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NO2ID Campaign gets off to 'interesting' start in Cambridge

Cards? What cards? | 11.12.2004 17:32 | Cambridge | London

This afternoon about a dozen activists publicly spearheaded a new camapaign against the proposed National I.D. Card.

Campaign Logo.
Campaign Logo.

Stall generates lots of interest...
Stall generates lots of interest...

...from many passers-by.
...from many passers-by.

This is a coalition of local activists (and Lib Dem Reps) from many different backgrounds, who are outraged by the somewhat totalitarian proposal by the Government to introduce a national Identity Card, which would include so-called 'Biometric' details (fingerprints, retina scan, DNA sample etc.), as well as other personal details.
The most amusing aspect of this idea is that they expect us to pay out of our own pockets to get one of these cards!

On the whole, the large majority of passers-by who, when approached, were against the proposed scheme/scam, with many people actually signing up to be a part of the NO2ID campaign itself (website details at the end of this article).

However, some Street Theatre, in which some activists posed as 'Card Inspectors' pretended to harass 'innocent bystanders'(also activists) for their I.D. Card seemed to provoke a somewhat unjustifiably violent and outraged response by a passing City Warden, and two Store Detectives(??!!), some of whom seemed to think they had the right to threaton to arrest and assault people. When a Police officer was summoned (not by activists), the conclusion seemed to be in favour of the activists.

However, charges may be pressed by one of the activists, so, watch this space.
It should also be pointed out that the campaign stall was operating as a fully licensed pitch.

Make of all this what you will, dear reader.

It should be emphasised again though, that (with a few exceptions and more polite one to one debates thereafter) most people, from many different backgrounds, gave us a warm reception and welcomed the idea of the campaign.

There will be a public meeting on Tuesday January 25th at Fisher Hall, Cambridge, commencing from 7:30pm if you wish to come along.

Also, keep a lookout for the stalls (another one next Saturday, Market Square, from midday).

Cards? What cards?
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