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more attacks from the Informal Anarchist Federation & others (Global)

(A) REVOLT IS CONTAGIOUS (A) | 15.05.2012 10:32 | Anti-Nuclear | Ecology | Terror War | World

claim for shooting of Ansaldo Nuclear CEO Roberto Adinolfi by "Olga Cell FAI/IRF", Genoa (Italy) // "Network of Wisconsin Snapper Turtles" sabotage ATMs and smash windows of Chase Bank in Milwaukee (USA) // communiques from "Anarquistas Nihilistas" for actions in Barcelona (Spain) // claim for sabotage of ATMs in Murcia (Spain) // claim by "Cell of Conspirators for the Spread of Chaos / FAI" for bombing of European Union headquarters in Buenos Aires (Argentina) // communiques from "Autonomous Fraction of Rebel Thieves - FAI/IRF" for sabotage of Hipermaxi supermarkets and arson of an ATM in Cochabamba (Bolivia)

Italy: Claim of responsibility for the armed attack against Roberto Adinolfi of Ansaldo Nuclear
from the press via culmine, transl waronsociety:


“The government of science and of men of science cannot fail to be impotent, ridiculous, inhuman, cruel, oppressive, exploiting, maleficent. We may say of men of science, as such, what I have said of theologians and metaphysicians: they have neither sense nor heart for individual and living beings. In so far as they are men of science, they have to deal with and can take interest in nothing except generalities; that do the laws” – Michael Bakunin

“In Japan we had over ten thousand dead, but not a single one to date due to nuclear accidents.” – Roberto Adinolfi

“The environmental impact of nuclear energy is limited, considering that it does not produce CO2.” – Roberto Adinolfi

Toward an imaginative way to destroy the existent

Ideas born from the fates, words accompanied by action carrying the mark of life. We have crippled Roberto Adinolfi, one of so many sorcerers of the atom with a candid spirit and a clean conscience. Roberto Adinolfi, nuclear engineer, administrator in charge of Ansaldo Nuclear; he has steered the Ansaldo-FIAT Consortium as its technical director, the consortium was created for the design of the Italian plants of Montalto di Castro and Trino Vercellese; in the past he has collaborated in the renovation of the Superphenix and has constructed the plants at Cernavoda in Romania. Before nuclear fell into disgrace, he was one of the most responsible together with Scajola for the return of nuclear energy to Italy. Member of the Unicen Commission for nuclear regulation and Vice President of the Italian Nuclear Society, part of the Governing Board of the European technology platform Sustainable Nuclear Energy.

Despite not liking violent-style rhetoric, it has been with a certain pleasantness that we armed ourselves, with pleasure that we loaded the magazine. Grasping the pistol, choosing and following the target, coordinating mind and hand were necessary steps, the logical consequence of an idea of justice, the risk of a choice and at the same time a confluence of enjoyable sensations. A little bit of justice, some lead in the leg to leave a lasting memory of what was to him a grey assassin. The target is a colorless scientist, a technician, a word sadly in fashion these days which behind a fictitious neutrality hides the long arm of capital, a director little inclined to appear in the spotlight, at this time a villainous responsible who has not only designed and renovated nuclear plants that have caused and are causing deaths around the world. Not only has he designed and collaborated in the creation of deadly plants, but he has also promoted nuclear plants and their exploitation with Ansaldo scheming with various governments; science, politics and economics in perfect union.

In past centuries science had promised a golden era, today it is being carried out toward self-destruction and more total slavery. The science-technology pairing has never been at the service of humanity, in its deepest essence it shows the imperative need to eliminate everything that is irrational, to dehumanize, to annihilate, to effectively destroy humanity. Capitalism with the help of science tends to annul conflicts, individuals today are free to realize their subjective selves only through the consumption and production of goods. The machine orders, the human performs. Capital orders, the consumer consumes. Science orders, technology kills. State and science, capitalism and technology are only one thing, one single Moloch.

Increasingly close accords between states, diffuse capitalism, scrupulous science, criminal technology are inexorably killing the planet. A few kilometers to the north in France, Switzerland, Romania the nuclear plants can no longer be counted. In the European Union alone there are one hundred ninety-seven, twelve within the Italian borders. Adinolfi knows well that it is only a matter of time before a European Fukushima reaps death on our continent. We are certain, engineer, that if even for just a second you felt jointly responsible for Damocles’ sword hanging over our heads. We have bad news for you: for each action there is an equal and opposite reaction, and your body shows it.

With this action of ours we return to you a tiny part of the suffering that you, man of science, are pouring into the world. Roberto Adinolfi, lead man of Ansaldo Nuclear, tentacle of Finmeccanica, monstrous artificial octopus. It is its tentacles that everywhere strangle, murder and oppress. Finmeccanica means Ansaldo Energy with its nuclear tombs. Finmeccanica means Ansaldo Breda with its high-speed trains that devastate the land. Finmeccanica means Selex Sistemi Integrati, Dirstechnical Service, Inc. Elsac Datamat with its equipping of the racist US police for the control of the Mexican border, with its delirious design of electronic walls at the Libyan border against migrants, and its sophisticated electronic supplies to the Chilean police. Finmeccanica means Avio Alenia, Galileo and Selex with their deadly F35 fighter bombers, and the terrible aerial drones without pilots. Finmeccanica means interforce range from Salto to Quirra in Sardegna. Finmeccanica means bio- and nano-technology. Finmeccanica means death and suffering, new frontiers of Italian capitalism.

Human beings are made of flesh and dreams. Our dream is that of a humanity free from every form of slavery, that grows in harmony with nature. A dream that we make live in the moment in which we fight to realize it. Our dream has for us a name, “anarchy,” and we are ready to gamble everything in order to realize it. We are not alone in this adventure, in the whole world a new anarchy is blossoming opposite of an ideological and cynical anarch-ism, an anarch-ism empty of any breath of life, which only finds its realization in theory and attendance at assemblies and manifestations, the whole cowardice of a citizenism that stinks of death. A new anarchy is rising from the ruins of this anarch-ism, thousands and thousands of cells that speak among each other through thousands and thousands of actions.

Damiano Bolano, Giorgos Nikolopoulos, Panayiotis Argyrou, Gerasimos Tsakalos, Michalis Nikolopoulos, Olga Ikonomidou, Christos Tsakalos, Haris Hatzimichelakis, the imprisoned members cell of the CCF/FAI are the brothers and sisters who gave their determination and courage to fight, their consistency and projectuality have made us strong. Camenish, Pombo da Silva, Eat and Billy, Tortuga, Silvia, Costa, Billy and so many other prisoners in the prisons around the world, Russia, Mexico, Chile, Indonesia, Switzerland, the United States, were the ones who taught us not to fear prison. De Blasi, Pinones, Di Napoli, Cinieri, Morales, Sole, Baleno and so many killed by state repression, were the ones who taught us not to fear death. It was the brothers and sisters and those who we do not know of the Italian FAI/IRF who have proceeded to give a concrete informal organizational perspective. With their determination, constancy and persistence, in spite of the general pessimism, against a critique — a critique always full of envy, against a realism without hope, against everyone and everything, they have succeeded in keeping the flame of the new anarchism alive. A flame becoming bright like the sun when the sisters and brothers of the CCF have brought their contribution of courage-action-organization.

If we were realists we would not take on such risks, we would live our existence producing and consuming, maybe being indignant. We are the crazy lovers of freedom and we will never renounce the revolution and the complete destruction of the state and its violence. In our anarchist and nihilist revolt, the hope of a future without borders, wars, social classes, economy, exploited and exploiter. The possibility of realizing this dream is for us like a gleam of light in the darkness. However dim this gleam may be, it is always worth reaching for, cost what it may, the quality of our life will be enriched.

To you anarchists who accuse us of being unrealistic, adventurist, suicidal, provocative, martyrs, we say that with your “social” struggle, with your citizenism you work for the reinforcement of democracy. Always in search of consensus, without ever crossing over the limit of the “possible” and the “rational,” the only compass guiding your action is the penal code. Willing to risk only up to a point, always ready to find infinite ideological justifications so as not admit to your own fears. We are sure one day you will have the last word on us, as in the past you have had with your last experience of armed struggle. In a few years you will write a good book on our story, criticizing our errors and our shortcomings; from the heights of your “coherency” nothing is revolutionary enough, but no one, not even you, will be able to take away the pleasure that today we have fully realized and lived, here and now, our revolution.

If we consider the lives of the vast majority of us anarchists we realize that we are not so distant from the alienation of those who produce, consume and die. We produce and consume radical culture and alternative music and slowly, ever so slowly, die without ever having taken arms against and shot an oppressor. All our revolutionary tension is unleashed in fiery articles for our journals and websites, in fiery words to our songs and the sporadic clash in the plaza, enough to silence one’s own conscience. It is clear that what we are making is a self-critique, we do not feel that we are something different from other anarchists. By holding a stupid pistol, we have only taken one step in many for escaping from the alienation of “Now is not the moment…” “The times are not ripe…”

Vanquishing fear was simpler than what we had imagined it. Doing today what only yesterday we thought impossible is the only solution that we have found for breaking down the wall of daily oppression, of the impotency and resignation that we have seen up to now as pawns in an insurrectionalist anarchism of mere facade that with its lack of courage legitimates power. We could strike while looking for “consensus” on where the tooth hurts, for example some functionary of Equitalia [tax collection agency in Italy, which is very unpopular these days - transl.], but with this action we are not looking for “consensus.” What we are looking for now is complicity. In the recent past, a cell of the FAI/IRF severely wounded a functionary of Equitalia, which has received a wide approval, something that the self-named “social” anarchists in recent years have tried countless times to achieve without much success. The brothers and sisters of the “Free Eat and Billy Cell” have shown with that action that in the end consistency pays, and that it is not necessary to limit oneself to action in order to get “consensus.” These comrades have shaken from our backs a malediction that has for too long been weighing on anarchists’ backs, the malediction of this badly interpreted search for social consensus that binds the hands of those who are aware of the urgency to act, here and now.

In these times in which so much certainty of the state-capital is sinking, the idea of freedom cannot be derogated: the idea of social struggle in which we recognize ourselves and we want to move ourselves is that of a people in arms against any form of state, political, or economic oppression. We do not consider ourselves representative of citizens indignant over some malfunctioning of a system that they want to continue to be part of. Exchanging rage and indignation in the place of a process of revolt against the status quo is a sign of a dangerous revolutionary myopia. With the entangling of comrades, even generous ones, into the cultivation of a field of dissenting democracy, with its own little cliques and consortia and its miniature politicians, generosity transforms into assistance, the spectacularization of the clash with relative manipulation by the media. Only the radicalization of the conflict can lead to paths of social and individual freedom.

With this action we give rise to the “Olga Cell.” We enthusiastically adhere to the FAI/IRF, uniting with so many groups of the new anarchist international around the world, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Indonesia, Russia, England, Italy, Spain, Greece… Projecting and carrying out this action were anarchists without any “military” experience, without any specialization, only the anarchists who with this our first action want to definitively mark a line between ourselves and that anarch-ism that burns only when chatting and is soaked in gregariousness. We have taken the name of a sister of ours from the CCF, Olga Ikonomidou because in her consistency and strength as part of the “Imprisoned Members’ Cell of the CCF,” she resides at the heart of the FAI/IRF. In our next action, the name of another Greek brother, an action for each of them. With Adinolfi’s wounding we propose a campaign of struggle against Finmeccanica, murderous octopus. Today Ansaldo Nuclear, tomorrow another of its tentacles — we invite all the groups and individuals of the FAI to strike this monstrosity with all necessary means.




Olga Cell FAI/IRF


Milwaukee, WI: Two banks attacked in solidarity with Tortuga
from anews:

3 windows at the downtown M&I bank and 2 Windows at chase bank in downtown, smashed in solidarity with Luciano Tortuga.

To our little turtle,

We take strength knowing you have reclaimed silence from the state, and hope that our news reaches you in good spirit. It is too long that our city sits in the stasis of melancholy. Some of us have lost our taste for the hipster comforts, and others can no longer drown themselves in carlo rossi. Our coping mechanisms no longer satisfy our taste for nothingness. we risk our comfort for you. Our love with struggle stretches beyond space and time little one.

Recover soon,
Network of Wisconsin Snapper Turtles.


Spain: Communique from Nihilist Anarchists actions May 1 to 4
from culmine, transl waronsociety, communique:

May 1, 2012

In Poblesec:
- At about 9:50 PM, the “Passeig de l’Exposcio” street was blocked off with burning dumpsters.
- At 10:30 PM, Jaume Fabra street was also blocked.

In Bonanova:
- At 12:40 AM the windows of 10 luxury cars were destroyed, the hoods and windows stoned and destroyed, and then the tires were punctured.
- At 1:30 AM, Ganduxer street was blocked off with 5 burning dumpsters.
- At 2:40 AM various houses in the wealthiest area were attacked with paint bombs.
- At 3:00 AM the doors of a 5-star hotel were attacked with blunt objects.

May 2, 2012

In El besos:
- At 3:20 AM, La Rambla Prim was blocked off with five burning dumpsters.
- At 3:50 AM, a La Caixa bank branch was attacked, two molotov cocktails thrown at two ATMs.
- At 4:10 AM on Carrer del Taulat, a row of 10 dumpsters were set on fire, also, in order to block off the street burning furniture was used.
- At 4:30 AM, the windows of a Caixa Sabadell bank were destroyed with rocks and hammers and then paint was thrown. Then, the ATM was set on fire.

In Raval:
- At 4:20, simultaneously other compas in the Raval neighborhood blocked off the Carrer de la Cera with 5 burning dumpsters with molotov cocktails.
- At 4:50 AM on Carrer Aurora, a row of 8 dumpsters were set ablaze.
- At 5:20 AM, 3 bank branches were hit with rocks and hammers, also paint was thrown against them.

May 3, 2012

In the metro area of Barcelona:
- On Carrer Calderon de la Barca, at 4:50 PM, a telephone booth was hit hard with hammers and rocks until it was knocked over.
- At 6:20 PM, a row of 6 dumpsters were set on fire in Europa street with several molotov cocktails.
- At 10:40 PM, two telephone booths were set on fire.
- On Carrer de la Gravina, a religious and state-aided private school was attacked with 4 molotov cocktails, as well as the windows of the exterior kitchen being destroyed with rocks and hammers.

May 4, 2012

Montcada i Reixac:
- At 2:30 AM, a row of 10 dumpsters were set alight on Carrer de Bogatell, also two ATMs were burned.

In La mina:
- At 11:30 PM. Carrer de Tessalia was blocked with burning dumpsters and a Caixa Laietana branch was attacked with hammers and rocks.

* * *

We have lost confidence in the democratic middle class, we have lost confidence in a society that when faced with social conflict asks for more repressive measures, asks for more police, more harassment, personalize the “insecurity” of the lower classes asking for their imprisonment, deportation (in the case of immigrants), or enclosure… it’s certain that if they could they would surround the lower neighborhoods with electric fences. All this, acting as if the problem is not the economic inequality of the system, not a social problem created by the structures of capitalism and the state, that the root problem is not private property and social inequality… that while some have 40 homes, others do not even have a roof to live under, that the system does not allow you possibilities, that it condemns you for life. These people ask for more police, more CIES [immigrant detention centers], they say that the main problem is the immigrant youth (for example) and they vote for the extreme right. Therefore, we do not fight for these “democrats,” for these “free citizens” (or rather such idiots that they believe they are free…), we fight for the kid who has to provide for his family alone, who spends his days on the street searching for food or in the scrap heaps, who is wary when he imagines his future, who lives in secluded rat holes having to rob at gunpoint, for those who live below the poverty line and show themselves violently against this. We fight for those kids who were expelled from their schools or institutions for not adhering to the authoritarian rules of the classroom and the centre, for “getting bored” of authoritarian indoctrination, disrespecting the bourgeois schemas and therefore were punished and expelled. We fight for all of them because they are the only ones who — whether unconsciously or not — rebel against the capitalist society, who suffer fascist and police aggressions.

But we do not resign ourselves, and we do not make ourselves victims. We propose the response… faced with all this, we opt for the social threat, for insecurity, for pressure and punishment toward systematic structures, for night-time arsons, for the internal and asymmetric threat, for FEAR as a form of vengeance on the system and the society that constitutes and supports it. We are in civil war between the system along with the society that supports it against the marginal youth. They imprison, repress, occupy with police… we contest with violence, with insecurity, with social tension, with panic. Violence from below will do nothing but intensify and so they will have to shield they houses, their cars, their banks, their churches. While those from above rob us of life, enclose us, discriminate against us… they will have their fear on stepping into the street, fearing and having to equip themselves with cameras, police, security systems.

While the youth continue to be marginalized and exploited, the middle bourgeois class, the bosses, the cops… will live with fear and terror of those who assault them, rob them, attack them.

The streets are ours.

Arms your hands, spit your hatred against the tyrant.

Nihilist Anarchists.


Murcia, Spain: Responsibility claim for incendiary attacks on ATMs
from contra-info

On Sunday May 6th, at dawn, we sabotaged ATMs of various banks, like the Banco Santander (well-known for financing the arms industry). On that same night, the precarious and passive youth was spending its time drinking and dancing in the very same city where its ATM-temples were set on fire. We despise the fact that thousands of young people attended a festival like the SOS 4.8, which has been financed by the corrupt Counselor of Culture and sponsored by multinational enterprises.

While the slaves try to avoid looking an uncertain future straight in the eyes, we are organizing ourselves; every night we raise in numbers, as also do their threats and fear each time. We know that we are ungovernable, and that they will not manage to silent us. Those that burn the ATMs are the same that organize themselves in squats, that speak out in the assemblies, and question the authorities’ orders.

Finally, we wrote some slogans on the city’s walls, such as SOÑAMOS, NO MATÉIS NUESTROS SUEÑOS (We dream; don’t kill our dreams), and the names of many comrades who died fighting and thinking (Patricia Heras, Lambros Foundas, Salvador Puig Antich, Alexis Grigoropoulos, and others).

There is no better homage than to keep the fight going.
For the intensification of the revolt.



Bombing at European Union headquarters in Buenos Aires
From Liberación Total (May 1, 2012):

To be sincere, we must highlight that the reason why we attacked the European Union diplomatic headquarters was principally to let the Greek comrades on hunger strike and the Italian comrades who have recently suffered raids and arrests know that we are here and that the overwhelming distance separating us will not stop us from feeling complicit in the revolutionary war.

But the arrests of the Chilean comrades a few days ago in the context of the Security Bank trial struck us full-on in the jaw, and we therefore couldn’t avoid avenging them.

This noble gesture of love is directed toward those already mentioned and those we still haven’t mentioned.

Likewise, it is a call to attention for the capitalists and their mercenaries. Remember that attacks on symbols of POWER will continue to spread. Your cars, police, and banks are going to burn and explode.

To the groups and individuals who, like us, have the possibility of struggling from this side of the prison walls, we say that it is necessary to extend the offensive against Power.






Bolivia: Claim for sabotage of Hipermaxi supermarkets in Cochabamba
from liberaciontotal (4/30/12), transl waronsociety:

Exploitation? What is the first thing that comes to us in hearing these words? The exploitation of our species–the human species–and so the anti-authoritarian-anarchist discourse remains in an anthropocentric discourse? Many comrades “forget” this important matter: the exploitation of non-humans and they do not take it as a form of oppression-authority.

In the times when the class struggle showed very acute polarizations between proletarians and the owners of the means of production, anarchists have struggled for fewer hours of work, for “dignified” work conditions and against exploitation. In many places and times, the struggle against power has sought better conditions in relation to work. Now that the times have changed and these polarizations become diffused, when the same workers are owners of their own machines in mini-factories that function in their own homes, the anarchist struggle should change as well.

Our attack for Workers’ Day questions the immutability of the struggle in relation to work and on this occasion goes against the work that dominates, exploits and is based on the industrialization of the death of non-human animals.

As Anti-authoritarians we will not defend a job that is dedicated to animal exploitation, that bases itself on the slavery of thousands of lives, that has as its base cages, lifelong captivity, experimentation; lives condemned to an immobile existence, slavery, torture and whose only destiny is an existence and in many cases a death that satisfies the fictitious, comfortable and consumerist “necessities” of thousands of modern slaves of this society.

Non-human animals are seen as objects of consumption and are valued in terms of the benefit that we can obtain from them. Capitalism values everything in terms of the benefit that it can give. We are all part of this capitalism of consuming products that come from the exploitation of non-human animals. Animal exploitation exists because the society is speciesist and capitalism makes use of that to make an industry out of speciesism.

As anti-authoritarians we cannot remain complicit, with our silence, in the speciesism in which these jobs are enclosed. Filling the milk of a supermarket with toxins is therefore our form of attacking these systems of domination.


Autonomous Fraction of rebel thieves


Bolivia: Claim for arson of ATM in Cochabamba
from liberaciontotal (4/30/12), transl waronsociety, communique:

Our struggle is not the struggle of the good and calm, our struggle is not the struggle of those who want to please and to go to bed without having done anything outside of the norm. Our struggle is the violent struggle that attacks, our struggle is the one that takes the initiative, it is the one that does not lower the guard, our struggle is the one that is always tense, because it does not conform with the normal life nor with the submissive life.

We are not going to let only a few individuals attack, only a few take risks. Our struggle is also the struggle of all those who have passed from resistance to the offensive. For the attack without truce against our enemies, we are with the prisoners, persecuted and fugitives who sustain our rage to destroy power and authority that we so abhor, with the Comrades of the CCF, Gerasimos Tsakalos, Panagiotis Argirou and Christos Tsakalos, with the Mapuche People, and the people of TIPNIS who challenge and prefer the struggle to a systematic but enslaved life. With them, we declare ourselves at war.

And for those to whom in this struggle it appears nonsense to burn an ATM, go these words:

Our enemy puts out the disguise of economic support in order to supposedly improve the existence of those who believe in its image, its captivation flows in those who believe that they will have better days by receiving its money as a loan. Mortgages, high interest rates or imprisonments come for those who don’t fulfill their promises that condemn them to pawn off their life in always alienating work, this is one of the so many traps of the financial system. They are prisons without walls, the bar codes printed on the credit cards, that create the necessity of the infinite cycle of consume, buy, pay and in-debt yourself, exploiting the earth and its inhabitants without caring about the cost so long as their mountains of money increase. The physical prisons are put into effect against those who do not let themselves be blinded by this life of birth, production, consumption, death.

Anarchists throughout history have resorted to violence in order to repudiate and combat this system in response to the State’s aggression and repression, this is nothing new. It is nothing new, either, that throughout history they have always tried to portray the anarchists as anti-social, pyromaniacs or bomb-throwers; none of that: anarchists are violent because the violence of oppression does not deserve more than our beautiful liberatory violence.

The anarchists of action seek the massification of the struggle, the spread of revolt and for each being to take freedom in their hands, beginning by the destruction of those who believe themselves to be our masters, therefore we attack their physical sustenance, their emblems of domination, and by means of these ideas, we call to the solidarity attack, the liberatory attack, the conspiratorial attack.


Autonomous fraction of rebel thieves / FAI-IRF





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15.05.2012 17:10

i see the point in attacks on ATMS, banks, state institutions etc but not quite sure about setting telephone booths on fire (ever seen rich person using one?) and quite mystified by blocking the street with burning stuff- what purpose it is suppose to achieve apart from seriously pissing off lots of people? Some of the targets seem to be pretty misguided, whatever the intentions.

lobo negro

hello mcfly, anyone in there mcfly?

16.05.2012 13:31

well guys, has it crossed your minds that the cash machines might not be in worker areas? that they could be tourist areas and then would constitute more logical targets?
or perhaps the comrades who did the actions thought about all the ins and outs of attacking the cash machines and decided that on this occasion sending a message to the banks and cops was more important that pleasing someone who would simply have to walk to another cash machine (seeing as there are hundreds of them all over the fucking place) as i am pretty sure that if it was the only cash machine for a hundred miles and in a working class area then it would have been left alone. so i would suggest that it was not the only one in that particular area or it was a tourist area.
for example, i have seen it when cash machines have been left alone in predominantly working class areas to not piss of those that literally would have to walk a mile or more to another one. anarcho's do weigh these facts up when deciding targets, unlike the system which strikes indiscriminently against us.

but alas, is having to walk another mile or so to get money (in a world where most people on the planet earn pittance and dont even have a bank account) such a hard task compared to the fact we need to send the message to the banks and cops and states that we want another world of freedom and not slavery to wages and the system?

and another thing, if you think they will suddenly find a cure for cancers and then give them away, then you are misguided at best and completely mind washed at worst. they dont give two fucks if half of the people in the world are gonna die of you think the world leaders, the elites, give two shits? as long as people are being born and people stay ill so they can make money from them, the cure could be a million light years away for all they care. only those suffering with cancer want a cure, or those who make money from the cancer industry give a shit about finding it one day as there is money in fidning it, but when they find one do you think they will give it away free? glaxo smith kline, or proctor and gamble giving it away for free?

get real.

there's a real war going on and you're either fighting it or staying asleep.

only you know what you're doing.

me not you or anyone else

Well, I enjoy hearing about this stuff

17.05.2012 17:13

Never mind the trolls and liberals, it is always good to hear of people throwing spanners in the works ;-)



19.05.2012 02:33

watch the above documentary, why do you and your molotovs waste time setting fire to atms?, it makes you look a tiny group of nutters with no connection to anyone else, why not learn from the gangsters and other internet fraudsters, have a hair cut, get a job in a bank and really let the fun begin?

dr swish ferrari

What about the workers?

20.05.2012 13:52

This group sounds like a right bunch of dilettantes and media whores. Federation? My arse! As for the sword and sorcery guff in the statement, it just makes you sound like you've been smoking crack.

I have no sympathy for the bloke who got kneecapped and don't have a problem with insurrectionism when it's part of an organised, militant working class movement (er... and there's an actual insurrection). But as we don't currently have such a movement, and as the so called FAI (informal) members can't be arsed to do what they can to actually build a viable workers movement (not glam enough and no balaclava chic in it?) but prefer to play Action Man instead, then these people are not on the same side as us. Their previous use of letter bombs shows nothing but contempt for postal workers.

All in all, it's just more spectacle for passive spectators, a wadical alternative to Big Brother and home makeover programmes, a 'Mini-me' reflection of the corporate gangsters, politicians and state.

Clever use of the initials FAI by the way, which are the initials of both the Italian and Iberian Anarchist Federations. But I'm sure they knew that and did it either for 'a laugh' or deliberately to piss off proper class struggle anarchists... which makes them little more than scabs in my book.

My bookie's giving even money on them being either just another bunch of posh cunts or cops.

King Pleb

Ugly news for law-abiding citizens

20.05.2012 18:44


We have some ugly news for this world’s law-abiding citizens.

For all of you who hide behind your very sober neckties, who work in your sterile offices, who live shut away in your stylish apartments, who wear your expressionless masks, who lie down in the mediocrity of your desires and sleep through borrowed dreams.

Your world is a guillotine that murders life.

Your ideals are concealed within your well-fed bellies and your empty hearts.

This society massacres our freedom, while your soldiers lock us up in your prisons, far away from our brothers and sisters.

But we can still hear their voices.

They are the conspirators of the Informal Anarchist Federation/International Revolutionary Front and the anarchists of praxis of the Black International, who emerge from the unknown and set thousands of fires to society’s peaceful dream.

They are our brothers and sisters. When they laugh they have stars in their eyes, and when they cry their tears become thorns, bullets, dynamite, and stones.

They are all of us who have chosen to inhabit the extremes. They are all of us who have no country and whose home is the sky and the stars.

They are all of us who destroy with a laugh and set fires with a song.

And power will die, the state will die, society will die.

Because only outside the limits of every compliance, every obligation, every rule, and every society can autonomous individualities exist who are nourished by the fire and chaos of an unyielding spirit.

Long live our brothers and sisters in the Olga Cell.

Long live our brothers and sisters in the Informal Anarchist Federation/International Revolutionary Front.

—Imprisoned members cell of the Fire Cells Conspiracy


Imprisoned anarchist Theofilos Mavropoulos made the following statement:

Growing up in a society of submission, resignation, hypocrisy, and stagnation, I felt the urgency to live my life as a human being and not as a number. To be a protagonist of my life and not a spectator. To satisfy ALL my desires here and now and avoid the muck of a passive waiting. I therefore sought out a new path, far removed from the endless pursuit of power.

I quickly realized that the only way one could live without power was to stand against it. Against institutions, against society, against relationships and perceptions that foster the human perversion of desiring the existence of hierarchy.

The enemy—power—undoubtedly has a spiritual as well as a material basis. In other words, it has subjects at its disposal who are determined to defend it with material violence, but it also has followers who spread the authoritarian obsession throughout the diffuse social fabric.

Thus, during centuries of human history, power developed through destructive wars and flourishing civilizations, arriving at its current globalized state while keeping thousands of years of experience in its curriculum in order to protect itself and extend its reach. Naturally, its greatest achievement of all is the fact of its consolidation within the prevailing social conscience.

What I, for my part, had to oppose against all that was the application and spread of my anarchic code of values.

However, the obvious inequality in the ratio of forces leads to the unavoidable choice of a strategic war against the regime—specifically, anarchist revolutionary war. The collectivization of antiauthoritarian action whose principle is the polymorphism of the means of struggle has thus become my existential priority.

I participated in different anarchist interventions in social space-time. From demonstrations, rallies, distributing political texts, postering, and powerfully combative marches to conspiratorial urban guerrilla actions.

By dedicating the most recent period of my life to armed anarchist struggle, I came to appreciate the tactic of urban guerrilla war. Surprise attacks on the structures of authoritarian society paralyze its defense mechanisms, since it is almost incapable of meeting a blow that is unpredictable insofar as the space and time at which it will be struck. The effects of a series of successful guerrilla attacks directed against strategic targets located behind the front lines of power, apart from causing material sabotage, naturally have a negative impact on the enemy’s morale as well. Urban guerrilla war, as a methodology and as a way of life, uses discourse and practice to intensify the rupture with the existent and create limitless prospects for bringing about anarchy.

With this viewpoint as my basis, I came into contact with my comrades, creating the strongest of brotherly relationships.

Some of them are in front of you today, seated in the dock, while society has entrusted you with judging them for their anarchist political action.

But unfortunately for you, your court martial is incapable of repressing anarchist action’s impetuousness for freedom. Because anarchy is always seeking and finding new ways to escape from prison.

The defendants proudly and unapologetically took responsibility for their participation in the Fire Cells Conspiracy revolutionary anarchist organization, honoring and cementing their choices. Instead of their remorse, which you had perhaps hoped to elicit, what you are receiving is their total rejection and their general rupture with the world of power to which you are doing faithful service, as well as a sardonic smile—the same one we had when we were all sitting together at a table and polishing our weapons. We were undermining your society, maneuvering against it, sliding bullets into the clip with the same insolence with which we now flip through the pages of these charges. A page, a bullet, a page, a bullet.

We are not afraid and we will not retreat, because as long as we keep trying we are alive and free.



posh cunts and cops
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Tonight Matthew, I'm going to be...

20.05.2012 19:51

In the Ugly News for Law Abiding Citizens comment:

"When they laugh they have stars in their eyes, and when they cry their tears become thorns, bullets, dynamite, and stones."

Just listen to yourself. Don't you realise how incredibly flaky you sound? Are you involved in 'anarchist politics' to deliberately put any remotely clued up people off anarchist ideas. Jasus, get a fucking grip.

Matthew Kelly

Black International - Black Ops?

21.05.2012 10:24

Do any of you* actually read back what you write? Can you hear the bourgeois influence which has its fingerprints over all you have ever written or done?

The idea of eternal individual rebellion is bourgeois. It's the caricature of anarchism which the ruling class and their allies love to spread and which you are spreading through you naive acts and writing.

These acts in no way threaten the power of capitalism, which is fundamentally a social relation. Even if you burned down parliament itself it would only serve to strengthen the state.

I quote this article - - which everyone who calls themselves an anarchist should read:

"Violence, besides being in itself in contradiction with the philosophy of anarchism, is a thing which saddens us because it causes tears and pain. It can impose itself through necessity, but if it would be unpardonable weakness to condemn it when it's necessary, it would also be reprehensible to employ it when it would be irrational, useless, or contrary to our interests."

Don't confuse me for a pacifist but when violence does not serve our interests it must be condemned.

You call yourselves the Black International, you may as well be black ops.

*I address all those who perpetrate and celebrate acts such as those mentioned in the above article.

Malatesta's ghost

it's obviously a black op

21.05.2012 18:33

read the website, join the Forum and see the type of debate we can deliver.

the working classes are back and ready to organise!

posh cunts and cops
- Homepage:

AFED - Reactionary, ignorant and dishonest

24.05.2012 09:08

In their reactionary and ignorant statement on the FAI, the AFED equate property destruction and 'propaganda by deed' as "terrorist" - funny language that-, reminds me of something, ah yes, the enemy; THE STATE!

The complete dishonesty of the AFED in their reference to the 9/12/11 action of "Free Eat & Billy Cell" FAI-IRF, is barefaced inappropriate/inaccurate, but hey, it suits their politics, so never let the truth get in the way, eh?.

(Quoting from the AFED statement)

"... Previous acts claimed by Informal Anarchist Federation cells include sending a letter bomb to the Italian tax collection office, almost blinding a worker at the office and risking the lives of the postal and clerical workers who unwittingly carried the bomb. ..."

The targetted recipient of the letter bomb who was almost blinded was Chief Director Marco Cuccagna. Even a cursory bit of research will show this:

It's even on the site of the LibCunts themselves:

It is disingenuous, to say the least, to describe him as a "worker". Marco Cuccagna is the Chief-Director of an arm of the state whose function is to steal the wages of the workers.

Keep on dreaming your purist fantasy of a "workers" movement as much as you like - name injured bosses - "workers", deny the individual, go get your "sensible majority in the anarchist movement" (really? bring it!) to denounce what you want, and reinforce your gender stereotypes by calling the comrades-of-action (many of whom are women) - "Action Men", "Dicks", "Cunts", "Posh Cunts", "Twats" or whatever; but face it- you are a bunch of vanguardists yourselves, wrapped in red and black flags, mostly just privileged wannabes wanking about something that will never happen for a ghostly class of people who no longer really exist in the way you lot proclaim, and if they do are largely as uninterested in what you have to say as we are.

You lot might have missed it, but last year in August, something called a "social insurrection" happened. A massive number of working class and underclass people rose up to fight back and that uprising got FUCK ALL solidarity from you lot at the time. So, go back to your Forum and play your little sectarian games dreaming of your perfect moment when you can lead the masses to Revolution(tm).

"In fact the August insurrection showed up the majority of UK “anarchists” and “revolutionaries” as cowardly citizens who though they like to whine and complain about the “evils” of the world, are fundamentally content as passive slaves. Currently most UK “anarchists” appear happily bitter simply tagging along behind state socialists and liberals as the impotent “good conscience’’ and/or the “rowdy margin’’ who wear black and use swear words. This is pathetic. Speaking the language of politics, of creating a reasonable and programmatic anarchist project, the result is an anarchism that’s neither fish nor fowl. Failing both as political pragmatics and as anarchic rebellion, civil anarchism limps along sadly.

The idea that reasonable ideas of social transformation are what draw people to rebel is totally false, although it does draw leftists and liberals to the political philosophy “anarchism” who generally remain such though calling themselves anarchists. I have never had any non-political friends or acquaintances EVER be interested in the boring dribbling of “social anarchism‘’ but many who have been interested by anarchism as an extreme position of proud revolt. “Talking serious to the people” generally means churning out sub-leftist rhetoric that that fails as political leftism because it is unrealistic and fails as anarchic agitation because it doesn't break with the certainties of society." Anarchy in the UK - About the August revolt.

Thank fuck you leftist losers will never get any power, and thank fuck the FAI are here to make sure your sectarian and authoritarian-left schemes don't ever get any credibility.

For more sabotage and attacks! Fuck the Olympics!

Blabbering know-it-alls and trolls, Fuck OFF!

Black Flag in the Breeze

Sterile and harmful

24.05.2012 13:23

"thank fuck the FAI are here to make sure your sectarian and authoritarian-left schemes don't ever get any credibility"

Sectarian? That would assume we're on the same side. Don't flatter yourself, sweetie. The 'informals' are as much an enemy of the working class as leninists and the Labour Party. All spectacle for passive observers.

Authoritarian? In what way? Just because we don't agree with or offer uncritical support for some bunch of spaced out nomarks into teh anarchy?

Credibility? I think you'll find that, outside of Mondo Ketamine, this fake 'FAI' and their emulators have fuck all in the way of credibilty.

Now let's see how the informals compare with the following comment from Solidarity on meaningful action:

"Meaningful action, for revolutionaries, is whatever increases the confidence, the autonomy, the initiative, the participation, the solidarity, the equalitarian tendencies and the self -activity of the masses and whatever assists in their demystification. Sterile and harmful action is whatever reinforces the passivity of the masses, their apathy, their cynicism, their differentiation through hierarchy, their alienation, their reliance on others to do things for them and the degree to which they can therefore be manipulated by others - even by those allegedly acting on their behalf."

Hmm... looks like 'sterile' and 'hamful' just about nails it.

Luigi Fabbri

Who's reactionary and ignorant?

24.05.2012 15:12

Black flag in the breeze says...

"In their reactionary and ignorant statement on the FAI, the AFED equate property destruction and 'propaganda by deed' as "terrorist" - funny language that-, reminds me of something, ah yes, the enemy; THE STATE!"

No we don't say that. The AF statement doesn't actually use the word 'terrorist'. So whatever funny language you're talking about, it isn't ours. At least read what you're criticising, please.

Although the AF may have made a mistake in using the example of the targetted tax office boss, the so called FAI group you mention, which has stolen the initials of our Italian sister organisation, possibly in order to bring shit down on our Italian comrades' heads (that's very comradely of them) has indeed put workers lives, particularly postal workers' lives, at risk (again, very comradely of them).

And that reminds me of something...

Random AF-er

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