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Poster for 'Unprecedented' film screening

yossarian | 11.11.2003 18:57 | Bush 2003 | Cambridge

Cambridge Indymedia invites you to get prepared for the Bush state visit, 19-21 November 2003.

Five years ago, only a very few die-hards would have crossed a street to spit on G.W. Bush. How times have changed! These days, he is hated and feared by billions of people all over the planet.

How did this man rise from relative obscurity to command the U.S. strategic nuclear arsenal, the world's largest? Find out more about him by coming to see the film 'Unprecedented - Florida and the battle for the U.S. Presidency', an award-winning documentary about the battle for the White House during the 2000 U.S. presidential selections. The screening will be followed by a chance to meet the San Francisco-based director, Rick Perez.

It will happen at the Locomotive pub, 44 Mill Road, Cambridge, 7:30 PM, on Sunday November 16th.

Suggested donation £2 to Cambridge Indymedia