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How The Hill Was Gardened – The Bidirectional Approach

Internationalist Observer | 28.01.2015 17:02 | Analysis | Ecology | Energy Crisis | World

Less emission reductions than appropriate, higher electromagnetic pulse risk than necessary, a golden honey pot of intelligence failures – the balance of the capitalist system is sobering, and best expressed in an image from its own presentation: The truth-weary fear-monger of a diplomat accusing African independence movements of using several exhausting assassination methods in a row against the same target, as if it were an exercise in a fitness room. Allegedly Al-Shabab were burying people alive before they stone them. Well, maybe he wanted to say that they burn them alive when they drone them, or whatever he is clinging to here, but that would have been diplomatically akin to shooting oneself into the foot. One has to call the undocumented leftovers of the imperialist killer robot attacks into mind to make sense of hysterical statements of that type. And by getting stoned, he did not mean hemp either, although it would have been the best example to illustrate that it is wrong to throw a burden of proof at these who cannot move. A considerable distinction between Buddha and Newton remains even when both are sitting under this or that tree. Why should Africans prove that they are not manually producing the same mayhem as (African-)Americans do automatically? Even the worker at the sewing machine does not need to swallow the fraudulent all-of-the-above approach of the corrupt minimum wage campaigner, and might find a pedestal income on which the former can be operated without corporate identity architecture risks significantly more favourable than unsubstantiated into-your-face expectations. The “drone diplomat” grabbed for a straw man to hide behind, because it requires to be filled in on the definitive meaning of its blame-shifting approach – it is the admission that there is something that could be shifted in the first place.

The x-ray of the Arab “Saudi” monarchy displays a clear pattern: The number of princes is so large that the competition for the throne is a stampede in slow motion. Candidates get old pushing each other aside before they spend the miserable rest of their lives on the throne, expressing the decline until the next one follows up. When monarchy is being understood as the dishonourable inheritance of a non-inheritable honour, the sheer excess of the multiplication rate alone already displays gross dis-proportionality. It should be added for easier understanding that the client economies of it which consume its output and mirror its speculation bubbles are very much like the same, only without railing. But besides the dynasty having grown into a kind of death row, the most interesting element of the picture is what is missing in the territory that carries it: The natural water cycle – instead there are desalination factories and paid cranes under a demented administration, an inherently questionable life-support system with a built-in vulnerability for political and military power. With that technological bottleneck came the nuclear submarines, the war planes, the street-fighting tanks and the vast proliferation of small arms.

Once the population density detached from the tiny natural water supply, and the regulative effect of it was substituted with the influence of the oil market, the dynastic stampede was programmed. Of course on the Arab subcontinent there is not much of a freshwater cycle any more and limited capacities rule, or should so to prevent the grotesque aberration of the 20th century. But to understand how it can get lost and more important, how such loss can be prevented before completion, it is to be looked at these who still have one, and are at risk to lose it. Such an example is the European central bank where the river in front of the building is unsuitable for bathing, due to a combination of dams and waste-water processing outputs. That there is something in the water at the “crazy hat-maker” currency is obvious even from a considerable distance, yet the causes of it are easily forgotten once the purity is lost.

The amount of waste-water a river can take is a function of its throughput and its vegetation density. But that is not an exact number as the reprocessing output should already go through vegetation before it blends in. When river speed is being reduced for use as a commercial waterway, that amount decreases notably. Effectively, with every big ship ferrying in purchasing power less drainage capacity remains. The overall amount of waste-water that comes in though is determined by the all-of-the-above collection system, its multiplication of quantities through precipitation, and the inherent incentive of consumption to keep the system running. Yet reprocessing output can only meaningfully be reduced when the system is either remade from scratch or bypassed by an anthill approach.

People living upstream the toxic bank must make small changes in large numbers, such as switching to compost toilets and collection like for their cats – as it was usual in all the historical cities before they declined to throwing dirt at each other and “sanitation” became a substitute for neighbourly respect as well as freshwater one for hygienic biomass. The collection and reprocessing of compost plus the collection and reprocessing of waste-water must connect with each other in order to provide model units for foolproof use. The hygienic biomass can be taken out of the biomass energy supply chain and then reinserted in unhygienic condition. The consciousness not to turn the backside to the river mouth should be focussed on the health aspect – everyone who feels of themselves that they do not poison the entire heap can contribute to it. The one who fears they would should maybe hesitate. And the big ships must remain downstream, then the money does not stink like dead bacteria in soap.

Too little, too late – with these words the propaganda burst aimed at disrupting the dismantling of the dying dynasty could be described in its full double standard. To change the atmosphere, the collapse of the freshwater cycle does also take the “sanitation” with it and it can only be rebuilt based upon the desalination vulnerability. There is a significant change to be made no matter of what the overall condition is, regardless whether there still is something to lose, and that synergy is what makes it worth mentioning in the context of the oil spill and its implications which now have come to the level of dynastic reshuffle. The walkway over the abyss of the apocalypse is easily established by replacing a brick of gibberish with a sealed book plus an open introduction, the transport seal being an anchor to gain hold on the other side.

The so-called “drones” effectively represent the capitulation of the brain to hormones, making affected territories a place where every rumour may have a deadly payload. The public targeting profile has declined from plausible deniability to blatant absurdity, attacking even agricultural workers in the field. With the shock effect shaking the Arab throne, though it ought to be taken with a grain of salt, the base groups in the Arab peninsula resisting the killer robot scourge have obtained jurisdiction over the participants in the “Arab spring packages”, the vast arms deals in the years since the Ben Ali resignation which only after the rise of the Islamic State were replaced with the oil price cuts.

Or in other words, before the dumping tactic there was a stashing tactic, wasting the upper segment of the oil price to keep the military-industrial complex produce arms to put on a stash. This cumulative side-effect of the robot threat carries in its very centre the implication that the recipient side of the death threat is put above the recipient side of the anti-insurrection package. There is a backward effect to the time of its handout no matter what propaganda twists might be supplemented later. These who have brought the monarchy to this point are likewise as liable as these who did with the killer robots, there is no significant distinction between the analogue and the digital forms of this kind of rule. The thread of the Arab throne has been cut for a good reason.

It is the lack of sovereignty of all involved directly or indirectly in the slow motion stampede of the fossil energy market, that mandates significant discontinuity. As shown in the introduction, the evildoer takes its own expectations and changes them as to blur out the key element in them, only to end up with contradictory results, in fact with contradictions so blatant that they cannot be reached with forward thinking. Hence their occurrence indicates a deceptive projection. The self-fulfilling guess within the illusion is proof of this lack. If the diplomat had a clean conscience then there would not have been these dis-proportionalities in its account. They do occur however to try to brush aside much more realistic scenarios it sees for itself, resp. its vassals. In the specific case it could also have mentioned the war machines delivered in the “spring package” instead of pointing at a bogeyman that only shows up once all other options have been extinguished, such as the hope for non-violent system change through the expression of autonomous mass consensus. In death trade there is no “swing vote” but only the absolute imperative of disarmament.

The analysis cannot be complete without a look at the Islamic State foreign policy and its role in the struggle for abolition. This vector is directed specifically at those “swinging” between the spoilt dynasty and the fresh alternative, and could be perceived as meaningless by these in no such conflict of interests. By reaching out to Japan, the Islamic State demonstrates its willingness to grab the American legacy at its atomic bomb handle, and dump the dynasty´s “nuke ignorance for oil ignorance” policy in its entirety. Japan ought to compensate itself for its involvement and cease, or find its confusion be further cleared away by means of two-edged language. The struggle against capitalism is a global one and the solution to the exploitation problem has to change all the world. As Japan was targeted as an Unitedstates vassal state, it is notable that on this background the propaganda narrative changed and while just until recently Washington claimed its computers had been attacked by Pyongyang, the story is now exactly the opposite and they claim to have broken into Korean ones, which is probably likewise as untrue in its entirety.

But the sequence of events shows that the fossil (i. e. organic + atomic) dependency is so fundamental that propaganda is changing with every change of mood induced by the unfolding perspective of abolition. It should be obvious to any student of interactive systems: Islamic State involvement in East Asia is as sensitive as Unitedstates involvement there is duplicitous. Such as the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico from the deep-water mismanagement stalled but never stopped, and chemical compensation efforts were counter-productive, the dependency of the vassal states of the dynasty was not reduced with the bleeding out of it. Quite the contrary, as the rampage in Spain demonstrates, which did not only target Islamic “terrorism” but also the pilgrimage economy of the non-state-recognised non-violent religions. Spain is still helpless just like in the Obama-Morales affair and once again set to regret it in the aftermath. One could as well point at the economic situation, where the oligarchs appear to imagine the inevitable debt cancellation for Greece was some kind of Caesarean cut rather than an unconditional request to cease harassing the pregnant.

It is upon that country to redefine the political vocabulary of Europe and these who derive theirs from it. Certainly the increase of greed with the escalation of the capitalist crisis is no good omen for its end. The lack of exit strategy in the impending economic stampede of the oil vassals indicates the high probability of a very thorough disbandment of all the capitalist hierarchies. Specifically this means that there might be a high pressure of delusion built up among them with regard to ignorance of the law of cause and consequence, making the collapse once it comes much more drastic. Renewable conversion efforts remain superficial without system change, but the prototypes of future systems can weave the cognitive net that catches up the programmed breakdown of the spent system. When the Islamic State takes over the Arab subcontinent, it is going to take over a huge dispatcher of the fossil system and a carrier of oil problems that can only be solved in their entirety.

Due to meddling and spying, in none of the vassal states the population can successfully bring about a “regime change,” and if it could then the result would be so deformed that it would be questionable at least. The Syrian experience teaches that no decisive, desirable and durable change of regime is possible without an all-encompassing solution that changes the global economic system. The Islamic State is an interim solution of hardened Anarchy to withstand the pressure of the military-industrial complex, but it also is an instrument of its own future foreign policy, and it will have to conclude on corrective measures to be imposed upon the client regimes inherited from the “Al-Saud” as to set free their populations. Such as the so-called “national border” between “Syria” and “Iraq” was already neutralised by the Islamic State, the system of nation states as whole is going to be transformed into something less lavish, and for that overall goal the regime cutbacks and the emancipation of the population take place.

This approach is the only way to defeat the military-industrial complex and killing structure, and bring about the necessary cessation of spying which allows the societies affected by it to freely grow and develop the solutions to handle the new situation, which they currently cannot because the project to do so is hampered by regime attempts to deceptively include itself therein. The new IS focus on East Asia implies the intentional support of the conclusion that in ending the military-industrial complex the repetition of the fundamental mistake of the Unitedstates-Japanese conflict is going to be avoided, namely that when Japan surrendered it still had occupation troops abroad. The same is the case with Unitedstates now.

It is to be expected that the imperialist legacy cannot be entirely pushed back territorially, but will at its economic breaking point still contain dependencies that need to be fixed. This requires the removal of vassal regimes where occupation had suppressed alternatives. And that again requires the expulsion of imperialist occupation from the Arab subcontinent. Yet even then, for the populations unaware of the complex dependencies, it will still be a mostly harmless bike accident situation: When the doctor asks to take down the pants for vaccination, most kids will not be able to counter: But you allowed me to continue riding the bike just a minute ago. Hence those regimes pretending to speak in the name of the people are disproportionately worse than others.

The military-industrial complex will ultimately cease to exist, because it is wrong, and therefore finite. The point is however to make that happen without indecent damage. To obtain a breakthrough, the trampled path leading through the present era is to be softened up from both sides, from the side of superior rational argument as well as from the side of superior coordination of interests. The ambition for abolition is true, regardless of the cultural expression or local variety thereof, hence it is infinite as such, and gives all of these a crystallisation point around which they can independently develop. There is no purpose in arguing with the capitalist state, only in arguing about it, and none to coordinate with it, only about it, because nothing of it is going to be part of the future. Such the rather hard segment in the middle can be opened up as well without risk of exhaustion, and in the final steps of doing so the cat comes along bringing a mouse to finish in concert. On this path the killer robot scourge can be defeated, and with it the phoney “religion of profit” that has put it and its scientifically contaminated hypocrisy into the sky.

* * *

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