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Does Israel Have a Right to Exist?

Internationalist Observer | 06.12.2013 19:00 | Analysis | Anti-militarism | Palestine | World

This question has been asked many times, and more often than not in a merely selective interest rather than from an absolute position. By its own definition Israel is a state entity and therefore it cannot have any of the qualities of a natural person. Material constructs do not bear absolute rights. These are singular to the natural being – nature has a right to exist – and can only be lost but not gained by force – no conqueror of nature can obtain them by taking them away from it. The wording of the question is expressing a conceptual aberration on the matter of hierarchy analysis and it should be rephrased according to the situation in which it might appear. But that it is being asked in this specific form indicates a distortion of meaning within the concept of statehood: There are states which are nothing but functions of other states. The false totality bites itself. Certainly this is a historical footnote on the absurdity of trying to avoid Anarchy. In the misguiding ideology the planet is expected to burden itself with the failing hierarchies of the state, even if they would break it. Does Israel have a purpose on the way out of this capitalist misery or is it no better than the false totality statehood brought about?

When the perspective of the Palestinian issue as it developed over the 20th century is taken, Zionism is usually being named as the driving force of the land conflict. That is referencing the development preceding state installation, precisely the ideological movements in Europe which caused the imperialist powers at the collapse of colonialism to create or restore Israel in the place of its historic expulsion. There was an idea that one restoration of unjust loss could inspire others, such as the expulsion of the Jews was just one case in a series of atrocities inflicted by the historical Roman empire across Europe pending to be finally healed after its formal abolition a century earlier. And there was a feeling that the collapse of the established system was the appropriate time for it. But that impulse underwent the same abuse as the local romantic tendencies and was broken in authoritarian assimilation, and in the statehood period of Zionism has only served as an empty excuse for the latter.

This particular loose nerve has triggered crass opposition from many due to its ideological shortcut: There is a breakdown line beyond which an authoritarian state can no longer ideologically justify itself but the self-betrayed collaborator still can. And that means the trauma of Zionism having denied the Anarchist ideals of its roots in order to trade into the lies of the states is perpetuating every negative intention it sees against its special role with full force against everyone else. This ideological reflex certainly has no right to exist, not even if it were not to collide with new interests arisen in the meantime. Beyond that it remains a matter of research to determine what Zionism is in terms of science. It is proof that no assignment of statehood, and be it in form of the most destructive weapons at the most irrational cost, can functionally compensate for the loss of self-esteem resulting from a deviation from Anarchy. Quite the contrary, once any agreement with a state is made on a basis of moral equivalence with the natural person, as opposed to the regulation of a construct inferior to the natural person, such loss is set to occur. And if a political movement risen to undo injustice of empire does not remain focused on the moral inferiority of imperialism it is losing its purpose and in the worst case reproducing its cause.

When the Zionists look back at the 19th century, beyond the petty rivalries there is the pressing memory that other encounters with empires ended at better conditions. If the purpose of Israel is to enable the Jews to exist outside any empire and threat or influence directly or indirectly resulting from it, then the current implementation has miserably failed. In fact the friction it generates with the flow of time which unavoidably brings in other people with their own interests in the meantime indicates that the existing entity is little more than or nothing but a function of empire, like the illusion of a rainbow from natural light hitting an useless chunk of litter with no actual recessive humidity in the atmosphere. It appears to be produced to crudely mimic what it would leave to be desired, but it is not a sign of something new appearing on the horizon of hopefulness. Yet it is self-evident that empire has absolutely no right to exist, so any construct that has can only do so because of being something else than a function of empire, or even being everything else than that.

The Israel that would have any emancipatory purpose to end the legacy of empire forever does currently not exist, and if it would it certainly would be as vulnerable to it as anyone. The historical frame of reference of the newly arrived at the small pathway between the two big continuous land agglomerations of the metacontinent is that period of European history when the aftershocks of the collapse of the Roman empire which left no one within its reach unhurt dominated all attempts of healing, and the restoration of Anarchy was hampered by inheritance rivalries among the rubble. Even when the expelled Jews obtained in exile what they desired, the end of the Roman empire, that did not imply a capacity to make something of the unconscious development which would be useful to prevent an even more precarious situation. Had the refugees been able to clean up the remainder of empire together with the natives it would have effectively prevented the resurrection of imperialism. At least after Rome was overrun for good, no further empire is possible without an external reference.

The Zionist of these days is the Babylonian captive of these who arm him. And it is a grotesque resurrection, since in the meantime the empire that started the smallest lasted the longest and is now all gone, and the latest one is a secondary aberration resulting only from a descendant role. The European colonialists that became Americans have a contradictory relationship to their cultural ancestors, on one hand they rely on them for their identity, on the other they abuse them to compensate themselves for the unpleasant effects of their infantile role. They do even have difficulties to realise how stupid it is to spy against everyone else and claim independence at the same time. Not just that it is a violation of foreign independence but it also turns back against perpetrators who totally depend on their crime. The lethal farce of an empire that keeps a hurt Zionism in prolonged trauma can only be what it is due to the destructive force of technology. When it has to compete on an equal footing, the spying-based imperialism of this fraudulent time is politically helpless.

It is said that antisemitism as it molded into industrial society is the insurrection surrogate of the stupid, not only indifferently stupid but criminally stupid, but it being the trigger which initiated the Zionist movement it must be asked which are the specific forms that make it so dangerous – if it is only an empty rumour then where would be the danger in it? The answer of course is that the disinformation is based on the deliberate distortion of information, and that the rise of antisemitism coincides with that of spying efforts. The forgery is not possible without the theft of the original. In the colonial empires it took the form of forgery of self-presentation and identity and that so-called "black propaganda" was specifically tailored against individual targets of spying. The result was not only mass death from efforts to get rid of the legacy apparatus but also from ideological irritations due to the propaganda, with the latter coming with even more dynamic potential of escalation. Where ever this phenomenon occurs – the unsolicited totalitarian mimicry – it is of equal historical risk as in that instance.

It is this imperialist tactic which led to the conclusion that the situation left behind by the Roman empire was no longer bearable. Where it repeats, in the spying scandals of the present, where apparently all states seem to collaborate against any blow of common sense that could break the ice of their accumulated guilt, it has the potential to override all other historic evaluations: When the most heinous element of antisemitism, the personally targeted forgery that is only possible on the basis of spying, becomes reemployed or is already so against anyone, specifically any subgroup or parallel culture, then the consequences are no different. Such behaviour will ultimately harm the human consensus so much that it must be avoided at any condition in the first place. And if that is not enough and identity theft takes place nevertheless there must be immediate consequences to avoid the resulting drama. It is natural that no one is interested to experience character assassination misnamed after its targets, and of course the "Golden Rule" fully applies.

Any state which comes to mimic in any form the efforts that produced the “Zionist Protocols” against anyone must be destroyed not only for the justice of the persons but even more so due to the wider consequences of the circulation of contaminated materials. The hypothesis that this could be the defining theme of the current spying scandal, that the theft of data by the North Americans and their accomplices has followed the pattern of character assassination against humans, as opposed to one of pure rollback efforts against rival entities, bears large weight because of its lethal implications. Once it is to be considered a standing fact that the purpose of the spying followed that ideological pattern more than merely indifferent economic forces, this fundamentally changes the assessment of the evil in its intentions – and more than that, the choice of consequences. It changes the apparatus which produced such a catastrophe and all its derivatives into something that cannot have any right to exist.

It is this negative definition which does produce the most clarity for the concept: Once the character-assassination-bent spy apparatus has historically deprecated forever its ambition for a relative right to exist, any failure or delay of implementation can only result in equally brutal blowback and in the worst case character-assassinating mimicry thereof. The depreciation of the right to exist does not necessarily immediately transform into a cessation of existence, but the resulting discrepancy remains the source of an escalating spill of blood such as in the belated revolution in Russia. Had the apparatus behind the “Zionist Protocols” been destroyed earlier, how much killing could have been avoided? It remains the single most urgent issue on the horizon of the young millennium to find how this legacy can be cleanly cut off the life of the species, even more than the threat of industrial capitalism is to the planet, because it is hampering any solution for the latter.

The deprecated right to exist of a group of perpetrators is a matter of fact that can be observed with the unarmed eye either directly or from its visible consequences. There would not be so much indifferent violence if it was not functioning as a mirror to enhance the violent pattern of a system literally cannibalising on these who are not interested to participate in it. How that demon of material force that is the spying will be exterminated is a matter of current necessity that cannot be left to time. And the comfortable temptation of taking props for the own leniency is a murderous deception which can only multiply the death toll. The more is becoming known about the spying of the regimes and their malicious intentions to employ it to poison the culture or subculture of any natural person or group thereof, the more it leaves of an idea what is going to be both necessary and suitable to end the assassinations of bodies and characters.

Since such spying is the most lethal symptom of an overdrawn balance of existence, and did also attack the entities of claims on timeless morals before it came to harass someone and everyone, it is there where the cut must be made. Caesares esse caedendos. At which extent this implies Israel more than any other country is a technicality depending on the details of the collaboration. It might only be one percent or it might be more or less of a share of the whole which will only become known exactly when the entire apparatus is carefully disassembled in an Anarchist environment. Any interest to achieve a clean balance of existence cannot prevail in merely local conflict. It is the military-industrial complex which has no right to exist, even the hardware is useless for benign applications. And the living interest to remain outside of any of its deceptive and ultimately lethal constructs mandates its end. Or else Israel does not repeat someone else´s history, but the farce is a repetition of its self-inflicted collaboration preceding the Roman expulsion.

Internationalist Observer


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What are you going to do about it?

07.12.2013 02:20

Regardless of whether Israel has the "right" to exist, they are going to just do it anyway.

Its almost like a Zebra asking "Does a lion have the right to exist?"
The Lion doesn't give a shit as to whether the Zebra thinks the Lion should exist or not.
Lion just eats the Zebra.

So, as to "does Israel have the right to exist?"
You are asking the wrong question. The question is: what are you going to do about it?

the masses

People Have A Right To Exist

07.12.2013 16:19

People have a right to exist and live peacefully and freely on the land of their birth. States do not have a right to exist. The state system is used by the power elite to cast division amongst people who would otherwise leave in peace together.

The Arabs and Jews of the middle east had lived peacefully together for hundreds of years before the Rothschild bankers and other powerful European interests and later American interests became involved.

It's as simple as that.


Is israel wrong to exist?

07.12.2013 19:26

John said;
“People have a right to exist and live peacefully and freely on the land of their birth.”

But here, New York educated David Rubin*, former mayor of illegal israeli settlement Shiloh, situated in the West Bank, seems to think it's all about “building permits”, “lawlessness” and “currency”.

Fortunately Gilad Atzmon is there to put robbing Rubin straight on a few things at 5:48mins;
“...From the Palestinian perspective, israel is the name of the state and Palestine is the name of the land, and they belong to the land.
And the state imposed itself on them by, in most cases, violent means through a massive process of ethnic cleansing. And what we see here again, is israel experimenting again with ethnic cleansing.”
Part 1;

Truth hurts and David Rubin cannot handle his allergic reaction of a spoonful of truth juice, having to leave part 2 of the discussion somewhat prematurely.
Part 2;

* Rubin bio;


Romans,zionists,brothschilds,imperialism, crusaders& slavetrading pirates

07.12.2013 20:41

What a brew, It can be Blamed on all at one stage or another arseholes take over varoous regions & shit happens, doesnt necessarily have to be a state it can be a religion or tribal faction.
Iam suprised no one has mentioned the Knights templars or knights of St John.
The Isreali Stern gang who were classed as terrorists before worldwar2even worked with nazis to try & ship more Jews to the area.

Fact is as Brian from Monty Python would say why cant You bxxxards just get get along!!!??

Its been mentioned before& is worth saying again, Switzerland during the second french revolution in1848 when the Swiss were at civil war is worth studying.
They settled what could have been a major battle with a skirmish& agreed upon a constitution leading to a direct democracy, this worked to a degree nationally,but in a globalised economic& increasing global political system its arguably better& worse in some areas.Instead of burying our heads in the ground,blathering or maliny inofficial alliances with UKIP why not do our best at every level to mąkę sure things happened democratically& fairly?

swivel eyed lizard man

The above comment was written by apologists for terrorism!

07.12.2013 20:56

The above comment was written by apologists for israeli terrorism who are trying to justify 65years+ of israeli terrorism against the Palestinian people which has included plane bombings, kidnappings, armed robberies, murders and warfare designed to destroy the Palestinian people. An example of israeli terrorism;


notes for the anarchists here

09.12.2013 13:26

"The Isreali Stern gang who were classed as terrorists before worldwar2even worked with nazis to try & ship more Jews to the area. "

a) The "Stern gang" were the anarchist faction >

b) There were MANY folks of various political stripes trying to get fellow Jews out of the hands of the Nazis including via negotiations. You find something wrong with that? Now I can understand why you Brits would consider it bad to save Jewish lives at the possible expense of British lives (remember the the attempts to buy out the Jews of Hungary with war material?). But you should at least be able to understand that the Jews might judge that question the other way around.


A rosen by any other name would smell as...

09.12.2013 16:36

@MDN said;
“a) The "Stern gang" were the anarchist faction”

Pray tell, why would an “anarchist faction” work with nazi's? Unless they were a zionist “anarchist faction”. Similar ideology maybe?
Of course, let's not forget to mention the other israeli loving terrorist “factions” ie the Irgun, Gush Emunim Underground, Bat Ayin Underground, Zionist Hagana, just to name a few!

Try this – There are MANY folks of various political stripes trying to get fellow Palestinians out of the hands of the israelis, including dialogue. Do you find something wrong with that?
(remember the Jews attempt to buy out the world's WW2 suffering sympathy quota with the holocaust industry?)

MDN, you might find this useful;


Divisive Lines On Maps

10.12.2013 02:11

Borderlines Divide People.

Who draw these lines on maps and plant the seeds of hatred?

People had learned to live together peacefully in the middle east.

Why do Zionist want to create this Jewish ghetto in the middle east into a pariah state and smear all Jews in the process? Who would want to see a second Holocaust? Who would want to turn one community against another by planting the seeds of fear, hate and intolerance?

The same game in being played all around the world. I refuse to play their games of extreme prejudice and bigotry anymore. I refuse to be a pawn in the globalists mind games. I refuse to be a mental slave anymore. I would call on the Jews, Arabs and every other racial, political or religious group to realise we have all be tricked.

Governmental = Mind Control

Search: "The Council of 300" and Cecil Rhodes

Read: "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu, "The Prince" by Nicolo Machiavelli, "Propaganda" by Edward Bernays, "The Hidden Persuaders" by Vance Packard, "War Is A Racket" by Gen. Smedley Butler, and "The Leipzig Connection" by Paulo Lionni.

Know Your Enemy. Knowledge is Freedom


"the holocaust shake down" by Norman Finkelstein

10.12.2013 12:39

I'm sure you'll agree that the exploitation for political/financial gain of human suffering is unacceptable, no matter who the perpetrator.
The American political scientist and activist, professor Norman Finkelstein, whose parents were incarcerated in Majdanek and two slave labour camps, has exposed such exploitation in his book called “The Holocaust Industry”.
It would be a good place for you to start if you wish to review/explore your opinion on the exploitation of the holocaust narrative.
Were you aware that holocaust survivors, including Finkelstein's parents, were and are treated abysmally by fellow jews in israel and america who control the compensation payments?
Here is an example in a short presentation that you may find palatable;
Finkelstein bio;

Finkelstein responded to his critics in the foreword to the second edition of "The Holocaust Industry":

"Mainstream critics allege that I conjured a "conspiracy theory" while those on the Left ridicule the book as a defense of "the banks". None, so far as I can tell, question my actual findings."


Wrong question, Jesse

10.12.2013 14:12

They weren't working WITH the Nazis.

If you imagine you have the background to discuss this, tell us briefly what you consider the main political differences between the two "right wing" (as term used within Zionism circa 1930-1950) factions ITZL and LEHI. Do you even know which of these was the "Stern Gang" when I use the actual faction names (Anglicized spelling of their acronymns).

I am actually somewhat appalled by the general lack of background in anarchism I am seeing from most of the folks running around dressed in black as if anarchism were a fashion statement. Like recently seeing being questioned whether the "Catholic Workers" could be real anarchists because religious.

Anarchists are against "the state" but not necessarily against "the nation". Those two terms are not the same -- thus in 1800 there wasn't an German "state" or an Italian "state" but you could still speak of them as "nations". "State" is a political term; "nation" is a cultural term. A state is not necessarily a nation (could be complosed of more than one).

Nor is anarchism necessarily on the "left" in the economic sense of that term. Some anarchism is opposed to collectivism even down to the family level!


Answers turn to questions, don't cha know?

10.12.2013 20:32

MDN said;
“They weren't working WITH the Nazis.”
Yes you are correct, thank you. They were working AS nazis!
Quote from Wiki;
“LEHI split from the Irgun militant group in 1940 in order to continue fighting the British during World War II.
LEHI initially sought alliance with Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany, offering to fight alongside them against the British in return for the transfer of all Jews from Nazi-occupied Europe to Palestine.[2] On the belief that Nazi Germany was a lesser enemy of the Jews than Britain, LEHI twice attempted to form an alliance with the Nazis...

Lehi and Irgun were jointly responsible for the massacre in Deir Yassin.
Former LEHI leader Yitzhak Shamir became Prime Minister of Israel in 1983.”

“Haganah was a Jewish paramilitary organization in what was then the British Mandate of Palestine from 1920 to 1948, which later became the core of the Israel Defense Forces.”

So far we've got ;
Haganah Gang - left-wing terrorists (see Hish/ Fosh, IDF, unit 101 Ariel Sharon)
Stern/LEHI Gang - right/left wing terrorists (see Deir Yassin etc)
Irgun Gang - right-wing terrorists (see 60 documented attacks etc)

Never mind the left/right distraction, as you can read above they all were zionist jews who approved of terrorist tactics to gain control of Palestine, by cold bloodedly murdering innocent women, men and children.
So, what's your point?


What Are We Going To Do About It?

19.12.2013 11:49

@the masses asked the above question in the first comment.
In the Q&A's in this talk, linked to below, Gilad Atzmon offers up an answer at 1:07:09mins

“The only way to break out from it is for us also to start to be very good in what we are doing”

To put Gilad's answer in full context, listen from 1:05:07mins, where he starts with
“What is capitalism...”

The whole talk is interesting and worth a listen.


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