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Cambridge NewsWire on paper

Voluntary Slave | 30.09.2003 17:26 | Indymedia | Cambridge

The first issue of the Cambridge IndyMedia paper publication, NewsWire, is now ready to be distributed.

NewsWire can be downloaded from . Various members of the Cambridge collective will be printing and distributing copies - if you want to find out how to get hold of some (particularly if you can volunteer to distribute them), e-mail . Or, you can print your own copies from the PDF. Hopefully, NewsWire will be produced regularly (monthly, to start with). Let us know what you think.

Voluntary Slave


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  1. Even more brilliant — Poon
  2. uh — hamster5
  3. Corrected — Voluntary Slave
  4. nice! — luther blisset
  5. Doh! — Poon