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Camp For Climate Action

imc features | 28.08.2006 22:32 | Climate Camp 2006 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Birmingham | Sheffield

In the shadow of Drax power station, hundreds of activists have gathered at the Camp for Climate Action [see report and location | first pictures and call out | video]. The camp, which started officially on Saturday, August 26th, is based on squatted land and will have over 160 workshops over the course of the week. For more information and background, see the climate camp special reports section. Click the Full Article link for updates.

Sunday, 27 Aug - reports: 1 | 2 - photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Monday, 28 Aug - reports: Police Refuse Offer to Tour Climate Camp Site [2] | Kids Walk to Drax Power Station | Audio of Faslane Workshop


Updates: Monday, 28 Aug, afternoon: After police threatened to enter the camp without consent, there was a consensus to allow a small number of police in, escorted and on condition that they do not film or search tents, which they refused to accept (2). So far they haven't actually attempted to physically enter.

imc features


Climate camp info

25.08.2006 16:20

In response to some queries.

1) Go straight to the site, not the commonplace. Its easy to get to Selby from Leeds trainstation. However, the commonplace should be open.

2) Since we got there the police are not hassling people, and havent been, but there has been the occasional police camera-person. Also yesterday there was a police heicopter taking photos. I feels very low-key there in terms of the police.

3) The field is not muddy. Its a nice big flat field, and the weather has been sunny.

Overall, its great - get there if you want to be involved in the biggest...

*eco-meeting of the year
*set of radical workshops of the year (160 booked and confirmed)
*land-squat in decades
*civil disobedience/direct action event this year as Drax is shut down on thursday.

Oh, and its beautiful if you look towards the bordering nature reserve rather than Drax the destroyer.

common camper


26.08.2006 17:06

News 24 is reporting that an injunction has been granted to Drax power station against protesters.


More on injunction

26.08.2006 18:33

The Drax website has a press release about the injunction here:

and the BBC is reporting it here:


Latest from Climate Camp

27.08.2006 11:24

Latest news in from the Climate Camp,,,, It is set up on a beautiful site in North Yorkshire outside the Drax coal-powered Power Station. Everything is pretty much organised - the water is working, there are compost toilets with a really nice gray water system, most of the main tents and areas are up (or nearly up) and there is a positive mood amongst the 250-300 people present so far. Many more are expected to arrive over the next few days as the meetings, workshops and other events get under way. On the security front, there has been some contact with the police already, but this has been relatively good with the local police force and liaison showing some understanding of what is going on. This is not true for all police though, and there is a noticeable outside contingent who have, at times, been a bit lairy, stopping and searching some people as they've made their way in. However, this is not hindering anything.

Camp contact number: 07847 503 111
Climate camp website:
BBC news report | google news

- Homepage:

Drax Share Price Down

30.08.2006 10:52

This is runing on AFX News as part of their daily round-up of share prices:

"And Drax remained under pressure, off 12 at 890 hit by the continuing protest at the group's power station in Yorkshire,"

AFX News, 30/8/2006 10:21 London Time | story 0667