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Cambridge Day X accused walk free!

Manos / Cambridge IMC | 02.07.2003 16:55 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Cambridge

The four accused for actions relating to the protest at the start of the Iraq war, saw their charges dropped today afternoon in Cambridge.

Four activists arrested during actions on Day X, had their charges dropped today in the Cambridge Magistrates Court. Three of them were accused of highway obstruction and one of assault. The charge relating to the assault was dropped, as an accidental slap on the arm, and the obstruction cases were dropped due to issues of identification. The police officers could not present a consistent enough picture of what had happened to convince the district judge that the accused were indeed the people they were refering to. One of the detainees did not even have an arresting officer!

During the case, that lasted three whole days, many senior and junior police officers paraded as witnesses giving interesting insights about the policing of Day X actions in Cambridge. While one of them says the police was not aware of any protests, others were clear about the fact that they knew (and that they were told beforehand by the one claiming to know nothing!). The arrest strategy was also very clearly laid out: out of a 300 strong crowd the "ring leaders" were chossen for arrest, judging from their participation to previous protests.

Manos / Cambridge IMC
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