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A well known CIA front organisation's covert role in the origins of AIDS

David Stuart | 30.05.2012 12:36

An extremely detailed article about a well known CIA front organisation's role in the 1978-1979 origins of the HIV pandemic in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. My article is based on years of very thorough, full time research in many medical and general libraries.


In this extremely detailed, properly sourced all the way through article, which is based on years of very thorough, full time research in many medical and general libraries, I discuss, amongst many other subjects, US Central Intelligence Agency research into altering human sexual behaviour, which became public knowledge in 1977, as a result of US Congress enquiries into the CIA's covert research into ways of controlling human behaviour, which was clearly being carried for authoritarian, far right political ends.

My article also uses proper sources to explain the involvement of the Agency for International Development, which, as I will prove in a moment, by citing the testimony of various CIA and AID officials, is a CIA front organisation, in the origins of the HIV pandemic in Haiti and the Dominican Republic in 1978-1979.

As this article is about an extremely controversial and murky subject, and as many people who are reading it will understandably as a result be very sceptical that a CIA front organisation was involved in the origins of HIV, I have put all of the many references which I cite in this article in the text itself, in, or straight after the paragraph which cites them, so sceptical people do not have to keep scrolling to and from a long list of references at the end of the text.

This article is part of a much larger manuscript which also explains the origins of the HIV pandemic in several African countries in the second half of the 1970's, but as the hand of US Government agencies is not visible in those places, this article is only about the disease's origins in the Dominican Republic and Haiti, which, because, they are part of Washington's "back yard", like Central America, have become as notorious as Central America for CIA covert operations, and in Brazil, where another US Government agency was involved in the origins of that country's HIV epidemic, as I will explain later.

The long history of CIA and AID, and other US Government involvement in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, including support for murderous tyrants like Haiti's "Papa Doc" Duvalier, and the Dominican Republic's Rafael Trujillo, is discussed in Alex von Tunzelmann's "Red Heat: Conspiracy, Murder and the Cold War in the Caribbean"
(Simon and Schuster, London, 2011).

It has been known since 1933, when the late Sigmund Freud trained Austrian psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich, whose work was known to the CIA, which is why the below website sells his declassified CIA file on a CD-ROM, published his book "The Mass Psychology of Fascism", that repressing human sexuality is the best way to create authoritarian/fascist thinking, because Reich found that repressed sexual energy boosted the intensity of people's hatred for Jewish people, and other groups, like black and gay people, who fascists whip up hatred against, which is why the infamous Auschwitz human experimenter, Josef Mengele, was very sexually repressed, as I will explain in a moment, and why sexual repression has so much to do with the creation of authoritarian/totalitarian Islamist terrorism, as "Veil of Terror: The Secret Roots of Terrorism" (Republic Books, Fredericksburg, Texas, 2002) by Betty Balsam, who grew up in the Middle East, and observed what sexual repression did to the people there explains:

Wilhelm Reich also argued that fascism could only exist in male dominated societies, which are of course another big problem which fascists and Islamists perpetuate.

The fact that Wilhelm Reich understood better than anyone in his time what fascism was, and how it was created, was partly why the Nazis burned his books, like "The Mass Psychology of Fascism", and also "The Function of the Orgasm", which was based on his groundbreaking research into that subject, when they came to power. They also ordered his arrest, which forced him to flee to Denmark in disguise. The Nazis hated Reich's pro-sexual liberation ideas, as, like the Auschwitz human experimenter Josef Mengele, they were very sexually repressed. On page 232 of their book, "Children of the Flames: Dr. Josef Mengele and the Untold Story of the Twins of Auschwitz" (Pan Books, London, 1992), Lucette Matalon Lagnado and Sheila Cohn Dekel revealed that, "Like a preacher, he [Mengele] railed against promiscuity and "perversion" [in his notebooks]. The sexual liberation of the 1960's and 1970's made him intensely uncomfortable."

My years of research for this article, suggest to me that the CIA cynically perverted Wilhelm Reich's ideas to try to drive the world's people in an authoritarian, far right direction when they covertly created the HIV pandemic.

If you do not know that the CIA is interested in using psychoanalysis to control human behaviour for authoritarian, far right political ends, watch this 2002 BBC2 four part documentary, which has been uploaded on to YouTube, "The Century of the Self", in which the BBC's best, and most interesting documentary maker, Adam Curtis, showed how American corporations, the Nazis, the US Government, and the CIA, all used the psychoanalytic ideas of Sigmund Freud (who, as I have pointed out, trained Wilhelm Reich), and members of Freud's family, like his nephew Edward Bernays, to either sell people products, or to influence them to accept an "authoritarian" (to quote Bernays's daughter, who was interviewed for the second part of the documentary) society, though of course many of the corporations and people who used Freud's family's ideas, will have been unaware of whose fashionable ideas they were using:

"The Century of the Self" also pointed out in the second part that, "...the idea that it was necessary to manipulate the feelings of the American population in the interests of fighting the Cold War, now began to take root in Washington, above all in the CIA, who were going to take it much further."

It then discussed CIA attempts to control people's "inner drives", and of course sex drive is the most important human inner drive after basic survival drives like thirst and hunger.

Another important subject which the documentary explained, was how American corporations, the American Republican and "New" Democratic Parties, and the British Conservative and "New" Labour Parties, used Wilhelm Reich's ideas to sell people products or win elections, though of course many of the corporations and politicians who used Reich's ideas, will also have been unaware whose fashionable ideas they were using.

After his death, Wilhelm Reich became a hero to some of the 1960's American New Left, who regarded him as the father of their "sexual revolution", which was named after the title of the English translation of one of his books.

On August 4, 1977, the "Daily Telegraph" said of the CIA's obviously Wilhelm Reich inspired research into changing human sexual behaviour:

"Some of the more chilling aspects of the way the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) tried to control individual behaviour by using drugs on willing and unwilling "guinea pigs" were disclosed yesterday by its director, Mr Stansfield Turner...tests were carried out in safe houses in San Fransisco and New York where sexual psychopaths were subjected to experiments and attempts were made to change sexual conduct and other behaviour."

It is quite possible that the CIA's behavioural control research programme in these safe houses, involved Wilhelm Reich type investigations into the function of the orgasm, because the research programme was codenamed Operation MIDNIGHT CLIMAX, as "The Washington Post" revealed on September 5, 1977, in an article which you can read on the website of the Frank Olson Project, which is run by the son of Frank Olson, a CIA scientist who famously died when he fell from a hotel window in November 1953, after he became depressed as a result of his drink being spiked with LSD by CIA behavioural control research chief Dr. Sidney Gottlieb:

A CIA operation called MIDNIGHT CLIMAX might make some people laugh, and decide that the CIA are lovable rogues who would not do something like start the HIV pandemic, but the ruthless nature of the behavioural control research that the CIA conducted in the past, is revealed by, for example, another "Daily Telegraph" story from 2010, which is about the discovery that the CIA, and the US Army Special Operations Division, had caused the deaths of at least 5 people, and had put dozens of other people from their French village in a mental hospital in 1951, by covertly spraying it with LSD from the air, and by covertly spiking local food products with the same drug:

MIDNIGHT CLIMAX was part of the CIA's now infamous MKULTRA behavioural control project.

It has often been claimed, but never officially confirmed, that the MK prefix of CIA projects like MKNAOMI (which researched germ and chemical warfare), MKULTRA, MKSEARCH (MKULTRA after it was given a new code name in 1963), and MKDELTA (a still mysterious project, which is known to have involved covert operations that put into practice what was learned as a result of research projects like MKNAOMI, MKULTRA, and MKSEARCH), stood for "Mind Kontrolle", because "Kontrolle" is German for "control", and because, as this Birmingham "Sunday Mercury" article, "Operation Paperclip [the codename for the now infamous American recruitment of Third Reich scientists after World War 2] - A Fourth Reich?" explains, the CIA employed Nazi war criminal scientists like Kurt Blome, who had infected concentration camp inmates with plague, to work on developing germ warfare, and behavioural control techniques:

As a "Daily Telegraph" article I will now quote from, "Nazis given safe haven in US, secret papers show" (November 15, 2010) reveals, the CIA also knew full well that at least one of the Nazi war criminals it employed, had been involved in the Holocaust: "A secret United States government report has offered fresh evidence that the CIA granted Nazi war criminals a "safe haven" in the US after the Second World War.

"...In 1954, the CIA assisted Otto von Bolschwing, an associate of Adolf Eichmann, who had helped develop plans "to purge Germany of the Jews." In a series of memos, officials pondered what to do if von Bolschwing was confronted about his past. They debated whether to deny any Nazi affiliation or "explain it away on the basis of extenuating circumstances", according to the report."

The "Sunday Mercury" article points out that some of the Nazi scientists were put to work by the CIA's "lovable rogues" on Operation MIDNIGHT CLIMAX, so it would be reasonable to suggest that the CIA already believed when they put those Nazis to work in that area, that controlling human sexual behaviour could be a key way to control human behaviour in general for authoritarian, far right political ends.

Chapter 6 of former US State Department analyst John Marks's book, "The Search for the Manchurian Candidate: The CIA and Mind Control" (Allen Lane, London, 1979), which was partly based on CIA documents that Marks secured through the US Freedom of Information Act, and partly on interviews with former CIA behavioural control scientists, pointed out that MIDNIGHT CLIMAX was MKULTRA subproject 3. Another MKULTRA subproject, 7, researched the "Alteration of sex patterns", as an MKULTRA document which Alan Scheflin and Edward Opton discussed on page 147 of their book, "The Mind Manipulators: A Non-Fiction Account" (Paddington Press, New York, 1978) proved. Scheflin and Opton used the US Freedom of Information Act to gain access to CIA sex research documents.

They found as well, that subproject 7 had also researched the "Creation of dependence", which is not surprising, as Wilhelm Reich pointed out that sexually repressed, authoritarian people, are also submissive to, and thus dependent on authority.

Hence the infamous Nazi war criminals' defence at Nuremburg: "I was only obeying orders."

A 3rd area which subproject 7 researched, was the creation of "suggestibility". Suggestible people are easier to lie to, because their sexual repression makes them fearful, anxious, and open to manipulation by demagogues like Hitler, or by secret services like the CIA, whose planting of lies in the media, with the help of journalists on their payroll, is well documented.

A lot of what is written about MKULTRA is wrong, because it claims that creating a hypnotically controlled assassin who would forget having been hypnotised was its focus.

In fact, it was a very large research programme which investigated many other subjects, like moving people around by remote control (subproject 119, "Activation of the human organism by remote control"), and sex, which was clearly a big preoccupation of the MKULTRA scientists, as not only subprojects 7, and 3 (MIDNIGHT CLIMAX), but also 14, 16, 42, 132, and 149 all involved sex research, at either 2 flats in New York, and the San Francisco safe house, which were all run by George White, or at the New York safe house, which was run by Charles Siragusa.

As George White's San Francisco safe house continued its research until 1965, as Charles Siragusa's New York safe house continued researching until 1966, and as MKULTRA ended in 1963, and changed its code name to MKSEARCH, apparently to hide MKULTRA from a CIA Inspector General, it is clear that subprojects of MKSEARCH, which continued until 1972, also researched sex.

Another MKULTRA subproject, 35, explored "covert, biological and chemical techniques of warfare", to cite page 146 of Alan Scheflin and Edward Opton's already cited "The Mind Manipulators: A Non-Fiction Account", which, as the HIV pandemic was started covertly, is an important fact to remember. The same page of the same book, pointed out that subproject 35 also investigated substances, "which alter personality structure in such a way that the tendency of the recipient to become dependent on another person is enhanced."

As page 197 of the already cited "The Search for the Manchurian Candidate: The CIA and Mind Control " by John Marks pointed out, other MKULTRA subprojects researched how to stress out entire nations, which is what HIV did when it was first discovered.

On August 16, 1977, the "New York Times" revealed that MKULTRA also looked into creating "maximum levels of physical and emotional stress" in individual people.

So as MKNAOMI continued until 1970, and MKSEARCH until 1972, by 1978, the CIA had obviously thoroughly researched how to create sexually repressed, authoritarian, stressed, suggestible, dependent, and fascist people, by starting a global disease pandemic covertly, because as early as April 1953, then CIA Deputy Director of Plans Richard Helms, proposed in a CIA document, that the Agency should establish a "program for the covert use of biological and chemical materials" to change human behaviour. That Helms quote is from a later CIA document, "Sensitive research programs", Memorandum for the Director of Central Intelligence, June 1964, which was cited on page 205 of "A Higher Form of Killing: The Secret Story of Germ Warfare" (Chatto and Windus, London, 1982), by Robert Harris and Jeremy Paxman.

In case you are wondering, yes that is the same Jeremy Paxman who presents the BBC's "Newsnight".

By 1978, the Pentagon, which cooperated and shared data with the CIA's behaviour control and chemical and germ warfare researchers, may well have learned how to covertly infect people with a disease like HIV which the immune system cannot defeat, because on June 9, 1969, Dr. Donald MacArthur, the Deputy Director of the US Department of Defense's Research and Technology Division, appeared before the House of Representatives Subcommittee on Department of Defense Appropriations for 1970, to plead for funds to develop a new germ over the coming 5-10 years, which the human immune system could not defeat.

On page 241 of Robert Harris's and Jeremy Paxman's book, you can read some of Douglas MacArthur's statement to the Subcommittee:

"Within the next 5 to 10 years it would probably be possible to make a new infective micro-organism which would differ in certain important respects from any known disease-causing organisms. Most important of these it might be refractory to the immunological and therefore therapeutic processes upon which we depend to maintain our relative freedom from disease."

As the late former US Naval Intelligence officer William Cooper pointed out on page 446 of his book, "Behold a Pale Horse" (Light Technology Press, Sedona, Arizona, 1991), Douglas MacArthur was aware that such a new germ could result in the HIV style "massive killing" of people, as he told the Subcommittee, that, "It [the creation of a disease which the human immune system could not defeat] is a highly controversial issue and there are many who believe such research should not be undertaken lest it lead to yet another method of massive killing of large populations. On the other hand, without the scientific knowledge that such a weapon is possible, and an understanding of the ways it could be done, there is little that can be done to devise defensive measures." MacArthur did not explain why it was necessary to create defensive measures against a disease which did not yet exist, but he did not have to, because, as Cooper pointed on the same page of his book, MacArthur was still given $10 million to develop a new germ over the next 5 to 10 years, which the human immune system could not defeat.

Pages 445-446 of William Cooper's book, include copies of the first page, and a later page of Douglas MacArthur's funding request, which was given the code number H.B. 15090. Page 196 of Cooper's book, explained his job as a Naval Intelligence briefer, and "Behold a Pale Horse" also includes a photo of him briefing Admiral Clarey, the then Commander in Chief of the US Pacific Fleet.

The West and Latin America started drifting culturally and politically leftwards in the 1960's and 1970's, and the CIA took a number of covert measures to reverse that drift. Some of those covert measures were discussed by former CIA officer Philip Agee in his "Dirty Work: The CIA in Western Europe" (Zed Books, London, 1977), and in his international bestseller, "Inside the Company: CIA Diary" (Penguin, Harmondsworth, UK, 1975), which discussed Agee's work for the CIA in Latin America. "The Company" is a slang term for the CIA which its employees use. So, because Wilhelm Reich's research had shown that repressing people's sexuality was the best way to drive the world culturally and politically in an authoritarian, far right direction, the Agency appears to have decided to covertly start HIV.

The 4 languages "Never Again" plaque at the Dachau concentration camp, is thus meaningless, because the lack of will to rid the world of fascism, which is in any case poorly understood, has led to a new Megaholocaust.

Over 25 million people have been killed by AIDS, and in total, about 60 million people have been infected with HIV, which will kill many of them. The vast majority of the people who have died of AIDS live in poor countries, and especially in black African poor countries, so HIV has also made a significant contribution to curbing poor nation population growth, which the AID, and thus the CIA, argued was a threat to US national security, in this now declassified December 10, 1974 document, National Security Study Memorandum 200, "Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests", which you can read on the AID's website:

This CIA webpage, which estimates what proportion of the people in each country of the world have HIV, reveals that black African countries dominate the top of the list:

There is no shortage of proof that the AID is a CIA front organisation. The CIA Director from 1973-1976, William Colby; the AID Director from 1977-1979, John Gilligan; a 1972 US Congress investigation; former CIA Colonel John Stockwell; former CIA officer Victor Marchetti; and former CIA officer Philip Agee, have all admitted or said that the AID is a CIA front.

William Colby said of the AID: "...constraints have progressively been established against the use of other obvious covers [for CIA officers] such as the Peace Corps, the Fulbright program and even, in recent years, the Agency for International Development." Note Colby's use of the word "even", which implies that the AID was then the most common CIA front organisation. See page 89 of William Colby's and Peter Forbath's "Honourable Men: My Life in the CIA" (Hutchinson, London, 1978) to read that quotation.

On page 247 of the just cited book, William Colby reveals that then CIA Director Richard Helms arranged for him to join the AID: "Helms and I arranged that I turn over my responsibilities for the Far East Division [of the CIA] at the end of January, and spend February briefing and joining AID...". Note that "new recruit" Colby was briefing AID staff, and not the other way round, which perhaps reveals how much the AID was subordinate to the CIA at that time.

The 1977-1979 AID Director, John Gilligan, said of his organisation: "At one time many AID field offices were infiltrated from top to bottom with CIA people...The idea was to plant CIA operatives in every kind of activity we had overseas, government, volunteer, every kind." See page 321 of George Cotter's article, "Spies, strings and missionaries" ("The Christian Century", Chicago, March 25, 1981), to read that quotation.

The 1972 US Congress investigation's discovery that the AID was a CIA front, was mentioned by a 1992 Channel 4 "Secret History" documentary about the Robert Kennedy assassination, which quoted from CIA behavioural control research documents. The programme discussed the theory that Sirhan Sirhan, the Arab American who has spent the last 44 years in jail for shooting Kennedy, is a hypnotically controlled "patsy" (someone who is set up to take the blame for an assassination). The documentary also named a now dead CIA hypnotist, William Joseph Bryan, who had allegedly boasted to 2 prostitutes that he had hypnotised Sirhan, who does not remember the assassination, which, as MKULTRA researched creating hypnotically controlled assassins who could be given amnesia, is an important fact, as is the fact that Sirhan was always standing in front of Kennedy, who was shot from behind.

Former CIA Colonel John Stockwell said that the AID is a CIA front on pages 74-75 of his book, "The Praetorian Guard: The US Role in the New World Order" (South End Press, Boston, 1991). To ensure that Stockwell was not endangering national security, that book had to be censored by a CIA panel, who obviously did not object to his assertion that the AID is a CIA front.

Former CIA officer Victor Marchetti said that the AID is a CIA front in his book, "The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence" (Dell, New York, 1975), which was co-written by former US State Department analyst John Marks. To ensure that Marchetti was not endangering national security, that book also had to be censored by a CIA panel, who obviously did not object to his assertion on page 246 that, "Some Agency officers pose as...officials of the AID", or to him revealing on page 75, that the AID helped to pay for CIA mercenaries who fought in its war in Laos. Mercenaries are not usually associated with development work in poorer countries of course.

Former CIA officer Philip Agee said that the AID is a CIA front on pages 24-25 of his "Dirty Work: The CIA in Western Europe" (Zed, London, 1979). Agee explained in that book, that one way to find out who the CIA personnel in a particular country are, is to obtain a list of the AID staff in that country. On page 304 of his already cited "Inside the Company: CIA Diary", Agee also explained that the CIA headquarters contains a section for people working under AID cover.

John Pilger, who has won numerous UN, European, American, and Australian journalism awards, has described the ideology of the AID as "fascism". In his February 24, 2011 "New Statesman" article, "Behind the Arab revolt lurks a word we dare not speak", he wrote that, "The revolt in the Arab world is against not merely a resident dictator, but a worldwide economic tyranny, designed in the US Treasury and imposed by the US Agency for International Development, the IMF and the World Bank, which have ensured that rich countries such as Egypt are reduced to vast sweatshops, with 40 per cent of the population earning less than $2 a day. The people’s triumph in Cairo was the first blow against what Benito Mussolini called corporatism, a word that appears in his definition of fascism."

The corporatist "worldwide economic tyranny" that the AID, the IMF (which the US Treasury has the controlling 51% shareholding in), and the World Bank (whose biggest shareholder is the US Treasury, which owns 16.5% of the Bank, whose head is always a US Government appointee), impose on poor countries, does kill millions of children every year, as anti-poor nation poverty and hunger groups like Bono's and Bob Geldof's Make Poverty History point out, because it involves those countries being ordered to scrap food subsidies that allow their poorest people to eat, to reduce spending on healthcare which keeps their poorest people alive, to introduce fees for schooling and healthcare which eats into the budgets of their poorest people, to sell off their state owned utilities to rich country corporations, which leads to higher utility bills that further eat into the budgets of their poorest people, to open their countries' borders to cheap imports of subsidised rich country food, which drives poor country farmers into poverty and destitution, and, in the case of Malawi, to sell off grain reserves just before a famine, so it is entirely reasonable to describe the genocidal corporatist "worldwide economic tyranny" which causes those children's deaths every year as "fascism", because the Nazi Holocaust pales in comparison to the Megaholocaust which the AID, the US Treasury, the IMF, and the World Bank inflict on the world's poorest people, whether a Republican or a Democrat is in the White House.

The AID helps the US Treasury, the IMF, and the World Bank to kill millions of children every year by, for example, to cite one case from the past which is mentioned on pages 39-46 of John Pilger's book, "The New Rulers of the World" (Verso, London, 2003), designing an IMF and World Bank backed plan for Indonesia's new cheap labour, impoverish the poor "market economy", after General Suharto seized power in 1965 in a CIA backed coup, which, as Pilger pointed out on the same page, led to the slaughter of a million people (Communists and suspected Communists), who were massacred by Indonesian soldiers, with the help of machete wielding Muslim vigilante civilians.

John Pilger has described Pol Pot as "the Asian Hitler", but in fact he was the Cambodian Mao, and it would have been more accurate to describe the partly corporatist ideology General Suharto, who killed 200,000 of East Timor's 600,000 people, after he invaded and annexed that country, as "the Asian Hitler", because not only Benito Mussolini's, but also Adolf Hitler's ideology was partly corporatist.

That is why a section of pages 54-59 of "Power and Political Culture in Suharto's Indonesia: The Indonesian Democratic Party (PDI) and the Decline of the New Order (1986-1998)" (NIAS Press, Copenhagen, 2003) by Stefan Eklof, is headed "THE RISE OF STATE CORPORATISM", and why Andrew MacIntyre of the Asia Research Centre at Murdoch University in Perth, Australia, wrote an article in August 1994 about politics under Suharto which was called, "Organising Interests: Corporatism in Indonesian Politics", and which pointed out that, "...corporatism has been a central feature of political life throughout the New Order [Suharto] period."

Note that General Suharto copied the Nazi term "New Order" when he set up his CIA, AID, US Treasury, IMF, and World Bank backed dicatorship.

The involvement of the AID, and thus the CIA, in helping an "Asian Hitler" to impoverish his country's poor people, was not surprising of course. Former CIA officer Philip Agee has said that, "In the CIA, we didn't give a hoot about democracy...and I don't think it means a thing today."

That quotation was from an interview with Philip Agee that you can see in John Pilger's documentary "The War on Democracy", which pointed out that the AID had funded people who were involved in the failed far right coup against Venezuela's democratically elected left wing leader, Hugo Chavez.

John Pilger also pointed out in his already cited "New Statesman" article, that Ray McGovern, one of the CIA officers who prepared then President George W. Bush's daily intelligence briefing, told him in a 2003 interview just after the invasion of Iraq that, "The people running the [Bush] administration have a set of beliefs a lot like those expressed in Mein Kampf...these are the same people who were referred to in the circles in which I moved, at the top, as the 'crazies'".

There is nothing new about the US Government being run by "crazies" with "a set of beliefs a lot like those expressed in Mein Kampf" of course. In John Pilger's ITV documentary "Stealing a Nation", it was revealed that when the American and British Governments forced the Chagos Islanders off their islands so the Pentagon could build a huge base on one of them, Diego Garcia, the islanders were warned that if they did not leave the islands, they would be gassed in the same way that their dogs had been gassed (with the exhaust fumes from American military vehicles).

Until the Nazis built extermination camps like Auschwitz, one method which they used to kill Jews, was to gas them with the exhaust fumes from German military vehicles. The inventor of the Nazi gassing trucks, was the late Walther Rauff, who one of the CIA backed Latin American dictators who also "did not give a hoot about democracy", Chile's General Pinochet, refused to extradite to West Germany to stand trial for his role in the Holocaust. Rauff was in fact given an important job by Pinochet, who paid him to train the regime's originally DINA acronym secret police.

It is important for me to point out before I go any further, that as anyone who is familiar with the CIA's long history of orchestrating fascist military coups against democratically elected left wing governments in Latin America and other places is aware, the CIA is a covert fascist arm of the US Government, which is an important fact to remember when you are reading this article about a CIA front organisation's involvement in the origins of a disease which creates fascist type thinking, by repressing human sexuality.

The ideology of the US Government as a whole has been described as "friendly fascism" by, for example, the American band Consolidated, and it is true that US Presidents are like public relations men who present a friendly face to the world, while US intelligence agencies carry out fascist covert operations out of public view, and while the CIA and the US Treasury preside over the AID/IMF/World Bank Megaholocaust.

The best book to read if you want to understand that the CIA is a covert fascist arm of the US Government, is former US State Department official William Blum's extremely detailed and well researched "Killing Hope: US Military and CIA Interventions Since World War 2" (Zed Books, London, 2003), which discusses many examples of the CIA replacing democratically elected governments with fascist military dictatorships.

Another good book to read if you want to understand that the CIA is a covert fascist arm of the US Government, is Professor Noam Chomsky's and Edward Herman's "The Washington Connection and Third World Fascism" (South End Press, Boston, 1979). Chomsky is of course one of the world's 10 most quoted sources, along with "The Bible", Shakespeare, and Plato, and was famously described by a "New York Times" book reviewer as the world's top intellectual.

One country where CIA backed fascists came to power was Greece. On pages 330-331 of Pulitzer Prize winning "New York Times" journalist Tim Weiner's "Legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA" (Penguin, London, 2007), you can read:

"... the Greek [Colonels'] junta that seized power in April 1967, led by George Papadopoulos, a recruited CIA agent since the days of Allen Dulles...

""These colonels had been plotting for years and years", said Robert Keeley, later the American ambassador to Greece. "They were fascists. They fitted the classic definition of fascism, as represented by Mussolini in the 1920's: a corporate state [note again that the CIA was backing corporatists when it backed the Colonels], uniting industry and unions, no parliament, trains running on time, heavy discipline and censorship...almost a classic fascist ideal."

"...The CIA's Athens station argued that the [US] arms sales to the colonels "would bring them back to democracy", said Arthur K. Blood, a political officer at the American embassy. That was "a lie", Blood said - but "if you said anything critical about the junta, the CIA would explode in anger.""

It is also important for me to point out before I go any further, that the AID's past record proves that it is not a genuine development organisation, because the CIA has used it for covert operations which have nothing to do with development. For example, the June 30, 1975 ITV documentary, "The Rise and Fall of the CIA", part 3, which is on the third of the 3 DVD compilations of old "World in Action" programmes which have been released so far, discussed the CIA's use of the AID as a front which was used to run its guerilla war in Laos. The documentary was based partly on testimony from former AID employees Ron Rickenbach and Fred Branfman, who both worked in Laos while the CIA was using the AID as a front.

Former CIA Colonel John Stockwell has also revealed that the AID and the CIA have a strange idea of what constitutes development, because he pointed out that for about 25 years, CIA officers working under AID cover organised torture training for police and paramiltary officers, and that," In some cases former Nazi officers from Hitler's Third Reich were used as instructors." See pages 74-75 of John Stockwell's already cited book, "The Praetorian Guard: The US Role in the New World Order", to read about the AID and CIA using Nazi officers and torture training to "develop" poorer countries.

John Pilger is another writer who has revealed that the AID has a strange idea of what constitutes development, because he explained on page 484 of "Heroes" (Vintage, London, 2001) that, "...its [the AID's] Office of Public Safety trained local [El Salvador's] police in methods of 'combating subversion' i.e torture."

If you do not understand that the CIA runs front organisations like the AID, read former CIA officer Philip Agee's already cited "Inside the Company: CIA Diary", which includes a big list of Latin American CIA fronts in the back, and Philip Agee's already cited "Dirty Work: The CIA in Western Europe", which mentions other CIA fronts in Western Europe.

As I will prove in this article, HIV is a human infectious, low "virulence" strain of the pig disease African swine fever, which the Long Island, New York daily newspaper "Newsday" proved in 1977, that the CIA had covertly attacked Cuba's agriculture dominated economy with in 1971, by doing interviews with people who were involved in that attack. As I will explain later, the theory that AIDS was caused by ASF, was widely reported in major American media like the "New York Times" in the early 1980's, until an apparently different cause of AIDS, HIV, was discovered. In fact, the 2 diseases are one and the same disease in 2 different species, and doctors only do not realise that as they do not learn about animal diseases in medical school, as I will prove in very great detail, by comparing the symptoms and modes of transmission of ASF and HIV, by discussing Haitian peasants with AIDS who recognised that the disease they had was the same as the ASF disease which they had seen in pigs in the countryside, by discussing scientists who found pigs that tested positive for HIV, and people with AIDS who had ASF virus in their blood, as well as antibodies to ASF, and by explaining how AID personnel encouraged Haitian and Dominican Republic people to eat ASF infected pork at special markets for the poor.

It is usually assumed that food with HIV in it cannot infect people, but I will also cite scientific studies which prove that large quantities of ASF in a pig carcass can infect people, even after it has been cooked.

Three American medical scientists who suggested from 1983 onwards that African swine fever was involved in AIDS, Professor John Beldekas of the Department of Microbiology at Boston's School of Medicine, Assistant Professor Jane Teas of the South Carolina Cancer Center at the University of South Carolina, and Professor James Hebert of the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the University of South Carolina, said in a letter to the British medical journal "The Lancet", that the parallel symptoms between ASF in pigs and HIV in humans were: initial fever, loss of appetite, swollen lymph glands, appearance of skin lesions, immune suppression of T white blood cells, and "immune-mediated pneumonia".

You can read their letter to "The Lancet" in the March 8, 1986 issue, on page 564.

As some people are no doubt sceptical that ASF and HIV are the same disease, I will point out first of all that, "John Beldekas, a chunky forceful scientist at the Microbiology Department of Boston University's School of Medicine...had been working with Foscarnet, a Swedish drug which was showing interesting results with AIDS patients. He found that adding Foscarnet to the malfunctioning white blood cells of AIDS patients made them return to normal. In searching literature on Foscarnet he found that the drug was effective against African swine fever in pigs. It was actually rarely used because it was cheaper to slaughter infected pigs than treat them but the drug was effective nevertheless...John Beldekas started experiments in which he took samples from AIDS patients and mixed them with blood from pigs, finding the reaction in the pig blood was similar to its reaction when infected with ASFV [ASF virus]...He then tested the pig blood which had been infected with tissue from AIDS patients and found it positive for antibodies specific to African swine fever virus."

That is a quotation from pages 169-170 of "AIDS: The HIV Myth" (Macmillan, London, 1989) by Jad Adams.

Secondly, I will point out that a 2006 study by 11 doctors from a Paris hospital showed that, "foscarnet [their study report used a small "f"] markedly reduced plasma HIV load and improved immunological status."

You can read that study here, on this US National Institutes of Health website:

Foscarnet is already licensed for human use, as a herpes viruses medication, so clearly a lot more Foscarnet HIV medical trials need to be done on human patients by many medical scientists.

If the number of AIDS cases in the Dominican Republic and Haiti which had been reported to the World Health Organisation in 1986, is compared against other small Caribbean nations' totals, you can clearly see the result of AID officials telling people to eat pork which was infected with ASF. Jamaica had recorded 56 cases, Bermuda had recorded 75, and even the third largest number of cases in the region was only 227 in Trinidad and Tobago, which was a far lower total than the Dominican Republic's 504, and a far, far lower total than Haiti's 1374.

See the World Health Organisation's 1988 "Internal Medicine", World Report 3 (15): 9, to read those statistics.

As I have said, because the hand of US Government agencies is not visible in the African countries where the HIV pandemic started, I will not be discussing the origins of the disease in those countries in this article, but I will quote from an already cited letter which the 3 American scientists who argue that there is an ASF-AIDS link, John Beldekas, Jane Teas, and James Hebert, sent to the British medical journal "The Lancet", which published it on page 564 of the March 8, 1986 issue: "Epidemics of AIDS in Central and East Africa, Haiti and Brazil have all occurred after epidemics of new low-virulence strains of ASFV in pigs."

So pork which was infected with large quantities of ASF, must have also been eaten by some people in Brazil and the African countries.

If it sounds far fetched that anyone could be inhuman enough to use HIV as a weapon, I will point out that the late Dr. Benito Que, who was linked to "germ warfare", as the below "New York Times" obituary of him points out, "had been investigating how a virus like HIV could be genetically engineered into a biological weapon", to cite page 357 of "Inside British Intelligence: 100 Years of MI5 and MI6" (JR Books, London, 2009), by "Express" newspapers journalist Gordon Thomas, whose book was based partly on interviews with 3 former CIA Directors, and several other former British and American intelligence officers:

Benito Que was one of a number of scientists who worked on genetically engineering viruses who have died in recent years. Such research could theoretically be used to create germs which will only infect specific racial groups, like the main victims of HIV, black people, who the apartheid regime's Project COAST biological warfare scientists infamously wanted to cull, with genetically engineered germs which would only infect them.

This article in a Florida newspaper, "The Palm Beach Times", which mentions Que, who worked in Florida, at the University of Miami, talks about a North Korean biological warfare scientist, the late Dr. Ri Chae Woo, who, until he defected, was apparently researching how to genetically engineer a germ which would only kill white people:

Fear of HIV has massively altered human sexual behaviour, so as I have said, it seems likely that the CIA decided to start the HIV pandemic to make Western and Latin American public opinion, which had been drifting in a not only left wing, but also libertarian direction since the 1960's, because of that decade's "sexual revolution", sexually, and as a result politically more fascist, and thus authoritarian. The CIA's past record of supporting fascist dictatorships in Latin America, the Middle East, East Asia, Greece, and other places, is discussed in former US State Department official William Blum's already cited "Killing Hope: US Military and CIA Interventions Since World War 2", and the CIA was very concerned about libertarian "New Left" 1960's political organisations, which continued into the 1970's, and began its global Operation MHCHAOS operation against them, as this US Naval Institute webpage reveals, because it includes a review of a book by former CIA officer Frank Rafalko about MHCHAOS, which he was involved in:

Operation MHCHAOS, which was exposed by the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Seymour Hersh, on page 1 of the "New York Times" of December 22,1974, in an article which was headlined: "HUGE C.I.A. OPERATION REPORTED IN U.S. AGAINST ANTIWAR FORCES, OTHER DISSIDENTS IN NIXON YEARS", is often referred to as Operation CHAOS, but the MH prefix is crucial, because it signified that (like the HIV pandemic), the operation was global, as American journalist, and Academy Award winning documentary filmmaker John Friedman pointed out on pages 278-279 of his 2005 book, "The Secret Histories: Hidden Truths That Challenged the Past and Changed the World" (Macmillan, New York).

If you do not know that the CIA is interested in using animal diseases to infect people, I will point out that in a 1962 US Congress speech, Representative William Springer (Republican, Illinois), said of a new Chicago University centre which was doing research into zoonoses (diseases like African swine fever which spread from animals to people): "...The Defense Atomic Support Agency, the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, and the Central Intelligence Agency all see an urgent need for this kind of research and are enthusiastic about it. The CIA expressed surprise that a more serious effort in the zoonoses had not been made long ago." Springer's words were quoted by Seymour Hersh on page 255 of his book, "Chemical and Biological Warfare: America's Hidden Arsenal" (MacGibbon and Key, London, 1968).

I will also cite the 1975 testimony of former CIA Director William Colby to a US Senate committee chaired by Senator Frank Church, which was investigating CIA covert research and operations:

"CIA's association with Fort Detrick [the US Army biological warfare research laboratory in Frederick, Maryland] involved the Special Operations Division of that facility. This division was responsible for developing special applications for biological warfare agents and toxins. Its principal customer was the U.S. Army. Its concern was the development of both suitable agents and delivery mechanisms for use in paramilitary situations. It performed "certain research and development" in the laboratory facilities of the Special Operations Division of the Army Biological Laboratory at Fort Detrick."

You can read that quotation on page 19 of "Deadly Cultures: Biological Warfare Since 1945" (Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2006), which was edited by Mark Wheelis, Lajos Rozsa, and Malcolm Dando.

If you do not know that the CIA is not just interested in spreading animal diseases to people, but also in covert action, which is what secretly starting a disease pandemic is, I will firstly point out that the CIA has always been about covert action as well as intelligence gathering, which is why CIA legal officer Michael J. Barrett described covert action as, "special activity conducted abroad in support of national foreign policy objectives and executed so that the role of the government is not apparent or acknowledged publicly" (Michael J. Barrett, "Honorable espionage", "Journal of Defense and Diplomacy", February 1984, page 14); why a US Senate Committee described CIA covert action as, "clandestine activity designed to influence foreign governments, events, organizations or persons in support of US foreign policy conducted in such a way that the involvement of the US Government is not apparent" (US Congress, Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities, Final Report, Foreign and Military Intelligence, Book 1, 94th Congress, 2nd Session, April 26, 1976; the Select Committee's statement was cited on page 47 of "Dirty Work 2: The CIA in Africa" (Zed, London, 1980), which was edited by Ellen Ray, W. Schaap, K. van Meter, and Louis Wolf; and why the official document which mentioned the setting up of the Office of Policy Coordination, a covert action group under the control of the US National Security Council, which later became part of the CIA, stated that, "[covert] activities had to be so carefully planned and carried out that any US Government responsibility for them is not evident to unauthorized persons and that if uncovered the US Government can plausibly disclaim any responsibility for them." (Directive 10 /2, dated June 18, 1946, cited in Graham Yost, "The CIA", Facts on File, New York, 1989, page 24).

Some people might think it is odd that an intelligence gathering organisation like the CIA should be interested in altering human sexual behaviour for fascist, and thus authoritarian and right wing political reasons. So I will point out that the authoritarian and right wing former US President George H. W. Bush, who was the CIA Director from January 30, 1976 to January 20, 1977, told the American media that people should change their sexual behaviour as a result of HIV:

As the just cited "Chicago Tribune" article reveals, then President George H. W. Bush also displayed an authoritarian, right wing attitude to the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power protesters who demonstrated near his holiday home in 1991, for more government funding for AIDS research, and for better government policies to prevent and treat HIV infection.

The authoritarian and right wing, and thus inhuman attitude of the CIA men who started the HIV pandemic, is of course hardly surprising, as it is well known that the CIA is a right wing, and thus mostly Republican organisation. Other top Republicans of the early AIDS era were so inhuman, that they even laughed about the deadly disease. For example, as this transcript reveals, President Reagan's Press Secretary, Larry Speakes, joked about AIDS during a 1982 White House press conference:

As this article explains, President Reagan, who refused to even mention AIDS until 1985, and who throughout his Presidency refused US Centers for Disease Control requests for funds to fight the disease, also laughed about AIDS, when the "comedian" Bob Hope made a sick "joke" about it in 1986:

One man at the very highest level of the US establishment was also concerned about the libertarian New Left, which is why the Trilateral Commission, a North American, European, and Japanese banking, big business, and political elite group which was set up in 1973 by that man, David Rockefeller, Sr., the fantastically wealthy grandson of America's richest billionaire, the oil mogul John D. Rockefeller I, commissioned a publicly available as a book, 1975 report called "The Crisis of Democracy: Report on the Governability of Democracies to the Trilateral Commission", which criticised the kind of people who were involved in the New Left for making too many political demands of governments. More authoritarian, pre-1960's Old Left type people, mostly had little interest in, for example, women's rights and sexual freedoms, because authoritarian left wing people are far less humane than libertarian left wing people. If you read the 1975 report, which was partly written by the late Samuel Huntingdon, who is most famous for his book, "The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order" (Simon and Schuster, New York, 1996), it becomes clear that he and the Trilateral Commission elite have a strange, authoritarian concept of democracy, which does not involve ordinary people being given their rights.

As part 3 of Adam Curtis's 2007 BBC2 documentary series "The Trap" pointed out, President Reagan's idea of democracy was influenced by Samuel Huntingdon's shallow, authoritarian democracy idea, which did not even include the freedom to vote for the Old Left idea of redistributing land and wealth, never mind libertarian New Left ideas, which also involve many other societal changes.

You can watch part 3 of "The Trap" here:

The authoritarian Old Left was mostly only really interested in improving the lives of working class people, whereas the libertarian New Left, which only really emerged in the 1960's, was also interested in improving the lives of peasants, in more sexual freedoms, in improving the lives of women, and racial, sexual, and other minorities, and in environmental and animal protection, which means that it presents a much bigger headache for authoritarian, right wing, inhuman elites who believe in either fascism, or in an authoritarian democracy, both of which do not involve ordinary people being given any of those rights.

Perhaps David Rockefeller, Sr. partly became concerned about libertarian New Left groups as a result of the CIA telling him about them, because on page 559 of Cary Reich's 1996 biography of David's late brother Nelson, "The Life of Nelson A. Rockefeller: Worlds to Conquer 1908-1958" (Doubleday, New York), you can read a senior former CIA officer's statement that he and other CIA division chiefs, were ordered by David Rockefeller, Sr.'s "friend and confidant", then CIA Director Allen Dulles, to brief David Rockefeller, Sr. about covert CIA operations.

Allen Dulles was sacked by President John F. Kennedy in 1961, but it is possible that the CIA continued briefing David Rockefeller, Sr. into the libertarian New Left era, because of his position at the very top of the American banking and big business establishment, and because the Rockefeller Center, a complex of buildings in New York which had been built by David Rockefeller, Sr.'s father, John D. Rockefeller II, gave office space to the CIA's World War 2 predecessor agency, the Office of Strategic Services:

As I have said, when AIDS first emerged, there was some speculation in the US media, which I will discuss later, that it was the human form of a pig disease with the same symptoms and modes of transmission as HIV, African swine fever, and it is very, very unfortunate that that speculation tapered off when an apparently different cause of AIDS, HIV, was discovered, because HIV, the disease which people's immune systems cannot defeat, and ASF, which pigs' immune systems cannot defeat, are one and the same disease in 2 different species, which began to infect humans after Douglas MacArthur's request for funds to develop a new germ which the human immune system could not defeat.

As I will explain later, it is appears that genetic engineering was used to create the HIV strain of ASF, so the money which Congress gave to MacArthur, may well have been used to create the AIDS virus.

Former CIA Colonel John Stockwell, wrote on page 98 of his already cited "The Praetorian Guard: The US Role in the New World Order", which, as I have pointed out, had to be read and approved by a panel of CIA censors, who had to verify that Stockwell was not endangering national security, which is why part of page 103 of his book was censored: "[there] were secret [Project MKULTRA] experiments with swine fever, dingy fever, deadly diseases and psychedelic drugs on American and other population groups."

That is a very important statement, which the censors must have mistakenly thought had already been revealed by the 1970's US Congress enquiries into the CIA. Those enquiries uncovered CIA experiments on people with "psychedelic drugs", but never revealed that the CIA had infected people with diseases, because the US Senate enquiry under Senator Frank Church for example, allowed the CIA to decide which documents it showed to the enquiry, and which ones it hid, and for obvious reasons, the CIA did not want the world's press, which was paying close attention to the enquiries, to find out that it had been conducting secret Nazi/Japanese fascist war criminal type germ warfare research on no doubt unconsenting human "guinea pigs".

That "let the CIA decide which documents it brings to the enquiry" policy, allowed the CIA to use an intelligence agency strategy known as "limited hang out", which involves revealing relatively unimportant secrets, so the more important ones can be kept hidden, because the media and public assume that they have been given the whole truth, and stop asking questions. Limited hang out not only allowed the CIA to hide MKULTRA's germ warfare research on people, as it also allowed the CIA to say very little about MKNAOMI's germ, and chemical warfare research, and almost nothing at all about MKDELTA, which is the kind of operational project that the creation of the HIV pandemic would have been part of.

The US Congress enquiries also did not question the Pentagon about its role in what are often wrongly assumed to be solely CIA behavioural control projects. In fact, the Pentagon, which has far more money than the CIA, and which runs huge, and very secretive intelligence wings like the Defense Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency that dwarf the CIA, which is why former CIA Director Richard Helms once described the DIA as a "900 pound intelligence gorilla", was involved from the very beginning of such "CIA" research.

The American military research which Douglas MacArthur wanted funding for, has never been publicly exposed either, despite the fact that it was obviously an MKNAOMI type germ warfare project.

It is true that there is a disease with identical symptoms to ASF called classical swine fever, or hog cholera, but in his just cited quotation, John Stockwell was definitely referring to ASF, as on page 181 of his book, he mentions the CIA's use of ASF in a 1971 germ warfare attack on Cuban pigs, which was designed to damage the local economy's key agricultural sector.

As I have said, that germ warfare attack was exposed by the Long Island, New York daily newspaper "Newsday", in its January 9, 1977 article, "Cuban outbreak of swine fever linked to CIA", which was based on interviews with "US intelligence sources, Cuban exiles and scientists."

Although that article also only used the words "swine fever" in the title, it was of course about ASF, which is why the "San Francisco Chronicle", who decided to run the "Newsday" story the next day, reported that, "With at least the tacit backing of U.S. Central Intelligence Agency officials, operatives linked to anti-Castro terrorists introduced African swine fever virus into Cuba in 1971."

It now seems to be clear where the ASF which the CIA used to attack Cuba probably came from. As the April 2, 2004 CNN article, "The mysterious lab off New York's shore" revealed, the US Department of Agriculture laboratory on Plum Island in New York State, was jointly built by the USDA, and the US Army, who later handed control over the facility to the USDA. The laboratory was built in 1954, after the US Army formally transferred responsibility for US anti-animal germ warfare research to the USDA from Plum Island's Fort Terry on July 1 of that year, as pages 5 and 26 of the October 2003 article, "1669-2003: A Partial History of Plum Island", in the "United States Animal Health Association Newsletter" (Volume 30, Number 4) explained. The Plum Island germ warfare facility, which was handed to the Department of Homeland Security in June 2003, as the below US Department of Agriculture webpage explains, did do ASF germ warfare research, as the USDA webpage, and 5 other separate sources reveal:

The May 17, 1998 "New York Times" article, "Closely Guarded Secrets: Some Islands You Can't Get to Visit", the June 10, 1999 "New York Times" obituary of the USDA ASF expert William Hess, the January 8, 2002 "Wall Street Journal" article, "Bioterrorism Fears Revive Waning Interest in Animal Disease Lab", pages 225-228 of the already cited "Deadly Cultures: Biological Weapons Since 1945", which was edited by Mark Wheelis, Lajos Rozsa, and Malcolm Dando, and pages 45-48 of Michael Christopher Carroll's "Lab 257: The Disturbing Story of the Government's Secret Plum Island Germ Laboratory" (HarperCollins, New York, 2004), all say that ASF was researched at the Plum Island laboratory.

The May 17, 1998 "New York Times" story, which was about various privately, or government owned, restricted access islands off the coast of New York State, was based partly on information which had been gleaned from classified documents by the same Long Island, New York newspaper which exposed the CIA's ASF attack on Cuba, "Newsday", as the Plum Island section of the "New York Times" story, "Closely Guarded Secrets: Some Islands You Can't Get to Visit", pointed out that, "In 1993, Newsday unearthed previously classified documents on plans to disrupt the Soviet economy by spreading diseases to kill its pigs, cattle and horses. Most of the diseases studied, like African swine fever..."

If it sounds far fetched that a supposedly 100% civilian agency like the US Department of Agriculture could have been the source of ASF germs which were used to attack Cuba, I will point out that "Lab 257" also revealed, on page 7, that one of the "founding fathers" of the USDA's Plum Island anti-animal biological warfare laboratory, was Nazi germ warfare scientist Erich Traub, who had been brought to the US after World War 2, to continue the work he had done at a similar island laboratory, on Insel Riems in the Baltic Sea, and that a photograph of Traub in "Lab 257" is captioned: "The Nazi germ-warfare scientist was smuggled into the US in 1949 [as part of the already mentioned Operation PAPERCLIP] and worked with the CIA, Army, Navy, and USDA".

"Lab 257" includes a photocopy from the US National Archives and Records Administration, of the first page of Erich Traub's National Defense Program application to be included in Operation PAPERCLIP, which includes 2 photographs of him.

At the laboratory on Insel Riems, which Erich Traub was in charge of, he worked directly for SS chief Heinrich Himmler, as "Lab 257" pointed out on page 8, and the USDA's Plum Island laboratory was in fact modelled on Traub's laboratory on Insel Riems, as "Lab 257" explained on page 22.

Those facts did not seem to bother the USDA, as "Lab 257" revealed on page 10 that: "In fact the USDA liked him so much, it glossed over his dubious past and offered him the top scientist job at the new Plum Island laboratory - not once, but twice." On the same page, you can read that after Erich Traub turned down the USDA's offer to run their new germ warfare laboratory, and decided to work at a laboratory at Tubingen in West Germany instead, "USDA officials traveled to West Germany and visited his laboratory often", and that Traub, "visited Plum Island frequently."

Those facts also did not seem to bother the CIA, as "Lab 257" explained on pages 8-9 that, "Just months into his PAPERCLIP contract, the germ warriors of Fort Detrick, the Army's biological warfare headquarters in Frederick, Maryland, and CIA operatives invited Traub in for a talk, later reported in a declassified top-secret summary: ' Dr. Traub is a noted authority on viruses and diseases in Germany and Europe. This interrogation revealed much information of value to the animal disease program from a Biological Warfare point of view.'"

In fact, it was precisely the information which Erich Traub gave to his US Army and CIA interrogators about his Insel Riems laboratory which, "laid the groundwork for Fort Detrick's offshore germ warfare animal disease lab on Plum Island", as "Lab 257" pointed out on pages 8-9.

If it still sounds far fetched that a supposedly purely civilian organisation like the US Department of Agriculture should be involved in germ warfare research, I will cite a quotation from page 18 of "Deadly Cultures":

"Outside the Army, several other organizations and commands played roles in the [biological warfare] program: the Office of the Surgeon General, the Navy, the Air Force, the Public Health Service, the Department of Agriculture, the Department of the Interior, the National Academy of Sciences, and the Central Intelligence Agency."

Page 181 of former CIA Colonel John Stockwell's already cited book, "The Praetorian Guard: The US Role in the New World Order", reveals that the CIA's 1971 ASF germ warfare attack, was not the only terrorism and sabotage type behaviour that the Agency engaged in in Cuba: "For several years, the CIA attacked Cuba with a secret army, much like the Nicaraguan Contras, based in Florida. It introduced sabotage teams into Cuba, burned sugarcane crops, planted bombs in department stores, disseminated a plague of swine fever, and murdered and raped".

Hog cholera, or classical swine fever, has broken out in Cuba in the past, but as I have said, it is clear that John Stockwell's already mentioned statement about MKULTRA scientists testing "swine fever" on people, was talking about ASF.

The CIA had in fact allegedly attacked Cuba with germs as early as 1962. A Canadian agricultural technician claimed that the CIA paid him $5000 to infect Cuban turkeys with Newcastle disease that year during a vaccination campaign, but he also claimed that he had simply pocketed the money, and had thrown away the viral cultures that the CIA had given him, though that disease did break out in Cuban turkeys in 1962.

See the March 21, 1977 Washington Post" article, "Canadian Says U.S. Paid Him $5000 to Infect Cuban Poultry", and pages 188-190 of former US State Department official William Blum's already cited book, "Killing Hope: US Military and CIA Interventions Since World War 2", to read about the CIA's alleged Newcastle disease attack on Cuban turkeys.

Michael Carroll, the author of "Lab 257", explained on page 9 of his book, that his US Freedom of Information Act request, had revealed that although there is little publicly available information about Nazi germ warfare scientist Erich Traub's classified work for the US anti-animal biological warfare research programme, Traub's name did appear on 2 anti-animal studies, 1 which researched foot and mouth disease, and 1 which researched Newcastle disease. The actual studies themselves were classified though.

The US also planned to attack Cuba with germs in a much bigger way in 1962, according to page 54 of "Germs: Biological Weapons and America's Secret War" (Simon and Schuster, New York, 2001) by Judith Miller, Stephen Engelberg, and William Broad, which discussed the fact that if Cuba had been invaded in 1962 during the Cuban missile crisis, the Pentagon was planning to spread 3 diseases (botulism toxin, Venezuelan equine encephalitis, and Q fever) across the island, to make Cuban soldiers and civilians too sick to fight.

As some people are no doubt still sceptical that ASF and HIV are the same disease, before I start my discussion of ASF's and HIV's identical symptoms and modes of transmission, I will point out that even high virulence ASF, which does not cause AIDS, because, unlike low virulence ASF, it is too genetically incompatible with people, can allegedly make people ill, if they eat pigs which are infected with it, according to Jon Rappoport's "AIDS Inc." (Human Energy Press, San Bruno, California, 1988), which discussed Cubans reportedly getting sick after they ate pigs that the CIA had given high virulence ASF to in 1971.

I also ought to say at this point, that people should not really be surprised that one strain of a pig disease is causing AIDS, while another is not, because there is a second pig disease, swine flu, whose strains can be human infectious, or completely non-human infectious, because they are not genetically compatible enough with people. Just after World War One, a human infectious strain of that disease killed possibly as many as 25 million people worldwide. Swine flu threatened to break out globally again in the 1970's, when a number of soldiers at the US Army base at Fort Dix, New Jersey were infected with the disease, which led the then US President, Gerald Ford, to order a nationwide vaccination programme that was cancelled when a number of the early recipients died from the vaccine. The disease then killed more than 18,000 people in 2009-2010.

The man who was generally acknowledged as the world’s number one expert on ASF, the late William Hess of the US Department of Agriculture’s Plum Island, New York germ warfare laboratory, lists symptoms for ASF as: "stunting, emaciation, pneumonia, skin ulcers, arthritis, edematous swelling of joints and adjacent tissues. There may be recurring cycles of fever...".

See "African swine fever: a reassessment" in "Advances in Veterinary Science and Comparative Medicine" (Volume 25, 1981, pages 36-39), to read what William Hess says about ASF symptoms.

In that article, he was describing high virulence ASF, but his statement still applies to the low virulence HIV form. In Uganda, AIDS is called the "slim" disease, as victims become so thin, so the wasting of the body, the "stunting and emaciation [of pigs]", is the first parallel symptom between the disease in pigs and people.

A veterinary textbook, and a book published by the EEC, both state that pigs infected by ASF can get anorexia, a condition which leads to severe AIDS type weight loss, and a British Government leaflet on ASF, which was prepared so that farmers can recognise the disease states: "Sub-acute or chronic forms of disease may appear. These forms have milder appearance with lower mortality [or, in other words, they are low virulence HIV forms, which do not kill pigs so rapidly]. Chronically affected pigs are invariably stunted or emaciated."

See page 597 of "Veterinary Medicine: A Textbook of the Diseases of Cattle, Pigs, Goats and Horses" (Bailliere Tindall, London, 1979) by D. C. Blood, J. A. Henderson, and O. M. Radostits, and page 240 of "Coordination of Agricultural Research - African Swine Fever" (Commission of the European Communities, Luxembourg, 1993), which was edited by A. Galo, to read about ASF infected pigs' anorexia, and see the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food/Department of Agriculture and Fisheries for Scotland/Welsh Office, Agriculture Department, 1980 leaflet, number 708, "African Swine Fever", to read the just cited quotation.

Pneumonia and skin ulcers are the 2 most common AIDS symptoms, as I will explain in a moment; arthritis and joint swellings are also AIDS symptoms; and finally, fever is very common in AIDS cases, so everything William Hess says about pig ASF, also applies to human AIDS.

Except in Africa, a form of pneumonia, pneumocystis carinii (PCP), is the most common infection that affects AIDS patients, many of whom are killed by PCP. One book by Dr. John Starkie M.D. and Rodney Dale, "Understanding AIDS" (Consumers Association/Hodder and Stoughton, London, 1988), stated on page 57, that 94% of AIDS patients who entered hospital had PCP. Another book by Dr. Victor Daniels M.D., "AIDS: The Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome" (MTP Press, Lancaster, UK, 1986), claimed on page 41, that 60% of AIDS patients were infected by PCP, and a third book, Samuel Duh's "Blacks and AIDS: Causes and Origins" (Sage Publications, Newbury Park, California,1991), said on page 67, that 63% of European and American AIDS patients acquired that infection.

William Hess said in his just cited article, "African swine fever: a reassessment", which discussed ASF symptoms in pigs: "Pneumonia causes more than half the deaths...". An article by William Hess and another scientist in an EEC book about African swine fever, and about a similar disease with identical symptoms, classical swine fever, or hog cholera, Commission of the European Communities, "Hog Cholera/Classical Swine Fever and African Swine Fever: A Seminar in the EEC Programme of Coordination of Research on Swine Fever and a FAO [UN Food and Agriculture Organisation]/EEC Expert's Consultation of the Eradication of Classical and African Swine Fever, Held at the Tierärztliche Hochschule Hannover, Federal Republic of Germany, September 6-11, 1976 " (CEC, Directorate General, Scientific and Technical Information Management, Luxembourg, 1977), which was edited by B. Liess, talked on page 603 about, "the pneumonia that is often the ultimate cause of death in chronic ASF". The just cited Ministry of Agriculture "African Swine Fever" leaflet, says that pneumonia is one of the many disease symptoms. A British writer who thinks that ASF is involved in AIDS, David Black, mentioned the fact that pneumonia is a parallel symptom on page 175 of his book, "The Plague Years: A Chronicle of AIDS, the Epidemic of Our Times" (Pan, London, 1986), and also pointed out on the same page, that ASF infected pigs suffer from other opportunistic infections which take advantage of damage to the immune system, in the same way that AIDS patients do.

Another point that the same writer made on the same page of his book, was that one of those opportunistic infections, the purple skin ulcers that William Hess said were an ASF symptom, Kaposi’s sarcoma (KS), which are the second most common AIDS infection overall, though they are much more common in gay men than in other AIDS victims, look very similar on pigs who have ASF, and on humans who have HIV.

On the same page of his book, David Black also cited Dr. C. Prakash of the Ohio State University Agricultural Research and Development Center, as having said that gay men's KS skin ulcers, look particularly similar to KS skin ulcers on ASF infected male pigs who exhibit gay tendencies. There has been a major debate in the US about why KS is more common in gay men with AIDS, than in other AIDS patients.

The fact that pigs can suffer from KS when they are infected by ASF, is also revealed by page 163 of Susan Hulme's "Book of the Pig" (Saiga, Hindhead, UK, 1979), which says of ASF, that there might be a "purple rash" round the ears, buttocks and belly. The already cited book, "Veterinary Medicine: A Textbook of the Diseases of Cattle, Pigs, Goats and Horses" by D. C. Blood, J. A. Henderson, and O. M. Radostits, talks on page 597 of ASF in pigs producing, "Purple discolouration of the skin [which] may be present on the limbs, snout, abdomen and ears." The just cited Ministry of Agriculture "African Swine Fever" leaflet says: "Skin may develop a purple discolouration on ears and other extremities and also along the belly."

The same leaflet also states that diarrhoea can be a symptom when pigs are infected by ASF, as do D.C. Blood, J. A. Henderson, and O. M. Radostits, on page 597 of their just cited book, and page 163 of Susan Hulme's already cited "Book of the Pig". Diarrhoea is a common AIDS symptom which is the most common symptom in black Africa, as page 61 of Dr. John Starkie's and Rodney Dale's already cited "Understanding AIDS" points out.

There are 2 probable reasons why black African AIDS patients are so badly affected by diarrhoea.

Firstly, the fact that antibiotics, and other medicinal drugs, are very easily available over the counter from pharmacies in much of black Africa. As a result, those drugs were taken many times for repeated infections with sexual diseases by some people who were later infected by HIV, which, because those drugs can cause damage to natural digestive organisms that protect people from infections like diarrhoea, as well as to harmful disease organisms, means that black African AIDS patients are particularly prone to contracting diarrhoea.

That same problem affected some gay men in the US who were repeatedly treated for sexual diseases, which is why in the immediate pre-AIDS era, American doctors started talking about "Gay bowel syndrome".

The second reason why diarrhoea may be more common in black African AIDS cases then in AIDS cases in general, is that bowel infections may be more common in black Africa than in other places. Page 67 of an already cited book, Samuel Duh's "Blacks and AIDS: Causes and Origins", says of the relatively high percentage of black African AIDS patients who are infected by herpes simplex and 2 other diseases: "This is really a reflection of an association between endemic diseases and AIDS".

The same endemic disease reason, may well partly explain the relatively high percentage of black African AIDS patients who are infected by diarrhoea. "The Lancet" reported in June, 2010, that diarrhoea was in fact so endemic in black Africa, that it was the leading cause of deaths among children under 5. So it is not really surprising that diarrhoea seems to be more common in African AIDS cases than in pig ASF cases.

Brain disease is another symptom which both ASF infected pigs and HIV infected people acquire. HIV is a lentivirus, and brain disease is one of the symptoms which that sub family of viruses cause. Page 339 of "AIDS and the Nervous System" (Raven Press, New York, 1988), by Mark Rosenblum, Robert Levy, and Dale Bredsen, states that lentiviruses cause “encephalopathies”, or inflammation of the brain, as well as immune system damage. The authors explain that those symptoms clearly distinguish HIV from other human retroviruses, and place it in the lentivirus sub family. A 1987 National Anti-Vivisection Society pamphlet about AIDS, "Biohazard", points out on page 31 that, "HIV shows a tendency to attack the brains of its victims just like visna or kuru”, which are also both lentiviruses. A third source, pages 462-463 of an August 23, 1986 article in Volume 293 of the "British Medical Journal", says AIDS brain damage is very similar to the brain damage which is caused by kuru, as well as by scrapie and CJD, which are two other lentiviruses. A fourth source, page 71 of "Mobilizing Against AIDS" (Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts), by Eve Nichols of the US Institute of Medicine, which is part of the US National Academy of Sciences, says that, "When the lentiviruses infect domestic sheep, goats, and horses, one hallmark of the resulting diseases is progressive neurological impairment caused by the gradual death of brain cells."

In case anyone doubts that HIV is a lentivirus, or a disease of animals with hooves, such as pigs, I will point out that the genetic evidence proves that there can be no doubt that HIV is part of this sub family, as the just cited "Biohazard" pamphlet about AIDS, also points out that, “Most retroviruses contain only four genes, however, HIV has others which are only found in the lentiviruses.”

Luc Montagnier, the French researcher who discovered HIV first, found that it is a lentivirus by looking at it under an electron microscope, and examining its appearance. As American health industry entrepreneur, and former dentist Leonard Horowitz pointed out on pages 15-16 and 59 of his book about germ warfare, "Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola, Nature, Accident or Intentional?" (Tetrahedron, Rockport, Massachusetts, 1997), Montagnier acted on a suggestion from a laboratory colleague who was an animal disease specialist, and, "spent the night reading about equine [horse] viruses and was amazed at the similarities. LAV [as he then called HIV] had the same morphology [form], the same proteins, and even looked the same in the electron microscope pictures." Montagnier also found that his LAV had the same shape, proteins, and appearance as cattle viruses. Norbert Rapoza, a virologist who was employed by the American Medical Association, claimed in 1986 that, "...the original [HIV] virus may have come from a hooved animal - a cow or a pig...", while AIDS researcher Dr. Robert Strecker, M.D., has claimed that HIV looks like bovine lymphotropic virus combined with sheep visna virus, as the December 5, 1986 issue of "American Medical News" explained.

So as HIV is a lentivirus, it is not surprising that page 37 of Dr. Patrick Dixon, M.D.'s already cited "The Truth About AIDS" revealed that: "When examined after death, brains of people with AIDS all show significant damage due to destruction of brain cells by the virus."

The Pentagon removes HIV positive people from certain vital positions, because they fear brain damage might interfere with their jobs. Airlines have also been reported to be worried about their pilots not being able to fly their planes properly, because of HIV induced brain damage.

The 3 American scientists who argued that ASF is involved in AIDS, John Beldekas, Jane Teas, and James Hebert, also stated in their March 8, 1986 letter to "The Lancet", which was published on page 564, that, "Both AIDS and ASFV are characterised by encephalopathy [brain disease]." An already cited study which was done by William Hess, "African swine fever: a reassessment", found evidence of brain disease in pigs infected with both the high and low virulence strains of ASF. Page 597 of the already cited "Veterinary Medicine: A Textbook of the Diseases of Cattle, Pigs, Goats, and Horses" by D. C. Blood, J. A. Henderson, and O. M. Radostits, also states that "encephalitis" is an ASF symptom.

Coughing is a well known AIDS symptom. The same page of the just cited "Veterinary Medicine: A Textbook of the Disesases of Cattle, Pigs, Goats, and Horses", mentions the fact that coughing is also a symptom when pigs are infected with ASF. Talking of a "clinically mild", or low virulence form of ASF, page 743 of an EEC book on the subject, Commission of the European Communities, "Agriculture: African Swine Fever" (CEC, Luxembourg, Directorate General, Information Market and Innovation, Luxembourg, 1983), which was edited by P. J. Wilkinson, also states that the disease is accompanied by coughing. The EEC book mentions the fact that weight loss is another symptom when pigs are infected with ASF. It is a symptom in AIDS cases as well, which is why, as I have said, AIDS is nicknamed "slim" in Uganda.

Another parallel between human and pig infection with HIV/ASF, is immune system damage. I do not think that there is any need to discuss that symptom in AIDS cases, as it is widely known that HIV causes such damage. An EEC booklet on pig immune systems, Commission of the European Communities, "Seminar on Porcine Immunology" (CEC, 1976, booklet code number EUR 5450), said of ASF infection: "Disturbance of globulin [a protein found in animal and plant tissues] and antibody production until the end of the leukopenic period [a period where leukocyte white blood cells are decreasing abnormally] and the histological [tissue] alterations in the lymphatic system [an important part of the immune system] demonstrate that swine fever is obviously a disease of the immune system...". The lymph nodes are a central part of the immune system in both humans and pigs, and it is common for them to swell up in AIDS cases. Page 44 of an already cited EEC book on pig ASF, "Coordination of Agricultural Research - African Swine Fever", which was edited by A. Galo states: "Nearly all lymph nodes are enlarged and show peripheral reddening." One of the American scientists who argues that African swine fever is involved in AIDS, Jane Teas, was quoted on pages 37-38 of James Kinsella's "Covering the Plague: AIDS and the American Media" (Rutgers University Press, New Brunswick, New Jersey, 1989), as having said of ASF in pigs and HIV in humans: "these diseases behaved very much alike: they attacked the same cells in the immune system and destroyed them in similar ways."

It is also well known that HIV affects T and B white blood cells in the body’s immune system called lymphocytes. Page 3 of "The Epidemiology of AIDS" (Oxford University Press, New York, 1989), which was coedited by 2 US Centers for Disease Control researchers, Richard Kaslow and Donald Francis, states that the primary targets for HIV are "CD4+ lymphocytes and cells of monocytic origin." As we shall see, ASF heavily infects monocytes, which are also a type of white blood cell. Page 28 of a Dutch book which discusses ASF, "Virus Infections of Porcines" (Elsevier Science Publishers, Amsterdam, 1989), which was edited by M. B. Pensaert says, "The function of both B and T lymphocytes is affected."

Similarly, page 53 of the February 10, 1990 issue of "New Scientist" says, "Many investigators have found that T4 cells from apparently healthy individuals infected with HIV are abnormal in several ways. First, they cannot induce other immune cells called B lymphocytes to produce disease fighting antibodies." Page 119 of the just cited EEC ASF book, "Coordination of Agricultural Research - African Swine Fever", explains that there is a "decreasing of natural killer [cell] activity in infected pigs" (that statement is referring to white blood cells killing invading organisms), and that there is an "inhibition of T cell proliferation." Page 596 of the already cited "Veterinary Medicine: A Textbook of the Diseases of Cattle, Pigs, Goats, and Horses" by D. C. Blood, J. A. Henderson, and O. M. Radostits, states that ASF causes "... the massive destruction of lymphocytes, a characteristic result of infection with the virus of African Swine Fever."

Susan Sontag pointed out on page 105 of an edition of her "AIDS and Its Metaphors" which was issued in one volume with another of her books, "Illness as Metaphor" (Penguin, London, 1991), that in humans, HIV "hides" in a part of the immune system called macrophages, "even when the macrophages are filled almost to bursting with virus", and that they also, "serve as a reservoir for the AIDS virus, because the virus multiplies in them but does not kill them, as it kills T4 [white blood lmphocyte] cells." Many AIDS researchers have in fact been puzzled by the fact that so few lymphocytes are affected by the disease when it is doing so much damage, and macrophages are the solution to that riddle. A German scientist, Helga Rubsman-Waigmann of a Frankfurt medical research centre, the Georg-Speyer-Haus has written: "We get higher percentages of virus recovery from macrophages than lymphocytes. When I started working on AIDS I too was asking how you get a virus which kills when it infects only 1 in 10,000 cells. Macrophages provide hormones which allow the lymphocytes to grow. The knowledge that macrophages with all their involvement in other body systems are involved makes the relationship of HIV to AIDS much easier to understand." Her words were quoted by Jad Adams on page 217 of his already cited "AIDS: The HIV Myth". Page 7 of an already cited book which was coedited by 2 US CDC researchers, Richard Kaslow and Donald Francis, "The Epidemiology of AIDS", backs up Rubsman-Waigmann's opinion when it talks about, "macrophages, which serve as reservoirs of infected virus." Macrophages are classed as a subfamily of parts of the immune system called monocytes, and they also become infected in AIDS cases. Page 53 of the February 10, 1990 issue of the "New Scientist" magazine said: "Besides T4 cells, the principal cells that HIV infects are monocytes, which circulate in the blood and macrophages, which are monocytes that have migrated into body organs and taken on specific functions." Similarly, the just cited book which was coedited by Kaslow and Francis, talks on page 7 about, "Latent infection of monocytes/macrophages by HIV...".

Compare those statements to what William Hess, the number one authority on ASF, and D. E. Detray said about that disease in pigs in their 1960 article, "The use of leucocyte cultures for diagnosing African swine fever (ASF)", which was published on pages 317-320 of Volume 8 of the "Bulletin of Epizootic Diseases of Africa": "Replication of ASF virus in monocytes and macrophages is well documented." See also an article by R. C. Wardley and P. J. Wilkinson, "Lymphocyte responses to African swine fever infection", which was published in 1980 on pages 185-189 of Volume 28 of the journal "Research in Veterinary Science", to learn more about that subject. Pages 88 and 120 of an already cited EEC book on ASF, "Coordination of Agricultural Research - African Swine Fever", which was edited by A. Galo, talk about, "monocytes-macrophages, the natural target cells", and about the fact that, "The virus replicates in pigs' monocytes and macrophages...". Page 23 of the already cited book "Virus Infections of Porcines", which was edited by M. B. Pensaert says, "The virus replicates principally in the cells of the lymphoreticular system, both the fixed cells in the lymph nodes, liver and spleen and in monocytes and macrophages...a decreased total white cell count and marked reductions in both lymphocytes and mature neutrophil populations is observed." A final source, page 169 of the already cited "AIDS: The HIV Myth" by Jad Adams, echoes those statements: "African swine fever infects lymphocytes and macrophages which are key features of the immune system. Infected pigs suffer opportunistic infections because of their weakened immune systems...". Substitute "HIV" for "African swine fever", and "humans" for "pigs" in the above quotations, and they could come straight out of any book about AIDS.

Another similarity between pig ASF cases and human HIV cases, is the ability of "both" diseases to maintain themselves at low levels of virus concentration, and then later to reproduce more quickly. To cite pages 51-52 of the February 10, 1990 issue of "New Scientist": "With its intricate network of regulatory genes, HIV controls its own ability to reproduce. One key to this could be the nef gene, which makes a protein that some researchers believe suppresses the virus’s reproduction: it may allow the virus to remain latent or to exist at low levels, hidden from the immune system, for long periods. The nef gene may partially explain why a long and variable time elapses between infection with HIV and the appearance of disease." That article continues on page 53: "One of the most puzzling aspects of HIV infection is the fact that people infected with this virus may not develop symptoms of immune deterioration for many years. During that time, it is difficult to isolate HIV from an infected person’s blood."

The situation is exactly the same with ASF. In an article which was published over pages 178-190 of "Infectious Diseases of Wild Mammals" (Iowa State University, 1981), which was edited by J. W. Davis, L. H. Karstad, and D. D. Trainer, you can read: "The infection is characterized by low levels of virus in the tissues, mainly the lymphatic system, and low or undetectable levels of virus in the blood."

It has been claimed by a number of researchers, that HIV confuses the immune system, and causes it to produce the wrong king of antibodies to kill the virus. Compare that hypothesis to what the already cited "Virus Infections of Porcines", which was edited by M. B. Pensaert, says on page 27: "There is no difficulty in detecting specific antibodies but there is no evidence that these antibodies are capable of neutralizing virus infectivity." An already cited EEC book, "Coordination of Agricultural Research - African Swine Fever", which was edited by A. Galo, states on page 96 that, "one peculiarity of ASFV infection is the lack of induction of neutralizing antibodies, which has precluded the preparation of a conventional vaccine." Similarly, in US Department of Agriculture research which was also mentioned on page 27 of "Virus Infections of Porcines", the low virulence strain of ASF produced antibodies in most, but not all pigs. However, those antibodies were unable to neutralise the virus.

Other common AIDS symptoms which are found in pig ASF include, according to page 597 of the already cited "Veterinary Medicine: A Textbook of the Diseases of Cattle, Pigs, Goats, and Horses" by D. C. Blood, J. A. Henderson, and O. M. Radostits, "depression", and "weakness and incoordination." Those symptoms have been well documented in AIDS patients, some of whom are reduced to wheelchairs by "weakness and incoordination".

AIDS is a condition which wears the immune system down so much that all kinds of other diseases can ravage the body. Those diseases are not peculiar to AIDS, and include tuberculosis, KS, PCP, diarrhoea, brain disease, and so on. The same is true of ASF, which is why page 71 of the "Backyard Pig and Sheep Book" (Unwin, Old Woking, UK, 1987) by Ann Williams states: "[ASF] is difficult to spot because there are no symptoms peculiar to this disease".

The fact that ASF and HIV are both very genetically unstable, also helps to illustrate the fact that they are the same disease in different hosts.

The already cited EEC book "African Swine Fever", which was edited by P.J. Wilkinson, points out on page 246: "Small gel profiles of the ASF isolates V-6, Lisbon-60, Haiti and Brazil showed 92% (11/12) of the fragments in common (co-migrating bands) while the Dominican Republic isolate exhibited only 75% (9/12) co-migrating fragments." That genetic analysis was of 5 strains of ASF; the Brazil and Dominican Republic strains were from the same year, but there was only a three quarters genetic similarity between the two, and Haiti’s epidemic began at the very start of the year after these two countries’ epidemics, yet the Haitian and the Dominican epidemics were produced by strains which were only three quarters alike. Haiti and the Dominican Republic share the same island, and it was assumed that the 1978 Dominican Republic ASF outbreak led to the early 1979 Haiti outbreak, but the fact that there was such a large difference between the 2 strains, does not suggest that, and is in fact a puzzle.

The just cited article about the genetic mapping of 5 strains of ASF, concluded on page 252: "Clearly the ASF isolates Brazil, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Lisbon-60 and V-6 have characteristic and unique DNA restriction patterns", which backs up the idea that the Haiti and the Dominican Republic epidemics had separate origins, which, as CIA germ warfare, and not natural disease spread was the reason for those epidemics, is not surprising.

ASF's genetic instability is also discussed elsewhere in the just cited text. The book talks about, "the extensive antigenic and genetic variability observed in ASFV", and also states that, "The [DNA] genome of ASFV is considerably variable." See pages 115 and 182-183 to read those quotations.

Molecular biologist Gerald Myers, the head of the research team at Los Alamos National Laboratory in Mexico, analysed HIV with computers, and found 30 different strains of the disease, as the "Sunday Times" explained on September 13, 1987.

According to AIDS researcher Dr. Robert Strecker, M.D., all of the AIDS virus strains are "recombinant retroviruses", which means that they have the ability to recombine with the genes of any cell they enter, and that the new viruses which are then formed, are different from the parent viruses. Strecker claims that HIV has the mathematical ability to change itself 9000 to the power of four times, as health industry entrepreneur, and former dentist Leonard Horowitz pointed out on page 129 of his already cited book, "Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola, Nature, Accident or Intentional?".

Different strains of the AIDS virus have even been found in the same person, and HIV has been estimated to be five times more genetically unstable than even the influenza virus, which mutates so rapidly, that vaccination strains have to be changed every year. So a HIV vaccine would have to be changed every 2 to 3 months, which would be very difficult to arrange. That is presumably one of the reasons why the CIA chose HIV as their way of repressing human sexuality. They no doubt wanted to make sure that there would be no way of vaccinating against a disease which they wanted to use to permanently make people more fascist.

Even the 2 main HIV strains, HIV-1 and HIV-2, were only 42% alike genetically in 1986, according to page 212 of the already cited "The Epidemiology of AIDS", which was edited by CDC scientists Richard Kaslow and Donald Francis. When you compare that fact to the fact that the genes of a human and a gorilla are still more than 90 per cent the same after millions of years of divergence from a common ancestor, you can see just how genetically unstable viruses, and especially HIV are. Viruses are such simple disease causing agents, that they make poor copies of themselves when they reproduce. Even bacteria are known to change shape and size, according to an article about cancer viruses on page 24 of the October-November 1993 issue of "Nexus" magazine, and viruses are more simple disease causing agents than bacteria.

Because pig ASF is every bit as genetically unstable as human HIV, different strains of ASF have been found in the same animal. Jane Teas pointed out in a letter to "The Lancet", which was published on page 923 of its April 23, 1983 issue that: "Even within the pig different isolates may be apparent at different stages of the infection."

Those facts about HIV's/ASF's genetic instability, AIDS researcher Dr. Robert Strecker, M.D.'s assertions that all HIV strains are "recombinant retroviruses" which can recombine with the genes of any cell that they infect, and that the new viruses which are then formed are different from their parent viruses, and the following 3 opinions of medical doctors or a medical text, may explain the one significant difference between ASF in pigs and HIV in humans, which I will discuss in a moment.

Firstly, Dr. Robert Gallo, M.D., who was put in charge of the US Government's AIDS research programme, said in his letter to "Nature" magazine, "Genetic Origin of RD114 and Other RNA Tumour Viruses Assayed by Molecular Hybridization", which was co-written by D. Gillespie, S. Gillespie, J. L. East, and L. Dmochowski, and which was published over pages 51-54 of the July 11, 1973 issue, that a virus which jumps from one species to another, for example a virus which jumps from pigs to people, would be expected to have different foreign protein markers (antigens), or cell "fingerprints" in its new host species than was the case in its original host. That is because a virus, which is an unstable disease causing agent that can mutate rapidly, genetically adapts to the different types of cells which it enters, for example pig or human cells.

Secondly, it is important for me to point out that as Dr. Patrick Dixon, M.D., who has written 3 books about AIDS, for example "The Truth About AIDS" (Kingsway, Eastbourne, 1987), which was described by the "British Medical Journal" as, "A wealth of research and published material from medical and popular sources in a detailed and extensively referenced book", has explained, the quickest way of creating a major viral mutation, is to transfer a virus from one species to another, for example from pigs to people.

Thirdly, it is important for me to cite the following quotation from a pamphlet about AIDS that based its claim on pages 291-309 of a mainstream medical text, "Viral Oncology" (Raven Press, New York, 1980), which was edited by George Klein:

"The infectious viruses alter rapidly as they transfer from species to species, recombining with the host's genes and this obscures the virus's original host species. Inherited viruses from one species which have been transmitted to another species, infectiously or horizontally [by direct contact with an infected individual] or their excreta, will be related to but distinct from the original in many important respects including genetic structure."

You can read that quotation on page 7 of the already cited National Anti-Vivisection Society pamphlet "Biohazard".

So it is not at all surprising that although very genetically unstable HIV's hoofed animal origins are obvious, because it is a lentivirus, it has undergone a significant genetic change as a result of adapting to, and recombining with the genetically very different cells of its human host.

Page 116 of the already cited "Coordination of Agricultural Research - African Swine Fever", which was edited by A. Galo, states that, "Changes in ASFV-DNA...have been demonstrated after adaptation of the virus to different cell structures". People have very genetically different cells to pigs, so you would expect to see a difference in ASF's/HIV's genetic structure when the virus crosses to another species.

A book which was produced on behalf of the US Institute of Medicine at the National Academy of Sciences, includes evidence which backs up my argument that pig ASF, which is not a retrovirus, genetically mutating into the HIV retrovirus when it jumped to another species, is simply the result of that very genetically unstable virus adapting to, and recombining with the very different genetic structure of human cells. On page 55 of "Chemical and Biological Warfare" (Harrap, London, 1968), which was edited by Stephen Rose, you can read that, "All biologists are aware that one cannot argue from another species like guinea pig or pig to man", but on page 62 of the already cited Eve Nichols book for the US Institute of Medicine, "Mobilizing Against AIDS", you can also read: "The basic structure of the retrovirus is similar to that of other viruses: it consists of a tightly packed core of genetic material wrapped in a protective protein sheath." Also, the structure of all simple disease causing agents except retroviruses, is a DNA core which is surrounded by RNA, and a protein coat that then surrounds both of them. So RNA is already part of the structure of even non-retrovirus disease causing agents.

The only difference between RNA and DNA is one molecule in fact. RNA contains a sugar linked molecule called uracil, whereas DNA contains a thymine molecule, as page 66 of health industry entrepreneur, and former dentist Leonard Horowitz's already cited "Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola, Nature, Accident or Intentional?" pointed out.

HIV reproduces in people by converting its RNA, which is the messenger to translate DNA into the proteins for life, into DNA, and then back again into more RNA, whereas ASF reproduces in the other direction, by converting its DNA into RNA, and then back into DNA, which is why it is not a retrovirus. That is an important fact, but evidence I will cite in a moment, proves that the "2" viruses are still exactly the same disease in 2 very genetically different species, whose genetically very different cells alter the virus, when it adapts to, and recombines with them.

It is quite possible that CIA scientists were also aware of the difference between ASF in pigs and HIV in humans that I have just mentioned, and realised that it would help to conceal the origins of HIV. The only way that those scientists could have learned about that difference, is of course through the human experimentation with "swine fever" that former CIA Colonel John Stockwell mentioned on page 103 of his already cited "The Praetorian Guard: The US Role in the New World Order".

It is also quite possible that the victims of that CIA human experimentation, were dosed with a genetically engineered form of a low virulence ASF strain, which first appeared when a 1960's vaccination campaign in Angola went disastrously wrong, and gave the pigs a never before seen form of ASF. As I explain in my manuscript, that Angolan strain almost certainly became HIV-2, which is regarded as a distinctly different strain to HIV-1, after people ate pigs which were infected with the new HIV-2 form of ASF. HIV-2 is a less virulent strain than HIV-1, so HIV-1 was quite possibly genetically engineered by mixing the genes of HIV-2 with the genes of a high virulence strain, to produce a strain with a virulence somewhere in between the two. It is possible that various "mixes" of HIV-2 and more virulent strains were firstly run through human cells in culture to see if those mixes would infect people. It is also quite possible that once human cells in culture had been infected, the experiments on people with "swine fever" that John Stockwell mentioned would have started, to verify that those test subjects could sexually transmit a deadly disease which would scare people into living more sexually repressed lives.

The fact that pig ASF, and human HIV, share the same symptoms and modes of transmission, are the most important reasons why they are the same disease, despite the fact that when it spread from one species to another, the disease underwent an important change in genetic structure.

Another point that ought to be made about HIV being a retrovirus in people, and ASF being a non-retrovirus in pigs is this. Genetic classifications which scientists make are often quite arbitrary. For example, the fruit flies that are frequently used in genetic research, are often classed in the same scientific family (or collection of species), even though their DNA can differ by 20%. HIV-1 and HIV-2 are genetically only 42% alike, but are the same virus we are told. Humans and gorillas share more than 90% of their DNA, yet they are classed as 2 separate species.

So it is not surprising that, as page 566 of "Black's Veterinary Dictionary" (A and C Black, London, 1992), which was edited by Geoffrey West, and page 87 of the already cited "Coordination of Agricultural Research - African Swine Fever", which was edited by A. Galo reveal, ASF was once genetically classified in the iridovirus family, but has also been classed as a pestivirus. ASF is now classified in a family of its own, and is believed to be more closely related to the poxvirus family than to the iridovirus one. ASF's current classification was made by the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses.

HIV has also not always been classed in the same family of viruses that it is in now. It was initially classed as a type C virus, as M. Sakali, S. D. Parker, R. A. Weldon, and E. Hunter pointed out in their article, "Synthesis and assembly of retrovirus gag precursors into immature capsids in vitro", which was published in June 1996, over pages 3706-3715 of Volume 70, Issue 6 of the "Journal of Virology".

The fact that page 116 of the just cited "Coordination of Agricultural Research - African Swine Fever", states that, "the molecular basis and biological consequences of the ASFV variability are poorly understood", clearly suggests that scientists do not understand properly what happens to ASF's structure when it goes through its continual changes. The genetic change which that disease goes through when it changes from a DNA virus in pigs, to an RNA virus in people, has to be part of that "poorly understood" "molecular basis".

The fact that HIV is classed as a lentivirus, or, in other words, a hoofed animal virus, reveals more about the pig origins of that disease in people, than the flawed research of scientists who classify ASF with pestiviruses, iridoviruses, or in its own family.

As I have pointed out, AIDS researcher Dr. Robert Strecker, M. D., claims that hoofed animal diseases resemble HIV, which further illustrates where HIV came from originally. For example, in his "The Strecker Memorandum", a document which is available from the author, he says that the cattle diseases bovine leukaemia and bovine visna, are caused by viruses which have the exact same shape, molecular weight, and magnesium dependency as HIV. Strecker also states that HIV is known to be a relative of equine infectious anaemia virus, and capri arthritis encephalitis virus, two retroviruses which infect 2 hoofed animals, horses and goats respectively. The horse disease was formerly known in the US as swamp fever.

ASF and HIV also share the same modes of transmission. The 3 American scientists who argue that ASF is involved in AIDS, stated in their letter to "The Lancet", which was published on page 564 of its March 8, 1986 issue, that "both" diseases could be spread through exposure to infected blood, blood products, and semen.

Page 218 of the already cited EEC book,"Coordination of Agricultural Research - African Swine Fever", which was edited by A. Galo, includes the following statement about ASF's modes of transmission: "The greatest by contamination with blood from acutely infected pigs and by the transfer of the virus from one farm to another in syringes, needles... ". Blood is of course the easiest way to transfer HIV, which is why so many haemophiliacs, and patients having operations, were infected before screening for HIV was introduced by blood banks.

Another study of ASF transmission, "The epizootiology of African swine fever in Africa", by W. Plowright, J. Parker, and M. Pierce, which was published on December 13, 1969, over pages 668-674 of Volume 85, Issue 24 of the British Veterinary Association's journal, "The Veterinary Record" stated, "excretion occurs through salivary and coital fluids...the virus is transmitted... from males to females during copulation." The same is of course true of HIV.

The already cited Ministry of Agriculture leaflet "African Swine Fever", also includes urine, faeces, nose and eye secretions, the pig carcass, food, water, clothing, premises, equipment, and even airborne transmission, but this last mode, "is not considered a major hazard." However, that leaflet is talking about the high virulence version of ASF, and in that form, the disease can survive much better in the open air than low virulence strains, which cannot infect other pigs through the air. HIV cannot spread from one person to another through the air either of course. HIV has been found in low concentrations in tears and urine. As I will explain in a moment, it is clear that the low virulence HIV version of ASF, can survive in infectious amounts in even cooked pig meat carcasses for a certain time, when large quantities of it are used to infect a pig, as scientific research into the survivability of large quantities of HIV which I will discuss later proves.

Before I move on to discussing discoveries of ASF antibodies in the blood of HIV infected people, I ought to point out that veterinary literature warns that it is difficult to find ASF antibodies, and particularly antibodies to the low virulence strains. William Hess, the number one scientist in the ASF field, said that diagnosis should be based on the presence of the virus, not antibodies. He also cautioned on page 49 of his already cited article, "African swine fever: a reassessment", that, "no single test can be expected to find the virus under all conditions", and that, "a comprehensive test series is necessary." On the same page of the same article, Hess also pointed out that the direct immuno flourescence (IF) test for ASF antibodies is unreliable: "two or three years ago 80% of positive cases could be confirmed by direct IF on tissue smears or sections; this figure is now [his article was written in 1981] around 30%." Page 186 of an already cited EEC book on ASF, "Coordination of Agricultural Research - African Swine Fever", which was edited by A. Galo, says of this same test, that for the "subacute" or low virulence HIV form of ASF, the test had become only 40% accurate by 1983. So top ASF experts agree that ASF tests can be very faulty. There is the same problem with HIV tests, for example the fact that HIV-1 strain antibody tests have not all proved reliable at detecting antibodies to the HIV-2 strain.

HIV and ASF are both good at confusing people's and pigs' immune systems so they produce the wrong antibodies, as I pointed out earlier, which explains why tests for those "2" diseases find it so hard to detect the right antibodies.

Secondly, pigs sometimes do not produce antibodies at all when they are infected by ASF. The already mentioned USDA research that was mentioned on page 27 of the already cited "Virus Infections of Porcines", which was edited by M. B. Pensaert, showed that most pigs infected with a low virulence strain of ASF produced antibodies, but some did not.

Similarly, people with AIDS sometimes produce no antibodies to HIV, as I will explain in a moment, though in some cases, PWA's with no HIV antibodies may in fact be infected with syphilis instead of HIV, as Robert Ben Mitchell proved in his very important book, "Syphilis As AIDS" (Banned Books, Austin, Texas, 1990), which used quotations from, and references to numerous often very old medical texts, to highlight the similarity between tertiary, or advanced syphilis symptoms that modern doctors rarely see, because syphilis is of course curable with penicillin, and AIDS symptoms. As Mitchell explained, that has led some doctors to wrongly diagnose tertiary syphilis patients who could be cured with penicillin, as AIDS patients.

However, many of the HIV positive people who produce no antibodies, will have immune systems which will be being confused by ASF/HIV, in the same way that pigs’ immune systems are. The already cited National Anti-Vivisection Society pamphlet "Biohazard", which quotes from many medical sources, discusses the fact that some AIDS victims produce no HIV antibodies on page 2: "the virus [HIV] has been isolated from people who show no antibodies at all." Page 12 of an already cited book which was coedited by 2 CDC researchers, Richard Kaslow and Donald Francis, "The Epidemiology of AIDS" states: "... persons acutely infected with HIV may not have generated sufficient amounts of antibodies to be detected yet high titers [amounts/numbers] of virus and virus infected cells can be detected". Of course, as that second quotation reveals, in cases where no antibodies at all are detected, the person may simply have produced some, but too few to be detected.

Ironically, the standard test which is used for ASF, is the same one which is used as the standard HIV test, or the enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), although that test is also used for other animal diseases, and there are variations on the same basic technology.

Having pointed out the fact that there are problems with finding ASF antibodies, as there are with finding antibodies to that disease under its human name, HIV, I can discuss how ASF antibodies have been found in PWA's, and also how HIV antibodies have been found in pigs. Several tests for ASF antibodies were carried out in Belle Glade, Florida, the town in the US which then had the highest percentage of AIDS cases per person. Those tests were done by John Beldekas, who not surprisingly had become very interested in the ASF-AIDS link after his Foscarnet research, which is why Beldekas tested ten pigs in Belle Glade, and found that one tested positive for ASF.

He also found that all of the pigs he tested were positive for HIV antibody. His results then generated media attention all over the USA, for example in the "New York Times" of May 24, 1986, June 1, 1986, and June 17, 1986.

After John Beldekas found ASF, and HIV antibodies in Florida pigs, he then teamed up with Jane Teas, another of the 3 already mentioned American scientists who argues that there is an ASF-AIDS link. Teas's ASF-AIDS link theory was as a result published in a letter to the British medical journal "The Lancet", on page 923 of the April 23, 1983 issue.

John Beldekas, Jane Teas, and several US and European researchers, then asked the USDA and the CDC if they would investigate the ASF link to AIDS. By now, some people at the CIA must have been getting very worried, but luckily for them, the USDA refused to investigate the link, and the CDC publicly dismissed the idea, though it privately ran a study which found a few positives for ASF antibodies in the blood of AIDS patients. The CDC declared that those positives must have been a mistake. The fact that they did these tests, only emerged as a result of a Congressional enquiry. Teas was quoted on page 173 of the already cited "AIDS: The HIV Myth" by Jad Adams as having said: "I strongly object to their decision not to publish their information along with their methodology and results." As the American gay newspaper the "New York Native" pointed out in an article in its May 5-19, 1985 issue which cited the "New York Post" as its source, Dr. Peter Drotman, a CDC official, "stopped investigation of the pig disease even though its only study found that a few AIDS patients tested positive for the pig virus."I can't prove that it's not" a cause of AIDS conceded Drotman, who said that the CDC's $18.7 million of AIDS funds were needed to study HIV." So it is possible that the USDA influenced the CDC's decision not to publish their results, because the two organisations were in contact over the matter. As page 39 of James Kinsella's already cited "Covering the Plague: AIDS and the American Media" pointed out, when the CDC started their ASF tests, the "New York Native" wrote: "As the "Native" went to press, it was learned that the CDC in Atlanta had contacted the [USDA's] Plum Island [germ warfare] facilities to request certain specially designed and treated microbiological glass slide and cover slips necessary for studying aspects of ASFV."

It is not surprising that the, as I have already explained, germ warfare, CIA, and Pentagon linked USDA, whose no doubt closely linked to CIA germ warriors employees were, as I will explain later, involved in the creation of the HIV pandemic, refused to investigate the ASF link to AIDS.

As I have already explained, the USDA was happy to work with Nazi biological warfare scientist Erich Traub.

Secondly, as I have also already explained, it was happy to model its Plum Island germ warfare laboratory on Traub's laboratory.

Thirdly, as I have already explained as well, the Plum Island laboratory was the probable source of the ASF which the CIA used to attack Cuba in 1971.

The involvement of USDA employees in the covert operation to create the HIV pandemic, would not exactly be surprising for 3 reasons.

Firstly, because it became public information during the Iran-Contra scandal, that USDA employee Buster Horton, had been part of a secret US Government task force, the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Continuity of Government, which also included Iran-Contra covert operative Oliver North. FEMA has been given the power to suspend the American Constitution, and to set up a dictatorship in the event of a national emergency.

Secondly, copies of the CIA's own declassified documents, which were sent to former US State Department analyst John Marks, show that it has a formal liaison agreement with the USDA, and that the USDA has helped it to carry out behavioural control experiments. As I have said, HIV was clearly started to alter people's sexual behaviour, to make them more fascist.

The CIA's formal liaison agreement with the USDA, was explained in the CIA document # A/B, 1, 34/4, June 26, 1953, "Subject: Mushrooms - narcotic and poisonous varieties", and in the CIA document [number illegible], April 13, 1953, "Subject: Interview with cleared contacts", which were cited on pages 113 and 222 of "The Search for the Manchurian Candidate: The CIA and Mind Control" (Allen Lane, London, 1979), by former US State Department analyst John Marks.

Thirdly, as pages 305-306 of David Wise's "The Invisible Government" (Bantam, New York, 1964) reveal, when the CIA needed donations for a ransom which Cuba's dictator, Fidel Castro, was demanding for the return of CIA agents who had been taken prisoner during the CIA's Bay of Pigs attempted invasion of Cuba, the USDA donated 15 million pounds of dried milk, and 20 million pounds of shortening towards that ransom.

So it is also not exactly surprising that the USDA did some very suspicious things when the possibility of an ASF-AIDS link was proposed, for example harassing John Beldekas, and ordering him not to talk to the media for "national security reasons", as the "Washington Post" revealed in its October 7, 1985 "US said to squelch AIDS swine study" article, which explained what happened when Beldekas went to tell the USDA about his test results.

"National security" is a term reserved for military, secret service, or generally secret government matters, and that is exactly what it means in this case, as will become clear. A comparison can be made with unsuccessful US Freedom of Information Act requests to the CIA for documents, where the request is refused for reasons of "national security".

That "Washington Post" article, which was by the nationally syndicated journalist Jack Anderson is not online, but it was printed on the same day, with a slightly different title, by another American newspaper, "The Deseret News", and can be read here:,3164456

Nor is it exactly surprising that, according to John Beldekas, USDA officials refused to release the results of 1983 tests for ASF which they had carried out on Florida pigs. See page 54 of the Winter 1988, 29th issue of a magazine which was founded by former CIA officer Philip Agee, "Covert Action Information Bulletin", and which was renamed "Covert Action Quarterly" in 1992, to read that fact.

The fact that the part of the creation of the HIV pandemic USDA was refusing to release the results of 1983 tests for ASF which it carried out on Florida pigs, quite possibly means that they found some positives. ASF is a very serious disease, particularly in its high virulence form, which would have had major repercussions for the American pig industry if it had spread from Florida. In Britain, for example, farmers who even think that their pigs have ASF, must alert the police. When ASF broke out in Cuba, whole areas were put into quarantine, and road blocks were set up. So why did the USDA conceal those results?

Finally, after journalists like Jack Anderson, and Charles Ortleb of the "New York Native", became involved in John Beldekas's and Jane Teas's requests to the USDA for ASF testing materials, small samples of reagents to ASF (chemicals which reveal the presence of the disease), were given to Beldekas, so he could do tests, as the "Washington Post" revealed on October 7, 1985, in its article, "US said to squelch swine study".

John Beldekas, Jane Teas, and Professor James Hebert then tested the blood of AIDS patients and healthy people, and revealed their results in a letter to "The Lancet", which was published on page 564 of its March 1986 issue. The 3 scientists found that 47 per cent of AIDS patients' blood, and 6 per cent of healthy people's blood, tested positive for ASF antibodies. In their letter, they state that they were given direct immunofluorescence test materials by the USDA. I explained earlier, that that test had become only 30% effective by 1981. So the finding of even 47% positive results is very significant, as is the fact that so many more AIDS patients tested positive than healthy patients. The fact that some healthy people tested positive, is another sign that the direct immunofluorescence test is unreliable.

The fact that USDA employees gave John Beldekas test materials which were known to be only 30% effective, is particularly significant, as the 1981 article which said that that test was only 30% effective, was written by the world's number one authority on the disease, William Hess, who worked at the USDA's Plum Island laboratory. 1981 was 4 years before the USDA gave Beldekas the testing materials, which means that they could hardly have been unaware that the test was very unreliable. So the USDA employees who gave him the testing materials, may have been trying to sabotage his results. The USDA obviously did not want to hand over any testing materials, and were only forced to when journalists became involved, so they may quite possibly have decided that at least faulty testing materials would yield inconclusive results.

John Beldekas found that 9 out of 21 PWA's, and 1 out of 16 healthy controls, tested positive for the ASF virus itself, not for ASF antibodies. On a note of caution, he wrote to "The Lancet" in the letter which was published on page 564 of its March 8, 1986 issue: "Since African swine fever virus infects only an estimated one per cent of macrophages at any one time, large sample sizes, special target assay systems, and several tests may be required to show ASFV and AIDS are really related." The far higher number of positives among PWA's, again suggests that Beldekas had at least partially revealed the truth.

Jane Teas also sought help from 7 nations' health ministries, but unfortunately, none of them offered to help.

British health authorities agreed to help at first, but withdrew after the USDA intervened, as pages 171-172 of the already cited "AIDS: The HIV Myth" by Jad Adams, and page 54 of the Winter 1988, 29th issue of "Covert Action Information Bulletin", which was founded by former CIA officer Philip Agee pointed out. Yet again, we can see that the USDA was behaving very suspiciously. Why was it so concerned about more testing to see if ASF was infecting AIDS patients?

More proof that the USDA was trying to stop John Beldekas and Jane Teas, was provided by the late William Hess, who worked at the USDA's Plum Island laboratory. When he was asked by a British writer who believes that ASF is involved in AIDS whether it was correct, as he had heard, that there was a meeting at that laboratory where it was decided to sabotage the efforts of these 2 researchers, Hess said, "There wasn't a meeting, it was just someone at my level saying the work shouldn't go on." As Hess was the world's leading ASF expert, he was presumably a senior figure at Plum Island, which suggests that the man he was talking about was also at a high level. Hess went on: "I was making statements that the work of looking into an ASF-AIDS link should be done. It warranted further research and I don't think they were able to do it with the facilities they had [Hess was of course not aware of the real reason why other USDA officials were trying to stop Beldekas and Teas]. They should have gone after the virus, until you have isolated the virus all you've got is a relationship. The serological [blood] studies are inadequate."

See pages 171-172 of the already cited "AIDS: The HIV Myth" by Jad Adams to read those quotations.

The "Boston Globe" and the "New York Times" continued to cover the ASF-AIDS story, but then the Pasteur Institute in Paris discovered HIV, which diverted media attention from ASF, though the ASF theory still continued to gain some attention in the US, which is why it was mentioned on National Public Radio for example.

When John Beldekas became involved with the ASF issue, one way that USDA officials tried to pressurise him to stop his investigation, was by accusing him of endangering the profitability of the American pork industry, as pages 171-172 of the already cited "AIDS: The HIV Myth" by Jad Adams explained. He received 2 separate visits from USDA officials, one to take samples and inspect his findings, and the next to tell him how dangerous what he was doing was for the American pork industry. However, as we have already seen, the USDA refused to publish the results of its 1983 ASF tests of Florida pigs, which quite possibly means that the results included some positives. So it was quite possibly USDA officials who were endangering the profitability of the American pork industry. The truth of this whole affair, would of course have been far more damaging to the USDA than any pork industry problems.

Page 174 of the just cited "AIDS: The HIV Myth" by Jad Adams, quoted John Beldekas as having said of his experience at the hands of the USDA and the CDC: "There's a tremendous resistance here to pursue unorthodox scientific ideas, even though we had good solid proof. It was just excluded without any reason. They thought it was a bad idea. They accused Dr. Teas of having wrong thinking, they accused me of being a lunatic fringe scientist in addition to being an out of the closet homosexual. There was a political and scientific agenda to prevent this going further...It wasn't the [profitability of the] pork industry either. We never mentioned the pork industry. The farmers weren't upset because we were talking about pork causing AIDS, we were talking about an animal virus but, if you're trying to discredit somebody, you use all different types of means. The idea there was a threat to the pork industry was just another way of putting pressure on us." Beldekas did not realise the real reason that USDA officials were trying to stop him of course.

Before I start to explain how the CIA created ASF epidemics in Haiti and the Dominican Republic in 1978-1979, I will cite the following 2 quotations about biological warfare. The first one is from "Twenty-First Century Germ Warfare", an article in the US Air Force's "Air and Space Power Journal", which was written by US Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Robert P. Kadlek. You can read that article here, on this US Air Force website:

In paragraph 6 you can read:

"Using biological weapons under the cover of an endemic or natural disease occurrence provides an attacker the potential for plausible denial. In this context, biological weapons offers [sic] greater possibilities for use than nuclear weapons."

What he was saying first of all, was that if you start germ warfare epidemics under the cover of what appear to be endemic or natural disease outbreaks, you can plausibly deny responsibility for starting them. Secondly, he was saying that if you use germ warfare under the cover of what appear to be endemic or natural disease epidemics, you have more opportunities for using biological warfare than nuclear weapons, whose use cannot be hidden.

As we shall now see, hiding germ warfare under the cover of a supposedly natural disease epidemic, is exactly how the CIA used ASF as a germ weapon. Unless you investigate the Dominican Republic and Haitian ASF epidemics properly, they appear on the surface to be natural, which is of course how the creators of those epidemics wanted them to seem.

The second quotation, is from page 54 of another book about germ warfare, the already cited "CBW: Chemical and Biological Warfare", which was edited by Stephen Rose:

"...there still exist dangerous infections where control is not yet very efficient, either because of the difficulty of diagnosis, as is the case with some virus disease, or because we do not have sufficiently efficient preventive vaccination or therapeutic measures...It must be assumed that precisely these microbial agents will find favour in a potential attack."

The CIA's ASF/HIV operation used an animal disease which even veterinarians, never mind doctors, can find difficult to diagnose and treat, and which it is very difficult to create a vaccine against, because HIV/ASF is so genetically unstable.

The CIA also no doubt knew that animal disease outbreaks are not as closely studied as human disease outbreaks, and of course knew that veterinarians and doctors would not expect ASF to infect people, because that disease is wrongly believed never to infect human beings.

The first time that the CIA used ASF as a weapon, was, as I have said, its 1971 attack on Cuba, where it used a high virulence strain of the disease, which kills pigs very quickly, and which leads the authorities to slaughter huge numbers of them to stop the spread of the disease. That germ warfare attack caused massive financial damage to Cuba's largely agricultural economy. According to the January 10, 1977 issue of "The Guardian", Cuban pork production had to be stopped for 4 months as a result of that ASF outbreak. As I pointed out earlier on in this article, it was the Long Island, New York daily newspaper "Newsday" which first exposed the CIA's 1971 ASF attack on Cuba. It reported on January 9, 1977, after numerous interviews with "US intelligence sources, Cuban exiles and scientists", that in early 1971, a US intelligence agent, "was given the [ASF] virus in a sealed unmarked container at Fort Gulick, a US Army base in the Panama Canal Zone".

Anti-Cuban covert operations at least used to be organised at Fort Gulick, and that base also used to house the US Army's School of the Americas, which acquired a notorious reputation in Latin America, because so many of its graduates went on to stage coups in the region, possibly as, like SOA graduate Panama's General Manuel Noriega, they had been recruited by the Pentagon's Defense Intelligence Agency when they were studying at what became known in Latin America as the "School of Coups" ("Escuela de Golpes"). The School of the Americas has since been moved to the US (to Fort Benning in Georgia).

The agent who was given the container of ASF at Fort Gulick, was reported in "Newsday" of January 9, 1977, to have said that he was given instructions to turn the container with the virus over to an anti-Castro group. "Later", the container was taken to Cuba, and in late March, it was given to other agents on the southern coast, near the US Navy base at Guantanamo Bay.

"The Guardian", which picked up the story the next day, reported that the "numerous interviews" on which "Newsday" based its story, took place over four months. It also said that the virus was given to agents near the Guantanamo base by a fishing trawler which had received it from an anti-Castro group, who had received it in turn from the CIA agent who had been given it at Fort Gulick. That complicated chain, is typical secret service strategy, as it ensures that no low ranking agent who is involved in an operation knows too much, and that no low ranking agent is able to tell the media, or any enemy power, about a whole operation. Complicated secret service chains of that type are known as "need to know". Low ranking people are only told what is necessary, and only the top people know everything about a particular operation. So "Newsday" did very well to piece together such a complex web of intrigue. "The Guardian" article quoted a man on the trawler who had been trained by the CIA, and who had carried out previous missions for them, as having said that he saw no CIA officials on the boat which gave him the virus. However, he said: "We were well paid for this and Cuban exile groups don't have that kind of money". They are very unlikely to have access to African swine fever virus either.

The "Guardian" article also stated that the CIA had said: "We don't comment on information from unnamed and at best, obscure sources", when asked what they thought of the story. It is well worth examining what "no comment" statements mean when they are used by CIA officers, and other US Government officials. On page 333 of his already cited book, "The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence", which was co-written with former US State Department analyst John Marks, former CIA officer Victor Marchetti wrote that, "During the 1950's the agency was extremely wary of any formal relations with the media, and the standard answer to press enquiries was that the CIA does not confirm or deny published reports". That kind of reply tends to bring an end to a media story. If an angry denial is given, it can sometimes create more publicity, as a newspaper has something to write about in that case. "No comment" is not much of a story. My claim that the CIA was trying to bring an end to the story by not commenting on it, is bolstered by evidence which suggests that "no comment" is standard procedure in other parts of the American Government.

Other examples of US Government officials refusing to comment on "CBW" (chemical and biological warfare) stories like the CIA's ASF attack on Cuba, include for example an article in the "New York Times" of July 23, 1969, which reported that the West German magazine "Der Stern" had said that the US had four nerve gas depots in West Germany. The US Seventh Army, which was based there, refused to comment on the story. An American Embassy spokesman in Bonn said, "We never confirm or deny these things". Does that mean that such officials are instructed to refuse to comment unless a scandal gets too big, and requires a statement to try to bring it to an end? A West German Government spokesman said that they knew of no gas, but 12 days later, the West German authorities admitted that there was American nerve gas on its territory.

After a 1968 nerve gas accident at the US Army's Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah, when thousands of nearby sheep died, the "New York Times" of March 21, 1968, reported that Tom Donelly, the Information Officer at Dugway at the time, had given "no comment" as his statement to the media. The next day, the same newspaper reported that the US Army was still refusing to comment. The next year, on May 21, the "New York Times" reported that during a US Congress House of Representatives subcommittee hearing on open-air testing of gas, the US Army finally, and with great reluctance, admitted that its nerve gas had killed the sheep at Dugway, but only after it had made a series of evasive statements over the previous 14 months.

In 1975, it was reported that US Congress Representative Les Aspin had accused the US Army of trying to get around the Congressional "ban" on the production of nerve gases, and had cited advertisements that they had placed for bids to manufacture the two components of a binary nerve weapon system.

The "New York Times" of December 26, 1975, reported that the US Army had refused to comment on Les Aspin's claim. The proof that they were trying to evade the ban, is of course the adverts.

So in each of the 3 CBW cases I have cited, "no comment" was an attempt to cover up the truth. An example of a case in which refusing to comment was not enough, is a 1969 story in "Der Stern", which explained that a West German Army General was so horrified by US plans for nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare in Europe, that he sent them to the magazine, and killed himself. In that case, the suicide had created a more serious scandal, and so a denial was given by American officials, who claimed that the plans were a Communist counter intelligence ploy to make NATO distrust the West Germans.

According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, US officials subsequently confirmed that the plans were in fact genuine, but claimed that they were obsolete.

See page 229 of the SIPRI book, "The Problem of Chemical and Biological Warfare", Volume 2 (Almquist and Wiksell, Stockholm, 1971), to read about that episode.

The 1971 Cuban ASF epidemic, was the first outbreak of that disease in the Western Hemisphere. The disease had been confined to Africa until 1957, and there were only epidemics in Spain and Portugal during the next 14 years, so animal disease experts were puzzled by why the disease had broken out in Cuba. The "United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO)/World Health Organisation (WHO) Animal Health Yearbook, 1972", stated on page 179 that, "The source of the infection appears to be still unknown."

High virulence ASF also hit Cuba in 1976, and led the authorities to slaughter huge numbers of pigs for a second time, as Jane Teas explained in her letter to "The Lancet", which was published on page 923 of its April 23, 1983 issue. That second Cuban epidemic, was only the second time that the disease had broken out in the Western Hemisphere.

The Director of Central Intelligence (DCI), or head of the CIA, from January 30th, 1976 until January 20, 1977, was, as I have pointed out, a certain George H. W. Bush. Page 3 of the Winter 1990, 33rd issue of the "Covert Action Information Bulletin" magazine which former CIA Officer Philip Agee founded, reported that the man who became DCI after Bush, President Carter's old US Navy friend, Admiral Stansfield Turner, commented on Bush's time at the CIA: "The reason why they had great love for George Bush [at the Agency] was that he let them do whatever they wanted. He came in and said "What do you want to do?" And then he said, "OK, go ahead and do it." Was Cuba's 1976 outbreak of ASF one occasion when Bush allowed his employees to do "whatever they wanted"? Pages 632 and 635 of John Ranelagh's "The Agency: The Rise and Decline of the CIA" (Weidenfield and Nicolson, London, 1986), and page 70 of Brian Freemantle's "CIA" (Michael Joseph/Rainbird, London, 1983), are 3 other places where you can read about how popular Bush was at the CIA: "I [Admiral Stansfield Turner] found Bush was tops for CIA people. They loved him. He was just the kind of director they want. He did exactly what they wanted him to. They run the agency". Secondly, a senior CIA analyst said Bush, "was pretty popular with the pros in the CIA". Thirdly, you can read: "Today, Bush remains one of the most highly respected and admired Directors in the Agency's history: there even exists an unofficial organization known as the "Bush League", consisting of former CIA officials who regularly travel from all over the world personally to brief the Vice-President on intelligence."

George H.W. Bush is so keen on the CIA, that he was also holding meetings with top CIA officials after he was sacked from his DCI job by President Carter in 1977. The "Washington Post" of August 10, 1988, revealed that there were, "several occasions in 1978-79 when Bush was living in Houston and traveling the country in his first run for the Presidency that he set aside periods of up to 24 hours and told aides he had to fly to Washington for a secret meeting of former CIA directors." As 1978-1979 is the period when the CIA were creating the HIV pandemic, were those "secret meetings" to oversee the creation of that pandemic? If not, what were they about? What was so important that only former Directors who were no longer even on the CIA payroll could discuss it?

Not surprisingly, when George H. W. Bush came to run for the White House, initially as a candidate for the Republican Party Presidential nomination against Ronald Reagan, the "Washington Post" commented on March 1, 1980: "Simply put, no presidential campaign in recent memory - perhaps ever - has attracted as much support from the intelligence community as the campaign of former CIA director George Bush". His campaign team allegedly included over 25 ex-CIA officers. Angelo Codevilla, who was one of Bush's earliest supporters for the White House, informed a Congressional committee that he was "aware that active duty agents of the Central Intelligence Agency worked for the George Bush primary election campaign [when George Bush was competing against Reagan for the Republican Presidential nomination]". Codevilla later changed his statement from "I am aware..." to "I have heard...", because serving CIA personnel are banned from working for political campaigns, which meant that Codevilla had originally admitted that he definitely knew that active duty CIA personnel were working for Bush, which perhaps meant that he was complicit in their illegal campaigning, and could possibly as a result have faced prosecution if he had not changed his statement.

See pages 1112-1114 of "Unauthorised Transfers of Nonpublic Information During the 1980 Presidential Campaign", Report Prepared by the Subcommittee on Human Resources of the Committee on Post Office and Civil Service, House of Representatives (US Government Printing Office, Washington DC, 1984), to read Angelo Codevilla's testimony.

In January 1980, ASF broke out in Guantanamo province in Cuba, where the US naval base is. Guantanamo province is at the end of the island which is nearest to Haiti, so the Cuban authorities believed that the disease had arrived with refugees from there, who sometimes bring animals with them. Strict quarantine of all disease affected areas in Cuba was enforced, as there had been a state of emergency in the eastern provinces since the disease was reported in the Dominican Republic in 1978, and a state of alert elsewhere. During the 1980-81 Cuban epidemic, pigs were burned after being killed, and all of their remains were buried. In total, 170,000 pigs died from ASF, or were slaughtered to stop the spread of the disease, which again damaged the economy badly. Stringent disinfection of farms, and if necessary, burning of buildings was carried out.

The most important point about the 6 Western Hemisphere epidemics in Cuba, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and Brazil though, was made on page 53 of the Winter 1988, 29th issue of former CIA officer Philip Agee's "Covert Action Information Bulletin", which discussed various theories that claimed AIDS was the product of US germ warfare: "...there was a major difference between Cuba and its sister Western Hemisphere nations [Brazil, the Dominican Republic, and Haiti] in the handling of the slaughtered pigs. [All Cuban pigs which were diseased, suspected of being diseased, or in contact with diseased pigs were killed.] Under the direction of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), the other 3 nations encouraged their populations to eat the pork". The same page of the same issue of the "CAIB" explained that in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, a multi-media campaign which stated that the infected pig meat was safe to eat, was produced in cooperation with the AID. After that campaign, special markets for the poor to buy ASF infected pork were organised in cooperation with local authorities by the USDA and the AID.

As the already cited EEC book "African Swine Fever", which was edited by P.J. Wilkinson, revealed in its pages 17-23 EEC Agricultural Commission epidemic report, the Dominican Republic Government marketed some of the pigs which were slaughtered through the Institute of Stabilisation of Prices. The pigs were, "to be sold through programmes of "popular sales" at low prices for the low-income section of the population".

Basing its article about African swine fever on a report by the United Press International news agency, the American (New Hampshire) daily the "Nashua Telegraph", reported on page 12 of its October 7, 1980 issue that, "Meat from diseased [ASF infected] animals can be eaten", and that, "The [Dominican Republic] government distributed [ASF infected] poultry to help feed rural families before they could be given new hogs."

You can read all of that newspaper article here:,1257263

Not surprisingly then, 1986 World Health Organisation (WHO) AIDS statistics, which were reported in the WHO's 1988 "Internal Medicine", World Report 3 (15): 9, revealed that: the tiny Dominican Republic, which then had a population of about 7 million, had already recorded 504 cases; that only tiny Haiti, which then also had a population of about 7 million, and 1374 recorded AIDS cases, and 3 countries with far bigger populations, the USA, Canada, and Mexico, had recorded more cases in the North America and the Caribbean areas; and that only large population Brazil had recorded more cases in Latin America.

While in the Dominican Republic and Haiti, the special ASF infected pork markets for the poor, ensured that HIV cases primarily involved poorer people, in Brazil, early AIDS victims tended to be wealthier people, who are more able to afford meat, including pork, than poorer Brazilians.

The very promiscuous gay bath house culture of the pre-AIDS era US, explains the higher American total. A lot of American tourists visit Mexico and Canada, a lot of Canadian tourists visit the US and Mexico, and a lot of Mexican migrant workers travel to the US, which explains the higher numbers of AIDS cases in those 2 countries which border the US. I will explain the reason for Haiti's higher total in a moment, when I discuss the origins of the HIV pandemic in that country, where people were, as I have pointed out, encouraged by AID officials to eat ASF infected pig meat, and told that they would not catch the disease by eating it, as "Covert Action Information Bulletin" pointed out on page 53 of its Winter 1988, 29th issue.

If the number of recorded AIDS cases in the Dominican Republic and Haiti which had been reported to the World Health Organisation in 1986 is compared against other small Caribbean nations' totals, you can clearly see the result of USDA and AID officials telling people to eat pork which was infected with ASF. Jamaica had recorded 56 cases, Bermuda had recorded 75, and even the third largest number of recorded cases in the region was only 227 in Trinidad and Tobago, which was a far lower total than the Dominican Republic's 504, and a far, far lower total than Haiti's 1374.

Again, see the WHO's 1988 "Internal Medicine", World Report 3 (15): 9, to read those statistics.

It should also be noted, that as Laurie Garrett's already cited "The Coming Plague: Newly Emerging Diseases in a World Out of Balance" explained on pages 296-297, one of the very first AIDS cases in the US, was a 30 year old woman from the Dominican Republic, who died in 1979 with pneumonia and profound immunodeficiency at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York. As she was a poor housewife with no history of drug abuse or prostitution, she seems to have been someone who bought infected pig meat at special AID/USDA markets for the poor.

So how did ASF get into the pigs which gave Dominican Republic and Haitian people AIDS? I will explain how the pigs seem to have been infected in a moment.

It is important at this point to prove that the CIA and the USDA would have been able to infect people who ate the pork which was sold at the special markets for the poor with low virulence ASF, by using large quantities of the virus. In the normal run of things, cooked meat cannot infect people with the HIV strain of ASF, but if pigs are infected with large quantities of the disease, it clearly can, as I will now prove.

Three medical studies have proved that the CIA and the USDA would have been able to infect people with large quantities of ASF HIV. The first one, which you can read about on page 73 of the already cited "Understanding AIDS" by Dr. John Starkie and Rodney Dale, and also on pages 1887-1891 of Volume 255, Number 14 of the April 11, 1986 issue of the "Journal of the American Medical Association", was done by the Dutch Red Cross, who infected blood samples with large amounts of HIV, to test the effectiveness of pasteurisation. After eight hours of pasteurisation, which involved heating blood to 56 degrees centigrade, the infectiousness of the HIV in that blood had been reduced by 10,000 times; after 72 hours, its infectiousness had on average been reduced by 100,000 times, but by up to 10 million times. However, intensive testing showed that there was still enough virus left to infect people. Because they had used a large amount of HIV to do that experiment, they concluded that pasteurisation should nevertheless prevent HIV transmission, and that is no doubt true if you are dealing with the far smaller amount of HIV which is found in an HIV positive person. If a large quantity of ASF was used to infect Haitian and Dominican Republic pigs though, the story would have been very different, because if enough of a large amount of virus to infect someone was still present after 3 days constant heating, enough could still have been present after perhaps a couple of hours' cooking in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, even if it had taken some time to transport the infected meat from where the pigs were slaughtered, to the special markets which the USDA and the AID helped local authorities to set up to sell the meat.

You can read about the second test which proved that HIV can survive for a long time in water in the same just cited article in the April 1986 issue of the "Journal of the American Medical Association". Researchers put large amounts of HIV into water, and found that there was still enough virus to infect someone 2 weeks later. They also found after they put large amounts of virus into dry dust, that there was still enough virus to infect someone after 7 days. Finally, they also found that after 7 days, there was still enough virus to infect someone in a dish in which they had put a large amount of HIV. The scientists found as well, that large amounts of virus which they put into water and pasteurised, took at least three hours to die off, so again we can see how meat which had been cooked in water, could still have been infectious after perhaps a couple of hours' cooking.

The third test, which was cited by Dr. Robert Strecker, M. D., in his already cited "The Strecker Memorandum", was a French experiment in which researchers showed that HIV could live in a petri dish for 10-14 days.

This "New York Times" article also states that, "... the African swine fever virus has been known to survive cooking...":

As pages 66-67 of the already cited "Coordination of Agricultural Research - African Swine Fever", which was edited by A. Galo explained, the official American Government regulations regarding ASF and processed pork, which were presumably drawn up in consultation with the USDA, state that such pork has to be heat treated to an internal temperature of 69 degrees C, and that 400 days must elapse before it can enter the US after such processing.

As the same book pointed out on pages 67-68, in Belgium, heat treatment has to involve the whole processed pork product being heated at 60 degrees C for at least 4 hours, and at 70 degrees C for 30 minutes of that.

Neither of those 2 national regulations will be based on the assumption that the infected animals will contain large, abnormal quantities of virus.

You can be sure that the CIA's ASF human experimentation, which former CIA Colonel John Stockwell revealed on page 103 of his already cited book, "The Praetorian Guard: The US Role in the New World Order", discovered precisely how much virus had to be injected into pigs to ensure that people would be infected by it after they ate cooked pork.

Quotations from 2 more books help to back up the idea that cooking would not kill off all of a large amount of ASF, and that it would leave enough virus to infect someone.

Page 596 of the already cited "Veterinary Medicine: A Textbook of the Diseases of Cattle, Pigs, Goats, and Horses" by D. C. Blood, J. A. Henderson, and O. M. Radostits states: "The [ASF] virus is highly resistant to putrefaction, heat and dryness and survives in chilled carcasses for up to 6 months."

Page 566 of the already cited "Black's Veterinary Dictionary", which was edited by Geoffrey West, says ASF is, "...resistant to heat, drying, and putrefaction" and that it, "... can survive in smoked or partly cooked sausage and other pork products."

If we return to the origins of the Dominican Republic ASF epidemic again, we find that a vaccination programme for hog cholera was responsible for starting an epidemic of ASF, which has identical symptoms to hog cholera, as I explained earlier. An EEC Agricultural Commission epidemic report stated on pages 17-23 of the already cited EEC book "African Swine Fever", which was edited by P.J. Wilkinson:

"In February 1978 the Central Veterinary Laboratory [in the Dominican Republic] received the first samples from pigs that had died with symptoms like those of hog cholera. According to the limited information received, there were not many cases. During March and April the number of samples submitted increased; breeders and veterinarians became concerned because pigs that had been vaccinated or treated with anti-hog cholera serum were dying. The hispathological lesions were similar to those of hog cholera.

"The School of Veterinary Medicine of the Autonomous University of San Domingo... carried out post mortem examinations and biological tests in pigs immunised against hog cholera and reported the suspected presence of African swine fever in the country. Tissue and blood samples were then sent to the Plum Island Animal Disease Center (PIADC) which confirmed that ASF was in the country on 6th July, 1978".

That epidemic report reveals that a contaminated with ASF, hog cholera vaccine was responsible for starting an ASF epidemic. There cannot be any doubt about that fact, as low virulence ASF broke out in pigs "spread throughout the country" according to the same report, and low virulence ASF does not spread through the air, unlike its high virulence relative. There was almost no time for it to spread sexually, so the hog cholera vaccine is the only possible explanation for that epidemic.

An already cited January 8, 2002 "Wall Street Journal" article about the USDA's Plum Island germ warfare laboratory, "Bioterrorism Fears Revive Waning Interest in Agricultural Disease Lab on Plum Island", revealed that hog cholera was researched at the Plum Island laboratory, so it may well have been the source of the suspiciously contaminated with ASF, hog cholera vaccine which was used in the Dominican Republic vaccination campaign, because, as I will explain in a moment, Jane Teas found that in Brazil, the USDA vaccinated pigs for hog cholera, and started an ASF outbreak in the process.

While I have been unable to find proff that the USDA was the source of the contaminated with ASF, hog cholera vaccine which started ASF in Dominican Repubic pigs, the fact that the USDA was the source of the contaminated with ASF, hog cholera vaccine which started ASF in Brazilian pigs, the fact that Plum Island did research hog cholera and ASF, the fact that, as the below USDA webpage admits, the USDA was involved in slaughtering ASF infected pigs in the Dominican Republic, and the fact that if a big country like Brazil had to call in the USDA to help it to deal with a hog cholera epidemic, surely a small country like the Dominican Republic would also have had to call in that organisation, suggests to me that the USDA was the contaminated vaccine source:

The Dominican Republic Government responded to its ASF epidemic by forming the High Level Commission for the Eradication of African Swine Fever. The just cited EEC book continued its pages 17-23 account by revealing that, "With advice of consultants from USDA, FAO, UNO [United Nations Organisation] and AID," over 190,000 pigs were killed. "Dominican Republic Government noted total eradication of the pig population meant (a) Disruption of the marketing of pig products making the country more dependent on the foreign market...(c) Direct losses to pig producers...In December 1978 an agreement was signed between the Agency for International Development (AID) and the Dominican Republic Government to establish a fund of US$27 million of which $6.2 million was to be provided by the AID (including a donation of $0.2 million) and $20.85 million by the Dominican Republic Government. From this $20 million was to be paid to affected pig producers in compensation."

The already cited UPI/"Nashua Telegraph" article about ASF, also reported that the AID gave financial help to the Dominican Republic authorities, which further proves that a CIA front organisation involved in the Dominican Republic at a time when local pigs had been infected with an AIDS like disease:,1257263

The AID personnel who put together the multi-media campaign with USDA officials which said that the ASF infected pig meat was safe to eat, must surely have been CIA officers working under AID cover. The CIA would have wanted to use the AID as a cover for two reasons. Firstly, people in the Dominican Republic would have definitely been suspicious of a multi-media campaign which was known to have been put together by the CIA, who have a very bad reputation in Latin America. Secondly, so that the CIA's role in the origins of the HIV pandemic, would not be detected if anything went wrong with the covert operation to start it.

If we turn to the origins of AIDS in Haiti, it should first be noted that an article by 3 USDA scientists confirms that Haiti's epidemic was low virulence, as does the letter from the 3 American scientists who argue that there is an ASF-AIDS link, which was published on page 564 of the March 8, 1986 issue of "The Lancet". In their letter, they stated: "Epidemics of AIDS in Central and East Africa, Haiti and Brazil have all occurred after epidemics of new low-virulence strains of ASFV in pigs."

The next point to make about the Haitian epidemic, is that Jane Teas was reported in the December 17-30, 1984 issue of a gay newspaper, the "New York Native", to have said: "In Haiti, ASF broke out following a vaccination program." So was the USDA also responsible for creating an ASF epidemic in Haiti when it did a vaccination there?

I have also been unable to find proof that the USDA was the source of the hog cholera vaccine which gave the Haitian pigs ASF, but again, if a big country like Brazil had to call in the USDA to help it to deal with a hog cholera epidemic there, surely a small country like Haiti would also have had to call in that organisation.

One piece of evidence which reveals that the ASF outbreak in Haiti did not happen because of the disease spreading naturally from the Dominican Republic, is this statement in the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation/World Health Organisation 1978 Animal Health Yearbook, which was published in 1979: "In January 1979 [in Haiti]...the first cases [of ASF] were recorded with high mortality in an area near the frontier." I have already shown that the Dominican Republic epidemic was low virulence, yet, as that statement proves, the Haitian epidemic was initially high virulence, as such "[rapid] high mortality" is only found in epidemics of the high virulence strains. Pigs can take a very long time to die when they are infected by the low virulence strains, for the same reason that people can take a very long time to die when they are infected by HIV, though usually ASF infected pigs are slaughtered fairly quickly. The Haitian epidemic later became low virulence, but this early high virulence phase shows that it could not have spread from the neighbouring country, as a low strength Dominican Republic strain does not suddenly increase in virulence just because it supposedly crosses something as artificial as a political border. So presumably the hog cholera vaccination campaign in Haiti was started near near the Dominican Republic border.

It is true that the Dominican Republic epidemic began as a high mortality, high virulence strain, and then became low virulence, but that fact actually reinforces the idea that ASF did not spread from the Dominican Republic to Haiti; the epidemic was first noticed in the Dominican Republic in February 1978, as we saw earlier, and yet it was not seen in Haiti until January 1979, well after the Dominican Republic epidemic had become low virulence. So to fit the official scenario, ASF would have to have mutated from a high virulence early strain in the Dominican Republic, into a low virulence strain later on, before becoming more virulent again because it crossed the Dominican Republic-Haiti border, before finally becoming less virulent again to become low virulence. That explanation makes no sense, but the contaminated with ASF, hog cholera vaccine scenario makes perfect sense.

Another point about the Haitian ASF epidemic was reported in the December 17-30, 1984 issue of the "New York Native", which revealed that, according to Jane Teas, ASF first appeared in a Haitian valley where there were plans to build a hydroelectric dam. That dam was very much part of American "development" plans for Haiti, so it would have helped the dam plan if all of the valley's pigs had been killed off, and if all of the farms in the valley had as a result been removed.

Page 53 of the Winter 1988, 29th issue of "Covert Action Information Bulletin", reported that Ben Dupuy, the editor of the New York weekly "Haiti Progrès", had said that the AID had a plan for "modernising" Haiti which was in two halves. Firstly, dismantling the old system of plantations which were worked by sharecroppers, and of small plots of land which were owned by poor peasants. Secondly, enlarging the number of low wage urban workers who would have formerly worked in the countryside. That 2 part plan, which reminds me of the "enclosure" privatising of previously commonly owned land in 18th and 19th Century Britain, which was designed to drive rural people into urban areas where they would be forced to become low wage workers in the new factories, was designed to pave the way for American owned, and thus privatised mega-farms, factories, and infrastructure. In other words, the AID's "development" plan for Haiti, was designed to benefit wealthy Americans, and the industrial and agricultural corporations they own, not Haiti's people, and was also designed to turn Haiti into an informal American colony.

The AID's Food and Agriculture Team, claimed on pages 170-171, and in table IV of the AID's "Food and Agricultural Sector Strategy for Haiti, Final Report", which was published in 1982, that forcing peasants into cities is a "mechanism for moving large segments of the population out of poverty", but that statement was a lie. As pages 86, 139, and 145 of "The Haiti Files: Decoding the Crisis" (Essential Books, Washington DC, 1994), which was edited by James Ridgeway pointed out, when left wing Catholic priest Father Jean-Bertrand Aristide, the twice democratically elected President of Haiti, who has been overthrown in 2 coups which he has accused the US Government of orchestrating, proposed raising the Haitian minimum wage from 25 to 37 cents an hour, the AID opposed the idea, despite admitting in 1990, that many Haitian workers were paid "starvation wages". Some factories did not even pay 25 cents an hour when Aristide proposed raising the minimum wage to 37 cents. Some were paying 74 cents a day.

As page 53 of the Winter 1988, 29th issue of "Covert Action Information Bulletin" explained, in Haiti, pigs are called "the bank of the poor peasants", so killing off people's pigs, would have forced some poor peasants to go to urban areas to look for work.

After the ASF epidemic, the AID supervised a nationwide programme of pig extermination, and arranged for the importation of American pigs, because the USDA claimed that the ASF infected Haitian pigs might infect other North American pigs, an on the surface understandable argument which led to Canada and Mexico helping the US to fund the slaughter of Haitian pigs, who could have caused $150 billion damage to the American pig industry alone if their ASF had spread to North America. I said "on the surface", because, as pages 104-105 of "A Haiti Anthology: Libète" (Latin America Bureau (Research and Action), London, 1999), which was edited by Charles Arthur and Michael Dash explain, the slaughter only began in May 1982, after Haitian pigs had stopped dying of ASF. Only the richer peasants could afford to replace their pigs, and the new American replacements were not adapted to life in Haiti, like the Haitian pigs had been, and often became ill; the Interamerican Institute for Agricultural Science estimated that peasants lost $500 million in slaughtered pigs.

See pages 130-132 of the already cited "The Haiti Files: Decoding the Crisis", which was edited by James Ridgeway, page 222 of "Year 501: The Conquest Continues" (Verso, London, 1993) by Noam Chomsky, page 82 of James Ferguson's "Papa Doc, Baby Doc" (Basil Blackwell, Oxford, 1988), pages 204 and 241 of Elizabeth Abbott's "Haiti: The Duvaliers and Their Legacy" (Robert Hale, London, 1991), and page 55 of "Contemporary Caribbean Cultures and Societies in a Global Context" (University of North Carolina Press, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 2005), which was edited by Franklin Knight and Teresita Martinez-Vergne, to read about the above facts.

There is another dimension to the ongoing US Government efforts to control Haiti. After the democratically elected Jean-Bertrand Aristide Government, which had been overthrown in a coup, was restored to power by Bill Clinton, it was mentioned that the AID had drawn up an economic plan for Aristide, which proves that the AID's efforts to control Haiti continue, because the AID was certainly not working under the control of the Aristide Government when it drew up that plan. A member of the International Liaison Office for Aristide, said that when members of the Government asked about, or criticised AID projects, US officials told them: "It doesn't really concern the Haitian government". Another statement which suggests that Haiti became an informal American colony after Aristide was restored to power, is a remark by Brigadier General Bruce Bingham, the then head of the Fort Bragg, North Carolina Civil Affairs Brigade, who was based in Haiti with his Brigade. He said of the Haitian Government's ministries: "[We] haven't really had the full merging of their plans with AID...". A third fact which suggests that Haiti became an informal American colony after Aristide was restored to power, also reveals yet again that the AID has a strange idea of development. One AID funded project, "Les Centres pour le

Développement et la Santé" (Centres for Development and Health), has employed members of FRAPH, the death squad which a dictatorship who overthrew Aristide had set up.

See pages 12 and 56 of the Winter 1994-1995, 51st issue of "Covert Action Quarterly", the January 8, 1994, Volume 2, Number 9 issue of "Haiti Info", and page 14 of the March 1, 1994 issue of the New York "Village Voice" magazine, to read about the above facts.

Why did the AID decide that "death squad" members were better qualified to work for a health and development organisation than other Haitians who had medical qualifications?

Perhaps the reason is because the Bill Clinton era AID viewed Haitians in the same way that the AID personnel who started the HIV pandemic viewed them.

The results of the attitude which the AID personnel who started the HIV pandemic in Haiti had to Haitians, were obvious to some of the first victims of the disease in that country, which is why page 169 of the already cited "AIDS: The HIV Myth" by Jad Adams stated: "Anecdotal information from Haiti was supportive: Haitian AIDS patients who knew the pig disease well recognised that they had the same thing [which is not surprising, as page 203 of Elizabeth Abbott's already cited "Haiti: The Duvaliers and Their Legacy", pointed out that, "ASF is an AIDS-like virus..."]." As a result, local doctors then carried out tests for ASF with the Haitian Ministry of Health, the Pan American Health Organisation, and a USDA representative. As the only veterinarian in this group was from the USDA, whose personnel included some people who were working with the CIA to start the HIV pandemic, it is not surprising that the tests on Haitian AIDS patients' blood, which would have had to be carried out by the USDA man, as only he would have known how to do such tests, showed up "negative" for ASF. The human health organisations would have had to take his word for it, so they concluded: "African swine fever virus is not being transmitted from pigs to man..."

Also see Ronald K. St. John's article, "AIDS and African Swine Fever", which was published on page 1335 of the June 6, 1983, Volume 321, Issue 8337 of "The Lancet", to read about the above facts.

Haitian refugees with AIDS were seen in increasing numbers in New York and Miami in 1980 and 1981, and by 1982, the US Centers for Disease Control had documented 34, as pages 353-361 of its July 9, 1983,"Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report" (Volume 31, Number 26) revealed.

Laurie Garrett's already cited book, "The Coming Plague: Newly Emerging Diseases in a World Out of Balance", pointed out on pages 308, 325-326, and 365, that many of the early cases of babies catching HIV from their parents in New York and Newark, New Jersey, seemed to involve recent Haitian or Dominican Republic immigrants, that one of New York's early cases was a flight attendant who often flew to Haiti, and that, "All available evidence indicated that the visible AIDS epidemics began simultaneously around 1979 in the United States and Haiti. A review of 1,328 cancer biopathies performed in Port-au-Price during 1968-1977 showed no Kaposi's sarcoma diagnoses. Yet between June 1979 and November 1981 a dozen cases of the rare cancer were diagnosed in the Haitian capital." The fact that cases of Kaposi's sarcoma of the new AIDS type began to be seen in July 1979 in Haiti, fits in with the fact that the USDA's ASF "vaccination" was six months before that date. KS already existed in Haiti, whose doctors had also recorded a possible case of "opportunistic infection" in July 1978, but undiagnosed tertiary syphilis can explain both KS and the "opportunistic infection" case, because, as I have said, it can cause all of the "opportunistic" infections which AIDS can, including KS. It is only the untreatable, new type of KS that emerged in Africa, as well as in Haiti once HIV arrived, which reveals that the AIDS pandemic had begun.

Also see page 109 of "Queer Blood: The Secret AIDS Genocide Plot" (Aries Rising Press, Los Angeles, 1993) by Dr. Alan Cantwell, M.D., to read about the above facts.

There is further evidence which proves that Haiti's AIDS epidemic did not begin until the start of 1979. Page 31 of "The AIDS Epidemic" (St. Martin's Press, New York, 1983), which was edited by Kevin Cahill stated: "Autopsy studies done in Port-au-Prince [Haiti's capital] by the Centers for Disease Control and investigators from the University of Miami have documented several cases of opportunistic infection, principally central nervous system toxoplasmosis and Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia, in otherwise healthy Haitians. These cases have all occurred since 1979", and that: "Based on available information, it appears that AIDS...was not present in that country prior to 1979." Dr. Frederick Siegel, M. D., and Marta Siegel also pointed out on pages 85-86 of their book, "AIDS: The Medical Mystery" (Grove Press, New York, 1983): "And why, if AIDS was endemic in Haiti long ago, didn't we see cases that in retrospect we would call AIDS among Haitians in the US before 1980". Page 32 of the just cited 1983 book "The AIDS Epidemic" also revealed that, "The [AIDS] disease appears to be more common in recent Haitian immigrants [to the US] than in Haitians who have been in the United States for 10 years. Several of these latter cases deny recent travel to Haiti or sexual contact with recent immigrants. The fact that the recent immigrants are more likely to acquire AIDS is in accord with the epidemiological data that suggests the absence of AIDS in Haiti prior to 1979."

As page 154 of "The History of AIDS" (Princeton University Press, Princeton, New Jersey, 1990) by Miko Grmek pointed out, one peculiarity of the Haitian epidemic, was that initially, most of those who were infected were bisexual men and intravenous (IV) drug users, though later the epidemic became more like the one in Africa, which affects people in general on a more equal male-female basis. As presumably roughly equal numbers of men and women ate pig meat which was infected with ASF, you would have expected to see more or less equal numbers of male and female early AIDS cases. Maybe the answer to that mystery, is the fact that Haiti was a very popular sex tourist destination for Western gay men in the pre-AIDS era.

Haiti is one of the poorest countries on the planet, so until people learned about AIDS, Haiti had plenty of male prostitutes who tried to sell sex to gay Western tourists. As a result, Haitian male prostitutes would infect American gay men, who would return to the US and infect other gay men. Some gay Americans who had been infected by Haitian male prostitutes, or by other American gay men, would then return to Haiti and infect more male prostitutes, and that loop continued, until people learned about AIDS, at which point sex tourism trips to Haiti became much less popular. That loop explains why a relatively high percentage of bisexual men were infected in Haiti at first. They were part of a very promiscuous group that other Haitians were not part of.

It is well documented that people who shared needles to inject drugs were badly hit by HIV in the early AIDS era. Sharing needles explains why a relatively high percentage of IV drug users were infected initially in Haiti. IV drug users in Haiti would have soon changed their behaviour, as they have done elsewhere, once it became clear what they might catch if they did not, which also explains why later on, the Haitian epidemic became more like African epidemics, which primarily involve heterosexual sexual transmission.

It is next necessary to show that initially Africa, where HIV epidemics started after ASF epidemics in pigs, as John Beldekas, Jane Teas, and James Hebert pointed out in their already cited letter to "The Lancet", did not infect the US very much, but that Haiti did in a big way. Pages 409-410 of the August 28, 1981, Volume 30, Number 33 issue of the CDC's "Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report", revealed that none of the early American AIDS cases were reported to have travelled to Africa, but that many of the very first US AIDS cases seem to have had a Haitian origin.

There is plenty of evidence to prove the Haitian male prostitutes to US gay men link. For example, pages 515-516 of the August 27, 1983, Volume 322, Issue 8348 of "The Lancet" revealed that, "During the past five years, Haiti, especially Port-au-Prince [the capital], has become a very popular holiday resort for Americans who are homosexual..." Page 35 of the already cited "The History of AIDS" by Miko Grmek stated: "Until the beginning of the 1980's Port-au-Prince was a high point for "sexual tourism", a centre for bordellos...American and European gays came in droves." Page 222 of the already cited "The Epidemiology of AIDS", which was edited by CDC researchers Richard Kaslow and Donald Francis, explained that, "Haiti has also been popular among French-and-English speaking tourists, including homosexual men". That fact is perhaps partly why France, which was the colonial ruler of Haiti, whose language is a French creole, once had the highest percentage of AIDS cases in Europe. "The Haitian Connection" may also explain why Canada, which has a French speaking minority whose gay men would perhaps have been relatively likely to go on sex tourism holidays to Haiti, once had a relatively high total of AIDS cases. Two studies showed that 30% of early Haitian AIDS patients were male prostitutes who had been sleeping with foreigners for poverty reasons, but who were otherwise heterosexual, which illustrates what I said about a Haitian male prostitute-American gay men-Haitian male prostitute loop. See pages 4-7 of the "American Journal of Medical Sciences" (Volume 291, Issue 1, January 1986), page 28 of "Blaming Others: Prejudice, Race and Worldwide AIDS" (Panos, London, 1990), by Renee Sabatier, and pages 319-320 of Laurie Garrett's already cited "The Coming Plague: Newly Emerging Diseases in a World Out of Balance", to read about those facts. "A New England Journal of Medicine" study which was cited on page 47 of the already cited "The Plague Years: A Chronicle of AIDS the Epidemic of Our Times" by David Black, explained that of 61 Haitians with AIDS, a "disproportionate" number of them come from the Carrefour (a part of Port-au-Prince) which, "was recognised as the principal centre of male and female prostitution in Haiti."

Not surprisingly, because of AIDS, gay men are not as keen to go on sex tourism holidays to Haiti. To quote page 41 of the just cited "The Plague Years: A Chronicle of AIDS the Epidemic of Our Times", "In the winter of 1981 to 1982, 70,000 Americans visited Haiti; the following winter, the season after CDC's...[widely publicised] report on Haitians and AIDS, only 10,000 Americans went." European gay sex tourism may have meant that Haiti infected Europe up to a point as well, though many early European cases had an American or African origin. As page 99 of the already cited "AIDS: The Medical Mystery", by Dr. Frederick Siegel, M. D., and Marta Siegel pointed out: "The earliest cases [of AIDS in Europe] recognized were in gay men who had contact with American homosexuals...two other pieces of information have come via Europe that added insights about transmission. First was the appearance of cases in gay men who had no contact with homosexuals in the US but had travelled to Haiti. Second, and most important, was the appreciation that both black Africans and Europeans who had lived or travelled extensively in Africa were coming down with AIDS."

As I have said, Brazil is a third country where the hand of a US Government agency can be seen in the origins of the HIV pandemic, so let me explain how the disease was started there.

As I have also said, on page 53 of the Winter 1988, 29th issue of former CIA officer Philip Agee's "Covert Action Information Bulletin", which discussed various theories that claimed AIDS was the product of US germ warfare, you can read: "...there was a major difference between Cuba and its sister Western Hemisphere nations [Brazil, the Dominican Republic, and Haiti] in the handling of the slaughtered pigs. [All Cuban pigs which were diseased, suspected of being diseased, or in contact with diseased pigs were killed.] Under the direction of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), the other 3 nations encouraged their populations to eat the pork".

Hog cholera epidemics broke out in Brazil in 1977, and so the USDA were called in to deal with them, and began vaccinating pigs against the disease. However, Jane Teas pointed out that, "when it appeared that the hog cholera was continuing, they [the USDA scientists] went back and looked at the sera they had used and found it had ASFV in it." So the USDA started an ASF epidemic when they were supposed to be vaccinating pigs against hog cholera.

See Jane Teas's article, "An AIDS odyssey", in the "New York Native" of December 17-30, 1984, to read that just cited quotation. It is not clear of course if the scientists who were doing the vaccinating, were part of the group who created the HIV pandemic, or if they were unwitting participants who were given tainted vaccine by Plum Island scientists who were very definitely part of the group who started the pandemic.

Page 597 of the already cited "Veterinary Medicine: A Textbook of the Diseases of Cattle, Pigs, Goats and Horses", by D.C. Blood, J. A. Henderson, and O.M. Radostits stated: "The disease [ASF] is easily confused with hog cholera and very careful examination is required to differentiate between the two...Differential diagnosis [between ASF and hog cholera] must rely on laboratory testing." So clearly the vaccine makers at Plum Island, and possibly the USDA "vaccinators", were hoping that no one would notice that a second disease was in progress, to conceal the origins of the HIV pandemic.

According to a 1977, evidently declassified by mistake US Army report, "two field tests of potential anti-animal agents were conducted using hog cholera virus." I will explain in a moment why I believe that the Brazilian hog cholera outbreaks were one of those "field tests", and that the Dominican Republic hog cholera outbreak which led to a contaminated hog cholera vaccine infecting pigs in that country with ASF, was the other one.

See "US Army Activity in the US Biological Warfare Programs, Volume II", unclassified, February 24, 1977, which was reprinted on pages 77-78 of "Biological Testing Involving Human Subjects by the Department of Defense", Hearings Before the Subcommittee of Human Resources, United States Senate, March 8 and 23, 1977, and which was then cited on page 54 of the Winter 1988, 29th issue of "Covert Action Information Bulletin", to read that quotation.

When hog cholera epidemics began in Brazil, there were 600 reported outbreaks, a huge total which ensured that USDA were called in to help, as the Brazilian authorities could not cope. See pages 26 and 130 of the already cited UN/EEC book "African Swine Fever", which was edited by P.J. Wilkinson, to read about those outbreaks, and about the fact that those 600 outbreaks were not the full picture, as "a number of outbreaks were not notified." Hog cholera had broken out in Brazil in 1951, and again in 1970, but never on the scale of 1977. I argued a moment ago, that the outbreaks of hog cholera were no doubt one of the Army's "field tests" that its own document referred to, a document that was evidently declassified by mistake by someone who did not realise the importance of the information in it. A field test of an anti-pig germ weapon does not mean that in the most literal sense of the term, the US Army went and threw the disease around a field. It means that they tried it out on some pigs somewhere. As the US Army document was from 1977, and both Brazil and the Dominican Republic suffered suspicious outbreaks of hog cholera that year, both of which led to vaccinations which gave pigs ASF, it is extremely likely these Brazilian outbreaks were not natural. The close relations between the Pentagon and Brazilian military dictatorship of 1964-1985, could have made it easy for the US Army to quietly pay some compensation if the field test was discovered.

The Deputy Director of the CIA at the time of the HIV operation, was the late US Army Lieutenant General Vernon Walters, who was on good terms with the Brazilian military dictatorship, as he had been a military attache at the American Embassy in Brazil in 1964, and had allegedly played a role in the coup of that year, as this Latin American news agency story reveals, so Walters would no doubt have been the man to smooth over any problems with the Brazilian junta:

It is possible that the US Army's Special Operations Division (SOD), which, as I explained earlier, helped the CIA to dose a French village with LSD, was the Army unit which carried out the field tests in Brazil and the Dominican Republic. The SOD had long cooperated closely with the CIA, as it had researched germs and chemicals with the Agency for 18 years in the MKNAOMI project (1952-1970), and had kept germs in storage at Fort Detrick for the CIA to use. The CIA would have wanted to choose an organisation it could trust for such a sensitive operation, and the covert starting of the HIV pandemic, is exactly the kind of "special operation" that I would expect such an organisation to be involved in.

So it may be possible to conclude that the HIV pandemic was started by 3 organisations with a "thick as thieves" germ warfare and behavioural control relationship which had started long before 1978, the CIA, the US Army, and the USDA.

I have already explained the USDA's key role in the US anti-animal germ warfare programme, and as the USDA has an intelligence wing, or, in other words, has a wing which engages in CIA type spying, it is also logical to wonder if that wing had something to do with the HIV operation.

See page 112 of Philip Agee's already cited "Dirty Work: The CIA in Western Europe", to read about the USDA's intelligence wing.

As I said at the start of this article, it is based on a much bigger manuscript I have written about the origins of the HIV pandemic, which also discusses its second half of the 1970's origins in various countries in Africa, where ASF epidemics in pigs, were followed by HIV epidemics in people.

As was the case in Brazil, early African AIDS victims tended to be better off people who were more able to afford meat, including pork, than poorer Africans.

While I believe that reversing the growth of the libertarian New Left was the main reason for the creation of the HIV pandemic, it is also fairly obvious to me, that the disease was started in such a way, that black people, who are primarily affected by the disease worldwide, and gay men, would be blamed for starting what was sometimes originally called a "gay plague" in the West, so that people would be more likely to vote for authoritarian, right wing, racist, and homophobic political parties which the CIA is well known for supporting, which is why the notorious homophobia of black African and Caribbean countries, and especially Uganda and Jamaica, is so tragic.

The famous anti-apartheid movement leader Archbishop Desmond Tutu's remark that homophobia is as bad as apartheid, is unfortunately an opinion which most people in black Africa and the Caribbean do not agree with.

The CIA may also have wanted AIDS to ensure that people would listen more to "sexual moralists", whose message was more popular when syphilis was an incurable disease which could lead eventually to AIDS type opportunistic infections like Kaposi's sarcoma.

For example, the fascist Ku Klux Klan, who celebrated the arrival of a disease which primarily killed gay and black people with placards like "Praise God for AIDS. Queers to the camps [Nazi type concentration camps]", and the late Mary Whitehouse, who implied that AIDS vindicated her homophobic views.

It is partly because most of the victims of AIDS have been black Africans, or often black Brazilians, that it is so disgraceful that drug companies who make a fortune from AIDS, fought bitterly to try to stop black African countries, and Brazil, from getting access to low price AIDS drugs.

The film "The Constant Gardener", which stars Ralph Fiennes and Rachel Weisz, and which is based on a novel by John le Carré, who always likes to base his books on fact, highlighted the price which black African countries have to pay for AIDS drugs, and pharmaceutical companies using black Africans as human guinea pigs to test their drugs on. In the case of "The Constant Gardener", to test a drug for TB, which kills vast numbers of AIDS patients in black Africa, and other poor parts of the world, but which, like syphilis, often goes unrecognised in AIDS cases.

The true story which John le Carré based "The Constant Gardener" on, was a Pfizer trial of its drug Trovan in Kano, Nigeria, which killed 11 children, and disabled 200 more. Pfizer refused to pay any compensation to the children or their families:

So people ought to contact the Swedish manufacturers of the ASF drug Foscarnet, which, as I pointed out earlier, "markedly reduced plasma HIV load and improved immunological status", which was "effective" against ASF, and which made HIV infected cells return to normal, to politely ask them to provide it to poorer countries at a substantially reduced price, because it may be the best AIDS drug, particularly if it is combined with extra nutrition which can boost the immune system, like amino acids, high doses of vitamins, and minerals, uncooked vegan food whose amino acids, vitamins, and minerals have not been damaged and reduced in strength by cooking (vegan food is healthier than vegetarian, and especially omnivore food, as it contains zero cholesterol, tends to be low fat, does not clog up the intestines, etc.), and particularly oxygen therapies, because the vast majority of human life energy is derived from oxygen, which means that it is vital to ensure that every part of the body, and thus the whole of the immune system, is getting an optimum supply of oxygen if you have a disease as serious as AIDS.

Finally, the following claim about the AID may sound far fetched, and I am not endorsing it, just mentioning it, because it may be correct, and may be important.

Former MI6 political science officer John Coleman, whose books are much more popular in Japan than in the West, where some of his bestselling Japanese books have never even been published, alleges in his book, "Conspirators Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300" (Joseph Holding Company, Carson City, Nevada, 2000, 4th edition), which has now been translated into 8 foreign languages, and which was in the Japanese bestsellers list for 2 years, that the AID is controlled by an always British royal family led secret society called the Committee of 300, which he alleges consists of representatives of royal, aristocratic, and wealthy Western families, and the head of MI6, who, he alleges, is always a member, which is why Coleman alleges that when he worked for MI6, he and his colleagues called the Committee "the Olympians", because they were seen in the same kind of light as the Ancient Greek deities, who were believed to live on the top of Mount Olympus.

He is the only person to have alleged that the AID is controlled by an always British royal family led secret society of royal, aristocratic, and wealthy Westerners, and the head of MI6, so I am not claiming that AIDS was started by that alleged group, who no one else before him had even written about in detail, just mentioning his claim, because it may be important, if there is such a group, and if they gave the order for HIV to be started, to make the people of the world more fascist.

I said "in detail", because Walther Rathenau, who was Germany's Foreign Minister from February-June 1922, and who was a senior member of the German establishment, as he was also a director on the boards of many companies, and inherited control of Germany's AEG electrical equipment company from his father Emil, who founded AEG, wrote in 1909 that, "Three hundred men, all of whom know one another, direct the economic destiny of Europe and choose their successors from among themselves." You can read that quotation on page 61 of "Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time" (Macmillan, New York, 1966), by the late Professor Carroll Quigley, who is best known for having taught Bill Clinton at Georgetown University in Washington DC.

You can also read that quotation in the original German in Walther Rathenau's article "Geschäftlicher Nachwuchs", which was printed on December 15, 1909 in the now defunct Vienna daily newspaper the "Neue Freie Presse". That article was later reprinted in Walther Rathenau's book, "Zur Kritik der Zeit" (S. Fischer Verlag, Berlin, 1922). You can read Rathenau's very slightly different ("of the continent", not "of Europe" German quotation on page 207 of that book:

"Dreihundert Männer, von denen jeder jeden kennt, leiten die wirtschaftlichen Geschicke des Kontinents und suchen sich Nachfolger aus ihrer Umgebung."

Intriguingly, in Tom Bower's biography of multibillionaire Richard Branson, you can read that he was invited to a meeting of 300 "tycoons" at the Mexican villa of the late fascist multibillionaire James Goldsmith. Branson was sent home early after he got bored, and pushed Goldsmith into the swimming pool as a joke.

It would certainly be interesting to know who the other "tycoons" were.

Other biographies of Richard Branson, and his autobiography, do not mention him being invited to any further meetings of 300 "tycoons", so presumably the swimming pool episode led to Branson being permanently banned from such get togethers by James Goldsmith.

John Coleman claims that most, but not all members of the C300 are Freemasons, so if that secret society does exist, it may mostly be for men who are at a level of Freemasonry which is for men of international importance, like royals, aristocrats, and billionaires that is above what is known Grand Lodge Freemasonry, which appears to be for men of local importance, like local businessmen, who are initiated into the 1st-3rd degree ranks, and what is known as Grand Chapter Freemasonry, which appears to be for men of national importance, like generals, who are initiated into the 4th-33rd degree ranks.

Modern, above ground Freemasonry originated in Britain, British Masonic leaders like the Duke of Kent have often have often been members of the British royal family, and the late Stephen Knight's British bestseller about Freemasonry, "The Brotherhood" (HarperCollins, London, 1990), mentions the existence of a British Masonic lodge called Royal Alpha Lodge Number 16, so it would not be surprising if the British royal family was in charge of a C300, if it exists.

The "X-Files" film features a C300 type international secret society with British members who meet in London, so John Coleman's claims, which have been influential in "conspiracy theory" circles, may have influenced the makers of that "conspiracy theories" influenced Hollywood film.

One of Freemasonry's superstitions, is that 39 is the perfect number, so if the C300 does exist, it may have ranks from the 34th-39th degrees. It is commonly assumed that the 33rd degree of the "Scottish Rite", which Grand Chapter Freemasonry uses, has always been the highest Masonic rank, but there used to be a "Rite of Memphis" with 90 degrees, and a "Rite of Mizraim" with 96 degrees.

Former US Air Force officer Texe Marrs, who has made the US bestsellers list in the past, for example with his number 1 bestseller "Dark Secrets of the New Age", claimed in his books "Dark Majesty: The Secret Brotherhood and the Magic of a Thousand Points of Light" (Living Truth Publishers, Austin, Texas, 1992), and "Circle of Intrigue: The Hidden Inner Circle of the Global Illuminati Conspiracy" (Living Truth Publishers, Austin, Texas, 1995), that Freemasonry was led by a secret council of 9 extremely wealthy and powerful men, and that it is now led by a secret council of 10 extremely wealthy and powerful men, but does not give any source for that claim, though if he is right, 10 men may be an inner circle within a C300, if it exists, which may be an important fact, if a C300, or its inner circle, gave the order for the HIV pandemic to be created.

It is known that there is a "nationalist" faction in the US national security state who dislike the "New World Order" plans of the "internationalist" US elite (the US Council on Foreign Relations think tank, whose members fill cabinet posts, whether a Republican or a Democrat is in the White House, has been using "New World Order" as a term for subsuming the US Government into a one world government since the 1920's, when a key forerunner of a single world government, the League of Nations, which was a predecessor to the UN with less power, had started operating), and it is possible that because Texe Marrs sells so many books, "nationalists" in the DIA, or/and in some other part of the US national security state, are using him as a mouthpiece, by feeding him information which exposes the secret societies of the "internationalists", and their plans for the world.

It has been claimed that national security state "nationalists" used the late former US Naval Intelligence officer William Cooper in the same way.

James Goldsmith's fascist views were mentioned by Richard Ingrams, the former editor of "Private Eye" magazine, who Goldsmith hated, which is why he used Britain's internationally notorious, almost totalitarian libel law, to start 63 libel suits against them, in his book "Goldenballs!: The Incredible Story of the Long and Complex Legal Battle Between Sir James Goldsmith and Private Eye" (Harriman House, Petersfield, UK, 1993). Ingrams said that whenever Goldsmith was depressed by left wing militancy in 1970's Britain, he liked to take a holiday in one of Europe's last fascist dictatorships.

Members of the half Jewish James Goldsmith's family died in the Holocaust, but that did not seem to stop him liking fascist dictators, some of whom were far less anti-Semitic than Hitler.

Fascist views are of course common among the kind of people who John Coleman says are members of a C300. For example, many German aristocrats joined the SS, Edward VIII, and some British aristocrats and Wall Street tycoons supported the Nazis, and Prince Philip expressed fascist type sentiments when he infamously said in 1988 that, "In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation."

Lord Lucan, who allegedly murdered his nanny, and who allegedly tried to murder his wife, was one particularly notorious aristocratic fascist, who liked to listen to recordings of Hitler's speeches.

According to Roy Ranson, the detective who led the hunt for Lord Lucan, and who wrote the book "Looking for Lucan: The Final Verdict" (Smith Gryphon, London, 1994), after the murder and attempted murder, the peer fled to Africa, where there have been sightings of him, and "Private Eye" alleged that it was James Goldsmith who had helped his fascist friend to flee Britain. The magazine also alleged that Goldsmith, and other friends of his, had driven their, and Lord Lucan's friend, the painter Dominick Elwes, to suicide, for talking about what had happened to Lord Lucan. After the magazine published a second article which linked Goldsmith to business corruption, he launched his 63 lawsuits, and a criminal libel case against Richard Ingrams, to try to have him jailed.

Of course, if it it was ever discovered that the order to start the HIV pandemic came down from "Mount Olympus" to spread HIV among "the slaves" of extremely wealthy people in a secret society who got rich off the labour of those "slaves", there would be a lot of people who would agree with my view that we need a more egalitarian society which takes those extremely wealthy people's power off them.

"The slaves" is not my term. That is how "Secrets from the Vatican Library", an anonymous article that ends with what is purportedly a Vatican Library stamp, and which is in the anthology "Secret and Suppressed: Banned Ideas and Hidden History" (Feral House, Venice, California, 1993), which was edited by the late Jim Keith, refers to ordinary people, who it claims, with no evidence, that HIV was started among, supposedly because the Protestant elite had decided that a new ice age was coming, and that equatorial regions, like the African countries where HIV did start, as I explain in my manuscript, and Brazil, had, as a result, to be depopulated, to make room for Westerners.

It is certainly true that the CIA did issue a public report in August 1974 which argued that a new ice age was coming, "A Study of Climatological Research as it Pertains to Intelligence Problems", which you can read online.

The report was based on flawed science, because the late William McCrea of the University of Sussex, who was President of the Royal Astronomical Society from 1961-1963, discovered that the Earth has left an unusually dusty area of our galaxy which it had been travelling through for millions of years, during which time it was usually gripped by ice ages, because of outer space dust reducing the heat from the Sun which reached the Earth.

David Stuart


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