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Insurrectionary action update (Global)

(A) WE ARE NOT AFRAID OF RUINS (A) | 03.07.2012 13:48 | Climate Chaos | Social Struggles | Terror War | World

[in no particular order, a few recent reports of anarchist attacks....] "Cell of Revolutionary Action for the Destruction of the State – Autonomous Cells for Immediate Revolution – Praxedis G. Guerrero" (CAR-PGG) responsibility claim for explosive packages to Greek embassy (Mexico) // railroad sabotage in Montreal by "Invisible Committee for the End of Their History" against capitalist conference (Canada) // direct actions during the No Border camp in Stockholm (Sweden) // "Anarchist Revolutionary Group Antifascist Action" claims responsibility for bombing radio station Diavlos in Rodopi (Greece) // claim for attack on Nea Dimokratia offices in Athens (Greece) // explosive attacks on police station in Santiago (Chile) // bombs on the construction site of a new prison in Marche (Belgium) // Van loaded with explosives driven into Microsoft’s Athens HQ (Greece) // Communique for sabotage of Duke Energy trucks, Bloomington (USA) // insurrectionary news from Munich (Germany) // solidarity with the insurrection in Montreal (Canada) from Atlanta (USA) // Police cars attacked, Denman Island (Canada) // words of solidarity with the Cleveland 5 anarchists stung by the FBI (USA) // COUNTER INFO SOURCES = 325, ActForFreedomNow, WarOnSociety

Cell of Revolutionary Action for the Destruction of the State – Autonomous Cells for Immediate Revolution – Praxedis G. Guerrero claim responsibility for sending 2 explosive packages to the Greek embassy (Mexico)
From liberaciontotal, transl waronsociety:

“The struggle against the government turns into, in the final count, the physical and material struggle… The government makes the law… It is thus necessary to prepare oneself morally and materially so that, upon the explosion of the violent revolt, the victory will be the people’s…”
- Errico Malatesta,
“Anarchist Program” (Bologna, July 1920)
in Umanità Nova, August 12, 1920

This physical and moral preparation is a latent necessity that should be present in the everyday of our lives and actions. When the anarchist has at an individual level decided to take a step from talk into daily action, this action acquires in her life a strong sense, a strong importance, a potency that gives way to continue forward and to not look back to yearn for the comfort of her cowardice and ignorance. When an individual or collective project is put on the table, the anarchist feels herself already in the humble necessity of giving everything for this struggle that she has begun, since for her it is not a fashion. Anarchy is life itself, and in her the revolutionary fetishism that sometimes manages to commodify revolt is put aside, it is not important to dress in black, green, blue or yellow, or at least these folklores–personal tastes–do not strongly relate with the strength of her struggle, she does not identify in and with them. It is not important to her to fetishize weapons and guerrilla strategies since she knows well that that this is only an inevitable consequence in the struggle against power; nor even is it important to her to fetishize violence. She matures in her positions and sets a target, putting aside small and daily submissions to power and focusing her thoughts on an irreducible war against the State/Capital. She prepares physically and psychologically. She questions in each moment this mundane existence and confronts it with his theories of freedom and conflict. Then the anarchist can already no longer turn back, not because anarchism is a set of guidelines embodied in the books that are untouchable like a bible, but rather because at the individual level and without anyone’s obligation, she has decided what is her commitment with a struggle that she believes clear. Then she is–at least individually–irreducible to power, carrying her struggle under her own premises and fighting this battle together with those who focus their action against the system of domination as a whole.

Finding ourselves accomplices of the actions under which the comrades of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and Revolutionary Struggle find themselves imprisoned in Greece, as well as with the other anarchist prisoners of that Mediterranean country, we claim responsibility for these two actions, one of which was reported and the other which at this time nothing is known about.

1.- Between April 20 and 25 of 2012 we sent an explosive package composed of a tube of galvanized metal filled with dynamite, shrapnel, cables, batteries, which was made to activate upon opening by means of a home-made electronic circuit. The package was found on May 1 and was addressed to the ambassador of Greece in Mexico. The journalist reports said that the package bore the return address of the ex-prosecutor of justice of Mexico City, Miguel Mancera; we confirm this information.

2.- In the first days of May of this year, we sent another explosive package of similar composition, likewise to the ambassador of Greece in Mexico. At this time nothing is known about the fate of this package.

“We are on principle against violence, and for this reason we want for the social struggle, while it exists, to humanize itself as much as possible. But in no way does this mean that the struggle has to be less energetic and less radical, it is rather that we believe that half-measures tend to indefinitely prolong the struggle, to make it sterile and to produce, in the end, a still greater quantity of that violence that we want to avoid. Nor does it mean that we limit the right to defense to the resistance against material and imminent aggression. For us the oppressed find themselves always in a state of legitimate defense and always have the clear right to rebel without having to wait until they are shot at, and we know very well that very often attack is the best form of defense. And here sentiments enter into question, and for me sentiments count more than any reasoning.”
- Errico Malatesta
October 28, 1923

Violent struggles, nonviolent struggles, deaths, violence, weapons, legalism, illegalism, civil, pacifist… these para-state — and “bourgeois” in its time — leakages into anarchism should already have been overcome and we should have focused our discourse on objective points about how to reach our ends. The attack perpetrated by the services of the Italian State against the girls’ school [which shortly followed the wounding of Adolfini by the Olga Cell of the FAI and was quickly and of course wrongly attributed to anarchists - transl.] that well-covered event that happened a month ago, is an act that we cannot approve of, not because we feel any kind of compassion–since the ethic of the State/Capital is not our own–but more so because that is not the focus that our INDIVIDUAL moral dictates to us. Primarily because–logically–we do not support actions that those in government, or the fascist or authoritarian groups carry out. Our violence is directed against the powerful, their institutions and their repressive bodies, against those in government, the fascist and authoritarian groups, because it is necessary and because it is the only way to touch power, to touch it even when the entire world is not rising up. Because we do not want to reform the world and the violent act is the one way of change outside of what the system is able to assimilate. Therefore we are totally in accordance with the action of the Olga Cell of the FAI in having shot in the legs that bastard of nuclear energy in Italy. What we do not like is simply fetishizing this kind of action. Anarchists are far from being urban guerrillas and armed groups, we are before everything groups of anarchist action, acting consistently with our thinking, because we see that although there may be a contradiction in itself, violence is necessary.

While the mass media who project themselves as more or less alternative, democratic, impartial, critical, etc. On one side they are glorifying this movement called “Yo Soy 123 / I am 123,” precisely because it is the kind of protest that the State/Capital and its present democratic system “likes,” because they are people who, backed up by their studies, criticize, propose, declare, do not break, do not cause trouble in reality, they are promulgated by legality and by acting within it — all this is the image they project; On the other side dubbed as “vandals, thieves and delinquents,” they burn government vehicles, obstruct the general means of communication, take trucks and erect barricades, who in some way disrupt that polarized crystal of the so-called “social peace.”

Also these same mouthpieces of the State like Pedro Ferriz of CON who praises and projects in 123 what it always wanted to be and to do, while the magisterial spokesperson of Oaxaca publicly points out how “this gentleman [Ferriz] is the subversive, the provocateur, the one who wants conflict,” etc.

What we need is more conflict and less reformers of reality. These kinds of democratic protest, coming from those who do not in reality want a radical change in all that word implies, such as the 123 and their demands only contribute to continuing constructing of that democratic mentality in the institutions of the State. The greatest trick is that social democracy, which with its thousand and one offers of help, which with the new police mentality, which with punishment to torture, which with illusory well-being, makes it ever more difficult that a “common” person identifies the enemy. It would be better to say “one part of the enemy” since the other part lives in our heads, and it is that mentality of new “man,” which thinks before acting against power, which rations before attacking the police in legitimate defense, which dialogues before entering into a conflict with the institutions of the State, it is that mentality which is sustaining the new democratic State. The citizenry sustain their own exploitation. The mentality of tolerance and mediation are and will always be beneficial for the State, since in these it sustains the basis of the democratized repression. The seeking of a solution to partial demands, because these identify partial problems, is simply a demand to power to regenerate its system, something which as anarchists we cannot argue for. We argue for the total destruction of the State/Capital, because only from this destruction does the unique creation emanate. We argue for individual and collective acts of attack on power, we argue for the conspiracy for insurrection.

For anarchists the struggle is and should be outside of the law. Our thinking, our editorials, our actions and our proposals, although many of them may be public, are and will be outside of the legal canons of power. Therefore we reject the nicknames of “illegalists or legalists.”

“Anarchists have no hypocrisy. Force must be rejected with force: today against the oppressions of today; tomorrow against the oppressions that would try to substitute themselves for today’s.”
- Errico Malatesta
“Pensiero e Volontà”
September 1, 1924

We are not going to give up, as long as a comrade is incarcerated we will express our revolutionary solidarity, violently attacking the Structures of power, and with that also those who physically sustain it.

We cannot be hypocrites calling the people toward their own slaughterhouse, giving the impression that a movement of civil masses will make the Government back down, those kinds of illusions are not the reality.
Force must be fought with force.

Solidarity with the comrades of CCF, Revolutionary Struggle and the other anarchist compas imprisoned in Greece!
Solidarity with the anarchist comrade Stella Antoniou!
Solidarity with Braulio Duran!
For the multiplication of cells of affinity!
Death to the State… Long live anarchy!

Cell of revolutionary action for the destruction of the State –
Autonomous Cells for immediate revolution /Praxedis G. Guerrero.


Railroad sabotage during big capitalist conference in Montreal (Canada)
From Jura Lib:

A major railroad was sabotaged during the evening of Wednesday June 13th, in a farming area near Farnham, Quebec, in response to the call by the CLASSE for a day of nation-wide actions against the Montreal Conference of the International Economic Forum of the Americas.

The train signals system was turned on by sabotaging the electric box that controls the signals near an intersection, which eventually prompted the train traffic to be suspended for a moment. This location was carefully picked up, not only for the easy task it was, but above that for the crucial nature of the merchandise it transports, including a lot of filthy oil coming from the tar sands in the West, before this sole railway divides into different destinations such as Sherbrooke city, Bromont’s techno-park (which hosts some of the biggest names in the high-tech industry, including the infamous IBM) and further down on to New England.

This was just a beginning. There are many more fluxes that are crucial to the functionning of this system of oppression and its Holy Merchandise, and we are committed to do it again, and strike targets that will always hurt them more. Given our indefinite number (that ain’t an « invisible committee » for nothing), it is strongly recommended that each and every striker or supporter gets her/his hands dirty, alone or into groups, because we do not believe that these feel-good demosntrations will be enough to make Power change his mind. And the proof is in plain view… months of strikes, and even with our many fine hits and great achievements, especially in the face of the judicial/police despotism, the government still won’t give a damn about our most basic demands, and the cops are now clamping down on mainstream dissenters like they’d do with dangerous criminals. We are under a dictatorship, because liberty is now being considered a high crime.

To let this train ride -this very train that allows them to profit from the devastating exploitation- is to collaborate in silence. We say: « ENOUGH WITH THIS SHIT! » This can’t go on like this. The techno-industrial society, because it intoxicates the living and destroys conditions of life, must be FORCED to a stop, or else it’ll soon be forcing us into mass graves! Fukushima was only the first sign of this ongoing catastrophy.

So we will make sure that the capitalists are paying for their abuse. Maybe the bill wasn’t very heavy, but we all can add our two cents!

Sabotage isn’t some vanguardist tactic or some childish vandalism, neither it is a provocation on the part of « smashers from outside of the movement » just as the filthy cops dare to spit in our ears (but who’s still stupid enough to even listen to them?). It has long been a completely rational and legit course of action, that empowered ALL of the strikes that changed history. In the face of a machine that’ll never discuss anything and always enforces its conditions through dictates, sabotage is one of the means to communicate revolt by putting it in relation with a wider uprising, and by imposing our own conditions to the crooks in power; that they walk along with these, or die along with their system!

This small gesture of resistance to the one-way train of industrial capitalism that has now become completely out of control was committed in solidarity with all the arrestees before and during this Grand Prix weekend (where the police has put their lives on the line for Bernie Ecclestone, notorious wealthy fascist) especially with Mathieu Girard, brutally arrested and detained during the funeral of his sister (our condoleances, comrade) and Andrea Pilote, arrested on the highway in strangely the same manner they shot the legendary Jacques Mesrine. Even if we do not know them, our hearts burn with blazing solidarity for these two comrades who fell victims of police violence. We also feel as much solidarity towards the Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI) folks in Europe and South America, and for the native people around the planet who still are struggling for their land.

- Invisible Committee for the End of Their History


Stockholm: Direct actions during the No Border camp (Sweden)
From IMC:

19 & 24 June 2012

In the night of June 19, we targeted the office of Commuter Security Group situated in Solna (north of Stockholm)

We accuse CSG for providing « security » in Detention Centers in Sweden, participating in repression against migrants, especially in Marsta Detention Center, which has a capacity of 100 detainees.

By helping Swedish Migration board organizing imprisonment and deportation, CSG are involved in a global racist machine which every day murders and makes suffering thousands of people.

In the night of June 24, we also targeted the office of the Swedish Migration Board (Migrationsverket) situated in Solna. An other group of activists already attacked the building using graffiti several hours before and writing « No borders, Stop Deportations ! »

The Swedish Migration Board is completely involved in the hunting of migrants in Sweden and in Europe. By participating in the global war against foreigners leaded by the European Fortress, the Swedish Migration Board is guilty of racism, mass murder and suffering.

In solidarity with migrants, we promise to organize in the future dozen of other actions against the european borders regime.

Let’s burn the borders !


Greece – Responsibility claim for attack on Radio station Diavlos in Rodopi North Greece
Translated by Actforfreedomnow/boubourAs
Responsibility claim for attack on Radio station, Greece

The elections are over
The war continues

After the system succeeded in creating the right conditions so that racist and fascist views become known to every middle class citizen, it artfully passed on the representatives of these beliefs who are non-other than the nazi gang golden dawn. With continuous reports about their action and interviews with its members by supposedly objective journalists who are allegedly trying to put the “extreme nationalists” in a difficult position and find out if they are nazis or not! They basically made a first class advertisement in a period where the anti-systemic and radical was in fashion in the mass of the middle class sheep voters. The news reports also played a decisive role in this advert, which on one side criticized some actions of the golden dawn as racist and extreme and as a next report they put crime stressing always that it comes from immigrants in an outbreak of police reports of such kind as always just before the elections making the ground fruitful for the brainless two legers to support and other times adopt the racist tactics going in the end to the ballots to vote the neo-nazis.

This mass of people who in no way should be called the people, is the one that on one hand curses the Media saying that it is controlled by “evil foreigners” and on the other they keep on chewing all the fake news using them as arguments for the racist stupid and in best case populist views falling in the trap of those who they criticized so much.

Thus, although we consider responsible the above mass of two legers for the present situation we target their “guides” who some of them are the media.

We decided to give an explosive warning placing an explosive mechanism in the offices of radio station Diavlos in Rodopi who wanting to pretend to be democratic gave a seat to a candidate of the golden dawn and to the press representative of Rodopi leaving them to propagate their nazi poison.

Finally whoever supports the nazis will be treated the same in the social war which continues.

P.S.1 Concerning the fascists from the east grey wolves who with the permission of the greek state chose the right period of time (post-election) to visit Thrace and Thessaloniki spreading their poison as well, we simply say that we were un prepared for their welcoming but the behavior of all those who supported them in Thrace will not remain unanswered.

P.S.2 Thrace from ancient times was an independent and multi-cultural area where as long as there was no one to ignite tensions, their people lived in harmony and solidarity.


Anarchist Revolutionary Group Antifascist Action

Athens – Responsibility Claim Attack on Nea Dimokratia offices in Terpsithea area in Athens.
Translated by Actforfreedomnow/boubourAs

As we have said before, if elections were a phenomenon which would really change something, they would be illegal!
In the days we live we observe more and more by the voters-sheep the increase of the application of capitalism, the lies coming out in loads, the misinformation of the means of mass deceiving trying to propagate everything and go over struggles of political prisoners who basically demand what belongs to us!
These people could stay at home and build an extra step in the normality and misery of daily life. Despite all this, they chose the armed and non-armed struggle to demand things and values which belong to ALL of us.
As a minimal token of solidarity we smashed and threw paint bombs on the offices of Nea Dimokratia (ruling party) in Terpsithea to show that such scum as well as their actions and institutions, are completely unwanted by us!
The residence above on the other floors made us not burn it to the ground and destroy it completely, but in no way do we give mitigations.
Freedom and solidarity To the prisoners of February 12th,
To the members of the CCF and RS
To all political prisoners and to all the wolves who made out of the hunt.
Courage brothers and sisters


Chile: Two explosive attacks on police stations
from the press, via lt, transl waronsociety:

Two explosive attacks happened in less than eight hours to two police stations in Santiago, located in downtown and in Central Station. In neither of the attacks were any leaflets found vindicating the action, nor was anyone wounded or arrested.

The first was an incendiary device that affected a mobile command center stationed around the intersection of Mac Iver and Santo Domingo, outside of the 1st Precinct, in the middle of downtown. It was made of two plastic bottles with fuel and an ignition mechanism placed at the wheel of the vehicle.

The second attack happened at 6 AM in the 21st Precinct of Central Station, where there was a metallic container of 40 cm found filled, with a 30 cm fuse, which was connected to a generator. Apparently the explosive device had not detonated due to the fuse going out due to the night’s humidity. In the parking area of the police building there was at least 12 vehicles.

Unlike the situation of the first attack, which the Public Minister investigated, this was sent to the Military Prosecution since it happened inside of a police property.

According to GOPE personnel who carried out studies at the precinct the device was filled with Trinitrotoluene (TNT) and had an industrial fuse.

These two attacks are added to the one that happened on June 16 at 1:45 PM at 526 Dragones de la Reina, which according to the police had been a butane gas canister activated by direct fire. No one has claimed the deed, but they found graffiti for Luciano Pitronello in the area.


Marche – Bombs on the construction site of a new prison

MARCHE-EN-FAMENNE – Five artisanal bombs have been discovered on the construction site of the new prison, by the company Valens-Duchêne. The bombs were equipped with a retarding system and incendiairy bottles.

Around 7 ‘o clock in the morning, a worker discovered a suspicious object went he climbed into his crane.

“One of the workers noticed something abnormal when he climbed into his crane to start working. He discovered the artisanal bomb high up in the crown of his crane, under his cabin. Those who placed them dare, climbed up, probably during the night. One has to be very motivated and very organised,” says a worker of the construction site. “We have not been threatened before this discovery. But if the mechanisms exploded, this could have provoked damage and destroyed the cabins of the cranes. Imagine if they were working. We found four other bombs. Two of the bombs exploded. We restarted to work, but the surveillance measures have been reinforced and every worker has to watch out before using material.”

An act of sabotage

“Installed close to the electronical box, these bombs were placed to destroy material and to sabotage, not to hurt persons,” explained the Prosecutor Elisabeth Dessoy, who went to the construction site in the afternoon. “Visiting the premises, we discovered no other elements. We made a security perimeter, we saw that there was no more danger. Now it is normal procedure. We called in the SEDEE of the army (Service for removal and destruction of explosives) who has to make up a report and evaluate the danger level of the explosives.”
Another bomb discovered this morning

Again a bomb was discovered this morning at the construction site of Marche, high up a crane. Yesterday, five home made bombs were discovered in five of the six cranes of the construction site, just under the electricity box and the cabines of the cranes.
26/6/2012 25/6/2012


Athens – Van loaded with explosives drives into Microsoft’s Athens HQ
by actforfreedom |
Van loaded with explosives drives into Microsoft’s Athens HQ
Wednesday, June 27, 2012 from the greek streets

A stolen van loaded with low-level explosives (gas cannisters) was driven into the Athens HQ of Microsoft Corp in the northern suburb of Marousi. As reported in mainstream media, those in the van forced the security guards out of the building, drove the van into its ground floor and detonated a large number of the explosives in the van, before leaving. There is no responsibility claim as of yet.


Bloomington, IN: Communique for sabotage of Duke Energy trucks(usa)
from anews:

Duke Energy is responsible not only for relentless rate increases that seriously affect poor people in United States, but for mega-development land projects against the poor in countries that white people here seldom remember. This is why we sabotaged four of their meter-reader trucks in Bloomington, Indiana; it was easy, fun, and will hopefully slow down their exploitation for at least a moment.

This action is dedicated to Marie Mason and Eric McDavid. We also send our best to Marco Camenisch, imprisoned for attacks on the energy industry, and currently facing harassment from Operation Ardire.

The spirit of June 11th can be lived every day… and every night!


Some thoughts on recent events in Munich [Ger]
From Linksunten Indymedia

plus an incomplete chronicle of the last three years of actions.

As one might have read in the media, in the last weeks multiple attacks on various state institutions and symbols of the capitalist exploitation machine took place in Munich. Besides the actions which are now over inflated by police and media there have been yet other attacks which took place without public notice. As one can read read on 3 cars of the Office for Housing and Migration were set on fire in February of this year. On another night numerous vending machines of the MVG (Munich Public Transport Authority) were sabotaged. These are just two examples of rage expressed against the ruling order which are consciously ignored and silenced by the media and cops.

Due to the increase in the number of attacks in the last few weeks and the resulting public awareness, with its condemning and falsifying nature, we want offer some thoughts on these events. The actions which are now under particular public scrutiny:

- In the night of the 21st to the 22nd of May unknown individuals put up 15 posters on the walls of two schools.

- On tuesday the 22nd paint bombs are thrown at the Day-Release Prison.

- In the night of Wednesday, the 23rd May, two Telekom company cars went up in flames. The police are proceeding on the assumption that it was a deliberate arson.

- The Federal Drafting Office is attacked with stones in the night of the 24th.

- Finally, on the 25th of May the Savings Bay is “dressed up” in with Paint. The outcome is 10000 euros in damages.

We consider these actions to be neither thoughtless use of violence by „leftwing chaots“ nor single isolated actions as they may appear in this chronicle, but instead a small part of the social conflict occurring within society at large.

This is how we see the attack on a bank such as the Savings Bank. Not as an attack on a specific company, but an autonomous act against one of the most obvious symbols of the capitalist system.

Similarly, we don't look at the stones thrown at the Federal Drafting Office, only as a contribution to the struggle against the army, but as a direct questioning of authority structures and a declaration of war on the deceptive peace here which always needs a war elsewhere. Because, in order to protect our existing privileges and keep the capitalist economy going, exploitation and global hierarchies are needed, which are expressed and reinforced through war.

The two burned cars represent another attack on Telekom, one of the many profiting off the capitalist (war-)logic and make clear, that war and those profiting from it can be attacked right here, because war starts here.

We interpret the paint-bombing of the Day-Release Prison exactly as every seemingly insignificant revolt against power structures and oppressive circumstances; as a break out of the social prison which locks us up everywhere and subjugates us with its force and norms.

The reaction of the cops, the call for help using the massmedia, the megaphone of power, in order to condemn the actions, shows on the one hand, that the repressive authorities are totally in the dark, which may also be a result, of there not existing a single communique claiming the actions and therefore making anyone into a possible culprit. On the other hand these actions and the subsequent reactions show that, even if it may not often seem that way, there are gaps in the predetermined parameters in which our existence plays out. For us, this can only mean that we have to widen these already existing gaps and search for new ways and means to further crack the rotting walls of this society.

Such means and ways are plenty. It's up to us to discover them. To tread this path and to experiment with the most appropriate means, demands that we refine our ideas until they are as sharp as daggers. Because only with sharpened knives will we have the possibility to cut out the rotten flesh of this society. Distributed all over the globe, from the insurrections in Northern Africa to the rebellions in the Italian detention centers to the riots in London, we saw the blades, and with them our ideas flashed in the suffocating darkness. But individual and collective acts of revolt which break with daily reality, but are overshadowed by daily routine, are just as important to us. We recognize ourselves and our desires in all of these direct expressions of irreconcilable enmity with the status quo and perceive events such as the ones in Munich as an uncredited revolt against the social context. Therefore, for us they are not the single actions the media and the cops try to present.

It should be said, that for us it's not about the media frenzy, whether positive or negative, because every action which endangers the maintenance of the status quo, is always presented in the spectacular media as an isolated single action of some „mad“ person to prevent the spark from becoming a wildfire. Because the danger lies in the social propagation of methods and the rumble of our ideas which can be heard all over the globe threatening the imminent eruption of the volcano.

To wait longer is madness.

The conditions will never change in our favor therefore the best time to create the preconditions for the liberation of all is here and now. So, today is always the best moment to savor our possibilities, so that the rumble permeates every moment of our lives. Let's spread the revolt to our daily lives and our social relationships to set more hearts on fire with our ideas and find new accomplices in the glow of the flames. When we realize that the suffocating reality has become all encompassing we don't need to look far for targets, we find them by ourselves: It's easy to attack!

So that the flow of lava on its destructive path towards the valley of society doesn't come to an end!

Some wolves on the foggy paths through the social swamp

A brief incomplete chronicle of actions in Munich.

2. January 2009
War memorials attacked with paint!
(source direct action ucrony)

29. July 2009
Federal armed forces vehicle set on fire
A civil army vehicle was set on fire, the full damages came to 55.000 euros.
(source direct action ucrony)

25. September 2010
Paint attack on the Chilean consulate
Solidarity with all political prisoners in Chile! The Chilean consulate is attacked with black paint.
The communique ends with:
„For social insurrection!
For anarchy!“
(source direct action ucrony)

7. November 2010
Paint attack on the „Sudetendeutsche Haus“
On the night of October the 7th some Antifas attacked the „Sudeten German House“ a venue often used by right-wing fraternities.
(source direct action ucrony)

29. March 2011
Paint bombing of the Office for Migration and Refugees
(source direct action ucrony)

21. May 2011
German army Jeep torched
On May 21st a locomotive driver noticed some smoke coming from a German army jeep transported on a train wagon alongside several other army vehicles. The police came immediately, preventing the fire from spreading to the other vehicles.
The police believes the arson to have been premeditated. The jeep was damaged completely, along with the part of the train where it was parked.
(source direct action ucrony)

26.September 2011
Attack on the San Francisco Straßencafe#
"In the night of the 25th of september we destroyed the windows and furniture of the San Francisco Cafe by using stones. We attacked this store as a symbol of our society. A society that celebrates its own existence and that measures itself through consumption. A social order that reproduces its own oppression and accepts it, where there is no possibility to develop freely. Such an order is disgusting.
What we get offered here, we simply don't want. The „freedom“ to stand in front of the shelf of goods and to fall into consumption is not acceptable to us.
We took back a moment of our lives by acting outside of laws, moral beliefs, dictated rules and borders and therefore feeling a litte bit of freedom.

Against the society of the spactacle!
Against this hypocritical freedom!
Against every state and every prison!

Hereby, we declare ourselves accomplices of the attack that happened on Ostkreuz in Berlin and against the military jeep that was torched in munich!

We hope that there are people out there that will declare their complicitywith our action!“
(source direct action ucrony)
#on direct action ucrony this action is wrongly listed as having taken place in freiburg

25. Oktober 2011
Attack on a Real Estate Office and a Pro Life Center
"In the night from the 25th to the 26th we have smashed out the windows of a Real Estate Office between Rosenheimerplatz and the Isartor. Afterwards the „Mother House“ in the westend. […]
For social insurrection!
For anarchy!"
(source linksunten)

2. November 2011
A Real Estate Agency gets its windows smashed
In the night from the 1st to the 2nd of November a Real Estate Agency gets its windows smashed out completly. Computers and office materials were also damaged.
(source linksunten)

6. December 2011
Arson attack against police cars
On Wednesday night three police cars were burnt in the parking place of München-Bogenhausen police station.
The police is convinced that it was a planned arson attack against the premises.
A no-parking sign, a parking meter and a concrete pathway in the police parking lot have also been partly destroyed: the heat must have been enormous.
The two small vans and a car must were most likely set on fire between 2:35 and 3am. By the time the firebrigade came around 3:10am, they were already completely burned down.
The police has yet to find any traces at the site, the damage amounts to over 100.000€.
(source direct action ucrony)

5.Jannary 2012
The windows of the Residents' Registration Office are smashed.
(source linksunten)

22. February 2012
Arson against the vehicles of the Office for Residency and Migration
On the night of the 21st of February three cars of the Office for Residency and Migration were set on fire. The building was also damaged by the flames. The damage is estimated to be around 50.000 euro.
This office, also host to the Department „Coming home- repatriation grant for refugees“ is a symbol of institutional racism and the state.
(source direct action ucrony)

1. March 2012
Around 50 ticket vending machines sabotaged
"Just shortly before the new month began around 50 ticket vending machines – and several machines for stamping the tickets – were sabotaged with glue and other materials, making them useless. The machines of the transport-company of Munich are stationed in the underground-and bus stations. Some cameras were also smashed.“
(source direct action ucrony)

13. April 2012
Paint attack against the Center of Pro-Life Activists
(source linksunten)

21. May 2012
Postering and spray painting on two schools.
(source Policepress)

21. May 2012
Paint attack against the Day-Release Prison.
(source linksunten)

23. May 2012
Two cars of the Telekom company are set on fire.
(source direct action ucrony)

24. May 2012
The windows of the Federal Drafting Office are smashed.
(source direct action ucrony)

25. May 2012
A Savings Bank branch is hit with paint bombs.
(source direct action ucrony)

02. June 2012
Stones are thrown at the Technical Univeristy and at a Lidl (big Supermarketchain.)
(source linksunten)

04. June 2012
Paint attack against the Mobil Center of Deutsche Bahn.
(source linksunten)

06. June 2012
The Residents' Registration Office is hit again.
It was attacked with stones and paint bombs. Windows and office materials were destroyed.
(source linksunten)

08.June 2012
A Real Estate Agency is attacked with stones and paint.
(source linksunten)

Paint attack against the Bavarian federal state parliament
During the night between the 23th and 24th of June, the Bavarian federal state parliament, in Munich, was attacked with a bottle filled with paint. The so-called Maximilianeum, in which the state parliament meets, is since its founding by monarchists a symbol of hierarchical, competitive and efficiency oriented society in which we live.
(source linksunten)


Into Oblivion: Solidarity With the Infinite Strike
From Atlanta Indymedia

From Student Rebellion to Infinite Strike

For more than 70 days now, something has swept across the city of Montreal. It started with weeks of riots & occupations against the university system which is instituting drastic hikes in tuition. By now, even the corporate media is calling the events a “generalized revolt." Every single day someone else wakes up &, perhaps for the very first time, thinks to themselves “I can’t go on like this. I want to live.” They find themselves in the streets with thousands & thousands of others.

The only thing more interesting than capitalist society is the way it unravels.

From Montreal to ATL...
On June 20th, about 35 people marched behind a large banner reading "INFINITE STRIKE". Snaking up 14th, chanting "Anticapitalista!", the raucous march immediately closed in on the intersection at Peachtree Street, blocking cars in every direction right in time for 5 o'clock traffic. Some pulled t-shirts over their faces, others bandanas, others sported large sunglasses or other headress. This went on for several minutes, backing traffic up for blocks and blocks and blocks and blocks.

Some of our skills have clearly atrophied. Aside from the May Day march, there has been no significant public presence in the street since March. Point being, it felt really good outside today. The familiar blue and white of police sirens, the dull buzz of the helicopter overhead and all the standard obscenities aimed at the police. I remember feeling overjoyed looking around at some of my favorite faces...

...A little faster against traffic. Parking cones and other debris were tossed into the street by several different people. Squad cars up ahead excited us but we already knew where we were going.

People poured into the park and immediately scattered in every direction. No arrests, no detentions.
. . .
So here we are: thousands & thousands of miles away hoping to catch just a glimpse through the vast window of potential that has opened in southern Quebec. We hope that this humble solidarity action excites the right people. It certainly has excited some of us here.

keep going and never, ever stop


Denman Island: RCMP Vehicle immobilized, spray painted with anti-police graffiti
From Grey Coast

Vandals have caused thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to an RCMP vehicle parked overnight on Denman Island.

Sometime on the night of Wednesday, June 13 or very early Thursday morning, one or more vandals targeted a marked RCMP cruiser parked at the Denman Island-Buckley Bay ferry terminal, slashing all four tires and spray painting the vehicle with profanity and anti-police language.

The cruiser, parked at the terminal to allow the police to respond quickly to calls for help, was immobilized as a result.

Const. Nicole Hall of the Comox Valley RCMP detachment said that Denman Island is generally a peaceful place, though police calls increase during the summer months when the population explodes and alcohol consumption goes up.

For much of the year, officers typically don’t stay overnight on the island, but visit during the day and respond to calls for help at all hours. In the summer, however, there is a greater police presence and many nights there are dedicated officers on Denman.

For those times when the RCMP are not on the Island, they leave a vehicle at the terminal. The damage to the vehicle put a temporary halt to that practice while the cruiser was repaired.

“The Comox Valley RCMP’s Rural Section has spoken with dozens of people, most of them residents of Denman Island. Many are disgusted and outraged at this act of vandalism and disrespect. There have also been many residents apologizing, feeling that this could be seen as a poor reflection of the island’s people. The RCMP realize this is not the case and appreciate any assistance identifying those individuals responsible,” said Hall in a news release.

“One woman posted a letter of support at the Denman General Store. While driving her teenagers to the terminal to catch the school bus that morning, her children saw the vandalism. They were deeply embarrassed by what someone had done and wanted to attempt to clean the vehicle for the police.”

Hall said that there has been a recent surge in vandalism around the island, with various locations suffering damage over the last month.

RCMP have not named any suspects in last week’s vandalism, but they are encouraging people with information to come forward.

“Most of the public have been awesome,” said Hall. “It’s a small island. We are hoping that somebody comes forward because those are the people with their ears to the ground.”


Anarchists Must Attack What Only Anarchists Can Attack, or why we should support the Anarchy Bridge! 5
rom anews:

It’s May 2012 and we anarchists are occupying a very crucial position in the ongoing struggle against Control. The position of violently attacking and dismembering it! I’d like to throw in here that when I use the term violence I also mean property destruction. While it has been argued over and over again that property destruction isn’t violence, I simply don’t care anymore, I’ve come to realize that logic frames the debate in a way I don’t agree with. It’ s surely violent when the Israeli State bulldozes a Palestinian home, or when a bomb explodes in a Judges car, even if no one was injured. I’ve also consciously left out some of the other ways anarchists influence culture and resistance movements as this article will instead focus on the element of violence in todays’ anarchist movement.

Anarchists around the world have been awake and restless.

There was ELF and ALF Mexico, burning down McDonalds and Police Stations, their attacks spanning from D.F. across to Chihuahua and elsewhere, including the mass vandalism on the Telmex Company and liberation of animals. This series of actions was consequently followed up by an assortment of new bands of eco-anarchists, nihilists, individualists and Kaczinskians, each with escalating attacks, including assassination, arsons of entire strip malls and letter bombs, and all with noticeably different ideas being espoused in their communiqués. This culminated in the recent formation of the IAF and CCF “chapters” in Mexico and perhaps the non-anarchist Individualists Tending Towards the Wild with their bombings of Nano-tech sciences and Greenpeace. Some of these groups have found ways of communicating and have released joint statements. According to a reading of a hacked release from the private intelligence company Stratfor (search for “Mexico Hippy Bomber”), anarchist groups were in 2009 responsible for “more than 400 such attacks”, I think it’s safe to say that that number is growing.

Further south in the Americas there is also a growing violent anarchist offensive drawing from past movements of combatants to the Neo-Liberal dictatorships of the 70’s and 80’s as well as building connections to Native resistance to Colonization and developing more current green anarchist and egoist tendencies. This is most dramatically characterized in $hile, where the anarchist movement seems strongest. The anarchists working on overthrowing the State of $hile act as an inspiration and beacon for the anarchist movement around the world. The networking of anarchists with Mapuche warriors, their role in the student movement (dubbed the Penguin Revolution), the constellation of squats and social centers, a multiplicity of written anarchist interpretations of past struggles, the growing and vibrant combative anarcho-punk and hip-hop scene, and of course the violence. There are anarchist bombings and arsons just about every week, if not considerably more, in $hile. These too reveal a complex, interweaving fabric of diverging tendencies in their following communiqués. Letters of responsibility ranging from what could be called “the movement for total liberation” which includes ALF, ELF critiques of anthropocentrism, right on down to a ruthless egoism, that to me, harkens back to the times of Ravachol or Bonnot. But the growing movement of anarchist attackers in South America seem to be resonating with the call of the Informal Anarchist Federation (IAF), with arsons and bombings in Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and $hile to show. With these bombings there has been repression, with repression, solidarity, and anarchists know that solidarity means attack. From the “bombs case” in $hile to Luciano “Tortuga” Pitronellos’ failed bombing of a bank which left him injured, there has been numerous solidarity fires and explosions for them, not only in $hile, but around the world.

If $hile is indeed an inspiration for anarchists around the world then I’m so glad Greece is there to step it up. Bank robbers in black, supermarket Robin’ Hoods (no pun intended), a black bloc attempting to storm and burn Parliament, squats in Exarchia, solidarity actions ending in the release from prison of insurrectionary anarchist Alfredo M. Bonanno, anti-fascist arsons, December 2008. Out of the anarchist space in Greece came the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire with their dozens of coordinated arsons in Thessaloniki and Athens, these were accompanied by a newly sharpened nihilist critique of Capitalism and the State. Members of CCF were eventually captured by the State, and when imprisoned issued a call. This was a new kind of call, against Maoist “Third-Worldist” guerrilla warfare, against attacking Imperialism to inspire the revolution, but for attacking Empire because it’s fun and you hate them for making your life shit. Instead of getting caught up in hierarchies and government traps, communiqués become communication for this new anarchist guerrilla, thousands of open dialogues through thousands of attacks on Control. Deep Green Resistance, with its anti-transgender feminist essentialism and Maoist authoritarian structure, will fail in the face of this new diffuse, low-intensity, anti-civilization urban guerrilla.

The call was heard in Italy with a series of arsons and parcel bombs, recently with the knee-capping of a much hated nuclear industrialist by the IAF (reminding us all of the “years of lead”) and arsons of tax offices. IAF and anarchist actions in England, with their green anarchist and insurrectionary movement, Sweden, Germany, Spain and elsewhere show anarchists’ growing capacity to take violent action with an equally coherent critique. Anti-nuclear barricades of train tracks, struggles against the TAV, charred BMWs in Berlin, and General Strike in Spain are a few examples of our recent anarchist practice.

Anarchist attacktivists (haha) in Russia have also been kicking it up a notch, with ELF sabotage spreading like wildfire in an ongoing campaign to save Kihmki forest outside of Moscow. Recently Anti-Fa linked up with eco-anarchists to fight the developers who hired Neo-Nazi’s to protect their property from the aforementioned forest defenders. Arsons, bombings and paint-bombings of police cars and stations are also becoming more and more common, as many anonymous video communiqués on youtube would support, leading some groups to openly endorse the IAF struggle as their own.

Eat and Billy are imprisoned anarchists in Indonesia recently sentenced to over a year in prison for burning a bank ATM and claiming it as an action of the IAF. Punk rock in Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia is a force revealing, to me at least, the prospect of a larger anarchist resistance in the future. Australia has a growing anarchist movement, with squats, networking with Native resistance, prolific punk and hip hop rebels, Earth First! campaigns in Tasmania, extremely active anarchist graffiti crews in Melbourne, black blocs and anti-development and anti-state sabotage. New Zealand, or Aotearoa, also has a small insurrectionary and green anarchist movement, with numerous ALF actions and quite an expensive sabotage of a drill and an EF! campaign to save an area called Happy Valley. In Wellington that nations’ Capitol on the southern tip of the north island, was a bitter struggle to save a neighborhood called Te Aro from a yuppie motorway.

Anarchists in Guelph, Ontario in Canada, periodically blocking motorways with burning tires in solidarity with Native land reclamation, burning Corporations and country clubs to the ground as the ELF, the woodsquat solidarity campaign and the numerous paint-bombings and window smashings. Burning police cars and sabotaged train lines in Toronto. Montreal is right now in what appears to be daily anarchist and student riots complete with molotovs and newspaper box barricades. Nightly anarchist sabotage is quite frequent in Montreal, most of it not accompanied by a communiqué. Ottawa was active in visiting their local branches of RBC in 2010. The FFFC even set one on fire. Vancouver and the “Riot 2010” attack on the Olympics, the squatting adventures, arsons of police vans and probation centers, fighting the “community policing” center on Commercial Drive with rocks and fire. And whoever was blowing up that gas pipeline in B.C. over and over again.

Someone placed a bomb at the military recruitment center in Times Square New York and rode away on a bicycle, it happened before, I think the Mexico embassy for Brad Will, the anarchist, EF!, indymedia journalist killed by police in Oaxaca during the 2006 uprising, maybe. Railroad sabotage in Washington and Oregon, tons of broken windows of State, Capitalist and Religious buildings, arsons at banks, housing developments, police stations and meat packing plants all across the USA. Anarchists like Daniel McGowan, Sadie and Exile, Marie Mason, Jeffrey Leurs, Rod Coronado show that there were fires before. Big ones. There will also continue to be bigger anarchist fires and even more explosions and violence and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop it.

So here we are. We might seem like quite a violent bunch. I think we are, but there is of course something else. It’s the violence and all the other things we do as anarchists that act to make up the (A)-Team. When we win space we are quick to inhabit it and fill it with positive life-affirming activities: the pirate radio station, community garden, mushroom restoration projects, bicycle collectives, radical lending libraries, music genres, street art, publishing projects, herbal medicine, conflict resolution, squats, train-hopping, workshops, consensus decision making, communal living, an anarchist psychoanalysis, permaculture, rewilding practices. I know I said I wouldn’t go into the more positive ways anarchists have prefigured, but it is worth mentioning before I go on.

In spite of all of the positive things we anarchists do, there are those of us who also feel like masking up with a backpack full of gasoline and some sheets to burn down a Wal-Mart; maybe to inspire others, or maybe because we just plain hate the fuckers for just about every reason we could come up with and thought it would be better if there just wasn’t a Wal-Mart there anymore. Regardless, there are these people on the (A) team who will act with all they know how for as long as they know how in their war against the apparatuses of Control. It is important that they exist and continue to exist and that we vocally support them, regardless of our particular anarchist leanings and/or affiliations. I will now explain why.

By now it’s clear that anarchists have, whether we like it or not, become synonymous with a violent physical assault on class society in recent years (maybe not in Iraq or India). This is a good thing! A lot of people are really upset with modern society and anarchy has become that ancient child-like voice that says, “We love nature and all things free and wild and we want to burn everything that is built on oppression and domination, won’t you play with us?” and lo and behold, more are coming this way.

Michael Sykes, Eric McDavid, the Cleveland Anarchy Bridge! 5 (which are from now on dubbed the anti-hipster anarchists), the five more just arrested in Chicago at NATO – they will keep coming, more and more radicalized malcontents, a new generation of American born anarcho-bombers, at first apolitical or lefty goths/punks/metalheads/nerds who watched riot videos on and V for Vendetta, listen to Johnny Hobo, read some and realized that this life is shit and they choose to burn it up. We can’t stop these kids from exploding and burning their enemies (why would we want to?), but we can throw a wrench in the works and fuck up the State’s ability to keep locking up our young Fire Starters by actively confronting their obviously clear infiltration strategies.

Their infiltration works surprisingly similar to a part in George Orwell’s’ novel “1984” where the Ministry creates a fake resistance and then arrests Winston for being a part of it and because he was ready to act against the Oceania State-Machine. While it would be a stretch to say that the United States’ security forces are stoked about Occupy, it is clear that they fund and maneuver amongst it with general ease. This must be stopped, not just in Occupy, but also in every place and spot where people join the anarchist movement. The CIA and the Ford Foundation have been funding the non-violent non-militant left for since the 1950s, the 99% Spring, an even more liberal off shoot of Occupy Wall Street, has links to these organizations. Not only were uniformed Police invited into most Occupy camps, their hired informants were pushing our young Fire Starters and next generation anarcho-bombers into prison cells with talk of smoke bombs and molotovs, and C4 and bridges.

As I have said before, I see it as a great thing that intelligent, violent anarchist attack throughout the world has opened up a space where young, angry, poor, misfits who have been dealt the shit end of the stick in life can latch onto a bigger movement that has as its’ goal the total destruction of God, the State, Capital, Patriarchy, Racism and Ecocide. We need to now more than ever, as anarchists, come together and refuse to denounce those in our movements who are the most violent and protect them by limiting the ability of the police to keep locking them up.

An example of that is Chicago, most of us stayed away, but this new generation of anarchists influenced by our anarchist counter-culture these past few years went. While of course it made perfect fucking sense to stay away from such an obvious trap: there in Chicago were these new anarchists, just looking hella awkward, but it was beautiful.

Anarchists have been busy this past little bit, but if you take a step back and look around at the movement against capitalism, you can see how everything we insurrectionist leaning anarchists have done in these past few years have resonated in the hearts and minds of the people who are the most willing to fight back. So anarchist attacktivists: keep on keeping on, not that you won’t die alone, but to fight for something is to make it your own.

PS. Please don’t arrest me for writing this. Kthx.



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