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Stampede Resulted From Pyramid Scheme, Says Scientist

Ras Ramsay | 07.04.2016 10:19 | Analysis | Culture | Social Struggles | World

The deadly stampede at Uzbekistan´s annual Uerobuy festival, the biggest religious event in the Asian country, resulted from a pyramid scheme in the organisation body, says Joschua Gewindeberg in an independent study by an internationalist association of researchers presented on the anti-government indymedia network. The incident had been cited by human rights organisations as a litmus test for the failure of the increasingly monopolised country´s constitution and justice system, as victims shied away from court appearances and the court appearance of a fireman requesting trauma compensation was declined with the argument that he was not a victim.

“Professor Gewindeberg, you say the Uzbek legal system is a corrupted mess and the respective government minister a spoiled brat?” – “When all victims shy away, it is a proof of trauma. And the mere idea of a judge failing to recognise such self-evident proof is the worst possible trauma for a first responder. So although the verdict cites truth – the fireman was not a direct victim of the stampede – it is missing the greater truth – the fireman´s faith in justice is being victimised by the ignorance of the court trampling the evidence. And that ignorance is an expression of the fact that the legal system there, in the eyes of the fireman, fails to spot a fire from the smoke. Gosh, he is right. As a judge, if you have a whistleblower, go after the fire not the whistle or else you may burn your fingers.”

“So what do you think has happened in the harbinger of the incident?” – “The social system of Uerobuy is very different from ours. It is being dominated by money and commercial spam as the event rose with the influence of capitalism and large amounts of foreign capital. Instead of Marshall Philby´s Black/Red Hearts Festival Band, at the centre of their awareness these people have a hierarchy of social organisers around which they gravitate. These posts are being assigned by election lists, causing the appointees to have competing hierarchies behind them to be able to get on top of the list. The resulting structure is a multi-dimensional pyramid scheme.”

“In our system, the festival band freely associates from these capable of it. It is not being elected, nor being equipped with executive powers, but it stays on top of everything that happens in the event. Of course there may be awareness groups with executive powers, but they have less insight than the band. These might find the band relaying an imminent stampede alarm signal without warning. In their social system on the other hand, no band is allowed to grow above the pyramid scheme, any trying is being remade into something that does not, by efforts of executive power. If the elected candidates in the leadership are more concerned about the supremacy of their hierarchy than about the quality of comparative results, then they risk to get stuck on the illusion that these goals were not contradictory. Our executive powers are better because our bands are better.”

“Please back it up by science.” – “Sure. What the pyramid scheme lacks, and not only fails to compensate with excess executive powers but ever more spoils for itself by that means, is the open source herd immunity of our band. The festival gravitates around the band, the less experienced and talented members of the band gravitate around the more of both ones, the feedback coming in through these concentric circles is being passed on quite differently than that which travels through the pyramid scheme. In our system, mental supremacy and executive power are separated, while band extension and band information intake are one, in theirs it is vice versa. I believe this is why ours is superior even though theirs might appear to be easier to set up with limited insight.”

“Open source herd immunity, as opposed to proprietary hierarchy, means that the free association of the collective around its best members shields them better against irritations than any executive power could; which always is an irritation by itself as well when added to a situation. We would not have that if we were to elect and assign the members of the band by means of a democratic process. As the tune goes, everyone can play with the sound of the band, but not everyone can play with the band. No one needs to dance with the band, and the band needs to dance with no one.”

“In their social system, everyone must dance with the executive power. And here we have the cause of the deadly stampede. When the hierarchy fails to whatever aspect factored out, there is no herd immunity. In this respect, the pyramid scheme of hierarchy is like the children´s book story element of the pill that replaces food. It fails to meet the full purpose of its function. We found reports from Uerobuy that bands who said they disliked alcohol were served alcohol-reduced beer instead. They lost bands annoyed by such conduct who had no problem with being surrounded by alcoholics elsewhere if only their own status was recognised on an opt-in instead of an opt-out basis. It already was a humanitarian catastrophe waiting to happen before the stampede. I am personally as certain as the existence of God that their social system is inferior to ours.”

“How did you achieve to set up Marshall Philby´s Black/Red Hearts Festival Band on the background of a logistically way inferior system?” – “If you need to draw a screw into a polished surface, it is necessary to pinch it first. Otherwise you may not be able to hit the exact point where you want it to be. If you work against resource-wise superior result-wise inferior power, you face a contradiction in terms of reality. You work against something that does not make sense and can only be explained as a result of human, or more precisely inhumane, stupidity. Hierarchy, the social system of capitalist democracy, is such a case. What is its flaw? It ignores the bidirectional nature of causality. Hierarchy assumes that in its pyramid scheme upward and downward causality were fundamentally different as to the aspect that some downward causality could be plausibly denied.”

“Yet in reality that difference is merely a quantitative widening of the scope of possibilities, whose maths make up for that appearance within certain practical limits. Once you introduce plausible deniability, you have it in both directions, because even though hierarchy can compensate it only in one direction it cannot compensate its consequences. Or more precisely, if it does it introduces additional causality. If their executive powers watch the waiting lines there as to avoid stampede, either the visibility of police cameras will change people´s behaviour creating more unknown risks, or their invisibility will corrupt their understanding of anything seen that is yet to be understood and create more risks unknown to them. The only escape from the plau-den-fall is to give up the unidirectional assumption. And with it the entire pyramid scheme that is the essence of their inferior social system.”

“So it is self-evident that in these conditions it is not possible to build such a band incrementally. In the attempt to do so, particular progress would only get lost stochastically or be degraded to a bargaining chip for the worship of a malassumption. It cannot be hammered in without either getting deformed or blasting it all away. Hence we decide to exert the pressure applied to the opening in such a way that the specific qualities of the material we are at are being harnessed to bolster our effort, and unlike a drill we do not remove anything. So I had to invent the MPBRHFB as an abstraction to be materialised out of one piece rather than by trial and error amidst my own embattled life. Very much like the CHRP, you know. It is an idea that many people with their own ideas stronger than itself encircle from a distance, because if I were to declare a meeting point centre stage to implement it it would be subject to meddling.”

“If you are like this then you can still come centre stage after the inferior social system has been replaced with the superior one, like me. Our tune is the tactic of supreme convergence transcending any frame-up. Our banner are the words you have to take the leadership. Or song is more than the sum of the voices taking part. Our beauty is greater than the combined ugliness of all efforts to derail our way from inside. Our art is to play in a way that boils down our entrism absorption according to our tune. Our instruments are whatever revolutionary skill you master. When Al-Kyrie operations and Baba-Rosa plans bore you, welcome.”

“Once I started playing that way in a self-referential technique making the description of the plan my melody, I found others joining in for their own motivations. And here we are, the MPBRHFB, the name is a reference to the respected nuclear disarmament whistleblower, although he did not actually play any music instrument other than a good old emp-proof Johncage 433 neutraliser. Don´t get irritated that the timestamp always marks the entry of the recording not the overcoming of the noise; the 433 joins in before you notice it. What is the sound of a neutrino travelling through an one-less-than-it-all-dimensional universe?”

“I guess it would be what one needs to play in order to try to join in with the band?” – “That is a good start. I once came into a debate between a senior vegan activist and a newbie. They argued over the quality of the vegan lifestyle and one judgement stood against another. You should have seen the effect when I came in, understood and mentioned the transition burden. There is a physical price for climbing a mountain but it is limited. That was news to both.”

“Some people say species relocation is fruitless before renaturation, because free animals follow their nomad instinct to greener pastures. Some say fossil limitation is fruitless before currency cuts, because geological fracking is a symptom of insane speculation. Some say hemp decriminalisation is fruitless before communist revolution, because targeted advertising and genetic manipulation are emulations of destructive capitalism. Play in your way, as we better silence the enemy as a whole before it might set us up against each other. Or if you would render it into the limited mindset and terminology of the people of the 20th century, we combine the abstract advantage of military rule with the concrete advantage of parliamentary rule. Well, as much as the inferior system of representative power can take it up with the free association of the free.”

“What happened?” – “The usual slippery slope threats. If you do that then we abuse your neighbour´s wife. If you continue this then we evict that squat over an empty formality. If you establish that then we torture your ailing relatives respectively evict their graves over empty formalities. I thought, if you attempt to intimidate me then I am going to discontinue you one way or another. They declared me their partner, then they declared me dead, then they declared me their partner again, and then they declared me dead again. And so forth. I do not hold back that it gets me bored. The idea of the Philby band is that we take stage only for the bonus track. Such as another 20th century antimilitarist said in his praise of the fine art of bidirectional social composition.”

“This concept is created to successfully team up such a band in the middle of a slow motion stampede by executive powers, or to create a lasting song amidst the flames of war if you like. We need to do this because our enemy literally does not understand whether it wants a band in the first place. It is for it after it was against it, and vice versa, and if it is for it then only as a means to get us so fed up of the distortion that we would allow our stance to change, or vice versa. Like us our enemy does not know what it wants, and unlike us it does not trust us. We trust that we will only know what we want without our enemy. The only thing that is obvious from all directions is that our enemy does not want the band such as we like. And we do not want any meddling of vested interests.”

“If you have gained slow-motion insight, please elaborate what has happened in the minutes before the Uerobuy stampede.” – “When pedestrian traffic is jammed, the average time until a person loses temper depends on a variable number of variables. Hence the risk of too many people in close row losing temper at once is a function of time. The entire set of variables is too chaotic to calculate, but what we can do mathematically is associate certain risk thresholds with certain densities of pedestrian traffic both directly and indirectly through the likelihood of jamming. If it stays below a certain limit then the risk is near zero and increases sharply only when that limit is being approached or crossed. The mathematical setting is ideal for prevention and quite bad for anything else.”

“Another question. I was confronted from several directions with the theory that what happened in that tunnel immediately before panic erupted and the stampede broke out is that there was a dispute on the ´Protocols of the Elders of Zion.´ I must say it sounds unlikely but not unimaginable. Uerobuy organisers had repeatedly separated people getting mad at the other side´s ethnic folklore items. According to the logic of supply and demand, a festival coming under the motto of uniting people is not to be expected to draw a crowd that is already united. But it has a ring of war room propaganda apparently no one can shake off from it.”

“The story originates from another source than the aforementioned fireman, the rest is uncertain. Which brings us to the point of telling what that document is. A crystallisation trigger for wild guesses. An evidence of conspiracy. A forgery making the Soviet Revolution seem like a sacred redemption. A bureaucratic mockery of the Serial Prophecy Effect? Let me explain the latter. Generally religions believe that prophets were individuals who historically existed. Some religions rely upon multiple prophets in a row. The effect is the same as with putting electric light on a Christmas tree. If one of these bulbs fails, the installation goes all dark.”

“If one of these prophets is a conspiracy of a group masquerading as an individual, that religion turns all bullshit. The scientific hypothesis is that Zionist religious scripture might contain such a book of ´protocols of the elders´ in the disguise of a prophet, that is a forgery. The scientific experiment is to play the pattern to check for resonance. The problem is if you were to name this or that one of their prophets as your suspect you would already be involving yourself with a rule of lies because if he is then he did not exist in the first place. The challenge is to figure out a reliable way to make the forgery directly recognisable without getting involved with its lies.”

“I like to start with clarifying what the meaning of did not exist is. It happened that there were no prophets for dozens of generations, and no forgeries as well. Did not exist means that the individual did not defeat the conspiracy but stirred up sufficient unrest for something having to be mentioned. So the conspiracy produced something to paper over the gap and the prophet became a refugee in the best case. It damaged the credibility of indirect accounts more than that of direct ones. The ´Protocols of the Elders´ claim to be a consequence of the Serial Prophecy Effect, but once it occurs it already has consequences for all further prophets as their focus becomes to compensate it, while the document mentioned first is not a prophecy but a group syncretism as well. In the worst case the non-existent prophet died in some stampede, and the officials shied away from mentioning it.”

“What do you say if you want to talk about a stampede without wanting to mention it? You will probably talk a lot about organisational hierarchies and architecture description with an abundance of details of uncertain relevance piled up as to illustrate that you cannot but be thoroughly inconclusive, as in a phoney grasp for an academic title. This is why I believe the p-document is being associated with stampedes, and everything else short of an open testimony of a direct witness is baseless guessing. What really matters is an approach that categorically excludes such incidents. If it had been our festival, the band would have picked up the theme when it occurred and the resulting stampede would have been defused as it mounted.”

“If victims were to put evidence on the table in order to challenge this assumption then we could pick it up and you would see whether as a whole this holds any water. What is new with our approach compared to the other ones is that it brings the preconditions necessary to discard the defunct working distinction between the inter-subjective trampling of bodies and the inner stampede. Only because we have something above all executive groups that is not of an executive kind we can do this, otherwise unchecked executive power would become a stampede, hence it is to be guided with the inside/outside distinction. Or – a stampede in this sense is the loss of that guiding compass before the band is up to give orientation.”

“I will give you a practical example for the inner stampede to make clear the importance of this progress. As I began rolling it out, it became evident that we have to mark truth dosage risks. The danger of the inner stampede occurs when you learn precisely how you have erred for a long time. Until everything you had been juggling with has fallen back into place, any additional truth may be too much to be absorbed in the condition. I believe this is why the p-document is being associated with the incident, although it remains a matter of vested interests. The risk is broader: Someone just changing their mind ought not be disturbed in principle, and if the external environment cannot provide for that then there is lethal risk of a sequence of shocks kicking into the compensation efforts of another.”

“Even without much of a chain reaction, high water mark series of isolated inner stampedes killing apparently innocent people of high profile may remind of the loss of species to neoliberalist stupidity and ignorance. The moment when the inner stampede turns into an all-out one can only be determined by an uncertainty principle. We can put out cornerstones derived from people density and disruption likelihood, but what happens inside that scope cannot be externally calculated. Chaos would be an inappropriate compliment for it, as the series of disruptions bringing it about comes in close order to achieve that effect.”

“We can however calculate precisely how their social system responds to the developing stampede situation. In short, it mistakes the effects of serial disruption for disloyalty. As the density increases, it exchanges ever more information about possible risks, resulting in the quality of that information being a much worse problem than its quantity. It has so many hot tips that it would run hot going through all of them. It paralyses itself in information overflow. You can derive that from how its elements mutually blame each other in the aftermath. In the worst case its cramps resonate with the disruption pattern.”

“What do you make of the international debate?” – “One could be tempted to argue that the stampede was an expression of an opinion encompassed by the freedom to do so. But that is wrong, because it significantly modifies that scope in a destructive way. The involved are getting into the way of each other´s freedom of expression. The worst are these who do it intentionally as to achieve or maintain hegemony. If the stampede was a matter of freedom of expression, not only would we be making erroneous assumptions as to what people like to express. What we are talking about is exactly the opposite of a fighting dance.”

“It is an accident resulting from mishandling of disruption. Misunderstandings use to occur long before accidents. Recently I had an encounter with a Muslim immigrant youth gang in a public transport bus. After I allowed them to pass through toward empty seats before I had put down my bag they lost all respect although I could have been their father. I had to play the situation to giving the bus driver an hint of giving them a gesture with his administrative powers to make them understand that I had not bowed to them but to him in order to contribute to smooth operation. He did very well.”

“It is possible to picture a situation where a scream of someone finding their foot being stepped upon may cause total panic. If we as the band just were to echo it then we would be part of the problem. If executive powers take it as a pretext to rush in because they regard it as an opportunity of privileged partnership then the band has to neutralise that impulse, and as you can see we do this not by mirroring it into false context but by producing a negative that sums it up to silence once it is being added. Of course we do it partly in advance by creating conditions which avoid the stepping on the foot at the border line of mutual trust in the first place. Never forget, we enter stage only after we have won. This is the point.”

“And win we will, because populations increase as the moral level of government decreases. A species that declines from the insight that it was a mistake to have left the oceans to trying to throw each other back into the sea would have deserved to drown in climate-change-induced sea level rise triggering its suicide belt of toxic coastal factories. We are not that species. Have you got eyes to see, ears to understand, a mouth to speak out? It may have been a mistake indeed, but with a bad fix as that this matters as little as a teacup in a tsunami. Even if you like to go back to the sea this mess on land has to be cleared away first, or else you would be among those worst off from it. And if the atmosphere is your ocean just think about the climate outside.”

Gewindeberg closed with a reference to a report extensively passed around among non-governmental organisations seeking for insight in the situation of the remote and headline-dodging country. “It is true,” the professor said. According to the story, the Uzbek president when pinged with the news of a large scale incident at Uerobuy during a citizen awarding ceremony, slipped a batch of medals for his senior fire-fighters into the pockets of his clothing, went on with a performance that remained unspectacular, and only later handed them out during a routine inspection on the day of the court session.

The same president is also said to have fired his nuclear security adviser by taking off the man´s ethnic hat with a chalkboard pointer after an incident in which a hoard of monkeys invaded an uranium mine through a hole underneath a fence, security staff recruited among hunters from the region even with canine support failed to chase them down, and only a cleansing worker carrying out product testing brought the decisive tip for safari professionals merely available for a short stint which the president randomly picked from a business phone directory when the adviser failed. Indeed going with monkeys against monkeys bears no chance of success in human terms. Gewindeberg says the story expresses what the country´s leader thinks about his judges. But it also is an example how everyone can use everything as an instrument to try to play their way into this band.

Thursday Mar 31st, 2016

Ras Ramsay

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