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"COINTELPRO" U.K.: Exposing the integral role of British human rights..."lawyers

Parliament Square Peace Campaign | 17.01.2014 21:05 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Social Struggles | London | World

The purpose of this article is to show (beyond the obvious of why), who & -how- the biggest “Human Rights”...lawyers in the U.K, not only, work hand in hand with, but are integral -to- COINTELPRO style, state operations, in the U.K.

Charing Cross Police Station, London, 4 September 2006
Charing Cross Police Station, London, 4 September 2006


"COINTELPRO" U.K.: Exposing the integral role of British human rights..."lawyers"

Parliament Square Peace Campaign, 17 January 2014

The purpose of this article is to show (beyond the obvious of why), who & -how- the biggest “Human Rights”...lawyers in the U.K, not only, work hand in hand with, but are integral -to- COINTELPRO style, state operations, in the U.K.

JUNE 2010: How Michael Mansfield positions himself here, really is...a million miles away from.....what he knew his TOOKS CHAMBERS had already really ...illegally done, quite disgracefully to us, in...FEBRUARY 2010.

All around the world from Eastern Europe to Cairo and a place called Media, in the U.S, people have for years, been “liberating” state files, that expose state lies.

Illegal operations such as COINTELPRO have long been the bread and butter tactics, of violent state oppression, including state murder, around the world.

It may be true that today you could not simply leave a note, rather marvellously asking that any kind of "door" was left open, so that you could "liberate" information.

It remains however, that the people can continue to try to go in by -the front door- to legally challenge head on, the state.

The people can -legally- bring down criminal states, through groundbreaking actions such as ours, in the High Court, that seek to expose the truth, to try and

"Inspector" Wareing (who will go to prison along with Chief Superintendent Peter Terry and Superintendent Andrew Robinson..) descending....vampire like....upon me, in what was a very serious kidnap.

It has long been obvious, that our own very long campaign, has long been, the subject of numerous COINTELPRO style operations, where the only “tactic” the business state has been left with, is to try to murder us -or- we really will -legally- bring down the U.K State through groundbreaking High Court actions, before a jury.

Part of our actions would necessarily involve explaining to a jury how far from impartial "Judges" like to "direct" juries, away from...evidence and law.

What in some senses made us quite vulnerable, which was -the way- we long campaigned, also, turned out more than equally, in many ways, to be strengths, that worked in our favour.

For example, no-one could really argue that we have for many, very long years, been doing anything else, other than trying to do our bit, to

What is not yet perhaps sufficiently understood (because of the great lengths that are gone to, to conceal the fact) is the very real role that high flying, British “human rights” lawyers who are hand in hand with government, play in trying to smash, campaigns who are doing, what the high flying human rights lawyers, are not doing, which

Helpfully, the egos of high flying human rights lawyers, like those of former Commissioners of the Metropolitan Police, like Lord Blair, still require their ubiquitous and somewhat vicariously sounding, vanity projects, called “memoirs”.

In early 2006, the U.K State understood, that the hundreds upon thousands of pounds, they had already spent on inventing phoney legislation and so on, in a big push to smash our campaign on May 23rd 2006, was not going to realize their objective.

I was unlawfully arrested and falsely imprisoned on May 23rd 2006, in a case that the state had never intended to have, because they knew they could never win, by playing the legal system, against Brian, who wasn't breaking any law.

The U.K State knew that when they failed in legal proceedings against Brian that also meant that we would both be open to pursue the U.K State for the rest of our...lives, because that one case would would of itself, legally go a very long way, to -legally- bringing down the criminal U.K State.

The police foolishly hoped to just rely on the far from get out of jail free card, that Parliament (“both houses and black rod”) told them to do it, so the police could fall back on, just following..."orders".

What I know, is that the Metropolitan Police Authority, including the grandstanding, Jenny Jones had to get in the big lawyers, along with Nick Hardwick, who was the Chair of the IPCC at that time, to try and work out what they were going to do over the illegality of the following..."orders"...scenario.

They could not come up with anything, because simply following “orders”, and worse from, Parliament !!!! illegal.

That is a truth that Ms Jones, from the Green Party dares not whisper. She gets far more mileage out of playing the role of (controlled)...supposed...opposition.

Somewhere there is an email that was sent to me showing what Jenny Jones, very stupidly thought she was saying behind our backs, which also showed what a cynical back stabbing political bitch she generally is, way beyond us.

One former Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Lord Blair confirmed in his memoirs, called “Policing Controversy”, that it was indeed true that he had intended to remove our campaign, in May 2006, (which they hoped would sidestep the need for far from legal proceedings against Brian). He goes on about Jenny Jones and Brian Paddick which was all froth. They might all have internal squabbles, but they are all united in their desire to screw -the people- over for financial gain.

Anyway, in legal terms, on that dreadful night, in May 2006, when columns upon columns, of fluorescent yellow zombies suddenly marched out of the darkness, around 2am, we just had to make sure that some of the banners remained, which we did.

The few banners, along with my unlawful arrest, meant they were legally...out-manoeuvered for eternity.

The U.K State and their media mouthpieces then understood, that the campaign would survive, which also meant that the absolute treachery of many, could ultimately be exposed, in legal proceedings against the State, in the High Court.

The government, the media and the lawyers then -all- knew they had a very big problem.

As long as our campaign survived -and- challenged the State, it was always going to become clear at some point, that some pretty high flying human rights lawyers who were not actually doing anything to protect us, were in bed with the state, which was not going to do their careers or firms much good.

The one thing we were very well known for in Westminster Village, was our determination.

It is absolutely true that the state only consider who will challenge them and are they serious.

Westminster Village has always very much feared the fact that we are quite properly, so...serious.

You can only be serious when it is real people's lives you are trying to protect.

In 2006, Steve Grosz from Bindmans in essence boasted to Brian, when Brian was demanding that Bindmans do something about the fact the police had no power of seizure, that he (Steve Grosz) was too busy "transferring" his ill gotten the Bahamas.

Meanwhile, the biggest problem for the Metropolitan Police was that they simply could not continue going around unlawfully arresting and falsely imprisoning us, because there was always the danger that sooner or later all what became (48) unlawful arrests, against just me (for example) was going to come back and bite them, very big time.

Obviously, no lawyer was going to ever help us with civil claims.

Nevertheless, by September 2006, there were already too many unlawful arrests and false imprisonments of myself and other members of our campaign.

So one particularly vicious clandestine operation the government tried to pull off in October 2006 was called FTAC.

“The Fixated Threat Assessment Centre”.

This is how FTAC happened.

FTAC was set up completely off the radar of, and independent of any political or legal scrutiny.

There was no Parliamentary legislation to back it up, and no judicial oversight.

FTAC is a completely illegal, COINTELPRO style operation.

It was created in panic by the U.K State, over what our campaign could expose.

What FTAC does, therefore is part of our High Court Civil Action in HQ12X02745 where the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police has tried to claim the old chestnut of "public interest immunity" !!

In fact, on September 3rd 2006, a PC Volger specifically targeted and threatened me, when I was one of a group of five others, including Steve Jago, outside Downing Street. I wasn't doing anything different from the others, who were not threatened.

PC Volger threatened to have me sectioned under the Mental Health Act. His quite irrational, “rationale” was, that I might be “whacked” (hit)...!! (the term "whacked" can also mean to be..."assassinated", so it was a very serious threat in every way)

In legal terms what I told this particularly cretinous tool, I had never come across before in my life, was this.

I told PC Volger, (who made a point of saying he really did work for the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police) I would summons him to repeat that shit on the witness stand, in a test case I subsequently lived to win on September 14th 2006. I could see his tiny brain ticking over the consequences of how that -legal- response, might pan out.

In response to the FOI REQUEST, (which does not have any number) the police in their own words, essentially admits FTAC could only be used, if it can be prove that it is an alleged "mental illness", that causes you to break

So you can see the first rather large hurdle the criminal state could not get over.

The criminal state could not prove, I was “breaking" any law"...

A psychological flaw, that fatally undermines the whole psycho-babble of the morons running FTAC, is that FTAC have completely failed to take into account several important facts...that would ...protect life, which is not what FTAC are really about.

It is obvious to any responsible person that the apologists and collaborators who make up FTAC do not apply the same "rules", they apply to the public, to those in...public office.

Yet it is very obvious, to most sentient human beings -around the world- these days, that it is those hiding behind public office, to commit serious criminal acts, who are in fact, the real danger to, the real lives of...millions of innocent civilians everywhere.

Bombs that are brutally murdering, innocent not just magically appear out...of thin air.

Anyway, on September 3rd 2006, a furious Brian came to Downing Street and sensibly rang the police to report the actions of PC Volger, who it turned out, had been seconded to Charing Cross Police, from “Central Ops”.


Between September 4th & 5th 2006, Steve Jago then saved my life, when he was unlawfully arrested and falsely imprisoned, when I answered police bail at Charing Cross Police Station over an unlawful arrest and false imprisonment on August 5th 2006 (where as usual what was missing was any -evidence- against me).

Nevertheless, Laura Higgs from Bindmans Solicitors, had written to me to say that an Inspector Wareing from Charing Cross Police, had informed her that I was going to be (albeit maliciously) charged, with obstructing the highway on August 5th 2006 during a Stop the War Rally, so the lawyers did not need to accompany me, for what should have been a...formality.

What Bindmans Solicitors will never be able to explain away in any court of law, is how after events unfolded rather differently, on September 4th 2006, their lawyer -left- Charing Cross Police Station, late at night, still without my having been charged over what I had answered police bail expecting to be charged over at...9am that morning.

It was clear that maliciously charging me with anything...was the last thing the police wanted to do.

The Metropolitan Police had just planned to disappear me by any means.

It was Steve Jago who saved my life, no thanks to lawyers. It is the old case of you can’t just disappear two bodies at the same time from a...police station. Steve Jago turned out to be way too big a fly in the ointment, of any plan, whichever way they tried to play it, because he was a witness to much.

What actually happened on our arrival at Charing Cross Police Station on September 4th 2006, was that Steve Jago calmly raised with police, the question of why police had threatened me, when I was with four other people, outside Downing Street, the previous day.

(There was also an earlier, clearly connected “event” on the morning of September 4th 2006, where a naked woman with Mental Heath problems was taken away in an ambulance from Parliament Square while it was sealed off by police, because she claimed that she had been raped. What people who passed Parliament Square would remember was...a)naked woman, b)ambulance and c)police.)

Anyway, when Steve raised the question of the previous day outside Downing Street we were eventually -both- “invited” into a corridor behind the reception area, in Charing Cross Police Station, which the police subsequently claimed was without CCTV, where Steve began to film their response (it was agreed in court that it was lawful for Steve to film)

So the Metropolitan Police illegally attempted to stop Steve lawfully filming, when they suddenly violently attacked him, which took me completely by surprise too.

This situation then unfolded thus.

I see Steve to my right, being suddenly violently attacked by a gang of plain clothes criminals, some of whom, like Detective Inspector Woods are...very "fucking"...large.

Meanwhile, to my left, I have this person in plain clothes who turns out to be Inspector Wareing, standing under a doorway further away from me, probably to try to obscure what he was doing from CCTV, the police claimed they never had, which was that he was bizarrely beckoning me to go with him.

Had I gone with the man who was only later identified, as Inspector Wareing, this would mean, by extension, leaving Steve Jago who was being violently assaulted, to an...unknown fate, which it would never in a million years have crossed my mind to do.

What I actually did was take a deep breath, and hope like hell the door in front of me, we had just come through, was not locked, before I slammed the door handle down once, with what Steve says was one very loud bang, to run like hell to try and get help...for Steve.

What the subsequent police “interview” tape has me explaining quite honestly, is that I was trying to go and get help for Steve, who was being violently assaulted by plain clothes...criminals we had never come across before in our lives. We had no idea who these people even were. I was just trying to get enough time to use my mobile phone, to alert Brian or a lawyer to get some help for...Steve !!.

What Inspector Wareing will never get away with not being able to explain before any jury, is the fact he illegally concealed evidence by removing audio from the CCTV in the reception area of Charing Cross Police Station.

Inspector Wareing concealed audio that showed:

a) Steve Jago asking questions about the incident outside Downing Street, which leads to the police inviting us both behind closed doors

b) Steve Jago then asking while I am running trying to get help, if someone could please get some real police, because the police had been violently assaulting him.

What the whole incident had actually triggered was a fight for our...lives response.

What had gone through my mind in a flash (back) was that this unfolding incident was remarkably identical to corrupt plain clothes police in Turkey, putting a gun to my head, when I was travelling with an American friend in 1984. In that incident, we had ended up fighting for our...lives, in the most desperate circumstances.

The sequence of photos does show Steve then later being assaulted again, by police officers in the downstairs custody area, at Charing Cross, when he only asked for....a lawyer.

Eventually I was released from City of Westminster Magistrates, on September 5th 2006, after District Judge Nicholas Evans had to concede that he could not legally remand me to prison over an alleged obstruction of the highway (which was not imprisonable), just because the fruitcakes at the Crown Persecution Service were demanding that he did.

The documents disclosed thus far, prove that the U.K State did not ever intend to remand me for an...obstruction of any highway.

The original actual records say the police were prior to events unfolding, seeking some sort of remand over what remain...unknown “offences”.

However, the events on September 4th 2006, were not yet finished with.

OCTOBER 14TH 2006.

The police had illegally bailed me back to Charing Cross Police Station unusually on a...Saturday afternoon, October 14th 2006, over allegedly "obstructing the police", on September 4th 2006.

It was utter loony tunes on the part of the police to even suggest someone actually answering police bail, to be (albeit maliciously) charged, could have been wilfully obstructing the police, who we subsequently proved anyway, had not been acting in the "lawful execution of any duty" at any time.

By October 2006, not just the Metropolitan Police were in very serious trouble, after I had just won my “test case” over the phoney legislation (SOCPA 2005 ss 132-138) at the Magistrates !! on September 14th 2006, proving the new legislation had no legs.

It was David Emanual from Garden Court Chambers who subsequently said, (and worked to cover up the fact) "no-one" had ever "beaten legislation at the Magistrates Court".

By October 2006, FTAC, was in place.

The last thing police wanted was to charge me with anything else -or- leave any door open for the obviously massive civil actions that have begun to follow.

The traditional theory behind police or others using the Mental Health Act to section “activists”, is that the state can then do whatever they like to the person. Whatever the outcome of any “section” under the Mental Health Act, the U.K State claim you need the "permission" of their courts to bring...civil proceedings, against the U.K State, if you have been sectioned.

Of course following May 23rd 2006, the lawyers who were never going to help us with civil actions had every reason to see me...disappeared, even as early as September 2006.

What then happened on October 14th 2006 looked bizarre.

The police in the custody area, of Charing Cross Police Station were according to my own lawyer, more arsey than usual, obviously hoping to provoke something, during a ridiculously long winded...and overly

The search failed to provoke any response from me, and while my lawyer and I were sitting around for ages, the police then dropped on us, that they had two psychiatrists there, who they wanted to “assess” me.

Well, I spoke to my lawyer and here is what was said between us.

The lawyer, Maggie Pederson said they would section me, just because they could, because they had me in a police station, although it was unlikely I would be held for longer than 72 hours. In legal terms, this would nevertheless mean, job done for the police, in terms of ... my "relatively easily", bringing civil actions...against the police.

I instructed my lawyer to write down the questions these so called “psychiatrists” asked me -and- my responses.

My response was relayed to the police and “psychiatrists”, who ran like hell.

No-one wanted any record of any “interview” with me.

After all, whatever I chose to say, about anything, would be corroborated by...Steve Jago, and others.

Maggie, who was the lawyer on that day, is a very good and decent lawyer, who was in no way responsible for what the partners at Bindmans, she was contracted to, were up to. Steve says Maggie was pale and in shock, when she walked out of Charing Cross Police station, to update him over that crap.

(The police had continued to further try to delay illegally charging me, by saying the police still wanted me to see a medical doctor, which Maggie told them in no uncertain terms was just not going to happen)

And at that time, FTAC was a completely -clandestine- unit, that no-one yet knew about, which was set up, precisely to avoid scrutiny of COINTELPRO style government operations against...campaigners.

In fact, the U.K State could only have used FTAC if I would willingly walk or be trapped into their hands, which was just not going to happen.

The fact that it is now proved that the U.K State used FTAC to try and prevent legitimate civil actions, over seriously malicious prosecutions, would -substantially- compound any damages.

My purpose however, in pursuing claims, is to bring effective change for everyone, to protect life.

HQ12X02745 is a very unusual example (to ever see the light of day) of repeated state criminality to try and cover up mounting state criminality.

FTAC could not make out any case that I was “breaking laws” -because- I was...mentally ill, because I hadn’t as a strating point, actually...broken...any laws.

The most the U.K State had against me was one seriously illegal ruling (see: CO/4002/2006) trying to...ban me from campaigning.

That ridiculous "ruling", only exposes the murderous U.K State as...criminally...insane.

CO/4002/2006: TUCKER V DPP

In practical and legal terms, the use of FTAC who we would have made mincemeat of, legally, would only have hastened...exposure of Parliament’s (“both houses and black rods”) attempt to smash our campaign on May 23rd 2006.

On September 3rd 2006, I had told PC Volger I would...“summons him to repeat his shit”, just as we would have with the entirely illegal and clandestine, FTAC, who would have been publicly humiliated.

Anyway, all that particular, but very dirty legal shenanigans, then had to disappear and we returned to the relatively normally, way things play out through the corrupt courts in the usual way, until we finally...won, all those cases.

We won over the unlawful arrests and false imprisonments over August 5th 2006, at City of Westminster Magistrates on July 9th 2007, (when the CPS had no evidence to offer against me, while telling the court it had always been illegal to..charge me)

And we then won on appeal at Southwark Crown Court, in December 2007, (over the obstruct pc September 4th 2006 case which was unusually heard at City of Westminster in January 2007 until it was “adjourned” until May 2007) long after corrupt lawyers who also wanted to bury us, had run from what became civil claims that will -legally- bring down the criminal U.K State.

Footnote: I wasn’t meant to win on Appeal at Southwark Crown Court, in December 2007. Knowing the script is mostly written in advance, I waited and finally quite literally, pulled out of my back pocket, what became, the winning legal argument, written in pencil, on a scrap of paper.

Steve Jago had been found to have no case to answer at half time, so it was clear I was the one, they were still going for, when they continued against me.

I trumped the mendacity of the Crown Court, using a higher court ruling from a case called Wilmott v Atack, which says, unless there is malice, there cannot be any wilful ...obstruction.

The Judges at Southwark Crown Court, sent us out -twice- for cigarette breaks while they took instructions on how they were supposed to over-rule a higher court ruling, which was impossible.

Finally, the Judges churlishly thanked me from between gritted teeth for "bringing the higher court ruling to their attention", while the police from Charing Cross, looked on absolutely...fuming.

Infiltration of the campaign had not been able to forewarn them, of that sting to their own tail.

I also got five hundred pounds back in “costs”, in cash, in a brown envelope !! when I told the court, I would Judicially Review the court trying to give me a cheque, when I handed over a receipt for...the cash, corrupt lawyers who no longer acted for us, had pocketed.

What I have the evidence to prove in a court of law, before a jury, about high flying corrupt human rights lawyers, who work hand in hand for the government, to smash campaigns, is this.

FOOTNOTE: It is clear that my refusal to be bought off in the High Court, on December 6th 2012,is what is most likely to have led to the Mayor of London and the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, deciding to breach an EU Directive to violently kidnap Neil on December 8th 2012.


Ian McDonald who is the senior partner at GARDEN COURT CHAMBERS (along with a junior called David Emanual) sought with -all- the Partners at Bindmans Solicitors, including Steve Grosz, Mike Schwarz, Paul Ridge and John Halford, to cover up that the police had no power of seizure on May 23rd 2006 which was the big push to smash our campaign.

This included the very COINTELPRO use of Wallinger’s State Britain (which was paid for by the government) to try and hijack the voice of our campaign, again through the media.

The police, courts and lawyers could not put us on any witness stand with the...lawyers there, over the illegal seizure on May 23rd 2006.

This is why they all talk about Ian McDonalds grandstanding when Brian was found to have no case to answer, in January 2007, yet the display of Genocide was not returned.

I can then prove that Bindmans (and then Birnberg Pierce) then illegally refused to represent me in High Court civil actions, over the years, over numerous illegal searches which were used from July 29th 2008 onwards.

It is beyond either on the balance of probabilities or a reasonable doubt, that the illegal searches happened -because- we had effectively won on July 15th 2008 in CO/11393/2007 at the High Court. We effectively won, when I asked for a court order for the immediate return of property, which the Judges refused...without giving reasons, which they must !!

I can then prove that (& the Bar Society knew that) Mike Schwarz, a partner at Bindmans then seriously illegally, used -financial blackmail- against Michael Mansfields, Tooks Chambers.

Mike Schwarz from Bindmans told a barrister called Annabel Timan who was with Michael Mansfield’s Tooks at that time, (before she moved to Doughty who do have some dirt on their hands) that she would not get any more work, if she did not withdraw on the day of trial, from representing me in a "test case" in February 2010, when I could have been imprisoned.

The only reason Brian and I were not imprisoned then, when the state was quite desperate, following my naming the agent provocateur in separate proceedings, was because Brian kept his lawyer.

Brian kept his lawyer, because had we gone to prison the lawyers would all have been -legally- embarrassed trying to explain that.

By 2010, Brian had however, just dropped Bindmans, after we had a meeting with Mike Schwartz in Central Hall in Westminster. At that meeting, Brian and I saw with our own eyes, that it was clear Bindmans were trying to help the police cover up, that six members of the TSG had attempted to murder me at Belgravia Police Station on September 4th 2009.

Bindmans can never explain in a million years why they did not immediately have that CCTV footage, when they knew we intended, if they did nothing, to bring a private prosecution.

There was a memorable conversation quite a long time before that, when Brian challenged Mike Schwarz from Bindmans, with the line: “Babs asks if you will continue (going round in circles with the police) “arguing” over the police 101st set of (pointless) conditions, (or do your job) ?” to which Schwartz could not answer.

So by the time Mansfield from Tooks finishes his self serving memoirs in June 2010, (not long after February 2010) Mansfield knows that his firm Tooks, has been successfully -blackmailed- by Bindmans, to keep silent about Bindmans and Tooks, direct involvement in government efforts to...smash our campaign.


The provable -fact- of lawyers being open to and subject to, financial blackmail, over representing a client, who could be imprisoned, would of itself be enough, if a jury should ever hear of it, to lead to both Bindmans Solicitors and Mansfield’s Tooks Chambers, being struck off.

That provable fact, makes reading Mr Mansfield's ubiquitous vanity project in 2010, where he styles himself as a “radical lawyer”, much more revealing.

I am not sorry that Mr Mansfield is retiring. I only believe that the real reason Mr Mansfield, was so pissed off in the Duggan trial in September 2013, was because he discovered that his own firm was going to be pissed on, by the same state he pretended to challenge.

I do genuinely believe that rather than Mr Mansfield’s quite appalling public grandstanding, years earlier, over the Ricin plot, Mr Mansfield would have provided a far better service to his client, had he dealt with the fact that there was no evidence of Ricin, long before any show trial.

Mr Mansfield knew that the CPS have an ongoing duty to review...”evidence”, in a case that should never have been allowed to go to trial, because there was no evidence of any ricin.

It was in May 2010, Mr Mansfield’s good friends at Birnberg Pierce which he helpfully names in his memoirs, as including Marcia Willis Stewart, were then brought in to try and help the Mayor of London (and Birnberg’s own Matt Foot) cover up all that had gone before, including CO/11393/2007 and the illegal searches (although there was by then, much else for lawyers to try and cover up too)

Mr Mansfield and Co. were of course, also helping out another of his good friends he unsurprisingly names as Ian McDonald of Garden Court Chambers.

Overall, Mr Mansfield’s "memoirs" adopt the familiar tone of the patronizing Establishment.

Parasitic human rights lawyers know damn well, that doing law, which is not what these parasitic lawyers are doing, does not require anyone’s...approval. The "plight" of Palestinians, does after all, involve human rights lawyers in the U.K, choosing to not really take the U.K State to task...through the courts....over the Balfour Declaration.

I should also mention that it was Matt Foot (one of Paul Foot's sons and the nephew of Michael Foot) from Mansfield’s "friends" at Birnberg Pierce, who had illegally refused for two whole years to go to the High Court over the illegal searches), is the person directly responsible (along with Bindmans Solicitors), for my ending up illegally imprisoned in Holloway in 2011, because I was without legal representation and so the court had no reason to bother with the niceties of any...trial.

Of course in 2010, the Mayor of London never had any evidence against either Brian or I, and the Judge choked in 2011, when I mentioned (and so the Judge was forced to concede) that no costs could be awarded against Brian and I, that would go to the Mayor of London’s equally corrupt lawyers, because CO/11393/2007 (for example) is still...outstanding.

It was Paul Ridge a partner at Bindmans who fronted the legal "defence" of the Mayor of London’s phoney...COINTELPRO style, Democracy Village that...everyone has relentlessly tried to “join” us with.

I would actually like to see Paul Ridge imprisoned for a very long time. Mr Ridge actually...smirked...when he was confronted, in a pretty much behind the scenes argument, in the High Court, over the involvement of Bindmans in the police attempting to murder me at Belgravia Police Station on September 4th 2009.

I guess the U.K State needed a super psycho lawyer like Ridge, who really had no conscience whatsoever, to “represent” the phoney COINTELPRO style Democracy Village/Peace Strike in 2011 & 2012 in proceedings involving the Mayor of London and Westminster Council etc, and us.

It was onlookers who were repeatedly surprised to discover that Birnberg Pierce were supposed to be Brian’s own..lawyers, in the claim brought against us by the Mayor of London, because Birnberg Pierce behaved as anything...but, Brian’s own lawyers.

In legal terms, it all started to come unstuck for the U.K State, before the wheels came flying off their carriage completely (over years of abuse), and the tables turned, with my still existing counterclaim in HQ11X00563 against Westminster Council and others.

That began when, you guessed it, my very dearest friend, Steve Jago, filed papers, in HQ11X00563 while I was illegally imprisoned in Holloway, in August 2011.

I had learned during the long drawn out proceedings against us, brought by the Mayor of London, that the Judge will just bury any Application that you make, which happened to be an Application that there was no evidence against us. This Application was buried until the day of trial, when the Judge was able to just carry on regardless, knowing one, had no opportunity, to Appeal that Application.

I had filed the Application that the Mayor had no evidence against Brian or I, on September 13th 2010, when the hearing of our Appeal in the Court of Appeal had led to a -retrial- back in the High Court in March 2011.

Marcia Willis Stewart from Birnberg Pierce who represented Brian, never made any such Application, while no-one ever produced a single shred of anything that could be called -evidence- against our campaign.

Of course on January 16th 2012, the police once again illegally used hurried new legislation (ss 141-150 of The Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011) that like SOCPA 2005 ss 132-138 which was then repealed, could never really be used to “prosecute” us over, this time either.

In particular they could not use new legislation -because- of the outstanding counterclaim in HQ11X00563, that grew into other claims.

The state cannot -legislate- to try to make by any means, including your death, existing civil claims...disappear (HQ12X03564)

The fact that the state did do -all- that, is actually evidence that they knew we would -legally- bring down the U.K State through the High Court in our groundbreaking actions.

By 2012-2013, Birds Solicitors (along with numerous other law firms who could not fly the coop quick enough around that time, one after the other) did not have a hope in hell of covering everything up, including the involvement of numerous high flying humans rights lawyers, who had gone before.

Birds were first used by Brian over his unlawful arrest on August 2010, which involved a malicious prosecution. Neil, Steve Jago and I, concluded the case against Brian, in Brian's favour, by publishing the video that continues to be evidence in all other proceedings, of the illegal use of agent provocateurs.

It is too easy to explain to any jury -why- Birds Solicitors, illegally refused to go to Bishopsgate Police Station in the City of London on April 10th 2013, to get Neil released, after Neil was kidnapped by secret 666 police, after we left the High Court on April 10th 2013.

Birds Solicitors could never explain in a million years before any jury -why- Neil was illegally held at Bishopsgate Police Station in the City of London, on the basis of an unsigned warrant Charing Cross Police clearly filled in themselves, leaving blank the part the Judge...must sign.

Had Birds gone to Bishopsgate Police Station which they were legally obliged to do, because there was no valid warrant, Neil would have had to be released.

But Birds Solicitors, refused without lawful excuse, to go to Bishopsgate, because they did not want Neil released either.

In fact there was a very serious and quite furious argument, relatively -"behind the scenes"- the following day, when Birds Solicitors, were trying to refuse to represent Neil at Westminster Magistrates, because of that very fact, relating to the bogus warrant, (and of course...everything else).

Ideally lawyers would like you to keep going to one lawyer after another lawyer, instead of lawyers, having their noses rubbed in their...own dirt.

It is very clear from our website, that Birds Solicitors should have gone to the High Court, a very long time ago, to stop the state trying to, by this stage openly...pretty much...murder us.

Our website from January 2012 to February 2013 shows our being subjected to the most appallingly relentless state abuse, that very clearly put our lives at very serious...risk.

And on April 10th 2013, Neil and I could so easily have become yet more Mark Duggans, when Neil was driving out of London after our leaving the High Court.


Of course while Neil in his own right, as a gifted film maker, poses his own quite extraordinary “threat” to the U.K State, because it is legal to record and publish court proceedings, the U.K State also knew only too well, as fellow campaigners do, of my personal relationship with Neil.

Neil can be quite gorgeous :)

By April 2013, many high flying “human rights”, lawyers many vested business interests, in seeing Neil, Steve and I, all...dead.

Not a single one shed a tear when Brian died, which all the very many lawyers, very clearly bear, very substantial responsibility for too.


On April 11th 2013, Neil who should have been brought before City of Westminster Magistrates, in the morning session, which was usual for those held overnight, was held in court cells, until late in the afternoon, because Birds Solicitors were arguing behind the scenes about...coming to court,to represent him !!

It was Steve Jago who quietly but firmly...persisted, until Birds had no choice but to send along a lawyer to City of Westminster Magistrates. Of course, the court played their part by trying to keep calling the “case” on, only to be repeatedly told, the lawyer inexplicably still hadn't..showed up.

We swiftly resolved the malicious prosecution against Neil over April 19th 2013, in our favour, by filing witness statements, that we wrote, had to be put on the court record, while refusing to physically go back to City of Westminster Magistrates. An outstanding malicious prosecution the Mayor of London brought against me was similarly terminated in our favour, at Southwark Crown Court around the same time.

The point is this.


Our groundbreaking High Court actions (and sadly there are many other claims to still bring) -include- exposing the very serious dirt on the biggest high flying “human rights” lawyers in the U.K, who remain, not only hand in hand with, but integral to, the COINTELPRO style operations, run by the State.

This state of affairs, involving bogus human rights lawyers, cannot continue.


A jury is going to seriously ponder, over what the lawyers were -NOT- doing to protect us, which we hope will improve legal representation, for others.

We will nevertheless, continue to bring law, into all we do, to protect life.


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