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Birmingham 2008 Days Of Action For Autonomous Spaces Newswire Archive

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20-04-2008 11:47

Freespace Brum - Temporary Autonomous Zone 11-13th April

Keep Digbeth Noisy A report written collaboratively by the FreeSpaceBrum collective, supporters and participants of the last weekend's social centre in Digbeth.

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19-04-2008 23:21

Meet-up details

In the spirit of freespace

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14-04-2008 11:48

Squat days of action summary...

In defence of squats and autonomous spaces

The following is an attempt at a non comprehensive summary of the actions, demonstrations, gatherings and various initiatives that happen during the days of action for squats and autonomous spaces. The summary was created from reports on the IMC UK newswire and english language reports posted to the April2008 website.

Note: A more comprehensive summary now exists on the April2008 website..

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14-04-2008 10:52

Action report-Angel Group targetted

As part of the days of action in support of squats and autonomous spaces-
Action at Angel Group- building graffitied, locks glued, 12 company vehicles damaged.

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10-04-2008 17:19

Birmingham Free Space - Building occupied!

Building now in hand for the weekend of events in Birmingham - for timetable see

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09-04-2008 22:32

Timetable for Free Social Space Weekend, 11th-13th April

Approximate timetable of workshops and events at the temporary squatted social space which is happening this weekend (see and ). The venue will be within a short walk of the Custard Factory and of Moor Street Station - email or phone 07527580190 for exact location details.

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01-04-2008 20:23

Stop Selling Off Our City! Demonstration in Birmingham, Friday 11th April

Demonstration against gentrification and for free, autonomous social space in Birmingham - meet outside the Council House, Victoria Square at 2pm, Friday 11th April. This is an event for spontaneous protest around these issues. Please bring your banners, whistles and drums!

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01-04-2008 20:05

Free Social Space weekend of events in Birmingham, April 11th to 13th 2008

As part of the Europe-wide call for decentralised action for squats and autonomous spaces (see ), there will be a temporary free space and weekend of workshops and events in Birmingham on the 11th to 13th of April.

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