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Protest Against Nick Griffin In Southend, Essex! RESIST BNP FASCISM!

Barry Kade | 29.06.2004 09:13 | Anti-racism | Cambridge | London

The wannabe Fuhrer, BNP leader Nick Griffin will try and speak at a Nazi meeting in Southend, Essex on Thursday. Southend Unite Against Fascism and other groups will be protesting! Thu 1st July. 7.00pm Outside Golden Lion pub, Victoria Avenue, Southend on Sea, Essex. Come and help!

Thu 1st July, 7.00pm Outside Golden Lion pub, Victoria Avenue, Southend on Sea, Essex.

The wannabe Fuhrer, BNP leader Nick Griffin will try and speak at a Nazi meeting in Southend on Thursday. Britain's Fascist Party did not make the breakthrough they had hoped for at the European elections and are on the back foot. This is due to the efforts of anti-fascists opposing them at every possible opportunity. We need to keep the pressure on!

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Barry Kade
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Meanwhile a real nazi regime was overthrown

29.06.2004 12:14

While the left bleat on about the supposed threat by a nazi party, they turned a blind eye to a real nazi regime in Iraq headed by Saddam Hussein. During Saddams 25 years of brutal fascist rule in Iraq the left never protested against that regime and when Britain and America prepared to go to war to liberate the Iraqi people from the most evil and genocidal regime on earth, a regime which had murdered 300,000 of its own people the left oppossed the war.

If you were real anti-fascists then you would have fully supportted the war to oust the nazi regime of Saddam Hussein. How else could the Iraqi people be set free other than by direct military intervention by western superpowers.

By the way the biggest supportters of the war on Iraq were the Iraqi communist party and the Kurdish communist party. Parties which had to operate underground before but can now operate freely and take part in the forthcoming elections in January.

real anti-fascist

Friendly advice

29.06.2004 12:37

If removing Saddam had meant that little Ali wouldn't have lost his family then yes, the "left" would no doubt have supported it.

I notice that you, writing from the comfort of your home\office in safe, leafy Britain didn't exactly volunteer to fight from the front lines either.

In other words just shut up will you.

Concerned friend


29.06.2004 12:53

Anti-fascist can't see how badly she has been manipulated!

What about Myanmar, Uzbekistan, Turkish Kurdistan, various Indonesian states, oh and hasn't America got a president who took power in the same way as Mussolini and Hitler (that is on a descision by a non elected body, despite a general election having taken place)? Genocidal regime on earth? You will find a lot of others that could take that title, its just that the US aint interested, they're either trade friendly or a puppet regime, or have nothing to offer anyone outside their borders.

Basically mate, what you want is the world to be run to your liking, to turn a blind eye to the real evil going on in this world such 'free' trade agreements which leave people who would othewise be able to support themselves 'poor', the locking down of knowlege with IPR which removes technologoy from those who need it, and of course countries deciding to invade others on the basis of ideology rather than physical threat, causing murder, mayhem, terrorism and hatred throughout the world.

Wasn't a similar argument about having to topple Mr Hussein with military force used by the extreme right as a way of arguing that the Soviet Bloc should be invaded despite the almost certain possibility of nuclear war? Thank 'god' your lot didn't get their way!!!

And why do you think that we all support Communist parties? I for one read this site often and sometimes comment on things, I don't believe in any ideology, just a democratic system that gives real power to people (unlike the sham we have that is contolled by big business, old money and titles).


Rubbish cleared up

30.06.2004 12:42

What a nice assortment of rubbish in that post!!!

The ICP supported the war? When did you make that up?
Your most serious lie was that the left didn't oppose Soddomite all those years ago.

Let me tell you something, you missed-abortion, the left was protesting against Saddam even before your whoremother Thatcher gave her son the Exceptional License to Export Arms (to Iraq in the eighties).

Before that clown was conceived in a back alley, the left was the only group defending Iraqis, and it still is.

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delusions of an so-called anti-fascist

30.06.2004 14:40


you seem to be under the impression that people were just against the deposing of an evil regime.... surely you would have enough grey matter to realise that alot of people were protesting against the double standards inherent in the fact that the US ushered Saddam into power in the first place. The CIA always referred to the Baathist coup as "their favourite coup".

In short its a little poor on your part to call out the anti-war campaigners when the belligerent powers created that evil regime in the first place. It harkens back to the 1930's when Hitler was ushered into power. American business investment into germany increased tenfold once Hitler's position of power was solidified in 1933. Gives you an angle on any argument with a pro-war or pro-USA hawk.... when they try to argue that we'd be "Krauts" now if it wasn't for the USA.... well, we may never have had a war if the USA hadn't have funded Hitler so well in the early 30's.

Gypsy Nick
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Trolls will be Trolls

30.06.2004 17:50

Yep, about the third idiotic comment from probably the same Troll. This one seems even more stupid than the others. GCSE student or clown?


I Shagged Nick Griffin (He's Gay Honest)

01.07.2004 00:18

I knew Nick years ago when he was at Cambridge, he wasn't really any good at sports and never got into the boat team unlike myself of course, I had a fling with Nick next door to the prefects room, Nick was very worried that others would find out about it that for nearly a week he hid in a closet.

After our brief affair Nick left Cambridge to follow his father into politics, I never thought he would have turned out like he has done however, not liking big boys like me from the rowing club.

I met Nick again a few years back when he walked into a club I used to go to named BRIEF ENCOUNTER and my god so it was Nick came up to me on the dance floor wanting to relive his experience behind the bike sheds so I took him into the toilets, pulled down his Union Jack Y Fronts and rammed it up him (He likes it rough you see) Unfortunatly he kept putting me off as every time I rammed into him his glass eye kept popping out which put me off.

So if you happen to see Nick in Southend remember to shout out "We know Lawrence put it up your pooper behind the bike sheds at Cambridge and anyway Nicks got all fat and ugly now so I've found someone new and his name is Julian Leppert he takes it up the pooper to don't you know.




Abu Hamza/Nick Griffin/Saddam Hussain 1 an All Up Against the Fucking Wall !!!

01.07.2004 00:42

Abu Hamza/Nick Griffin and Saddam should have their balls cut off, they are all slimey bastards.

Hang Em or Shoot Em?

You decide?

The Assasin
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01.07.2004 01:02

Who is this man, he is no good, I throw him in the dustbin, if he give us problem I swear to god my husband will kill him.
I come and break in your house, I steal your money, I make you my servant in Lagos, I put you in chains, you are no good, go and jump in the river so the fish cat eat your flesh, who is this bnp? They are my rubbish and should all be beaten with big sticks.
Go away and leave us alone.
Nigeria forever...................

Veronica Omeokachi
- Homepage: http://Press Office

yes, the usual formula

01.07.2004 15:00

whenever its time for imperialism to go toppling regimes at will to suit their own interests, they always start banging the tub labelled''dictator'' or ''new hitler''. very simple, and potentially disastrous.
i often find it amusing how the liberals, labourites and tories can all agree on the ''proud '' moment that wellington toppled napoleon, when in fact the final defeat of the french revolution,( which is what it symbolised,) was the greatest defeat for the british working class too.
in other words, worry about the dictator overseas, and resign yourself to ''democratic'' wage-slavery at home...

formula one

Lets get back to the article

01.07.2004 21:03

Get back to the original article about fucking up Nick Griffin in Southend, and forget the fucking rest of it, all fucking day I've been trying to draw those facist bastards out, I've even been to there web site to wind the wankers up and my reason for doing so is due to them fucking attacking one of my best mates on Saturday last and who is currently in the Royal London hospital with broken bones.

All fucking day I went to every indymedia site and posted up something to do with Nick Griffin and his fucking shower of shite party and you lot take it off even though you know yourselves about individuals from the ranks of the BNP and their bastard Combat 18 cunts who were responsible for kicking the shit out of my mate on his way home from a late shift come here and view the postings/find out where demonstrators are going then they hang around until they get one going home on there own and attack them only this time they got my mate who was on his way home from work and had past some demo that was going on.

You people call yourselves ANARCHISTS yet you seem more middle class than the middle class are, when I put up a posting to draw out facist bastards like I did earlier I expect it to stay there for at least a day minimum.

I've spent the early evening at the hospital seeing my mate who can't even eat solid food due to him having had his jaw broken by around 6 to 7 fucking facist tossers, no one had a problem when I banged Derek Beacon in the face outside York Hall/Bethnal Green Town Hall when he was a councillor there in the mid 1990s so whats the fucking problem now?

When that bastard Derek Beacon became a councillor on Tower Hamlets Council attacks on the asian community went up until he was booted out and got the biggest punch in the face in front of his tosser minders which knocked him clean out, I ended up doing 30 months for that incident.

I am clearly not happy with those at indymedia who have censored and removed my postings and any of those connected to it from anyone anyone connected to the Anti Facist Network.

The BNP have those fucking bastards from Combat 18 to do all the violence on one little vunerable person on his way home from work just because of his colour and his sexuality, so what my mates gay and black is that any poxy reason for anyone to remove postings with the intent to draw out those vicious bastards, I want to smash Nick Griffins face in and I'm prepared to go to jail for it if I get caught, no one comes out to back up anyone from the anti facist network, no they prefer the ANL and shout from across the street.

I want justice for my friend and I'm not going to get it by talking to the police, they told my friend in his hospital bed that it was unlikely that they would ever catch those responsible for putting him there yeah fucking right they won't because they don't give a fuck anyway.

Now the fucking BNP are set up in Essex and already we've had travellers harassed and violence done to them so how long will it be before we have another Stephen Lawrence, another person murdered by facists because of their race, colour, or sexual orientation then?

What you censor the things you don't like and keep the crap you do? How the fuck can you call yourselves the free press/indymedia its all bollocks and Nick Griffin and his far right shower of shite party are all fucking wankers.

Lawrence is my persona today


01.07.2004 21:40

The Human Rights Act state clearly that (1) "Everyone is entitled to the rights and freedoms set forth in this declaration, without any distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political, or other opinion, property, birth or other status." and (2) Everyone has the right to LIFE, LIBERTY, and SECURITY OF PERSON."

Well my friend didn't get much of that last Saturday night no he took a bashing from mindless thugs who pray to fucking Hitler the very bastard my grandfather and many other people's grandfathers went to fight in world war two to free us from nazi scum.

These fucking tossers in the BNP and their fucking shit cunt pals in Combat 18 are not British, there scum like those nazi scum during the 2nd world war, good men fought and died to rid ourselves of the nazi threat to Britain and now these shower of cunts get away with acts of violence/murder on other people just because their not white enough.

There is no such thing as an innocent bystander and those who stood and watched my friend being kicked all over the pavement are all cowardly yellow bastards, not one could use there phone to call the police or even shout something out, anything at all would have done, no they just stood around and watched like it was an action scene from a movie.

If I was in jail there would be nothing better than for me to have one or two of those racist twisted bastards in my cell so I could make their lives a living hell.


BNP the only legitimate party in Britain

31.03.2006 20:40

You all are treasonous commie scum, and ought to be hanged for ruining the British people and their nations.

Brian Williams
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