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Thursday Forum: What is the G8?

can | 05.06.2004 20:01 | Cambridge

Thursday June 10th, McCrum Lecture Theatre.
7:00 pm Panel and Discussion - What is the G8?
8:30 pm Open Forum - What are we going to do about it next year?

(Entrance through the archway on Bene't Street, next to the Eagle pub)

From June 8th-10th in Sea Island, Georgia the world's 8 most powerful
governments will meet. Next year, they're coming here!

As part of G8 Week, the Cambridge Action Network is putting on a number of events
including the Thursday evening forum. The first forum from 7-8 pm will focus on issues, and providing information about the G8 as an institution. It will include public discussion.

The second forum, from 8:30-9:30 will focus on the strategies we should adopt to resist the G8, and at the same time, build a global movement. It is an open public discussion and all are welcome.

For more information, email

In addition to the forums, other events include:

Sunday 6th June, The Locomotive Pub, Mill Road.
Film screening - The Fourth World War, 7.30pm.

Thursday June 10th, Market Square.
Public action against the faceless men, 12.30pm

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