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Indymedia UK is a network of individuals, independent and alternative media activists and organisations, offering grassroots, non-corporate, non-commercial coverage of important social and political issues
IMC Cambridge, 20-10-2003 10:44

Cambridge Independent Media Centre (IMC) - Mission Statement

Cambridge IMC is a collective of individuals from a diversity of backgrounds committed to the idea of independent and un-mediated creation, reporting, commentary and analysis of news relating to social issues and movements in Cambridge, the British Isles and the world.

Around the world, news and information flows are mediated and controlled by commercial entities, governments, political parties, and even progressive organizations. The trickle of information that reaches us is only sufficient to make us agree with whatever agenda is controlling it. At the same time communities are divided, and unable to self-organize in order to face local social issues or global realities, by the lack of an appropriate grassroots communication medium. Media and communication has become a tool of domination.

The Cambridge Independent Media Centre collective, and its projects, aims to bridge these divisions by giving back a voice to individuals and groups that have for so long lived unheard. A space to discuss their livelihood and take action to ameliorate it.

In our own words, away from the language of power and spin, we will finally express our realities, hopes and dreams. We will counter the flows of misinformation, and broadcast the everyday truth that is quietly ignored.

This is an open and collaborative project, together we have a lot to expose...

IMC Cambridge