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Protest Against Fallujah Massacre!

IMC'ista | 07.11.2004 21:57 | Anti-militarism | Iraq | Cambridge

All over the UK protestors have been turning out to oppose the attack on Fallujah. As horrors unfold in Fallujah, many people want to make it clear that they view these attacks as appalling and murderous.

In Cambridge this has also happened with a variety of different protests: Graffiti has appeared overnight in various locations around Cambridge, including Alex Wood Hall, home of the Labour Party. A rush-hour protest took place at Elizabeth Way, where a banner was displayed and leaflets distributed.

At lunchtime on the day the assault started, CamPEACE called for people to protest in market square. While this protest was going on, two people climbed onto the roof of the Guild Hall [report | photos] and hung a banner saying "Fallujah: Stop the Massacre."

Cambridge people have also published items on this newswire discussing the implications of the attacks on water supplies in Fallujah [short piece | full briefing | fax action]; the mainstream media coverage of the attacks and the Government's misleading response to the Lancet Iraq Mortality Survey. If you know of other protests that have taken place or are being planned please publish details on this newswire. We must oppose this assault in everyway possible.

Protestors on the roof of the Guildhall (City Council)
Protestors on the roof of the Guildhall (City Council)

To read more about the situation in Fallujah and about other protests around the country visit the main Inydmedia UK feature on Fallujah.



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