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Anarchist action update (Global)

(A) SOLIDARITY MEANS ATTACK (A) | 05.05.2012 19:58 | Terror War | World

ATMs sabotaged in Memphis (USA) // Explosive placed in police mausoleum by "DESTRUCTIVE LUMPEN" in Temuco (Chile) // Petrol bomb attack on Wells Fargo bank, Portland (USA) // "The CeCe McDonald Brigade" vandalise Star Bucks and a cop car in Denver (USA) // financial and real estate targets smashed up on 2 high-streets in Bristol (UK) // cop car smashed up by anarchist group, Denver (USA) // "Some Wayward Nocturnals - Informal Anarchist Federation" (FAI/IRF) arson National Bank ATM (Bolivia) // Arson attack on Wells Fargo bank, Portland (USA) // "Friends of the Earth - Informal Anarchist Federation" torch more luxury cars, Buenos Aires (Argentina) // State Security Agency vehicle torched by "Cell for Violent and Excessive Attack on Power / Informal Anarchist Federation", Mexico City (Mexico) // "Anarchist Nihilists" make responsibility claim for smashings and arsons in the streets of Barcelona (Catalunya)


This May 1st saw 1000s come into the streets against capitalism and the power structures of the elite, with clashes with police and smashing up of the cities, targetting symbols of wealth and banking - in Germany, Turkey, USA, Chile and many other places around the world. A raised fist to the fighters in the streets!! Below are some clandestine actions taking place in the times running up to May Day and around this date May 1 which honors the memory of anarchist fighters executed by the USA state in the notorious "Haymarket affair" in Chicago in 1887 [For more information about the Haymarket comrades, see the following May Day essay by a compa in the territory of Chile -] For some May Day is a celebration of work and of being a worker (LOL!) for us its a part of subversive memory remembering those who came before and fell fighting for freedom and dignity, against all authority and for liberation from the serfdom of wage slavery, breaking away from the disempowered proletarian condition as drudges of the system. SOLIDARITY WITH THOSE ARRESTED AND ALL PRISONERS AROUND THE WORLD IN STRUGGLE, BEHIND JAIL WALLS OR IN THE OPEN PRISON OF THE MODERN METROPOLIS


6 ATMs Vandalized in Memphis (USA)

ATMs belonging to Bank of America, First Tennessee, and Wachovia Bank were smashed and glued in various locations around Memphis on Thursday night in solidarity with the recent police raids and arrest that took place in Portland, OR.


Explosive device placed in police mausoleum in Temuco (Chile)
from liberaciontotal, transl waronsociety:


In the early hours of Tuesday May first at around 4 AM we left an explosive package between the wall of Carrera St and the police pantheon in the Temuco cemetery located on Balmaceda St.

A fire extinguisher with close to 400 grams of gunpowder and two cans of propane gas was set by a watch mechanism so that it would activate some minutes after being left, at around 4:30 AM since at this time the traffic of persons is low, and it was thought no one would end up hurt.

Apparently something failed and the package did not activate. It is still there.

Because no prisoner is forgotten, nor will we stop.

Marcelo Villarroel, Fredy Fuentevilla, Juan Aliste, Luciano, Carla Verdugo, Iván Silva, Mauricio Hernandez Norambuena. Prisoners at war of the world TO THE STREET!!!


DESTRUCTIVE LUMPEN Rodrigo Donoso Jiménez – Jose Huenante


May Day Molotov in Portland (USA)

As a follow up to May Day, another window has been shattered along with a molotov cocktail tossed inside a Wells Fargo branch in NE Portland, Oregon, adding to the bank's previously smashed and burned window, which still remains boarded up next to the fresh damage.

Done in solidarity to all those involved and arrested in May Day actions in marches and otherwise in Seattle, San Francisco, Oakland, Portland, and internationally, as well as all those imprisoned or otherwise subjected by the corrupt and profitable prison-industrial complex. Banks like Wells Fargo continue to benefit from the plight of our comrades, and so we will continue to attack!

Fuck all capitalists and the state which supports them, and fuck the police scum who have proven time and time again to be worthless class-traitors.

What a bunch of assholes you cops looked like today, and what a horrible job protecting the property you're paid so much to watch!



Denver, CO: Claim for May 1 attacks on Starbucks and cop car (USA)
communique from coloradoindymedia:

After a day in the sun and streets of Denver and a rowdy-as-hell May Day demo, some queer anarchist demons of the nights let their hair down and gave some gentrifying fucks a much-needed makeover. These comrades are sick of seeing property prices in the formerly working-class Highlands neighborhood skyrocket, all due to yuppies, their condos, and the corporations that invade to please them.

These comrades grew tired of seeing that ugly beige Starbucks on Federal, so they gave it a new paint job. Five paint bombs gave the storefront a beautiful facelift; a concrete planter was also liberated into a few pieces during the action. The queer demons of the night attacked Starbucks for the role they play in gentrification, but also for their co-opting of queer struggle. Starbucks recently endorsed a push for gay marriage, an assimilationist goal of white, cis-gendered, upper-class gays. We have no desire to become part of the system that destroys us, and we will never assimilate to the society of oppression built and maintained by heterosexism and cissexism. This action was also carried out in solidarity with the Starbucks Workers’ Union of the IWW, and their struggle for recognition.

Later that night, this merry band of queers attacked a police car parked outside a private residence with another paint bomb. Cops are also part of the gentrifying force in the Highlands, harassing the working class and defending the property of yuppies and corporations (a lot of good that did for the Starbucks). Pigs have a long history of attacking queer folk, from the Compton Cafeteria riots and continuing today. While not a direct confrontation, the message gets across: we know you’re in our hood, and we don’t like it. Either quit your job, or put a bullet in your own head.

All of these actions were carried out in solidarity with CeCe McDonald, a trans* and black self-defense prisoner of war. She is currently on trial, facing murder charges in Minneapolis, MN after getting into a fight with a neo-nazi and some transphobes. Honee Bea, you’re in our hearts and minds!

We also stand in solidarity with our comrade arrested during the May Day demo due to the actions of so-called “marshals” who are also self-proclaimed pacifists. In every Occupy Denver altercation, it has ALWAYS been the “pacifists” who physically start shit with the “violent anarchists.” Fuck off and die, peace nazis. Especially Roshan Bliss and Tanner Spendley; you’re both on our shit-list, you liberal, snitching scum.

Solidarity to all prisoners, especially our queer and trans* liberation prisoners of war. We’re coming for you, comrades.

Until all cages are empty,

The CeCe McDonald Brigade


Bristol May-hem: 2 Highstreets attacked in 1 night (UK)

From IMC UK:

1 May 2012

On the night of May 1st (2am Wednesday morning) a number of targets in 2 different locations were attacked. In Downend, the windows and ATMs of Lloyds and HSBC banks were smashed, with a Besley Hill and St Andrews estate agents both smashed up as well. On Wells Road in Knowle, the windows and ATMs of a Natwest were destroyed, as well as a Money Shop; Besley Hill and Mathews estate agents were also attacked.

Whilst Mayday once commemorated the lives of anarchists murdered by Chicago State Police, it has now been recuperated by the reformist left into a celebration of the working class. We wish to destroy work – its logic and content – and no state sanctioned bank holiday, party or celebration even begins to touch on our hatred of it.

We are not specialists in social struggle, we work as you do, we shop where you shop and we catch the bus with you, yet we’ve decided that enough is enough.

Banks and estate agents represent the ownership of property, privatization and corporate control. Banks play a leading role in the impoverishment of our lives through the destruction of our environment and our dependence on the economy. They support dictators, arms dealers and the military who invest in murderous regimes. Money lenders such as the Money Shop are legalized loan sharks, flourishing in times of recession by preying on the poor. The estate agents make huge profits from the gentrification of our neighborhoods and the urban landscape. All these businesses show the extent to which the land and our lives have been colonized by capitalism.

That is why it brings us joy when banks are continuously attacked in Bristol, blown up and robbed in Santiago (get well Tortuga, freedom for Marcello, Freddy and Juan!), set alight in Ottawa (freedom for Roger Clement!) and Yogyakarta (freedom for Eat and Billy!).

With regards to the criminalization of squatting, we wish to be part of no campaign defending its legalization. Instead we stand with the excluded who act in a manner that serves their own autonomy, independent of any governing body. This includes those on rent strike, strategic squatting in the context of genuine struggle (rather than as an end in itself) and all those who have taken back space from the rich without falling into the monotonous binary of legal/illegal. We hope that the autonomous housing movement can develop into something more dynamic, radical and dangerous. Because property is still theft, rent is still robbery, and profit is still only another word for plunder!

We choose this method to break the illusion of social peace. Taking action means taking control of our lives, not asking the state for scraps.

The future is unwritten…


Denver, CO: Claim for early May Day attack on police car (USA)
communique from coloradoindymedia:

May Day was started off right by a team of local anarchists with an attack on a police patrol car at aproxamately 1am at 13th and Speer. Multiple windows were completely smashed. No jusification was given for none was needed, the institution of police being inherently unjustified. We’ve set the tone, now it’s your turn to up the ANTI and make total destroy on May Day 2012.


Claim for arson of a National Bank ATM (Bolivia)
from liberaciontotal, transl waronsociety, communique:

We claim responsibility for the burning of an National Bank of Bolivia ATM, again in the Miraflores area, in the early hours of Thursday the 26th.

This bank is one of the many institutions that finance the destruction of the earth, of which we are a constituent part.

We reject the governmental ideology and that of some alter-globalist NGOs that the “environmental problem” be solved building highways outside of “protected areas;” emitting toxic residues into accumulation pools not rivers, that is to say making us believe that some minimal considerations could have a lesser impact on the so-defended “Pachamama” [the Bolivian government's name for the earth - transl].

Sustainable development is shit to us, even more so if this discourse raises up some costumed idiots as the guardians of the planet, while they loot the earth with their mineral extraction projects in the east, in the salt mines of the plateaus, desertifying and flooding thousands of square miles with their hydroelectric businesses at the Brazilian border.

Sustainable development as much as capitalism truly show an attempt at the fortifying of power; showing itself to be concerned for the moderate causes of certain reformist groups. In this way they cede some insignificant modifications in their projects of devastation, calming the energy of legalist ecologists and “concerned citizens for the future of our children.”

We do not believe the story and we decide to position ourselves in direct confrontation, and not in vague words, against whatever form of domination, taking arms against the overbearing urbanism.

Action in solidarity.

An affectionate greeting dissipates with the smoke of this action, traversing swift and strong plateaus, valleys, jungles and seas, longing to reach each one who in the system’s clutches remains in constant war.

We raise our fists along with the imprisoned comrades on hunger strike in Greece. Strength, comrades Christos Tsakalos and Damianos Bolano!
Strength to all those incarcerated from the social war in Chile!

Affection for the comrades Marco Camenisch and Gabriel Pombo da Silva

Some Wayward Nocturnals
Informal Anarchist Federation / International Revolutionary Front


Portland, OR: Claim for incendiary attack on a Wells Fargo bank (USA)
from grey coast anarchist news:

A large rock and subsequent molotov cocktail were tossed at a Wells Fargo window late last night (April 25) in Northeast Portland, Oregon.

Wells Fargo displays a blatant disregard for any sort of social or environmental concerns, so may the flames from the molotov burn long and do their work! Hopefully next time (and with a larger rock) the whole building will go down with it (and maybe a newspaper box will be pushed into the street for good measure ;P)..

Solidarity to the recent Mars Hill Church smashing here in Portland, done in memory of Mark Aguhar, an artist and trans/queer femme of color who recently killed herself, and other trans women and queers tormented within today’s cissexist, femmephobic, racist, and transmisogynistic society and in the name of an intangible god.

Solidarity to all those queers, people of color, and other folks who are marginalized, imprisoned and policed in the interest of vile financial institutions such as Wells Fargo.

WE QUEERS MAKE TOTAL DESTROY! Fuck all of the institutions which systematically subject us, churches and banks alike!

Heating things up for May Day!!!



Buenos Aires: Friends of the Earth / FAI claim responsibility for arson attacks on luxury vehicles (Argentina)

From vivalaanarquia, transl waronsociety:

14 April 2012

On April 14 at 3 PM, we left an incendiary device made of gasoline and a retardant fuse that burned two luxury cars in Luis Vile and Cucha Cucha.

We continue giving fire in the city of Buenos Aires, as we said we would, after the social alarm that intends to make every citizen into a police hero “at the service of the community.”

Today civilization is coming to be a society of control of sustainable production. This means an adjustment of the screws that impose order through force.

The police service promises to spread in society; our free and wild instinct goes on the march at the same moment as well.

They cannot stop us, we do not fight so that the Earth will have its freedom and nothing more, nor to improve our conditions in life.

We use money for the destruction of their materialization.

To comrade Tortuga imprisoned in Chile.
To comrade Billy imprisoned Indonesia.
To comrade Luca seriously wounded in Italy.

Friends of the Earth – FAI


State Security Agency vehicle torched by Cell for Violent and Excessive Attack on Power / FAI (Mexico)

From Liberación Total (April 15, 2012) via This is our Job:

14 April 2012

Let us therefore trust the eternal Spirit which destroys and annihilates only because it is the unfathomable and eternal source of all life. The passion for destruction is a creative passion, too!

-M. Bakunin

Last night, we took to the streets with the clear intention to rupture their social peace, to break the order constituted by most of society’s passiveness, conformism, and ambition for power. At around 11:30 p.m., we placed two delayed incendiary devices next to a State Security Agency (ASE) patrol car parked in front of the ASE headquarters on Avenida Texcoco in the Juan Escutia suburb on the border of Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl and the Federal District. At the site, we also left graffiti claiming responsibility by the FAI!

We attack the property of the State/Capital’s security forces with fire, just like we would lethally and explosively attack those henchmen of power. The conflict with authority also exists in the neighborhoods on the edge of the city. We don’t expect to turn the system on its head with a single action. This is a daily war for freedom and individual rights. May they burn wherever they are, whether in Polanco or Santa Fe, Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl or Ecatepec! Let everyone destroy their own oppressions and burn down the city! Conflict is in the streets, and it is accompanied by incendiary discourse that incites breaking the chains on thought and action that are encouraged, espoused, and imposed by pacifism and nonviolence!

Solidarity with comrade Tortuga!

Solidarity with Gabriel Pombo da Silva!

Solidarity with Braulio Durán!

Solidarity with the compas who were recently retaliated against in Italy!

Solidarity with Eat and Billy of the Indonesian FAI!

Against the police: arsons every day!

Against the State/Capital: Social War on all fronts!

Long live anarchy!

— Cell for Violent and Excessive Attack on Power (Informal Anarchist Federation); A; April 13, 2012


Barcelona: The City of the Bombs will Burn Again – Multiple actions by Anarchist Nihilists (Catalunya)

325 receives and transmits. Courage, respect and warm fire of rebellion to the anarchist-nihilist comrades in Barcelona, Cardem la Bofia…

March 6 – Barcelona metropolitan area
We belatedly claim responsibility for the arson of 15 trash bins as well as of 6 vehicles.
- At 2:49 AM, 3 bins were set alight on Floridablanca St.
- At 3:00 AM on Asia St, 5 bins and 3 vehicles were set alight, 2 of these belonging to the business Acsa and one luxury car.
- At 3:02 AM on Av. Marques de Santmori, 4 bins were set alight, and 2 luxury cars and a security company car.
- At 3:17 AM on the save avenue, 3 bins were burned.
On Mare St in Due de Lorda:
- On April 10 an ATM was burned with a molotov cocktail in a La Ciaxa bank branch.

April 10 – Montcada and Reixac
At 3:30 AM, the windows of 6 fashion stores were damaged and attack with heavy objects, breaking all their glass.

April 11 – Torrassa
- The windows of a Caixa Penedes bank branch were struck with blunt objects at 2:50 AM, then, the street was blocked off.
- At 4:50 AM, an ATM of a Caixa Bank was burned and only the next wall “Social War” was painted.

April 12 – Mercat Nou
At about 11:40 PM, a luxury car next to a Caixa Sabadell branch was burned. Minutes later, the bank branch was attacked with cobblestones.

April 13 – Sant Andreu
Between 11:50 PM and 2:40 AM, 8 fashion stores were destroyed, the (reinforced) windows struck with stones pulled from the ground and paint bombs thrown in once the windows had broken.

April 14 – Bon Pastor
At 2:10 AM, 2 excavators were damaged in a construction site. Afterwards, a telephone booth was destroyed with stones and “SOCIAL WAR” was painted on a nearby wall. At 3:12 AM, 2 trash bins were set alight.

April 15 – Carrer d’Aragó
At 2:20 AM, two molotov cocktails were thrown at a car dealership, but due to bad timing the fires did not climax as was hoped. At 3:20, paint bombs were thrown at the same dealership and the windows were broken with blunt objects.

April 16 – Raval
- At 2:30 AM, the de la Cera street was blocked off with burning trash bins and cabinets.
- At 4:50 AM, a 1 series BMW was set on fire.

April 17 – La Sagrera
At 3:52 AM, an employment office was hit with its windows broken, then paint bombs were thrown in and some combustible was thrown in although there was not time to set fire to the office.

April 18 – Santa Coloma de Gramenet
At 4:40 Am, a church was attacked, paint bombs thrown at its exterior, as well as the windows attacked with stones taken from the ground and then a statue of the Virgin Maria in the outside garden was destroyed by hammer.

April 19 – La Mina
At 4:40 PM Tessalia St was blocked off with 4 burning trash bins and with the traffic signal destroyed in order to block the traffic. At 10:40 PM, the windows of a nearby bank branch were struck and the ATM was set on fire with a small molotov cocktail.

April 20 – Glòries
At 1:20 AM, 8 smoke bombs made in plastic bottles were thrown into a police station of the Catalan police, causing a considerable amount of smoke. Then, a street two blocks away was blocked off with a cabinet that was found there, set fire with gasoline.

April 21 – Santviçent dels Horts
- At 2:30 AM, two vans of a construction company were burned with molotov cocktails.
- At 4:20 AM, outside of a security company, a Mercedes and an Audi were set on fire, both luxury cars, whose fire caused a trash bin and a dumpster to burn as well.

April 22 – Avenida Maresme
At 4:40 PM, the Avenue was quickly blocked with 4 burning tires.

April 22 – Raval
At 4:20 AM, a bank branch near Aurora St was attacked with two molotov cocktails.

April 23 – Camp de l’Arpa
At 11:30 PM an employment office was attack with stones from the ground and once the windows were broken, paint bombs were thrown on the exterior. Then, the street was blocked off.

April 23 – Salt
At 6 AM during the time when the lamps turn off, in the dark there was a threat, outside of a local police station, two luxury cars were set on fire and then several dumpsters were overturned to then be set on fire, blocking off the street.

April 24 – Verneda
At 12:40 AM a religious school was attacked with paint bombs on the exterior, the locks sealed and the windows were blown out. Destroyer schoolchildren.



From religion, modern art, social relations, so-called “national culture”, traditions, to historic architecture, buildings, values and bourgeois morality, to the way we talk and connect with others, to the working day which is based on the Gregorian calender -in a bid to extract the highest productivity of labour-, to the chronological composition of popular festivals (victories of ruling class history), we understand that everything is influenced by the capitalist order, every corner of this is evident in the lack of ideals in this gray and dead society, from the largely evident submission (at gunpoint) of capitalist society. The impossibility of any socially cohesive mass uprising by the majority of the hegemonic system is established in sleeping consciousness, and it seems paramount to destroy authoritarian relationships and dismantle their values. You cannot physically escape the clutches of Capital and the State, as well as their police and slave society (because nothing is white or black, we don’t see only an evil system, but also the consent to it). The leftist alleged opposition schemes reproduce the values imposed from above and makes the wheel feeding back its failure of “praxis”. Sexual liberation is the sponsorship of multinational corporations and an alternative you find sold in large fashion chains.

The mandarins of social harmony speak of self-perfection, seeking to put every person in their place in this rotten world, to understand, tolerate and humanize a political-economic organization consistently violent, as is the State, using war for re- economic organization… and who waive these basic pillars of civilization, is sociologically defeated and locked in prisons.

Given all this, we have emerged spontaneously bringing biopolitical emancipatory expectations, poor youth today, because we are the main victims of this dystopia, because we have nothing to lose. We have been deceived by the authoritarian and contradictory social project of capitalism, which promised a little stability, plastic happiness, fame, wealth, and gave us instead, neglect, deprivation, misery, boredom and social misery. This has meant that in recent decades, young people without security, uncontrolled and subversive have been the protagonists and instigators of riots demonstrating that during the current twist of capitalism, this is the proper objective analysis to advocate the destruction of the system. For us, the key figure in the revolution is the destructive amorality of the young vandal. For us, our comrades are the ones that that instead of occupying their schools and spouting reformist proclamations, decide to destroy the classrooms and burn the books. For us, our comrades are young offenders, youth gangs and criminal groups in a psychological exercise acquiring a position of social war against the totalitarian system. Hooded-up struggling against authority, trying to burn it. Our comrades are those revolutionary anarchists, those who hate authority, whose friendship has no limits. We have nothing to lose, do not have dreams, so we are dangerous.

The tension and conflict on our streets has continued to increase, the revolutionary struggle and power, with its criminal code, tries to fight back.

Sabotage is judged as futile terrorism and its perpetrators are accused of belonging to armed groups. They are trying to extinguish the flame and scare comrades away… Efforts have been stepped up in the form of waves of attacks, it stands up to their repression and shows we’ll not abide by their authority. … These days every day, young vandals, we answer your fear with the radicalization of our practice, to raise an opposition in the streets … all this to lead to more radical conditions, with the participation of all the comrades, this involves a revolutionary civil war between the police state and young fighters. The welfare state is dead, the fighting has resumed and this time, the “admired fighters in balaclavas and military clothing, weapons experts and equipped with Kalashnikovs” are not acting, so, not like protagonist-organizations like ETA, GRAPO or FARC, the protagonists are these young savages, problematic, uprooted, these young people from ethnic minorities and lower social classes, in a nihilistic-revolutionary cry who began to open their eyes.

No sophisticated weapons, but with the character of spontaneity and related informal relationships… and that’s what really scares the powerful, the fear that was given to Sarkozy in the riots of the suburbs of Paris, like the fear Karamanlis was given in the riots in Exarchia and like the fear given to Cameron, the British Prime Minister, from the powerful young people of Tottenham. And so, we appeal to all the young people in the poorer classes, to join us with stones in their hands and smelling of gasoline, to make the streets, squares and parks, a place of cohesion , correlation of attack and emancipation of our concerns.

The Catalan government and the central government talk about the disappearance of all the people who fight back, they make laws to wipe us off the map and that only makes the voltage rise: they force us to organize ourselves better and become more effective. These idiots will receive a political defeat in their “war against the violent.” Rubber bullets, tear gas, the invention of shit martial-law, tortures at the police station in Les Corts, creation of a police state, closed borders, whilst their workers are protected and hide their identities… See their reaction when children ages 13, 14, 15 & 16 years burn their homes, their offices, their possessions.

We are not the resistance, we have nothing to preserve, nothing to resist the neoliberal onslaught, economic conditions automatically and systematically enslaved us, therefore we have nothing to safeguard as resistance, however, we anarchists-nihilists attack this as urban guerrillas. There are no images of the future, do not know the future which does not exist, neither remember the past, because we hate it… we reject it all.

We join with all elements of struggle, to meet the young criminals who acquire positions of conflict against the system, focusing their anger against the bourgeois structures, with the children of immigrants constantly disobeying authority of the Western world. We seek to create incendiary meetings, informal and uncontrolled, who conspire against the world of the rich. In all, we want to organize the rage in suburbs and neighborhoods and have the ability to spread revolutionary action.

As an anarchist praxis, we focus our project on the social threat and revolutionary nihilism.

To the horror, the censorship, as amended, its repression, we respond to the stress of the attacks.


Mutual solidarity:

These actions are dedicated to all those in the [general] strike on March 29 who were attacked, arrested, imprisoned, judged and beaten. And this is also dedicated to all the fighters who struggle internationally in the war for freedom. Returning the warm greeting we sent and received with honor, to the brothers-comrades of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire : Christos Tsakalos and Damiano Bolano. To the bosses, wooden-headed-pigs, bankers, journalists, fascists: This is for you.

Convert the old world into flames.
For suburban revolt.




Dark Nights is an anarchist & anti-prison PDF freesheet to download and print out on the fly.

12 pages A4 – PDF Download free.

!Stop the Press! The RO-CCF won their central demand for the transfer of their comrades from Domokos prison – Victory! Their hungerstrike is over!

Freshly released for May 1st, this issue publicizes the hungerstrike in the prisons of Greece by Theofilos Mavropoulos, Spyros Dravilas and 8 out the 9 comrades of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire : Imprisoned Members Cell. You can find the declarations of intent inside the Dark Nights and a list of revolutionary solidarity actions. Also featured is two communiques with lists of over two dozen attacks in Barcelona from the last couple of months by a new generation of anarchist nihilists, plus an article about Eat & Billy, imprisoned anarchist comrades of the Long Live Luciano Tortuga Cell – Informal Anarchist Federation, Indonesian Section. This publication is put together from news-info via the international network for translation and counter-information, an informal project of radical media and self-organisation.

Anti-Copyright Network 2012


"It is not murder, however, of which you have convicted me… but for anarchy, so the condemnation is—that I am an anarchist! … I say to you: I despise you. I despise your order, your laws, your force-propped authority. Hang me for it!"
- LOUIS LINGG, Anarchist revolutionary arrested by the state in the Haymarket affair



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