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50 people protest against National Front

rachel | 14.08.2004 18:00 | Cambridge

The National Front were to visit Oakington asylum seeker reception centre at 1 O’Clock today to protest against the presence of asylum seekers. 50 anti-fascist protestors were at Oakington today to “show that the people of Cambridge have no interest in their politics of hate.” (See The fascists, however failed to show up.

Instead about a dozen National Front supporters gave out leaflets in the centre of town. They marched from Regent street to the train station. We (the anti-fascist protestors) heard that they were in Cambridge and drove back. However most of us were prevented by the police from getting near to them. They left soon after we got back to Cambridge.



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Local United against Fascism report

16.08.2004 18:10

More than 50 people gathered in deepest rural Cambridgeshire on Saturday 14th August to ensure that the National Front's threatened 100 strong demonstration at Oakington Immigration Centre didn't take place. The protest, organised by the local branch of Unite Against Fascism with only 3 days notice, attracted banners from the local Trades Council, Amicus and the CWU, as well as local councillors, members of other Trade Unions, school students, pensioners and more. Our presence worked, ensuring that the Fascist's proposed gathering didn't take place; instead of their boasted 100 people demonstrating publicly outside the centre, where asylum seekers are detained, they were forced into a hurried and tiny skulk through Cambridge. This was brought to an abrupt end when Unite members got wind of this and rushed into town, only to see what seemed to be less than 10 Nazis climb into their 3 cars and leave. The success of our actions shows that the people of Cambridge have no interest in the politics of the National Front being spread in their town, and the importance of the network of anti Nazis which we have built up.

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