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insurrectionary news (global)

VIVA LA ANARQUIA!!! | 24.08.2012 10:36 | Ecology | Repression | Terror War | World

fifth communique from "Conspiracy of Cells of Fire / FAI - Mexico" claiming responsibility for coordinated arson attacks in Apodaca, Nuevo León, and Puebla, State of Puebla, against Plásticos Viga company and the Museum of the Mexican Revolution // claim by "Friends of the Earth / FAI" for arson attack on FIAT car showroom in Buenos Aires, Argentina // "FAI/IRF - Unit: ‘Fire to sweatshops’" claim for arson of headquarters of Trastor real estate investment company, Athens, Greece // windows of olympic sponsors Lloyds TSB and Thomas Cook smashed in Bristol, Uk // many tires slashed in solidarity with Pacific North West (USA) grand jury resisters, Paris France // imprisoned eco-anarchist Marco Camenisch declares hunger strike, Swiss

aftermath of ccf/fai-mexico attack
aftermath of ccf/fai-mexico attack

arson of FIAT by FAI cell, argentina
arson of FIAT by FAI cell, argentina

Marco Camenisch, revolutionary anarchist prisoner of war
Marco Camenisch, revolutionary anarchist prisoner of war

Fifth communiqué of the CCF/FAI – México
Translation act for freedom now/B.pd

To the affinity arsonists and antagonists

Fifth communiqué of the Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire/FAI Mexico:

The arsonists constantly at war against all authorities are back!

All our solidarity with individualist anarchist warrior Mario López!

For the destruction of the system of dominion!

For Total Liberation!

Today the hearings of the trial against comrade Mario López “Tripa” have started, concerning the charges of damage to property and attack on the public peace.

We stay firm in our principles and we are convinced that solidarity is much more than words. The CCF/FAI Mexico put fire to dominion by destroying its filthy commodities and attacking the symbols of power.

The Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire (CCF), fraction of the Informal Anarchist Federation of Mexico (FAI-M), has once again set the liberating fire. With a coordinate action of the cells of the State of Nuevo León and the cells of the State of Puebla, the Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire (CCF) attacked simultaneously in the town of Apodaca, Nuevo León, and in the very centre of the city of Puebla, Puebla, by setting fire on the Plásticos Viga company, of the Río Pesquería colony, in the twon of Apodaca, Nuevo León, and on the Museum of the Mexican Revolution, in the centre of the town of Puebla, State of Puebla, the day before the ‘Fire Brigade day’ celebration was due.

Through this attack we send our solidarity to comrade Mario López (kidnapped by the Government of the Distrito Federal) and demand his immedate liberation.

At the same time, we send our solidarity to green anarchist warrior Braulio Durán, imprisoned in the city of León, Guanajuato, to our Italian comrades kidnapped in operation ‘Ardire’, to the comrades imprisoned in Bolivia, to the comrades imprisoned in Chile, to the comrades of the Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire imprisoned in Greece, to our brothers and sisters imprisoned in Argentina and Indonesia and to all our comrades kidnapped by the system of dominion of the world.

A few days before our first anniversary, this new informal coordination of anarchist struggle once again hit the system of dominion in solidarity with our brothers and sisters at war kidnapped in the prisons of the world, and demonstrted that the struggle against Power is possible. Therefore we call on all the anarchists of action so that they leave immobilizing fear and the reformist positions of servile parasites behind them. We invite them to stay with us in the determinate struggle against dominion.
Once again we make it clear that our struggle is not for the transformation of capital and the State, it is not to transform their laws, it is not for something better, it is not to transform technology, it is not to transfor dominion, we are not struggling against the imposition of this or this other president, WE ARE STRUGGLING FOR CHAOS AND DESTRUCTION, WE ARE STRUGGLING AGAINST POWER AND DOMINION, BE THEM RIGHT-WING OR LEFT-WING, POPULISTS OR REVOLUTIONARIES. WE ARE STRUGGLING FOR ANARCHY.

Greetings to the comrades of the Células Autónomas de la Revolución Inmediata (CARI-PG), to the comrades of the Individualidades Tendiendo a lo Salvaje (ITS), to the comrades of Acción Anarquista Anónima, to the Célula Insurreccional Mariano Sanchez Añon, to the brothers and sisters of the Frente di Liberación de la Tierra, to the Luddistas contra la Domesticación de la Naturaleza Salvaje and to all the groups of anarchist action and to all anarchist and anarchist-nihilist individualities!
In order to expand the Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire we only need will to struggle for total liberation, petrol and matches. .
The struggle against the existent order has started, let’s make it true that it expands anywhere.

We are all accomplices of the Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire!
Long live anarchist affinity groups!
Long live anarchism of action!
Long live the liberating fire and the avenging powder!
Strength, comrade Mario!
Strength, comrade Felicity!
Strength, comrade Braulio!
Strength, comrade Gabriel!
For the destruction of prisons!
For Total Liberation!
For international anarchist coordination!
Long live Chaos!
Long live Anarchy!

Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire/Informal Anarchist Federation (CCF-FAI)

Mexico, 21st August 2012


Amigxs de la Tierra / FAI – Incendiary attack on FIAT car showroom -Argentina
Translation act for freedom now/B.pd

Today more than ever we feel the urge to show solidarity with the prisoners of operation ‘Ardire’ in Italy, where comrades continue to face the State repressing them; with Gabriel Pombo in Germany (greetings brother); with Marco Camenisch (who will be on hunger strike from August 20 to September 23) in Switzerland; and with the comrades of the Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire FAI/FRI in Greece. Our solidarity also goes to prisoners all over the world: Henry Zegarrundo in Bolivia, Mario López in Mexico, Luciano Pitronello, Marcelo Villarroel, Freddy Fuentevilla, Juan Aliste, Carla Andrea and Iván Darío in Chile. Unshakable rebels!

In complicity with ’Núcleo de Conspiradores por la Extensión del Caos’, the ‘Núcleo de la Cólera’ and the ’Conspiración por la Venganza’, all of them of the FAI in Argentina, we are carrying on our offensive actions against the State and Capital, getting closer to the target, sharpening our aim, attacking on more fronts and imposing our values and ideas of freedom.

On Sunday 19 at 2 we carried out an incendiary attack using two home-made devices made by petrol, on the FIAT showroom on the corner between Triunvirato and Donado, Villa Ortúzar. In this way we let the hangmen know that peace is over and their property is in danger because we are taking the task not to let them sleep in peace upon ourselves, as long as there is oppression there will be rebellion.

As luxury cars continue to burn day after day, from Villa Devoto to Recoleta, daily revolt cannot wait…

They can’t stop us!

Amigxs de la Tierra / Federación Anarquista Informal


FAI-FRI claim responsibility for incendiary attack against Trastor REIC (Greece)
From contrainfo:

13 August 2012

Athens: Responsibility claim for arson on the headquarters of Trastor real estate investment company

We are witnessing the most extreme contradictions that are born and die in this shit-world. While the calculators of sorcerer’s apprentices of economic statistics are counting 23,000 dead in Syria, billions of people are watching besotted the London Olympic Games; the distance between the Olympic and the ‘practical’ shooting in the field of operations is just a simple push of the button on a remote control. If only it could happen… all these rivers of blood to become an impetuous torrent which will drown athletes and spectators. If only it could happen… We can refer all the same to the thousands of homeless people ‘messing up’ the image of the dire city, while the rich enjoy their luxurious comforts in the gardens of Ekali and Kifissia (two of the richest suburbs of Athens).

Societies that, despite their contradictions, manage to reproduce the stench they’re emitting, partitioning everyone and everything, manufacturing hundreds of microcosms.

Power is not a compact structure but a diffused edifice, located on the systemic structures—economic, institutional, etc.—and human relations. Starting from society’s chopping into antagonistic-with-each-other subsets, the constant fragmentation continues in the individual’s daily life within the capitalist world; in every aspect of the individual’s life, in every field of expression.

At this point the system completes its ‘omnipotence’, at the point where it raises the walls of isolation even in the most trivial of everyday processes. At the point where the paravans of resignation and indifference fall, hence rises the sepsis of the sleaziest kind of selfishness, of the most petty ego, an exalted sense of passive midenism.

For my part, my part, my part. For me, me, me.

The practical recording of the above assessment can be found either in the material possession of illusions in the era of capitalist prosperity—home, car, rapid rise of ‘small property’— or in the emigration for work abroad amidst conditions of economic crisis. It’s the same ideologue of modern lifestyle with modified variables. From illusions of the ownership’s onslaught, to stampede.

“When, at the end of their lives, most people look back they’ll find that they have lived their lifelong ad interim. They’ll be surprised to realize that the very thing they allowed to slip by unappreciated and unenjoyed was just their life. And so a man, having been duped by hope, dances into the arms of death.” (Arthur Schopenhauer)

A result of the intensity observed in the social machine is the fascists’ growing momentum; a fact that in no way goes unnoticed. We’re talking about a general shift of society and the State towards racist/ fascist/ nationalist guidelines. This can either be about the bodies of HIV-positive women that got humiliated through the collaboration of the cops with the KEELPNO (‘Hellenic Centre for Disease Control & Prevention’) and the mass media, or about the ongoing pogroms against migrants and the dozens of murderous attacks against them. ‘Legitimate’ and ‘illegal’ operations become one, under the ironically allegorical name ‘Xenios Zeus’. The democratic operation’s culmination was the assassination of an Iraqi migrant (on Anaxagora Street, in Omonia) by rippers identical to the goldendawners [Greek nationalist-fascist party].

So, the conclusion is that the state mechanism’s moves against migrants reflect a SOCIAL DEMAND; the racist hatred of every shit-souled macho Hellene is added to the demand for security. The knife of the insulted pseudo-egoism of the Greek-souled wanker is to be found next to the police buses and paddy wagons and the concentration camps for migrants, and the ribs of some random migrant will be stabbed at the first opportunity with that knife, applying the logic of collective responsibility.

Under no circumstances do we highlight these incidents from a victimized perspective, nor will we ever proclaim ourselves self-appointed patrons of nobody; far off from a rhetoric that sanctifies all migrants and turns them into a unified whole, we believe in humans, stances and choices, and based on these we assess others and let ourselves be assessed.

We are at war with the system, and fascists are nothing but one part of it, always apparent in specific historical periods with very specific targeting and distinct roles. That is why the attack on fascists should not be perceived as a strike against the ‘undemocratic’ aberration—using expressions such as gang or making appeals to declare Chrissi Avgi/Golden Dawn illegal—but an attack against democracy in its whole entity and, obviously, against the leftist bullshit-talkers of all kinds and tendencies, too, who consent like foolish virgins and then meet with the Palestinians’ butcher Peres.

Thus, our projectuality could not be other than the all-out conflict with the fascists as much as with every front of the authoritarian complex. With our own knives embroidering their bodies, our firearms targeting their heads, our gas canisters and explosives placed in their offices and homes.

Traveling mentally to the prison brothels where our brothers and sisters are held captives: During the last period, a very important struggle has been launched by anarchist hostages inside Greek prisons; a struggle which is geared towards the refusal of body cavity search —i.e. the attempt to offend an inmate’s dignity. Anarchist prisoners who refuse to undergo this offensive process are dragged to the physical and mental torture of isolation that reached its highest point with the scuffle in Domokos prisons between the humanguards and the comrades and R.O. CCF members Panagiotis Argirou and Gerasimos ‘Makis’ Tsakalos, and more recently with the case of anarchist Rami Syrianos—who managed to exit solitary confinement after a victory in his hunger strike—as well as the case of anarchist and R.O. CCF member Olga Ekonomidou. Both of them paid the price for their choice to break with this ‘penitentiary’ measure by staying tens of days in isolation. Last was the case of anarchist comrade Sokratis Tzifkas: After his return from a hospital (in Thessaloniki), where he had been admitted for health reasons, he denied the prison strip search and was tortured by the pigs in Diavata prisons that kept him in isolation for 10 days in appalling conditions. It’s important to mention that our comrade Olga Ekonomidou was also tortured with solitary confinement for 54 days in the same prisons.

As a minimum token of solidarity with anarchist Sokratis Tzifkas, as well as all anarchist prison hostages who have recently been tortured in solitary confinement, in the evening of Monday, August 13th, we placed an incendiary device against Trastor REIC—formerly Piraeus REIC, a subsidiary of Piraeus Bank—on the 5th floor of the building on 1 Davaki Street and 116 Kifissias Avenue (in Athens), a real estate investment company that also participates in further economic bargains such as purchases, investments, etc.; in sum, a company that consists a target just like any other.

Solidarity with revolutionary hostages at prisons
Strength to wanted comrades across the world

A raised fist for Luciano ‘Tortuga’; your latest letter touched our heart.

With rage, we go about the new battles that are yet to come against the enemy and the weak aspects of ourselves.
War against civilization!
Long live Anarchy!

Informal Anarchist Federation
International Revolutionary Front
Unit: ‘Fire to sweatshops’

PS. And perhaps one of the few pleasant events this summer was the sight of the dead idiot (civilian who attempted to stop bank robbers on their escape and died instantly after being shot) on Paros Island. His stupidity reached such levels that he sacrificed his own life for a few grand which had just got robbed from a BANK! This is the future that awaits snitches-citizens who wear the cop’s uniform in a hurry and pretend to be heroes.


Attacks on Olympic Sponsors and Media bristol (uk)
from imc bristol

We will not participate in the Olympic frenzy and we reject the myth that the Olympics is a positive event for everyone. However we love sports, so we decided to have some “sporting” moments of our own.

On Monday night, the day after the Olympics closing ceremony, we attacked two sponsors, Thomas Cook in Clifton and a Lloyds TSB depot near Temple Meads, by smashing the windows. The media was also targeted; we poured paint stripper over a Virgin Media van in Lockleaze and decorated it with paint.

Thomas Cook sells a poor paradise to rich tourists whilst destroying cultures and ecosystems around the world. Lloyds TSB are using sponsorship to distract from their dirty dealings and their “banking crisis”. The media propagate the lie that hosting the Olympics has been a proud moment for all of us. But what have we really gained? Increased surveillance and repression, gentrification and austerity.

The rulers and corporate elite get richer, and fashion themselves a “community friendly” image that hides their real moves and motives.

Shout out to all who recognise the Olympics for the farcical social experiment in social control and land grab that it is, and who fight against it. Over to you Brazil…


Paris, France: Many Tires Slashed in Solidarity with PNW Grand Jury Resisters
from Nantes Indymedia translated by pugetsoundanarchists.

During the nights of August 15th and 16th, some tires rebelled against their existence, preferring to deflate themselves rather than perform the tasks imposed on them.

- an Orange[1] SUV (exploits prisoners)
- a Veolia[2] car (nuclear)
- a Red Cross van (manages the Roissy detention center[3] and other detention centers in several countries)
-an SUV of Sunland Energies d’Avenir[4]
-a city government car
-two Vinci[5] cars (builders of jails)
-a SPIE[6] car (nuclear and surveillance technology)
Tired of transporting yuppies from work to home, the tires of 17 vélib’[7] tires have committed suicide. The same goes for some 4×4′s and a Porsche.

This small action is a modest contribution in solidarity with the anarchists incarcerated in the American Northwest after their attacks against domination; in any case, those who remain silent in the face of the Grand Jury. Dedicated also to those incarcerated under “Ardire” and “Mangiafuoco.”[8]

Here’s hoping an epidemic of tire suicide will ensue.

Some tires who are deflated–but not resigned.

translator’s notes:
[1]Orange is the name of a French telecommunications company, which presumably profits off the prison industry
[2]French energy company
[3]French prison
[4]French Energy company
[5]French multitechnical company
[6]Construction company
[7]Government-run “free bicycle” program bikes
[8]Recent state operations of repression against anarchists in Italy


Letter from anarchist Marco Camenish – Hunger strike from 20th August. – Switzerland
Translation act for freedom now/B.pd

From 20th August I’m going to start a hunger strike, which is symbolic but it intends to contribute to the path of solidarity and struggle we are running outside and inside, in no particular order, in unison, with united or different voices and methods, in different areas and with different people. But always against a common enemy and for a common goal. The common enemy is the war of conquest, exploitation, slavery, repression, diffused and total destruction. Today the common enemy is called global techno-scientific, patriarchal, terrorist and totalitarian system of the multinationals and imperialist States and is at the height of its power and spread but also of its most deadly and irreversible crisis. And the common goal is the knocking down of this system and of all forms of slavery and exploitation, for a free, healthy and just world, for all its expressions and natural elements, as essential basis of life, and for its and therefore our continuity.

This is a contribution of struggle and solidarity that is possible even from the inside, and even in this nth wave of heat, the nth sign of a dying planet, which makes it difficult even to think and write, and even more so if we are locked up in coffins of bricks and concrete always at the mercy of our hangmen.

I want to call this initiative ‘operation Fukushima’. A topical name. Another name for civilization and progress. A name for the appalling pain and annihilation administered to life by the few bosses and many servants of civilization and progress for the power and wealth of the few. It could also be called Chernobyl, Muhleberg, Beznau, Lucens, Hiroshima, Depleted Uranium, IBM, Trino Vercellese, Superphonix, Ansaldo, Biotechnology and Nanotechnology, Asbestos, Cancer, Deep Water Horizon, Xstrata, Monsanto, TAV, Alternative Energy, Green KKKapitalism, Belo Horizonte.

A name to remember, also with the words of the cell FAI/FRI Olga (thank you, thank you so much brothers and sisters of the Olga cell, thank you so much to each brother and sister and group and people on insurrectionist and revolutionary action!), that… it is only a matter of time and a European Fukushima will harvest the dead on our continent!

‘Operation Fukushima’: a name to oppose the terrible and real terms of the irreversible social, economic and environmental crisis to the ridiculous anti-insurrection persecution and the stupid names of the ‘brilliant anti-terrorism operations’, such as ‘Ardire’ [Boldness], ‘Tramonto’, [Sunset], ‘Mangiafuoco’ [Fire Eater], ‘Blackout’, ‘ORAI’, ‘Cervantes’… of the Italian version of Don Quixote wardens of global imperialism. As they can’t stop the signs of the tempest, they hit solidarity and the prisoners of the insurgent path of solidarity and struggle.

A name also to repeat with force: terrorism, absolute evil and crime and ‘social high dangerousness’, brutality and cowardice, lies and murderous aggression belong to the dominant system and those who defend it. Legitimacy and force of reason, vital urgency and humanity, the assumption of genuine, individual and collective responsibility – more urgent than ever in history – for human society, the world and their future belong to us, authentic insurgents and revolutionaries, who really struggle against this system.

So it is also a name, a small contribution, to affirm how foolish is this miserable, murderous and criminal gang of bosses and their servants (politicians, scientists, cops, judges, journalists, culture and religion and commentators and instigators of all sorts and camouflage even in the ranks of our ‘official’ movement…) if they think that their most devastating and lowest persecutions and reprisals in the best nazi-fascist tradition can stop our struggles and silence our voices inside and outside on the path of solidarity and struggle.



Marco Camenish,

Lenzburg concentration camp, Switzerland

19th August 2012


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