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Vigil against the Wall

jupiter | 09.11.2003 18:08 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Cambridge

At least sixty protesters in Cambridge urged Israel to tear down the Wall that is being built and to stop the escalation of hatred and violence.

End the land grab!
End the land grab!

Build peace not this wall
Build peace not this wall

Freedom for Palestine
Freedom for Palestine

In front of the Guildhall on Sunday afternoon, a silent vigil spelled the words END THE LAND GRAB and FREEDOM FOR PALESTINE. The Cambridge University Palestine Society ( organized this peaceful expression of opposition to the Israeli construction of a separation wall in the occupied territory of the West Bank. The 650 km boundary will consist of electric fences, trenches, watch towers, and in places an eight metre high wall. It is considered a land grab, because during the first phase of the project, 25% of Palestinian land will have been confiscated. This contains 80% of Palestinian fertile land and 65% of Palestinian water resources. The boundary is also creating a permanent prison for 500,000 Palestinians and effectively destroys the two-state solution.

For more information, see

There was also one Israel supporter handing out leaflets from the Cambridge University Israel Society.



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