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Indymedia UK is a network of individuals, independent and alternative media activists and organisations, offering grassroots, non-corporate, non-commercial coverage of important social and political issues
IMC Cambridge, 23-11-2003 23:27

About Cambridge Indymedia

Don't hate the media - be the media!

The Cambridge Independent Media Centre (also known as Cambridge Indymedia or IMC Cambridge) was set up in the spring of 2003 by a collective of Cambridge people. Some had already been involved with the national UK Indymedia project or IMCs elsewhere in the world, while for many this was a completely new experience.

We aim to provide a space in which news and information can be shared between people at the grassroots level, rather than produced by corporate interests to be consumed by the masses. (See our mission statement and our principles of unity.)

The UK Indymedia site has a pretty good description of the history of Indymedia, which began with attempts to provide non-corporate reporting of the large anti-capitalism protests in Seattle and other places in 1999. May Day 2000 provided the catalyst for setting up UK Indymedia, which is now beginning to spawn regional Indymedia collectives around the country.

Anyone can get involved with Cambridge Indymedia, either through our open publishing system, which allows anyone reading the site to post their own news directly onto the newswire (see the help page for how to do this), or as part of the collective itself. Either email us (see the contact page), meet us at one of our regular film screenings, or come along to our regular meetings. You may also want to look at our answers to some Frequently Asked Questions.

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