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National Front to visit Oakington Detention Centre and Cambridge

d mish repost from | 12.08.2004 14:08 | Anti-racism | Migration | Cambridge

The Nazi National Front are planning to visit Oakington detention
centre this Saturday, August 14th at 1pm, to protest against the presence of
asylum seekers. They then plan to visit Cambridge city centre to hand
out their filthy propaganda.

While they claim to expect 100 demonstrators, recent experience
that the actual turn out will be much, much smaller, perhaps in single
figures. If we can get a good crowd together we can show that the
of Cambridge have no interest in their politics of hate, and can
ensure that the police ask them to leave without entering the city

We are thus asking people to meet at Oakington at 12:30 on Saturday
(August 14th) at the detention centre, which is signposted from the
A14. Anyone who can offer transport or who needs a lift should email

To help build the protest, we will be leafletting in Cambridge City
Centre this Friday (August 13th), meeting outside the Co-op bank by
the Grafton Centre at 12.30.

d mish repost from


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  1. Thanks for the notice! — Rudie
  2. waste of time — Concerned that not enough is done on the inside.
  3. Oakington closure? — Talisker