ? the main point of this gig was awareness which i set out in my speech at the end of the night . i think i achieved this . there shall be better and bigger events in future . hope to see you there , nice and early if you can be bothered getting out of bed . Peace , Stevie

Stevie Caldwell
mail e-mail:


21.06.2011 08:29

I have a million people to thank for yesterdays fantastic gig at the Well in Leeds . I was up nice n early and down to the venue with my girlfriend Jess . We waited around for 5 mins before DJs Jon Firth and Jamie Headcharge turned up to set up their gear . It was on , but i had a nagging feeling that the EDL would be turning up nice and early too as i had info to this effect thanks to the way the idiots twitter and facebook all their intentions . To this end , I made sure there were spotters around the town on motorcycles who checked all nearby pubs for stone island pockets , But ....all was quiet . At the venue by 2 there were perhaps 40 people in the venue , half of them female . I was standing on the door with a few Anti-fa who shall remain nameless when we saw what can only be described as a gaggle of EDL trotting over the bridge towards the venue ....shit !! We got what males were in attendance to come out to the door . I stopped them and asked why they were here , they said they were against racism too and wanted tickets , I said fine , 15 quid . At this point "obviously the leader " tried to barge past with the monkies behind him hollering and whooping like they were watching the messia in action . This lunk head was stopped from getting in and then the brave EDL ran away to collect bricks which makes a change from collecting idiots i suppose. They ran towards the venue all hurling bricks etc Their aim was precise and acurrate as after about 15 bricks were hurled at the windows , they managed to hit 2 the clever boys . At this point there was some sort of pushing and toing and frowing at the main door and a bottle or 10 was thrown directly into the venue flying glass hiting men and women alike , causing one of my mates to lose a tooth and needed 8 stitches ...Not good ! During this tussle , the leader , Lets call him "mongo" appeared to have bood pouring down his head as did 2 of his disciples , they may have hit each other with bottles as i did state earlier , they werent the greatest of aimers as they are only used to throwing shit at each other in the monkey compound so throwing anything on target was proving to be a battle , as they also had to walk and move at the same time as doing all this . Anyway , Off they ran with their brave chants of E E Edl whilst calling me white trash !! Eh???The police arrived ten mins later and from the word go , said it was ok for the event to go ahead as they didnt want these idiots ruining happy gigs for anyone . The manager of the venue sad the same thing . The rest of the day went from good to better to out of this world !! Best gig leeds has seen for a long long time . The next one is gonna be the Angelic Upstarts at the Library in Leeds on the 24th September . See you all there .

I didnt do all this on my own , and thanks must go out to Jess , Cardiff Jo, Paul mason (a true star), jon firth and jamie headcharge for keeping the dancing going all day long in the bar and they did all this for nothing , words cant express how much i am grateful to em . Also thanks to Pauline ,,Joe R , ,Chip , dom r , , Hendo , gogs , gibby , frank, stu etc (the livi punks ) . All the bands and merch sellers and also to everyone who donated raffle prizes . I know i have forgot some of you , but you know im grateful anyway . Last but not least thanks to Roddy Moreno and the Oppressed for putting on the icing at the end . Taxi straight home with mates , drinks laughs etc . then bed . See you all next time , thanks , love you all

mail e-mail:
- Homepage: leeds

You're not talking to the EDL now mate

21.06.2011 09:02

There's nothing inaccurate about my post. You're a nice feller Stevie, but you cut corners when it comes to telling the truth. Despite being warned numerous times you organised fuck all security, you're lucky there were a couple of antifascists to sort things out for you and you repay that kindness by bullshitting and posting peoples names up. This was a good gig, but with The Oppressed getting £2,000 it was never going to make a carrot, which is more than what Leeds antifascists have had from it.


"benefit gig"?

21.06.2011 09:22

"We got what males were in attendance to come out to the door ."

reading this kind of crap makes me glad i don't live in leeds and have to put up with this kind of sexist nonsense.

and maybe next time you should just advertise your gigs as a benefit for yourself/ the oppressed - as it sounds like that would be far more honest than claiming that they're going to raise any decent amount of £ for anti-fascist activity.
anyway, seeing as you're feeling so open (listing all those poor people's names on a public indymedia thread for the edl/cops/whoever to read), perhaps you could tell us all exactly how much money was taken on the door, and how that was split between different groups and "expenses"?
and if anyone from the oppressed is reading, you can tell us all why you need paid £2000 to play a "benefit gig"?


Nice one Stevie

21.06.2011 09:40

Well done for getting to your own gig on time. A shame other punters only turned to see the bands they paid £15 to see and that antifascists only came down to help out when there was a call-out. Are you expecting them to save your bacon again at your next gig because you're mouthing off all over the internet?


This is getting idiotic...

21.06.2011 12:17

At the end of the day a bunch of pathetic lowlifes got their come-uppance and an anti-racist gig was successful. Anything else that people feel the need to discuss would probably best done in private with the people concerned instead of airing dirty washing in public and behaving like name-calling children. Posting people's names up in a public domain is not good; neither is bitching about someone trying to do something for the right reasons (any further to this then why not have it out with promoter. His contact details are on here and any one who was involved in the benefit aspect will have them already). If lessons need to be learned then go away and learn them, dont give the far right the opportunity to laugh at the left falling even further into an abyss of splintering pettiness...

Keyboard warriors, please feel free to deride me as being a middle-class liberal / cop / troll / insult of your choice and claiming to have the monopoly on hating nazis / racism. I wont be losing any sleep over it.



As above

21.06.2011 13:55

I'd echo the very sensible advice of Sam above, enough bullshit has already been posted on the internet. I'd add further though that I saw Stevie Caldwell earlier and he assured me that he did not make the posts above. Nuff said.

An Antifascist at the gig

Aint interested . i tried , perhaps failed and certainly made errors

21.06.2011 16:44

The long post was copied and pasted from my FB page , and certain ly not by me . Yes mistakes were made and yes lessons have been learned . As for me benefitting in any way from this gig , that is laughable !! Certain people have been paid a small ammount for their group , this is fact and not up for debate . I made not one penny piece , but rather lost hundreds of pounds of my own money after 4 months of hard work getting this thing together . Thank you to the people that came and helped make it a fantastic day . Security was slack , fortunately , it was enough . Next time will be arranged and organised a hell of a lot better. i have messed up , yes , but not ripped anyone off , or hurt anyone . the names were a footnote by way of thanking people who helped in the organisation of the gig by printing , posters , advertising and general hard slog . I shall thank them out of the public domain in future . This is my last post on here , I only make this one as i was informed earlier today of some of the content . I certainly wouldnt5 be putting up my own email addy FFS . Sorry if my hard work wasnt enough . Peace . Stevie

the real stevie caldwell 1 AND ONLY POST

Shameful Behaviour

21.06.2011 20:09

No wonder the vast majority of the population avoid anarchists, anti-fascists and anyone else having left wing beliefs. After reading some of the shit posted on here I don't blame them. I will certainly be avoiding Indymedia in the future as it's become another site where decent people are attacked anonymously. It's a shame as the mods on this site need to have a re-think to prevent shit like this happening again.

Reality Check


21.06.2011 20:18

My only addition to this is why would the headline band take 2000 quid for what was a benefit gig? It would seem that the only people who benefited were the Oppressed. Serious questions need to be asked as to why these bands charge so much for what was a BENEFIT gig. It is little wonder that the promoter ended up out of pocket and groups got the crumbs when a gig that probably made little more than 2 grand saw the lions share go to one band. lessons need to be learned. Genuine anti fascist bands would play for expenses and nothing more.


Antifascist bands and antifascism

21.06.2011 22:24

They sing about it, we do it. They get 2 grand n we get fuck all.

I doubt there was more than 200 people at the gig and there were obviously other expenses. I enjoyed The Oppressed but they've played a lot of gigs lately and as antifascists it wouldn't hurt them to waive all or part of their fee and donated it to the antifascists who stopped the gig being smashed up. It was supposed to be a benefit afterall. Come on Roddy, how about it?

Antifascist Always


21.06.2011 22:39

You should come along and got a brick in the teeth mate, then you'd have something genuine to moan about. Sure you won't be greatly missed.

Bye Bye

Great gig

21.06.2011 23:09

Great gig, but I'm not really surprised it lost money, the sums just don't add up. Think it would have been better if it had just been advertized as just a gig rather than a benefit gig. Many bands regularly play for nothing to support good causes, but therve always been a few that live off the movement without putting a lot back. Hope that doesn't apply to the Oppressed because their a great band. I was happy to pay £!5 on the door, but then I did think it was a benefit. I also bought raffle tickets and made a small donation which I was told was going to fight racism. Next time maybe just give the antifash a big pile of tickets to sell themselves, then they are sure to make something.

Mine's a shandy

Attn 'Fascinated'

21.06.2011 23:49

Agree with all you say, but please don't think that the sexist crap (amid a lot of other crap) in Mr Caldwell's post is representative of Leeds activists. Mr Caldwell is Scottish, a recent arrival in our city I understand, and part of the punk/music scene rather than the activist scene. And from what I heard most of the 'males' weren't a lot of use anyway :)

Jim Knight (Leeds)

Ref: Stevie Caldwell

22.06.2011 07:27

Maybe all this issue with the EDL coming to the gig could have been prevented?

It appears Stevie Caldwell through his Face Book page and going on their Face Book pages had been winding up the EDL for the past few months even to the point of telling them they wouldn't have the balls to turn up at the Well.

While there's nothing wrong in taking the piss out of the EDL there is something wrong when some one invites them along to a gig for a fight then doesn't provide adequate security.

With his actions he not only put himself in danger but he also put the attendees of the gig in danger too. The fact that some one ended up having eight stitches and losing a tooth proves this. However it could have been worse if the core members of the EDL weren't in another part of the country protesting.

It could have also cost Leeds a venue too!

Stevie Caldwell has a habit of threatening people / bands who don't follow his every word. Some may remember his spat with Blitzkrieg a few months back where one of the members was going to turn up at a gig to put one on him? He ended up having to get extra security to prevent just one person from entering the building.

Also Stevie Caldwell never paid The Oppressed £2000. It was more like £800 to a £1000. There was only around 175 people paying in. He'd also sold early bird tickets to cover his debts from previous gigs he'd put on and ran off without paying the bands. GBH for example.

Maybe Stevie Caldwell should stop taking the vast amount of drugs he does and maybe things would be a little more clearer for him so gigs can go off without a hitch.

Until then more fool them who play for him!


Fair comment

22.06.2011 07:44

I like Stevie C but he does have a habit of gobbing off on tinternet when pissed. The posts above are all clearly written by him and they contain a fair amount of bollox specially the early ones. He'd be better off sticking to just putting on punk gigs. I doubt antifascists are happy about being dragged into this.
Don't know how much Oppressed got in end but they was definitly supposed to be getting 2 grand.


Just to add

22.06.2011 08:01

The bands I spoke were playing for free because they beleived it was an anti-racist benefit organised by/with local antifas. So they got conned really.


Complacency leads to this sort of thing

22.06.2011 09:17

I have been to numerous Antifa benefit gigs over the years, and their security detail is IMPRDSSIVE. If they had been there the edl wouldn't have got within 20m of the place and would have shit themselves on the soot. I know for a fact that the organisers of this gig were warned many times they needed strong security and they chose to ignore that advice. Stevie Cauldwell's first comments on this are dishonest and reflect his lack of involvement in militant antifascism. The punters at this gig had a narrow escape.

antifa supporter


22.06.2011 10:55

extra security because of blitzkreig ? erm , i doubt it .
the oppressed only paid 1000. bullshit , easliy checked , ask roddy moreno
boring lies and half truths ? oh yes .
vast ammount of drugs ? toooooo funny !!

goodbye .

shit stirring aint for me



22.06.2011 12:58

Having read the posts so far on this ridiculous site, I am utterly disgusted by the sheer volume of bullshit flying around.

Firstly, Stevie Caldwell is not responsible for the EDL turning up at the gig. They were desperate for a bit of attention. As it is, it was a group from the Youth Division that turned up - The real EDL had no interest in the gig. Those that appeared were just little chavs that thought they would have a go. They tried to gain entry to the venue and were swiftly removed from the premises. Whilst removing them, obviously force had to be used and a number of EDL and a few of those who had stood up to them ended up battered and bruised. It was only once the EDL were off the premises that they felt secure enough to begin launching rocks, half bricks, bottles - and anything else they could find - at the people in the doorway and the windows of the venue itself. Although it was early, bands had already started playing and luckily most of the people already there were in the band room and at the bar - well away from the objects being thrown and the broken glass which was flying around.

The Police had been informed first thing that morning that the EDL had made threats of violence and were planning some kind of attack on the gig. Drive by's were promised though no Police presence had been noted prior to the attack. It is as yet, unclear as to why the Police failed to carry out the drive by's that they had assured would be provided.

Secondly, there seems to be a lot of mud flinging and shit stirring going on regarding the whole benefit side of the gig and the money that was promised to the bands playing. If you have any concerns about this I suggest you use your common sense and the people involved personally. They are all on facebook, and it would take a matter of minutes to set the record straight. As for dragging up gigs from years back - specifically Blitzkreig and GBH.....well that is just pathetic and is neither here nor there. No profit was made from Saturdays gig, partly due to the fact that a lot of people were scared off by the stories flying round the 'net about the EDL smashing up the venue and the gig being cancelled. The organisers have ended up out of pocket, bit please don't forget that the gig was not just about raising money but about raising awareness....

If you weren't there you have no right to post comments as if you were there, similarily, if you were not one of the organisers / promoters then you cannot go around making false statements about how much money people were paid or promised.

Saturday was a fantastic day, and I have every confidence that Rage Against Racism 2 in September will be even better.


Clear things up

22.06.2011 13:31

None of the above postings have anything to do with me Stevie.

It seems you're the only one slinging mud. A mutual friend did mention about your public slanging of me on Fb. Yeah I did read it.

What I'd done to you I don't know. Even many of our mutual friends are trying to work that out.

I can't be bothered with all this. I will however agree with many of these posts but it's also fair to say I was the one who pointed you here so you could have a right of reply.

Steve D.I.Y.
mail e-mail:


23.06.2011 09:19

The demographic of those attacking this event is probably reflective nf most of the scum affiliating with the EDL and using violence on their behalf. Those that got as far as the porch of the pub were mostly in their mid twenties, with one of them being 30 or so. Not one of them managed to throw a single punch and the only casualties were the EDL themselves and bystanders who were hit with missiles or flying glass .


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