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Transport is always on the agenda

Manos / Cambridge IMC | 10.10.2003 14:39 | Ecology | Cambridge

Three campaigns in Cambridge are constantly working to prove that traffic jams are not the only form of collective action that can be taken in relation to transport. The relatively new but rapidly growing CAST.IRON group is working to restore regular, timetabled rail services to the Cambridge-St Ives Line. Apparently fed up with the initial lack of interest of those "in charge" (Network Rail, Strategic Rail Authority, Office of the Rail Regulator) they are now mobilizing amongst people in Cambridgeshire to build Britain's First Community Commuter Railway.

At the same time Transport 2000 works for policies that give greater priority to the environment, saving lives and conserving natural resources. The current campaign focuses on the proposal to dual the A428 westward from Cambridge, which could worsen traffic problems in Cambridge.

The oldest, but still very active, is the Cambridge Cycling Campaign gives a voice and power to the cycling community in Cambridge (i.e. most of us!) The campaign believes that cycling means reduced congestion, less pollution and better health and is not afraid of telling everyone every Saturday noon in Cambridge Market Square or through actions.

[CAST.IRON | Transport 2000 | Cambridge Cycling Campaign]


Manos / Cambridge IMC


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Cast.Iron looks great!

10.10.2003 16:05

Have just checked out the Cast.Iron website - - and it looks really cool. A community railway...brilliant! Having spent many hours travelling between Huntingdon and Cambridge by bus (which takes over an hour) I would be very pleased to see a faster, more environmentally friendly, safer means of public transport between the two towns.

If people want to help with the project, you can join cast.iron (if you've got 10 quid to spare) or you could help out with leafleting by clicking on and e-mailing Charles Warner who is co-ordinating that aspect of the campaign.