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In Movement Towards the Abolition of NATO Bases in Europe

jupiter and tzigari | 05.09.2003 22:42 | DSEi 2003 | Anti-militarism | Cambridge

On Sunday about 60 protesters marched from Market Square to the De Vere's University Arms Hotel on Parkers Piece to protest against the NATO meeting taking place inside this premise. Speakers at the demonstration linked the Cambridge event with the DSEi arms-fair in London and denounced the immorality of the arms trade, the war in Iraq and the failure of the "road map" to peace in Palestine. The demo was organised by Stop The War Coalition and CamPeace (see pictures). The protesters also voiced their discontent about De Vere's involvement with arms dealers and armies. According to a demonstrator: "since early April 2003 the De Vere's Hotel in Cambridge has become an extension of the military bases in the area putting up soldiers from the US, the UK and other countries. In two instances civilian customers in the hotel's bar were harassed by soldiers after they dared to make some negative comments about President Bush. The incident had no serious consequences, but, according to the protester, it is indicative of the climate inside the hotel. Some people among the demonstrators talked about the possibility of a nation-wide boycott against De Vere, if the company does not reverse its policy of war profiteering.

Today, as 168 delegates discussed war and the expansion of NATO inside the hotel, activists outside staged a colorful and effective protest with street theatre and music. In the two days of mobilisations local residents were made aware that war is being waged right from their doorsteps.

The banner in close-up
The banner in close-up

jupiter and tzigari


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