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2/42-alpha : children 'in prison' near Cambridge

levin | 16.12.2004 16:25 | Migration | Cambridge

2/42-alpha : children 'in prison' near Cambridge

The case of 2/42-alpha is descriptive of abuses occuring on behalf of the home office. 2/42-alpha comprises Monica, her son Sidhaart and her husband Anoop who, after living with in London for two and half years, have now been imprisoned in Oakington Reception Centre for 46 days. They have just been told that their deportation will be "within the next month". The weight loss and sickness of their child, the impact of detention on mental health, and the fact that multiple reviews have recommended that children are placed in deportation centres for absolutely no longer than a few days... seem to mean nothing.

2/42-alpha applied for bail today and their application was turned down. Tonight they sleep just down the road in Longstanton, in a 'prison'.