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Bulgarian nurses sentenced to death in Libya

jx | 08.06.2004 10:37 | Repression | Cambridge

In Libya, several Bulgarian nurses face the death penalty being accused of deliberately spreading the HIV virus in a hospital. I received this desperate email appeal from my Bulgarian friend in Cambridge.

It started 6 years ago when 5 Bulgarian nurses, 1 Bulgarian doctor and 1 Palestinian doctor were arrested in Libya on chagres of conspiracy against the Libyan government. They were accused of deliberately infecting some 400 children with HIV.

During their trial the French doctor who first isolated the HIV virus Professor Montagnier and the Italian Aids scholar Vittorio Collizzi have testified that the hospital Aids epidemic in Libya was caused by poor hygiene, and not by the seven medical workers who were on trial on charges of deliberately spreading the disease.

Despite this, and despite the efforts of the Bulgarian government to raise support internationally, on May 6th, the 5 Bulgarian nurses were sentenced to death by a firing squad. Five common Bulgarian women could be shot as a result of this shameless blackmail. In fact, if the outside world does not take issue – they will be shot.

Therefore, Bulgarians feel like we have to win the international public opinion on our side. This was not done by now. It is a home truth. Colin Powell’s word, that the USA protects our medics, is news in Bulgaria but it is not news in the USA. Nobody pays any attention to it there. It is the same in Europe.

I hope to have attracted your attention. I would like to appeal to you to visit the following web site, and sign one of the petitions in support of the Bulgarian medical workers.



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