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anarchist putt-putt this sunday

Lord Buyron | 04.06.2004 02:04 | G8 2005 | Cambridge

In anticipation that the 2005 G8 Summit will be held at the posh Gleneagles golf resort, we are pleased to announce the formation of the People's Golfing Association (not to be confused with the Professional Golfer's Association, or People's Global Action). The first tournament of the Cambridge Chapter of the PGA will take place this Sunday June 6th.

We will meet at 12 sharp, outside the Fort St George pub on Midsummer
Common and then bike to the Cambridge Lakes Golf course . Price, including club rental,
is about 7 pounds per anarchist (with a big discount if you show up
in particularly dapper attire). It goes without saying that golf
skills are not required. Infact, golf skills may be frowned upon...

Please bring appropriate dress and props, eg. gas masks, balaclavas, tartan, black hoodies, baggy pants, atrocious shirts, whatever strikes your fancy from the local thrift shop, Bush/Blair masks, etc.

rain or shine...

For more information, email wrench @

Note: this event is one of many which will take place as part of the G8 focus week.
See the poster at for more information.

Lord Buyron
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