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6 torched vehicles at UKBA crime team building & Tascor transporters smashed

FAI Borderless Solidarity Cell | 22.06.2013 12:09 | Anti-racism | Migration | Policing | World

Hidden inside a quiet business park in Portishead, just outside Bristol, is a UK Border Agency office from where an immigration crime team work with police, including launching raids in the south-west. We visited Thursday night into Friday (with the death of anarchist Carlo Guiliani in combat with police during the G8 summit 12 years ago still fresh in our minds) to set fires that damaged the building and burnt 6 vehicles stationed there - 3 cars, 2 blacked-out people carrier vans (known to be used for dawn snatches of immigrant family groups) and 1 large van. The border regime mercenaries draw the attention of our total contempt the same as any other cop does, and now this long arm of the State has felt that we are close and we don't stop.

A couple of weeks earlier, high noon on Sunday 2nd at a Tascor corporation depot at a Cribbs Causeway/Patchway area trading estate, 2 minibuses with barred passenger windows had their windscreens smashed and multiple dents to the bodywork of the cabs. Tascor (formerly Reliance Secure Task Management) work for the Border Agency and Border Force to ‘escort’ detainees between immigration prisons and to their deportations, utilizing the consequence-free violence their position furnishes them with such as during the recent forced removals of Marius Betondi and Raul Ally, and are the largest private sector provider of this ‘service’ worldwide (having taken over these duties in the UK from Group 4 Security in 2011). They also run designated holding rooms and short-term holding facilities throughout the UK as well as for UK border forces in Calais and Coquelles, France.

Capitalism profit greatly from a pool of cheap migrant labor, including known 'illegals' who are even more vulnerable to the bosses' blackmail. The State criminalizes those they decide are non-productive, utilizing poisonous nationalism to further divide the exploited (like the recent wave of hatred against anyone thought to appear 'Muslim') and to win elections. The 'lucky' migrants get to arrive in the slums of alienated Western society and are thrust into competition with other urban poor, the 'unlucky' or unprofitable in deportation prisons, in both cases governed by fear and racialized policing. However this sorting of human bodies doesn't always go as smoothly as planned: mass hungerstrikes in Dutch detention facilities and heavy rioting on the streets of Sweden are recent instances of refusal to submit to such degradation.

We don't want a world where the tyranny of immigration bureaucrats can mean the difference between life and death, and unique beings are categorized and labelled to wring the maximum profit and subordination from us all. We don't want the indignity of every movement being scrutinized for the purposed of social control and enclosure, whether at borders, on the housing estates, in school or at work.

The legend has it that 'we' are lucky to live here, under democratic totalitarianism with some comfortable cages and technological addiction to escape from reality. But infact we are surrounded by depression, divides of wealth and race and gender, devoid of any earth-based selfsufficiency and dependant on the very machine we hate. This machine is only fuelled by rampant exploitation here and largely in the countries that migrants have fled from, creating a disgusting feedback loop as industrial civilization consumes everything in its path. We want to demolish the myth that there is any good place to be within a global system of interconnected misery.

Our struggle is far from the calls for peaceful (re)integration of 'illegals' into this faceless society. We also don't want to set ourselves up as advocates of homogenized groups of migrants, nor to sanctify them all for their specific oppression. Instead of abstract humanitarian charity, we search for the rebel affinity that may be found with migrants who maybe want more than a different regime, and who breach borders, wound guards and destroy prisons from the Mediterranean to Australia; that may be found in the hearts of those who self-organize, with or without accomplices.

Borders are just one significant expression of the currently dominant order, in a world of divisions both physical and psychological, of walls segregating populations, classes and imaginations. Our attack carries the seeds for another world. One where each and every creature is free to roam as they choose. Our borderless solidarity bursts out like our flames for people struggling for life unchained, for Gabriel Pombo da Silva, the CCF imprisoned members, comrades raided in Belgium, Marco Camenisch, Henry Zegarrundo, the anarchists held in Italy and Denmark, the dignified criminals, lawless fugitives, rebellious migrants and other socially disaffected who arm their rage to fight for liberation.

We would consider this our leaving gift to the UK Border Agency, due to be renamed and reorganized in the future - except it turns out it'll mainly be "the same jobs", "in the same places", "with the same mission". We know that their same regime of exploitation will continue more adapted and integrated, so likewise our war is perpetually against all forms of categorization and control that attempt to hinder free movement and wild life on Earth. Nothing is over, everything continues.

Borderless Solidarity Cell (Informal Anarchist Federation)

FAI Borderless Solidarity Cell


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Top work

22.06.2013 12:44

with love.



22.06.2013 13:04

RESPECT AND COMPLICITY ... we want all we will have all !!! international autonomous cells


much love comrades

22.06.2013 18:14

long live the FAI and the anarchists of praxis


Beware - internet mongs

23.06.2013 08:48

Trying to spread fear and doubt - Get the Fuck out!

Great action!!!! Time for some real anarchy!!!

Black International!!!!


@Ordinary member of the public

23.06.2013 17:08

Try reading the article.

another member of the public

How this action is benefitting Fascists like Casuals United (see image)

23.06.2013 21:48

How this action is benefitting Fascists like Casuals United
How this action is benefitting Fascists like Casuals United

Except even the Fascists posting on Casuals United's Facebook think this action is so off-the-wall they're asking whether it might have been a bluff


The Informal Anarchist Federation are state agent-provocateurs

23.06.2013 21:57

A statement from the Anarchist Federation on recent actions by the Informal Anarchist Federation in Italy -

On the 11th of May Roberto Adinolfi, CEO of an Italian state controlled nuclear engineering company, was shot and wounded. A cell of the insurrectionist Informal Anarchist Federation have claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement, saying that it was an act of vengeance for deaths and environmental damage caused by the nuclear industry. Previous acts claimed by Informal Anarchist Federation cells include sending a letter bomb to the Italian tax collection office, almost blinding a worker at the office and risking the lives of the postal and clerical workers who unwittingly carried the bomb.

Although it adopts the same initials as our affiliated Anarchist Federation in Italy, the Informal Anarchist Federation has no affiliation whatsoever with them or with us. It is an entirely separate entity, and we consider its adopting of the same initials as a pre-existing anarchist group to be, at best, confusing and ill-judged, and at worst malicious. Whether or not the Informal Anarchist Federation intended that their actions would be associated with the Italian Anarchist Federation and other members of the International of Anarchist Federations, these organisations have now been mentioned in press reports relating to the actions of the Informals, and so we now feel it necessary that we, the UK Anarchist Federation, make our position on their actions clear.

In our aims and principles, the Anarchist Federation states that “It is not possible to abolish Capitalism without a revolution, which will arise out of class conflict. The ruling class must be completely overthrown to achieve anarchist communism. Because the ruling class will not relinquish power without their use of armed force, this revolution will be a time of violence as well as liberation”. We are not a pacifist organisation and do not condemn insurrection itself or all insurrectionist tactics; however, as Anarchist Communists we strongly criticise individualist and vanguardist tactics that do not come out of a broad-based class struggle movement. We condemn actions that put workers in danger without their knowledge and consent, and we reject elitist statements, such as that made by the Informals, which consider the working class to be too ignorant and invested in Capitalism to be relevant to struggle.

Capitalism is, fundamentally, a social relationship; it can no more be harmed by small groups who are disconnected from the wider class struggle shooting individual bosses or sending bombs through the post than it can by passively marching from one place to another or consuming “ethical” commodities. Instead, the Anarchist Federation advocates organising with other working class people to take direct action for ourselves in order to both defend ourselves against attacks by capital and the state in our everyday lives and build a culture of resistance that can seriously challenge capitalism. As well as being tactically more effective than isolated acts of violence, organising in this way allows us a glimpse of a better world, free of exploitation, alienation and oppression. By acting collectively and making ourselves accountable to others, we prepare ourselves for a world where our whole lives are really under our own control.


dear dear...

24.06.2013 09:42

... Like I said - Internet Mongs like the UK AFed & Casuals United!

Stay on your Forums and Facebooks wankers!


Scandalous thoughts – a few notes on civil anarchism

24.06.2013 10:13

Every so often, cyclically, collective or social anarchism becomes restrictive to some anarchists and an anarchist individualism reasserts itself. It happened at the turn of the twentieth century when some of the great anarchist thinkers began to question some of the more communistic dogmas. It is happening once more, and once more we witness some of the social anarchists writhe in panic as their comfortable dream is disturbed and they wittingly or unwittingly reinforce the stranglehold of the State by condemning their unruly sisters and brothers who appear to threaten the pursuit of what one comrade has aptly described as ‘civil anarchism’.

It is a horrible creature, this civil anarchism. A slathering, craven and despotic monster with eyes in the back of its head which tries to be what anarchism will probably never be – palatable to the modern consumer masses.

One of the major qualities that those engaged in making attacks seek is to recover knowledge of themselves and each other, to recover personal power, to enact a radical and dramatic break from Society, with its intolerable cage of the social norm and the consequent deadening of individual sensibility. Some communiqués from this tendency are flowery and poetic in the extreme, and are not to everyone’s taste, but reading an Anarchist Federation statement is deadening. It is the materialist death-march of politics against life, the patriarchal voice of ‘political reason’ against the wild rebel spirit, of the political against me.

The combatants seek to recover volition and dispel the inauthentic. This can only start from your experience, not from the experience or dogmas of others, although it involves your relationship with a few comrades within “the mass” or the “working classes”. Until it is active, on the street, there is little genuine struggle to be found in some abstract crowd of people you have no relationship with. It seems incredible to read the thoughts of those that identify as (Formal) Federation anarchists and even more pointless to have to critique it. It is a bit like critiquing the performance of a clown by the standards applied to a serious drama. The issue for me here is the same denial of individuality that the State imposes – some herding of unique human beings into some utilitarian category by pedagogues and masters who find the individual unwieldy and dangerous, but find an abstract ideological cage immensely comfortable.

This lack of authenticity and the somewhat anachronistic politics of their “revolutionary organisation” as a whole, is reflected in the Federation’s outrage at the shooting of Italian nuclear boss, Roberto Adinolfi and the letter bomb sent to the Chief of the Italian tax office Marco Cuccagna. The Federation disingenuously manipulate the facts with regard to the latter in order to prostitute their particular ideology by describing the boss of the tax department as a ‘worker’. Not only is this insulting to anyone’s intelligence, who can see quite clearly that the target was one of the bosses who rob them every day of their hard-earned wages, but it is puzzling because they pretend to ‘care’ about the suffering of these targets and to state categorically that ‘the working class’ care too. If I am being authentic to myself, then I can say I do not care a bit if this bureaucratic robber is attacked, injured, killed. Actually, I am happy about it. I imagine many people would also not care and may even feel some satisfaction and even joy at the news.

Some basic questions of the Federation which do not really require answers: who are these “working class” people you speak of; how many individuals who make up the “working class” do you personally know; how do you know that all these people disagree with attacks on capitalist infrastructure, bosses and tax collectors; what gives you the right to speak for anyone but yourself; what do you say about the “working class” people who rioted in London in August 2011 (and throughout history)? To even ask these questions seems ludicrous, but a quick look at Federation discourse seems to necessitate them since they seem so sure of themselves.

The Federation/Libcom mindset continues with its psychometric assessment of supposed “terrorist tactics”. They borrow another meaningless spook from the hostile media and the State – the mindless, indiscriminate anarcho-insurrectionalist-“terrorist”. Again, how many of these individuals does the Federation know, and how does the Federation know that such acts are not part of a rich and more complex life. Furthermore, to state the obvious, insurrectionist methods are widespread amongst the disaffected of the world, as widespread as ‘organising’, and sometimes have more in common with “working class” rebellion than anything the Federation comes up with. The Federation is tellingly silent on this reality in the main, preferring only some parental nod to “working class” anger that could be so much more constructive if only the unruly would acknowledge the wisdom of Federation physicians and swallow their prescriptions.

Here the Federation again reveals itself to be incapable of liberating itself from the shackles of ideology: that denial again of the complex human being and its shunting into some useful abstract category. But as we look at the Federation’s reactions to other anarchists, it actually becomes more sinister, in that they are frequently almost indistinguishable from our enemies. It’s choice of forum is the internet. A brief review not only of critiques of technology, but also experience of it, reveals how destructive this form of faceless, mass interaction is. Furthermore, the language used by the Federations is akin to experiencing the fist of repression coming down on the human face of anarchism. The Federation reinforces the State, by adopting the rhetoric of the industrial-military-technological system, such as its aforementioned recent condemnation of anarchist “terrorist tactics”.

In the quest for liberation, the individual must be allowed to express itself, to follow itself. The individual is not always at odds with the collective, but to try to squash individual drives into some collectivity or society against its will is totally useless. The individual will sooner or later rebel because a mass collectivity forged at the expense of the free individual will entail rules and regulations (albeit informal or even unspoken) which are against liberty of life, feeling and thought. These tendencies have been at war before, and it is worth reading the essays of Voltairine de Cleyre on this matter with her suggestion that the individual anarchist be free to express their rebellion in their own way. Violent attacks against the bosses and the State will alienate some people, but not all. Pacifist action will alienate some people but not all. Even if we could once and for all identify every “working class” person and also get them to agree that they are “working class”, do the Federations really think that this mass of people will hold one homogenous view on social change, on the causes of misery and on the best way to liberation (if all agree that liberation is their goal). The civil anarchists are searching for a purposefully driven conscious proletarian class which no longer really exists in the manner they describe as a revolutionary subject in the West. They have embarked on a hollow search which ends in sterility at the level of the actual uncontrollable mass social clash, and anyway largely failed to follow their own politics through to their conclusions.

The separation of people into classes is in some ways a nonsense when it is not based on their individual opinions or actions. A brief look at Native American history, as one example, shows us how banal and inaccurate it is to speak of ‘the Native American people’ in one homogenous outpouring of bad breath: there were indigenous warriors fighting genocide and assimilation and there were also indigenous folks who colluded with the American State and turned on their own people to accumulate money and power.

Those of us who might be allotted the label of insurrectionist, individualist, and/or nihilists do not make perfected claims to knowing how revolution will come about. There is a great humility in the words of the emerging rebels and armed struggle groups. I would say that at this point in history, when so much has been tried and so much has failed, let us admit that we do not know what is right, what will ‘work’. People are far more complex than that and the world is huge.

The Federation’s distillation of everything down to “working class struggle” is problematic. The working class as it used to be has all but gone and anyway, like democracy, it was originally rooted in horror and lies for many. Democracy was invented on the backs of a Greek slave class and the Industrial Revolution first imposed the destruction of the individual and introduced ‘the dispossessed herd’ as it ushered in this age we hate. Focusing on the “working class” in this way is like shuffling between different forms of oppression, saying that we prefer that form of oppression over this one: people fought tooth and nail against becoming subsumed into a “working class” at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. The assimilation of artisans and rural peoples into the industrial working class was bloody, so why some anarchists are attempting to reify it now, especially now that the machine has moved on and is now subsuming the traditional working class into the post-industrial consumer class, is not just questionable, it is bizarre. They are all simply stages in the grinding progress of the machine and we would do well to abandon all of these chimeras. This is not to deny that a class struggle has always and continues to be fought, but I prefer the term “social war” to “working class struggle” largely because it includes more individuals and their choices, including those who consider themselves traditionally working class. Class as a concept and as a social binder has become increasingly muddy over the years. People can be more crudely divided – if we must – into the rich and the poor, the included and the excluded, the critical and the uncritical regarding the State and civilisation.

To be denied individual autonomy, recognition and relationships causes alienation and disempowerment. The authority of a ghostly mass over the individual does nothing except assist the project of the State and capitalism by agreeing that the individual human being is nothing more than an economic unit or a vast and faceless aggregation of economic units. Is this really how we wish to define human beings and do anarchists really think that such a perspective is liberating? To negate the role of individual action in favour of a vague conception of the “class-struggle” of yesteryear is a dangerous fiction. Certainly, since it is also the project of the State to destroy the volition and value of the individual; it cannot be called revolutionary, except in the autocratic uber-political sense of being ruled by statist apparatus – none of which desire empowered individuals or like-minded groups of individuals who want freedom. It is not the role of anarchists to replace one tyranny, be it “democratic”, monarchist, collectivist or any other kind of rule, with another.

What is this ‘issuing of statements’ condemning the acts and opinions of others who consider themselves anarchists? It is to play the political game of ‘good anarchist’ and ‘bad anarchist’ for the media and the repressive machine of the police. It is to undermine the very meaning of the term ‘anarchy’; a complicated and shifting web of principles, praxis and relationship with the goal of liberation which is not a singular state of being, no more than it is a State.

Moreover, the fact that the Federation feels the need to make statements against acts of other anarchists must surely show them that their project is doomed. At the end of the day, I say to the Anarchist Federation and their fellow travellers: I do not agree with you, I do not desire the world you envision. I say I am not alone in finding your statements and perspectives antithetical to my own rebellion and my personal concept of liberation which is based on my understanding and experience of State oppression. And since your project depends on the absolute agreement of the mass of which I am a part, and since it appears from the debates and statements of the Federation that what is envisioned is a mass anarchist society, I declare that I want freedom not only from the State but from Society and you. I ask then: what are you going to do about me?

I began this article by essentially wishing to encourage those of us who call ourselves anarchists to cease mutual condemnation and to assert that actually not one of us has the “answer”. However, I end by sensing that some of “us” know so little of what it means to be liberated in heart, thought and action, and so little of what class solidarity and struggle really means, that I can only imagine an anarchist society such as appears to be the aim of the Anarchist Federation, would be as fraught with repressions and various prisons as this one. That is, unless those who would impose their faceless societies on the rest of us realise their futility.

Venona Q.

Black Bloc
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